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got replies, but problem still exists.

Q: got replies, but problem still exists.

I complained that I couldn't change my search engine in Chrome. I received several replies, but none of them solved my problem. The option to change search engines remains greyed out.

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-2350M CPU @ 2.30GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 42 Stepping 7
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 4043 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics Family, 1797 Mb
Hard Drives: C: 571 GB (470 GB Free); D: 20 GB (2 GB Free); E: 3 GB (1 GB Free);
Motherboard: Hewlett-Packard, 1695
Antivirus: Total AV, Disabled

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Preferred Solution: got replies, but problem still exists.

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


Serious replies please !!!!!!

I am working on HP pavilion a000 desktop PC. OS: windows home edition

Problem : it shows HP invent welcome screen, it shows safe mode option screen and then all black screen. Nothing after that

Solution I tried already, please read it carefully before any reply
1) Hard disk is working okay, I have tried hard disk with another PC and its working fine
2) I have tried to remove all hardware one by one that includes CD-ROM , DVD ROM , card reader, RAM memories, All PCI cards and floppy drive. But even after removal still showing same problem
3) Only thing which I have?t tried is processor. Do you guys think I should try that one too.
4) Do you guys think if there is something wrong with motherboard and how can I check that.
Please note : booting is from Hard drive and its booting okay in another computer

Just curious to know what did I miss here. Please suggest me so we can fix this computer together.
Thanks in advance

A:PLease read my problem first and serious replies please only !!

Sorry I read it wrong.

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I've moved and am having to use dial up for a couple of months. I've started using Earthlink as it was free for 6 months with my new laptop. Here's my problem...when people reply to email that I've sent them the reply tries to go to the wrong address. I've called Earthlink tech support 3 times and gotten the same response on a fix each time (make sure the reply email is configured properly) that does not work. What's happening is I put my middle initial "m" in my email address and when people reply the address is correct except it drops the "m" and they get a bounce back. When they receive an email from me it shows that it is coming from the correct address, but their reply tries to go back to the address without the "m". I'm using Outlook 2003 and I have my reply address properly configured. I'm stumped on this one. I'm doing a job hunt and it's critical that people can reply to my email.

A:Outlook - problem getting replies

Hi 914eener

Are you saying that you are changing your email address?
Is this address a valid address? Your ISP recognizes it?
You are using this as a Reply address?

Are you attempting to remain anonymous by using a different email address for your recipients to reply to?

Let us know.

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A:[B]Still no replies to the RichFX fatal problem! DOES ANYBODY KNOW???!!![/B]

Closing thread. Please continue here:


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When I try to reply, create a new email, or forward an email in Outlook 2007 on this new laptop I can see that the program has opened a reply etc... but this window is only visible in the task bar and does not open when clicked on. I'm using an extended display from the laptop using its external VGA monitor plug to a Dell monitor. I receive emails fine.

No other programs are having a similar problem (ie. all windows that are visible in the task bar open when clicked on).

I am beyond confused and mostly illiterate when it comes to computers. Any help is appreciated.

5 minutes later....

So after disconnecting the external monitor and opening Outlook on the laptop only, it worked fine. Then I hooked up the external monitor and dragged the Outlook window to from the external monitor to the laptop's monitor to find that the reply email window opens on the external monitor.

A:Outlook problem with new, replies, forwarding etc...

Hi, tzweck! Welcome to the Seven Forums.

It is important to remember that when you use two monitors, but, then, return to using only one, you disable the extended display option.

Right click your desktop, select "Personalize", then select "Display" (or go to the control panel and select "Display"):

Then select "Change display settings" and change your options:

Alternatively, make sure your bios and/or graphics card is set to Auto-detect your displays monitors.

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I posted this about 1 week ago and got 0 replies for a work-around:

I used to have NT4.0 running on a Digital Workstation (233 MHz DEC Alpha processor, 128 MB RAM, FX!32 converter for Intel apps) with SP3 and a bunch of software for which I’ve since lost the original media but still would like to use, in particular a CAD package worth several thousand dollars. Yes, that’s why I still care about this old crate.

Then came the half-educated-user wants to improve the system “event”, and I could no longer boot the system up. Thank God I had a back up of the entire original hard drive on a DAT tape, but before I could do anything I needed a working NT system.

