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Transfer email from Thunderbird 2 to Thunderbird 3

Q: Transfer email from Thunderbird 2 to Thunderbird 3


I've been using Thunderbird 2 portable on my USB-stick for a long time, but now I've downloaded and installed Thunderbird 3 beta 1 (normal installation, not portable). Is it possible to transfer all my email from the portable version to Thunderbird 3?


Preferred Solution: Transfer email from Thunderbird 2 to Thunderbird 3

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Transfer email from Thunderbird 2 to Thunderbird 3

absolutely. Use mozilla backup 1.4.3 (free)

compact all folders first.

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Machine is Dell Vostro 220 running Windows 7 Pro.
How can I import old emails from XP machine to the Win 7 one. Both run Thunderbird
I can locate and copy the XP profiles folder and I can find the Win 7 profiles folder but they seem to have very different structures so it is not a case of copying the file over.
I can't export emails from XP machine and the Win 7 one won't import from any useful program.
Any help would be appreciated

A:Thunderbird email transfer XP to Windows 7

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I managed to get all my emails from my old hard disk into Thunderbird.

However, I really like Windows Mail running under Vista.

I have tried to transfer the emails to Windows mail without success.

Has anybody managed to do that at all, and if so how?


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I use Thunderbird on one computer, and would like to use it on another household computer. I have downloaded the software and all the information from the first computer, and I need to know how to fill in the blanks on the second computer. (I have learned from techguy that my ISP RCN does not support this e-mail software, and even if it did their line is always busy.)

I thought I could just walk from room to room and fill in all the blanks, but so far I can't find server settings. I go to tools, then account settings, but server settings doesn't appear.

I'm using XP.

Can you help?


A:How to transfer Thunderbird account

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hi , first post here on this forum but i have been stalking in the corner for a while
i have a dual boot with windows XP SP3 , and windows 7.
and i might just say that windows 7 is very nice
i am trying to setup thunderbird and would like to transfer all my profile settings/emails/local emails to the windows 7 thunderbird.
it doesn't seem to be working
does anyone have any tips for me? i have scrolled through the net for an hours or so including this forum and have tried several different options.

there is 2 different locations on windows 7 for the thunderbird profile

but only one on windows xp
c:\documents and settings\*username*Application Data\thunderbird\profile

if i copy the profile folder from xp to both locations on windows 7 it wont work, or just one location on windows 7 same thing

does anyone know of a easy way to do it?

i stupidly had Tbird running on windows 7 but thought i would be smart and try to set it up exactly th esame as XP - and it stopped working - uninstalled it - reinstalled it and now just want to transfer email/profile settings over.

thanks in advance !

A:transfer thunderbird profile from XP to 7

Have you tried MozBackup ?? ... I assume this'll work on W7
MozBackup - Backup tool for Firefox and Thunderbird

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I've been trying for a week to do this, but no luck.

I can't find a way to transfer from WindowsMail to Thunderbird in Windows 7.

Every time I try to import, it doesn't work.

I downloaded an AdOn for Thunderbird, as recomended on various sites, but that didn't work in Vista or Windows 7.

Any clues on how to do this?


A:Transfer WindowsMail to Thunderbird

Quote: Originally Posted by t8769

I've been trying for a week to do this, but no luck.

I can't find a way to transfer from WindowsMail to Thunderbird in Windows 7.

Every time I try to import, it doesn't work.

I downloaded an AdOn for Thunderbird, as recomended on various sites, but that didn't work in Vista or Windows 7.

Any clues on how to do this?


How to transfer mails from Windows Mail to Thunderbird on Vista - Windows Software

I hope that this is what you need.

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I managed to screw up my OE Outbox so have downloaded Thunderbird. I want to transfer email folders from OE but only selected ones, and not the Outbox folder. When I try to use the transfer utility in Thunderbird it looks like it"s "all or none".

A:Solved: Folder Transfer from OE to Thunderbird

Yes, when migrating there is no option for selective folders. Once imported, couldn't you delete the "Outbox" folder.

