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Keyboard stopped working on DELL laptop

Q: Keyboard stopped working on DELL laptop

i tried re-starting and that didn't help.
no response from ANY keys
its an older laptop, probably about 1998

and other suggestions on remedies to try????

Preferred Solution: Keyboard stopped working on DELL laptop

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Keyboard stopped working on DELL laptop

Hi, I think the onboard keypad can be disabled> if you use the Dell support online, that might tell you...to sogn in, you have to make an account if you do not have one, .you type in the Service Tag ID (it is usually underneath the laptop, or on a sticker somewhere) and it will tell you basic info about the system. What you want to read tho....is in the user guide, for anything about the keypad/keyboard....there is usually a way to disable this to use a separate, full sized regular keyboard. The setting would probably be in the BIOS....check to make sure exactly what to look for and how to reenable your laptop keyboard.

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Hey all,
Before begining to explain how it got fixed it, please get to know what was wrong first. Here's the text of the original blog I posted months ago: 

Dear all,                                                             
These (MJU7NHY6) keys in my laptop dell (Inspiron 11-3000 series) keyboard stopped working this May 13. They wouldn’t function unless pressed so hard.
The onscreen keyboard is working fine. I updated the keyboards driver but it didn’t help. I’m sure that no liquid was spilled over the keyboard. Maintenance shops where seem they can’t help. Some said would give it a try but that there’s a chance it may screw up the whole. Please advise what to do. Enclosed is a snapshot of the keys in questions.
I appreciate your advice.

Here's the fix: Please note that I'm not an expert in whatever has to do with laptop and my suggestion here, however crazy it sounds, shouldn't be taken for granted. So, here's how it was fixed. I was carrying my laptop while switched off with the lid closed the other day in hand while heading to my bedroom when the laptop accidentally fell to the ground (some 8-10 feet long).... Read more

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I was in the middle of making a Presentation in Powerpoint when I went to edit a slide the cursor no longer responded to my keystrokes, when i closed the program I found my cursor/keyboard strokes would not work anywhere in other program or on the internet making my computer useless. Please help!!

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"The device cannot start" (Code 10), a totally worthless and uninformative error message.
STATUS_DEVICE_POWER_FAILURE   I replaced the batteries and still get this message.
The driver is up to date; I checked for new drivers. Windows troubleshooting is absolutely worthless, and I could not find relevant information with a Google search.

A:Dell Bluetooth Keyboard stopped working

Try uninstalling it in Device Manager. Reboot and let Windows rediscover it. 
Search for the error message--lots of hits about this including hardware failure.

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I've had this laptop two weeks now and the backlit keyboard has just stopped working. According to Quickset, it is "on" and I've toggled between using the Ambient Light Sensor and not but to no avail. The backlight was working fine up until this morning and now just seems dead in the water. I've restarted the computer a few times but no luck.

A:Backlit Keyboard Stopped working in my Dell XPS 13 Ultra

When you start the notebook and before Windows loads does the keyboard light up?  You can also check in safemode, start the system while tapping F8 and choose safemode.  Log on to Windows, at any time in this process is the backlit on?  If not then there is likely a problem.  
If you aren't able to get the backlit on anymore no matter what you try please shoot me a private message.  On the Private message please include your name, address, phone number and the service tag of the notebook.  I will be happy to research possible service options.  If I can't help personally, I can certainly get you in contact with someone that can.

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Hi I have a Dell Inspiron 1750 Laptop and the keyboard has stopped working.  It's not the whole keyboard, just certain keys, and it means that I cannot log into my laptop.  I want to buy a replacement keyboard, but am concerned about getting one off ebay or similar and finding that it's a rip off!  Can I purchase one through Dell and could I get a price please?  I have tried to find one on your site, but can't.  Many thanks Kaye

