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My laptop stuck on 1366x768

Q: My laptop stuck on 1366x768

I have a Asus n550jk and and its stuck on 1366x768. It can go to 1920x1080 but is giving me no option to. I have update the drivers and try uninstalling them and reinstalling them but no luck

Any ideas?

Preferred Solution: My laptop stuck on 1366x768

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: My laptop stuck on 1366x768

I see 4 video drivers two are nVidia and two are Intel. Which of the four drivers is installed?

Since there are a few models with different letters after n550jk, it would help if you posted the exact model and not just the broad model name.

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We have a Dell Optiplex 990, which has on-board Intel HD 2000 video. VGA cable goes from it to a Crestron multimedia switcher. From there, one VGA goes to a NEC M311x projector and another to a Dell 1911 monitor.

The only available resolution is 1366x768 - nothing else is listed. We've tried the most recent video driver straight from Intel and the latest one available from Dell's support page for the Optiplex 990.

If we uninstall those and reboot, the video adapter shows up in device manager as Standard VGA Graphics Adapter. And then we can change the resolution to whatever we want. For now, that is workable.

Any ideas why it's behaving as it does with the Intel HD driver?

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I've recently encountered a problem with my screen resolution settings. My screen is supposed to be 1366x768 but the max setting i got is only 1024x768? Why? Before this, its there and i used it but then after i changed my hard disk (old one broke) the resolution setting suddenly changed. My screen sorta get stretched, please help...

Also i cant find the resolution in the "list all modes".

A:Why cant I get 1366x768 resolution for my hp laptop?

You need to install the graphics driver, you are using the basic driver from Windows,

Is this a fresh install? You will probably need more than just that driver too if it is.

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So the laptop in question is a 15,9" ASUS K53SV (I think, not 100% on the exact numbers/lettering) with an i7 2630, with integrated graphics chip AND a Geforce 540m. I suspect that the reason why I cannot increase my desktop resolution further is because that integrated chip insists on running instead of the dedicated GPU. Through Nvidea's control panel I have set the 540 to the preffered card, but this only seems to be applied on applications. I think I confirmed that by accessing advanced settings through the screen resolution menu, which clearly lists that integrated chip and not the 540.

I also think it is questionable that my actual screen would not be able to support anything higher, since my 3 year old mid-range 15,9" HP laptop seemed to have no problem at all reaching 1680. If that is the case, I would definately be dissapointed.


A:New laptop, resolution limited to 1366x768. Any way to increase this?

on that laptop, you are limited to 1366x768 .. you could hook it up to a external monitor.

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Good day, I have been a fan of Acer for quite some time. About two years ago I snagged an online deal for an Acer Aspire V3-572G-54S6 which I was using for travel and school. The laptop came with a not so great 1366x768 generic laptop screen. Eventually, I started using this laptop more and more for work purposes and it became a hindrance not having a 1080p screen. I decided I needed to find a way to upgrade the screen. This specific model does not sell with higher resolution screens, and there isn't really any documentation at all in regards to upgrading your screen from HD to FHD for the V3-572G series. After almost a month of research and waiting for parts, I am pleased to report that I have succesfully upgraded the generic 1366x728 screen to a 1920x1080 IPS screen and is now functioning perfectly with this acer model. I am writing this so that others who come after me, will be able to look this up and know that they can too upgrade their screens. First, it is important to distinguish the different models that are similar to this one to better understand what we are dealing with. One of the most popular guides that is easily searchable through any search engine is the V3-571G screen upgrade post. This is unfortunately not going to give you the correct information as these two model laptops are different in specs and use different EDP video cable wiring (I learned this from trying it myself, don't do it).... Read more

A:V3-572G Laptop Screen Upgrade 1366x768 to 1920x108...

Hello, I think you are talking about Aspire V3-572G and there is an original FHD screen:KL.1560D.011LCD PANEL.15.6'W.FHD.NON.GL.EDP (Matte) and the eDP cable is the only one:50.MNSN2.002CABLE.EDP.FOR.DIS

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I am unable to choose 1366x768 for my Toshiba LCD-tv.
I tried using custom resolution but that resolution doesn't work.

