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IMAP error adding Gmail to Outlook 2016 - Windows 10

Q: IMAP error adding Gmail to Outlook 2016 - Windows 10

I am baffled by this one, and hope someone can help. I've installed literally dozens of gmail accounts into Outlook for clients, but this one is giving me fits. Every time I try to enter the account into a new Outlook 2016, the program hangs and then gives me an error message about an IMAP error, saying "Your IMAP server wants to alert you to the following:" with an error number and a link to "answers" from Google. Now, I know Outlook and Google very well. The suggestions they give are the ones I have already done:

enabled less secure apps access to the account
double-checked that the password is correct and logged into the account online
enabled IMAP connection in Gmail settings
logged in through the CAPTCHA site suggested, though no CAPTCHA appeared
checked to be sure that two-step verification is NOT turned on
created a brand new profile through the Mail section of Control Panel
entered suggested Gmail server and port settings manually
My method is to create a profile without an email account so that I'll have a pst file to contain contacts and calendar. Then, I add the email account. This is just crazy, I've never seen anything like it. Ideas would be most welcome!

Preferred Solution: IMAP error adding Gmail to Outlook 2016 - Windows 10

I recommend downloading and running Outlook PST Repair. It's a PST repair tool that I've used it in the past to recover emails, contacts, tasks and notes from corrupt Outlook files that are damaged or inaccessible. Supports Outlook 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013.

You can download it direct from this link http://goo.gl/1bjhSi. (This link will automatically start a download of Outlook PST Repair that you can save to your computer.)

A: IMAP error adding Gmail to Outlook 2016 - Windows 10

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I have a Gmail account. I keep failing for a month now (except for a fleeting few days) to connect Outlook 2016 via IMAP to Gmail.

I upgraded to Windows 10 from Windows 2 two months ago. I had Office 2007. POP email kept working fine. However, a month ago, the perplexing ?enter your username and password? credentials popup started to be stuck with my Outlook POP account. I can access my Gmail mail in my browser(s), and still do. I uninstalled Office 2007 (assumed that Google stopped supporting it anymore) and installed Office 2016.

I stopped POP.
Over two weeks, I tried to create (about two dozen times) an IMAP Outlook account (incoming mail server imap.gmail.com, SLL 993, Outgoing mail server smtp.gmail.com, TLS 587. I did not choose ?Require logon using SPA?).
In my Gmail's account ?Allow less secure apps? setting is set to ON. However, I persistently failed to get rid of the pesky pop up.

However, one morning two weeks ago (and after two weeks of failure), Outlook suddenly communicated with Gmail with the IMAP account that was created the night before (and wasn?t working), and I saw my Gmail mail in my Outlook.
Three days later, and without any changes on my part, the pesky popup notification again stopped Outlook to connect with Gmail.

I thought that there might be a problem with Outlook 2016. Hence, I did a ?repair? of it. All that did was to delete all of my nearly two dozen filters which I had to manually recreate. Once I tried to yet create a new Outlook IMAP... Read more

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Hope I'm in the right forum. Have two Gmail IMAP email accounts and 4 pop email accounts in one pst file. Has been working fine.

Now pop account emails show up in sent folder as properly sent with time and date sent...they aren't going anywhere. Have sent tests to myself to no avail.

Also emails sent thru Gmail IMAP never make it to any sent folder in Outlook and I get an error message stating that the server will not allow sent emails to be placed in the Outlook sent folder.

If I go on Google and open Gmail, sent emails are in the sent folder.


A:Windows 7 - OUTLOOK 2010 - Gmail IMAP

You'll need to provide exact configuration for each account, just the server stuff, not login or password.

As I understand it, you have two Gmail accounts set up to receive using the IMAP protocol. And you have four accounts using the POP3 protocol. Unfortunately you didn't specify the mail server (Yahoo, AOL, Gmail....) for those accounts.

IMAP does that - you should see the sent mail on Google. I'll check to see if there's and option to also store the sent mail locally (in Outlook). You could help by providing the exact msg that you get and any error codes.

Please also fill in your System Specs (there are lots of HP machines) - see the Easy System Specs in my sig?

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My wife is using 2016 with 2 imap folders. She uses her deleted items folder as a place to save emails. The problem is that O2016 is purging her deleted items.
1. How can I get it to stop doing this?
2. Is there a way to recover the emails?

I have gone to the account settings for each account /more settings / advanced and unchecked Purge when switching files online.

I have a feeling that this is a new development. This was happening a while ago and, somehow?!?, I managed to get outlook to stop purging the deleted emails.