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About 4 days ago, my laptop keyboard randomly stopped working. I have never had issues with it in all 4ish years of owning this laptop, I did not drop it recently, spill a drink on it, etc. I was able to log into my computer perfectly fine but then after that it just completely stopped working. I was able to pull up the touch keyboard and I noticed that every time I'd turn caps lock on on the touch keyboard the light would light up on my actual laptop keyboard. That was the only sign of life coming from the keyboard and even that I could only control from the touchscreen keyboard. After that I searched around on the internet for a bit and tried these things:1) made sure I had the latest BIOS update (went through dell and downloaded the most recent driver for it)2) I tried cleaning the keyboard and removing/reconnecting it to the laptop. 3) I tried restoring my laptop to a previous version from about a week ago, before the most recent update since this problem started happening.4) I messed around with the sticky keys, languages settings, etc. None of it worked5) I uninstalled the keyboard drivers, turned off my laptop, and let windows reinstall it. Something I saw as a common fix online 6) I went through the dell online support program they have. I ran a couple tests for the whole computer and the only one that came out as not being fine was the keyboard one. This was the result: https://gyazo.com/68a32c0a1d7b0e53768e085e233f02c4really didnt help at all exce... Read more

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Hello everyone ! 
My keyboard backlight was working fine since I bought the laptop , but then one day it just stopped working.
I've pushing F10 as always to turn on the light , but nothing happensI've gone to windows mobility to see if there is something to do , but the keyboard back light options are not there, and the CAPS LOCK light is always working , I don't understand ? 
Please if you can help me out with this , because I need this feature considering that I'll my work is at night.


A:KeyBoard Backlight stopped working - DELL INSPIRON 15 3542

Check your BIOS settings to see if you can configure backlight illumination there.  And if you haven't already, try Fn+F10 rather than just F10 in case you changed your Function lock so that the F keys act as F keys by default rather than performing the function shown on their icons.

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Hey all!
My keyboard backlight was working fine but then one day it just stopped.
I've pushed f10 and fn + f10 doesn't give any feedback
I've gone to the Windows mobility center and made sure things are fine there but still no feedback.
When i push the f10 key the setting in windows mobility center changes but it shows no light on the keyboard

But the CAPS LOCK Light and back light works  
Apart from that nothing else
Tried restarting also no feedback from the lights
Also could it have been a recent update that might've caused this?
Is there a driver for this?
Please Help

A:Keyboard Backlight Stopped working Dell Inspiron 7000 13

Does the keyboard backlight come on when the system is powered up?  If it does, you may have a software issue.
If it does not, you have a hardware problem.  
First thing to check is that the backlight cable is firmly connected to the system board (this will require removing the keyboard to check).

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Last night my HP laptop was working just fine with zero issues. Today I turned it on and my keyboard didn't work and also saying that no battery was detected.

Now if I turn it on with a power cord attached I can remove the power cord and the laptop stays turned on, I can also shut the lid and the laptop will stay powered on. However if I use the shut down function or turn it off by the power switch it will not power back up without the power cord attached.

The keyboard just refuses to work none of the keys work. No fn key no alt key no ctrl key nothing. I can't turn wireless on or off using the F key, however the on-screen keyboard works fine, and so does a keyboard that is plugged in through usb.

I have checked the drivers which says it is working properly, I tried uninstalling it and reinstalling, which didn't fix it.

I Googled this problem and read that a bios update might fix this, I updated it and nothing as well as doing the usual virus and malware scans with the likes of malwarebytes and MSE.

Any help would be great thanks.

HP pavilion g7 series.

A:Laptop Keyboard just stopped working


I am led to believe that BIOS is not the culprit here, I think you are receiving an internal power malfunction and it is disrupting the internal keyboard function. So, to see if this works, I would like you to unplug the power cable, remove the battery for around five-ten minutes, replace the battery, then plug the power cord in, and reboot the laptop and test the keyboard.

Please, re-post if you still have issues.

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i have a dell latitude E5400 series laptop with windows vista installed on it. about a day or 2 ago my keyboard decided to stop working. i did a system restore to a point today to no avail. i cant set the time or day back anymore on my system restore because i cant use the keyboard. my mouse still works. lease help asap

A:my keyboard on my laptop stopped working

What happens if you connect a USB keyboard?

