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wheel mouse/sound problems

Q: wheel mouse/sound problems

I get clicking and static interference when scrolling using my logitech wheel mouse and playing music at the same time. I have a SB Live 1024 soundcard with the latest drivers. OS = XP. Can anybody help?

Preferred Solution: wheel mouse/sound problems

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: wheel mouse/sound problems

Do you have Logitech Mouseware installed? If you do, try uninstalling it. I remember having similar problems aeons ago with my Mouseman+ and SB Live!.

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Need any software that will let me choose what sound to play when I scroll the mouse wheel, besides Autohotkey, help hugely appreciated

A:Software to play a sound when scrolling mouse wheel?

You know what?, I use StrokesPlus:
StrokesPlus - Free Mouse Gestures for Windows XP/Vista/7/8
I used before JustGestures:
Just Gestures - Mouse Gestures for Windows
But prefer Strokes over JustGestures, for the reason that StrokesPlus has a portable option, and I prefer it that way. Any of these programs let's you customize the entire mouse functionality. Now, about the sound, StrokesPlus it's more customizable than JustGestures, but it requires some knowledge of LUA scripting, so what you want may be accomplished (plus more mouse functions), but may be complicated. I don't know if this helps, but I recommend you these anyway.

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It could be the mouse itself.
When I try to zoom in our out or scroll pages down or up, the mouse wheel is acting strange. Let's say when I try to scroll up it goes down and a half second later it goes back up... and then it restores it's location to wherever it was. Like I never even used the wheel. Driver problem or the mouse itself? It can't be the mouse because I bought it a few days ago.

A:Mouse wheel problems

Please ignore this...

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I have a new mouse.
The middle button will only scross and tilt.
And wont press.
Like in games where you can move the screen.
And on Internet Explorer where you can click the wheel in and make a new tab appear, or delete one.
It's just really annoying having to do things the long way. Hope you can help.

A:Mouse Problems. Middle button/wheel.

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I got an optical mouse with a scroll wheel for Christmas last year and the scroll wheel won't work on anything (IE, Compuserve, Netscape).
It has no brand name anywhere on the mouse so I can't look for a new driver. It came from Office Depot and it has no disk/CD. When I plugged it in it did not load anything else and I tried Add/Remove Hardware, but it didn't find anything new. Is there anything else I can do?


Stephen (I'm Stumped ))

**My problem has been solved now. Thanks to Jedi Master!**

A:[Solved] Optical mouse's scroll wheel won't work ne where; no brand name on the mouse

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My problem is that occasionally, when I click or scroll my mouse, my computer acts as though the "CTRL" button is being held down. This problem will occur for a few minutes, then it will go back to normal, then become a problem again. So what happens is all of a sudden I will be scrolling my mouse all the font on the screen will increase or decrease or it will scroll forward and backwards between previously viewed webpages. Also when this is happening, my typing will be messed up as well. If I were to hit the "p," the print menue would pop up. It will also type in all caps and if I try to type a "7" for example, it will come up as an "&." And when I click the mouse in a paragraph of text online, it will just highlight the entire paragraph of text. I don't know if this will help but it usually happens right after the top bar of my web browser (the one with the maximize, minimize, and close window button) goes light grey. Normally, when you are at a web page, this is a dark grey and if you get a pop up, the background window will go to a light grey color. So this problem usually happens when my window acts as though there was a pop up, but their really wasn't. I had this problem a couple weeks ago and I had installed a pop up blocker a couple days before that. I uninstalled this blocker and my computer had been fine for the last couple of weeks. Now all of a sudden it is doing it again. I have not downloaded any pop up block... Read more

A:Mouse Wheel and Clicking the Mouse makes my screen go wacky!

Keyboards are very cheap, try a new one and save yourself lots of grief. Chances are the matrix circuit has some foreign goop on it that's conducting just well enough to make certain keys seem to be pushed, especially under varying humidity conditions.

The mouse is only doing what mice do when the certain keys are depressed so it's probably not at fault.

You could try blowing the keyboard out with compressed air but I wouldn't waste too much time on such a low dollar item.

Good luck.

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My mouse wheel doesn't work in IE 6.0 (on WinXP) unless the mouse cursor is actually over the window. When the mouse is over the window, it scrolls normally, but when it's off (even if IE is still the active application), it doesn't scroll. My mouse wheel scrolls other programs even if the mouse cursor isn't actually over the window (like Word), so why doesn't it work for IE? Any way to turn this on? I don't have anything like X-Active turned on or anything like that. It's not a serious problem, but it is kind of annoying, so if anyone knows the answer, please let me know, thanks.