Please no advice about not using the deleted folder as a place to save emails. ;-)


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Set up:

Computer 1, Windows 7, Outlook 2016 as part of Office 365 installation (program not cloud account), running new email address 1 on POP mail. (and 2 other POP email addresses unrelated to email address 1)

Computer 2, Windows 7, Outlook 2016 as part of Office 365 installation (program not cloud account), running new email address 2 on POP mail. (and 1 other POP email address unrelated to email address 2)

Computer 3, Windows 10, Outlook 2016 as part of Office 365 installation (program not cloud account), running new email address 3 on POP mail. ALSO, running Windows 10 mail with 2 accounts added from Hotmail and also email address 3. (Son's computer)

My son set up the email address 3 on Windows mail. He would have accepted the default setup, which I am assuming is IMAP.

We only just got the 3 email addresses activated yesterday on a paid email hosting service. At first everything was working fine but then from time to time each of our Outlook 2016 programs had send/receive errors. I checked and rechecked the settings with the email host provider. They are set up on ports 995 and 465 using SSL. At first authentication was ticked but after having problems it was unchecked. It worked and then didn't work both ways. Each time I go and make a change or just even re-setup the same settings, the setup proceeds and get the successful test message. Can send & receive emails but then after a while start getting send/receive errors again. On Computers 1 & 2... Read more

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This issue just has started. It worked for the 3 years I have owned 20007. I have all the correct boxes checked, I think. The only thing I changed, which coincided with the alerts not working, was added an IMAP account.

Could the adding an IMAP account disable the desktop alert feature?


A:Outlook 2007: No Desktop Alert on new emails after adding IMAP account

First let me clarify. I don't have Outlook 2007. But I do have 2003 on one of my machines.That said, I don't believe that just adding an IMAP account would have an adverse effect on your alert settings unless you somehow inadvertantly disabled the feature during the setup of the account. Again, I'm working with 2003, but in my main navigation menu, under Tools, I have a category for Rules and Alerts. This includes an interface for setting up the various rules for your email alerts. I'd start there and make sure all of your preferences are still set up correctly.Hope this helps,Bill

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Anyone have success with Outlook IMAP in terms of bringing in a Gmail Account?
After reading all the setting I have:
1.  Set Gmail to use IMAP.
2.  Configured Outlook correctly with ports and setting.
3.  I then spin my wheels are messages say user id and password are not correct.
4.  Also set Gmail to "lower" security settings.
5.  Crazy thing is it works without problems with POP3.
Suggestions are welcomed.

A:Using Outlook 2007 IMAP with Gmail

Make sure you've configured Gmail for IMAP, and make sure you've set everything in Outlook that needs to be set.

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Hi guys.. I have yet to be able to get my gmail setup with my Outlook 2007 email client with IMAP settings. I get all the way through the setup process and when it comes to time to test settings.... It will never loggin to my gmail... keeps popping up a window wanting me to insert my username (which I know is my actual gmail ex. [email protected]) and my password (which I am 200% positive I have the correct one. I use it daily to login to my web gmail account. for whatever reason, it refuses to acknowledge the settings I am imput. Any help is greatly appreciated.
Details Are Listed Below:
OS = Windows 7 Ultimate Edition (I have also tried running the setup using winxp & vista settings with no success)
Email Client = Outlook 2007
Server Information:
Incoming = imap.gmail.com ....... port 993 SSL
Outgoing = smtp.gmail.com ....... port 587 TLS
I have my actual email for user name (ex. [email protected])
My password has been double checked and checked again... I know its correct.. I use it everyday, checking my mail online.
Also in my Gmail settings > IMAP has been ENABLED (still now luck)
Thanks in advanced for your time and efforts!

A:Outlook 2007 not working with imap Gmail

How are you accessing the setup wizard? Do you already have Outlook set up for another email account, or is this the first email account you are trying to create?
If it's the first account being set up in Outlook, go to Control Panel>Mail, then configure a new profile and try setting it up that way. If you are already using Outlook for another email account and want to add Gmail, in Outlook go to Tools>Account Settings.
This may be helpful. I suspect you may be leaving out a step or two: http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/microsoft-office/use-gmail-imap-in-microsoft-outlook-2007/

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Running Win7 64bit and can install Outlook or Thunderbird and wondered if either one can download my Gmail using IMAP ?

A:Will outlook or T-Bird handle IMAP from Gmail ?

Thunderbird will, not sure about outlook.

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Outlook setup seems to be fine. I've used the gmail guide. However whenever I try to access my imap folder in Outlook, I get a message (0X800CCC0E) telling me the server can't be accessed and imap.googlemail.com is in offline mode.

Can anyone help me fix it?