I've got a Nvidia 8800gt.

Any suggestions?

thanks in advance,


A:possible to use 1366x768?

Does your LCD TV set support 1366x768? We have two LCD HDTV sets here at home - one supports that resolution and the other does not. It supports 1280x720 instead, which is true 720P.


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Recently I was using the VGA output on my graphics card to connect to my TV. I was able to set it to 1366x768 (custom) and it looked fine on TV. Then I discovered that my PC had HDMI out. So I decided to use that.

This is when I ran into some problems. There is no option for 1366x768, and this time, I get a message: "Test failed. Custom resolution 1366x768 at 60Hz (32-bit) is not supported by your display." Well, sure it is! That's the actual resolution of my display!

The max size I have been able to set it to so far is 1280x720. But, for some reason, the TV cuts off the sides and I can't see the whole picture.

Also, I can't get the display connected to the mainboard to work, but this may be because I have a graphics card attached.

Is there any way to get this to work?

P.S. It's less than a year old. Panasonic TC-L32X1

A:No 1366x768 resolution for my TV?

Hi smurof7neves (clever name btw )

Could you please elaborate on your System Specs? That will enable us to better assist you.


Windows Outreach Team

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Hey guys,
Newbie here; alright so my problem is this.  I bought the Aspire E1-522.  Here are the specs for it:  http://us.acer.com/ac/en/US/content/model-datasheet/NX.M81AA.004
Anyways it is supposed to be HD while running the screen resolution of 1366x768.  The 1920x1080 wallpapers I use for it are running fine, however, the problem comes when I play videos using MPC-HC.  The video gets all shrunk up on the laptop.  When I hook it up using an VGA or HDMI to a 55 inch TV it does the same thing.  And then I noticed that on the TV it stated that it is at 1440x900 resolution.  So ionno...  lol, little bit of a stump here for me. 
I heard that 1366x768 is still supposed to be able to output 1920x1080 resolution.  Given the "change screen resolution" option; I can't go past the 1366x768.  Halp please

A:1366x768 can't output HD?

bump, anyone?

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Hello, Ive recently formatted my computer and came with 2 major problems for me, one was no internet which Ive allready solved, but the issue im dealing with is that my computer before being formatted was adjusted to a screen resolution of 1366x768, now the only default resolution available are 1024x768 and 800x600. It doesnt look smooth and it even hurts my eyes. please help me finding the correct driver for this issue.


Dell Inspiron N4050

Standard VGA Graphics Adaptor

Chip Type Intel(R)SandyBridge Mobile Graphics Chipset

Display Generic PnP monitor

Please. Its killing me

A:Need help on how to add Screen Resolution 1366x768

Windows 7

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Hi i need help on how to install display adapter for my Type V VGC-VA202RB Microsoft XP Professional, I tried to update my display adapter and try to install ATI Radeon Xpress 200M Series but Windows logo testing didnt allow me because it didnt pass. Now how can i get my driver..

A:1366x768 resolution problem

From where did you obtain the driver and EXACTLY how are you trying to install it?

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Hey guys,

I am really sorry, I am sure somewhere in some thread you've explained this but the thing is I'm a total retard when it comes to computers

Well, I just got an HP Compaq Presario CQ62z which resolution is supposed to be 1366x768 (15.6 inches). After installing Windows 7, the only resolution options I have are 800x600 and 1024x768. It says it's a Generic PnP monitor on Standard VGA Graphics Adapter (whatever that means).
So, could you please tell me what to download, install and do afterwards so that it finally gets to look normal?

Thanks a lot for your time!

A:1366x768 resolution problem..

Have you tried the graphics driver from here:
Free Download HP Compaq Presario CQ62Z Notebook series Drivers for Windows 7 - Free device drivers Download

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I am in need of assistance with updating my driver to have a resolution of at least 1280 x 1020 to work with some of the programs that I use for work. Please Help.

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my laptop has a resolution of 1366x768 and i cant play fifa 10 in fulllscreen....there black lines on top, bottom,left and right....are there any solutions? HELP!!!!!

