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replace vaio recovery partition with windows 7

Q: replace vaio recovery partition with windows 7

I purchased a sony vaio VISTA vgnww130j/s in October as my computer died. It came with a free upgrade to windows 7 which I have done.

I would like to replace the recovery partition with windows 7 so that I don't have to carry around the upgrade CD's and make system restore a longer process than it needs to be.

Sony says that you can remove the recovery partition but not change it.

I am even willing to purchase a new windows 7 full install cd/dvd just to be able to do this, even though I already own a license.

Any constructive thoughts?

Preferred Solution: replace vaio recovery partition with windows 7

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: replace vaio recovery partition with windows 7

Hi and welcome to TSF here are some links to info,I have not tried this so cannot confirm anything http://en.kioskea.net/faq/4093-windo...very-partition

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i tried to use the recovery wizard on my SONY VAIO VGN-A250 Laptop and the error messaged i receieved was "VAIO Recovery Wizard cannot find recovery partition" please restart computer. I restarted many times and still get the same message. I also have used the F10 key method and no luck. It wont even open the wizard. I am able to boot. Im out fo warranty and tight on cash and really need my laptop to work fast. Want to remove all from the pc so i can use for school. Please i saw a thread about same problem i had but the thread was closed. if anyone can help please do so.


A:VAIO Recovery Wizard cannot find recovery partition??

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If you have a recovery drive - that includes the recovery partition - made on one computer, but have a toshiba laptop with a bad drive (but the recovery partition is ok), can you replace/copy the partition on the recovery drive with the recovery partition from the bad laptop HD?

My friend's laptop would not boot, and would not factory recover, reset, or refresh. I tried to clone the hard drive before I started messing with the disc. It would not clone, but I was able to copy the recovery partition to a USB drive.

He never make recovery discs, so could not re-install, but I can borrow the recovery drive that my aunt made for her laptop.

A:replace recovery partition in recovery drive?

There may be a couple problems with that. The Factory Image is too large to be just copied to a Fat32 partition, so it has to be divided in sections. You could do that using DISM and put the .swm files in the sources folder. Not even a guess as to whether it would work.

There is other information concerning the configuration of the computer making the recovery drive. If it was made on a different computer, that info would probably be incorrect and not allow a reset.

I have never tried, but you might be able to copy the Factory image to a drive formatted as NTFS and then set the recovery to look for that file for a reset. Maybe you have already copied the entire recovery partition...

If you assume the factory image is the same for both systems, can you copy the entire Recovery Image partition from the bad drive to the good drive?

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I upgraded my Asus Vista laptop to windows 7. I have completely removed Windows Vista from my system except for the Vista recovery partition (restores the computer to factory settings) which still remains. So when Ii needed to use the recovery partition it installed Vista back on my computer and I needed to install Windows 7 all over again. Is there any way to replace the Vista recovery partition with a new Windows 7 recovery partition? So if i need to use the recovery partition my computer installs windows 7 not Vindow Vista.

The Vista recovery Partition is hidden on my computer.

For my comp info just check my system specs.

Admins, feel free to move the post if i have posted it in the wrong section.

Thanks, Simon

A:How to replace Vista recovery partition

Hi Simon-

Make your Vista recovery disks so you have a path back to factory condition in case you want to sell the computer but keep Win7.

Next boot the Win7 DVD, press Shift F10 to open a Command Line, type:

SELECT DISK 0 (confirm this is target HD #)
CLEAN ALL (applies zeroes for deepest clean, takes awhile)

Now boot back into Win7 installer to Custom install using Drive tools to create New partition(s) as you wish, format before installing to first partition.

There is no need to create a Win7 Recovery Partition on the same HD as they do at factory since with built-in Win7 backup imaging you can save an image of your finished install externally so that it will be useable if the HD fails.

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OK trying to get my sony to boot from recovery partition. Im not so good with command prompt, but thats all i got since my C drive is corrupt and only the recovery partition is in working order. When i do dir/a:h of my recovery partion (E:)it just says

0 files
1 dir.

then i type attrib and i get 4 files

am I even on the right track, i dont think these are the files im looking for Sorry for being slow but this is the closest topic i can find related to my problem and i think this would work if i could only GET THERE


A:Sony Vaio Recovery Partition

Shut the system down.

Boot-up, press the F10 key

F10 is used on most systems to invoke the recovery partition.

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hello i have a sony vaio with preinstalled win 7.i have upgarde s everal times to win 8 and also several times i restore , with vaio recovery soft or with F10 , to afctory s ettings.i try to make a clean isnatllation of win 8 .i do it three times.the last time when i try to restore to factory s ettings the F10 don't work.in my disk manager i see the big recovery partition (14 GB) but can't restore anymore in factory settings.neither F10 or vaio recovery soft work.i think like another post i see, that the link to vaio recovery partition is missing!!can i do anything for that?i do not have and installation disk

A:vaio recovery partition is missing

Yes it will be erased if you have installed Windows 8. You are going to have to contact Sony to see if they even still have the Windows 7 discs avail. Most likely the answer will be no and you are stuck with either buying an OEM disc & key from newegg.com or stuck with Windows 8.

