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X230 suddenly powers off

Q: X230 suddenly powers off

I have been using my X230 for last two years without any problems and it still works fine except for one thing: very recently I have experienced a sudden power off a couple of times. I don't remember whether it was plugged but my battery is perfect for sure. While operating normally, the power suddenly went off. So I had to reboot it. This happened around 5 times last couple of weeks. I realized that I have never done a system update since I purchased this so I tried to do that but it doesn't work. (See my another post below for this issue.) Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Preferred Solution: X230 suddenly powers off

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: X230 suddenly powers off

I am experiencing a similar problem with my 2 year old ThinkPad x230 laptop. In my situation, the computer goes completely dead instantly on a random basis. It is like the power supply just disappeared. No attempt at a normal shutdown process. Just instantly dead with black screen and no indicator lights.. In my situation the problem happens regardless of whether the computer is operating on battery only, battery + A/C supply or just A/C supply. (Just in case I recently ordered a new OEM 44+ battery which has not arrived.) I have completely updated WIN 7 64 bit Pro, all drivers, and Lenovo Solution Center software. I scanned for viruses and malware using Norton, Norton Power Eraser and Malwarebytes: all is shown as OK. I replaced the 180GB SSD drive with a new Samsung Model 850 SSD 500GB. Same problem. Ran every hardware diagnostic tool I could find on system checking SSD, memory and all other hardware. All reports as fine. CPU temperature is 45-52 degrees C max. SSD temperature is about 34 degrees C. No noticeable hot spots on case. Updated BIOS. Same problem. Disabled hibernation. Same problem. (Perhaps related is a message from Lenovo Solution Center that a hidden (non-lettered) partition on the SSD is 95% full. I assume this partition, which is labelled "Data" like the D:/ partition, is some sort of system related log or backup separate from the backup stored on the D:/ partition. I cannot find any solution on the Lenovo website explaining the purpose of that hidden partition or how to expand it beyond the current 99.99MB size.) Any suggestions? Thanks.

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My X230 powers down when I try to operate it with a battery connected.  I've tried replacing the battery, but it continues to power down even with the replacement.  I tried changing the power management settings to not shut down while plugged in if the battery gets critically low, but that didn't fix the problem either.  It doesn't shut down when I run it on just AC power without a battery plugged in.  This would be fine, but I need to run a BIOS update to fix a different issue I'm having, and I can't do that until I have a full battery connected that isn't going to cause it to shut down during the update.

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Hello @Amy_PI_Lenovo:
my lenovo Z50-70 suddenly powers off only when plugged in. works fine on battery until battery dies
I have already changed power jack but no luck. AC charger pin looks good. No need to replace.
I was almost 100% positive that replacing DC30100LF00 would fix my issue.
please suggest if there's anything else  I could do
Mod Edit: Moved to proper forum and title changed to the proper notebook model

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Hi, has anyone experienced this with their T450s? This is the third time it has happended. The T450s just suddently shut off completely, whilst I was using the notebook. Nothing CPU intensive that I remember (so not overheating). It turned on normally just fine after it happened. Will probably be contacting Lenovo support once more for this issue

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W530 suddenly powers down. I found that if I continously press on the area circled in the picture it will not power down. If I remove pressure it will power down within a few seconds. It will occasionall power on for less than 30 seconds then drop but if I press on the area circled, it will not power down.     

A:W530 Suddenly Powers Down

Same issue on battery or AC power.

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Iíve got a HP ProBook 6450b, running Windows 7 Professional, which I purchased used almost exactly 90 days ago, and which I suspect was a lot of corporate laptops coming off lease that were being excessed. The laptopís performance in the first 90 days has been nothing less than satisfactory during that time.

In the last 24 hours the laptop has been exhibiting some disturbing behavior. My wife was using the laptop and she described that the laptop just lost power and shutoff Ė not unlike if it was running on its battery and the battery was suddenly disconnected. When I attempted to restart, the laptop displayed the diagnostic screen which indicated that the laptop had unexpectedly shutdown, with the option to Start Normally, or to run a Repair Diagnostic (Recommended) Ė which I opted to do. The repair diagnostic ran (for a quite a long time), and then suddenly powered off. When I attempted a second restart, the laptop status panel lights illuminated briefly, the ventilation fan powered up, and then went dark.

A number of hours later, I attempted another restart, and to my surprise, the laptop successfully ran through the Post-Test, initialized the operating system and loaded all the way to the Desktop. A few minutes/seconds after that, the laptop shutoff again. However, more recently - the laptop will not even run through the Post-Test or the HP flash screen.

