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Solved: Conversion between C++ CTime to SQL DATETIME conversion

Q: Solved: Conversion between C++ CTime to SQL DATETIME conversion

Hi guys. Can anyone point me to where I can find a method to convert from a C++ CTime object to a SQL DATETIME field and back in C++ ado.net managed code? I've dredged everywhere for almost a full day and can find nothing on it.

Unfortunately the help offered for many areas of C++ by M$ is becoming painfully thin and new processes to me seem to be becoming harder to find out about.


Preferred Solution: Solved: Conversion between C++ CTime to SQL DATETIME conversion

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Solved: Conversion between C++ CTime to SQL DATETIME conversion

It's ok now, I solved it myself. It turned out to be remarkably easy (once you know). CString is recognised intrinsically.

CString myString;
System::String^ strS = gcnew System::String(myString);

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At first, I don't need to recover my data, I just want my drive back to re-use it.
How can a format my usb drive including all boot sectors which sees to be locked/write-protected by bitlocker?

My problem starts with decrypting my drive by deactivting bitlocker on it by entering the valid password/recovery key. At 36% of decryption the process halts without reason. Now, I'm unable to access my drive or resume the process.

I tried...
    ...to format with windows
   ..remove with diskmgmt
   ... remove with diskpart
   ... repair-bde
   ... manage-bde
   ... ubuntu live cd
   ... mass production tool software, to override the whole stick

nothing worked. The only thing which worked was once the software M3 Bitlocker recovery Free, but just one time to access the locked partition. But, as mentioned I don't need to recover my data. With that tool I'm not able to wipe the drive.

That Bitlocker protects my data till the end is good, but that it breaks my data and my hardware in such a case is not fair.
How can I break the write-protection mode to finally wipe the hard drive?

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I have a Dell Inspiron 6000 with a 1.5 GHz Pentium M processor, 2 GB RAM and Windows XP/Pro SP 2, InDesign CS3 (v. 5.0.1), and Word 2002 SP 3.

Problem description:

a) I have tried converting InDesign documents and Word documents with long hyperlinks to PDF. I have documents with some hyperlinks that are very long and require more than one line. The hyperlinks that I create in InDesign or Word that require more than one line look OK after conversion to PDF (using the Export command in InDesign), but, if I hover the mouse over the link in the PDF, all the characters in the URL on the second line are missing, and the link doesn’t work. I first discovered this using Acrobat Professional 7. Yesterday I downloaded a trial version of Acrobat Professional 8 (8.1.0), and I still have the problem.

Yes, I know I can create a hyperlink character style in InDesign with the “no break” feature enabled. However, that can result in appearance and text flow problems.

b) Furthermore, I tried to convert a Word document with a long hyperlink to PDF (using the Word Print command), and the same problem occurs.

To make matters worse, when I try to convert any Word document to PDF using the “Adobe PDF/Convert to Adobe PDF” menu item, I get this message:

“The Acrobat PDFMaker server could not be loaded. Do you want to run the installer in repair mode?”

I tried the repair mode. Then I tried it again from the Add/Remove Programs option in Control Panel. That did not solve either problem. R... Read more

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Hi Mr/Ms
drive encrypted
with BitLocker 
I used
driver for three months my computer is broken I bought a new computer    when i was try my flash disk new computer its give me this  problem 
BitLocker Drive Encryption failed to recover from an abruptly terminated conversion. This could be due to either all conversion logs being corrupted or the media being write-protected
? know my passworrd but I do not know
the BitLocker
recovery key what can i do know pls some one help me 

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Hi everyone.

Unfortunately I'm not as tech-savvy as the rest of you, I'm really quite a noob when it comes to these things. However, I've been trying to design a logo for a boarding stable that I work for, due to the fact that I have access to lots of different Adobe programs at my school and that I can do it for free.
I have been trying to figure out how to convert this file to a .dst file so that it can be used for embroidery purposes. I can't do that myself and this seems like the best place to ask. I have made this in Adobe Photoshop, which is the only program that I can somewhat use without messing up too much. I saved it as a .png. I've never really understood any of these programs or anything design related, so it's a big step for me to try to achieve something like this.
So here are a couple of questions:
1. Would someone be able to convert this to a .dst file for me please?
2. When the file is opened at the embroidery place, will they be able to change the colors of the image (the font and horse head) to the desired colors (maroon and silver)?