A:Can;t Configure Gmail Imap With Outlook 2003

I've seen the imap setup directions for gmail also, but it seems as though gmail doesn't actually have the site set up to run for imap. The gmail page where you are supposed to configure the mail program for imap doesn't have the imap option present, only pop. This, I suspect, is why you get the cannot find server error.

Orange Blossom

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Outlook setup seems to be fine. I've used the gmail guide. However whenever I try to access my imap folder in Outlook, I get a message (0X800CCC0E) telling me the server can't be accessed and imap.googlemail.com is in offline mode.

Can anyone help me fix it?

A:Can;t Configure Gmail imap with Outlook 2003

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Hi, I did a test to see if I could restore emails to a gmail account via IMAP if they were backed up in outlook and the gmail account was empty. When I backed up the emails in outlook, I did so by syncing my gmail account with the '[Gmail]/All mail folder' in outlook (including email bodies and attachments). I next deleted all the emails in my gmail account. This subsequently led to the deletion of emails in outlook as you would expect. Finally I copied backups of all emails I made from the Outlook [Gmail]/All mail folder back to that folder

What happens next is that the emails sync back to gmail from outlook but they go back to the 'all mail' folder in gmail. Inbox and sent items remain empty. Is there any way to fix it so that inbox and sent items are repopulated in gmail? Thanks

A:problems IMAP, Outlook 2007 and Gmail


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I use a shared email account between two computers to answer emails all at once. It is set up through a gmail apps account using IMAP. The problem that I am having is that marking messages as read does not sync between computers correctly. If I mark a message as read on one machine, it will not show up on the other unless I close and re-open outlook. It will show up on gmail.com right away though. I am using Outlook 2003 on both computers.

Any ideas on this one?

A:Outlook/Gmail IMAP Sync Issues

I have just figured out that if I click off of the inbox folder to another folder, and then back to inbox it processes marked headers and fixes everything. Is there any way to keep them up to date without having to do that so often?

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Hi there
My main e-mail client is Outlook 2010 with IMAP (I've tried email clients but Outlook for me is still the best and most convenient for handling multiple e-mail accounts including work ones).

I'm thinking of upgrading to Office 2013 -- if I do this has anybody tested the GMAIL integration with Outlook 2013

Works fine with Outlook 2010 on W8 Enterprise edition X-64.


A:Use IMAP with OUTLOOK 2013 for gmail accounts

Work fine on 2013 with my Google Apps own domain email ( [email protected] )

the auto setup don't work in my case I enter the info maually make sure your incoming is imap.gmail.com and your port is 993 and SSL encryption

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I am trying to set up my Gmail account in Outlook 2010 using IMAP. In previous versions of Outlook, when I hit "delete" in Outlook, the message left the ?Inbox,? but was still in the ?All Mail? folder (I believe it removed the label "Inbox" from the message). However, in Outlook 2010, the message is moved to ?Deleted Items? and is no longer in ?Inbox? or ?All Mail.? So there is no longer a copy archived to "All Mail." I have read the other posts concerning this issue, none of which work. If there is a solution, please help.


Operating system (e.g. WinXP): Win 7 Ultimate
Program and version you use to access Gmail (e.g. Internet Explorer 9 or Outlook 2003): Outlook 2010
Your antivirus software (e.g. Norton 2007): Kaspersky Interney Security 2012

A:Gmail IMAP and Outlook 2010 delete issue

No suggestions?

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After three hours or so of frustration and annoyance, it dawned on me that I have Google 2 tier verification turned on and then used the unique password to configure my Outlook POP3 account successfully.

When I attempted to add an IMAP account, however, I wasn't so lucky. It won't configure automatically (like Pop3 did) so I've gone to recommended manual settings, used the unique password, inserted the recommended port designations for incoming and smtp servers, but as soon as I attempt to initiate the account I get a popup window: The Requested Operation Failed.

I do want to use an IMAP account, but I'm not sure where to go from here. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance

A:Setting IMAP Gmail Account in Outlook 2007

have you set imap up in the online google account settings ?

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I've been running an Outlook 2003 client to my AOL mail using IMAP for quite a while.
I just tried to create a 2nd connection to my gmail account and I have been unable to establish the connection.
I was pretty careful following the gmail instructions - enabling IMAP there; and, I was also pretty careful to follow the instructions on the outlook side. But, I've gone over it and over it and can't find the problem.....

It's caused me to wonder if Outlook 2003 can manage 2 IMAP connections at the same time?

I also noticed that the AOL connection in Outlook requires specific ports for each connection (send/receive) but there was nothing about that in the gmail instructions.

I also know that I've entered smtp.aol.com incorrectly several times. But, unless I'm going blind, I entered smtp.gmail.com correctly for the address of the outgoing mail server.