This series of events told me a couple of things. First, the laptop is able to be powered-up, can run through th... Read more

A:HP ProBook 6450b Suddenly Powers Off

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my son has told me that our LG Studioworks 710s monitor suddenly shuts down while he's playing a game and the game is loading????

This requires a restart to fix each time it occurs.

I have had problems like this myself, but infrequently and usually when booting ....the monitor refuses to power up.

Usually I just unplug and plug back in and this fixes it.

We have a dedicated graphics card installed now, too.

I don't really know what else to add.

Can anyone troubleshoot this with me???

A:Solved: Monitor powers off suddenly...

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Hi, My T430 suddenly powers off. It does not show any sort of warning, blue screen of death or anything else. It just powers off completly. And it does not turns on until the battery is removed and installed again. If it is running on AC power i.e without battery, the power cord has to be plugged out and again plugged in to make it work again. The time interval to turn off is completly random, sometimes 1 min, 1 hour, 10 sec etc. And it can happen after boot, in bios or anywhere else. I have confirmed that it is not a heating issue by running a stress test for more than an hour and it worked fine. I have also tried changing RAM, removing HDD, removing ultrabay disk drive, but doing these does not produce any difference.  I have also tried pressing the power button for 60 sec, but does not make any differnce.

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Hi, I hope this is the correct area to post this. Games are what trigger the problem, though I suspect it is a hardware issue so please let me know if I should repost it somewhere else.

Basically, yesterday I was playing Hearthstone and my computer suddenly went black (as if there was no battery and someone pulled the plug) and then restarted in a few seconds. I actually thought it was a brief power outage in my building (silly because my battery was in at the time).

Anyway it happened again a bit later when I tried to play World of Tanks, and I also tried Eve Online and Team Fortress 2, both caused the same issue, though after different amounts of time. Eve Online ran for a good 15-20 minutes before it happened. World of Tanks and TF2 make it happen within a matter of seconds of joining a game (garage/menu don't cause it). Hearthstone doesn't seem to make it happen every time, I've completed numerous games without issue but as I said the first time I saw this issue it was with Hearthstone. The only other game I've tried is Hammerfight which is a pretty low-intensity old thing, and it did not cause the crash. All these games are things I've played regularly for months and I haven't changed the graphics settings.

It's never happened while not playing a game. I can watch videos and surf the web and use non-game programs without issue, although I haven't tried anything super intense like video or model rendering.

My computer is an MS... Read more

A:Laptop suddenly powers off and restarts itself when I play most games.

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This is a continuation of the thread started here: http://forums.techguy.org/hardware/1137482-hp-probook-6450b-suddenly-powers.html

Although I didn't start that thread, I am experiencing exactly the same problem as the original poster and I wanted to post this information in case anyone else is experiencing similar issues.

Here's what I'd like to add:
* HP BIOS diagnostics reported no problems
* Removing the hard drive and booting the system to a live Linux distro produced the same problem, therefore the issue is not the hard driver (which also passed the HP BIOS level test). This led me to believe that it's a hardware problem not caught by BIOS.
* mcelog on linux reported no processor level errors in the cache upon reboot
* Removing the battery, and reinserting the battery allowed the system to boot up for anywhere from 1 - 5 minutes before unexpected shutdown. After the system shut down once it would shutdown again immediately upon initial OS load.
* I noticed while the system was up that the power button would not respond to a hard shutdown. This leads me to believe that the power button module attached to the motherboard is a possible culprit. Then I noticed on ebay that a bunch of these modules are for sale. Where there's a market, there's a problem.

So I'm going to order one of these power button boards and see if this fixes the problem. I'll report back here next week.

A:Solved: HP ProBook 6450b Suddenly Powers Off (continued)

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A couple of days ago, my laptop started powering off suddenly. One second it's on, and the next, no hard drive activity, no screen, no nothing. This happens in an instant and without warning (no blue screen). Starting yesterday, the problem got worse. After the power cut out, I would have trouble starting the computer up again. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn't. When it did work, I sometimes got as far as the Windows login screen. When I hit a key to begin typing my password (or swiped my finger on the fingerprint scanner), the power cut out. Today, it seems to have gotten even worse. Sometimes the startup process doesn't even get as far as the Windows login. A couple of times today, I pushed Power, got the the Windows Startup Error screen, selected to resume Windows as normal, and bam! Power's off.

Now, this gets even more mysterious. Sometimes I push the power button (after one of these instances), and nothing happens. Sometimes I push the power button, and the power light comes on, and then the fan, but no hard drive activity. Dead. Sometimes the computer won't start up at all unless I remove the battery, pull the plug, wait a few seconds, and then try again.

