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I Can't Delete My Folders In Msgamingzone And Other Folders

Q: I Can't Delete My Folders In Msgamingzone And Other Folders

Hi, I can't delete my folder in my msngamingzone, once i delete it, it just comes back. If i try to delete the whole file it says access denied. My other folders have this same promblem. I used my anti-virus to check if there's any virus but it says that there is no virus,spyware etc.

Preferred Solution: I Can't Delete My Folders In Msgamingzone And Other Folders

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: I Can't Delete My Folders In Msgamingzone And Other Folders

Hello as you have an HiJack This log already posted and awaiting your attention. Please do not make alterations to your PC as the HJT team will clean your PC. I'm closing this Topic so you can better help yourself.Your Log that requires a response is here:http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/ind...mp;#entry774873

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I come across this a lot:

I can delete all contents of a folder, but not the folder itself. After hibernation or restart, I can delete the folder just fine. What gives?

I am running an administrator account and I've turned off the UAE.


A:Can't delete folders, sometimes

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Hi, i have over 100 different folders in Internet Explorer. Since the computer is for another family member i need to clean it all. I do not find the posssibility to delete them, except one by one.

Do not want to reinstall IE either.

Any suggestions to get over with it fast?



A:is there a way to delete all the IE folders

What folders do you mean - The favourites? I only have 18 in My program files/Internet explorer.

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There are 2 folders on my newly "reset" w10 laptop desktop. I've tried the permissions and security settings changes that are all over the internet and I've tried the read only removal method but I need permission to change any of these permissions and all I get is an error report telling me I need permission. Only one account on the computer and it is the administrator account. I've tried IObit and Malware removal/unlocking tools but either there is nothing to unlock, or as far as the software is concerned there is nothing to delete. One folder has 2 shortcuts in and one has a .txt file in. How do I get rid of this garbage please?

A:cant delete folders

I didn't really solve this, I just re-reset the computer and used the delete files option

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I have a Dell XP 710 with four SATA hard drives. When I was installing Vista on the new C:\ drive the secondary drive was D:\ from the old OS. On the D:\ I have two files called Windows and oldProgram Files. I want to delete them but it won't let me know matter what I've tried. I'm thinking with the Intel Core2 it was using D:\ as a cache drive or something for more speed but it doesn't now and I would just like to delete those two files :-( I have even went to the Command prompt and went to D:\ Drive as the administrator and it won't let me delete the files even individually. I might have put Vista on D to start with and then put it on c:\ It's kind of one of those things that just bug the heck out of you but do no harm. Thought of just buying another hard drive just to get rid of those two dang files. PLEASE someone help me on this. Remember the D drive was with the Dell when this all started and might be partitioned. I'm pretty savy with computers but not on this I guess. Some have told me to reformat or go get a new hard drive.

A:Can't delete folders

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Just a question I hope someone can answer.
I recently installed my OS on a new hard drive. I then reinstalled all my programs on the new hard drive. After reinstalling all my programs, I deleted the old windows directory/folder from the original hard drive and then all the programs that were still left on it. However, I have been unsuccessful at deleting the 'Adobe\Acrobat 10' and 'Adobe Reader 10.01' folders. I get the message "You need permission to perform this action." "You require permission from SYSTEM to make changes to this folder." I even went to the root directory (H) where these folders reside and set full permissions for Authenticated Users, SYSTEM, Administrators and Users. Still no joy. I continue to get the above messages when trying to delete these two folders. Any suggestions?
Thanks in advance.

A:Cannot Delete Folders

Unlocker may work for you
Unlocker by Cedrick 'Nitch' Collomb

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I have XP Pro on my C drive. I have an E drive for storing digital pictures. I have wound up with two folders on that drive ,one is empty and the other has 2 files that it says has been deleted. It won't let me delete either folder. They are bugging me. How can I get rid of them?

A:Delete Folders

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I have just noticed that I can't delete 2 of my folders on one of my hard drives. It is not on the C drive. I get the following message,

This is no longer located in F:/programs/spectrasonics/sage/sage/libraries/userlibraries/convertedrexfiles. Verify the items location and try again.

I have tried rebooting in safe mode and shift delete. I have ownership of the Drive so it isn't that.

Any ideas please?