See this page for some suggestions on importing Mail:

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I have set up Thunderbird v.60.8.0 on a friends computer to access an Outlook.com account via POP. The Outlook Inbox content downloads to Thunderbird as expected but I cannot download any of the additional outlook mail sub-folder content. I am not a familiar user of Outlook.com and cannot see any way to make these additional folders accessible to Thunderbird or to otherwise export them so that Thunderbird can access them. I cannot so far find any workable solutions on-line. Has anyone a solution to this problem?

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I have been running Thunderbird eMail and files and folders on an old Vista laptop for years now.
Would now like to transfer Thunderbird to a Windows 7 machine.
I have already downloaded Thunderbird to the Win 7 machine, but I do not have the files and folders from the original on Vista.
Tried to do this before but found the Mozilla instructions too complicated and never got off the ground.
Ideally, I would like to have Thunderbird and all the files, folders, address book etc running on both machines.
Would appreciate any help.

A:[SOLVED] What Is The Easiest Way To Transfer Thunderbird To New Machine?

Is this what you followed here?


That should show you how to move files manually or using Windows.

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I am attempting to transfer my Mozilla Thunderbird e-mail account from my existing Windows 7 to my new computer's Windows 7. Everything is completely unsorted in my online Gmail account, and I really want my folders and settings to be on the new computer.

First I followed the Mozilla directions for transfer, which involved installing Thunderbird on the new computer, then copying and overwriting all the Profiles folder contents from the old to the new computer. The copying worked exactly as described, but when I tried to run Thunderbird, it said that it was missing or incomplete.

I ended up uninstalling/reinstalling Thunderbird on the new computer and trying MozBackup. When I tried to run MozBackup on my old computer, I could get to the point of selecting what I wanted to back up, but when I select Thunderbird I got this error message: "Access violation at address 004C2C9E in module 'MozBackup.exe.' Read of address FFFFFFFF." It does this every time I try again.

Does anyone have advice about how to either 1) fix the MozBackup error or 2) transfer my Thunderbird folders/mail a different way?

A:Solved: Trouble with Mozilla Thunderbird transfer

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Hi all! hope someone can assist ....does anyone know if there's a way I can transfer my Thunderbird email program - all mail,address book,favourites etc - over from my old PC to my new PC? I used the vista file transfer wixard to move over all my files and folders but can't see a way to transfer my T-bird mail. There seems to be no export facility within the email program. Old PC is XP and new is Vista.
Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

A:Solved: Mozilla Thunderbird transfer Question

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Have just bought new PC with Windows 8 and hence, no Outlook Express.

Can anyone suggest a way of converting OE's .dbx files to a format acceptable to Thunderbird?

I have literally 100s of family history research emails and photos that I don't want to lose although still on my old XP machine.

Many thanks.

A:Converting Outlook Express emails to transfer to Thunderbird

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OS: Windows 7, Extreme editionR1. Wanting to transfer contents of Local Folders from Mozella Thunderbird, version 3.1.4 to the the Personal Folders within Outlook 2003, (11.5608.5606). Apparently there is no Import feature associated with Thunderbird. I successfully dragged and dropped the files into their respective Personal Folders. The files had a ".msf" file extension. When I tried to open these ".msf" files within the Personal Folder, I received the following message: "This file does not have a program associated with it for performing this action. Please install a program, or if one is already installed, create an association in the Default Programs control panel."

I made a backup copy of one of the Local Folder contents, and renamed the extension to the Personal Folder extension ".pst" Hopefully that was the correct extension. I then dragged and dropped that file into the Personal Folder, then tried to open it. Unfortunately I received the same error message.

To make a long story short, I'm stumped. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for listening.

"Life's too short to be taken seriously." Oscar Wilde

A:Unable to transfer files from Thunderbird to Outlook 2003

We do not help with pirated software, including Windows. Please review the forum rules before posting again.

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I have an old desktop running XP on which I have used Mozilla Thunderbird and Firefox for years. I'd like to transfer my favourites on Firefox and my email contacts on Thunderbird (and perhaps also one or two of my email folders) to my new laptop running Windows 7.

Could someone please tell me how to do this? I don't get a new computer often, and I've always had to start collecting emails from scratch because I couldn't figure out how to bring my old contact list over to a new computer.

