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Outlook Is Not Asking for Password; Windows Login Display Ghost Email Message for Outlook

Q: Outlook Is Not Asking for Password; Windows Login Display Ghost Email Message for Outlook

Alright, here are the facts:

1. When I start up my machine, the windows login screen tells me that I have (1) message in my Outlook 2007 - I have it set up through google.com, so my Outlook address is a gmail.com address. Yet when I open my Outlook, I don't see anything. Some messages come through, every time I restart, the screen tells me I have a message in there.

2. I had the Outlook 2007 set where when I open it up it asks for a password, and when I send something out, it asks for a password. All of a sudden, it doesn't do this anymore, no matter how many times I restart the computer, or close and open Outlook. I even attempted to use the repair feature in Outlook, but it worked to no avail. What is going on? My business depends on me being to secure my email accounts, and receive important emails - I can't afford to miss a really important one.

3. I also have this software called ComboFix that I've been hearing about which is supposed to be really good, but I didn't run it because I don't have anyone to guide me through any of the results, plus I heard it could possibly mess up my machine. I would like to run it if it will cure my machine and make my life easier.

**My machine is Windows XP.... Please can someone help me? It is greatly appreciated.

Preferred Solution: Outlook Is Not Asking for Password; Windows Login Display Ghost Email Message for Outlook

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Outlook Is Not Asking for Password; Windows Login Display Ghost Email Message for Outlook

I do not use Outlook so I cannot help youI just want to say if you use Combofix, you are playing with fireYou might end up haveing more than a missing important message to worry aboutIt is an extremely powerful tool which should only be used when instructed to do so by someone who has been properly trained. ComboFix is intended by its creator to be "used under the guidance and supervision of an expert", NOT for general public or personal use. Please read Combofix's Disclaimer. Using this tool incorrectly could lead to disastrous problems with your operating system such as preventing it from ever starting again.

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I logged into my Hotmail Account on Wed, 31 Oct 2018, and successfully sent/received messages several times throughout the day.  My last login on Wed was close to Midnight and I successfully sent an email at approx 2355 hrs and then logged out. 
The very next morning, Thu, 01 Nov 2018, I logged in, my email folders displayed, and then a pop-up describing some Outlook enhancements appeared.  I clicked through several screens in the pop-up (maybe 4 or 5) and then clicked on the "X" in
the upper R/H corner.  Then the look of the main Hotmail screen changed a bit and in the middle of where the list of emails should be it had the message: "Loading" which does not change no matter how long you wait.  I never clicked to switch
to the new Hotmail (Outlook) or upgrade or anything.  Since it was working great I did not want to change anything.  Anyway, now I get the forever message "Loading" anytime I login.  I can select my other folders but the "Loading"
continues to stay and no emails are listed in any folder I assume because the "Loading" is still displayed.  I have a second hotmail account and fortunately it still works great however it has not yet received the Outlook enhancement pop-up. 
I'm using XP Pro SP3 and Firefox 43.0.1.  Please, can anyone help or suggest who I may contact to get this email account working ASAP?  I have several very important things goi... Read more

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I am running Outlook Express 2003. I have a problem with Express sending an email that is not there. When I open and do a send/receive, it starts to send 1/1 when there is nothing in the outbox at all. What is it sending? I can send a test email, and simple text messages but nothing with an attachment. This Ghost email seems to be confliciting something.. Can you help? I am connecting through a VPN (Shiva) if that makes a difference. Is it on the server?

A:Outlook sending ghost email

Hi Gray911

Welcome to Tech Support Guy Forums!

Interesting, does the e-mail ever complete sending?
Does your Sent Items folder have any copies of the messages?
Have you checked the Rules to see if they are generating any messages?
Have you received any messages that asked for a Return Receipt?

Is this Outlook 2003 or Outlook Express? As they are different programs.

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Hi. I have just started using Outlook EXpress. My problem is that I am able to access my e-mails/logon automatically without having to provide a password. So anybody else could also do so and read my e-mail. My question is how do I add a log on password to Outlook Express?



Open OE and go to tools/accounts/mail.Make sure your acct is highlighted and click properties.Go to the servers tab and remove the check where it says save passsword.

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Q. Can I merge an Outlook email message with a database to personalise an email message?