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My laptop wouldn't run so i took it apart and cleaned it, then when i put it back together the keyboard stopped working. only a usb keboard works.

A:Laptop Keyboard stopped working

One of the connections might not be secured. Check your work.

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my hp pavilion laptop keyboard has stopped working; can only use on screen keybord -any ideas ?

View Solution.

A:hp laptop keyboard has stopped working

Use the warranty and contact with HP. How to do it?Check the link below and choose your country:Contact HP Worldwide

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I was working on my laptop yesterday evening, and all of a sudden I got a blue screen with white lettering, I didn't get a chance to read it all but I do know it said "dumping physical memory to drive"
And then my computer restarted, it had a tough time starting up to I shut it down for several minuites, when I returned to start it back up agin the keyboard not longer worked, I was using a wirless mouse at the time but my mouse pad has also stopped working.

Can anyone please give me some suggestion, any help is much apprietiated.

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I was playing a video game on my laptop around 4:30, when the keyboard suddenly stopped working. The mouse still functioned, so I tried clicking around to see if it was just a problem with the game. Then at 4:32, the mouse stopped working, too. I decided to try turning it off, but neither holding nor pressing the power button worked, so I unplugged the laptop from the charger and left it to run out of power on it's own. At 4:35, the display froze. I know this, because up until then the clock was still working. Currently, the vent fan is still running, and the screen is frozen. No keyboard buttons work, and neither the built-in trackpad nor an HDMI mouse is working.  Is there anything I can do to fix this, or do I need to send it in?The laptop was a brand new Dell Inspiron 15 7000 Series, with Nvidia GeForce GTX and an Intel Core i7.

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I'm helping a friend with his laptop because since only a few days ago, the keyboard and mouse stopped working. I had him reboot it a few times but no effect.
I brought over a live linux CD and booted off of that, the touchpad mouse and keyboard worked perfectly.

So I'm guessing there is something with Windows that is stopping it from working. Laptop running Vista Home

Been searching the net and forums but haven't found a solid fix for this.

A:Laptop Keyboard & Mouse stopped working

What's the make and model of the laptop?

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First time poster at the end of my rope with this issue. I recently upgraded my laptop CPU. I used a processor that Dell had tested on my specific model of laptop (N5050) and everything was fine for about 2 weeks. I used ESD protection and didn't do much actual touching of the motherboard. About a week ago the laptop did a hard shut down for no apparent reason. There was no BSOD and when my system booted it didn't prompt me to go into safe mode. However once I got to the Windows profile screen the keyboard was not responding. The HD is new, the system is about 5 and a half years old.

A:Laptop keyboard stopped working Win7

Try the following. Open regedit and navigate to the following key. You will need to use the onscreen keyboard for input.

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I need some help because the on screen key board is a pain.

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Have a friend with a Dell Inspiron 2650 laptop. Yesterday in the middle of typing an e-mail, the keyboard went totally dead; not a single key does anything in any program (e-mail, Word, Excel, etc). If you plug in an auxiliary keyboard using the keyboard port, that keyboard works AND if you turn the caps lock on on that keyboard, the light on the laptop indicates it's on.

We tried turning the computer off for at least 2 minutes and then back on, but that did nothing. What would cause the keyboard to suddenly become inoperable? Did she inadvertently hit some key or key combination that disables the keyboard?

A:Solved: Laptop keyboard stopped working

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I managed to fix one of the hinges of the laptop screen and when I tightened all the screws back, started the computer and discovered that the keyboard stopped working. However, the mouse pad is working. I checked the keyboard from the control panel and it says "this device is working properly". I tried taking out the battery, rebooting, but nothing worked so far. What could be the problem?.

A:Toshiba Laptop keyboard stopped working

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Recently i updated my laptop and when it was finished updating the keyboard no longer worked. Before the update it worked fine and i had no problems. I restarted it several times and restored it but still nothing. Now im stuck using the on screen keyboard which is a pain. I also went to try and fix it using device manager but it wasn't listed. Does anyone have any other suggestions?