A:FIFA 10 1366x768 fullscreen

Fill out your system spec's, you are asking for an answer to a problem which nobody can answer without asking you loads of questions to give you an answer.

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Hi. I'm running Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit on my Lenovo Z575, which has a screen resolution of 1366x768. Unfortunately, Windows does not have the option to select this. The best I can get is 1280 x 768, but it looks awful. I know I can get this to work on this laptop because I just bought it second hand and the resolution was fine until I reinstalled Windows 7 (to get rid of the dual boot). Can anyone help?

A:Can't select 1366x768 resolution

JustSteph, welcome to the Seven Forums.

I would start with installing the graphics driver which you can get from here,

Drivers and software - IdeaPad Z575 Notebook

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So I have Acer Aspire E1-570G that has 1366x768 max resolution, but is there any way to put it's resolution to 1920x1080? After using my friend's laptop (Acer Aspire V) that has 1920x1080 resoltion, I thought "Hey, could I do the same to my laptop"?
If it's not possible just say it, no hate needed. If possible, would ya tell me? :3


A:How to get 1920x1080 resolution on 1366x768 screen.

You cannot do that. You have a fixed number of pixels in your display, you cannot through software make more available.

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Dear experts:
The max resolution I can set on my Latitude E7440 is 1366x768, no greater resolutions appear.
I am using the latest driver Version: ,A17 (Intel HD 4400). I tried uninstalling the driver, switching to VGA and then install again, same problem.
My OS is Windows 7 Professional 64 bits.

Any ideas?

Thank you very much,

A:Max resolution of Latitude E7440 is only 1366x768

Make sure that driver is from Dell and not Intel. Dell customizes drivers for your exact model. Intel drivers will not work right. Go to Dell downloads and get the original driver from them. Laptop drivers are rarely if ever updated and when they are they have to come from Dell.

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I have a 32" LCD TV that is connected to my GeForce GTX 460 via VGA. I previously had it connected to an ATI card at 1366x768 and it worked wonderfully.

I have set the screen resolution to 1366x768 again this time around, and everything on the computer reports back that the screen resolution is 1366x768, but the TV is displaying (and reporting) 1280x768, meaning crisp pixels, but black bars on the left and right sides in 1:1 mode.

Choosing different resolutions seems to always snap to a few more basic ones. Selecting something larger, the TV reports 1600x1200. Something smaller, and the TV reports 1280x1024. It seems pretty arbitrary.

The PC is running Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit with all the latest drivers installed all over the place as of today.

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I wanted to know if there was any way I could upgrade my laptop's resolution without facing any problems and it'd be best if I could find a solution that wouldn't require me to send my laptop to any other country. Thanks!

A:Upgrade screen from 1366x768 to 1080p

Hi, You can use one of the following screens: ? For HP Pavilion 15 Notebook PC     15.6 LED BrightView HD SVA HD, WLED, SVA flat display panel available for Windows 10 (includes screws)762513-00115.6 WLED AG HD Touchscreen with bezel (includes screws)764622-00115.6 WLED AG full HD SVA (includes screws)764623-00115.6 WLED AG full HD Touchscreen with bezel flat display panel (includes screws)766687-001  Based on the following document, you can't do this yourself:     http://h10032.www1.hp.com/ctg/Manual/c04511833.pdf and this is a very expensive upgrade. Regards.

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Hi, I just recently installed windows 8.1 and I was wondering if i can increase the row of my start menu apps? It's currently 4 rows. and I wanted it to be 5? Is there any guide out there? though I tried some but didn't work. So I make this thread.

A:Windows 8.1 1366x768 Start Menu

This is the step-by-step guide:
Start Screen - Metro Apps - Change Number of Rows in Windows 8

With 1366x768 you are limited to a max row of 4 so it seems.
I use the same resolution but didn't fiddled with the rowsize yet.

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Can somebody help me out on how to improve my Hp 630 PC Screen Resolution above 1366x768 ??? pls, it's urgent! God bless you as you do. Waiting for you guyz.