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Hi there. Can anyone help me with Vaio Recovery Partition? I had few problems with partition table and MFT, but now everything is ok. Except one thing. My Vaio Recovery Partition must by unhidden to F10 key work. And then I can see this partition in Windows Explorer. When I change it to hidden, F10 key isn't working. Can anyone tell me why is it so? And what to do next...
Noteboo: Vaio CW1S1E

A:Sony Vaio Recovery Partition?

The recovery partition is meant to be hidden, that's how it's made at the factory so you don't interfere with it and accidentally delete the data on it. You aren't supposed to see it in Windows Explorer.

If the F10 key is reserved for starting the factory recovery when required, it only works when you press it at the Sony splash screen at boot time.

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I'm just about ready to lose my temper with my current problem so any help anyone might be able to offer would be appreciated.

I'm running a Sony Vaio laptop, model VGN-FW21L ( Full Specs) running Vista Home Premium; regularly updated.

I was quickly annoyed to find that all but boot device and password options were disabled in the bios, the reason I found out to be to save on tech support costs from people accidently breaking their machines, so what I'm having trouble with is really pushing my patience.

I ran the machine without much issue for a good five or so months with Ubuntu on a separate partition. One day last week it started to act up, slowing to a crawl and not loading task manager. I put this down general use (installing/uninstalling a lot of software) and maybe something malicious that might have gotten through AVG. No biggie I think, I'll just back up my stuff and restore it back to factory settings.

I had a copy of Vista Ultimate that I was no longer using (the machine I had bought it for is now running Windows 7) so I thought I'd install that instead.

Installation went find, except that when I got into Windows I found that very few of the drivers were installed. Luckily it had found something for the ethernet connection so I plugged a good ol' fashioned cable in and let Windows look for some drivers... but it couldn't find any. So then I dug into my computer draw and pulled out the documentation that came with the laptop and ripped open the... Read more

A:Sony Vaio Recovery Partition

hi and welcome to TSF i cant promise this will work for you since you admit you got things wrong that being said you can try this http://neosmart.net/blog/2008/window...disc-download/ just remember its recovery not reinstall

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Ok I am trying to restore this sony vaio laptop to factory settings. i access the vaio care via the assist button. when i click the recovery option to recover to factory settings i will get a message saying that vaio care has stopped working or vaio care can't activate the recovery partition. i can view this partition under disk management but my right click will only let me select a help option. in disk management the partition is labled healthy recovery. i don't want to perform a clean windows install. is there any other way to activate this recovery partition?

A:vaio recovery partition wont activate!

About accessing the recovery partition:

Actually there is no mistery on your friend's solution, people always say "no matter white or black, only if the cat can catch the mice, it's good.", you can consider using backup S/W just in case that the recovery partition is invalid, in addition, you can solve that by yourself.

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I have sony vaio core i5, Model VPCEB4B4E, windows 7 home premium 32 bit. I bought it from italy, i lost its recovery participation. and formatted my hard disk completely. i also do not have its recovery disk. i called vaio service center they told that you have to buy recovery disk for almost 50 EUROS. I do not wanna buy it. any body can tell me that where from i can download the recovery disk of this model. or if any person have the same model. please contact me. and reply me it is very important.

Greetings in advance


A:Sony Vaio VPCEB4B4E. I lost my recovery Partition. Need Help

We always assume you have made your Recovery Disks using the OEM manufacturer's Recovery Media Creator app the first day you had your new PC.
& made the Startup Repair CD.
startup repair disc-create

Did you make the OEM manufacturer's Recovery Disks?

How to make Sony Recovery Disks:
View Document

How to use Sony Recovery:
View Document

How to use Sony Hardware Diagostics:
View Document

How to order Sony Recovery disks:
1.Go to http://servicesales.sel.sony.com.
2.Enter your computer's model number (for example, PCV-XXXX), and click List Parts and accessories.
3.Follow the online instructions to order the Recovery Media Kit.
If you are not able to access the Sony Direct Accessories and Parts Center Web site, contact a customer service representative at 1-800-488-7669.

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i have sony vaio vgn-cr313h, for last 3 years its worked fine. but from last 2-3 months it automatically powered off suddenly. so i took it to a repair shop they fix the problem and installed new bios of different model number and serial number.

Now, if i m trying to access sony vaio recovery center via f10 key during boot and selecting recover c drive option then it gives an "Error: model number could not be found error code 94." and failed to recover from recovery partition.

i want to know how to access hidden partition so that i can install my original windows vista with all its drivers and software.


A:Sony Vaio VGN-CR313H: Unable to access recovery partition

Hello vijaysharma and welcome to Seven Forums.