A:Solved: outlook 2003 imap to gmail problem

I also noticed that the AOL connection in Outlook requires specific ports for each connection (send/receive) but there was nothing about that in the gmail instructions.Click to expand...

Yes they should pick up specific ports
see here for imap settings on gmail http://mail.google.com/support/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=78799

Incoming Mail (IMAP) Server - requires SSL: imap.gmail.com
Use SSL: Yes
Port: 993
Outgoing Mail (SMTP) Server - requires TLS: smtp.gmail.com (use authentication)
Use Authentication: Yes
Use STARTTLS: Yes (some clients call this SSL)
Port: 465 or 587Click to expand...

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I am having trouble instructing Outlook 2003 to work with Gmail using IMAP folders/labels, or perhaps I do not understand the workings of IMAP well enough (having previously used POP).

The default IMAP folder presentation is confusing in that it includes "BIN, Deleted Items, Deleted Messages and Trash" folders and "Spam, Junk and Junk Email" folders - which all sound respectively the same. I cannot find an indication of what will be sent where, and how to set up Outlook to send Drafts, Deleted, or Spam/Junk messages to the IMAP folders (rather than the Personal folders) so that I can pick these up on other computers (my laptop when away from home).

Can anybody assist or point me to an appropriate tutorial/help page?

A:How to set up Outlook 2003 for proper interaction with Gmail IMAP?

Here is a clear guide for setting up Outlook 2003 to interact with Gmail IMAP:
How to Access Gmail with Outlook 2002 or Outlook 2003 Using IMAP - Step by Step Screenshot Walkthrough - About Email

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I have downloaded Office 2010 Pro Plus from MSDN, got my key after the 1st of May.

In Outlook 2007 SP2 receiving via IMAP from GMAIL worked okay.

Using exactly the same settings in Outlook 2010 I am not able to make a connection to imap.gmail.com, Port 993 using SSL. IMAP is enabled in GMAIL-Control panel, the Account/Password information is correct, sending the test mail via smtp.gmail.com, Port 587 via TLS works fine.

In the Outlook 2010 Beta that connection works as it does in Outlook 2007 SP2.

In Outlook 2010 Final from MSDN there is no chance to connect to the IMAP server - I just got a timeout all the time and had to use POP instead.

This disappoints me, I anticipate more quality coming from Redmont.

Did you have any suggestions what I can do to receive my mail via IMAP, any additional settings, registry hacks etc.?

Event the final Hotmail-Connector 14 does not work as the beta or version 12 in Outlook 2007: All time when synchronizing my mailboxes in Hotmail I receive an error message: Error when synchronizing your Mailbox [email protected]
Check whether your account is configured correctly by checking your mail in the browser.
I did that several time - But without any changes to those warnings. I think I receive all my mail.

After all, I am disappointed

Thanks for your comments, different experiences

Sincerly yours Oblomow

P.S.: I had to change to the german Office 2010 Pro Plus Package since the is no German spell checker inc... Read more

A:IMAP (gmail) doesn't work - Office Outlook 2010

If I were you I'd delete all mail accounts and try again. My Gmail IMAP (SSL 993) works perfectly as does Hotmail.

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I have a Gmail IMAP/MS Outlook 2007 issue here that I have been trying to figure out for months now.

Here's the issue: Ever Other message I delete from Outlook 2007 that is using Gmail IMAP service show the following error message attached below

"The item cannot be deleted. It was either moved or already deleted, or access was denied."

After doing some tweaking and research on my own I have seem to locate one odd walk around with this error. Whenever I disable email protection within NOD32 AV the error messages stop. So that told me that it may be a issue within Eset NOD32 AV. However, after disabling every single scanner the email protection I am unable to figure out a solution, other then using a different AV product. Which I do not want to do, as I prefer using NOD32.

Has anyone else had a issue like this one and figure out a fix yet?

FYI: I have also tweaked with GMail IMAP settings within Gmail Settings.


A:GMail IMAP: This Item Cannot Be Deleted Access Denied - Outlook 2007

I may have have found a solution to this problem. Testing it right now for other possible issues this may cause.

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I am getting this msg everytime using Gmail IMAP.. This is why I am switching to Yahoo..

Unable to send or receive messages for the Gmail (ChrstphrM*****) account. Header download for the 'Deleted' folder did not complete. Could not download new messages from the IMAP server.

Server Response: The server did not respond to this IMAP command before the connection was terminated.
Server: 'imap.gmail.com'
Windows Live Mail Error ID: 0x800CCC0F
Protocol: IMAP
Port: 993
Secure(SSL): Yes

I have a folder named DELETED where I save certain msgs but why is this happening? It still downloads emails after you hit OK..