So I got an unregistered NT4.0 SP5 CD for Alpha processors over Ebay and installed that successfully. As I have 2 hard drives in the computer, I used to c-drive to run the more recent NT version. Then I restored all the files I had from the original configuration from the DAT to the d-drive, re-configured BIOS to allow me the option of booting from either c or d at start up and hoped for the best. For whatever reason I get an error message when trying to run NT from the d-drive, i.e. the older NT version with SP3 and registry information from several years ago. I suspect that it ignores system or .ini files that are older than its own boot sector information.

My question to the NT gurus: Can I systematically replace the newer system and register files with the old ones to trick the system into thinking its configured t... Read more

A:12 views, 0 replies, same problem: NT system restore


It sounds like you just have a simple address conflict. C:\ drive in the registry vs D:\ drive now.. the old files were listed on the C:\ but now are on the D:\ all you need do is change those references.


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That is alright. If you are having problems with Vista x64 (I am running Vista Ultimate 64), then I hope this helps you. I have all recommended and important Windows updates downloaded and installed. If you want to see what hardware i am running then check my sig, please. I am currently running the Nvidia 15.08 drivers for my mainboard, 169.21 drivers for my video card, and the latest Creative drivers for my X-Fi card. I downloaded and ran the DirectX web setup app for DirectX. I also installed 1 hotfix (Virtual address space usage in Windows game development) from the Nvidia website. Note, I have turned off Windows Firewall, and UAC before doing the following. I uninstalled and reinstalled COD4. I then rebooted. Next, I installed the 1.2 patch and again rebooted. At this point I downloaded the Punbuster setup exe. I then created a folder on the desktop called Punkbuster and moved the exe file into the folder. I then ran the exe and it worked (Hopefully, you all know how to update using this method). I then rebooted again and installed the COD4 1.3 patch. Next, I ran the game and after a minute or so in multiplayer I got kicked for Punkbuster failing to initailize. I tried again and it did not work. I then tried right clicking the multplyaer icon and selecting run as admin. I was then successfully able to play two maps without any problems (bouncy ping, but hey it worked). I am not saying this is the answer, but so far it has worked for me using Vista 64. Good luck and if you... Read more

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Hello everyone
I have a problem with internet gaming and while it takes every game shows it by some unique way like have a fluctuating ping or having everything moves like it is being stopped and started continuously, I do not have problems with Youtube or any other application, pingtest does not show any packet loss or abnormal latency.
I decided to investigate so I downloaded Microsoft Network Monitor to find out the ip addresses for the servers of the games I am playing and then used traceroute to find out what the problem is and I could not find anything unusual and ping was pretty good. 
It is worth mentioning that the problem sometimes disappears on its own which for me means that the problem is with my ISP but I can't prove they are doing anything wrong when download speed and ping for youtube is fine. 

A:A problem that exists only in multiplayer gaming

Please download MINITOOLBOX and run it.
Checkmark following boxes:
Flush DNS
Reset FF proxy Settings
Reset Ie Proxy Settings
Report IE Proxy Settings
Report FF Proxy Settings
List content of Hosts
List IP configuration
List Winsock Entries
List last 10 Event Viewer log
List Installed Programs
List Users, Partitions and Memory size
List Devices (problems only)
Click Go and post the result.
Download Security Check to your desktop.
Right click it run as administrator.
When the program completes, the tool will automatically open a log file.
Please post that log here in your next post.

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This ones driving me nuts.

System specs

Game program; neverwinter nights 2

Displayed error: d3dx9_30.dll not found

Oddity: d3dx9_30.dll is in the windows/system32 directory

Things tried:
reinstalled Neverwinter nights 2
Ran MS directx installer

Blew away all dx programs and reinstalled dx.

Despite the fact that the program does exist in the correct directroy, NWN2 insists that it cannot find the program.

I've run out of ideas....

Any help?

A:directx problem d3dx9_30.dll 'not found' but exists?

Go to Start/Run and type dxdiag and press enter. If no problems with Direct X then Try DirectX Eradicator. Once Direct X is uninstalled and have rebooted, reinstall DirectX. I(f you continue to have problems with your Game then post over in the Gaming Support Section of this Forum for more help.

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I've messed up a bit and need some help. I was trying to create a folder to back-up Contacts in Outlook 97. I seem to have deleted something crucial because when I go into Outlook and click on Contacts (or Calendar, Journal etc - any of them) I get a message "Unable to display folder. The folder no longer exists".