A:My windows 8 laptop keyboard stopped working

Try a full shutdown and see if that helps.

Use <Windows Key>+<R> and (or open a Command Prompt) type this in:

shutdown.exe /s /f /t 00

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Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro with Windows 10. Just after an update, Keyboard would not work.
The keyboard in tablet, touch-screen mode WORKS. An external keyboard (USB) WORKS.

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I just bought an HP Pavilion tx2500 Notebook pc. Vista. AMB x2 dual core Mobile RM-70. 2.00 GHz. 3.00 GB Memory. Operation system type 64 Bit. I just bought it yesterday.

I shut down the laptop last night and everything was working fine. When I turned it on this morning the keyboard will not work. I can?t type out anything. Have I accidentally turned it off? I don?t know.

Could someone offer a suggestion? Can you turn the keyboard on a laptop off? Even knowingly?

Help!! (Jaydock)

A:[SOLVED] New laptop. Keyboard has stopped working.

take a look in the device manager and see if you have any yellow! if yes then you need to update the driver never heard of turning off keyboard to get to device manager go to start,control panel device manager (in classic view)next you go to keyboards click on the + to expand you can right click on the entry/entries and from the drop down menu choose update driver if this does not help take it back to the shop for a fix or replacment

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First time poster at the end of my rope with this issue. I recently upgraded my laptop CPU. I used a processor that Dell had tested on my specific model of laptop (N5050) and everything was fine for about 2 weeks. I used ESD protection and didn't do much actual touching of the motherboard. About a week ago the laptop did a hard shut down for no apparent reason. There was no BSOD and when my system booted it didn't prompt me to go into safe mode. However once I got to the Windows profile screen the keyboard was not responding. The HD is new, the system is about 5 and a half years old.
The keyboard works fine through POST, Windows sees it and is not displaying any errors in device manager. I got the keyboard working again by rolling back Windows to just after I installed the new CPU. However, when I let Windows update run tonight the keyboard stopped working again. I rolled Windows back and it is still not working. I have un/reinstalled the driver as well as trying several restore points. The ribbon is firmly in the port. The keyboard is still working through POST and in BIOS but as soon as the OS begins to load it is no longer active even though device manager shows it is active. My anti-virus is not finding anything and I don't use the laptop for anything that is risky for malware (no porn, torrents, opening strange e-mail attachments, etc.).
Any ideas what to try next? I really don't want to reinstall the OS.

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I was typing a long Message when i suddenly pressed something that made my keyboard to stop working. I need help Cause I dont know what Key I pressed. I went to the control panel and the keyboard settings but i found nothing. Maybe I pressed a Shortcut that disables the keyboard? The only way i Could Type Again is to log out my Account Or Restart my laptop. I'm Using A windows 7. Also, Nothing is wrong with my keyboard, It works fine after restart.

A:Keyboard Suddenly Stopped Working After I Pressed a Key(Laptop)

You may have pushed ctrl+alt+L accidently

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ages ago a couple of keys stopped working on my toshiba laptop and just stuck to using on screen keyboard as subsititute for missing keys. Missing keys are:
y h n 6 and the left arrow key.
I have taken all keys off and gave a good check and could see no damage and liquids havent been spilt on it before that bad to damage it. im sure its a software problem
please help

A:some keys on toshiba laptop keyboard have stopped working

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After installing automatic updates on my TOSHIBA laptop with Windows 8.1 the keyboard no longer works.
Upon examining the details the updates were installed a day or two before but the issue started only after a reboot.

The following devices are indicated as not working in device manager:
1) HID keyboard device
2) Standard PS/2 keyboard:

"Windows cannot start this hardware device because its configuration information (in the registry) is incomplete or damaged. (Code 19)"

3) Elan input device:

"This device cannot start. (Code 10)"

There is nothing wrong with the keyboard itself. This computer has a dual boot with a Windows 7 partition. The keyboard works normally in Windows 7.
These are the things I have tried (using the on screen keyboard);

Uninstalling the Elan software update that seemed to trigger the issue.