A:GMAIL IMAP Error Msg: This is why I am switching to Yahoo

Have you got IMAP permissions set correctly within GMail?

Controls too? Which end governs the other, the client or the server?

It's all working perfectly for me....

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I have just set up a Gmail account and it works fine when accessed via the web. I tried all day to include it under my Outlook 2016 with no success. Imap is enabled under Gmail settings but I keep getting the following message when I test the account settings

'Log onto incoming mail server (IMAP) server failed.'

I have searched the web for a solution and have tried 993 and others for the port number and set SSL for the type of encrypted connection with no success.

Will someone please help me get my Gmail account set up under Win7 Outlook 2016?

Thank you.

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When I set up my Surface Pro 3 in 2015, I linked my gmail account to Outlook 2016. The other day, a log in pop up box started coming up prompting for a password in Outlook. I tried everything, but nothing worked, so none of my work emails were downloading. I tried to delete the account and start over. While the account is showing up, it isn't completely gone, and when I try to delete it a prompt comes up that says "the default data file cannot be removed because it is your default delivery location. After you have selected a default delivery location, your current file can be removed."

I'm just trying to re-establish my gmail account on Outlook 2016, so my work emails are being sent and received through Outlook. Make sense?

Any help would be most appreciated. I'm extremely frustrated and would be happy to take my computer somewhere for someone to help me, but don't know where to go?

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Hey, was wondering if anyone here could help me. I recently switched my dads office email from their old exchange server to just using IMAP to connect to their web host who runs their email. They still are connected to the server to receive internet and another company which shares the server still uses the exchange.

The problem, is that I can set up a mail client or account from our web host and it works fine at home. But on the office computers, even one that i just fresh new installed with no old settings have problems synchronizing their folders at the office. Here is the main error:

Task 'Synchronizing subscribed folders for [email protected].' reported error (0x8004DF0B) : 'Outlook cannot synchronize subscribed folders for [email protected]. Error: The connection to the server is unavailable. Outlook must be online or connected to complete this action. If you continue to receive this message, contact your server administrator or Internet service provider (ISP).'Click to expand...

I talked to the web host tech for a very long time, did a trace route, checked anything that their server was blocking and came up with no ideas. And they can still SEND email. I am at a loss right now, all I can think of is that there is a port or something blocked by the server but I do not know where to start. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

Thank you so much!

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I'm new to how imap works. But ever since installing it I've got all kinds of folders in my Windows Mail list.

Help me understand what they are all for. It seems that I've multiple folders, for instance here's what my Gmail folder structure looks like:
Sent Items
Deleted Items
Junk E-mail
All Mail
Sent Mail
Deleted Items
Deleted Messages

A:I use Windows Mail and an IMAP gmail account...

Well, they pretty much do as they say e.g. Starred e-mails are all the e-mails you have marked as starred for follow up.

Please let me know what you where unsure about.

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I recently went to PC World to ask if they would set up my gmail.com address with existing Outlook 7. I have an HP Notebook (old one) which runs on Windows 7 (another old one). I have an Gmail email address and my original and current talktalk.net which
runs on the current Outlook 7. I wanted both the talktalk.net and the gmail.com to both run on Outlook possibly using separate inboxes etc. My Idea was that talktalk.net would be used for a certain type of emails (families and friends etc) and the gmail.com
would be used for a different type of message. Mail coming in would go into the appropriate inbox folder. I paid 35  for the pleasure. This was AFTER spending days reading forums and step by step instructions without success. When I returned to pick
up my laptop I was informed that I cannot run gmail.com on Microsoft Outlook 7 as they were two different systems, so, what PC World did was to set up Gmail on my laptop which I could have done as I have already set it up on my iPad Pro. These are my words
as I am still in shock that I paid 35 for something I could have done myself. As I have described, I have made several attempts to set up gmail with Outlook 7 and talktalk.net. I have enables IMAP (not POP) I have gone into outlook 7 and added a new email
address (gmail), including passwords, SMTP, IMAP, SSL TSL  etc etc. all without success, although the closest I got to success was Outlook was continually looking for a password that was already instal... Read more

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Here are the errors I get when send/receive finishes.