I look forward to hearing back from someone about this. thanks so much for your help.

A:Solved: transfer Thunderbird contact list to new computer

I used MozBackup last December to move all of my Firefox and Thunderbird settings and files from a laptop running Vista to a new desktop running Windows 7.

If you are not comfortable with trusting a third party program having access to your private information, there are also on-line instructions for manually locating all of the files and copying them to the new installation.

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Hi guys,
Please can someone help me. I've been searching the web for about half an hour & still haven't found a nice simple answer.

My friend has asked me to upgrade him from XP to Vista which I know I can do comfortably. All he wants to keep is photos,documents & his emails as he is a salesman. Photos & docs will be no problem but the only barrier for me is transfering his emails from thunderbird to outlook 2007.

Originally I was going to do the transfer by connecting a second hard drive to his computer & copying all the data he wants to keep from one to the other. Now Im having second thoughts as he doesn't have a huge amount of data to transfer. I was going to use DVDs as I probably only need one maybe two.

Does anyone know a good way of transfering his emails(Sent/inbox/drafts e.t.c)from his thuderbird client in XP to his new Outlook 2007 in Vista?The preferable method would be without having to rig up a second hard drive but that doesnt rule it out.Normally when ever I had to install an new OS I just input the new account details in outlook 2007 & it sycronises with my email cients & all my mail reappears. When I explained this to my friend he seemed certain that tiscali(who he is with)only keeps the sent email for a day or so. So he is worried he will lose all his sent emails from over the years.

Please can someone help me I would be very grateful.Thankyou.

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System was perfectly stable for such a long time...

A couple of months back, Firefox started crashing whenever I attempted any kind of file download or page save, from any site. For a while I could work around using DownThemAll plugin. Then that crashed too. For a while , I could get downloads by switching to Chrome or IE. Now every browser crashes at every attempted download. The crash occurs when a "where to save" window tries to open: depending on browser, it occurs instantly or after opening a messed-up explorer window.

Thunderbird also crashes if I attempt to save an attached file. However, I can drag attachments to desktop to retrieve them. So maybe it's invoking the "where to save" window that's the problem?

With both browser and mailer, everything is fine on program restart - Windows and other programs seem unaffected.

I have kept Norton 360 fully updated, and accepted all Windows updates. Have run ccCleaner, Glary registry cleanup and Malwarebytes. Some junk found, but problem not resolved. Below are Windows failure reports from the three browsers. Any help would be very much appreciated!

Thanks in advance-

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
Application Name: chrome.exe
Application Version: 36.0.1985.125
Application Timestamp: 53c4dbee
Fault Module Name: COMCTL32.dll
Fault Module Version: 6.10.7601.17514
Fault Module Timestamp: 4ce7b71c
Exception Code: c0000005
Exception Offset: 000a91e6
OS Version: 6.1.7601. Read more

A:Browsers, Thunderbird crash when attempting to download/transfer files

Hi Use Clean boot,
Click Start and type in the search box,
Click on the suggestion on top or hit the Enter key,
Go to the Startup section and take some screen shots for a complete list,
Go to the Services section and on the bottom left Check the box to Hide All Microsoft services,
Repeat the screen shots,
See the links above my signature on how to take and upload screen shots here,

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I have a relative who has an e-mail account with Comcast. She has been accessing the account from her Internet Explorer browser. I had no trouble installing and setting up her Comcast account in Thunderbird. But I am not aware of any simple means of importing the address book that she has set up to access from the browser into the Thunderbird address book. Is it possible to import the address book somehow, or is she just going to have to hand enter the data?

A:Solved: Transfer address book from web mail account to Thunderbird?

I found this: http://www.ehow.com/how_5796153_export-address-book-comcast-email.html

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My school has recently switched to Google Apps for its email service, now resulting in students having an address of [email protected]. I also started working for a company that uses this email in the form of [email protected]. I would like to be able to access both of these email accounts using Mozilla Thunderbird 2.0.

I've been told that by changing the user name for these accounts to include the full email address will allow access as if the account was a regular Gmail account, but I have not been able to make this work. I continue to get an error message:
Sending of password did not succeed. Mail server pop.googlemail.com responded: Username and password not accepted.
This also happens for the mail server pop.gmail.com.