A:Am In Need Of Higher Resolution Skill than 1366x768

Mellowtechguy, welcome to the windows 7 forum.

spec's Display for your laptop:

15.6-inch diagonal LED-backlit HD anti-glare (1366 x 768)
15.6-inch diagonal LED-backlit HD BrightView (1366 x 768)
Integrated: Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 4500MHD, Intel? HD Graphics, or HD Graphics 3000
Discrete: AMD Radeon HD 6370M Graphics with 512MB dedicated video memory, AMD Radeon HD 7450M Graphics with 512MB of dedicated video memory, or AMD Radeon HD 7450M Graphics with 1024MB of dedicated video memory

your spec's from the hp site. What graphics card do you have?
Also, can you go to screen resolution on the right click main screen and change it to what you want?


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I'm wondering what is HP's competing product to the ASUS Transformer Book Flip (current model: https://www.asus.com/us/2-in-1-PCs/ASUS_Transformer_Book_Flip_TP200SA/), but let's concentrate on the screen only. The bright/IPs/300 nits+ screen (I'm not 100% sure about the correct technical terms, but the point is, I'm not looking for a notebook with a matte display). We can even forget about the touch sensitiveness of the screen. I'm all about the brightness.

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Hello! I'm consider swapping out my L540 1366x768 for a compatible 1920x1080 display. I'm pretty sure a TN panel will fit (I assume Lenovo don't make a different screen chassis based on screen type?) I'm just wondering if it's possible to replace the TN panel with an IPS one? I can see a few posts on the subject already but none I've found relating to the L540. Anyone managed this? Any issues? I'm very comfortable working on computers.  

Go to Solution.

A:Screen Upgrade 1366x768 TN to 1920x1080 ips?????

The L540 supports a Full HD display. You can order the necessary parts from Lenovo. These two links may help you figuring out the parts you need.- http://support.lenovo.com/us/en/documents/pd029129- http://support.lenovo.com/us/en/documents/pd029126

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Ok, here's my issue.

My computer was running poorly, and it had been 18m since my last wipe and new OS install.

I love Win 7, and have a copy sitting at home. I downloaded the Seagate for DOS tool, wrote zeroes to my drive, and started fresh.

After installing Windows 7, I installed all drivers available for the system through the Lenovo website (which I had pre-downloaded and placed on my external HDD.) I installed all relevant drivers.

I switched resolution to 1366x768 (native resolution for my laptop).

I see that it looks different than it looked pre-wipe. I start up World of Warcraft, which I play often. I log in, and notice that at 1366x768 resolution (which is what I've always played it at) the screen seems much smaller, and the items on the screen seem much larger.

I've come to the conclusion that 1366x768 is not displaying properly.

Here's what I've done.

I've uninstalled and re-installed both graphics drivers individually (Intel HD Graphics 4000 and Nvidia GeForce GTX 660M).

I've uninstalled and re-installed both graphics drivers in tandem.

I've used Display Driver Uninstaller to do both of the above steps a second time.

I've verified that my DPI setting is at 100%. It is.

I am now at a loss as to what to do next other than wiping my partitions and starting from scratch again, which I sure would hate to do at this point.

Suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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Today I purchased a new laptop for school. Upon starting it up i was prompted to update my drivers then to restart my computer. So I did. Now my resolution has changed from the highest being 1366x768 (I believe it was 768) to 1024x768. It wont let me go any higher and everything looks sort of stretched out. Am I stuck with this now or can I fix it? It's an ASUS model: X53U

A:Highest resolution was 1366x768 now 1024x768

From where did you get the updated drivers? If just whatever Windows found try rolling back your display driver.

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So basically I bought copies of Windows 7 for my two computers, not too old anyway.

This one had a little Dell IN1910nb monitor on it which had great pic, but the incompatible Win7 drivers for the Radeon only let me look at it in 4:3 size screens (1024x768) instead of the 16:9 I want (1366 x 768)

I found some hack drivers on drigervuide but they didn't do much for me.

Anyone know if I have to turn that VGcard into a skeet shoot target, or is there a way to get the widescreen back?

Please advise.

Phat and confused.

A:9250 Radeon in Win 7 on a Dell with 1366x768

Nevermind this post.

See Regli's post on thsi post, it worked for this scenario too.