Thanks to anyone who can help me, and feel free to offer advice lol!

A:Solved: .DST Conversion Please

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I want to back up my DVD's and save them as AVI files, does anyone know of a really good free program?

A:Solved: DVD to AVI Conversion

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I thought i would be generous and offer my old sapphire x1950pro 512 pci to my sister so went there tonight to install it (after going on wednesday and realising the psu was deficient and getting another) . what a carry on .

Putting the bits on was ok but installing the drivers was so slow . I kept rebooting bacause i thought the system was crashing all the time until 5 hours later recognised it was the system that was so slow at loading up . (never mind i got a few free vodkas ) .

Problem is now how to make the system faster . Her son is constantly on chat sites which keep popping up which was a pain even though i kept shutting them down

The pc is a T9608
cpu E4500
MB Foxxconn?
250 HD Which has aroung 220 left
600w cit PSU
and my gpu Sapphire radeon x1950 512mb
Takes about 10 mins to finish start up.
What can make this thing go faster ???????????????

A:Solved: gfx conversion

how about taking the pc back to basics

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I've got .wav files (songs) on my Windows 7 PC that play fine on the PC.
I want to play them on my CD player.
So...I get a wav-to-cda converter and convert the wav files to cda files.
The converted files play on my PC, but, the won't play on my CD player.
The CD player plays my classical music .cda files but not the .cda files converted from my computer.
Is the CD player just being high-brow in refusing to play my Peggy Lee collection of songs?
Or, more likely, is there more to this than the little I understand?

Hints, anyone?

A:Solved: wav to cda conversion

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I am a FoxPro developer and have been for many years. In the past few years people have asked if I could update data in various programs, and when I look at their data, it is in an MDB from an Access/VB program.

Does anyone know of a program that will allow me to convert the MDB file to a DBF for editing in FP and then export back to MDB?

Thank you.

A:Solved: MDB to DBF to MDB Conversion

have you tried linking the access tables with ODBC? I know foxpro but have been out of the loop for a few months. Previously I have had Access tables linked for use in analysis in FP.

the "copy to" command might have the properties to append to access but I am not sure

also look at linking to foxpro from Access using odbc.

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I have over 280 50's songs on my computer in mp3 format and I would like to burn them to cd's to play in my car cd player (which does not play mp3's). what software will do this and what format should I change them (mp3) to? any help would be welcome.

A:Solved: mp3 conversion?

If your car doesn't play MP3's, it probably will only play audio. You'll have to burn audio disks. Most burning applications will convert the MP3's to audio disks, just start burning an audio disk, and drag and drop them until you fill the disk. You'll get from 18-24 MP3's on a single audio disk if they're the typical size. Also, use CD-R media, don't try to do this with CD-RW media.

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I'm getting a buzzing on my DVD's after I convert a DivX file to DVD. I'm using 'TMPGEnc DVD Author 3 with DivX Authoring'. It's not the burner either because I've ran the converted file before I burn it and there is no audio but just buzzing. So far I only see this on .avi files. I get the buzzing on my PC and console DVD players too with the DVD, running the DivX file is just fine.

I did just update my codecs and I don't know why that would screw things up, I didn't change anything, but obviously it did somehow. I just need to know how to fix it now. I think it has something to do with DirectShow or maybe AC3...now sure but it's certainly messed up!

Thanks in advance!

A:Solved: Buzzing in DVD after Conversion....

Problem fixed. I just uninstalled Klite Codec pack and installed the newest DivX and it fixed it.

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I was wondering if someone can help me convert a .jpg file to a .dst file.
I would like to do this for my daughters hockey team. It is for the back of a hat.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you in advance.

A:Solved: .DST file conversion help

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Are there any low cost methods of converting PDF to Word? I seldom need this service so it would be uneconomical to buy a complete program for that purpose. Thanks a lot.

