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Bios update bow computer wont turn on

Q: Bios update bow computer wont turn on

I was having trouble woth my wifi adapter so did a scan for updates need per hp assistant did the first update and now my computer won't turn on. It sounds like it is but the screen is black

Preferred Solution: Bios update bow computer wont turn on

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Bios update bow computer wont turn on

Hi Brrlrcr97, and welcome to TSG.

Exactly what do you mean by "won't turn on"? Do you press the power button, it makes some sounds, and then completely shuts off?

Are we safe to assume it is an H-P/Compaq brand computer? If so, please give us the full model number of it (not just the model series).

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After the bios update was finished, it requires to restart but it wont turn on again after restart. The light when put charger in also wont turn on.Any solutions will be appreciated. Thank You

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After last BIOS update I can't turn on my keyboard backlit. There's no such option in Lenovo Vantage, pressing Fn+Spacebar not working anymore.

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Recently, my computer seemed to have crashed. It would randomly shut off while i was away and eventually never turned back on. At first it would just keep rebooting, then i would get a blue screen finally to the point where the power button on the machine did nothing, the fans wouldnt even move.
I had an Asus P4S533 motherboard and a P4 2.0 running on XP.
I tested the PSU and it was fine, tried another video card..nothing.
So i figured the MB was shot, so I bought a Giga-byte GA-8VT800.
Using the same processor on the new MB, I turned on the machine only to have it freeze in the BIOS sequence.
It froze at the point where it recognizes the CPU and it gave me this message and then it froze:
Health OK
Main Processor Pentium 4 2.66
CPUID: 0524 Patch ID:001E

...at this point it would freeze and i could do nothing.
My processor is NOT a 2.66 but a 2.0....
Could my CPU be fried also?
Someone please help me out...im getting frustrated

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Hello, Im new to forums so please bare with me.
My problem started when i dropped my cellphone on my Envy m6 1160la. The screen froze and i started hearing a feint beeping sound. I left it like that for a while, since i could turn the leds on and off. After it failed to work again i turned it off only to turn it back on and be greeted with the same feint beeping sound and no hp logo or loading. After a while the phrase "Checking media" "fail" would come up twice and then a blue box that would say something and then turn off my computer. I changed the HDD and the beeping stopped but the same thing happened. I turned off secure mode but then it said i needed to install an OS and something about 3fo hardrive. I then tested both hardrives and the one that gives me a beeping sound approves the memory test but fails the dst short and long and the smart (dont know what this is), and the one without the beeping approves all. Now after all this I came ro the conclusion that me HDD was bad and that i had to install a new OS on another one (dont know if i was right) but since the HDD that wasnt beeping ran on win 7, I thought if i changed to legacy i would be able to boot up my computer. After i changed it it restarted and i could hear the HDD spinning and the fan and leds would turn on but the screen wouldnt and wont. Any help on my current and previous problem would be much appreciated.

A:My computer screen wont turn on after changing BIOS

Likely not completing POST. Clear the CMOS (which will change the BIOS back to default), and try booting again.

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Synopsis: PSU died, replaced PSU with different model, system boots to bios successfully but does not recognize any devices in SATA ports, nor do those devices appear to be getting power. Now can't even get to BIOS, entire PC flicks on and off repeatedly as soon as I turn the PSU on regardless of whether I hit the power button on the front of the computer.

System Specifications

Original PSU that died: SeaSonic M12II 750 SS-750AM 750w PSU
CPU: Intel Core i5-3570K Ivy Bridge 3.4GHz
GPUs: ASUS 670 non-top version, SLI (2x)
MOBO: ASRock Z77 extreme 6
RAM: Mushkin Enhanced Blackline 8GB (2 x 4GB) SDRAM DDR3 2133
Optical drive: Sony AD-7280S-0B 24x SATA Internal DVD+/-RW Drive
SSD: SanDisk Extreme 240GB SATA 6.0 Gb-s 2.5-Inch (OS is installed here)
Storage drive: Western Digital Caviar Black 1 TB SATA III (This was not connected when power supply died)

Detailed explanation:About a week ago my PSU (Seasonic 750w) died randomly while the computer was left running in sleep . I RMA'd the dead seasonic. In the mean time I happened to come accross an extremely good deal on a new PSU, so I bought it (Thermaltake smart m850w PSU) to have a backup and to get my machine working again.