Are you sure you still have the hidden recovery partition on the hard drive? The repair shop could have erased it. I suggest you open Disk Management and look for a recovery partition. It should be about 10 - 15GB in size. If you're not sure you could post a screenshot of the expanded disk management window.

How To Access Disk Management in Windows 7

Screenshots and Files - Upload and Post in Seven Forums

If no recovery partition exists the only other way to return you rmachine to factory specs would probably be by using recovery disks (a set of DVDs created by you at time of purchase or bought separately from Sony.) If the recovery partition does exist please post back. If it hasn't been damaged or corrupted it might be able to be accessed through Start > All Programs > Sony Vaio Care > Recovery or perhaps by using a live Linux CD like Ubuntu.

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I wanted to install a different Windows 7 on my Vaio but when I selected a partition to install Windows on, it said:
"Windows cannot be installed to this disk. The selected disk is of the GPT partition style."
I searched online and found a program called GParted to fix the problem. What I didn't know was that it would delete all the partitions. I fixed the problem and installed Windows but I want to go back to factory settings. The problem is that I deleted the recovery partition. Is there any way to go ack to factory settings?? Can I download recovery files online?
Model no: SVS13A190X

Thank you

A:Restore Vaio system to factory settings w/o recovery disks / partition

If you just want some of the sony utilities, or drivers -

Sony eSupport - SVS13A190X - Support

If you want the whole recovery disc - you might have to ask them to send it.

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Is there a way to boot directly off of D:(recovery partition) so i can restore my gateway laptop to factory settings? Right now I get a "BOOTMGR is missing" error message. The C: drive is completely gone, but like i said, the recovery partition is intact.

Thanks in advance.

Edit: I tried hitting f11 at startup to bring up gateways recovery menu, but again nothing. I have the windows vista recovery environment disc also if that helps.

A:Formatted Windows Vista partition, but i still have the Recovery partition on D:

There are files on c: used by the recovery partition on d:

Boot with your Vista recovery DVD and reinstall Vista.

Regards. . .



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Hi everyone,

I recently purchased a Dell Windows RT tablet from someone. It had the problem of not starting anymore. I managed to get my hands on a Windows RT 8.0 Recovery USB Image for this type of tablet. I used a Imaging tool to install this image on a USB drive.
I booted with this and I could access the Advanced recovery options. I started the Command Prompt and launched Diskpart. I saw all of the partitions where gone. So I used Diskpart to re-install all of the partitions using the Microsoft standard.
It looks like this:

convert gpt
create partition primary size=450
set id=DE94BBA4-06D1-4D40-A16A-BFD50179D6AC
gpt attributes=0x8000000000000001
format quick fs=ntfs label="Windows RE tools"
assign letter=T
create partition efi size=200
format quick fs=fat32 label="System"
assign letter=S
create partition msr size=128
create partition primary
shrink minimum=4200
gpt attributes=0x0000000000000000
format quick fs=ntfs label="Windows"
assign letter=W
create partition primary
set id=de94bba4-06d1-4d40-a16a-bfd50179d6ac
gpt attributes=0x8000000000000001
format quick fs=ntfs label="Recovery image"
assign letter=R

All went well. After recreating the partitions, I used DISM to deploy the *.wim image on the USB drive to the Windows partition and installed the bootloader afterwards. The tablet was fixed after this :) I installed Windows RT 8.0 and updated to Windows
8.1... Read more

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I have a laptop HP 450 G3.
The disk contains 
a) Recovery partition
b) System partition
TPM is activated
The Laptop wasn't attached to Domain.
I was using this system for over 6 months without a problem and <g class="gr_ gr_25 gr-alert gr_tiny gr_spell gr_inline_cards gr_disable_anim_appear ContextualSpelling multiReplace" data-gr-id="25" id="25">i</g>
was using only the <g class="gr_ gr_22 gr-alert gr_spell gr_inline_cards gr_disable_anim_appear ContextualSpelling ins-del multiReplace" data-gr-id="22" id="22">bitlocker</g> password to unlock it.
My password is a 10 digit number, for example, 1234567890
After I attempted a Windows 10 Upgrade to the latest version and turned off the PC the system now asks for Recovery key, which I don't have because ? never used it before.
All my files are in this partition, including the operating system and ? cannot access it.
I have also tried to unlock the drive with the manage-bde command but failed.

I am confident that ? types the password correctly since ? was typing it for 6 months.

What can ? do to get back my data? Anyone that can help me please contact me

I also tried the repair-bde command but with no success.
C:\WINDOWS\system32>repair-bde h: x: -pw
BitLocker Drive Encryption: Repair Tool version 10.0.17134
Copyright (C) 2013 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

Enter the password t... Read more

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I was running partition magic to partiton an external hard drive but partiton magic took it upon itself to do...something to my recovery partition. the recovery partition doesnt show up. its there because the other partition software i use (minipartition) sees it and can view the files. i think maybe partiton magic unlabled it or something. PLEASE help. i have no idea what to do

A:partition magic and windows 7 recovery partition

That's no problem; try giving it a letter in Device Manager.