A:Can't Delete Some Folders

The only thing that comes to mind here is some glitch with the master file table on the drive, which shows the files as still existing when they have been deleted - I have not seen this type of error for a long time but you may want to try a chkdsk on the drive and see if any errors are shown.

if you right click on the drive and select tools there is an option there - although you may be better running the command itself from within a command prompt or even from the install DVD's command prompt.

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I installed W7 and imported(copied) my previous files from WXP to W7. I find that ALL the folders I pasted and their contents are marked as Read Only, consequently was unable to edit any of the files. I was able to remove the RO attribute with the DOS command "attrib -r DIRECTORY\*.*/s" where DIRECTORY was the path to the folder in question. All the file RO attributes were removed, even in the sub-folders, however the RO attribute remains on the folders. How can I remove the RO attributes from the folders so I can delete or otherwise edit them?

A:Can't delete folders

Hello Blockie,

You would just need to add the /d switch to it to include the directories (folders) so the command looks like this below instead now.

attrib -r DIRECTORY\*.* /s /d

Hope this helps,

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i got some folders on my drive that i didn't put there and when i go to try to delete them it says i need permission from an account that doesn't even exist on my computer i tried to give myself full control rights but it tells me it can't do it and these folders have weird names like 0b22434740a8c5a86c9af48a there is 8 of these folders i would appreciate any help you can give

A:Can't delete folders

Quote: Originally Posted by anqnbldnfn81

i got some folders on my drive that i didn't put there and when i go to try to delete them it says i need permission from an account that doesn't even exist on my computer i tried to give myself full control rights but it tells me it can't do it and these folders have weird names like 0b22434740a8c5a86c9af48a there is 8 of these folders i would appreciate any help you can give

I suspect these are folders that were created when you installed applications. If that is the case the owner should be "trusted installer" You can either
take ownership. instructions here Take Ownership Shortcut

add yourself to the trusted installer group.

Let us know if you need help with this

Ken J+

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I have a computer that's running Win XP. It's a fairly old desktop. I'm trying to go through and uninstall/delete unnecessary software and/or folders. The problem I'm having is the folders won't delete. At first they will, but when I reboot.....they're back. These are the lesser important folders (xerox, microsoft frontpage, etc.).

So far I been using Revo Uninstall and also I tried to unlock the folders then delete.....nothing.

It's not really that important, it's just bothering me.


A:Folders will not delete

Craig might I suggest just for to try you run a sfc and a chkdsk in safe mode if necessary.

The other option is to go into the registry and look for the software keys and delete them there but do back up the registry before you do that. If things go belly up you can always merge back the registry entries
Registry - Backup and Restore am not sure if it applicable to XP but would not be that different.

The type regedit in the Stat window > run as admin > go to the HKEYs LOCAL MACHINE and CURRENT USER open up the Software see my pic for just an example you must make sure you are on the software you want to get rid of and it must be done as admin controlled. If you are not sure please post back for help.

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Hello fellow members,
In my workings with Windows 7, I have come across a few folders that have been created by the system or and installation, they are all locked and are a number/letter combination type name. The first contains a copy of iesetup.exe dated 2/8/2009. The second contains an MPsigStub.exe dated 5/21/10, the third has an amd64 folder that shows up as empty, I didn't have show hidden files on. The fourth has another iesetup.exe same date, ie8.msu same date, a .dll same date and a eula.rtf dated 2/12/09. I do not believe that they are required but I have been wrong enough times to ask more learned and experienced people about it. May I safely delete them?
Thanks for any assistance.

A:Are these Folders Necessary or can I delete.

Best approach would be to back them up to a separate folder on an external drive, then delete them from the hdd. If all runs well say for a week or so, you can delete the backup, if things start messing up, just restore those files/folders.

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By accident i installed Windows Vista on my my secondary hard drive and not my primary.
My secondary holds all my music and pictures etc...
I tried to delete all the operating system folders but im left with "Program Files" and "Windows"
When i try to delete them i get the message "You need permission to perform this action"
Can anyone help me delete these two folders because they are taking up space i need?