Even stranger... I have the computer on right now. It's been on for 5 hours, and it's working fine. I'm afraid to turn it off or put it to sleep, because I know it might not start up again.

If you are thinking overheating is the source of the problem, as of right now, ... Read more

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A couple of days ago, my laptop started powering off suddenly. One second it's on, and the next, no hard drive activity, no screen, no nothing. This happens in an instant and without warning (no blue screen). Starting yesterday, the problem got worse. After the power cut out, I would have trouble starting the computer up again. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn't. When it did work, I sometimes got as far as the Windows login screen. When I hit a key to begin typing my password (or swiped my finger on the fingerprint scanner), the power cut out. Today, it seems to have gotten even worse. Sometimes the startup process doesn't even get as far as the Windows login. A couple of times today, I pushed Power, got the the Windows Startup Error screen, selected to resume Windows as normal, and bam! Power's off.

Now, this gets even more mysterious. Sometimes I push the power button (after one of these instances), and nothing happens. Sometimes I push the power button, and the power light comes on, and then the fan, but no hard drive activity. Dead. Sometimes the computer won't start up at all unless I remove the battery, pull the plug, wait a few seconds, and then try again.

Even stranger... I have the computer on right now. It's been on for 5 hours, and it's working fine. I'm afraid to turn it off or put it to sleep, because I know it might not start up again.

If you are thinking overheating is the source of the problem, as of right... Read more

A:Mysterious laptop problem - powers off suddenly / doesn't turn on

You say it works when you take the battery out, do you have the AC adapter plugged in, if so it sounds like a battery problem get someone to check your battery out.

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At this stage I'm pretty much out of ideas how to resolve this issue so I'm reporting it here in the forums in hopes to get help from others. So, I have a quad core Lenovo W520 (i7-2820QM) equipped with Intel AMT. I have all RAM slots populated (original 2GB in each that came with the machine). I have updated to the latest BIOS (1.42 at the time of writing) and latest Intel Management Engine Firmware 7.1 ( at the time of writing). The machine has Crucial 256GB X100 SSD installed in the main compartment and a regular HDD in UltraBay. The computer acts normally in sleep mode and restart sequence only when Intel AMT states that "ME is in recovery state..." during boot. When it looks like AMT is happy problems begin. The problem is that when I'm trying to put the computer to sleep it goes all the way until the end per normal procedure and then suddenly decides to power itself off! Obviously Windows doesn't like this and displays recovery suggestions after starting the laptop again. This happens when connected to AC and also when disconnected from it. Also, when computer reboots it turns off all power (i.e. the display along with backlight, indicator LEDs turn off and fans spin down for a sec) inbetween and automatically starts up after that. I've tested this on Windows 7 and openSUSE 13.1 (which I had lying nearby) and same behavior happens on both OSes. On Windows, all the latest drivers and updates were installed. So ... Read more

A:Quad core W520 (with Intel AMT) suddenly powers off when attempting to put it in sleep mode

I think I've managed to solve this problem. I hope this information helps anybody who is facing the same problems with their W520s. Key solution was to downgrade Intel Management Engine firmware to (can be downloaded from: http://www.driversguru.com/driverdetail/2246416-Intel+Management+Engine+Firmware+7.1 ). I couldn't find older ME firmwares from Lenovo's site. Now I no longer have sleep/restart issues even with the latest BIOS. On their website of W520 downloads, Lenovo states that "- Downgrading the Management Engine firmware to an older verion cannot be allowed." ==> This is untrue as the Intel's update tool politely asks you if you really want to downgrade the firmware or not. Also, I used 32 bit Windows 7 as I read online (i.e. here: http://www.win-raid.com/t171f39-Intel-Management-Engine-Drivers-Firmware-and-Tools.html ) that FWUpdLcl.exe for Intel 6/7 series chipsets was designed to run under 32 bit OS only. I hope Lenovo looks into this problem why version breaks everything as badly as it did for my W520.

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 hi,i just wanna know if i can to install normal ssd drive and msata card drive in my x230 laptop Many Thanks 

A:x220 and x230 , can i install normal ssd drive and msata card drive in my x230


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I have Dell Dimension 2400 with 2G of Crucial Memory. It is running XP Home edition. It had run updates and was powering off but got stuck for over 24 hours without successfully powering down. I did a hard powerdown by holding the power button until it shut off. When I tried to restart the computer it will power on for a second, power off for 2 to 3 seconds and then power on. No image is sent to the monitor and I do not know if Windows is booting. Checking the monitor it says it is in sleep mode and press any key to wake it up. Pressing any key does nothing. Hooking my laptop to the monitor, it works fine. Could it be the video card or a short? Or could it be a virus?