I tried using the Unlock CAPTCHA feature for both accounts. It worked for the [email protected] email address (it unlocked it, supposedly), but not for the [email protected] account. For the edu account, the unlock CAPTCHA responded saying the username and password do not match.

I also just installed the addon Gmail IMAP Account Setup for Thunderbird, which seems to know just what to do. However, with the employee email, I get the error message, "Login to server imap.gmail.com failed." With the student email, I get the error, "Invalid credentials (Failure)" followed by the same error as the employee email.

My I know my login information is correct. This is getting very frustrating. What do I do to... Read more

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I'm trying to find a way to stop T/B email from auto down loading incoming mail and notifying me with a pop up. I don't want my email down loaded until I ask it to.

A:Thunderbird Email

Tools>Account Settings>Server Settings, uncheck "Automatically download new messages".

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I have a backup of emails saved from the Thunderbird profile folder. Is there an easy way to access these and read them, without setting up the email account that they belong to?
Is there a program that can import and read from the Thunderbird Mail Summary Files and read them?
Can I import them into Thunderbird without having to set up the email account they belong to?

A:Thunderbird email

bump, I will get to this later today

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Hi,Been using thunderbird now for some time,Good choice on my behalf,Just updated to the 10 version.
Now I did read somewhere that I could install an addon to have an address bar on the new email page that I open up to send an email,I just cant seem to lay my hands on the addon.Anyone can help me out here please.
Many thanks d.

A:Thunderbird 10 email

Post a screenshot of where you want the address bar at with a arrow or something pointing at it.
Screenshots and Files - Upload and Post in Seven Forums
Screenshot with Paint
How to Use the Snipping Tool in Vista - Vista Forums

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I have updated Thunderbird to 3.0.4 and now I can't send or receive mail. I have been on the phone with Windstream and they can't help me. I have been on T/B site and can't find any help. I can get mail directly from Windstream but it's a hassle. I have removed T/B and installed it again with help. All I get is ( Mail server pop.windstream.net is not an IMAP4 mail server.)

A:Thunderbird email

Did you check here: http://kb.mozillazine.org/Not_an_IMAP4_server

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Is this a good place to post this inquiry if not tell me where.

A:help with thunderbird email

You can post here but might get more help in Firefox browser section

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Is there a email program like thunderbird that i can use with multiple email accounts? im on windows 10 and for some reason thunderbird is always freezing up on me?

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Hi,I have used thunderbird ( I believe a division of Mozilla Firefox ) for a few years now with no problems.Suddenly now having a problem with computer code.When I forward emails there is one full page of it before the original email is shown.I have tried to contact the company to no avail.Their support system seems to be non existence.I have deleted it on this machine and on another one at the same time.Reinstalled both machines (both vista) with no difference still had code in all the forwarded mail.People want to know what the gibberish is all about.If there is an answer I would be very thankful. Concerned EmailerEdit: Topic moved from Windows Vista to the more appropriate forum. ~ Animal

A:Thunderbird email

Open Thunderbird in safe mode (instructions below)
If doing this solves the problem, the "code" you are getting is as a result of a recent add on update.
Restart Thunderbird in normal mode, deactivate/disable ALL add ons......and then enable them again ONE at a time.
In other words....the process of elimination will show the add on causing this (if in fact that is the case ! )
At the end of this process, all will be well !
Post again, and let me know.
Edit:   btw...Welcome back !...it has been a while since your last visit.

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I have been working with a friend on his computer trying to remove all the spyware that has accumulated over the past year or so(he has young teens that are using it for MSN messenging and Kazaa and Limewire and and and...he also does not have an anti-virus on his system anymore(subscription ran out and he did not renew it for whatever reasons)...anyways, we got him an anti-virus program(Norton)and have scanned his system(it found over 1000 at risks)...but while we scanned the system we ran into a major stall over a sent mail folder(ThunderBird email program) that was over 1g in size...can anyone help me to remove the contents of this folder so that the next time we(or he) scan the computer for viruses,etc., the scan won't take so long?

thank you in advance

A:ThunderBird email help

Open Mozilla Thunderbird
Click on the tab to the left that says Sent
Click Edit, and then Select All
Then after all are selected, go to Edit and then click Delete Selected Messages

That should do it.