Background to question:

I want to send an email message to 40 people. I want each message to have a personalised ID no. as part of the information in the email message, so that the ID is specific to the recipient. I have each person's ID no. in an Excel spreadsheet. In the same spreadsheet I also have each person's name and email address.

What would ideal solution look like?

Is there a clever way to have a merge field for ID no. in the email message, (like you have when you do mail merges in Word) and a clever way of using a mail merge to include the person's email address in the 'To' address? Also a clever way of having the subject of the email remain the same for each email message sent?

It would be SO handy, but I'll bet it's not possible!


A:Can I merge an Outlook email message with a database to personalise a message?

Hi SpinningJennie,

We'll need a little more information, but I'm pretty certain this option can be done in some forms of Outlook. You may have to get your information from Excel into either Outlook or Word, but that shouldn't be a problem.

What version of Outlook are you using?
What version of Excel and Word do you have on your machine?

Get back with us, and we'll get you a solution in no time!


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New to the forums and PCs in general. Bit of back info - built a PC a month ago. Have had a few set backs with drivers and BIOS update, but it seems everything is stable for now.

I signed into my Xbox Live account about a week ago, which is linked to my hotmail/outlook account Ive had for ages. This automatically linked to my PC user account I have on this PC. I found out by rebooting, login screen shows my name as usual, but now underneath shows my email. It also changed my login password to my outlook password. Is this something to be concerned about? I can still login fine, but been nagging me because Ive never had a login password automatically switch on me before.

A:Linked my PC to outlook account and now login is a new password

Hello Hansperdman, and welcome to Ten Forums.

It sounds like you switched your account that you sign in to Windows with to a Microsoft account when you setup and signed in to the Xbox app.

This is perfectly normal, and is nothing to worry about since your Microsoft account uses your email address password.

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Greetings -

I have a maddening problem going on with a client's copy of Outlook 2003. She thinks it started when I got AVG, which somebody else installed, finally working (before I came automatic updates were broken due to an occasional Vista AVG installation problem). But she's not sure. The problem is that a few senders' emails show up as plain text, not HTML. Most HTML emails show up fine, including all that I and other people in her office send (as in everything I can troubleshoot myself). She thinks all the emails showing up as plain text are coming from macs. And she has an HTML signature that she wants to show up as HTML, and of course you can't force Outlook to use HTML to respond to plain text emails.

I uninstalled AVG and installed Avast today - same problem. Outlook is reading emails in Word 2003, all addins are disabled (including Avast at this point). Every link I find mentions AVG, but I uninstalled and made sure to remove all user settings and other stuff. So unless Avast causes the exact same problem, this is very annoying.

Any input is greatly appreciated.

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A:Members Members Search Search Help Help Register Register Login Login Outlook Forum Outlook Forum HTML Email Problem...

You said: "of course you can't force Outlook to use HTML to respond to plain text emails"

Here's how I do it in Outlook2003.
Click Reply.
Click Format.
Select HTML.
Type the message and send. It works every time.

Could it be that somewhere, in AV perhaps, you have a setting to prohibit HTML?
There are many good reasons to keep HTML out of mail, so that could be it.

You mentioned something about reading mails in Word. I read'm in Outlook, but Word could be behind the scenes, I don't recall.

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Hey i have outlook xp, and i would like windows to show me how many unread emails i have on the Login Screen. I know you can do it with Outlook Express, but is there any way to get it to work with Outlook XP? Thank you.

A:WinXP Login Screen Email notification w/Outlook XP

Download and install TweakUI (from M$ site).
Click on Logon/Unread Mail.

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Help this knuclehead who can't remember his password for Outlook Express..PLEASE. I don't know why after all this time I was prompted to enter the password for my main identity. We normanlly just click on the outlook icon and we're there. The only thing that I can think of is I downloaded some updates from Microsoft the other night. Don't know if that could have any bearing on this. There certainly is not much information out there on what to do if you forget a password for your OE identity. I have spent hours on the net; even the Microsoft web site doesn't address lost or forgotten passwords fr OE. I certainly do not want to lose all the email that I have saved under my main identity, so, can anyone tell me if there is a way to recover this password or reset it?

A:Outlook Express Identity Login ; can't remember password

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I share my computer with my son and I want to make sure he doesnt read my emails. Is there any way I can put a password on mS outlook so that I can have privacy yet he can still use it? (I suppose we would both have to have a password?) any help appreciated.

A:Can you put a password on Ms Outlook email?