Header download for the '[Gmail]' folder did not complete. Could not select '[Gmail]' on the IMAP server. You might try refreshing your folder list to synchronize with the IMAP server. Account: 'Gmail', Server: 'imap.gmail.com', Protocol: IMAP, Server Response: 'Unknown Mailbox: [Gmail] (Failure)', Port: 993, Secure(SSL): Yes, Error Number: 0x800CCCD2

Header download for the '[Imap]' folder did not complete. Could not select '[Imap]' on the IMAP server. You might try refreshing your folder list to synchronize with the IMAP server. Account: 'Gmail', Server: 'imap.gmail.com', Protocol: IMAP, Server Response: 'Unknown Mailbox: [Imap] (Failure)', Port: 993, Secure(SSL): Yes, Error Number: 0x800CCCD2

I can send & receive email fine but these errors pop up and it's done getting the email. Does anyone know what's going on?

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Hi, I'm getting a new ISP I have dial up and SP email . I would like to add my gmail address to outlook express without removing the ISP before I change. I am also getting another lap top with windows 7 I like outlook express so I will get most of my mail on this PC. I will be getting wireless.
Can anyone give me step by step instructions on how to do this. It would be much appreciated.
I don't understand tech. language and that's always the language used in instructions.LOL

A:Solved: adding gmail to outlook express

Login to your gmail account on the web.
Click the settings link in the upper right.
Click the forwarding and pop/imap link.
Select Enable POP for mail that arrives from now on.
Click configuration instructions and select outlook express.
Follow those instructions to setup outlook express.
*Important* Make sure you click save changes on the gmail web page before you exit.

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I keep getting this error when sending/receiving email with Vista Mail?
Header download for the '[Gmail]' folder did not complete. Could not select '[Gmail]' on the IMAP server. You might try refreshing your folder list to synchronize with the IMAP server. Account: 'Gmail', Server: 'imap.gmail.com', Protocol: IMAP, Server Response: 'Unknown Mailbox: [Gmail] (Failure)', Port: 993, Secure(SSL): Yes, Error Number: 0x800CCCD2

I've changed the port numbers around and on gmails website for setting this up isn't exactly clear on what the port numbers are.

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My internet system will not connect on Mozzalia Thunderbird comes up saying Authencation failure while connecting to server imap.gmail.com all settings are as they state

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How do I remove imap.gmail.com from my Windows Live Mail 2011 account? I had configured my windows email with gmail, and I no longer want to do that. I can't seem to find a way to keep gmail from checking my mail through my Windows Live Mail account. I'm afraid if I delete my gmail account I would no longer have access to my Windows Live Mail account. I have gone to settings in gmail and disabled imap. When I did this, I no longer was able to send or receive mail in Windows Live Mail, so I had to go back and enable imap in gmail.

A:How do I remove imap.gmail configuration from Windows Live Mail 2011

Hi aftermath,
Gmail can't be used to sign-in to WLM, you need to have a Hotmail Account.

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Outlook 2010, Win7, email account: outlook.com (1 of 2 accounts)

Error code 0x800CCCDD
Protocol: IMAP
Server: imap-mail.outlook.com
Port: 993

Outlook 2010 had 2 functioning email accounts prior to the MS required remove/add of an Outlook.com account due to MS' server change. I used the recommended, automatic add (after the remove) for the Outlook.com account. Outlook.com is now an Exchange account. During the add, there was a message indicating the Exchange account would 'take over', and so it did. Unilaterally it took over the default position--oddly, this despite mail accounts indicating the second (a MAPI account) email account was the default. This was unacceptable.

So I proceeded with MS' second option--a manual add with Outlook.com being an IMAP account not Exchange. This sort of worked. The second account is back again as the default however Outlook.com is persistently and erratically not connecting or losing connection per the above error.

The only fix I've found googling was to uncheck Outlook's mail options to do any kind of automatic send or receive. That seemed to work for a while but the errors are back--just not as frequent.

This error is not present when doing the required Outlook.com remove/add with Outlook 2007 with the same second account that's the default.

Any suggestions?

A:Outlook 2010 error: 0x800CCCDD--IMAP server closed connection

You should be able to set which email account you want as the default one. In Outlook 2013 you can do this by selecting File then Account Settings & on the window that opens you can see which one is the default email account.

On the same line as where there are options for New, Repair, Change there is one to Set as Default. This will be greyed out for the Default Account, but if you click on the other account you will be able to set that as the default account.

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Visio files are received as attachments in Outlook 2016. Visio Viewer 2016 and IE11 are also installed on Windows 10 (1607).
Previewing the Visio file (VSD in this case) is successful. However, when you try to open the Visio file, IE11 attempts to open it (as expected) but only displays a blank page.
Does anyone know if there is a fix for this issue?   Other articles suggest that Visio Viewer 2016 does not support IE11.

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I am trying to add Windows 10 clients to Windows Server essentials 2016. It seem that in order for the server to see the clients I must the clients join the server server Domain. (Currently they are in a workgroup).