Drive Letter - Add, Change, or Remove in Windows 7 - Windows 7 Forums

Welcome to TSF by the way!

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i have just installed windows 7, from xp with no problems. but im not sure how to now use my recovery discs for my sony vaio so i can install all my old programs and software, adobe, click to dvd etc?? do i use the recovery discs as normal, system recovery, then applications recovery? will it then delete windows 7 and install xp back onto my pc? any help would be greatfuly received, thanks.

A:windows 7 and using vaio recovery discs?

Quote: Originally Posted by JOHNYUPSIDEDOWN

i have just installed windows 7, from xp with no problems. but im not sure how to now use my recovery discs for my sony vaio so i can install all my old programs and software, adobe, click to dvd etc?? do i use the recovery discs as normal, system recovery, then applications recovery? will it then delete windows 7 and install xp back onto my pc? any help would be greatfuly received, thanks.

Hey Johnny and welcome

Did you do a clean install or upgrade?

You cant use a vista recovery (or backup) to install apps in win 7. If you did an upgrade they should already be there.

Do you have a windows.old folder on you C: drive?
If so you can use the easy transfer wizard to import your settings, etc

waiting on info
Kenn J++

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Im trying to install windows 7 Ultimate on a SONY VAIO VPCL235FL, but i got a message that says:

Windows cannot be installed to disk 0 Partition 1"
The issue is that my old hard disk died and i had to buy a new one, now i have this problem.

I've already checked the bios to be in in legacy/compatibility mode. Actually the only option is UEFI= Disabled or Enable
is set to disabled so i guess it is in legacy mode.
Even with that option disabled i can get to install Win7.

It is a brand new disk, so it doesnt come with partitions, so i created a new one with the total size. It says primary partition, but the system is not making the reserved system partion (100MB).

No matter what i do i still get the message and cant install the O.S.

is it a issue of motherboard?

Originally the computer came with win7. So i dont think the OS is the problem.

Is it a driver issue?

I've also converted the disk partition to MBR.

thanks for your help

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I have a Lenovo laptop running Windows 7 Professional and I need to somehow use system recover to sort out the multiple problems. The OS was installed when it was new and no WIndows OS DVD's were issued with the laptop.  The WIndows install is 100% legit. The problem is only the failure of Lenovo to give customers the OS DVD's with the new laptop. The Lenovo warranty period has expired and their help/support is less than useless.
The recovery method in the Lenovo instructions does not work! I press the Novo key and F11 and get to the start of the recovery process where I select language and then when I click Next, the process stops with an alert saying I need to log in - see system administrator.
So I am unable to use the built in Recovery method.
I read there are several other methods of recovery and two of them I have explored:
1. Mircosoft website has a software-recovery section where I can enter my Product ID/Key and language and download an ISO for burning to be used as an install disk for fresh WIndow 7 Professional install.  The required 25 character Windows Key (xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx) which I obtained using a registration key app but is not accepted by Microsoft so I cannot proceed to download an ISO. I believe the Key is correct as it matches what I recorded one year ago and is same using two different Key recovery apps.
2. The Lenovo website gave instructions for burning DVD's to be used for restoring the laptop to as released from factory s... Read more

A:about Recovery Partition/Recovery methods - Windows 7

The site that you inputted your key does not accept OEM keys. Right click Computer > Properties. At the bottom of the page you will see your PID. If it has OEM in the PID then you cannot download an iso from Microsoft's site. You can input your key into the Ultimate PID checker and it will tell you the key is Valid.
If you created DVD's using lenovo's utility then you should not need to enter any key. It will be pre-activated.
When it asks you to login does it have a user and password box? Can you post a screen shot of the window?

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I'm trying to re-install Windows 8 as it is not working properly, but did not make a copy of the  Dell software image when I bought my Dell XPS 8500. I can not now make a copy of the software image.
When I use Dell Backup and Recovery, it says "it can not detect the recovery partition on this computer it may be missing or corrupt. To recover your computer to the original factory state and restore the recovery partition please use your system recovery discs"
In the past I would have just re-installed the OS from the provided discs and I'm not sure what to do next. At the moment the OS is not working correctly.