I don't think any version of Outlook will let you password protect opening the program. Depending on the version of Windows you are running, you can have separate password protected user log-ins. Each windows user would in turn have access to only their own configuration of Outlook.

This would prevent casual reading of your e-mails. Someone with some hacking skills would probably not have too much trouble getting into your Outlook files if they wanted to.

If you have a USB port and you do not have a whole lot of data and messages stored in Outlook, you could use a thumb drive for storing the Outlook files. You just have to remember to safely remove it when you are done using the computer.

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Hello again!

I'm using Incredimail and now when people send attachments and I try to open them Outlook Express 6.0 opens them and then displays this message at the top of the email....

OE removed the following usafe attachments in your email:

Well, when it does that it removes the entire email.

What's causing this and how can I remedy it?

P.S. It only does it with some attachments.

Please help,

And as always, may God bless,

A:Outlook Express won't display email att....

In OE:

Tools - Option - Security

Uncheck the option "Do not allow attachments to be saved or opened that could potentially be a virus"

Its Microsofts way of protecting people from e-mail infections.
Only attachments that have the potential for carrying code will be blocked.

I simply avoid using any Microsoft e-mail program, not because they are bad or because they are MS, but simply because they are targets for every virus writer out there. Its for these reasons MS have enabled this option by default. I aso avoid Incredimail, as most businesses (and more and more individuals) I deal with block any HTML code for safety reasons, which negates the use of it.

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Within the past five days, I have been having trouble displaying some of my HTML emails. I don't recall making any changes; however, I suppose must have. I am using XP and Outlook 2003. Now, when viewing many of my HTML emails, they come through looking like the one below. However, it is important to note that it is not ALL HTML emails...only some. I'm guessing it may be a security setting, but I'm not sure.

Here is an example: (What just a few days ago came through as a friendly HTML format..now appears like this)

To ensure your MyPoints® email is delivered to your inbox, be sure to add [email protected] to your email address book or contact

Member Info
Name: Ryan
Point Balance: 10492
My Account <https://www.mypoints.com/emp/u/member/viewMember.do>
<http://www.mypoints.com/z/er/bonusMail082007/spacer.gif> Earning
more Points is fast & easy.
Read this BonusMail™ and visit the partner site — Get 5 Points Respond to this offer — Get 25 Points
<http://ww... Read more

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Any way to keep outlook from displaying HTML emails? Would prefer that they be textual only so that I don't get images and/or web bugs.

A:How do I get outlook to display email as text only?

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I wrote a message in Outlook and decided to add another receiver when it froze.
I cannot delete, send or do anything with it.
Nor can I perform any activity in Outlook.
What can I do?
I've rebooted multiple times ...

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I'm having trouble trying to get rid of this pop-up message every time I send an email through our accounting software. The accounting software links to office.
See Attached image.

I have followed each step of the following windows help article.

- Virus scanner is up to date
- Trust centre also says it's status is "valid"
- I have checked the button to 'never warm me....."
- I have checked the registry edited and the key value is 2, which is correct.
- I have restarted the computer after the valid steps to ensure the settings have been enabled.

All of the above still results in the popup message as per the image attached.
This is only happening on one computer, not all of them.

Anyone have any other ideas to try?

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I am trying to send an email message to 23 email addresses, but the message does not send. It goes to my outbox instead. I have sent messages before where some of the recipient addresses were not deliverable and I got a message saying xyz was undeliverable to that particular addressee, but this time the whole message does not send. What causes this and how can I find the email address that is throwing things off?

A:outlook email message won't send

Presumably you can send email to single addresses? If so try dividing your 23 into 12 amd 11. One bank should send. Divide the other bank into two etc. etc. Let us know how you get on.

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Just wondering when printing an email (memo) you can actually remove your name from the top?
the Header/footer options on page setup do not seem to help at all?

A:Printing an email message in Outlook

No, my understanding is that is hard coded into Outlook.

A quick check on Google tends to support that.

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In Outlook I select "Tools" then "Accounts" then my account listed & select "Properties".

On the "Servers" tab I can enter a "Password" & select "Remember Password".

Then Select "OK". If I re-enter the Properties / Servers tab the password is gone. It was not saved & "Remember Pssword" is still selected.

Every time I open Outlook it asks me for my password. I would like it to remember it instead.

Any assistance with this will be greatly apperiated.