It looks like one has to change the Windows10 clients to access the WSE-2016 DNS. So in windows 10 I go to networks, bring up the adaptor setting. Bring up "Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IvP4) and instead of "Obtain the DNS address automatically" change it to always get the DNS address on the WSE-2016 (found with ipconfig).
Then within Windows I use ?System?, ?about?, and Join the server DOMAIN. It now works. The client can now see the Server domain.
I can then see the Server files and the server can see the Windows 10 shared files.
There are still problems however.
When I reboot the Windows 10 client. I have a brand new user screen with only some of my original desktop icons showing. Do I have to essentially rebuild up everything on my desktop again!
Question: Is there not a way to have my original desktop appear when I am joined to the Domain.
Second, since there will be times when the server is off I used the router static DNS IP address as the alternative address in the above dialog box of the Windows10 clients. Seems to work since the client can access the internet even with the WSE 2016 off.
Here is my second question. I have a few home laptops as well. If I force the DNS to the server what happens when I travel. ... Read more

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"Patch Tuesday" broke our install of Outlook 365. It was working fine on Monday and on Tuesday it was hanging on "Processing." So I restored back to the last restore point before the update and it worked great after that. Yesterday it re-installed the updates, and again Outlook didn't load. Restoring again today "fixed" it. Now it wants to update again, so I will disable updates until the problem is fixed. I don't know which particular "patch" is causing the problem; there were about 22 of them that installed.

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Hy guys, my first post here,
I was wondering, is there any way to optimize start-up performance of Outlook on Windows 7? Ok, I've tested quite bit with it.
I'm dual booting Win7 and XP, on my notebook, HP6830s.
On first configuration, XP SP3, Outlook 2010, Kaspersky KAV 6.0, start-up time of my e-mail account is 10sec. I use IMAP protocol, and have e-mail server locally. Thats quite good.
On other hand, I have win7, Outlook 2010, Kaspersky KAV 6.0. Same account, same protocol, it takes about 50sec. Why is that?

I've downgraded it to 2007, on both hands, but the start-up times were same.The POP protocol seems fine. But I have to use IMAP protocol.

Why is this? Why Windows 7 is slowing down my Outlook start-up? Indexing? Add-ins? I've turned it off already, both of them, every add-in and indexing e-mails...

A:Windows 7/Outlook 2010/IMAP/slow start-up

I noticed that on my outlook 2010 also, IMAP took forever, I guess its broadband dependent. So I went back to POP, works quick. Never figured it out though!

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Hi all,

I was wondering if it's possible to have Windows search index my IMAP folders so that I could also search for e-mails via Windows search instead of having to go through Outlook's (2013) own search? What I googled seems to indicate "not possible" but maybe someone here has a trick...

Thanks, --ch

A:Index Outlook IMAP mail folders with Windows search?

Are you saying you have Outlook 2013 installed on the PC?

If so, what happens if you go to the Start Screen and search for Indexing Options (within Settings on Windows 8)? For my older version of Outlook, I can add Outlook to the search index.

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According to all sources that I could find on-line, it appears that rules are part of pst file.

However, this does not happening in my case.

I use outlook 2016 (part of MS office 2016) and have several accounts linked with this ? From my ISP (POP), Hotmail, yahoo, Gmail. I have rules only for account from my ISP.

Recently I deleted my Hotmail account, removed it from my outlook, deleted associated ost file. Then I had second thought and re-activated this hotmal account the following day. Added this to my outlook. To my surprise all rules vanished. Not a single rule remained. I did NOT have any rules setup for Hotmail account. Even column details for message folders (part of setting) got changed.

I decided to check further. Copied my pst files to another computer which had same version of outlook installed and has exactly the same setup.

Now I added some rules on my 1st computer. Checked the 2nd computer. The same rule appeared there. That means pst file does not contain rules.

So, Where are they?

Hope someone can help me. I am lost!!

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I was using Outlook 2007 calendar and sync with google in my old computer. It worked fine. I did not successfully backup the outlook. Now, I am suing a new computer with vista. I am trying to sync google calendar with my outlook. It always pops this message out error:2016. I checked the error message online. It reads, "This error displays if you try to sync your events before signing up for Google Calendar. Please log in to Google Calendar at least once before using Google Calendar Sync." However, I tried logging in before I am doing sync, but it is still not working. Same error message pops up, always.