A:Solved: Once off Conversion of PDF to Word

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I moved into a new apartment and the previous owner left behind a Dell Inspiron 2650, running XP service pack 2 (it works pitifully). I have a Dell studio which runs Vista. With the packet of installation CD's that I recieved when I purchased my computer, would I be able to install Vista onto the 2650. I have become quite fond of vista, and as I said the 2650 which was left behind is just so poorly maintained. Suggestions?

A:Solved: XP to Vista Conversion?

i would go to microsofts site and see what the licence allows on your disc if it did then you need to check the comp is suitable for the os again ms can scan and tell you or you could just clean up the comp and the one other thing is if the owner comes looking for it and you have done anything he may take legal action it is his/hers after all

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hi, i think i posted this on the wrong thread... i dont see a lot of quark posts anywhere?
i need alternate suggestions if anyone has one.

i have a Quark 6 doc that needs to be converted to Quark 4x so that it can be imported into InDesign. I am looking for help in doing that, since i only have Quark 6.

There are 2 ways to do the conversion (as per adobe help files):

- Open the 6x file in Quark 6, save as 5x. Open the 5x file in Quark 5, save as 4x. 4x file can then be imported into InDesign.

- Use markzware Q2ID, software that specifically makes this conversion.

I'm having a hard time finding someone who has both current and past versions of quark installed, or the markzware software, to help me out.

i have Quark 6, but cant downgrade the file to 4x in v6, unless im mistaken.

So, if you are the rare person that can achieve this conversion, or if one of you Quark/InDesign gurus have an alternate suggestion, i would appreciate the assistance.

I only have one file to convert- about 150 pages of a personal, non-commercial, dont-have-a-corporate-budget doc.

Doesnt matter if it's done on a pc or mac platform, as i have both and the file is compatible with both. it's that dang Quark 5 that's giving me the glitch...


A:Solved: Quark 4 - 5 - 6 conversion help?

Send a PM to me, and I can give you an FTP site to upload it to.
And then I can do the conversion for you.
If it is small enough to email when zipped/stuffed, we can do that

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I bought a new dell laptop of 500gb hd..when i bought it has windows 7 64 bit operating systm..and it has 1 partition,so i tried make it to 4 but i didnt..so i installed win 32 bit OS and i make it 4 partitions,but the disk is converted to dynamic disk....now i tried to install win 7 64 bit OS..after installation on laptop screen a blue screen appears and shows some error messages and it exits.and it is repeating again when i restart laptop....
So anyone plz tell me how to convert dynamic disk to basic disk.......
I tried in disk management by deleting all volumes and after that i right clicked on Disk but the option convert to basic disk is disabled.... So anyone plz tell me how to convert dynamic disk to basic disk....

A:Solved: disk conversion

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I want to convert a VOB file to MPEG or AVI so I can upload to Facebook, it's 902 MB in size, can anyone recommend any software for this please?


A:Solved: VOB file conversion

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My code is as follows:
// hw9.cpp : Defines the entry point for the console application.

#include "stdafx.h"
#include <iostream>
#include <fstream>
#include <string>
#include <vector>
using namespace std;


CSI 1007
Due: 4/20/07
Brian Bertalot
Teacher: C. Kwiatkowski

Purpose: The purpose is to read in from a file, a list of an unknown amount of
integers. After read in, the program will sort the data using a bubble
sort to sort the data in ascending order. From there, the program will
ask a user to input a integer and will search for that specific
integer using a binary search. If the integer is found, it'll return a
message proclaiming it was found in the list of data, but if the
integer was not found in the list, it'll return a message saying so.

Input: Data from the text file(input.txt)containing an unknown number of

Output: The program outputs whether or not a user specified value is located in
the vector.


//Function Prototypes
int isSorted(vector<int>&vecList,int length);
void reverse(vector<int>&vecList,int length);
void bubbleSort(vector<int>&vecList,int length);
int binarySearch(const vector<int>&vecList,int length,int searchItem);
int _tmain(int argc, _TCHAR* argv[])
//declare vector
vector<int> vecList;

//declare temp variable
int temp;
size_t length;
int searchItem;

//File Variables
ifstream infile;

//Open File
infile.open("input... Read more

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Hi there,

I've been reading through the forums and it seems the man I'm looking for is Noyb! I have a logo that I need to convert to a DST file for embroidery on a golf shoe bag... The company I was using previously has gone busy and my logo has disappeared with it!