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So Ive been talking with people about my resolution my resolution is pretty much low but this current setup is a joy for me I dont like big screens or small just normal side view

My resolution is 1366x768 and im deciding between going for a

Radeon 7770 110$ and can be cheaper in christmas
Radeon 7850 180$ and can be cheaper too but what I get is this radeon 7850 is overkill for my resolution most people say that card is for 1920x1080.

Pixel rate 1920x1080=2073600
Pixel rate 1366x768= 1049088

So I see that the radeon 7770 reaches mostly 30 fps or abit higher or lower on 1920x1080 in almost most games of today does it mean if I use it on the 1366x768 the frame rates will double since there is a difference of double the pixels on the 1920x1080 from my resolution

Any help would be thankfull

Would this mean that score should be 58 on my Resolution or aproximately or?

A:HD 7770 or HD 7850 for 1366x768 gaming?

TechGamer said:

So I see that the radeon 7770 reaches mostly 30 fps or abit higher or lower on 1920x1080 in almost most games of today does it mean if I use it on the 1366x768 the frame rates will double since there is a difference of double the pixels on the 1920x1080 from my resolutionClick to expand...

Yeah pretty much. But bear in mind those are average framerates, if you want to stay above 60fps in the biggest multiplayer maps it's probably better to get a 7850. Maybe you can even go for a 1GB 7850 as you probably won't need 2GB of VRAM at that resolution.

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I've got the basic TN 1366x768 display on my T450 and would like to install a full HD 1080p IPS display. I can't seem to find any information on the forums for screen replacement for this model. Most online display retailers sellers suggest that the edp cable would have to be replaced for a dual channel one. Is this correct?Also, would replacing this display for a full HD blow any fuses in the laptop? Any help on this would be truely appreciated.

Go to Solution.

A:Screen upgrade from 1366x768 on T450

Welcome to the forum!
There is a FHD panel listed in the parts list on the support side: source: Parts List
Click on the link above and scroll down to page 4, you will see a FHD panel listed with FRU #04X5916. No need to change the cable, there are only two types of cables, one for touch and one for non touch (see on page 3 under "Cables")
Panels are not a self service CRU. If you have warranty on your T450 you may need to contact Lenovo to get the panel changed.
Hope this helps...

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Hy there.I have a Radeon 6320 HD and I cant change my resolution back to 1366x768.Now i only have 2 resolution to choose 800x600 and 1024x768.Any help please?

A:Cannot change my resolution back to 1366x768

Looks like you have the default Windows VGA driver active. Try downloading and installing the latest drivers from here AMD Graphics Drivers & Software
Post back with your full systems specs.

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I was getting 1920x1080 pixel on Win 7 until I upgraded to  win10, where the max I get is 1366x768. I've exhausted my search online so thought I'd ask the group for help.  Is there a particular driver I need to install that is not on the Dell site? Thank you. 

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Ok, so I heard about all the fuzz about the required screen resolution for Windows 8 so I bought myself a 16 inch LED Samsung SyncMaster S16A100N. I assembled it and all then while I was gonna plug it in my PC I noticed it was still in 1024x768 because of my old SyncMaster 540N. So I removed all of the drivers for the 540 and replaced it with the new ones. I noticed that the optimal screen resolution (1366 x 768) is nowhere to be found so I had to stick with 1280x768.

Here are my UPDATED SPECS:

Monitor: Samsung S16A100N
Graphics: Intel Extreme Graphics 2 (92 MB)
BIOS: American Megatrends Revision 1.0

A:1366x768 option not available as a Screen Resolution on Windows 7

If you are using onboard graphics, you should probably update that driver too. I would go to Intel's site and download the latest ones:


It's from 2004 but it's the latest for your motherboard. It should give you the option to choose the resolution after you install the driver.

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I've been searching since a very long time, to see if such a solution existed under Windows;
My laptop native resolution is 1366x768, but I would be interested in putting it above that (Maybe 1920x1080. In VMware, with the "Stretched" option, 1920x1080 is still readable). So far, the only software that claimed doing this was "PowerStrip", but I did not understood how it really worked.