A:Windows 8 Recovery with no OEM DVD or USB drive or recovery partition

Dell made a software called "Dell Backup and Recovery" to help it's users to backup or recover the Operating System, Factory Installed Drivers and Applications and Personal User Data like Music, Videos, Photos and documents etc. To do so, Dell creates a Hard Partition called Recovery which contains an image of the Operating System, Drivers and Factory installed 3rd party applications like Mcafee Anti Virus which are all together known as Factory Image. Dell recommends it's consumer to backup this Recovery Partition in USB Flash Drive or Multiple DVD's as soon as they Fire the PC for the first time. Now, as you mentioned that you're recovery partition is corrupt, and you don't have the Recovery Media Disc's, none of your data could be recovered. If you PC is covered under warranty, you can call Dell Technical Support and request for the Windows 8 Media Kit & License Key and can simply do a full Operating System Reinstallation. If your PC isn't covered under warranty, you might need to Purchase the Retails Version of Windows 8 Media Kit with License Key for a $100. Remember that you can't use any other Dell Windows 8 Media Kit that didn't not came with your Dell PC as each Dell Windows 8 Media Kit has a Unique System Specific License Key for Windows 8 which is Injected into the System Bios and can't be retrieved by the User.
Next Time if you purchase a new Dell PC, Always remember to make the Recovery Media using Dell Backup... Read more

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I tried enabling BitLocker on my C: drive, and before I got to any BitLocker setup, a window appeared that said Windows Recovery Environment was being moved, and "You will no longer be able to use Windows Recovery Environment unless it is manually enabled and moved to the system drive." It was the warning from Scenario 1 Step 5 of this article: Scenario 1: Turning On BitLocker Drive Encryption on an Operating System Drive (Windows 7) I ended up not encrypting my drive with BitLocker, and found that my system partition is 199 MB. So, how do I "manually enable" Windows Recovery Environment and "move it to the system drive"?

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Have been given a laptop by my Grandson to try and repair.
It is a Sony Vaio PCG 9Y2M
Relatively New about 2 plus years or so , am not aware what amount of memory is fitted

The reported fault symptom was computer would not boot up.

Unfortunately the recovery disks have been lost.

Have tried to boot up umpteen times eventually was faced with a start-up repair which there were no options only to agree! Thiswent on and on for ages re-loading files eventually the computer came to a halt with a message:-
Instruction at 0x 7425a50d referenced memory at 0x00000030. The memory could not be read.

Click OK to terminate the programme.

At this stage the whole computer locked up , the pointer froze and the only way to get out was to switch off the computer which I eventually did.

As it is I cannot get the computer to boot agfain and believe that I will require recovery disks of some type? do these have to be SONY or will and Vista Recovery Disks do the job?

I cannot get Windows Vista to appear at all to even get into safe mode to do a CHKDSK /F

Would be most grateful for any inputs as to where I go from here !

Thank You


A:Windows Vista On Sony Vaio PCG9Y2M Recovery

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My Vaio Just got so many viruses and worms it died. All infected files were found in SYSTEM32 folder and would not boot up. When I tried to load system recovery it says that ****.sys could not be loaded. sorry about not knowing the filename but I couldnt remember and it is no longer showing me the error because I used fdisk to format and then installed windows 98SE just to try and get a operating sytem on it so that I could troubleshoot. My question is there seems to be a partition left on the drive and I think that's what is hurting me. Can anybody help me with any expierience in hard drive partitions and getting the vaio system recovery discs to load up? please help i hate to buy another drive because of my own stupidity. :giddy:

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I am hoping to get everyone's opinion on what to "upgrade" to from my 5 year old Sony Vaio. I work at home and use a 2nd monitor as well. I used to upgrade every few years but they dont make Vaio's anymore and I am having trouble finding a laptop with newer/better hardware to replace my aging Vaio.

My Sony Vaio VPCF127FX consists of:
- Windows 7 64bit
- Intel i7 CPU (740QM @1.73GHz)
- 8 GB RAM (full capacity)
- 500GB SSD Samsumg EVO(upgraded from original HDD)
- 16.4" screen size

I need:
- Atl east 15" screen. bigger the better

I have gone to all the local computer shops such as best buy, office depot, frys, etc but I have yet to find a laptop that is a significant upgrade to this one. I have seen some samsung laptops that look nice but aren't much faster. Any help is greatly appreciated!

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I am having issues booting my windows 7 (service pack 1) laptop and I have been online trying fixes for hours. Based on the evidence it seems I most likely have a corrupt ntdll.dll in my system32 folder. One forum I read said to get the file from a computer with the same installation of windows and replace it using the recovery console. I tried this, but I get the message:

"The requested operation cannot be performed on a file with a user-mapped section open."

I assume this means some process has the file open. If this is the case, is there any way I can close it to copy over the corrupt version?

(All my restore points failed, startup recovery failed, sfc said it fixed corrupt files, but issue persists, and diskcheck said no problems so I am really out of options)


A:Replace corrupt system file from windows 7 recovery console

We should be able to fix this, but first I need to see a report from the System File Checker and we can go from there, follow the instructions below to run the check and post the log produced.
System File Checker
Click on Start and type cmd in the search box. Right click on cmd in the popup menu and select Run as Administrator.
Another box will open, at the Command Prompt, type sfc /scannow and press Enter. (Note the gap between the c and the /)
Let the check run to completion. DO NOT reboot the PC or close the cmd window.
Copy & Paste the following command at the Command Prompt and press Enter:

findstr /c:"[SR]" %windir%\logs\cbs\cbs.log >%userprofile%\Desktop\sfcdetails.txt
This will place a file on your desktop called sfcdetails.txt which contains the results of the scan.
Copy and Paste the contents of the file into your next post.