Any chance you could help?

Thanks in advance!

A:Solved: .DST conversion (@Noyb)

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i tried converting my laptop from fat 32 to ntfs, i did pretty good until it asked me for a value. can anyone help? if this doesnt work, can i just use my xp disk. i want to have this thing up and running right before i give it to my wife on x-mas.

A:Solved: conversion problem

How old is this laptop? What version of Windows are you running?

Can you include a screen shot?

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I'm looking for a quick and dirty, and preferably free util to convert avi to mpg-2. I want to merge/join 2 or more avi's into a single mpg file on disc (no DVDs). I have Nero 9, and can't get "export" do concatenate 2 or more files. I already know how to make a DVD movie with Nero, but that's not what I want. Also have Ulead, and Adobe Premiere Elements, but believe these along with Nero are overkill. I Prefer not to use an obtuse "enthusiast" type tool with a steep learning curve. Have tried AVS4YOU and works great but is $60 for unlimited use. Tried Arcsoft and trial version failed to output a file. Tried Xilsoft and could not get it to join multiple avi's.


A:Solved: simple avi to mpg conversion

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How do you convert PTX files on Mac and Windows 7?

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I received a PPS file with an embedded sound 676 KB which was the the complete Cheers soundtrack. PPs only embeds wav files and they are always much much larger than that...?????
ok...I discovered on my windows recorder which records wav that there are different formats...PCM...ACELP.net...GSM...on and on..which are smaller sizes....the recorder will only record for one minute...so now comes the question...
Is there a recorder available that will record wav files in a smaller format??? I want to be able to embed them in PPS files so that I can email them and depend on them playing...
I have tried adding midi's and mp3's but the are not dependable...

A:(Solved) Sound conversion

Use audacity: you can record and edit. Excellent freeware.

First record in PCM, then recompress to mp3 or WMA. WMA is the best for e-mail'ing. Stronger recompression. But the only free version of the compressor that I know of: WM8Eutil works only in DOS.
You can get it on the Microsoft website (in media).

Or make a search for "audio recorder"
and choose the free ones.

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I need to convert a JPG file to a DST file in order to embroider it. Please, someone can help me. Thanks

This is the file

A:Solved: JPG to DST file conversion

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Can anyone help ?
I am wondering if i could type a letter in English and then have it converted into Thai by a program in Word or if anyone could tell me the best way to work around this.
Any help would be greatly appreciated

A:Solved: Language Conversion

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Is it possible to change mpeg4 to avi in order to view on Media Player or Nero?

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Hello again......
Does anyone possibly know of a program that will convert .ncp files to MP3, or .wav ?
Thanks.....have a good day......

A:Solved: .ncp file conversion

Whatever .ncp is, it is not a standard format. Any conversion, if possible, would most likely need to be done with the program that originated the file. Is it a sound or music format?

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I have the following code for converting the hijri to greg but when i click, the conversion for the first time it displays the same date in greg and hjiri. I needed to change any date and then i click again then it changed to the correct date. I need to know a command that tells the system to go ahead and convert once.

Need help

Private Sub BankgurrantidateE_AfterUpdate()
Me.[Bankguaranteeexpirydate] = StDteHijriOfStDteGreg([BankgurrantidateE])
End Sub

A:Solved: Conversion of greg to hijri

Hi guys ,
I found the problem, the reason is in the options where the Hijri date is ticked. I removed the tick and work like a charm
Thanks to all.

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I am not sure if this is the way to ask a question about cases or not. Anyway I have an AT case can I convert it to a ATX by just replacing the power supply?

A:Solved: at case conversion question

No. The mb will not line up with openings in the case.

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I'm trying to convert some video's to avi and my pc keeps crashing 10 - 15 seconds in. no blue screen at all just reboots. i have tried several programs and they all do the same. so far i have updated windows, did a virus scan and a anti malware scan and updated my drivers and codecs, but nothing seems to help. the attachment is the hardware report from everest is you need any other info just let me know? thanks for any help in advance.