Uninstalling the items in question from device manager and rebooting.

Uninstalling the items from device manager and scanning for hardware changes.

Installing OS appropriate drivers from TOSHIBA website

Reinstalling the Elan software update.

Running devices troubleshooting software from Microsoft.
I have been unable to find any useful advice online.

I would very much appreciate any advice or suggestions.
The specifications for the laptop are as follows:

toshiba c655d-s5300
64 bit
dual boot with Windows 8.1 Pro

AMD E-300 APU 1.3ghz
8gb RAM

A:Solved: laptop keyboard stopped working after update

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ages ago a couple of keys stopped working on my toshiba laptop and just stuck to using on screen keyboard as subsititute for missing keys. Missing keys are:
y h n 6 and the left arrow key.
I have taken all keys off and gave a good check and could see no damage and liquids havent been spilt on it before that bad to damage it. im sure its a software problem
please help

A:some keys on toshiba laptop keyboard have stopped working

ok this should of been in hardware section sorry my bad but i did do a hijackthis report to see if there was any problems with it.

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.3 (BETA)
Scan saved at 05:01:16, on 27/01/2010
Platform: Windows Vista SP2 (WinNT 6.00.1906)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v8.00 (8.00.6001.18882)
Boot mode: Normal
Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Windows Defender\MSASCui.exe
C:\Program Files\Synaptics\SynTP\SynTPEnh.exe
C:\Program Files\TOSHIBA\ConfigFree\NDSTray.exe
C:\Program Files\Google\Google Desktop Search\GoogleDesktop.exe
C:\Program Files\TOSHIBA\Toshiba Online Product Information\TOPI.exe
C:\Program Files\TOSHIBA\Power Saver\TPwrMain.exe
C:\Program Files\TOSHIBA\SmoothView\SmoothView.exe
C:\Program Files\TOSHIBA\FlashCards\TCrdMain.exe
C:\Program Files\Camera Assistant Software for Toshiba\traybar.exe
C:\Program Files\Sony Ericsson\Mobile2\Application Launcher\Application Launcher.exe
C:\Program Files\Seagate\Basics\Basics Status\MaxMenuMgrBasics.exe
C:\Program Files\Toshiba TEMPRO\TemproTray.exe
C:\Program Files\Java\jre6\bin\jusched.exe
C:\Program Files\iTunes\iTunesHelper.exe
C:\Program Files\Sony Ericsson\Sony Ericsson PC Suite... Read more

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My Dell laptop was working just fine a couple of days ago and was due for maintenance check since it's been over a year since I bought the laptop and just wanted to check if there are any problems or if it needs cleaning of some sort. Sent it to the shop as to where I bought it. Since they were quite busy and unable to get to check into my laptop, I decided to get m laptop back after 2 days being left in the shop. This is not my first dell laptop and I figured this would last as long as my 1st laptop with dell which lasted for about 5-6 yrs. The only reason we stopped using my prev laptop was because someone stole it.
When I got home, my laptop would not turn on anymore. I would not blame the shop since I have been with them for all these years. And the technician I go to has been the same guy ever since. When I had him check my laptop and done some troubleshooting, he adviced me that he would need to send my laptop to manila for checking. After a couple of weeks, he told me that they cannot fix my laptop due to a chipset was damaged. Is there anyway that the laptop would again by replacing it or is it too costly to have it fixed?
This laptop is less than 2 yrs old. My first laptop which lasted longer had many complications like it got wet, the battery died and fell off a table 2x but still worked just fine. My 2nd laptop looks good as new and had no damages at all. I have not done anything wrong with it. The damages on the 1st laptop was due to my younger siblings but ... Read more

A:Dell Laptop suddenly stopped working

Hi CHOA18,
I would need more info about the issue.
What is the exact system model? When you state the system does not turn on, do you see any leds come on when the power button is pressed? Are you using an original Dell OEM Adapter? When you plug in the adapter to the system, does the adapter stay firm or does it fall off easily? Is the adapter frayed? Is there any damage on the system? Could you test with another power adapter if possible? Does the adapter led stay on and stable or does it go off when connected to the system?
Also, please click my DELL-username and write me a private conversation with the service tag and your contact details(Name and Email) for case records.
Let us know if you have any other queries.