Thank you

A:Cant Delete Folders

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i have tried everything nearly to delete a few folders i have but no success... any ideas ?? i cant remember every way i tried but i tried programs like unlocker, killbox and nothing. tried closing explorer in task mgr and no go. tried through cmd and no go. i ran a hijack this log and noticed that there are quite a few with "file missing" or "no file". here is the log. any ideas what i can do
Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.0 (BETA)
Scan saved at 5:47:50 PM, on 4/10/2007
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Microsoft IntelliType Pro\type32.exe
C:\Program Files\Microsoft IntelliPoint\point32.exe
C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe
C:\Documents and Settings\lazarus\Desktop\HiJackThis_v2.exe

R1 - HKCU\Software\Micros... Read more

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windows 7

right click desktop, new, folder. That is the folders I can not delete

I made folders to store pictures, junk etc. These folders can not be deleted by windows even in safe mode.

I can make another folder and stick it in the folder I am trying to delete. example one folder is titled junk, I can make a folder and stick it inside folder titled junk and delete the folder, but soon as I do a new folder titled junk is back on my desktop. file names can not be changed .
To sum this up the folders can't be deleted and if I find a way to delete one it pops back up once it is deleted.

A:Can not delete folders

Are you logged in with a non-administrative account?

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copied my music folder onto a external hdd, some of the files have become corrupted or unreadable and now i cant delete them from the drive and the ones i have managed to delete are stuck in my recycle bin which i can no longer empty. when deleting the folder from the hdd drive i get 'cannot delete <folder name> the directory is not empty' and when i try to empty my recycle bin i get 'cannot read file. cannot read from source file or disk' when i try to delete some of the folders in the recycle bin i get either that the file is corrupted and unreadable or that it cannot read from source disk, i tried to run dskchk and it did something but i still cant delete the files on the external hdd

please can someone help me out?

A:cannot delete folders

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A:What are these folders/can I delete them?

The $UPGRADE.~OS Folder contains the temp. installation files when you upgraded from your previous OS. Do NOT delete them manually. Perform a disk clean up, (Check the tick box where it says 'Temporary OS upgrade files (it might differ)' or something) and the folder will disappear. I'm not sure about that second folder, can u post a screen shot once your inside the folder?

Hope this helps,

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i have created sub-folders for the hundreds of artists that i have mp3s of. I have realized that it severly slows down any search functions built into windows itself or wmp11. Is there any software or steps i could follow to delete the folders only, and not the files inside them. i looked briefly and thought that i would go to a forum to ask advice. Please help.

A:delete folders, not what's in them?

Hello, welcome to TSF

Unfortunately, there is no easy way (atleast one that is known to me). I can think of two ways you can get your music out.

1. Manually cut, paste and delete
2. Use the search function, looking for files with the MP3 extension and let it search. It should list all your files (eventually) then just copy them all and paste them somewhere.

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I uninstalled Adobe Acrobat 7 Pro today. It left a few folders and when I attempt to delete them, I get the message, "You need permission to perform this action"

"You require permission from SYSTEM to make changes to this folder"

I don't have a clue what to do. Please help.


A:Please help me delete some folders

Are you an administrator on the machine or a standard user ?

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Can i delete this folders?


or any folders that i can delete, ?

And dont ask me why i want to delete it, well i dont like to have things doing nothing in my computer thats why...

A:Folders to delete?

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I recently changed my OS to Windows 8 to see what all the fuss was about.
I have returned to 7 but the Folders that 8 created can't be deleted.

When pressing the delete function it appears to be recycling the folder as requested.
After a few minutes it gives up a box that states "You'll need to provide Administrator permission to delete Folder" The options are Cancel & Skip, or Continue.
On pressing continue it continues to run for a couple of minutes before another pop up box appears stating "Need permission from philip-PC/admin to make changes.
This is me! There are no other users on my PC.

I have two of these files and they are taking up approx 20Gb which I could really use for better things.
Is there anyone who could help?

Thank you

A:Can't delete old folders

Try this .... Windows.old Folder - Delete

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Hello all,

Im running an awesome western digital essentials 320GB USB hard drive its great i leave it plugged in all the time on an always on PC its really great and the drive stores every picture and mp3 i have.

when trying to do some maintenance on my music collection i noticed that some folders wont delete, it says something about it being in use at this time.

occasionally if i keep jamming away at the DEL button it will eventually be removed (trying every ten mins or so)

ive checked the security tabs and there is no restrictions in place for this drive and i have no special drivers for it or any other unusual security features.

its an irritation now its been going on for about a yeah and now i have lots of empty folders.

any tips?