A:Computer powers up, turns off, powers on, no image.

Boot off of the Windows Disc Or download the Recovery Console ISO. Burn it to CD with IMGBurn Boot off of the CD and get to the Recovery Console. Here type chkdsk /R and press enter. Disk Check Outside Windows (Windows XP) The Check Disk utility will try and fix any file errors.
You can also download the ISO image for Seatools, or WD DataLifeGuardin my signature and burn the image to a CD using IMGBurn also in my signature and boot off of the newly created CD and run the Quick and Advanced tests on the HDD to test the integrity of the drive.

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I have an X230 i5 processor with a 1 TB SSD and I recently picked up a X230 with a i7 processor and a much smaller hard disk.  Can I just swap my big SSD into the new X230 (moving that version of Windows 7 Pro) and then install the smaller hard disk (with its version of Windows 7 Pro) into the i5 machine. (Will be swapping the memory so the i7 has the 16 GB and the i5 has 8 GB).  I know that if they were completely different computers this would not work, but since both are X230 will it work?  I'd rather not have to restall all the programs if I can avoid it!

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I have an Acer Veriton M460, I recently replaced the motherboard on it. plugged everything in and then plugged the power in. It immediately started running. The fan for the processor and power supply started to spin but I never had to push the power button on the front. When I look at the button the light never lit up and when I would push the button it wouldnt do anything. When I held the power button in, it wouldnt shut down the computer. To shut it down I would have to pull the plug. Now whenever it would turn itself on automatically, I never heard any beeps or anything, the fans would just start running. So I disconnected everything that wasnt esential, USB's etc plugged it in, still the same thing, unplugged the power button same thing. I pulled that motherboard out and stuck the old one in, *which would work sometimes but not all the time I at least would get some beeps* and the exact same thing happened. Does anyone have any idea what is going on?

A:Computer automatically powers on but never actually powers on

Make sure you have the 4-pin 12 volt power supply connector connected near the CPU socket on the motherboards. Also, make sure you are not shorting out the motherboards to the case

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So strange. I installed WC 3 and Farcry.

For some reason, when I try to play the game specially the game itself, it seems my HD powers off and powers on again. That freezes the screen for a few seconds. I try to move it and again it powers off and on again and eventually it freezes or restarts.

I have Sims and it works fine with that.

Is it perhaps I don't have enough power? My power supply is 350W so I thought that should be decent enough.

Currently, I have a 2100+ AMD with the infamous ECS purple board. Just one 16X DVD, with 9800 PRO.

The only guess I have is that the PRO has its own power supply so when it needs some extra juice, it sucks up a bit more from the HD...that's my only guess but that shouldn't happen.

Any suggestions? Is it a virus? Should I do a surface scan? How?

A:HD powers off and powers on again...when trying to play games.

The 1st thing I do when pc plays up is scan for virus and malaware. Then it's down to process of elimination, hardware or software. If it's hardware it could be your psu. The 350 watt is overall or 'output'? If it's not output it may not be big enough. Also could be driver for graphics card - update anyway. Try tests on DirectX. Is graphics card ram enough?

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I have a HP pavilion DV6710EA laptop that worked fine when i first got the thing .....now when i turn it on it powers off again....i have updated the bios and all seemed well for a while.....now its doing exactly the same thing. After reading various posts on here it would seem that this is a common problem.....and how funny that the laptop worked fine all the time it was in warranty......as soon as it expired i get these problems....Well done HP for ripping off us purchashers of this range knowing full well there was a problem from the start.....i take my hat off to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am disgusted with this company and will NEVER buy from them again

A:Laptop powers up then after a few seconds powers off

HI,Would you like some help with the problem you are having?Best regards,erico

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AMD Athlon XP 2600+ (FSB 333MHz)
512MB PC3200 Mushkin

I have tried three different PowerSupplies. Every time the computer will power on for about 2 seconds then shut off. Could it be I'm using PC3200? I don't have any PC2700 to test with. Motherboard is brand new, CPU works in another computer. Any suggestions?

A:New Build Powers On for about 2 seconds then Powers off.

Lower Memory & Other Timings in BIOS

Lower the memory timings in the BIOS, check the voltage values, and make sure the FSB or AGP is not being overclocked.

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New everything, but for sake of simplicity all I'm using is literally my motherboard, PSU, and that little speaker thing that beeps at me if need be.

I short the power to turn it on, it should beep at me, it does nothing for a few seconds, then powers down.

My buddy at work told me to try this when I told him of the original problem. Which was... I had the CPU, HSF, RAM, and Graphics card installed.
The result was when I powered up it (the CPU and PSU fan) spun for about 4-5 seconds, then powered down.