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The usb ports (all 4) on my Dell D610 laptop have all stopped working. They appear to get power at least, for instance, a usb laptop cooling pad will work fine when plugged in. However, any other usb device is not recognized and I have tried a few different items to confirm, such as thumb drives, printer, memory card reader. I've tried many of the usual online suggestions to tackle this problem with no success, then gave up for awhile. Such things I tried were removing battery and power source/letting it sit/rebooting again, checked on BIOS settings, uninstalled/reinstalled usb drivers and chipset drivers. Also purchased a PCI card to work around the problem, but it wouldn't recognize that either. I tried another online forum a few weeks ago, but that got me pretty much half of the replies telling me it was a dying motherboard problem and the other half saying no, it wasn't and it was a driver problem. Obviously the problem wasn't resolved, just compounded since I still don't know in which direction to go here.

I'm using Windows XP on a Dell D610 laptop, Service Pack 3. I hope this is enough info thus far.

I'd like to attach a screenshot of my device manager as it stands now rather than trying to explain it in verbage. Maybe that will help. Please let me know if there is a problem viewing the screenshot.


A:USB ports stopped working - Dell laptop

Try this fix from MS.

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I have a laptop Advent 7088, and it appears to have lost all input functions. Turning the computer on works fine, but neither mouse or keyboard functions. The laptop loads to Windows XP login screen, but again, neither the mouse or keyboard functions. I have tried plugging in a USB keyboard and mouse and still nothing. There is not PS2 port for normal keyboards or mice. Also which I find strange is, althought the option is there, I can not enter the bios, nor will any function key work to allow me access to other menus. Even with the USB keyboard in, I still cannot gain access to the bios or anything. I have tried resitting the ribbon cables for both the onboard mouse and keyboard. I have attempted to do what various other people have suggested. but seem to come up with nothing. Can anyone help at all?


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I am running an ageing ACER travelmate laptop with Win 7 Pro SP1 (up to date with updates).

Yesterday I accidentally spilled some tea on the keyboard. I quickly followed procedure: I powered down, took battery out, dried the keyboard - first with absorbent tissues and then with a hair dryer.

I logged in. No problem booting up - up to the login window. I could not login because the keboard is not responding. Keyboard (most keys, except on the extreme right) are non-responsive. I managed to login via the virtual keyboard. I have no problem with the mouse or any mouse operated functions.

Right now I am working via an external (USB) keyboard. When I go to 'Control panel' > 'keyboard' all the vital signs are normal, eg, driver, launch manager are shown as functioning normally.

What can I try next to get back the laptop keyboard functionality back?

A:Laptop keyboard stopped working -spillage [moved to Hardware>Laptops]

Not much as the "spillage" has pretty much ruined the keyboard. Depending on your repair ability, you could order a replacement for it and do it yourself or take it to a repair shop for replacement. But the bottom line is; it has to be replaced.

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Hi Guys,
Have a real strange issue here...
I have an Asus X55A Laptop running windows 8 and my keyboard suddenly went crazy! It started adding random characters when typing or added spaces between each letter! 
I was able to try a restart using ALT+F4 but it would then not let me type anything into my password box. I wasnt able to cursor over the on-screen keyboard function.
I eventually got logged on by using a USB keyboard and Mouse which work fine. Still getting spaces between letters when I type.
Even stranger...when I click on ANY desktop item it will simply vanish! I used msconfig to get a safe mode with networking boot. When I click on an icon then a dialog box saying 'Item Not Found' and then something about file transfer - try again or cancel. If I select cancel the icon will vanish.
Even selecting items in folders will disappear. 
I am assuming this a virus and any help at all will be greatly, greatly appreciated.