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I hope this is the correct Forum subsection to post this.

So I made a mistake while taking on a friend's problematic sony vaio laptop. They were wanting to install a newly purchased Kaspersky av, but after uninstalling the old version of Kaspersky there was a problem with an unresponsive usb mouse & mouse pad. I wasn't able to resolve the issue through various repair programs and manually reinstalling the driver, which was giving off the error code of not being properly installed or functioning. With owners consent, I decided to let Vaio Care to bring the computer back to factory condition. (I wish the owner had the owners manual to this thing.)

I made sure to backup all of the files that the owner needed saved, but failed to make any sort of backup recovery disk for the computer. Not sure if it's too late to do so, but the computer will not boot to windows any longer. I get a white blinking cursor on a black background immediately after Vaio disappears from the screen upon bootup, but cannot do anything with it.

I made a windows 7 home premium iso dvd, and when booting from it I reinstalled windows onto one of the 3 partitions on the hd (the largest of the 3 which was labeled "Primary" type). Of the other two partitions, one was labeled "Primary" and was named "System Reserved" but only 101MB, and the other was labeled "System" and was named "Recovery" and is 7.7GB. When installing, the computer does a ... Read more

A:HELP Windows 7 clean install on Sony Vaio laptop w/o recovery discs

Hello newtechy and welcome to Seven Forums.

I think the best thing to do is a clean install following the instructions in this tutorial that was prepared by one of the Forum experts. There's a special note for Sony Vaio owners at the bottom.

Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7

I have a Vaio and I followed these instructions. I can say from personal experience this will work. I eliminated all Sony factoryware (Vaio Care, Vaio Control Center, Vaio Gate, etc) and I haven't missed any of it. The most important thing is once the computer is up and running with all Windows Updates, make a system image. When all of the additional programs are installed and updated, all personal tweaks are made, etc and you're sure the computer is working the way it's supposed to, make another system image. This can be your go-to master image that would take the place of that hidden recovery partition. And it would be even better because it would be more up to date than a factory recovery partition ever could be.

Have your friend stick to a schedule of maybe one a week or once a month and make a new system image. The more frequent the images the more up to date a restore will be. This can eliminate the need for recovery disks as well. Depending on which imaging software you decide to use, it would be a good idea to create a "system repair disk". This is just a single disk that will let you boot the computer should the entire operating system crash. From this single d... Read more

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A month ago or so I made a copy of the recovery partition using the Windows option to create recovery unit, and when it finished I chose the option to delete recovery partition from the internal hard drive.

A new 25 GB hard drive appeared, everything was fine.

Now I would like to sell this laptop but I don't know how to put the recovery partition back in its place or if it's even possible.

I know the backup it's complete because the data size t's the same and when i tried it, the restore was from the scratch, even with the sony wizard before the windows configuration.

Any ideas? thanks

A:Put Windows 8 recovery inside laptop hard drive, Sony Vaio

Just give the buyer a set of the restore discs. If you want to restore it out of the box, you need to use the Sony Recovery out of the box option. The 25gb partition is probably due to having Windows 8.1 on it, if you have installed 8.1.

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im using vpceh25en sony vaio laptop, i have changed my os to windows 7 ultimate from basic version, now i need to use basic version, i have recovery discs but i dont know the steps for installing os. can anyone give me the steps to do it...

A:how to install windows 7 basic from recovery discs for sony vaio vpceh25en

Reinstalling can wipe out what you have on it right now but it's simple as inserting the recovery disk and rebooting the pc.
First make sure your pc is set to bood off the dvd drive first, this is done in bios under boot options. To enter bios just hit which ever key it says to enter setup. Insert disk 1 of the recovery disk and then follow the on screen instructions.

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I have a SONY VAIO laptop with Windows XP Home version. It crashed several times during daily uses. So I tried to format the whole harddisk and reinstall Windows XP Home version. But it failed to format the harddisk. I also tried to install Windows 2000 but got the same problem. I'm thinking of that the harddisk may got damaged. If so, the question is how to replace it? I couldnot find any instructions on it.
PLEASE PLEASE help. It affected my life so much. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!


A:How to replace harddisk for SONY VAIO laptop

check the sony website to make sure that your hdd was not a defect one that they will replace. i have a sony vaio desktop, and they are replacing many hard disk drives because they malfunction when exposed to humid or hot weather.

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I recently contacted Sony to send me their series of Recovery media to restore my Windows 7 home premium 64 bit. Looks like the hard drive was wiped on the computer and now when I try to recover Windows using the DVDs they sent I'm running into all kinds of issues.

I'm not sure how to proceed to get Windows 7 back on my laptop.

I changed the BIOS to boot from DVD but not I'm stuck on the System Recovery Options menu. There's no system image to restore (I don't think), I can't restore Windows to an earlier point because it no longer exists on the computer, STartup repair won't work because it can't fix any problems that are preventing it from starting.