Without the graphics card the same thing happened.. and I tried with 3 different sticks of ram.

Motherboard dead, or something else?

A:new build powers up then powers down.

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You can read the saga version of this problem in the topic I posted called "blank screen bootup". The short version is that I ordered a new motherboard (Shuttle AK35GTR2) because I was having this problem with a Soltek board. Now I am having this problem with the Shuttle board after I tried reversing the fan position because I had lost my video display.

A:Machine Powers up, then powers down

fist off, never reverse any of connections for the fans, they are keyed for a reason, plus you mainboard may not be the problem, your power supply may not be adequate or is beginning to flake on you. try swapping that out, its more often than not a power issue that if it goes unseen, can wreck everything you plug it into. make sure you use approved supplies only, its better to pay a few extra bucks for quality instead of quantity, because a psu is only as good as the tranformers and capacitors within it.

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I am installing a new mobo ( Shuttle AK35tgr2) after a series of problems with my former Soltek board which culminated with a problem in which the computer powers up and then powers down after about a nano second.

Well I'm having the same problem with the Shuttle.

First the problem was no video and no beeps from bios and in the process of trying to solve that I readjusted by CPU fan ( actually turned it around) and after that the computer powers up for a second then powers down.

I tried tightening the mobo screws and then it powered up for two or three seconds before shutting off.

I am thinking of changing the fan. It is about the only component that isn't new or hasn't been tested.

A:Computer Powers on then powers off

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My friend's hp Pavillion dv6000 is currently under my care. For sometime, she says, the laptop would get caught in a loop by which the power for the laptop would come on momentarily, then power down. Then power up, then power down. Etc. Nothing displayed. No POST. No nuthin'. But if one depresses Ctrl + Alt + Del it stays powered on, but do nothing else until it powers down and stays off after a few minutes of this suspended state. (Note we haven't even gotten to POST ever, so no boot screen, Vista, Safe Mode, etc.)

I stripped it down--removing all memory modules, the hard drive (drive runs, contents are intact), and the optical drive. Upon start up the same routine took place and there were no beep codes!

I followed the instructions for resetting the BIOS (Pull battery. Tested it: 3VDC registering).

I've done this with battery only, power adapter only, and both. I get the same results regardless.

So the question: Is it dead? My opinion: Yep. The anomaly that keeps me wondering (and this may be just nothing): Why should Ctrl + Alt + Del do anything?

Maybe just answer the first question.

A:Solved: Laptop Powers Up, Laptop Powers Down...

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I usually like to leave my computer on overnight. So I go offline, disable my wireless, and put on a video playlist in full screen to help me sleep. Anyway, today I woke up and saw the Windows Media Player no longer full screen, and the wireless switch was actually turned on. This is strange because I know I turned wireless off and I frequently check my system with Malwarebytes.

What could this be? Did someone snoop in my computer? Thanks in advance for the support.

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I'm looking at purchasing a used X230 laptop from someone and trying to confirm the LCD panel it has.  The description is listed at 2325-DN3 and I can't find any info on that model in any of the reference books.  The Lenovo website shows it with IPS but indicates it's a generic listing. The buyer is a large website so sort of difficult to have them send me the serial #. Any ideas how I can confirm before making the purchase? Thanks!

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Hello, and thank you for reading this.
As of just today, for some weird reason, my computer has just started to hiccup and freeze out of nowhere, and it's more prominent with any program that uses the internet (i.e. Firefox, Steam, etc), but it freezes up the entire computer along with the program. 
This is especially aggravating as just yesterday, my computer was working absolutely fine with no hitches or sudden slow downs, but by today, it just starts to act this way, despite me doing anything to the computer at the time.  I have also ran a complete virus scan twice to no avail, and I tried using System Restore, only for it to fail.
I'm currently running under Windows Vista Home Premium x64. I've attached a HijackThis Log, if anyone can read that. 
 HijackThis Log.txt   13.05KB
I would hope that this doesn't turn out to be a hardware issue, so if this is something of a software issue, I would hope I could fix this, as I really need my computer as it has important school files and such.