A:can not delete folders

Maybe this will help
Folder - Delete from Command Prompt
Maybe this

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After a very bad infestation I could not access the folder options, nor connect to any anti virus page to download it. Yes, I usually do not have any anti virus installed because I do not browse internet too often.
So I followed a bad link and ... puff!
Finally I managed to get rid of all the downloaders and trojans. One of them, I remember was vundo.
I deleted all the folders in my hard drive minus 2:
- One folder contained all the info I don't want to miss. Could not back up because is ~100 gb.
- One folder that was in the documents and settings folder that I cannot delete.

I deleted all other folders and files, including windows and reinstalled windows xp.

I logged in secure mode and still could not erase it. I used the program "remover" and could remove some subfolders, but it does not work with many other subfolders.
The subfolders I cannot erase look empty when I put the pointer on them, but show other subfolders when scanned with avira antivirus. If I try to access those subfolder windows xp shows the message
"C:\route\foldername is not accesible
Access is denied"
if I try to delete it normaly it will show
"cannot delte Foldername: Access is denied"

I changed the name of the folders using the program "remover" just to be sure in case that there are still some trojans there, since I cannot see what are the information contained.

Could some one give some hits about what could I do to remove that folder?
Format is ... Read more

A:Cannot delete folders

OK, I figured how to fix the problem.
Here is the deal, in case any one else can use it.

First read the following link about how to own folders.
Once I owned all folders and files was easy to erase everything.

I had a couple of files that could not be deleted , even when owned. But "Unlocker" helped with that.

Thank you to every body who make this forum possible.

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Through some obvious fault of my own, and probably during one of two complete Windows 7 Ultimate reinstalls, I ended up with four of five folders within my ?ProgramData? folder that appear to belong to another user. Since I am the only user on the system, and since Win 7 tells me that I need permission from myself to access these files, I was confused.

Two of these folders had data from both Nero, and Nuance. Attempting to upgrade either of these applications failed, probably due the protected, or read-only, status of these folders. While I couldn't erase them, I was able to rename them. While that then cause both applications to fail, reinstalling these applications with straightforward, and I'm no longer locked out of these folders.

That just leaves the two folders that I renamed, and am unable to delete under any circumstances. I even tried booting the system under a standalone Linux, and any attempt to delete these folders failed there also. This situation is more of a net, or annoyance, then any major problem, but I would be happy to listen to anyone's ideas about how I might delete these folders.

Thanks for your time.


A:Can't delete folders,,,,,

Quote: Originally Posted by JLOB

Through some obvious fault of my own, and probably during one of two complete Windows 7 Ultimate reinstalls, I ended up with four of five folders within my ?ProgramData? folder that appear to belong to another user. Since I am the only user on the system, and since Win 7 tells me that I need permission from myself to access these files, I was confused.

Two of these folders had data from both Nero, and Nuance. Attempting to upgrade either of these applications failed, probably due the protected, or read-only, status of these folders. While I couldn't erase them, I was able to rename them. While that then cause both applications to fail, reinstalling these applications with straightforward, and I'm no longer locked out of these folders.

That just leaves the two folders that I renamed, and am unable to delete under any circumstances. I even tried booting the system under a standalone Linux, and any attempt to delete these folders failed there also. This situation is more of a net, or annoyance, then any major problem, but I would be happy to listen to anyone's ideas about how I might delete these folders.

Thanks for your time.


You need to take ownership of the files/folders. Go here and download the shortcut which will add the take ownership to your right click context menu. Simply right click the folders and they are yours to do with as you wish. Take O... Read more

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I am trying to delete several folders on my second hard drive, but it brings up an error stating they cannot be deleted as they are in use by another program or person. As far as I can tell they are not in use by anyone. I have tried to delete them in safe mode and that doesn't work either. Virus and adware scans bring up nothing and I am at a loss as to what to do. I can delete other folders on the same drive, just not this selection. I can't move them or copy them either. Any suggestions most welcome!


A:Cant delete folders?

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As the attachements show, there are 7 Roxio/Sonic files[shared] in Ccleaner but I do not use Roxio or Sonic.
There are also tons of Silverlight files in Ccleaner along with as many Activex/Com issue.
Also, there are Ubuntu and VM files in Windows Explorer which I tried but thought I removed.
>Question, can I remove them?