I also attempted the custom resolutions of Intel control panel (I have an Intel HD 3000, with a Core i3-2350m, it's a Lenovo Thinkpad E420), with the discharge of responsability, saying that you may break your monitor. I attempted it with the same refresh rate (60HZ), but the custom resolution doesn't show up in Desk.cpl.

I wonder if this can be done at all under Windows...
I ask this because I've done it succesfully under Linux - someone developped since a while a script called "Newrez", and the script "scale" the resolution virtually using xrandr, so you could basically type nearly any possible resolution, and it'll work, without causing damage to the monitor. I attempted it, and it was possible to type an insane resolution up to 8000 pixels before the X server crash. Plus, this resolution change does not affect performance/stability, and when checking resolution from a website, the resolution reported was correct.

Did anyone had any suceess with this on Windows, any software that could possibly do a virtual scale, just so I could use maybe ... Read more

A:Scale resolution to higher than the 1366x768 native

Forcing Screen Resolution Higher Than Native Resolution



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I have a Lenovo notebook e10-30 and just replace the LCD but could not optimal 1366x768 resolution as before. Now the resolution is only 1028x600. how to change the resolution to 1366x768? please
Mod's Edit: System model added to the front of Subject line to improve visibility / clarity.

Screenshot_14.png ?99 KB

A:E10-30 - Screen Resolution 1366x768 doesn't exist

Welcome to the Lenovo Community !
Are you sure the new LCD can support 1366x768?   Your problem maybe a limitation with the new LCD.

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Hi i would like to know if my probook 4530s will support 1600x900 resolution. At the moment i can only get 1366x768 but it has dedicated radeon 1gb graphics. I assumed it would suppot higher than standard HD.Is there a way i can find out if this model can manage the higher resolution?Thanks.

A:cant get more than 1366x768 resolution hp 4530s model number...

Hi,Yes, the Radeon card on your Probook 4530s should support 1600x900. You would have to download the dedicated driver for that graphics card to get that resolution.

I am an HP employee.

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hiI just bought a seconda hand aAcer Aspire V15 Nitro (VN7-571G-502F) and the maximum resolution displayed is 1366x768. I read on all reviews that the native resolution should be 1920x1080. the computer had a clean install, updated to windows 10 and reinstall all the drivers from Acer. Nothing worked .Any ideeas?

A:acer v 15 Nitro screen resolution 1366x768 not HD

Hello, First I would check the brand and the part number of the LCD panel with HWINFO portable version (no installation).

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I bought a laptop hp ab516tx but I am not satisfied with the screen resolution of it.Can I replace it from HD(1366x768) display to Full HD (1920x1080) display.If yes then what components should i to change for this purpose.Is there any issue doing this?How much will it cost to me?

A:can I replace my HD(1366x768) display to Full HD (1920x1080...

Hi, Please check page 2 to get the screen you want and go to page 72 to get part number from the following manual:           http://h10032.www1.hp.com/ctg/Manual/c04642845.pdf I don't know labor cost but the price could be:      https://www.amazon.de/Inc-LCD-Panel-15-6-809372-001/dp/B01518NTE4 Regards.

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Hi guys sorry for yet another thread like this but my specs are a tad bit lower than the usual "is X good for 1366 or overkill?" thread plus I barely got any stock knowledge or experience for this gen of cards/games, my current specs are

Windows 7 64bit
Intel Pentium Dual E5700 3.0ghz
9800GT 1GB
Coolermaster Extreme Powerplus 460w
Samsung 18.5inch 1366x768

and I plan to either get a 7770 or 7750 however I just realized the 7770 might be overkill for my res already and besides my Dualcore might bottleneck it also, and I'd prefer on saving rather than getting the fastest I can, especially since I also think I need a better processor

So do you think this setup plus a 7750 to replace the 9800 enough for somewhat current games(excluding the real machine hogs that aren't really that good like Crysis 3) like say Tomb Raider, Far Cry 3 or Skyrim will be good enough?

I don't really need to max these, atleast get 40 fps medium/high no AA, low shadows on any of those because this 9800 can't even do that

A:1366x768 already fine with 7750 and dual core?