A:ASUS Laptop - Keyboard stopped working - Desktop Icons and files disappear!!

Try a system Refresh (if possible).
Open up Settings > Update and Recovery > Recovery. Then under "Refresh your PC without affecting your files," click the Get started button.
If you still can't do that, start a topic over in the Am I Infected forum:  http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/f/103/am-i-infected-what-do-i-do/

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Hi my dell latitude d620 keyboard will not work properly. it is fine on the log in page but once i get to the desktop it stops working and all i get is a beeping sound as I press keys. have tried, rebooting twice, also removing battery, trying the fn keys, uninstalling/reinstalling keyboard drive, used external keyboard all to no avail, please please please help!

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When I open adobe photoshop 5.x, 80% of the time I will get an error message saying 'graphics card driver has stopped working'.  Photoshop will start fine, but it will crash when I try to open any image file.  I am using the stock operation system (windows 8.1) and the latest graphics card driver (according to dell's driver check).  Does anyone what might be the reason?

A:graphics card driver has stopped working on a dell inspiron 13 7349 laptop

Hi Wzfoto,
Please open device manager and uninstall all the video drivers and reinstall them from support.dell.com type your service tag and check under drivers and downloads find it my self and see if the issue still persists.

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Hope I am in the correct forum for this. Laptop is a Dell Inspiron E1505 that I rebuilt. It has always worked even better than my husband's new laptop. I am pretty sure this is a virus/trojan, not a hardware issue, but could be wrong why I am on here. I was typing the other night & it all of a sudden started typing letters I was not typing & the lights on front of laptop started flashing. I stopped immediately booted into safe mode & ran superantispyware & went to bed. Next morning, it said nothing found. so then I ran malwarebytes, nothing found & avast scan, nothing found. Then the keyboard quit working all together, but touchpad still works. I hooked up a usb keyboard & it works fine. When I restart computer it gets stuck on the windows 7 boot menu & will go no further until I hit enter, never had to do that before. Also a few times firefox would only run in it's safe mode, now it's like normal but takes forever to open the first window. Went back into safe mode, ran microsoft security scan. Found 1 item, deleted that. Still doing the same thing. I dont think it's the keyboard, because I installed a new one about 6 months ago & too many other strange things happening all at once. Someone please help! I am about to pull my hair out with this one!

A:Dell laptop stops at windows7 boot menu/ keyboard quit working

update: ran malwarebytes in safe mode again. restarted it & goes to the screen that has windows7/vista/server & others like that (debug- default mode) etc. keeps highlighting each one really fast over & over again like holding down the arrow button. wont do anything unless I click 'b' to boot. then starts like normal. still no keyboard.

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I purchase this Dell Inspiron 15 5000 Series 15.6 Inch Laptop last December and it was great to allow me to interchange the use of touch screen and keyboard with mouse. Suddenly a couple weeks ago, the keyboard and mouse were not recognized by the system when I turned on the laptop. I got the touch screen working but I need to use keyboard and mouse most. Any advice on how to fix it?
Many thanks! Jade.

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As I wrote in the title, my Shift and Alt keys stopped working for keyboard shortcuts. However, the Shift key still works when capitalizing letters.

I've been dealing with this problem off/on for the past two weeks and haven't been able to figure it out. I've gone into Ease of Access features and turned on/off all of the available options (Mouse Keys, Sticky Keys, Toggle Keys, Filter Keys). I've pressed Shift for 8 seconds, and pressed it 5 times, and still haven't been able to correct it.

Thank you in advance for any help offered.

Possibly helpful additional information:
I've got a Spanish/Latin American keyboard layout installed in addition to the US English keyboard layout. I toggle back and forth with Left Alt + Shift (which is how I noticed my Shift key stopped working).
I play a game whose controls rely on a lot of Shift key pressing and holding.

A:Keyboard - Shift & Alt keys stopped working for keyboard shortcuts

When was the last time you used a can of air cleaner on the keyboard? If it isn't from contact wear often keyboards tend to get loaded up with dust and debris!