Thanks, Jeff

A:Outlook Does Not Save Email Password

could you tell which versin of Outlook

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Didn't know if this was best asked here or in browsers and mail.

Anyway, using Outlook 2010 (32-bit) on Win7 64-bit, checking 11 unique e-mail addresses (bitdefender is my A/V). About 4 days ago out of the blue it began giving the error messages during auto send/receive cycle on about 2-3 of the accounts during each cycle. It is never the same account and sometime it will work fine, sometimes just one account fails, sometimes 2 or 3 out of the 11. If I do a manual send/receive it will almost always work on all 11 - maybe 95% of the time. I just don't get the randomness of it and my ISP (Frontier) claims that there are no issues on their end. I adjusted the server timeouts from 1 minute to 2 and this had no effect.

Any thoughts?

A:Outlook errors, 'server rejected login', username or password wrong

Maybe something in this MS Article will help:
Error messages when you send and receive in Outlook and Outlook Express

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please help. my op is xp home, after i installed the service package 2 yesterday, none of email images can be displayed anymore.

A:All email images cannot display in outlook express

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The command line agument is not valid verify the switch you are using

Browser. IE 5.5
Outlook 2000

Whenever I click on a link, such as "contact us" on a web page I get this message. In the past I would click on it (contact us) and it would open my email program and put the recipients address in the to box.

For now, I have been able to copy short cut "contact us" or right click and choose properties and I can get the email address. Then I can paste in the "to box"

I would like to get it back to the way it was

Many thanks.

A:Outlook 2000 Email Error Message

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Home, 64 bit, Build 18362, Installed 20191118161108.000000+000
Processor: AMD A6-6420K APU with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics, AMD64 Family 21 Model 19 Stepping 1, CPU Count: 2
Total Physical RAM: 8 GB
Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD 8470D, 1024 MB
Hard Drives: C: 446 GB (298 GB Free);
Motherboard: ASRock FM2A88M-HD+ R2.0, s/n M80-52003801654
System: American Megatrends Inc., ver ALASKA - 1072009, s/n To Be Filled By O.E.M.
Antivirus: Windows Defender, Disabled (I use Kaspersky & Malwarebytes)

Whilst sending a 8Mb video file I received this Error message. The message had NOT been placed in my SENT folder and was automatically resent over and over again ? until I eventually managed to delete it from my OUTBOX
This is the Sending message I received: -

0 out of 1 tasks have completed successfully

Errors ?(My Email Account.com) ? sending reported error (0x8004210B) : ?The

Operation timed out waiting for a response form the sending (SMTP) server. If

You continue to receive this message, contact your server administrator or internet service provider.

My ISP ? PlusNet ? has completed a thorough test of my line and router and found no errors.

13 January I was in contact with a Microsoft agent at Outlook 365 HELP on-line. Agent used Quick Assist to enable him to see my problem. After 2 hours or so, Agent sent me an e-mail advising my screen had ?frozen? to him and he closed the suppo... Read more

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I recently had a false??? positive with norton AV on a SVKP.sys file saying I had a rootkit virus. This is apparently a recent common issue. I deleted the file.

Now a day or so later, everytime I try to create an email message (or forward) the MS outlook window pops up saying an app is trying to access my email addresses do I want to grant access? But the only app I am runing is Outlook itself and it only happens when I click to create a new message. When I say NO, the the screen flashes and I get my New Message window as I should. It acts like I am running two Outlooks (but task manager only sees one). I am also getting double emails but that may be a DNS/Mail server problem.....I hope.

Is this a commom symptom of a virus or just some miss-cofig issue with Outlook?

I have tried to post my HJT file on this and other sites after doing all the pre-work like Adaware, remote virus search, etc. but I don't get any help. This site wants me to run some more programs. My HJT file is posted and can be found by looking for "modifier" (it appears I got the rootkit virus alarm from a "File and Program Modifier" program I downloaded - still don't know for sure if the alert was correct or not).

A:Outlook says other app accessing email on every new or forwarded message

Heres what Symantec has to say about it
Searched symantec for (rootkit SVKP.sys)
Good luck

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WinXP desktop w/dsl - Outlook 2003,ver 11.5608.5703. I ran spybot Ad-Aware,JVPowertools registry cleaner, McAfee virus scan. (all clean)

When replying to an email using reply function, my message is recieved by reiepiant with all the words replaced with (? marks each letter is a ? mark).
How do I fix this reconfiguration error.
This doesn't appear to happen with a new email format only with reply and forward function.
Any suggestions to fix this

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I have tried to place a jpeg image in my message using outlook express, not just as an attachment but as part of the message it self. How can I do this? I have tried to cut and paste but the image is not placed in the message.