A:Computer suddenly slows down suddenly and sporadically for minutes

Hi Twistervtx and welcome to BC.Sorry for the delay in response to your thread.HijackThis doesn't enumerate 64bit systems very well, but i can see some problems in the report.P2P Warning Please note that as long as you're using any form of Peer-to-Peer networking ( Frostwire, Ares, uTorrent etc.) and downloading files from non-documented sources, you can expect infestations of malware to occur.Once upon a time, P2P file sharing was fairly safe. That is no longer true.P2P programmes form a direct conduit onto your computer, their security measures are easily circumvented, and Malware writers are increasingly exploiting them to spread their wares onto your computer. Further to that, if your P2P programme is not configured correctly you may be sharing more files than you realise. There have been cases where people's Passwords, Address Books and other personal, private, and financial details have been exposed to the file sharing network by a badly configured programme.Many of the programmes come bundled with other unwanted programmes, but even the ones free of any bundled software are not safe to use.When you use them you are downloading software from an unknown source directly onto your computer, bypassing your Firewall and Anti-Virus software. Hardly surprising then that many of these Downloads are being targeted to carry infections.Having a P2P program running at startup is even more dangerous!You may decide to continue P2P sharing, but keep in mind that this practice may be t... Read more

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I have some serious problems. my internet explorer browser closes by itself, windows suddenly get stuck,there are some applications that i can't run...
i tried some spyware removal programs, but nothing helped.
I am posting here my DDS.txt log file
thanks alot

DDS (Ver_09-03-16.01) - NTFSx86
Run by Haimon at 18:25:54.89 on Sun 04/26/2009
Internet Explorer: 8.0.6001.18702 BrowserJavaVersion: 1.6.0_07
Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition 5.1.2600.3.1255.972.1033.18.1022.297 [GMT 3:00]

AV: ESET NOD32 Antivirus 3.0 *On-access scanning enabled* (Updated)
FW: Norton Internet Worm Protection *disabled*

============== Running Processes ===============

C:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost -k DcomLaunch
C:\WINDOWS\System32\svchost.exe -k netsvcs
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\bin\AppleMobileDeviceService.exe
C:\Program Files\WIDCOMM\Bluetooth Software\bin\btwdins.exe
C:\Program Files\ESET\ESET NOD32 Antivirus\ekrn.exe
C:\WINDOWS\System32\svchost.exe -k HTTPFilter
C:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.0\bin\mysqld-nt.exe
c:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\90\Shared\sqlwriter.exe
C:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost.exe -k imgsvc
C:\Progra... Read more

A:explorer suddenly closes itself, windows suddenly get stuck

I also noticed that when i click on a google search result link, I am redirected to a different site.

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Just got two new X230 laptops. Will this model take an mSATA SSD? Is the mSATA slot 6 Gbs or 3Gbs? Any recommendations are appreciated.


Go to Solution.


yes it takes the mSATA in the WWAN mPCIe slot under the palmrest. mSATA speed is 3Gbs.

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I am trying to do a clean install on my good, old Thinkpad X230 which came with 64-bit Windows 7 Professional. For some reason, I was not able to create a bootable media from the recovery partition. In any case, I wanted to avoid the recovery partition as I want a basic, non-bloated, and minimal install. Hence, I downloaded a copy of 64-bit Windows 7 Professional from Microsoft/ digital river website. After performing the checksum, I used Microsoft's USB DVD Download Tool to make a bootable USB on Kingston Flash Voyager (USB 2.0; 8 GB; FAT32). BTW, just for the heck of it, I verified  that it boots on my spare (and even older) Thinkpad X60 -- though it doesn't proceed when it sees that the X60 has a 32-bit microprocessor. The relevant BIOS values and settings are as follows: UEFI BIOS Version G2ET95WW (2.55)
UEFI BIOS Date 2013-July-09
UEFI Secure Boot Off

USB UEFI BIOS Support Enabled

SATA Controller Mode Option AHCI

Security-->Secure Boot
Secure Boot Disabled

Boot Priority
4 ATA HDD0 Hitachi...

Excluded from Boot Priority Order

UEFI/Legacy Boot Both
- UEFI/Legacy Priority Legacy First
- CSM Support Yes I am posting this query after trying a number of suggestions (and solutions) given he... Read more

A:X230 -- Can't boot from USB

Hello and welcome,
Since you used the MS tool, I'll assume you want to boot the flash drive and install in legacy mode.  Try turning off UEFI boot in BIOS if you haven't already.  Probably should set BIOS to defaults first.
If you actually want to to a EUFI install you'll need to prepare the flash drive differently.

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Hello, hopefully someone can help with this, since the issue persists. I am using the USB 3.0 Ultradock, but the 3.0 docks on the x230 are not working properly. Do I need to delete the generic USB 2.0 hubs?  As a sysadmin, I know better, but I am so incredibly angry that Lenovo can't address such a simple issue that I'm willing to try anything at this point.  Next step, of course, is to find a bloatware-free laptop that doesn't require 3 different update wizards (Windows, Lenovo, OEM) to operate, but since it's 2017 that may well be impossible so I'd better solve this problem (again) while I'm searching. My x230 is using the default Windows drivers (dated 2006) and the generic USB 2.1 hub.