One example of that is having any snacks onhand around a pc where little bits get passed along from your fingers onto and under the keys themselves. Keyboards are known to get loaded up fast with any foods present!

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I have had my split x2 for the party 2 years and now the my laptop would not start if it's attached to the keyboard. I tried plugging in the adapter (all genuine hp parts) and the light does not even turn off. If I use the screen as a tablet it works and can charge the screen without the keyboard but the minute I connect the keyboard it shuts down and the screen has to be recharged. I am not sure if I can just replace the keyboard alone.

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All of a sudden yesterday the "m" key acted as if it were stuck (does so upon initial boot too); but doesn't work now either.  Press the key and it does nothing.  Any solutions?  All other keys work.  This is a laptop.

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Hi all,

I have a problem with win7. The keyboard stopped working form one day to anohter*. In the BIOS it works fine. When I use a Linux partition (starting from DVD, "Knoppix") it works also fine. Also at bootloader leval its ok.
But at Win7 it stopps working. Does not matter which keyboard I use -USB or PS/2.

The USB driver works propperly. Interesting is that the PS/2 driver does NOT work propperly (Error Reason Code 10).

I am at the end of my know how.

Any help is highly recomened.

PS: Non native EN speaker - sorry for my english

*I have to mention that yesterday my PC had some BDOS (Sudden blue deaths) at booting (reason unknown - looks like a memory issue). Win7 start some self reparation (?), I assume, after that the KB stopped working.

A:keyboard stopped working

Hello bbi,

Welcome to Seven Forums.

Found this on the Code 10. Description of Code 10-related errors that Device Manager generates in Windows-based computers

Have you tried Safe Mode? Info if needed. Advanced Boot Options


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yogo pro 2 keyboard not working. not sure what to do. where can i take it to get fixed

A:keyboard stopped working

Hi chelemww ,
Welcome to the Community Forums.
Would your laptop work using any external usb mouse and keyboard?
Try to turn off the laptop and use the novo button ((item 3 page 11-12) to turn back on?
This would show a Novo Menu , try using the up and down arrow keys and highlight BIOS setup.
Press enter and press f9 to load defaults f10 to save and exit .
Would the keys respond?
If you need further assistance , you can visit any nearest service center like (Best Buy tech team) or your company IT or if the warranty is still up to call in technical support  1-877-453-6686  24 hours a day 7 days/week 
Update us how it goes. 

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I am trying to help out a friend whose keyboard stops working as soon as Windows starts to load. She has a Desktop PC running Windows XP (not sure what SPs are installed, as I cannot get logged in). She is using a USB keyboard (no PS2 ports on the unit) which works in the BIOS, but as soon as Windows starts to load, none of the keys work. I have verified that the keyboard is working on another PC.

I had intended to use the on-screen keyboard to investigate the problem further, once Windows had loaded, but her account has a password and I cannot get past this screen without a keyboard!. Is it possible to by-pass the log in screen? Also any ideas about sorting out the keyboard problem if I can get into her account.

Thanks for any help you can give me.


A:Keyboard Stopped Working

Providing info on bypassing passwords...is against forum rules. You might want to take a look at such, Bleeping Computer - Discussion Forum Rules - http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/boardrules.php.Louis

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My keyboard on my laptop has stopped working!

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Hi, have Packard bell easynote ENTF71BM windows 10 and keyboard stopped working. Please help

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Dear all,                                                             
These (MJU7NHY6) keys in my laptop dell (Inspiron 11-3000 series) keyboard stopped working this May 13. They wouldn’t function unless pressed so hard. I bought laptop last year and it's new.
The onscreen keyboard is working fine. I updated the keyboards driver but it didn’t help. I’m not aware of any liquid that may have spilled over the keyboard. Maintenance shops where I'm seem they can’t help. Some said would give it a try and remove the keyboard to see if they can identify and solve the problem but said that there’s a chance it may screw up the whole keyboard. Please advise what to do. Enclosed is a snapshot of the keys in questions.
I appreciate your advice.

here's a snapshot of the keys in question: 


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