I hooked up the new PSU to GPUs, CPU, fans, ATX power connector, and to all of the SATA devices, (the SSD, the HDD, and the Optical drive). I made sure to connect the data cables to the SATA devices in the same configuration they were in when working properly. The computer boots suc... Read more

A:PSU died, new PSU, bios wont recognize SATA devices, now wont turn on

I had a similar problem when I had an Antec PSU die on me. After I replaced it, my Biostar mobo's BIOS would no longer retain settings, and both my Pioneer DVD burners were completely dead. Not recognized in the BIOS, they would not acknowledge any discs inserted, nothing worked. I also started getting BSODs pointing to a corrupt BIOS. Replacing the burners didn't help. Putting the Pioneer burners in a new machine didn't work.

It turned out that the dying Antec PSU had wrecked the Biostar's BIOS chip and both Pioneer DVD burners. Replacing the BIOS chip was more expensive than buying a new motherboard, and reflashing the chip wasn't possible because the flash utility told me I already had the latest BIOS version. I ended up trashing the board and buying an ASRock board and Samsung burners.

If you get a new motherboard (or try another known-good working PC), and you connect your present SATA devices and they don't work, then the dying Seasonic may have burnt them out, too.

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Hi, I have recently recieved my HP Split X2 back from HP last week because the docking station would charge but the computer would not and now it's the opposite. I turned on my computer it was working fine, I plug it in to charge and i notice that the battery icon didnt change to charging so i unplugged it and plugged it back in and nothing so i undock the computer and that charges just fine i place it back and next thing i know it shuts off on me. i press the power button and nothing but when I hold it down the Windows button on the computer stays glowing if i continue to hold the power button and if i undock it the led light is red. Also if i have it plugged it the windows button will flash 4 times and on the 4th time itll stay lit up until i release it I just got my computer back and  it's acting up again i would really appreciate a way to fix this 

A:Docking station wont charge computer wont turn on

Hi @daniel9909 ,Thank you for visiting the HP Support Forums and Welcome. Please call our technical support at 800-474-6836. If you live outside the US/Canada Region, please click the link to get the support number for your region. They will be happy to assist you immediately.Thanks.

Please click ?Accept as Solution ? if you feel my post solved your issue, it will help others find the solution.Click the ?Kudos, Thumbs Up" on the bottom left to say ?Thanks? for helping.I work on behalf of HP

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My PC/Monitor was working before but I forgot to connect my hard drive to my power supply. So after I connected the power cord from my hard drive to my power supply, I turned on my Computer and my Monitor. Unfortunately, when I turned both on, my Monitor said "No Signal" on both HDMI 1 and 2. I don't know if I accidentally damaged a part or knocked something out. I just need to know what parts affect video/visual and potentially how to fix the problem.

A:PC can turn on but my BIOS menu wont display on my monitor

Generally it's anything video related, like a graphics card or the motherboard's onboard video.

The first rule is generally to do a bare boot.

Pull out all but one stick of RAM and any other add-in cards you may have. MAKE SURE THAT THE ONE STICK OF RAM YOU LEAVE IN NEED TO BE IN THE CORRECT DIMM SLOT FOR ONE STICK. They are usually number A1 A2, etc. Check your motherboard manual for your correct configuration.

It would also help greatly if you can post a full list of your computer's SPECIFIC specs.

Pull out the motherboard CMOS battery and unplug from wall power, if you haven't done so already. Push the power button and hold it down for about 45 seconds.

Reinsert the CMOS battery and the wall power plug. Try to boot...any picture?

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Hi,So just last day i had some blue screen on my pc cuz of some problem so i tried to reinstall the windows and i install a windows 7 x64  without problem and then i tried to install drivers all drivers were fine but when i started to install the BioS.when i started to install bios i just let the installation Goes and i go to eat something and when i went back i hear a huge fan sound and screen turn down and everytime i turn it on its just like that again huge fan sound and no screen shows up and even i tried and put the battery down and started without it but still no screen turn up no boot no bios just black screen and huge sound of fanif there is a solution i will be so happy to hear it ThX <3

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Hey guys
I have a problem with my laptop especially the BIOS, I set up a wrong setting in the BIOS and now the laptop just turn on and then turn off immediately with a black screen, I only able to hear the fan in a second then turn off again.. I would like to know how can I revert back the BIOS setting to it's factory setting?
Thanks in advance

A:Wrong BIOS setting laptop wont turn on

Enter you BIOS, select Exit, and choose Load Default Settings.