A:[SOLVED] xp sp3 crashes during video conversion

Hi there. How are your cpu temp readings? You may be having overheating problems. I did not see cpu temp readings in the attached file.

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Hello Everyone,
I'm trying to convert text files with an unfamiliar format into something more useful like .XLS or CSV, etc. Here's a sample:

* * * * * * * (original data) * * * * * * *

@X=51.36,[email protected][email protected]@
@X=51.36,[email protected]@[email protected]
@X=51.36,[email protected]@[email protected]
@X=51.36,[email protected]@[email protected]
@X=111.42,[email protected]@[email protected]
@X=111.42,[email protected]@[email protected]
@X=111.42,[email protected]@[email protected]
@X=111.42,[email protected]@[email protected]
@X=183.78,[email protected]@[email protected]
@X=183.78,[email protected]@[email protected]
@X=183.78,[email protected]@[email protected]
@X=183.78,[email protected]@[email protected]

* * * * * * * (end result) * * * * * * *


(The delimiter could be a tab, comma, Excel column, whatever.)

I suppose I could plug away at writing some kind of program, but maybe there's an existing method I can use without "re-inventing the wheel." Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

A:Solved: Text File Conversion (Need Help)

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As above really, I need to convert a word document in a jpeg or tiff.

I've tryed searching on the web but you have to pay, which i dont really want to do if i can help it.

Is there an easy solution/ conversion.


A:Solved: Word doc. to Jpeg conversion

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For some inexplicable reason, the Systemax OEM PC we bought in 2006 had its Windows installation on a FAT32-formatted C: partition by default. I only noticed it this month, and after backing it up, I tried convert.exe based on what every-website-ever agreed on was the right instruction. Since it was running off of the partition it needed to convert, it asked me to run on the next restart, which it did. The process took at least 2 hours, but sometime in between the last time I checked up on it and when it finished, it apparently *undid* all the conversion it was doing, because the C: partition still read as FAT32. I did it again with the same result. I'm trying to borrow a video camera to record the end of the process that I keep missing, but does anyone have any ideas what could cause this kind of problem in the first place?

A:Solved: conversion from FAT to NTFS failure

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. I need to convert a .jpeg logo to a .dst image in order for an embroidery store to stitch the logo on a hat. and I need to have it in a week! Unfortunately, the embroidery store will be charging me an exorbitant amount to digitize the logo, so I am looking for a more cost-effective solution.

I noticed an expired thread where a distinguished member (Noyb) had converted a simply logo for someone into .dst format. If Noyb (or any other user) could help me out, you'd be saving my life.

Any info on free .dst conversion software would also be helpful, as google has failed me on this one.


A:Solved: dst conversion attn NOYB

i do not need the shadow done just the character

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I need to convert Works 2000 v5.0 .wdb file to Word 2000 v9.0.6926 SP3 .doc file. Who knows how to do this?

Thank you.

Mike B

A:Solved: File conversion question

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Hello everyone. Help me please!!!

I imported a text file with date fields. The fields import as text (20060123 - yyyy mm dd). I need to convert the text date into a date format to view as 1/23/2006. I would like to convert it using a query. However, I'll take whatever is the best solution!
There are over 192 thousand records. I'm working in Access97 unfortunately.

THANK YOU in advance to everyone who responds and tries to help!!!!

A:Solved: Access97 Date conversion

I can write you a query or some vba to do this, but I need to know the exact name of the Table and the date field.

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Noyb you have helped me before and did an exceptional job at that. I see there is also a new kid on the block signalpunch since my last time here. Surely one of you two dts gurus can help me again this time around.

Have too pictures. Need the letters in white digitized to go onto a hat front and it will be raised so the stitch count will have to be high I believe. The sizes are shown on the second picture in correlation to how I would like it to look on the hat front.

thanks in advance. appreciate it

A:Solved: noyb and signalpunch need your help with a dts conversion

I can understand not wanting to pay over $70 for a cap but both of those are logos on caps sold by AZS.