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5 CPU M 430 @ 2.27GHz, x64 Family 6 Model 37 Stepping 2
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 3062 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GT 230M, 1024 Mb
Hard Drives: C: 453 GB (101 GB Free); D: 11 GB (1 GB Free); E: 0 GB (0 GB Free); H: 1863 GB (347 GB Free);
Motherboard: Hewlett-Packard, 3659
Antivirus: Microsoft Security Essentials, Enabled and Updated

Outlook couldn't start last time - do you want to start in safe mode
My response - YES
i Something is wrong with one of your data files & Outlook needs to close
Outlook might be able to fix your file. Click OK to run the inbox repair tool

My notes:
I ran the inbox repair tool several times without success
I reloaded Outlook program

I use Gmail as my mail program

Appreciate any help .... thanks

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getting send receive error 0x800ccc69 with outlook 2016. I can receive but not send e-mail. I have associates in my office using same settings on Outlook 2016 without a problem. I have spoken with Microsoft numerous times-reset email accounts, etc and doesn't appear to be an issue there. My ISP doesn't have anything blocked so doesn't appear to be a router issue. I am able to send via webmail for my e-mail server Bluehost so server doesn't apper to be the issue. I'm down to checking my Netgear firewall Prosafe VPN Firewall FVS318v3. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Sending reported error 0x800CCC69 outlook 2016

Try to double-check your Outgoing Server settings. Especially the Username, and Authentication. You should be able to get the correct settings from your ISP.
It may also be helpful to know which type of e-mail you're setting up. Pop3, Imap, Exchange etc. etc.

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I am having an error pop up when attempting to access my Outlook 2016 email and or bringing up Internet Explorer.  I can access my email if I used the web access using the Google Chrome browser, but not through Internet Explorer.  I was looking
for a location on the microsoft site to download this file, but I am not finding it.  Any advise.



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I use the new Windows Live Mail client to access two IMAP accounts, Gmail and one provided by my University. Gmail works such that whenever you send an email through it, it automatically puts a copy in the Sent Mail folder. So if the WLM client tries to put a copy there as well, you end up with two copies of the email in the Sent Mail folder. The University IMAP account doesn't work like this. A copy will only appear in the Sent Mail folder for that account if the client program puts a copy there.

So the problem is the way WLM handles this. Most IMAP settings are specific to the account. You right click on an account, go to settings, and then go to the IMAP section and specify the folders and stuff like that. However, the option of whether or not WLM puts a copy of an email you send in the Sent Mail folder can only be set for the entire client.

In Tools->Options->Send is the checkbox for this option. If it's checked, I get a single copy of sent mail in the University account and two copies in Gmail. If it is unchecked I get no copies for the University account and just one for Gmail.

Does anyone know a way to fix this?

edit: Oh, and a side question, is it possible to make WLM stop showing the number of unread emails in the trash or spam? They're in there because I have no intention of reading them. I don't care how many are unread.

A:Windows Live Mail - Sent Mail folder - Multiple IMAP accounts including Gmail

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I am importing an Outlook 2016 generated .CSV contact list into a webmail email account but keep receiving the following error.

Unknown error for item "(Unknown)": Could not parse csv file - Reason : missing column name for column[92]

There are 92 columns and each one has a column name. 92 columns is what Outlook 2016 generates, most columns are empty, just the name. I had previously tried deleting columns with no data but still got the same error, and always for the last column.

Is there a trick to get this contact list imported successfully? I am trying to create a whitelist filter to reject all email where the FROM name isn't in my contact file. My .CSV file contains 162 rows.

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Ever since I let miscrsoft tech support into my outlook it has been behaving badly. They put my info in a pst file and it wasnt setup like that before.   Now my search function isnt working when I search for emails, tasks and contacts.  I get the error "Something Went Wrong and your search couldnt be completed".  I tried re indexing and that didnt help.  I tried deleting my deleted mail and that didnt work.  I dont know what to do.  Please help if you can.  

A:Outlook 2016 error "Something Went Wrong and your search couldnt be completed"

I've seen some posts suggesting a conflict with Malwarebytes.  Try uninstalling if installed.  Also updates KB4022725 and KB4022405 are being blamed for initiating the problem.  I'm looking at third party options to improve search.

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I am having a problem here. I view my email via outlook through gmail. I recently got a blackberry phone and I was told that the only way the email would delete from my phone when I erase on my computer is to receive my email via imap instead of a POP. I have nothing but problems since I did this. My imap server keeps closing my connection on me to my email and I need to re start my computer to open the connection back up. I wish I could go back to a POP but I cant erase all of the email I get both on the phone and the computer. With the amount of email I get that would take forever. Does anyone have any advice?

A:Imap Because Of Blackberry On Gmail

Hello? Can anyone help? My imap server pops up with a message alot right when I am in the middle for the email and it says it closed my imap connection and one of the reasons could be I left the connection idle for too long. How can I fix this?

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