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It shut down during an update and now wont turn on. It will only let us completely wipe the laptop all over options wont work.

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when i try to turn on auto update it wont let me due to administrator when i am signed in as administrator

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I have done everything I could do to get these services to running out of options. any Ideas?

A:Cannot update windows 7 pro because services wont turn on? Please Help

In Services Windows Update does not show 'started'? Left click to Highlight it, right click to open it.
Does it say stop or start? If wupdate showed started this would show stop and vice versa.
I'd do a system restore to some earlier date when it may have been working.

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A few days ago, my 9470m Ultrabook automatically updated its BIOS. This was fine, as it has updated its BIOS before in the past. I went to do some things while it updated, and when I came back, the laptop had turned off. The charge light (the lightning bolt light on the edge of the laptop) was blinking white and amber and did not turn on when I pressed the power button. When I took off the battery, the light stopped blinking, and when I put the battery back in, the light began to blink again, but the laptop still would not turn back on when I pressed the power button. I've tried taking off the battery and plugging in the AC only, but still the light would just blink and the laptop would not turn on when I pressed the power button. I do not know what is wrong. The laptop had been working flawlessly until the BIOS update. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks to any support. -Daniel

A:Laptop won't turn on after BIOS update

Hi, At first, please try a Hard Reset as follows. Performing a hard resetDisconnect all peripheral devices and remove all USB devices and SD media cards.Disconnect the AC power adapter, remove the battery and then press and hold the power button for at least 15 seconds to drain all residual power and restore default startup settings.Reconnect the AC power adapter (but do not insert the battery), press the Power button, look for glowing Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) near the caps lock and num lock keys, and listen for sounds of a fan or other moving parts turning.If the computer starts normally after performing a hard reset, you are done troubleshooting. When the Notebook restarts keep tapping the f10 key to enter the bios menu.  Press f5 to load the defaults (this is sometimes f9, but the menu at the bottom will show the correct key), use the arrow keys to select 'Yes' and hit enter.  Press f10 to save the setting and again use the arrow keys to select 'Yes' and hit enter. I am waiting to hear back from you. !------------------- Please click the KUDOS star on the left to say 'Thanks'. Please mark 'Accept as Solution' if it answers/solves your problem. Thank you-----------------------------------------------------------------!I am an HP Employee.

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I got a notice on my laptop saying there was a critical update, so I clicked ok go ahead with it. Now that this problem has occurred and I've been hunting for a solution I see that people generally warn against doing BIOS updates. Unfortunately I didn't know about that and was just naively letting the laptop go ahead with whatever updates it wanted. Too late now. My laptop shut itself down like it was going to restart, when I looked back over ten minutes later it was still sitting with a black screen and LED light on. Unresponsive to anything. It's been two hours now.  To make matter worse, I'm trying to contact Lenovo customer support and keep getting a "document not found" page error when I try to get to the contact information on Lenovo's website. This forum is apparently the only thing I can access. So.. any advice? I'm in a complete panic here as I heavily depend on that laptop for a number of things and having it not work puts me in a really bad situation.

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I got a notice on my laptop saying there was a critical update, so I clicked ok go ahead with it. Now that this problem has occurred and I've been hunting for a solution I see that people generally warn against doing BIOS updates. Unfortunately I didn't know about that and was just naively letting the laptop go ahead with whatever updates it wanted. Too late now. My laptop shut itself down like it was going to restart, when I looked back over ten minutes later it was still sitting with a black screen and LED light on. Unresponsive to anything. It's been two hours now.  To make matter worse, I'm trying to contact Lenovo customer support and keep getting a "document not found" page error when I try to get to the contact information on Lenovo's website. This forum is apparently the only thing I can access. So.. any advice? I'm in a complete panic here as I heavily depend on that laptop for a number of things and having it not work puts me in a really bad situation.

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I got a notice on my laptop saying there was a critical update, so I clicked ok go ahead with it. Now that this problem has occurred and I've been hunting for a solution I see that people generally warn against doing BIOS updates. Unfortunately I didn't know about that and was just naively letting the laptop go ahead with whatever updates it wanted. Too late now. My laptop shut itself down like it was going to restart, when I looked back over ten minutes later it was still sitting with a black screen and LED light on. Unresponsive to anything. It's been two hours now.  To make matter worse, I'm trying to contact Lenovo customer support and keep getting a "document not found" page error when I try to get to the contact information on Lenovo's website. This forum is apparently the only thing I can access. So.. any advice? I'm in a complete panic here as I heavily depend on that laptop for a number of things and having it not work puts me in a really bad situation.