At one point I even got this message: " "Cannot use this recovery disc for this computer. Confirm the model type." - so my system isn't recognizing the machine because the recovery partition is gone.
I created a new partition but now I'm not sure what to do to move forward.

any thoughts or feedback is appreciated.


A:Sony Vaio formatted hard drive & windows recovery media- cant install

YOu would not want System Recovery Options to boot the Recovery Disks. Put the first one in the drive, reboot and press the F12 key until you receive a Boot Menu, choose DVD drive to boot - unless you have a EFI BIOS in which case you should boot the DVD as a EFI/UEFI DVD drive.

Once you successfully boot the disk it should start Recovery, prompting for the subsequent disk(s).

If this fails then boot into System Recovery Options to open a Command Line to run Diskpart Clean Command which can overcome problems running Recovery media.

Be aware that Factory Recovery is a grossly inferior install larded with bloatware and duplicate utilities that interfere with better versions built into Win7. For that reason most tech enthusiasts prefer to Clean Reinstall Windows 7 to get true Win7 performance. We can help you do this if you want. It discusses in Step 1 how to find the reinstallation media.

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Hi guys: My problem was started by crashing my windows 10 soon after Logging windows password.?First of all  I tried Recovering by F11 method. But an error showed up saying Your device needs to repaired and not connected kr cant be acessed (Code: 0xc000000f).?Then i tried Repairing windows from bootable windows 10 USB but again it failed too (Error was startup repair cant repiar your system).?After trying this when i pulled my usb out,  i was not able to start my windows because on startup ,before windows 10 logo ,every time an error showed up saying (No bootable device - insert boot disk and press any key)?So i thought i could help my self by formatting c: drive and installing new windows from usb. But again i failed , error saying (your partition is of GTP type) after formatting c:?So To get rid of (no bootable device) error on stratup i thought i can get rid of it by formatting MBR partition and another very first partition labelling System. Both of them were 26OMB and 128MB respectively.But nothing happened after formatting both of them too.  I forgot to tell that apart from builtin windows 10... i had installed windows 7 too in my system long before all this story.when everything was Alright.?At this moment following Partitions are on my Hard drive.?Partition 1:  260 MB , Typeystem , Name: MBR, ( Currently formatted by me, mentioned above)Partition 2:  120MB, Typeystem, Name: (I dont remember lable , but i formatted i... Read more


Yes. Send a picture of the partition layout. I fear you have created quite a mess here and I wonder if maybe there is a problem with the hard drive. Have you run an F2 diagnostic scan on the hard drive? 

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Looks like I'm gonna need to replace the mobo and I need some guidance on how to remove the liquid-cooling apparatus. The heatsink has some copper tubing that carries the coolant to and from the "radiator" which is located in the higher compartment. There must be a trick to it. I have searched but cannot seem to find a manual.

Can anyone here help me with this?



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Hello, I need to replace a new dvd burner into sony vaio desktop comp pcv rx755(uc). I do not know how to remove the old dvd-rom and slide the new burner in. How to open the top cover of the computer case , then I may have chance to take the old dvd-rom out. I tried so many times but failed to open the top cover. Thanks..appreciated.


A:replace new dvd burner into SONY Vaio desktop PCV RX755(UC)

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Hello can any one tell me if i can replace the oem power supply in my sony vaio pcv -rx756 if i can could you please tell me what the best kind would be to replace it with thanks for any and all help

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I recently deleted (2) partitions that was suppose to be Win 10 partitions from a "roll back" left on the PC, by using a partition mini tool. It turned out to be the Win 8.1 PBR Image drive & WINRETOOLS drive for system recovery environment
to reset the PC.
The partition mini tool is capable of data recovery and even if recover the lost partitions files, will the PC be able to register the system recovery environment properly for reset the PC?
The following (screenshot attachments) are to advise a attempt to rebuild the (2) partitions files after recovery, in a (New simple volume disk) from disk management, since both partitions are now "unallocated". Or just reinstall the OS with PC

Lee Payne

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I have a Sony Vaio PCG-SR5K Laptop. How do I remove the Hard Drive. Does any one have a link to a service manual or part of, to show how this done?

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I have a Sony Vaio VGN-NR120E. I need to replace the hard disk and I have found little so far that tells me for sure how to do it or whether it is under the keyboard or accessed from the bottom.

I need specific instructions on how to replace the hard disk in this particular model.

A:Solved: How do I replace the hard disk in this Sony Vaio VGN-NR120E?

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Hi all,

My laptop hard disc drive was failing and so whilst under warranty it was sent away to be replaced. I have it back now but in 'My Computer' the recovery partition is not visible, only the main C: drive.

However, when I open disc management there are two recovery partitions listed (one ~27 GB and one ~1 GB) along with an OEM partition and an EFI system partition. My concern is I don't have the option to assign any of these drives a letter to make them visible in My Computer, should I be worried or is this common place?