I have uninstalled and reinstalled all of Office but I still get the same message. Help please.

A:Outlook 97 problem. "Unable to display folder. The folder no longer exists".

Problem resolved.

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I use Windows XP Pro. Hardware I built myself about 4 years ago, with what was top of the line stuff then (now nearly archaic). Lots of gigs on my HDs, 1GHz of RAM, etc. If any other info is needed please ask. Anyway, on to the issues:

I believe there are malicious processes running on my computer. I have cleaned my computer using AdAware, Spybot S&D, Panda AV, etc., but I am still having issues.

I think something is using my Outlook to generate and send spam/other emails (via Yahoo mail POP server). I don't know how to stop this sort of thing when the above progs won't do it.

I also have had issues with deleting things that my girlfriend downloaded (installer packages and such) recently. I'm told I can't delete even the shortcut for, say, RealArcade installer, because it is already in use by another program (sorry I don't have the error message verbatim at this time), even though I have no programs open. I've looked at my running processes but I can't figure out what is what, for the most part.

Could someone please take a look at my HJT log below and advise me as to what needs to be stopped?

Thank you in advance.

If more information is needed please ask. I'm not so sure I'm providing everything needed to get an expert's help with this, but I will try to.

Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 8:37:00 PM, on 10/9/2007
Platform: Windows X... Read more

A:Why no replies? (Please help me get help!) :)

I've posted this issue twice now (below), and I have yet to see any replies. I need to know if there's anything I can do to help you pros help me.

Am I missing information?

Are you just unable to help?

Is there something I should be doing before I post the HJT log information?

Please let me know what I can do to get some help with this. Any input at all would be greatly appreciated.

Previous post link:

And the post itself:
I use Windows XP Pro. Hardware I built myself about 4 years ago, with what was top of the line stuff then (now nearly archaic). Lots of gigs on my HDs, 1GHz of RAM, etc. If any other info is needed please ask. Anyway, on to the issues:

I believe there are malicious processes running on my computer. I have cleaned my computer using AdAware, Spybot S&D, Panda AV, etc., but I am still having issues.

I think something is using my Outlook to generate and send spam/other emails (via Yahoo mail POP server). I don't know how to stop this sort of thing when the above progs won't do it.

I also have had issues with deleting things that my girlfriend downloaded (installer packages and such) recently. I'm told I can't delete even the shortcut for, say, RealArcade installer, because it is already in use by another program (sorry I don't have the error message v... Read more

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Hi Guys...

I am in a bit of a fix. Two machines are replying with the same IP address but different hostnames. No, none of them is multihomed!!

I have both DNS and WINS enabled on my network.

Here's what exactly happens on my Windows 2003 AD network:
C:\Documents and Settings\f.s>ping ABC
Pinging abc.cnn.com [] with 32 bytes of data:

Reply from bytes=32 time<1ms TTL=127
Reply from bytes=32 time<1ms TTL=127
Reply from bytes=32 time<1ms TTL=127
Reply from bytes=32 time<1ms TTL=127

Then I give the command:

C:\Documents and Settings\f.s>nbtstat -a

Local Area Connection 3:
Node IpAddress: [] Scope Id: []

NetBIOS Remote Machine Name Table

Name Type Status
XYZ <00> UNIQUE Registered
PCDOMAIN <00> GROUP Registered
XYZ <20> UNIQUE Registered
PCDOMAIN <1E> GROUP Registered

MAC Address = 00-04-75-E3-A4-1C

C:\Documents and Settings\f.s>ping xyz

Pinging xyz.cnn.com [] with 32 bytes of data:

Reply from bytes=32 time<1ms TTL=127
Reply from bytes=32 time<1ms TTL=127
Reply from bytes=32 time<1... Read more

A:When someone else replies?

Resid one of the machines. Look for that program on SysInternals

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I'm wodering if we did something wrong when we posted yesterday, because we've still recieved no help yet. If we need to do something different please let us know. It seems like everyone else got a reply but us, if anyone can help us it would be much appreciated

A:No Replies?

Please be patient...everyone here is a volunteer and it sometimes takes a few days. You did fine, and trust me there are plenty of people behind you.

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Q: Replies

WHY!?!?!?, when i have posted 2 topics, has no HJT team member or anybody replied. I thought this site was designed to help people when they have problems with their computer!! or is it just for people to post and get no help. Wasted site if it is like that. HJT team what do you have to say?? I bet this has happened to alot of people!!