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How do I setup Tbird email to accept emails only for those addresses in my Address Book?

A:Thunderbird email

Tools - Message Filters... - New -

The match can be:
From - isn't in my address book - Personal Address Book

The actions can be:
Delete Message

However, I would suggest that instead of an immediate delete you move the unwanted messages to the Junk or another special folder.

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I have several e-mail accounts. 1 account keeps downloading the same emails over and over. These emails were from 10-10-11 to 10-13-11. I do not save copy's on my server. how do I correct this?

Thanks, Robert

A:Thunderbird email

How recently have you compacted your folders? Compacting is something that needs to be done regularly in any email program. We recommend weekly, but many of us do it daily. When done often enough, it can be an extremely fast process. Not doing so can lead to problems like those you are experiencing. See this about how to and why it's so important: Compacting folders - MozillaZine Knowledge Base

If you haven't been doing that before, and 'compacting' them now (and leaving a long enough time for the process to complete) doesn't fully resolve the problem then do the following on each account:

Close Thunderbird. Find and delete all of the files with the .msf file extension in your profile folder/Mail Profile folder - Thunderbird - MozillaZine Knowledge Base including your Local Folders, especially if you are using the global inbox. You must have "View hidden files and folders" on Spyware Warrior :: View topic - How to show hidden files and folders and you need to set "hide extensions for known file types" off (just below View Hidden) if you are using Windows. For VIsta, use the XP instructions. These are your mail summary files and do not hold any messages themselves. They will be rebuilt the next time you open each folder in Thunderbird. Compact all your folders when you have completed this. Compacting folders - MozillaZine Knowledge Base

To avoid this happening again, see the tips in these articles:
Keep it working - Thunderb... Read more

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Thunderbird email account will download email only on startup. This is true for one of two accounts. The other one works okay. This account is an imap server, the one that works is a pop.

A:Thunderbird Email

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Home, 64 bit
Processor: AMD FX(tm)-8350 Eight-Core Processor, AMD64 Family 21 Model 2 Stepping 0
Processor Count: 8
RAM: 16350 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GT 630, -2048 Mb
Hard Drives: C: 465 GB (212 GB Free); F: 931 GB (517 GB Free); G: 1863 GB (355 GB Free); I: 465 GB (445 GB Free);
Motherboard: Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd., 970A-DS3P
Antivirus: Windows Defender, Enabled and Updated
My email provider is Comcast and I use Thunderbird for my emails. For the past few days I cannot receive emails but I can send emails (though Thunderbird will not put a copy in the sent file). When I try to receive emails I get the little circle indicating it is working on it, but it never delivers any emails. Thunderbird email works fine on my other computer so I don't think the problem lies with Comcast.
Thank you.

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I recently install Thunderbird email. I can no longer copy/paste. Are others experiencing this problem. TIA, Coastal

A:Thunderbird email

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I have been using Outlook Express to date but I am now trying to use Thunderbird, as I was told it was less likely to pickup viruses. When I try to send an attachment with Outlook it sends many, many, many emails to the receiver with no attachments.
When I try to send an email through Thunderbird I get this error "The mail server responded:5.7.0. Must issue a STARTTLS command first".
When I try to receive an email I just get a timed out message.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

A:Thunderbird Email Setup

Step one. Make sure your E-mail account is configured properly according to the instructions provided by the E-mail provider, and that the provider supposts Tb. (If there are no instructions for Tb, then if there are some for Netscape, take a look at those)
Step two. Your provider should have a list of error messages (customer support or help or FAQ) that might provide a clue as to what is causing the problem. Look under your Tb account's properties/account settings/server settings; there is a cartouche for "security settings" that you may have to change to "TLS."
Hope this helps,

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I use XP Home, Thunderbird for mail and Firefox browser.
I received an email which included 3 URLs.
Two work fine when I click on them.
The third does not and I get the message "file ..... not found, check location and try again".
If I copy that web link into IE it does work.
Is there some setting I need to change in Firefox or Thunderbird pse?