I was trying to get Ccleaner to run out of a VM so I could delete all if there was trouble.
Is the best way to 'image' prior to running Ccleaner or is there a better way?

If I restore the registry and there is trouble will system restore recover from the trouble?
Thank you for the help.

A:Possible folders to delete?

With a VM you are looking at a file stored on the drive you can copy to another location but would need to copy back to the same if the original becomes pooched in any way and hopefully will be recognised as valid. I've made backups of VMs that simply wouldn't load up later on a few occasions.

For your main drive and OS a full system image backup is the smart move prior to seeing any large changes made while those temp folders are clutter! Read the guide there.

If you are finding them empty or with one or two log files dump them! It won't hurt anything. CCleaner isn't generally siomething you would run on a VM however since you rarely won't find any large clutter except for some rare occasion.

As far as the registry however it depends on the type of restoration and by what means you are referring to. If you trash the registry on a VM and it won't run then you would need to create a new one to replace it unlike a regular host OS install where you could boot live from the Windows dvd to run the system restore feature or restore a full system image while booting live.

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I have Dell Deminsions with XP. There are two folders that I made containing music. They both tell me they are empty, however I can't delete them. I have used Move on Boot and Unlocker but no help. when I right click they tell me they are read only. When I uncheck them and try to delete they revert back to read only. One says the name is too long but will not let me rename it. The other tells me it is not a valid folder. It had been suggested that I use command prompt and delete them with msdos but I don't know msdos. They both show music and singer but will not delete. Any help you can give me will be appreciated. Thanks for your time. James

A:can't delete folders

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In my Windows explorer hierchy there are a lot of folders for XP operating system that i cant seem to get rid of no matter what i do. ones like netmeeting,frontpage,outlook express,moviemaker,etc, allstuff i dont use or want......any ideas?thanks!!!!

A:cant delete several folders

if you go into the control panels, can you add/remove the applications?... some of the applications such as Netmeeting, Moviemaker are integrated components of XP and I don't believe they can be removed (although I could be wrong )

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Reinstalled Vista yesterday, unfortunately had to install on D: as i could not free up enough space on C: Problem now is that i can't delete the old windows folder or it's contents on C: so i have 10GB+ wasted on this folder alone. I am having similar issues with other programs like Adobe.

I have tried turning off and on UAC.

Have been into folder properties/security/advanced/owners and changed ownership to my user name, with the option for "replace owner on sub folders and objects" also selected.

I still am told that i need permission.

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

A:Can't Delete Folders

I understand that you want to remove windows.old

Windows.old Folder - Delete

Be sure that you have everything backed up or installed on the computer before deleting.

Use an adminstrator account

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I enabled the built in Administrator account just to explore it and it took about 70MB in my C drive again. My question is if I delete that User folder after disabling the account in lusrmgr, does that folder come again configure itself for the first use like it does every first time for every new user account? Or am I ruining the administrator account permanently by deleting it? Not for space saving just curious.

A:Can I delete the User folders if I don't use them?

I have a Virtual Machine - so I...
...enabled the build in Administrator account
...logged on to it
...restarted the VM
...logged on to the normal admin account
...deleted the user folder for the build in Administrator account
...logged back into the build in Administrator account
...got a warning that it was a temporary user profile.

I try to use the tab named Advanced on the System Properties applet to delete accounts and their files. Doing it that way cleans up the list of accounts in the registry. You cannot delete the Default account or the build in Administrator account via the System Properties applet... so, you are left with manually deleting the user profile files for the build in Administrator account.

As indicated above, the next time that you attempt to log on to the administrator account, the system will create a temporary user profile. You can prevent this by manually fixing the list of user accounts in the registry, but using a temp profile for the build in Administrator account is both good and bad.

The good is - the TEMP user profile goes away when you log off. That saves space for those that are running out of it. There are some slight security benefits to operating this way too.

The bad is - some software installations that require a restart might fail since the temp folder under the TEMP profile folder structure will be deleted prior to the reboot.

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It appears that MS update has created a couple of folders and I am not able to delete them.