The CPU will bottleneck the GPU either way. You wont be able to play C3 on high settings, maybe not even medium. C3 is one of the most demanding games out right now.

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I have installed windows 8.1 on my Dell dimension 9150. I have all of the drivers apart from my graphics card driver because it isn't supported in Windows 8.1.

Is is there any way I can set the resolution to 1366x768 without a driver?

A:Microsoft basic display adapter, 1366x768?

Short of getting a video card that's supported by Win 8.1, no.

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it is posibble to upgrade my current resolution which is 1366x768 to fullhd.please help and guide me thanx..

A:upgrade current reslution 1366x768 to fullhd

Hi, We don't need S/N we need to know model/product number. Please use the following instructions to find out the model/product of your machine:  http://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c00033108Regards.

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I have the exact same problem as outlined in:


The laptop resolution at random times and intervals seems to revert back to supporting a maximum of 1280x700 which results in a 2 inch black bar on the right hand side and the start button of windows 7 being off the screen.

At present its stuck in this display resolution and no matter what I do I can not get it to return to the normal 1366x768.

External Monitors work fine with the laptop.

Its running 2.20 BIOS which I believe is the latest.

It seems that the intel driver must be getting some information that is incorrect.
Searching on various forums and using moninfo i see that the internal display does not seem to support EDID and that the parameters seem to be set by the registry some how.

I've also tried to do an EDID override by creating a custom inf file with Moninfo but this does not seem to effect the issue.

I've also tried restoring from the recovery disks multiple times without success.
When the installation of windows occurs the display is fine.
When the additional Toshiba programs are added the display reverts back to 1280x700.
I suspect this is happening when the intel graphics driver is installed.

If I boot the laptop into safe mode the resolution is 1366x768 which seems to suggest that its the driver that has a problem.

Anyone else had this issue and understand how to fix it? I also see that intel don;... Read more

A:Portege R700-S1321 - Can not set resolution to 1366x768

> If I boot the laptop into safe mode the resolution is 1366x768 which seems to suggest that its the driver that has a problem.

I think you are on the right trace and I think its driver related issue.
Therefore I would recommend you to uninstall the Intel graphic card driver within the device manager.

The PORTEGE R700-S1321 was equipped with the Intel? Core i5-520M CPU and this CPU supports the Intel? HD graphic card

The newest Intel HD driver can be downloaded directly from the Intel page:
[Driver for Intel Core Processors with Intel HD Graphics|https://downloadcenter.intel.com/SearchResult.aspx?lang=eng&ProductFamily=Graphics& ProductLine=Laptop+graphics+drivers&ProductProduct =Intel%C2%AE+Core%E2%84%A2+Processors+with+Intel%C 2%AE+HD+Graphics&ProdId=3231&LineId=1101&FamilyId= 39]

I have to download the zip package.
Then you can install the driver via device manager using the advanced installation procedure. This allows you to point directly to this zip package. Windows system would pick up the driver automatically. After new reboot you the newest drivers would be installed and you should change your resolution.

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It looks like this. I've tried changing to different resolutions but this problem always persists. This happened before and I reinstalled the OS, but now it happened again. I don't know what is causing this, maybe an update, because it happened this time right after I restarted my laptop.
This problem only happens with windows UI[Notepad, Word, Wordpad, etc.], and not on chrome or any games, for that matter.

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Hello all,

I have been considering upgrading the LCD panel on HP EliteBook 8470p. When I bought it, it said that it came with a 1600x900 resolution, but after it came in it had a 1366x768 resolution.
I've been looking at LCD panels on eBay, like this one: http://www.ebay.com/itm/222405827922?_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK:MEBIDX:IT
and in the description, it says: "If you are wanting to go from an HD (1366x768) display to an HD+ (1600x900) display - this will not work." Oddly enough, that's actually what I'm trying to do.
I've also asked elsewhere about upgrading my screen's resolution and I was told that replacing the LCD panel was the only thing I can do to get the higher resolution.

I just want to make sure I get everything right, if there's anything else I need to do, and that I don't end up wasting my money on a new screen.

Thanks in advance.