A:Mouse wheel doesn't work in IE unless mouse is over the window

I don't know the reason why, but I believe it's normal. My mouse wheel also only works when in IE if the cursor is over the window.

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I would like to know how I can scroll up and down with my wheel smoothly without it jumping two or three lines at a time.

A:Wheel mouse

You can set it to single lines, and also turn on smooth scrolling.

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HI, i hawe problem when i scrool my mouse wheel up my sounds UP,when i scrool down my sounds Lower.Can any help me.Sorry for bad english

A:Please help with mouse wheel

What brand of mouse do you have?
Look in Control panel and click on mouse and check settings.

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Hi, My problem is when i scrool my mouse wheel back my sounds lowing when i scrool up my sounds UP,Can any help me please Thanks.Sorry for bad english.

A:Please help with mouse wheel

Hi arcexxx and welcome to the forum!

If you're listening music with a media player maybe the scroll button is the key for the volume...

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ok i got a new comp so i had to reinstall my wireless mouse and keyboard, but before i got this one the mouse wheel, when i clicked it, it would open up other windows that were minimized, now it wont do that and i need to know where to go to make it do what it was doin before, any and all help would be greatly appreciated. thanks.

A:mouse wheel help

i hate to double post, but does anyone know how to fix this!?

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I had to upgrade to XP and now my wheel mice (I have two) won't scroll. I tried downloading new drivers and that didn't help. And ideas?

A:wheel mouse & XP

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I bought an old compaq presario computer at a school auction for $1.00 and gave it to my daughter. Everything works. It is 166 MHz and has Windows 95. She bought an HP wheel mouse at a yard sale. The mouse and mouse buttons work, but not the wheel. I do not know what driver I need or how to obtain a copy. I have a NEC Ready 9840 computer updated from Windows 95 to Windows 98se and a Logitech wheel mouse. Is there a driver on my system I can download to her's to get the hp mouse working?Does anyone know where I can obtain a driver for this, or does it sound like there is another problem? I already tried the "install new hardware" and it did not work.

A:Want to add used hp wheel mouse

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I have the VB 6 mouse wheel fix for VB 6, used it in XP and it worked fine. I have it installed running Win 7 Pro 64 bit, but when scrolling, it works about 1/10 of the time.
Does anyone know if there is a fix for the mouse wheel for Win 7???
Does anyone know how to fix this problem??


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Hi Folks,

I find this strange.. that when I use rpd from my win7 Pro PC to my XP-Pro PC the wheel on the mouse will not work.
The mouse works and everything else but not the wheel.

It must be win7 because if I log in Xp to Xp it works.
I tried another Win 7 PC to XP-Pro same thing!

Anyone else have this problem and if you did, how did you resolve it?


A:Wheel mouse does not work

Well the wheel mouse works fine because I can connect from XP to XP no problems it's just when I try to connect to a XP PC from a win 7 PC

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I'm using a 98se. I don't even know who made the mouse; Logtech I think. AN optical, ball-less. The wheel stopped scrolling. I know it doesn't always scroll on every page, but now it doesn't scroll at all.
Must be a setting somewhere that got changed.

I had gotten another mouse at the same time--on sale. The wheel doesn't function on either one, so it had to be a setting somewhere.
Hmmmm. Anyone have any suggestions where to look? In the meantime I'll be looking.

A:Mouse Wheel Not Working

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As soon as I installed the Mouse Suite of the IDM version of the optical mouse I'm using, things have changed with the wheel.

Scrolling with the wheel in excel spreadsheet causes it to scroll right and left and not up and down. Print Preview scrolls only even numbered pages.

The wheel tab in Mouse suite only presents options ofr autoscrolling and scrolling speed adjustment.

So I need up, down scrolling and all pages print preview not only odd numbered pages.