All HJT Tech's here are volunteers giving of their own free time to help others.

Many members submit logs each day for help.

You'll wait your turn behind everyone else in line.

Be patient.

I'm closing this post. Wait for a reply to your HJT log.

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It has been over a month since I posted here and no replies. Is this normal? I posted a question on Feb. 26th and still haven't gotten a response. Should I move on or is it worth the wait?

A:over a month...no replies???

I've come across a few members that have replies to posts dated April 1st? This was the first post.....April 1st! What am I doing wrong? Is something wrong with the way I worded my question? HELP! SOME feedback would be appreciated!?!?!?

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Is there a way to make yahoo mail the service windows uses automatically when i want to reply to emails instead of outlook, windows live, etc.? thanks.

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Another post of mine , posted September 4 in "am I infected", has been moved to this forum September 8. As it has 0 replies and it no longer on the front page, and "bumping" may move it out of place, I figured I would post a new post directing to the first post.If this is against the rules, my apologies.Soren

A:No replies in 5 days

I have replied to your original topic.

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when a thread is posted and users reply, to the right of replies it says views, is there any way of viewing those views or are they just dotted about h.o.t.n. ? thanxs.


Sorry Zoomick, views just means the number of times all of us out here online have looked at a thread without joining it.

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A:Please someone help I have received no replies on this

Just hang on in there. There are loads more people seeking help with HJT logs than there are volunteer experts to analyse and advise. Also, as this is a global affair people log on as and when they can.


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Please help

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Hi, I posted a hijackthis log a few days ago. No responses and it seems that way for many other posts.

Am I not following some protocol, or is the forum struggling for technical resources at the moment?

Hijacked from Leeds, UK

A:Anyone getting any replies to messages?

I believe more the latter than the former, mate.

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I don't think the whole log is coming thru - and after I run it - the HJT program is no longer there.

Please help

Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.0
Scan saved at 6:55:01 PM, on 12/30/2004
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\AVPersonal\AVGUARD.EXE
C:\Program Files\AVPersonal\AVWUPSRV.EXE
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\ccProxy.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\ccSetMgr.exe
C:\Program Files\HPQ\Notebook Utilities\HPWirelessMgr.exe
C:\Program Files\Panasonic\Panasonic-DMS\MFP Utilities Common\MfpDtMng.exe
C:\Program Files\Norton Internet Security\Norton AntiVirus\navapsvc.exe
C:\Program Files\Panasonic\Panasonic-DMS\Port Controller\Mgcsload.exe
C:\Program Files\Norton Internet Security\Norton AntiVirus\SAVScan.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\SNDSrvc.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\CCPD... Read more

A:Have tried other help boards - no replies - Please have a look at my HJT log

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Hi, there, I'm not sure if this is the correct way to proceed, but here goes. I posted my problem over a week ago, waited 72 hours, bumped it, waited another 72 hours, all without any reply. Meanwhile, I see other new threads here being responded to within hours, even minutes of being posted. So, did I do something wrong? Did I not provide enough information, scan results, etc.? Anyway, I hope someone will take a look at the thread and tell me the best way to proceed:



A:Re-Post - Not Getting any Replies

Hello, I apologize for the delay.

I am currently reviewing your log. I will be back with a fix for your problem as soon as possible.

Please subscribe to this thread to get immediate notification of replies as soon as they are posted. To do this click Thread Tools, then click Subscribe to this Thread. Make sure it is set to Instant Notification, then click Subscribe.

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DSS logs for cpu usage problem

Is this normal to wait this long for a reply
or some form of help? Did I post my question wrong?

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I posted a plea for help with my dns changer problem 3 days ago but have received no reply.

I am new to this and am not sure if I am doing something wrong. does anybody even see this post?

I could really use some advice. I can't get rid of zlob dns changer. Spybot keeps finding it but even though it says it fixes it, if I do another scan, it finds it again. I tried scanning in safe mode and with system restore turned off but it didn't help.