A:Recovery Partition - Windows 8

I have a Samsung laptop. When I bought it and fired it up for the first time I was given the options to choose my partition size or none at all. I choose none at all which give me exactly what you have. I still have my recovery partition it's just hidden. This may what have happened when it was setup with the new HDD. Now I have created a partition and I'm dual booting windows 7/8.1 and have a C and D drive along with the hidden system recovery partition.

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Hey all, I have a question about making a recovery partition. I've got a Dell that came with W7 and has since gotten a clean install of 8. However, the recovery partition is from W7 and I'm assuming it has all the crap Dell preloaded on it. Is there a way I can make a new recovery partition or install 8 over the existing one?


A:Windows 8.1 recovery partition

As far as I've been able to determine the Factory Restore/Recovery partition is created during the build of the computer. The HDDs are usually clones from a master setup for a particular model and the procedure to restore from that partition relies on more than just having the software on that partition to get the restore started. I've not come across any software that can do the same for individuals wishing to create the same procedure. Same for the program that is created or modified to allow making the CDs or DVDs for the Factory Restore. In practical terms, changing to an OS that didn't come with the machine pretty much creates a Custom computer of it.

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Hello. My Laptop was pre-installed with windows 7 Home Premium on C:
Some months ago, I have it installed with windows 8.1 on C:, and 7 Ultimate on B: (lol yes B).
I found out that the 7 Ultimate isn't legit, and also found out that I actually has Recovery Partition. so I want to recover the win 7 Home Premium, but to overwrite B: partition.
Can this actually be done?

My laptop is Asus G53JW btw. Thanks in advance.

A:Recovery Windows to Another Partition

No, the recovery process will write to C:

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Just wondering... I will be upgrading to Windows 7 from Vista and would like to know if it will automatically create it's own recovery partition and replace the one for Vista? My Compaq came pre-installed with a separate recovery partition for Vista. I was wondering, if I need to do a re-installation of Windows 7 in the future at some point, how would I go about it with just the Windows 7 upgrade disk...

A:Windows 7 recovery partition..

Hu zzuebe2, welcome to the forums.

The recovery partition you have & the partition the Se7en sets up are sompletely different.

The Vista recovery is a complete backup of your OS so if you need to you can 'return to factory' settings. This is normally done by selecting a 3rd party 'System Restore' from the Start Menu or during the POST bootup.

The 'recovery' partition for Se7en is in case you need to run a repair install which only (mainly) replaces/reinstalls important operating/system files to the same state as when you first installed.

Installing Se7en over your vista partition will leave the second partition as a (quite frankly) useless drive and still setup a 100MB recovery partition . If you wish to still use the 3rd party 'System Restore' you will need to upgrade from Vista to Se7en do doubt about it. This will, however, completely wipe all data from the drive & set it back to how you first opened the box.

Hope that answers you question


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Hello, I recently purchased a ThinkCentre M720 Desktop noticed that a WIndows Rrecovery partition wass included in the system?  My question is what do I do /  how do I create, a recovery option in the event the system experiences a fatal crash?Thank youBob  

A:Recovery Partition and Windows 10

Hi Bob! Welcome to our forums community. Your question was answered on this link: https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/ThinkPad-T25-Anniversary-Edition/recovery-partition/td-p/4038358.
You can download the recovery image file from Microsoft website: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10. All you need is a Blank USB drive with atleast 8GB or blank DVD. Hope that answers your question. Regards

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Is it possible to create a recovery partition on C: for windows 8 pro 64 bit? if it CAN be done then how would one go about doing it? Have 500gb hdd so plenty of space.

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Hi all,I have a Lenovo E560 that came pre-installed with windows 7 (GPT partition). GPT limits my encryption options and so I want to re-Install windows 7 and use MBR partition..I created Recovery media to 4 CD's.As per link below this describes how I should recover OS with MBR. https://support.lenovo.com/ie/en/documents/win8-dwgrd  ie: Boot to Rescue and recovery CD, choose factory restore , select partition style GPT or MBR.My problem is that when I boot to rescue and recovery via CD I am never given an option to Choose partition style ? Is there an updated Rescue and recovery CD that I need to create that does give me this option ? Thx,R

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I'm upgrading a Compaq Presario running XP that has a recovery partition installed by the manufacturer. It's my understanding that the recovery partition will be useless after the upgrade. Should the drive be reformatted and the partition deleted?

A:Windows XP Recovery Partition

If you want XP do not delete the recovery partition.

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The hard drive in my laptop just died, it was a 250gb 2.5" SATA hard drive, I'd like to replace it with a Corsair FORCE GT SATA 3, 210 GB solid state drive. Can someone tell me if this will work?

Thank you

A:Solved: Replace SATA hard drive with a SSD SATA3 in a Sony Vaio pcg-7153L

Yes, it should work. You won't get the full speed of the SSD due to the laptop's SATA controller only being SATA 2(3GB/s) but it should work and be a lot faster.

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