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I need to convert a mm/dd/yyyy date from a form into just yyyy as it goes through a qry into a table. Meaning the form wants a full date, but for this part of my process I only need the year from the form not the whole date. Is the a way to put it in the sql of the query?

A:Solved: Date Conversion in access

You can use a few different methods
Format([date field name], "yyyy")
Year([date field name])
DatePart("yyyy", [date field name])
right([date field name],4)

Where date field name is the actual name of your date field.

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I have the following code for converting the hijri to greg but when i click, the conversion for the first time it displays the same date in greg and hjiri. I needed to change any date and then i click again then it changed to the correct date. I need to know a command that tells the system to go ahead and convert once.

Need help

Private Sub BankgurrantidateE_AfterUpdate()
Me.[Bankguaranteeexpirydate] = StDteHijriOfStDteGreg([BankgurrantidateE])
End Sub

A:Solved: Conversion of greg to hijri

please do not duplicate posts
continue on this one

if you do not get a reply in 48hrs - by all means add a reply to your post with the word "bump" that will bring the thread back to the top of the forum

closing this thread

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I downloaded a file and it ended in ".avi" When it finished downloading I opened it in winamp and I was only getting audio, no video. I tried opening it in RealPlayer, Winamp, and MS Media Player, but with all of them I could only get audio.

When I right clicked on the file and checked the "properties" I saw that it was labeled as a MPEG Layer-3 file. I don't know what the hell the thing is ... is it .avi or mpeg layer 3?

When I tried to convert it to mp3, wav, or wma using Nero it wouldn't go through. Then I tried to convert it to vcd or svcd but that wouldn't work either.

So my questions are these:

1) Is this a audio or video file? If it has video how the hell do I see it?

2) Can I convert this thing to MP3 or SVCD ... If all I can do is play this thing on my computer then it isn't worth a whole lot.

Any help would be much appreciated.


A:(Solved) MPEG Layer-3 conversion

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I've searched the forum and online and found nothing about this problem. This problem happened to my mom and I have no idea what she did. She is running XP and Office 2003. She has been saving all her Word files as .doc files and that is the default for a new document. All of the sudden, these saved files are now .wps files. EVERY .doc file on the computer now is a .wps file, including those she has not opened recently (so she did not 'save as' a different file format). I know that I can open every single one (after I download the converter, they will not open in Word, now that they are WPS) and 'save as' a .doc file and then delete all of the WPS versions of the files. But does anyone know how this may have happened or of a way to convert ALL of the wps files back into .doc's!? I am baffled.

A:Solved: Sudden WPS Conversion of all DOC files

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I have recently had to re-install my Word program, and now when I open it I get a small screen which reads: "File Conversion - azwzrd10" and then asks me to select a coding which makes my documents readable. Can anyone help me to remove this? Thanks.

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I need to be able to maintain an Excel (xls) spreadsheet with Works SS 4.x/2000 (wks) ME system. I have downloaded a viewer and can view the xls spreadsheet, but not make any changes. I need (I think) a file converter from Excel (xls) to Works (wks.) Any help will be appreciated.
Thanks, R65

A:Solved: xls to wks file conversion download

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I need to convert an non-copy protected DVD-Video disc to a movie format that can be posted on a website. I found a tutorial on converting from DVD-Video to WMV on videohelp.com and was able to get a WMV file created but I get no video when I play it back in Windows Media Player and when I play it back in VideoLan VLC player I get video but it's pixelated and it pauses every few frames.

So, my questions are:

What would be the best web format for the conversion?
What would be the best tool(s) to use for the conversion?


A:Solved: Question about DVD-Video conversion

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Ok so I have converted my old laptops 80Gb HD to an external using a kit. It even works. What I want to be able to do however, it won't let me. There is about 5Gb worth of old files on there from the Vista operating system that was on the laptop this drive came from and they won't be deleted. How can I clear out these unwanted files and folders so that 5Gb can be put to better use?

A:Solved: Internal to External conversion

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I have created some music files that need to be turned from .wma files to .mid files so I can edit them. Is there a program that does this or can I just change the file extension name? I found an expensive program but I know that usually there is something cheaper out there that does the same thing if you are looking for a specific thing.


A:Solved: Conversion TO a Midi file

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