A:Mouse wheel needs tweaking


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Hi everybody

I bought new mouse, Hama uRage Unleashed Wireless. It was working great, but after a week problems started
Now I can't change DPI mouse resolution with dpi button (it minimizes app window now), also with scroll button i can change ONLY sound volumne. There is NO software or driver for this mouse on official website. I tried general soft (Xmouse button control v. 2.13.1) but with no result. I also unistalled gaming soft for Logitech. I checked system settings for mouse, but coudn't do anything there.
I reported issue to Hama support, but no response so far.
You are my only hope


Tech Info Utility:
LENOVO Lenovo Laptop IdeaPad Z510
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Home, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4200M CPU @ 2.50GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 60 Stepping 3
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 8104 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GT 740M, -2048 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 912852 MB, Free - 82397 MB; D: Total - 25599 MB, Free - 21341 MB;
Motherboard: LENOVO, VIUU4
Antivirus: Windows Defender, Disabled,AVG free edition

A:DPI/wheel mouse problem

I would test the mouse on another computer to confirm operation. If it doesn't function as intended on a second PC, it's faulty. If it functions normally, there is a configuration issue on your PC.

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I just switched from Win95 to WinME with a new computer and my mouse wheel doesn't work in WordPerfect7. The ME won't install the software from the disk that came with the mouse. What can I do?

A:mouse wheel in WP7-WinME

Check out this MS site:


Hope it helps!

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Alot of times when i am using my mouse wheel it goes up before it goes down, or will not work at all.

I'm on winxp home using the built in drivers. My mouse is an hp that came with my computer.

Anyone else every had this problem, and anyone know how to fix it?

A:Mouse wheel annoyances

Yea, I have that problem with my mouse, but I think it's just because I don't scroll it up or down enough sometimes, so when I go to scroll again, it moves slightly up or down, triggering the scroll. Or maybe it's just a driver thing, have you checked if there are any updated drivers for your mouse?

Oh, and mine only does the up-before-down part, but it always works either way...maybe there's some dust inside it or something?

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I have a microsoft Wheel mouse and it was working fine until I installed the Intellipoint software, then after a reboot the mouse pointer would jump all over the screen without the mose being moved. I then uninstalled the software and it was fine until I installed the ScanGear software for my Canon scanner, then after a reboot the mose moves by itself again.
I tried rebooting the PC and unplugging the mouse but that made it jump all over the place even quicker.

I have WinXP, AMD Duron 1.1G, 256Meg RAM.

A:MS Wheel Mouse moves by itself

Hello Grenge:

What Intellipoint did you install? I have an MS wheelmouse optical and pages began srolling crazily. It came with Intellipoint v4. I recently installed v5 and all is well now.

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Lately i have had the problem that the mouse wheel is'nt working tried to reset mouse and or re-configure it but still doesn't work ( BF2 ) some other games it works just not BF2. At one stage i had it working then i either updated a Patch or a driver somewhere and now no worky mousy.......
Can anyone help me out or find a new release for a Logitech Cordless Duo.
I searched Logitech's site to find nothing???
Cheers Adam

A:Mouse wheel not working

try to go to control panel, then click on "system". under hardware go to device manager. I then click on "human interface devices" i think it's called. then uninstall the mouse and then unplug it. after that plug it back in and it should install drivers automatically. if this doesn't work, just go get a cheap optical mouse. i have a 30 dollar microsoft (blue) optical and it is excellent for gaming.

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I have Lotus 123 version 9.7 and the Logitech Mouse Wheel was working fine until I had to disable many drivers trying to get MS Service Pack 3 to install. Now the Mouse Wheel doesn't work and, checking this forum, I found that someone stated that IBM says Lotus 123 does not support Mouse Wheel use - except that mine WAS working! I don't know which of the drivers that I disabled affect the mouse wheel, so need some help to get back my previous state.

Any ideas? And how to enable drivers?

Many thanks for any help

A:Use of Mouse Wheel in Lotus 123

Go here:
If you try the MS Intellimouse driver for XP and it doesn't work, follow the link and go to the bottom of the page.
Note that is says "To register the utility, type I Am Free as the registration name and give 13601409 as the registration number."


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Alright, I'm hoping someone can help me here. I'm having some major problems with my MX518. Plain and simple the scroll wheel has a mind of its own. It constantly scrolls up and down, (mostly down, up sometimes) for no reason at all. Is there anyway I can disable the mouse wheel within Windows or some other software that I can use? Writing this here is a major pain, forget about gaming.... my weapons constantly switch on there own because of the scroll wheel. Any help is much appreciated.

EDIT: I forgot to say i thought maybe it was a USB port problem, but i tried another port. didn't help.