Please help,


A:3 days no replies

Hi and Welcome to BleepingComputer,Sorry for the delay, it seems your original post was just overlooked by all.I would start out by doing a scan with Malwarebytes...It can be downloaded from any of these places...http://www.malwarebytes.org/mbam.phpalternate download link 1http://malwarebytes.gt500.org/mbam-setup.exealternate download link 2http://www.majorgeeks.com/Malwarebytes_Ant...ware_d5756.htmlDouble-click on mbam-setup.exe to install the application. (If it will not download, install, or open after installation, change the name of it to whatever you want and change the .exe extension to .bat or .com or .pif or scr and then double click on it to run.)When the installation begins, follow the prompts and do not make any changes to default settings. When installation has finished, make sure you leave both of these checked:Update Malwarebytes' Anti-MalwareLaunch Malwarebytes' Anti-MalwareThen click Finish.MBAM will automatically start and you will be asked to update the program before performing a scan. If an update is found, the program will automatically update itself. Press the OK button to close that box and continue.Make sure the "Perform Quick Scan" option is selected. Then click on the Scan button.If asked to select the drives to scan, leave all the drives selected and click on the Start Scan button. When the scan is finished, a message box will say "The scan completed successfully. Click 'Show Results' to display all objects found"... Read more

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I see people posting and getting replies left and right.
I've posted and reposted and am getting no responses
What am I doing wrong here?
See my previous post please- need help.

A:Seriously!!!!!!!!!!- What the heck?-Can somebody help me-no one replies

Seriously? You need to read the forum rules, DO NOT DUPLICATE POST. And this IS NOT live tech support. People answer the questions they feel qualified to answer.

Closing thread.

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I'm suddenly unable to see some email replies, e.g. if someone replies to a message I sent them, all I'm able to see is my original message to them, not their reply. This only happens from certain senders. I recently changed the font on my outgoing messages (to book antiqua) and I'm wondering if this has anything to do with it. Anyone else have this experience? My OS is Windows XP and I use Outlook 2002 for email.

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Both with Chrome and Firefox, I cannot reply or forward emails with hotmail. It just goes to create a new email.
It works only with IE now.
Any advice ?

A:Hotmail replies

Hi and Welcome to TSF
Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling firefox and Chrome?

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Is it supposed that this forum is managed by Lenovo? By people who has the knowledge to solve the problems? By specialists? Why there are so many questiones with "0" replies? At least mine weren't answered and I can see a lot of questions are not answered and many times the same questions, so there are problems that are common to a lot of people that has no answers at all. For sure this one will receive an answer... I have no doubts. In case someone knows how to solve problemas of drivers for T510 and Windows 10 Pro, will be welcome. Thinkpad T510 4313-CTO - 6 GB RAM - 2 TB HD - Windows 10 Pro (with a lot of driver problems)


Hi sebhuarte1,
As stated in the Community Guidelines, this is a peer-to-peer support community where members share experiences and expertise regarding Lenovo products and services with one another. It is not a dedicated or staffed Support channel. Most of us are regular volunteers and customers. While staff may engage from time to time, there is no guarantee that any particular thread will engaged by staff. Dedicated support may be initiated by using the Contact Us link or the Phone List link.

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Today, for the first time ever, some of my reply messages on Outlook Express do not have a left hand margin and some do.
The ones that do, have maybe a 3/8 inch margin similar to the right side. The ones that do not have a left margin are "really" butted up against the edge. I tried to locate settings but could not after first discovering the problem. Now, after a couple proper ones with margin, I now wonder how can it do both, I would think it would do one or the other, margin or no margin.
Thanks for any ideas or suggestions.

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When I respond to a message that has a stationary or a picture embedded in it, my reply screen overlaps the original message. If I use the scroll bar, it becomes a big enough mess that I can't read anything (i.e., if I type the word "error", then scroll down, "error" shows up on every line for as far as I scroll; if there was already something on that line, "error" just goes on top). If I minimize the reply screen and then maximize it again, it looks fine (unless I use the scroll bar again). I've tried changing my screen resolution and refresh rate, but that didn't help.

I have attached an example.

I have 1 GB of RAM, and my video card is 128 MB. I'm using Office XP, with Word as my email editor.

Any suggestions?

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I am a new user to XP and this is probably an old problem. When I reply or forward an email, I lose the original message. I have downloaded SP1 and SP2 from Windows XP site but I still have the problem. Any suggestions please?

A:email replies

What email client?

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please reply to the other message i have posted.