A:p40 Yoga won't turn on after BIOS update

in U.S. call 1-800-426-7378

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I have a Dell Inspiron 20 3052 series.  Downloaded the BIOS update today and now can no longer turn the computer on.  I press power and it makes a little "wrrrrr" sound, then nothing
Ive had this computer less then 6 months, and the warranty is already expired it appears.  Any help would be appreciated

A:BIOS update- can no longer turn on desktop

The solution for a failed, or corrupt BIOS flash, is usually to replace the motherboard.For more information, read the following:

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Title says it all. My computer was installing 55 windows updates and then the screen went black and stayed black for 5 or so minutes so i held the power button down until it shut off. When i went to turn it back on the tower turns on fine the power button lights up and the fans are running but the monitor stays asleep and wont turn on. I have tryed using 3 different monitors and two different cords and still no luck.

A:Monitor wont turn on after manual shut down during windows update

If you are comfortable opening your computer up check to see that the video card is seated, assuming its not integrated. What is your computer model/specs?

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Hello everyone  This morning I've updated my BIOS (MIIX 310cWindow 10) after telling BIOS update failed It won't turn on, I push power Button nothings to happen, screen stay dark! The battery is fine! please help me!   

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I just recently bought the YOGA 710-15IKB and after I got it which was on 1/27/17, I went to the product support page and downloaded all of the updated drivers and the BIOS update. I did everything as it was supposed to be done and now out of nowhere the Screen will not turn on, I can turn it on, the keyboard lights up, it seems to charge just fine but the screen just stays black, anybody have any ideas on how to possibly troubleshoot this, or what could have caused this?

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i took my computer apart and cleaned the insides and put it back together and now it doesnt turn on. what went wrong??

A:computer wont turn on at all!! wont do anything

Computer won't start troubleshooting suggestions

Try each one in this general order until problem is fixed:
1) check all your connections including your memory, power connectors, cards, fans and ensure the 4-pin connector for your CPU is installed if your system requires it. If you have removed your memory, make sure it is the correct slot(s). Not all slots work. I don't know if this will prevent the computer from trying to boot. At any rate, every motherboard manual details exactly how RAM should be installed for that particular board. If problem persists:
2) test the power connection with a lamp
3) make sure your on/off switch (if you have one) on your power supply is ON
4) remove the cables from ALL drives and restart
5) also remove unnecessary cards and non-cpu fans
6) Borrow a power supply (sufficient power and appropriate 20 or 24-pin connection)

I've seen this happen when a connector is improperly placed. The motherboard and/or power supply can detect an inappropriate power surge and not even start.
Some people have accidentally joined power connectors to each other, usually when hooking up system fans.

Your system can turn on and start booting to the BIOS with only the motherboard, a power supply and I assume some RAM (though I'm not positive the RAM is requied). It does not even need the monitor, although you obviously won't see what is happening but you will hear the power supply start. In general, with such a fault if the... Read more

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I updated the bios of my yoga 510 using lenovo driver utility application which I downloaded from lenovo website. During the bios update installation it took 3hrs but it was not yet completed and unresponsive. I pressed the power button for 10s and it shut down, I tried to restart it but it wont turn on. Anyone please help. Thanks

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Hello !!I think I'm in real trouble.i will explain what happened.I was updating my drivers from hp website , noticed that there was bios update for my probook...mine was F41.0 and available update was F61.0....i thought i should better update as i used to update it before.So whole downloading F61.0 there was option for Windows 8.1 and i had installed Windows 10 aniversary update....i thought that HP didn't add the windows 10...this is the latest bios it must be compatible with Windows 10 too.So after downloading it selected the option to initiate bios update on this system.Everything happened good it first backed up my current bios and then installed new one.After installing bios utility asked me to reboot the laptop i selected yes.And while rebooting mycaps lock light blinked 2 timesPower button and wifi light 1 or 2 times may be (i dont remember exactly )And after that laptop went off.Aftee waiting a few minutes i thought update is complete and i need to turn the laptop on now.So i pressed the power button and there was nothing.Not even a fan noise or hard disk noise or dvd rom noise.Let me explain what happens when i press the power button.Led of power button , wifi button and harddisk turns on for a second and then it is off again.I hear nothing, no fan noise no harddisk noise almost silent.Same thing happens when i press the power button again and again and again and again.Solution i have tired already:Take out batteryPress and hold power button for a minuteConnect ac so... Read more