A:Serious mouse wheel problem

Go to Logitech's support website and download and install the latest iTouch software. If this doesn't work check control panel, mouse, hardware and make sure there is only one mouse driver listed... after all this fails, get a new mouse

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Hello. Lately mouse wheel has not been working. When I press the middle mouse button, the wheel appears for just a little bit, and then disappears. I can't use it to scroll.

A:Mouse Wheel Not Working

Originally Posted by Masterofcards

Hello. Lately mouse wheel has not been working. When I press the middle mouse button, the wheel appears for just a little bit, and then disappears. I can't use it to scroll.

Try reinstalling your mouse driver, and get the driver from whoever made your mouse, Not MS.

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I have a MS Optical Wheel mouse plugged into the docking station on my Sony XG700 notebook and cannot get the system to recognize the fact that it is a wheel mouse. I installed the drivers that came with it (Intellipoint 4.0) and there selected the Opt. Wheel mouse, but the wheel doesn't work. When I go to the mouse properties it sees an external mouse hooked up, but only sees "Basic Mouse" and "Microsoft Mouse", no "Wheel Mouse". When I go to the wheel tab, all is faded out (not available). Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

Forgot to add that I am running Windows ME.

A:Wheel not working on Mouse

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I have a Logitech USB optical mouse and all of a sudden the wheel stopeed working. it was working fine one moment and then it wasn't. Any suggestions?

A:USB mouse wheel not working

go into the mouse settings and change the action of the wheel to see if it works for a different action, if it does reselect your original action.
If that doesn't work, uninstall the logitech drivers from add/remove programs and reboot. Windows will have drivers for the mouse so it will still work. Does the wheel work with windows drivers?.(it may have a different action to the one you picked but something should work with it)
If it does then re-installing(if you want) the logitech drivers should sort it.
If it doesn't then it must be the mouse. Try it on another computer to be sure.

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Hello again 7 Forums!

Just recently, my trackball was acting funky, so I took out the trackball, plugged in the new BTC Optical Mouse (Just a basic 2 button mouse with a mouse wheel) my dad had sitting in his room...and the mouse wheel won't scroll when I try to scroll with the wheel! If I click the mousewheel, it will move whatever it is scrolling.

Nothing will scroll, and I don't know why!

Not even items outside of the web browser.

Anyone got any ideas?

A:Mouse Wheel Will Not Scroll

One place to visit is in the Control Panel>Mouse section where you go over to the Wheel tab and try adjusting one or more of the settings and click the apply button to see if any immediate change is noticed.

In the Device Manager there which you might want to visit first you look under "Human Interface Devices" as well as the "Mouse and other pointing devices" items to see if the replacement mouse has been detected properly. It does seem odd however that the scroll wheel wouldn't work automatically unlike what you would see when swapping for a mouse with programmable buttons where you then need more then just a mouse driver but the software that goes with it.

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I am trying to use the scrolling wheel with Word 2007, but it doesn't work on one of my computers, on the other one it works fine. I have Logitech mice on both (I changed it for the Micrsoft I had that somebody said had problems with Office 07)

What kind of setting or override do I need to be able to use it on my other comp?

Please help, I really need it!!!

A:Mouse wheel drama

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I want to disable my mouse wheel, I went into Intellipoint settings and unticked 'Enable vertical scrolling', I went into registry and set HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop\WheelScrollLines to 0.
The wheel is disabled while using my browser and in notepad, but still works in wordpad and various other applications such as video games.
Does anyone have any insights to provide on why the settings I have adjusted are only working in some applications but not others? Are there any measures I can take that will provide total disable of the wheel?
Thanks for your time!

A:Disabling mouse wheel

You can configure mouse buttons in Control Panel.
Control Panel -> Devices and Printers -> Mouse
Works on 7... don't have XP to test on but should be similar.

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I got a wheel mouse (from the markets) that I can't take back. I found it was a ps2 mouse and I have a serial mouse connection at back. I bought a CA60 Adaptor (mouse to PS2 or 100% compatible PC.)and added it to ps2 mouse.

When I tried to install it with software floppy disc I could not and the computer even went into safe mode. I told the program it was a serial mouse.

I have totally removed it for now, but wanted to have it to use. I wanted to know the right steps so I don't cause some catastrophe.

I have win98.

A:combo wheel mouse

Well, I'm afraid I don't have good news for you.

There is no "generic" adapter for that. You have to get one made for your mouse. One made for another brand is likely to not work (as you have seen).