A:URL in Thunderbird EMail msge

Problem sorted. PSe disregard.

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Vista Home Premium.

Apparently this problem is documented back to 2007, but getting ridiculous now. I don't remember the date of the Window Update, but after one of them Thunderbird email client began to slow when sending any emails. It is now at the point where about 10% of the emails I send will Time-Out and the others take a brutally long time for the mail to be delivered. Makes no difference if it's a one word email or large one with an attachment.
I routinely compact the TBird folders, I tried deleting the .msf files and restarting, clearing cache, etc.
BTW, I tried getting answers via Mozillazine but the responses have not helped in the slightest and generally very uninformative.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


A:Vista and Thunderbird email

Hello Markaz,

do you delete the XUL.mfl file in your folder on a regular basis? have you installed any extensions, themes, etc ....at the time this problem began?

I think this given link may help you getting your problem solved.

Fix Slow Or Hanging Thunderbird Email Client


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I recently reformatted my hard drive. My OS is windows xp. I did not back up my folders in Thunderbird. is there anyway to recover these folders? Thanks,

A:Thunderbird Email recovery


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I am a new user of both Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird and simply love both of them. However, I have a two issues with Thunderbird I can not seem to resolve.

Since I am trying to set up both my Gmail and AOL email accounts up within Thunderbird, I have tried to add the extension Buttons! (select SMTP) to my Thunderbird software. I open Tools/extensions/Get More Extensions. That seems to put me into Firefox and when I try to install an extension, it goes into the Firefox software. How can I get the extension Buttons! into my Thunderbird software so that I can manage the SMTP servers.

As I mentioned earlier, I am trying to be able to manage both email accounts thru Thunderbird. I have managed to get the Gmail account to work properly but simply cannot get the AOL account to work. I click on the Get Mail button and then on the AOL Mail. It seems as though it is working but nothing seems to happen. The message on the bottom bar states that it is downloading 1 of 10 messages. This goes on for several minutes but nothing seems to change. I hit cancel. I am using the imap.aol.com/port 143 as my incoming server. However, I did try using both the Gmail outgoing server (smtp.gmail.com/port 467) which works with the Gmail account and the AOL outgoing server (smtp.aol.com/port 587) which does NOT work with Gmail.

This is why I thought the Buttons! extensions might work for me. That way I could set up both outgoing servers and use the proper one for each email acc... Read more

A:Can not get AOL email to work in Thunderbird

I don't think "AOHELL" supports 3rd party POP programs at all. But I could always be wrong. But I know I could never do it when I was on AOL. It only let me use it's own pop box and web mail.

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We have 2 computers in the house, both have Windows XP with Outlook Express available. Based on some reading here and at other sites, we are going to use Firefox browser for increased security. Should we also use Thunderbird for our email? Or will Outlook be just as secure?

p.s. We have NAV 2005, Zone Alarm, and the major anti-spyware products. (Not that that matters for this question, but just in case.)

A:Change email to Thunderbird?

I can highly recommend thunderbird as an excellent mail client. I have been using and recommending it since it's very early beta releases. Thunderbird includes many security features such as remote image and script blocking by default. It has a reliable and adaptive junk mail filter, useful option for unlimited extensions (provided by the mozilla community) just like Firefox, solid identity management, easy outlook/express migration and many other desirable features.

I am yet to have a problem with thunderbird, and would love to hear any other members impressions of it.

In my opinion you should get it.


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Hi, I hope someone can help, can I sync Thunderbird email across 2 pcs? 1 running XP and the other Vista. T'bird Version
I thought I could do this easily but the more I look on-line the more confused I'm getting.

A:can I sync Thunderbird email across 2 pcs?

Can you please explain exactly what you want to happen when you when say you want to "sync Thunderbird"?

Do you want new incoming e-mails to appear in the in boxes on both computers?

Do you want an e-mail sent from one computer to appear in the "sent" folders on both computser?

Are you using IMAP or POP3 for the mail accounts you wish to sync?