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Hi everyone, I am trying to update my BIOS on my Lenovo IdeaCenter K330 Model 7727 from DKKT15AUS to DKJY15AUS. The reason for this is because my new GPU (Radeon RX 480 8GB) wont work. I install it and the computer just powers on but doesnt display anything. The fans all are on including those of the card. I have upgraded the power supply to 650W unit a few years ago from the ideacenter's original. So the BIOS update installs just fine but, once I restart the system it displays a error message saying: "Error: 0162 Setup data integrity check failure" along with 2 beeps. I restarted the system a couple times to see it the same error comes up and on the 3rd time the system started up without the error message. I then checked the BIOS version and it reverted back to the original version. I am not sure what to do to get the update to work. I do have windows 10 and the BIOS update is for windows 7. Not sure if that did have an effect. Thanks for reading.  

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I have just bought my computer and i plugged everything in. I turned the coomputer on and it started up for 1 second and immediately went dead. Then i tried pressing the "on" button again but it doesnt respond. I checked the motherboard and saw there is a green light which should have power from the psu but it doesnt respond when i press the "on" button.

i also tried taking the battery thing out of the motherboard, waiting 30 mins and putting it bak on again but it still doesnt work.

can anyone help, thanks

my computer info are:
CPU: AMD Athlon 64x2 3600+
MOther baord: ASUS m2v
graphic card: Geforce 7300gt
Ram: 512mb DDR2

A:new computer just wont turn on

Hi there, and welcome to techspot.

The green LED on your motherboard should be on, regardless of whether or not your computer is on. It indicates that the motherboard is getting power. If it is not on, then your motherboard is not getting power.

Could be a number of reasons as to why this is happening.

1. Your PSU is dead.
2. Your PSU connections to the motherboard came loose (there are two of them, a 24 pin connection plus the additional ATX12v connection).
3. The switch on the back of your computer is in the wrong position (should be 110v for the US)

Check your PSU connections first. Hopefully something is just loose. Did you build this yourself?

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I just rebuilt my computer which I installed a new Power supply last night and for some reason its not turning on at all. Is a 115v power supply and I have a 125 volt power cord. Does that make any differnce?? All my cables are securly plugged in the right spot. I have a power sw little cable that connects to the motherboard along with other cables such as power led and HDD led. Does it matter when I connect them to the motherboard which way they are facing?? I really want my computer working today!!!!! Any adivse would be wonderful.


A:My Computer Wont Turn On

As for the case interface wires yes, it does matter which way they are facing so make sure that they are properly connected. The voltage rating of the power cord does not matter as long as you are running the psu on a standard 115v power source.

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Hi Folks, A friend of mine asked if i could help, He has a compac presario f500 laptop 64-bit with vista, He said it was working fine,He came home from work plugged it in, pressed the on button, It comes on for about two seconds then shuts down, I said it sounds like maybe a loose connection, We unplugged the memory cards and then seated them back in, unplugged the only other connection we could find and plugged that back in, still the same thing, comes on for about two seconds then shuts down, can anybody point us in the next step we could take, thanks.

A:computer wont turn on

Im sorry Patch
Mabye this will help
How To Troubleshoot a Computer That Won't Turn On

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My computer is a custom built, nearly brand new machine. I've had it working perfectly since Christmas, with only minor setbacks.

Here's some info.

I'm using Windows XP home edition, so it's not an outdated operating system
I have at least 5 fans in my computer, so I don't think it overheated
I haven't had any problems up until today
My computer was working fine all day, until it suddenly started to restart at random times. It did it once, and I was fine for about an hour. Then, it did it again, and I was fine for half an hour, the time kept decreasing until finally, my computer just stopped turning on. I have a huge report that I need to get off of there that I need by tuesday, so I don't have a ton of time.
I have Norton Anti-Virus on my computer, and I'm pretty careful about what I download, which isn't much, when I download something.
I was playing games on it earlier, and then stopped, and it didn't start restarting until I got into microsoft word.
I have nothing on my computer that anyone would want to steal, so I don't know why someone would hack into it.
I haven't installed anything new on it for a long time.
I don't even know what could be the problem!!!
If I could get some help as soon as possible, that would be really great.