Usually, MS update does not automatically download files and I update them manually. However, today, as I lost power, I decided to shut down and saw a message which told me not to turn off power and that the computer will shut down after the update was installed. The message said - installing update 1 of 1. Then for a very long time (almost 10 minutes) it kept flashing the message and I saw disk activity. I was a bit suspicious as to what was going on. Eventually I powered the computer off as I would have run out of the battery backup time of 10-15 minutes anyway.

Later, when I restarted the computer, I saw using TinyWatcher that many files were installed that were related to NET framework and CardSpace, and so on. Later I noticed that there were a couple of folders on my E drive. They have names like - 73b4a371aeaf1a199b6c6cb6. Inside one folder I saw that there were folders named - dotnetfx20, dotnetfx30, etc. I tried to delete the parent folder but I get a message saying 'access denied'. In the properties I saw that it was 'read only', so I tried to change that but it did not allow me do so.

I have a couple of questions:
1. Is there a way I can delete these folders short of formatting E drive?
2. Does it look suspicious that these folders were created on E drive? My C drive is 40 GB and out of that about 17 GB is free.

Thank you

A:Unable to delete folders

Windows update creates those temp folders on whichever drive has the most free space. They would have been deleted when the update completed.
You'll have to take ownership of the folders to delete them.
How to take ownership of a file or folder in Windows XP

You may want to check the Windows Update site and choose the Review your update history link on the left, see if those updates installed or not. If not, they will show up as Failed.

I just installed .NET on one XP System, and got these updates today for .NET, CardSpace, and XML:

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While trying to solve my previous problem I came across a bunch of folders that seem to contain useless stuff.
Firstly this folder.

C:\WINDOWS\Downloaded Installations

It seems to contain a lot of files that have itunes and ipod in the titles. I don't have any programmes connected to itunes though I think the person who used the computer before may have had. Does this folder generally contain anything important or can it be emptied?

C:\Deckard\System Scanner\20080404183352\backup\DOCUME~1\Owner\LOCALS~1\Temp\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5

This folder seems to contain old temporary internet files that aren't getting erased when I do it (I erase my TI files everyday) through explorer for some reason. Most of them are old jpegs that look like they can be gotten rid of but some are Javascript files and Sheet documents. Can these all be deleted?

C:\Deckard\System Scanner\20080404183352\backup\DOCUME~1\Owner\LOCALS~1\Temp

In the folder above there are 35 folders whose names begin with "WER" such as

C:\Deckard\System Scanner\20080404183352\backup\DOCUME~1\Owner\LOCALS~1\Temp\WER09c2.dir00

What are these? Their properties indicate that most of them were created this year although that's not always reliable. I only ask because all together they take up over a GiG of space.

Thanks for any help.

A:Can I delete the content of these folders?


All those folders can safely be emptied without any problems.
I also recommend you download and install CCleaner which can perform this cleanup process plus more automatically for you.

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I want to delete all the files/folders with a certain name like the __MACOSX folders that comes with many icon packs.

Is there a tool or script that can do that?
I think there should a command-line instruction to do this but i couldn?t find it.

A:How to delete all folders/files with a certain name

Pretty sure this will do what you want. Start>type cmd in the lower window, when it comes up right mouse click and run as administrator and it will launch a terminal OS window. Type cd .. until you get back to a C:/ showing (if your on D: or E: same thing) then type del /s __MACOSX\*

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i have two folders in my startup menue that i want to delete:


i tried to delete them (right click > delete).
but when i restart my computer the folders are there again :-(

how can i get vista to stop renewing those damn folders.


ps. i run vista german. i assume the folders are called autostart and administration in english.

A:how to delete vista folders

try right clicking the folder, then clicking properties, and look at the file location and go there and delete it. Then try deleting the folder in the menu. (might work)

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I'm having the wow.dll trojan problem several other people have commented on here:
The malware has created an encrypted folder at:
with the wow.dll and wow64.dll
I have followed some of the responses here by performing several scans and I thought I had removed the threat using SuperAntiSpyware. 
Then, I ran Malware-Byte Anti Malware and it picked up the threat again.  My next plan was to scan and then shred the encrypted folder using Spybot's Secure Shredder, but I got an error saying I didn't have access.  I am the administrator on this machine.
Everytime I login windows wants me to backup my encryption keys (which clued me into the problem).  Stopping the malware doesn't seem to be a problem, it's stopping the threat AND deleting the encrypted file!
I've about exhausted all my computer malware elimination skills here....what should I do?