What brand is the mouse?

Get free stuff and help out a poor computer tech
Don't forget the amazon.com GCs waiting for you - just listen to music while online!


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I have occured a problem recently with my scroller wheel located in the middle of my mouse. It seems as if something has hijacked the mouse scroller when I am browsing within IE 6. Whenver I scroll down a page with the mouse scroller, it takes me back to previous web pages I have already explored, instead of doing its job and scrolling down the page. It never did that till recently. I have always been able to scroll down pages in IE with no problem. Could this be a hijacker virus or something else??

A:Mouse wheel hijacked on IE

Go to control panel, then mouse, then wheel tab and have a look to see if there is check in "scroll one screen at a time". If so, remove it.

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I didn't know mice had evolved that far

Anyway, i bought a new Logitech LX3 at the weekend, great thing, but the scroll wheel is odd.
When scrolling down, the movement is erratic and slow, and in Oblivion, I have 'clicking in' set to 'Cast' but it also zooms out my character.
Movement up is slightly better but still quite erratic.
I removed the Logitech software but that didnt make a difference.

Thanks in advance
The fantastic, neurotic, Finchy

A:Faulty Mouse Wheel

reinstall the latest logitech mouse software, ( SetPoint 3.01) check the settings and enable "smooth scroll".

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Hi all,

I'm been having problems with my mouse wheel's scrolling, whenever I reboot it defaults back to one line per "click" of the wheel. I always have to set it back to 4 after a reboot...surely there's some way to fix this?

I'm running XP Home SP1, (it's been like this before SP1), and the mouse is an IBM Navigator, made by Micro Innovations.


A:Mouse wheel problem-

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A strange thing happened a couple of days ago:
I use a Logitech wireless keyboard and mouse and the mouse wheel stopped scrolling.
For instance on this forum I could scroll around the page using the mouse wheel.
I reinstalled the driver no difference.

I have a second computer also Windows 7 with a keyboard and mouse also wireless and the mouse scolls o/k. When I tried it on computer number 1 that mouse wheel also does not scroll.
Otherwise the mouse buttons are o/k.
Any advice gladly taken.


A:Mouse wheel not wheeling any more

Certainly sounds like a hardware issue, if it did not work in another machine. Personally, I would buy a new one, as mic are not that expensive.

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hope I can get answer here
was wondering whether wireless mouse can be good gaming mouse,cuz I quite like this tilt wheel mouse,have you test the function?
my hands are large,so the size matches me.

A:Tilt wheel mouse?

I have a wireless Logitech Darkfield mouse. it suits me just fine. I do game too. I prefer Logitech. they're a good brand.

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I want to disable my mouse wheel, I went into Intellipoint settings and unticked 'Enable vertical scrolling', I went into registry and set HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop\WheelScrollLines to 0.
The wheel is disabled while using my browser and in notepad, but still works in wordpad and various other applications such as video games.
Does anyone have any insights to provide on why the settings I have adjusted are only working in some applications but not others? Are there any measures I can take that will provide total disable of the wheel?
Thanks for your time!
Edit: To be clear, I am looking to disable mouse wheel scrolling

A:Disabling mouse wheel

You can configure mouse buttons in Control Panel.
Control Panel -> Devices and Printers -> Mouse
Works on 7... don't have XP to test on but should be similar.

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Hello people, thank you for taking the time to help me with my issue, lets get right into it.

I have a Razer Mamba Tournament Edition Mouse and for some strange reason every time I scroll up it jerks down and when I scroll down it jerks up.

I made sure to check if smooth scrolling was enabled and it was, even tried disabled and no noticeable difference, for all I know it could be broken but that's very unlikely considering its about a month old and there is no mishandling of it. [rage/slamming of mouse]

Any tips/Advice would be appreciated.

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Well, I have had this problem since I installed XP, but I figured it would never really hurt me. My mouse scroll function only works in windows explorer. No other programs. I'm totally clueless on this one. I've tried reinstalling the drivers.

A:Mouse Scroll Wheel

Oh and the mouse button works in all programs. And I've tried several mice with the same result.

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I'm having a very unusual problem with one of our computers.

We have 3 computers which all have the same hardware in but for some reason one of them is having an odd mouse wheel scrolling issue where it basically wont stop scrolling. I have tried lots of combinations of mice and keyboards and still having the issue.