A:outlook express email jpeg in message

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I had a serious error with my Windows XP operating system and had to
to install a new operating system. I did this by putting a new drive in the computer and used the old drive as a slave. The new hard drive would now run the operating system and I would be able to get my old data files and run them on the new hard drive.
The problem is that I want to get all of my email information on the old drive including messages, and saved address and put them on the new drive. How can I do this?

Your help is appreciated. Josh

A:Retrieve Email message in Outlook Express

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I am attempting to reset my outlook password and it has made me create a new account...how can I just reset my password for the original outlook account?

A:I am attempting to reset my outlook email password

What do you mean by "Reset Password"?
If it is change it, then this must be done at the server level at your email provider.

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Can anyone please please help?????

I’m sending this on behalf of my father, he is 74 and his PC is his lifeline.

If I very briefly explain what he uses the PC for and hopefully will give some clarity, how the importance of this issue is.

He lives and breathes supporting Liverpool Soccer Club here in England, Just in case you don’t know this club is owed by Fenway Sports Group who also owed the Boston Red Sox and over the years through meeting different people and holiday and gathered nearly 300 emails for people who he keeps in contact with sending anything and everything to do with Liverpool FC news. He even arranges for Liverpool fans from all over world trips to see Liverpool play, he organises hotels for them bed & breakfasts and even takes them on little tourist trips around Liverpool itself.
He even buys merchandise for the unlucky people who can’t make the trip to the UK to see Liverpool play, and send it all over the world, but the biggest things about this is that he does all this FOR NOTHING NOT A PENNY / SCENT.

My dad had been on XP and using Outlook express, but after this PC broke down he brought a new with now Windows 7, which obviously does support Outlook Express.
He has been using Outlook 2007 without any problems at all, but for last few 1 month, he has been getting been the a popup box, asking for this email password. It started off, he would just list click ok it would go away and after a while come back. His internet server provider British Te... Read more

A:Outlook 2007 - popup email password

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I have been through the menus several times and I cannot figure this out. When I first started using Outlook, each message's From, Subject, Date, etc was displayed on a single line. Now, it is displayed on two lines and there is a plus symbol I must click on to view the message titles.

Things are divided into categories, too. Today is a category, yesterday is another category and so on. I don't like any of this at all. I want my messages to appear in single lines and none of this yesterday-today stuff with plus/minus symbols.

How do I change this?

A:Need to change message display in Outlook 2003

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Hi guys and gals...

I'm sure this has been asked here many, many times....a new guy here, so bare with me.

On my win xp-pro sp2 with outlook 2002 sp 3.. using IE 6.2900.2180 sp 2, I keep getting this message...in the "opened mail header area"..is there a fix for this it seems "harmless" but a pain in the butt so to speak.

Thanks in advance

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I consolidated some email accounts to drop all mail into Outlook on a PC running Vista. It worked fine.

I then changed antivirals from Penicillin to McAfee. Now, when links or photos are in the body of the email (as opposed to attachments), I get an error message about the config settings don't give permission to open the link or the photo. This is not the case on my laptop running XP home or XP pro. Is it a Vista thing or a McAfee thing?

Any thoughts would be appreciated.



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When I retrive hotmail via outlook express I get the following message: Configuration:
Account: Hotmail
Server: http://services.msn.com/svcs/hotmail/httpmail.asp
User name: [email protected]
Protocol: HTTPMail
Port: 0
Secure(SSL): 0
Code: 80004005

Is there anyway that I can fix this. It is very confusing for my wife when she checks her email.

A:email error message hotmail/outlook express

If you have a free Hotmail account, you can no longer access it through OE or any other email client. They moved this feature to the paid version.

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I am running Office 2003 and for some reason, some of the emails i get are previewed directly below the email title itself instead of in the Preview Pane.

John Bloggs I Love Chocolate 10/10/2000
This email is about how much i love chocolate and how Lindt is the . best etc etc.

It appears for some but not for all. How do i turn this off?