A:How to delete folders used in wow.dll malware?

Hello all,
I was able to get this problem resolved and I wanted to update everyone to the fix in case someone else has this problem in the future.  As I mentioned before, eliminating the malware is not really the issue here.  Several programs can do it, but this malware adds a folder of random characters to your:
C:\Users\Username\AppData\Local\Temp   directory (I'm using Windows 7 Pro 64bit)
These folders are encrypted, and because I hadn't used encryption on my machine before, Windows had a popup message asking me to backup my encryption keys.  This was my clue that something was still wrong here.
My first plan was to use spybot's Secure Shredder to destroy the files, but when I tried to open them, I got a message saying I didn't have the permissions required.  Ultimately, this is the guide I SHOULD HAVE used to solve the problem in order:
Although my order of running programs was:
SuperAntiSpyware (initial scan picked up the problem and fixed)
From what I can tell, the RogueKiller is what I really needed as a registry entry was preventing me from deleting the leftover folders.  All the other programs I tried were from reading other threads about this problem on this forum and others.  I had downloaded RogueKiller64.exe from a different site and whenever I did the Prescan the program just... Read more

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I running XP SP2 Home ed. and noticed that there are numerous temp directories? There are different kinds of files/directories under the temp folders. Which temp directories should i delete and should I delete all the sub directories?


A:Temp folders: Which ones to delete?

Use the "Disk Cleanup" in the start/programs/accessories/system tools/ and you can't go wrong.

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I've been doing a bit of housework on 2 of my external HDD's and I've got a folder on each one which I cannot delete or move. Initially I tried all conventional ways that I could think of including CMD but nothing worked. The messages I got for folder 1 was "Filename or volume label syntax is incorrect". Folder 2 which is on the other external HDD gave the message "cannot delete: access is denied. Make sure the disk is not full or write protected"

I Googled my problem and found a program called "Move on boot" but it hasn't worked either.



A:Cannot delete 2 Folders/files

Revo Uninstaller is a good program for removing files\folders. You can read about it and download from CNet.

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I have about 300 folders in the root of my hard drive that are all labelled similar to "MSI2d153.tmp". Each folder is empty and they seem to be made most days. BUT, not every day, and several times more than one folder per day. It is a very time consuming task to delete them as only one at a time can be deleted, and only after giving permissions to do so. I attach a screenshot showing the first few folders listed.

I have Win 7 Pro and I have used the Disk Cleanup to try and get rid of all this junk - also with the tab for cleaning system files.

I also downloaded the TFC.exe programme and ran that.

After each process I restarted the computer and checked again.

The curious thing is that the folders are labelled .tmp - they are not files

I wonder what programme is generating these folders and why!

A:How to Delete folders labelled .tmp ?

I personally use this
TFC - Temp File Cleaner by OldTimer Download - Geeks to Go Forum
It must be saved to your desktop
And also right click it and use run as administrator
Start the scanner = Close all open programs before running it
Restart after it completes.

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Did a clean install on 10 and added several programs but can't delete files or folders or icon on start menu. My user account has administrator privileges and have enabled the administrator account which should have given me the right to delete but when I try I get a message that I need System permission to accomplish the request. Have searched everywhere for an answer with no effect. 10 is completely new to me so I would appreciate help from anyone who can explain to me what I'm doing wrong and do it in beginners lingo. Thanks in advance to any help.

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Using Win 7.

Found a folder on my external hd that had a long alphanumeric name. Inside were a bunch of 4 digit folders and some files including "Hotfixinstaller". When I tried to delete it all, I got a permission denied. Used unlocker to delete it and went to recycle bin.

In recycle bin, the files deleted but the 25 folders wont. I'm getting:

Folder Access denied
You need permission to perform this action.
You require permission from the computers administrator to make changes to this folder.

I am the only account and am the administrator.

I ran the TSG Sysinfo app and the results are below, seem it didnt scan:

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version:
Processor Count:
Graphics Card:
Hard Drives:
Antivirus: None

I run AVG, Malwarebytes and Spybot S&D weekly.

The folders were created last thursday, 3 days ago, when I wasent home.

Any ideas on a fix to clear these from the recycle bin?

Thanks for any suggestions.


A:cant delete folders in recyclw bin

Oops,nice spelling in title.