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So I have 2 Dell Latitude E6320 laptops, one has a broken screen that I intend to repair and then sell the whole system.
But I was wondering if it was possible to buy a 1920x1080 screen to put in my personal laptop then take the old 1366x768 to replace the broken system.
Both have an i5 CPU with onboard intel 3000 graphics which should support 1080P output.
Any info is appreciated.

A:Upgrading screen resolution from 1366x768 to 1920x1080

It looks like 1366X768 was the only screen resolution offered in this model - so there won't be a cable harness that supports FHD.  The answer is almost ceratainly no - you can't upgrade the resolution in this model.

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My R630 LCD screen had always been using HD 1366x768 resolution (16x9 aspect ratio).
But not anymore ;(

This week, after the battery went out and I had it recharged the laptod came up with 1280x800 as the top most resolution available, thus displaying black blank areas ontop and to the right of the screen.
No changes (hw+sw) have been made to the laptop for this to have happened,
I am using the updated Intel HD drivers but the option to choose the topmost HD1366x768 resolution is vanished from the menu.

I can only use 1280x800 not covering the whole screen.

Please, I can I get 1366x768 back so I can get a proper use of my Toshiba.

Thank you in advance

A:Lost HD 1366x768 resolution on Satellite R630


Did you try to reinstall the Intel display driver?
Uninstall the Intel graphic driver firstly. Then download the compatible driver from the Toshiba driver page and install this?

But before doing this try this short workaround:
- Disconnect the AC adaptor
- Remove battery
- Wait some time (3-4 hours)
- Then press power button 30 sec long
- Now insert the battery and ac adaptor and power up the unit
- Check if the resolution would be available.

Good luck

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HI DELL Support
I have a DELL E6420 with a faulty LED screen (WLED 1366 x 768). I notice that the E6420 also has an anti-glare  HD+ screen option (1600 x 900). Can I replace my faulty screen with the higher resolution screen?

A:Latitude E6420 screen replacement 1366x768 to 1600x900

Yes, assuming you get a screen known to be compatible with the system (don't just buy any screen - notebooks work only with those screens they ship with from the factory!)

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Hi, please see my system specs in the profile.

My monitor is Samsung Syncmaster 632NW and the native screen resolution is 1366x768 and windows is not able to recognize it. I have tried installing the Intel video drivers from the intel website via driver autodetection.

It installed the Intel Graphics Media accelerator but even from there, I don't get any option for 1366x768.

I have tried list all modes in the screen resolution center of windows, but native res is not listed there.

The screen sometimes flickers since the resolution is not native.

Please help resolve the issue. Thanks

Attached is a screenshot for the video adapter info.

A:Windows not recognizing native screen resoultion (1366x768)

Try intel driver update site, and make sure you are completely up to date there:

Intel? Driver Update Utility
IE works best.....i know.

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Can't get Windows 10 to output native 1366x768 resolution to HDTV, instead it software scales 1080p down to the lower res which looks horrible -- Windows 7 does not have this problem (i.e. Win display setting 1920x1080 -> TV 1080p, Win display setting 1366x768 -> TV native 1366)

I have a Samsung HDTV which supports both 1080p and a native 1366x768 input mode. When browsing from the couch I prefer 1366x768 @125% DPI, it's easier to read and just plain looks better than 1080p @150% DPI. With Win7 the TV will actually switch its input mode to the native 1366x768 automatically when I change the display resolution in Windows. Not so with Win10, regardless of the display res set in Win10 the GPU always outputs a 1080p signal and the lower resolutions are software scaled down (looks horrible).

So far I have been unable to find a fix for this in Win10. I did come across an article which explained how Win10 changed DPI scaling to accommodate the fact that phones and tablets can turn sideways. The article also pointed to a REG hack to put the scaling back to the way Win8 does it with a program called Windows10_DPI_FIX, unfortunately that didn't solve the problem.

I have two PC's that I've tried, one w/Nvidia GPU and the other w/AMD:
R9 270X GPU
Asus P8B75-M/CSM MB


I'm reasonably certain it's a Win10 driver issue. When I upgraded PC2 from Win7 to Win10 the TV was still using its native 1366x768 mode before ... Read more

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