A:x230 not using USB 3.0 with DisplayLink

Hello and welcome,
It may help others to help you if you provide some detail as to what you mean by "not working properly".

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 This test is done from userbenchmark.com. Other benchmark programs give similar results. I am also not happy with the way the drive performs. I have no idea why it performs so badly. Anyone got any idea?

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Hi, I had a broken LCD problem (https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/ThinkPad-X-Series-Laptops/x230-LCD-with-vertical-black-lines-fixed-by-t...).So I ordered a new screen but the connector is different: the new screen has a 30 pin connector while the old cable (n. 04W1679 from https://support.lenovo.com/it/en/partslookup) is bigger, now I don't know how to find a proper cable.The screen model is M125NWN1 R0.Which cable should I buy? I don't understand how to choose the right one.

A:X230 new LCD cable

Unfortunately, not a cable or connector are the key problem. Your new LCD has another signaling interface eDP, while x230 supports older one LVDS. They aren't compatible even if you'll find the cable with 30 pins connector. There is a way to use eDP LCD if you'll add additional, 3rd party, interface coverter kit, but it's a complicated enough action, needs skills.So, replace new LCD to LGD LP125WH2-SLB3, x230 compatible IPS panel.

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My thinkpad x230 was working on battery yesterday and it turned off. Now, there is no sign of funcionality. No light is on. I plugged, unplogged nothing happens. Power button does not do any thing. I searched online and I found that I can do the trick to remove statick charges by 10 times pushing power bottom and one more for 30 seconnds, but it did not work. Unfortunately it is not under waranty. I appreciate your help. 

A:x230 dead

Hi Mim1234,
Welcome to Lenovo Community!
I am sorry to hear that you are facing the issue with no power on your ThinkPad X230.

Remove the AC adapter, system battery and CMOS (coin) battery (under the palm rest) for about 30 seconds.
Reattach the CMOS battery, palm rest, AC adapter and system battery.
Power your ThinkPad system ON.
If it powers on successfully, then update the BIOS and Embedded Controller code.
If it did not power on successfully, then have the ThinkPad system board (planar) replaced.

Please let us know the findings after performing the above troubleshooting steps.
Hope to hear back soon!
Best regards
Hemanth Kumar.B

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On x230 model with windows 10 1703, the windows hello is not avaialable. the Biometrics device that we have is TouchChip Fingerprint Coprocessor (WBF advanced mode). Verified the BIOS and everything is good. Used Lenovo System update as well, but there is nothing that is shows as missing.

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 Hi everyone, I have a question about the RAM in the x230. I bought the base 4gb of RAM with the intention of upgrading it myself later. The stock RAM inside is a Samsung model with this serial: m471b5273dh0-cko However, I cannot find this model RAM to put in another identical stick into the open slot. The closest model available is: http://www.samsung.com/us/computer/memory-storage/MV-3T4G3/US Do you think these two sticks would be compatible? Did anyone else try a different type/model/amount of RAM? My gut feeling is that 8Gb of RAM would be great, and that 16Gb would be overkill. The other option is just to shell out a few more bucks and buy two pieces of matching RAM. I am considering Cruicals and Cosair Vengence RAM. Let me know what you guys think, Thanks, Jah

A:x230 RAM upgrade

hi. if you were to order from Lenovo: http://shop.lenovo.com/SEUILibrary/controller/e/web/LenovoPortal/en_US/catalog.workflow:item.detail?...you'd probably get Samsung, Hynix or Nanya, from my experience. most recently, i got Hynix. price may be higher than other places, though. from what i've read, Crucial is good quality, but Corsair may be hit or miss. cheers.

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Hi All,  With reference to https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/ThinkPad-X-Series-Laptops/X230-Laptop-4G-LTE-in-the-UK/m-p/2258754#M681... - trying to find a Lenovo FRU 04W3821 is like trying to find Rocking Horse doodah.... What other options are there for UK based WWAN cards ? i.e. the next best thing ? I'd love to have my x230 be 4G capable, however, I'd settle for a decent, and working 3G.I've got the cables internally - just not the card. I've found one that is being advertised as ... "60Y3255 60Y3279 04W3767" Another as "60Y3297"Another as "04W3786, 60Y3297" - stated as same model.And finally - a " 04W3767" I am not 100% sure about GPS or not - I use Linux, not Windows, so don't know if that would work, I guess, if there is a GPS that works (especially under Linux) then that would be a bonus, not a necessity. TIA K__R  

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Just sourced an X230 Factory rebuild. Card reader and USB3 ports don't appear to work (16GB SD card and 32GB USB memory stick). Also TVSU won't install, but I think their drivers are up to date.What am I doing wrong, have I overlooked something?