A:Outlook previews the email under tht title (read message)

Hi Paliente

Welcome to Tech Support Guy Forums!

In Outlook 2003,
View > AutoPreview
Should toggle that option on and off.

View > Arrange By > Current View > Customize Current View > Other Settings
In the AutoPreview section, select how you want AutoPreview to behave.
1. Preview all items
2. Preview unread items
3. No AutoPreview
OK, OK to save and close.

Let us know if that works for you.

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When attempting to send an image from Photoshop Elements 5 by email in PE 5, to Outlook 2007, receive the following error message on PE 5: "Error trying to save message to outbox." Any solutions?

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When I'm in Outlook, I click on a message and the EXACT same message pops up in a Google Chrome window. (see attachment) This is very annoying, how do I prevent this from happening? Thanks in advance.

A:Google Chrome opens with same email message as Outlook

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So somehow my girlfriend has managed to do something to her Outlook 2003 where every time she tries to send a new message it's got a past email that she received in it. At first I thought maybe some how she had pasted the email as her signature....nope that ain't it. I'm kind of lost here because I've never seen something like this. Anyone got any suggestions? Is it like possible to constantly link at email or something so that when you open up a new message it's instantly posted in the box? Also I found out that she's logging in through the web via a Citrix Metaframe to access her email. This is happening for her work email.

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Dear Sir/Madam,


The content of the folder is in -

C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Desktop\New Mail Backup 2001120

I intend to open the folder and save its content to a disk with Nero.


1. To where should I download and install the content of the mail backup disk after my computer has been gutted and re-jigged.

2. Should my ISP be installed in my computer before I download and install the content of the mail backup disk ?

Yours sincerely


A:Backup Outlook Express Email Message Files

Wow oldsoldier,I am really impressed by your effort to backup your email. I am way to lazy to do what you did. I have a freebie download called, OEBackup. It backs up any messages you have stored in folders (including sent messages and deleted messages - I think). More importantly, it also backs up your Address Book. It can be scheduled to run periodically. It has saved me a ton of work.I have a bunch of hard drives, either actual or virtual. I save to one (any one) which doesn't have my OS (Windows XP) on it. I recently had to re-install XP. Good old HAL.DLL got spooky for the 6th time in 2 years. I ended up reformatting the drive XP lives on, but there on my D: drive were all my OE files. I had to reload OEBackup and direct it to my backup folder, but it restored all my folders (and I keep almost everything). Then I imported my address book from my backup file. It was slick. I recommend it.If you think it will work for you, give it a Google.KermitD

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Once we installed MS Office 2000 w/sp 3 or MS Office 2003 we now are getting some irritating messages when sending messsages outside of Outlook. We are running both O/S of XP and 2000.

"A program is trying to access email addresses you have stored in Outlook. Do you want to allow this?"

While I understand why MS put this CYA message in their product it isn't very efficient when sending multiple emails at once from within another application. I was wondering if there is anyway to tweak this feature or opt not to install it?

Thanks for any ideas you have.


A:Outlook message: a program is trying to access email addresses...

Yes. It is called "Redemption" and it is free.


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WinXP Home SP3 with Office XP
Outlook is hanging with a number of messages. (Various).
ie Cannot complete the operation...
The issue appears to be that Outlook has exceeded it's 2GB limit so I'm trying to recover (trying various things) and create a new mail profile.
I'm using the Inbox repair tool and MS's 2gb truncation tool.

Anyone know how to save the (existing) email profile (Email account settings and passwords) so I can transfer it to a new profile. Later versions appear to have a Mail - export function but not these earilier programs.
I'm unable to get hold of the User and or their ISP until tomorrow, but I'd like to get it resolved today.

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Outlook Express 6 opens fine, but when it does, it asks for my login and password, which is something it has never asked me to do before. I press 'Enter' since my proper username and password is entered, but when I do, it pops up again and again until I click 'Cancel'. I then receive this message;

There was a problem logging onto your mail server. Your User Name was rejected. Account: 'linetap.com', Server: 'linetap.com', Protocol: POP3, Server Response: '-ERR', Port: 110, Secure(SSL): No, Server Error: 0x800CCC90, Error Number: 0x800CCC91

I have not changed my password or my username prior to this.

I can send emails fine on OE6, but I cannot receive any emails. I've tried letting the program sit unactive for over an hour, I've restarted my computer, and I've checked my AVG email scanner to see if;
a) there are any bugs, and
b) if the email scanner is up to date.