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This is along one ppl, so don't continue unless you have sumthing cold to drink, munchables, taken the potty-break & so on. Sorry this follow-up has taken so long, but I've been offline ever since my original post. Spider-Abu & unbidden, thanks for responding and trying to help(guys). EVERYTHING IS STILL A GREAT BIG MESS!!! My browser is still acting wierd (displaying error page when I attempt to redirect, being directed to the incorrect sites, etc.) All of this would indicate I have some kinda malware, rite? Like, maybe a hijacked home page/browser...But I am currently operating on a clean install of my OS which I did w/recovery media I had made just in case (HA!). I've run spyware removers from several different companies, incl. Win Malicious Software Removal Tool, I've even run Eset's free online scanner. No instances of malware could be found by ANY of them. Then I began to think it might be my Internet Security program (Avast I.S.) that's been the cause of elevated blood pressure, sleepless nights, screaming at inanimate, unfeeling, & unremorseful machinery, then there's the crying, begging, etc. But I cannot find anything to support this theory, i.e., no forums, reviews, pc advise sites, have anything about Avast's firewall causing issues. Also, I can't seem to find the correct drivers for some of my hardware and Win keeps telling me it found drivers for this and that but advises that I do not install them as the... Read more

A:Thanks for replies...but STILL n Browser He**!

..But I am currently operating on a clean install of my OS which I did w/recovery media I had made just in caseClick to expand...

Was the recovery media made while the pc was displaying the odd behaviors you speak of?

I am not registered as a qualified malware tech on this forum; therefore I can't diagnose any logs that I suggest you post. First things first; from your post it appears you don't have all the needed Windows 7 drivers your system requires; did you upgrade from a previous Windows operating systems? Secondly, I suggest you post a HiJackThis log to the Malware Forum. Be patient, there are only so many techs to review and offer assistance. Thirdly and if you have the equipment to do so; what often works best for me is removing a given hard drive, slave it to another computer and run scans on the slaved drive.

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I got several replies to my request. Thanks to all
But the update to Win 10 is out of the question.  After looking at several sites about the trouble I was having personally about DLing Win 10 for my own self to my extra SSD to learn about all I saw was the trouble they were all having with down loading or installing or if installed all the troubles they were having with it and finally they had to do a complete wipe out and re install their previous win 7 or 8 that they had no troubles with.
I did a restore from the laptops image it had and it went well even though it was 8.1 w bing.  It was all She had since it was a gift from her mom which was all She could afford.  A cheep Dell since it didn't have a CD/DVD player.  She is happy it is clean up and She can use it with out all the junk She got when on the net not knowing what to keep or reject.
Me personally I been playing with puters since 83 before the ibm came to the public.  I recently built my own system with the I7 4770 3.4 G chip on a sata 3 MB w 16 g of mem.  I have 4 SSD's one running Win XP-Pro w sp3 and updated with all available stuff.  Another with Win 7 ultimate that I am playing with to learn but getting used to it.
So thanks for the info you sent to my other post about my problem on restoring from the USB to the Dell.  Personal opinion as we all have one I don't want a dell because of all the troubles and problems it has and they service is really bad and e... Read more

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WEll just when i thought all my troubles were fixed, i ran into one problem. The same dumb problem i was experiencing with the 8.5 version of Windows LIve Messenger. I notice that as one of us in invisible on my friends list ..whether it be me or a friend...i can not see their replies. If we both go visible i can see everything. I thought you were able to talk while invisible in all versions. I know I was able to with 8.5 before but then that stopped working. Are you not able to talk while being invisible with the 14.0 version or do i have other issues that might be causing me STRESS. can anyone please help me with this. Thanks.

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help my computer doesnt function as it used to, I believe it does have virus' but not to sure recently in like a week ago it started to run real slow opening programes or anything form of my desktop is a no go i have to left click to get them to open and moving from one link to another stalls the system to a halt until i ctrl+alt+del or restart my computer my yahoo mail password seems to have disappeared jus like that, so here is my hijackthis log file please view and contact me as soon as possible my most thankful regards. PS i did follow all the instructions giving on this site before i sent my hijakthis log. ThanksLogfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2Scan saved at 11:24:42 PM, on 2/19/2008Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)Boot mode: NormalRunning processes:C:\WINDOWS\System32\smss.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\winlogon.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\services.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\lsass.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost.exeC:\WINDOWS\System32\svchost.exeC:\Program Files\Sygate\SPF\smc.exeC:\WINDOWS\Explorer.EXEC:\Program Files\Lavasoft\Ad-Aware 2007\aawservice.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\spoolsv.exeC:\Program Files\Avira\AntiVir PersonalEdition Classic\avguard.exeC:\Program Files\Avira\AntiVir PersonalEdition Classic\avgnt.exeC:\Program Fi... Read more