I decided to reformat and it seemed fixed, after installing the ATI drivers for my ATI 3870 it started doing it again. So I unistalled them, t started working, and then installed the Omega ATI drivers just incase and it started scrolling again by itself.

Would appreciate any ideas on this!

Thanks, Martin

A:Mouse Wheel problem

On a clean install of Windows only the mouse or the connection to the computer for the mouse can do this
Are you using USB mice?

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I have a Logitech G500 mouse. I've had it for 6 months with no problems. I am having trouble now though. When I scroll the mouse wheel sometimes I will stop and the scroll bar will jump an inch or so. It does it in Firefox, Win IE 7 and in Windows explorer. My OS is XP Pro. I reformatted and reinstalled XP (not for this reason) and I figured it would go away but it didn't. Any ideas?

A:Mouse wheel jumps

Perhaps there is a better driver available for your mouse from Logitech. If that doesn't help, your mouse could be going south.

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Hi !!

Just wondered if anyone could help 'am using a Logitech Cordless Trackman Wheel Mouse , of which I really like & not encountered any problems until now.

Just seems a minor problem.... just very occasionally just when using the middle wheel to scroll.... the page will scroll to the bottom then back up quickly, then everything is back to normal.

Only started past couple of days !!

I've no viruses, just wondered if anyone else had encountered this problem with this particular mouse ?

Any help is appreciated

A:Trackman Wheel Mouse ???

I use the same mouse and love it

I haven't seen that problem but had a few questions.

1) Does it happen in ALL applications(explorer, word, etc) or in one specific application usually?

2) Did you install a new application about the time the problem started?

3) Did you install any new hardware about the time the problem started?

and a few suggestions.

Try going into "My Computer, Properties, Performance, Graphics" and lowering the slider bard down a click to see if it helps.

Make sure you have the latest drivers from http://www.logitech.com/index.cfm?page=downloads/categories&CRID=320&countryid=19&languageid=1

Mouseware is not specific so dont worry if you dont see your exact model.

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I just recently installed a Wacom Graphire tablet for my computer. While it works fine with the pen and the mouse, and my original mouse as well the rolling wheel or whatever it's called doesn't work on either of them. I can press the button down and that works but it won't scroll pages up and down. Now I had to find drivers off of the net to install the tablet so i think that might have had an effect on it but i'm not sure. The files i had to get were mouse.drv, and some .vxd files. Any help would be great.

A:Mouse Wheel Problem

bump cause the servers went down...

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I'm not sure if this problem is related to my Firefox and Thunderbird or Win10.
The wheel on my mouse acts normally on other applications, but in Firefox or my emails through Thunderbird, turning the wheel jumps forward a screenful at a time rather than a controlled scroll. I've tried a different mouse with the same result.

My wife has an almost identical computer, the same version of Windows, Firefox and Thunderbird and doesn't have the problem.

I've tried tweaking the Firefox Options, but can't find a solution.

Anyone got any ideas on this? I'd appreciate suggestions.

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Alright, so I just built a new desktop and have Windows 7 running on it.

I got a Microsoft Wireless Media Desktop 1000 keyboard and mouse combo to use on it. So far it works great - with one issue. When I view an image in Windows Photo Viewer, if I scroll up once, it zooms in by a HUGE amount, somewhere around 600% magnification. It never did this with my old mouse, and this is really annoying as it's completely impractical and I don't ever need to zoom in that far.

Thinking it was IntelliPoint's fault, I uninstalled that, and the problem persists. It works a bit better as a generic HID compliant mouse though... since IntelliPoint removed the scroll settings - so I couldn't tell it how many lines to scroll at once. And it set the value to 11, yeowch!

Does anyone have any experience with super-zooming on the photo viewer and what I might do to fix it?


A:Mouse Wheel Acting Up

Here's an explanation of the problem:

Windows 7 (& Vista) + Intellipoint + lazer mice = scrollwheel issues on most applications

There are some solutions linked to via that page, but most of them take some serious work to use. Good Luck.

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I've recently come into acquisition of a Thinkpad a20m, and I'm running a PS/2 wheelmouse on it. But I can't get the mouse wheel to work. I've been tinkering around with the settings (Especially the Mouse Properties). But I still can't get it to function.

Any suggestions, please?

A:Mouse Wheel Problem

What is your operating system?
In Windows NT mousewheel is not used... Except in some special softwares.

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