There are no bugs found, and the email scanner is indeed up to date.

This all started after I stopped this one email with a picture attatchment from sending again (I accidentally sent a second copy).

If it helps anyone, I also have dial-up connection.
If anyone has any advice, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

A:Outlook Express 6 Rejects Password and Does Not Receive Email


1)If your domain is hosted in Linux server, that may be blocked your Ip in brute force or firewall, Ask for hosting service provider,


2)Access through webmail eg:webmail.domain.com (windows server)or domain.com/webmail (Linux server)

If that would not be access through password, So you can reset the password from control panel of that account.


Rahman Khan
System Administrator

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how the message appears.
I'm sure this has been asked here many, many times. I'm new here, so give me a break--please?
On my win xp-pro sp2 with outlook 2002 sp 3.. using IE 9 in Windows 7 I keep getting this message in the "opened mail header area". For what it's worth, I think I am missing some text from the body of the email.
Is there a fix for this it seems "harmless" but a pain in the butt so to speak.
Thanks in advance

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Being that Gmail is pretty good, is there a way to do away with Outlook and use Gmail but display all my email names. They all happen to be Gmail accounts anyway. Just wondering if there is a way without logging in & out of each name

A:Solved: Is there a way to use Google like Outlook to display multiple email names

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when i send e-mail in Outlook 2000 and select the names of the people i want to email. I just get...yourname (email)...in the TO bar...I was wondering how to display the name and email address all at once. Similar to the way AOL does Please help me!!!!

A:Display email address in outlook 2000 instead of just names when sending

Unless you're using your company's global address list, you must have saved the e-mail addresses yourself (either in your personal address book or in Contacts).

If so, the name is just a short identifier for that e-mail address. You can change the names to include the e-mail address by editing it the name:

In Contacts, right-click the contact, click Open.
Change the Full Name line to read:

Contact Name: E-mail address
e.g. John Smith: [email protected]
In the File As line, make sure it says the same as above.
Click Save and Close.

Alternatively, use:
File, Address Book, double-click the addressee, click the Name tab.
Add the e-mail address to the end of the surname and make sure it appears the same in the Display line.

If you're using a global address list, I'm not sure how you'd change it, maybe someone else can jump in and help you?



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It's probably something I've done without realising it...

Firstly, I have four unwanted inboxes in my Outlook - Microsoft at Work, Microsoft at Home, MSNBC News, and NHS Choices. I don't want any of them, or the emails that come into them. Can I get rid of them?

Secondly, all incoming emails initially appear in an 'Unread Items' inbox. If I can get rid of the four unwanted inboxes, can I get rid of the Unread Items inbox and have everything go straight onto my normal inbox?

Finally, my emails display with a preview of the text, but I prefer just a single line display. How do I put them back to how they were before?

I've not tried anything yet, because I don't want to make things worse. Please help....


A:Outlook 2007 - unwanted inboxes and email display mode

Nobody knows, huh? Oh well....

Thank you for looking, anyway.

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OS: Windows 7 Pro x64
Software: MS Office 2010 - Outlook

Issue: Emails sending differently than they look going out.

To explain this a little better, I have included pictures. Outlook1 and 3 are how they should look. Outlook 2 and 4 is how they are actually being received.

As you can tell, there is a big difference between them and it is not good when copying reports or supposed to have certain aspects of emails bolded/highlighted.

I have searched for a bit and tried a few things but still have not had any success.

History: just recently transferred from Windows XP/Office 2k3 this past weekend and now I have these issues.
Edit: I do have it setup to send/convert outgoing emails to HTML

A:Outlook 2010 Email formatting issue with original message

Hello joeblah -

The sent samples are correct based on your format selection of HTML.

HTML is not the same as plain or rich text and has little resemblence to how things look in a word processor.

If you must send as HTML then convert your content to an image (picture) and embed that. Otherwise try rich text and see what happens.

Note that sending in HTML is your choice but no guarantee that the receipient will ALLOW your email to be view as HTML. I do NOT allow HTML emails in 6 of my 8 email accounts, PLAIN TEXT ONLY.


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I've got a problem with my emails. Whenever I click on an email message header in my outlook 2000, my outlook program will stop responding, and I've got to end task to exit the application. This happens only to a particular email message. Any solutions? Thanks!

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