A:Computer wont turn on...

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Hi I have a HP m640n series computer and today i went to turn it on but when i pressed the button nothing happened. I noticed that the green light on the back of the power supply that is usually turned on when it is plugged in was not lit up. I figured that i need a new psu. Does anyone else know anything else that cuold be wrong with my computer?

A:Computer Wont turn on

The power cord can become lose from the computer, on PC's it has to be pushed in really hard. Also confirm the plug in the wall is OK (plus confirm that outlet is working too - ie switchboard relay may be off)

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Alright well i bought this older computer off of a friend for 10 bucks thinking it would be a good fix up project.Well it is not so easy,the damn thing wont power on.He says it was working fine then suddenly it would not power on.This computer was not a victim of power surges or lightening storms as far as i know,and the mainboard looks to be in good shape..(no burns no blown compacitors etc....)

I've tried different memory modules in different slots several times,disconnecting drives one by one and both IDE channel cords as well.Tried clearing CMOS and removing/putting back the battery.So this has lead me to beleive that either the PSU is dead or the power switch somehow got ****ed (not switch on PSU, switch that connects from mobo to case) I don't know how to tell if the PSU is dead,usually i'll plug in a network cord into the LAN port to see if it lights up,but this computer does not have onboard LAN nor do i have a LAN card.I've tried putting the power switch in a bunch of different pin combinations with no luck.But when i plug in the main power cord (from wall to PSU) lights will flicker in my room,as this is normal in my experience with WORKING PSU's so....i'm stumped.

If the PSU isn't ****ed,is there any other way to power it on manually if the case's power switch or pins on the mobo is the culprit?

Computer is a Emachines W1500,Motherboard manual:http://tinyurl.com/b9xmy


A:Computer wont turn on.

First get an electrican to fix your house wiring,lol. You are getting dirty power. Second try a different known working psu in the computer after putting the jumpers on the mobo back to their original settings. Third is the mobo,ram or hard drive may be bad as well as the vid card if it has one but most likely it has on board video.

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Everytime Id play a game itd freeze or shutdown on me. So I switched the direction of the psu fan to blow in instead of out. I then started playing lfs again then it just shut off on me again. Now when i hit the power switch it wont turn on. Nothing runs. THen i hit the psu switch off then on again, press power and hear a very small sound inside the case but its very short and nothing turns on. Why wont my stuff turn back on?? how can i use it fine, it shuts off now it wont even start back up?? I need quick help. thx!!

A:My computer wont turn on at all.

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After shutting down my computer a few hours ago it will not boot up! (its an HP Pavillion
a302x) The back power light is on/off randomly ( though in not pattern... and not quickly altrenating) and the front power button, that gets backlit when the computer comes on, stays off. the task-light, as i call it (not sure what its really called, the orange light above the power button that flashes/illuminates when the computer is doing a task) is flashing very quickly.

Nothing appears on the monitor.
i've checked all the connections and they all seem fine.

maybe it just finally died? i hope not.
can anybody tell me whats wrong or how to fix it?

thanks for your time.


Power supply light stays on until power button in pushed then turns off completely. then back on when unplugged to show that its dieing.

A:Computer wont turn on

sounds like a bad power suppy the light on the supply shoud be on not blinking not a big problem

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OK whenever i push the button on my pc the light turns for a sec then it dies WHAT DO I DO please help


Maybe theres a problem with the power supply, I'm not sure either, if you have other pc try to use the working pc's power supply

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My computer won't turn on (not this one I am posting from a laptop) I have tried connecting and connecting all power sources made sure everything was on. The monitor which is plugged in is flashing green so it is definitely receiving power. I fear it may be the power supply or a hard drive failure but have no idea.

I am worried about losing data as well. The irony is I had just purchased an external hard drive and was going to back up that computer in the next few days.

any help would be appreciated

A:Please help computer wont turn on

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i have a computer that i got from an old friend so i wanted to c if it works, i plug it in and it turned on but it gave me an error and it ask me to press f1. i cannot type in c: or a: so i installed a hard drive that i had into the computer and turn it on again and it gave me another error turn it off and i just went back downstairs and try to turn it on and the monitor or the tower wont turn on.. can someone help me with this problem

A:Computer wont turn on

Yes. Give us the brand and model, and what you have for software... we will c if we can hep.