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Hi everyone!! Recently I upgraded my Lenovo ThinkPad x230 with new SSD and another 4GB of RAM! Check out the performance bost! Video - Lenovo ThinkPad x230 - SSD and RAM Upgrade! I also attached Excel file so you can see the tests! Give me your feedback, did you upgrade your x230?  

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Hello,I recently by a Lenovo X230 from local dealer , but unfortunately with comutrace activated. I have concern that this canbe hacked and used for cyber atack or to obtain my personal data. I would like to disable this option , without need to install any custom BIOS. This is a  potential hacker targets because this computrace mechanism was already demonstrated to be vulnerable to attack. Thanks in advance

A:X230 Computrace

I am assuming the laptop is not flagged as stolen.  You can contact Absolute Software by email and ask that you want the machine "flagged for delete in their database" and the Computrace agent removed.  They will require some sort of receipt from when you bought it from the previous owner.  They also want the model and serial from the sticker on the back, plus, most important, the system board serial which you can get from the BIOS screen.  The systemboard serial is the key into their database.  They will then contact their registered owner and ask him if he or she will release the machine.  They will not remove the agent unless their registered owner agrees, even if the registered owner no longer is paying the license fee.

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Hi all.I have read around a bit and don't personally see any reason neither of these should work, but I've read some reports of people having issues with the Corsair not working and having to return it and the second pair not working. Then the HyperX for some reason mentions all the chips sets around the QM77 which is used in the X230 but not the QM77 itself, which again puts doubt in my mind. Can you confirm if either or both of these RAM kits (2x8GB) would be suitable?http://www.ebuyer.com/370065-corsair-16gb-ddr3-1600mhz-vengeance-laptop-memory-cmsx16gx3m2a1600c10http://www.ebuyer.com/646128-16gb-1600mhz-ddr3l-cl9-sodimm-kit-of-2-1-35v-hyperx-impact-black-hx316l...In case links get blocked because I'm a new user they were:Corsair 16GB DDR3 1600MHz Vengeance Laptop Memory{Kingston} 16GB 1600MHz DDR3L CL9 SODIMM (Kit of 2) 1.35V HyperX Impact Black

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A:X230 RAM compatibility

Is the X230 actually using the QM77 or the HM77 chipset? Today I have seen websites claiming both. HM77 is listed as good for teh HyperX RAM whereas for some reason the QM77 isn't...

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Hi all,I am considering buying this monitor: https://displaysolutions.samsung.com/business-monitor/detail/1287/C43J89 and wanted to use my work provided x230. I know I wont be able to have the max resolution of 3,840 x 1,200, however do you think i could use one of the docks (i.e. ThinkPad Mini Dock Plus Series 3) and use the Display ports to connect to two of the inputs (one USB-C up and one Display Port)? So effectively giving 2 x (1920 x 1200) ThanksDom

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Would adding an SSD to my 4 year old X230 improve performance, or is the BIOS/Motherboard not new enough to make it worth while?

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Hi,I have a strange problem on my Thinkpad X230 (win7 64 bit, realtek drivers).After installing all drivers from Lenovo support page, everything was working well, then suddenly the sound was gone. No system sounds, no music, no video, nothing. What I tried:- reinstalling the drivers - Realtek High Definition Audio Driver  v., released 2013. 11. 11- uninstalling dolby- uninstall the Lenovo recommended drivers and installing generic ones from Realtek site (version, released 2015.06.18)Every time the same happens: restart system, I have system sounds then after a few minutes the sound is gone.I mean I understand if I have no sound from start, it must be a hw problem or something, but how can something work for a while and be gone after? many thanks.

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Hey,lately I noticed that I don't have red light on my x230(inside the thinkpad logo). How is that possible?Regards


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A:Red light on x230

ThinkPad X220/t and X230/t doesn't have LED indicators light on the ThinkPad logo.

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I was wondering how much of a headache will the X230 be to get rid of the whitelist, where I live its actually illegal I have seen some posts using a raspberry pi to reprogram the BIOS which seems to be a real pain in the butt, so what if I want to install an 802.11ac card, **bleep** so how fast is the mSATA on the X230, same as the X220 at SATA 300 MB/s or its it the faster 600 MB/s? I know the CPU can see 32GB of memory but I have not seen any 16GB memory sticks USB 3 is one of the improvements I like as my X220 had issues with my USB 3.0 express card

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