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in my explore i click on program files on the right side i have adobe {1} adobe {2} adobe {3} folders that i would like to delete. when i try this i get you need permission to perform this action. in user accounts it has me as the administrator.can anyone please tell me how to delete them? i have windows vista home premium 32bit

thank you

A:explore folders delete help

Hello JRD33. You could try this.

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G'day people. I am unable to delete some files/directories and though I've spent hours using google cannot find a solution. I'm unable to describe the situation so I've attached a small capture of one of the the directories. It is the most bizarre situation I've ever seen. Any help would be most appreciated. Thanks. Stan
 weird_files.JPG   41.3KB

A:cannot delete files/folders

Have you tried using Killbox to get rid of it?

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I have a huge mess .. and it is from a profile from a Windows 7 machine. It is on my backup partition and I want to delete it.

This is just a sample of one of the folder paths ...


I cannot delete it cause Windows says the path is too long ..

This describes the issue .. I am not sure if Windows 8 has the same problem. I cannot use the utility described in this thread as it will not run in Windows 8. But I will try compatibility mode ..

Stop Application Data folder replicating? Solved - Windows 7 Help Forums

A:Delete many many many AppData folders ?

I solved the issue only from formatting my drive (it was my backup drive) .. and just re-ran my backup script to refresh the files and made a new system image. It works, but it was a pain.

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Ever since reformatting my C drive and reinstalling Windows 7 from the recovery partition on my hard drive, I've been having an intermittent problem. When I try to delete a folder that is not empty, Windows throws up an error message saying I need permission. However, I am the only user, I am an Admin and I created the folder. In every instance, the only thing in the folder is an empty folder which was created when I unzipped an archive I downloaded. I've deleted the contents of the folder, then tried deleting the parent folder, but get the error - see image below. The permissions of the folder within the parent are read only, but I can delete it. After doing so, I can then delete the parent.

Obviously this isn't a major problem, but it is annoying. I never had this problem before. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks in advance for any help.

A:Can't Delete Non-Empty Folders

I'm wondering if the folders that you're trying to delete are backed up and restored copies of folders from the computer before you reinstalled windows and might have some old security settings carried over on the folder from the previous install.

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Systen: W2K+SP4, IE6+SP1, full critical updates.

I have run updated full system A/V scan (Norton).
Hijackthis (clean log)
Norton Win Doctor

I found two folders in my Winnt folder while looking for something entirely unrelated. The folder are (with subfolders):


mw32\manager | modem

The imejp, manager and modem folders are empty. A 5 folders show as 0 bytes. I suspect they are remnants of some uninstallation.

I have tried:

1) Removal in normal. Results: Access fo files denied, sharing violation

2) Removal with CMD and Explorer turned off. Result: Same as above.

3) Safe Mode with command prompt only: Result: Same as above.
When I tried the move command it seemed to work; I renamed ime to imex and moved it to a new directoy so I then had Winnt\junk\ime\imejp. The dir command showed imex gone from Winnt. But when I rebooted I could finally delete imex to the recycle bin but ime had been recreated.

4) I used one solution from the Microsoft KB: Shift+Del. Result: fail.

5) I tried Norton Wipe Info and targeted the ime folder. Result: failed.

Do any of you have any solutions I have not already tried? Have I missed something?

A:Cannot delete folders in D:\Winnt\

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Dear Forum,

I recently learnt that you can see the folders that stay on your computer and impair the speed that it uses to process - for say start up.

I recently cut and pasted these folders - some were folders - some were just .bmp or .gif's from My Pictures to my Hard drive which is external.

Is it alright to delete the following folders - I am not too sure on folders like thumbs - when you don't know - I have opted not to touch.

I think that is what is wrong with my Hard Drive as I think I changed the sharing properties and then all of sudden it did not work. Keeps asking me to format it. Never done it before.

I am not too sure as I have some great work that I have created on the hard drive - I am a bit upset at myself if I created the problem by downloading programs for my mobile that are required on another computer and created a mess.

Thank you

A:Hidden folders - can I delete them

Can't say that I understand you here. Which of these folders do you want to delete? If you're worried about deleting any of them , then don't. Nothing on the page shown will slow down your start-up. If you still want to delete things, then make a restore point/backup, and go to town!

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