A:No Replies To My Desperate Plead For Help

Hi diditom and welcome to Bleeping Computer. I will be handling your log and helping you to get cleaned up.Please take note of the following:1. Please do not make any system changes yet. as any changes you make may well alter your log.2. The cleaning process is not instant. Please continue to review my answers until I tell you that your computer is clean.3. If there's anything that you don't understand, please ask your question(s) before proceeding with the fixes.4. Please reply to this thread. Do not start a new topic.Please give me some time to look over your log and I will get back to you as soon as possible.Starbuck

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Hello all,

I am using outlook as my mail client and I would like to save my replies in the same folder as the mail I am replying to. Is there an option or a filter i could use?

Thanks in adv.

A:How to save replies in same folder ..

Found some link to help with this:

But, it does not work for IMAP accounts.

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Thank you for all the support. I remembered the password.

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I Don't Want to sound ungrateful...Tech Guys,

My last post (on June 23rd at 1:?? am) in Wn XP Forum did not get a reply at all, I know it has only been 1 1/2 days but all the posts around my posts were replied to. So I marked mine solved.

I feel like the last standing kid that neither captain wants to pick for his team! ok maybe a bit of a stretch there but this isn't the first time it happened. It happened last time I posted also so I had to seek other help.

Funny thing is I after all the years I have relied on your site, I was finally able to donate to your great site which has helped me to do amazing things when I have screwed up my computers. (which I am on my third) It says I've been a member since 2004 but that is not true...I've used this site since I had my E-machine w/Win98 in 2002? I believe.

I was only able to donate $10.00 thru my paypal acct. sorry about that but I will send more when I can.

My Computer is still "slower than a one-armed paper hanger" if it was going any slower I could get a tan outside on my patio waiting for a page to turn or webiste to load!

If someone will be king enough to say they might help I will post my hijack this log again and sing their praises.

Oh almost forgot...last nite I got the "Blue Screen":: "windows has just recovered from a serious error...bla bla bla...Physical memory dump?? what does that mean? I have space...what is taking up so much space? virtual or physical space?
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A:OK, I'm gettin a Compex! No One Replies

Hello i am sorry your post has been overlooked
Have you ran any virus/spyware checks

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I have a user who likes to put the replies he makes to E-mail items into his In Box. Trouble is, when his auto-archive feature kicks in every couple of weeks, which he has set to archive items that are 6 months old or older, the Reply items do not archive. According to Microsoft, the archive feature looks at sent date, received date and modified date and uses whichever is most recent to determine what's archived. The replies this guy has are easliy old enough, but aren't getting archived. Ideas?


A:Outlook 97: Replies Won't Archive

His replies are in the inbox, right? Do other items autoarchive from the inbox? Also follow the instructions microsoft gives to add columns to your view to show those fields (sent date, recieved date and modified date). Are all fields for these items older than 6 months? Also try archiving the inbox manually and see if that works. The other possibility that may cause problems is if he uses a custom form for his replies.

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I'm afraid my post will get shuffled under the stack with no reply. Is it possible for me to change my screen name to long legged blonde? heee heee


A:Help! My post is already on page 3 with no replies.

If you posted a hjt log and its on page 3 no worries. We are all volunteers but we do all logs. We just get so many. It can take up to a hour to finish a log sometimes!

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Please can anyone tell me if it's possible to lodge a message on my ISP server such that if a mail is sent to the email address, containing key words, a response is automatically generated. I can of course get my machine to generate a reponse automatically if an email is sent in with certain key words in the subject line but this only operates when I'm logged in. I want it to operate, if possible, when I don't even have the machine switched on.
Thanks for any help you may be able to provide.

Jim McDonald

Am using Office XP

A:Auto replies in Outlook

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Hi Guys,
I am running IE6 and Outlook Express 6 and having probs sending replies. The recipients are telling me they are blank.
It doesnt happen all the time but spasmodically...
I have recently upgraded from IE5.5

A:blank when sending replies

Hi and welcome. Send yourself a cc on the emails to the recipient saying they are blank......could be a problem on their side. If you are sending an attachment, some mail servers remove attachments.

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