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my computer wont turn on after i think too many viruses due to adult videos.

is there any way i can fix this without getting my parents involved ?????

A:Computer Wont Turn On

Oh boy! How far will it get before it shuts down? If it won't come on at all it's not a software but a hardware issue. If it's a hardware issue check the power cord at the case and at the wall. Sounds simple but a lot of the time the simple answer is the right answer. Also the switch on the power strip.

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My computer specs are:
Intel Pentium4 660 Hyper Threading 3.6
Gigabyte LGA775
G5 looking Case with Enermax Noisetaker 485w ATX12v v.2.0
1GB ddr2 Dual channel
XFX Geforce 7600GT
2 Dvd drives
Zalman Heatsink/Fan
2 80 mm Fans

A week ago I added a 120mm fan to the outside of this case(on the side) http://www.epcbuyer.com/products.asp...ase-qtec-14452 screwed it to the bottom vent, the fan is pluged to a 4pin cord. I didnt didnt have time to test it until the next day to find out that my computer wont turn on, no lights, no fan movement, monitor is black but asks about monitor connected? when i unplug it from the PC. I dont know why there is a problem because theres a 80mm fan in the fan rack in the case plugged into a 4pin cord too, which ran fine.
People tell me its the PSU(485w should be plenty of power to support a extra fan thats 120mm right? ), motherboard or both. I searched the net and read about shortcircuts, and using anti static bags. Which at the time i was sitting on carpet when installing the fan but would any of this be related to the computer not turning on I need to find out why it wont turn on, whats causing this and whats the solutions. It will be Greatful if someone teaches me hows the right way to install a fan.

A:Computer Wont Turn On<<<

Hey there, and welcome to Techspot.

Yah, opening up and working on your computer on a carpet is really a dangerous thing to do. So much static electricity in carpets, that there is a chance you may have zapped something.

Can you give us some more details?

When the computer is OFF, do you see any LED lights lit up on your motherboard?
When you hit the power button, what EXACTLY happens? Fans spinning? Beeps?

Also, just to be sure, remove and re-seat your PSU connections, ram, video card, HDD connections etc. Something may have simply come loose.

Good luck!

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My desktop wont power on. The numbers 3 and 4 continue to flash, but nothing appears in the computer screen.

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One day I was watching hulu on my laptop and my slipped out my hand and fell from like 2 inches over my computer and my computer started glitching. So, I turned it off and it wouldn't turn back on. So i left it off the charger overnight thinking that maybe it was too hot and the next morning i plugged it back in and it turned on and it was working well. Well, about a few hours later I went to get back on but it didnt turn on AGAIN! i did the same method that i did before but it still wont turn on. I also tried the 30 second thing but that didnt work either! please help, i really need my laptop

A:My computer wont turn on

Hi,Attempt to perform a hard reset to remove all the excess static using: http://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c01684768 if the above doesn't work:Attempt to connect the charger to an alternate power outlet, alternate power cable and if it doesn't work either You may need to contact HP on 1800-474-6836 for further support as you may need to get the pc sent to an hp repair center (ensure the pc is under an ADP warranty as otherwise there may be a charge included as the issue occurred after the accident you had).

Although I work for HP Inc -The views and opinions I post here are of my own.If my post helped you out, give me the Thumbs up, i deserve #HPExpertDay

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Good afternoon.
I have a Lenovo G570 laptop. I have installed windows 8 and it automatically updated. The thing however is that after a couple months I was typing a document and It told me that there wasn't enough memory to save even though there is nothing on it. I restarted and it reached to the folder that said Welcome and blinks, turns off and repeats this... I am without a Lap top since February. HELP

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i am having problems with my computer... i went away for two days leaving my computer off... but turned on at the mains. when i came back this evening my computer just wouldnt turn on at all... there was a green LED on inside the computer however pressing the on button wouldnt do anything at all...

im not sure what the problem is at all...

my computer :
DEll dimension 5100
512 ATI RADEON Gfx Card

if anyone can help i would be very thankful


A:Computer just wont turn on.

read the guides: http://www.techspot.com/vb/topic53866.html

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hey, merry christmas all! i was playing solitare on my computer, and all the sudden the blue screen of death came on and said there was an error with "win32k.sys" so i turned off the laptop and when i turned it on, the green light would come on with a black screen and then shut off. it continued to do this many times, then after several times i got it to turn back on...any idea as to why this occurred? thanks!

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