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Windows XP

We recently moved our website hosting. As a result our email runs through Gmail now. I was able to enable the POP in Gmail to send it to my Thunderbird account but I am unable to send email from Thunderbird. I've followed all the instructions over and over and over. When I try to send email from Thunderbird I get:

5.7.0 Must issue a STARTTLS command first, 22sm12267875wfg.27

If there is an answer, go slowly. I'm a step above computer-illiterate.

A:Solved: Thunderbird won't let me email

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My setup: Windows 7 Pro 64-bit, Gmail.
Messages from another computer using Thunderbird are received
as attachments(I don't know why). First I have to download them,
which is a royal pain. No matter what I use to read them I get the
html looking stuff. Gmail is working fine as long as the messages
are not from Thunderbird. Everything else on my puter seems to
be working ok.
Thanks for any help.

A:Email from another computer using Thunderbird

It's not clear what you mean...do you mean someone else sending you an e-mail using TBird causes this ...or are you sending something to yourself from another PC ? ?

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I lost all messages and passwords stored in my Thunderbird email. I deleted Thunderbird and downloaded a new Thunderbird program. I can send and receive messages fine now...however, I am now unable to drag messages to "certain" folders for safe keeping. Also I am unable to delete some of the local folders. How can I reclaim my email program?

A:Thunderbird email problem

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I just purchased a computer with Windows 7 on it for a colleague. Her computer needs to be reformatted. It is cooked. I hooked everything up and thought (very operative term) I did the install correctly. I downloaded Thunderbird so she could set up her email accounts. The problem is that some email accounts were accessible while others were not. The accounts that are not allowing us to set up give a message about either not recognizing a password, or not communicating with the server. Would there be a security setting on Windows 7 that is stopping me? If so how do I go there? We set all POP and SMTP as they were on the old computer that used XP and ran Thunderbird. I called the company that runs the mail server and they report no problems. I can access the same email accounts from my XP OS but not with Win7. I am a neophyte, so please be kind. Computer is turned ON. ;)Many thanks,Moloki

A:Windows 7 and Thunderbird email

Here is a Link to a Thunderbird email Set-up Tutorial which may Helphttp://www.freeemailtutorials.com/mozillaT...mailAccount.cwd When you see a box that asks you for you Password, enter the Password you used to log into your ISP email account & tick the box to remember PasswordIf you have multiple email addresses from a mailbox go to Thunderbird Tools > account settings > click on Mailbox left pane > Manage identities, right pane > in, "Identities for Mailbox" click on Add, & add your additional email addresses,Hope this Helps, Good Luck.

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A while back I changed over to Thunderbird from Outlook Express. The emails and email addresses went smoothly but now I'm trying to get my grouped email addresses (or distribution lists) over but all that transfers is the name of the group.

Any thoughts?

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For at least the fourth time in recent weeks, I've lost my email and have had to begin a new account to begin receiving new emails. Is there any quick, easy way to retrieve the lost emails? Also, with the new email account, I apparently do not have the proper SMTP setting to be able to send mail. Any help would be deeply appreciated. I'm use Firefox as my browser.

A:Lost Email In Thunderbird

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i'm using a dell laptop with a wirless connection to a verizon dsl modem, running vista home premium, and using thunderbird to handle my email.
it handles three accounts: the two that maybe important to this are gmail and verizon.net

all three are sent out through gmail

i've a client who has an sbcglobal.net account which won't accept relayed messages, so any email sent to her from thunderbird is bounced back (it will be delivered if sent directly from gmail)

apparently, it has something to do with a dynamic isp.....but i'm not savvy at all with the teck end of this.....i figure the bounce back has got something to do with the email coming from a verizon dsl, through gmail, to sbc, but i've no idea what to do about it

the error message is this:
---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Mail Delivery Subsystem <[email protected]>
Date: Thu, Mar 26, 2009 at 5:31 AM
Subject: Delivery Status Notification (Failure)
To: (deleted)@gmail.com
This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification

Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:


Technical details of permanent failure:
Google tried to deliver your message, but it was rejected by the recipient domain. We recommend contacting the other email provider for further information about the cause of this error. The error that the other server returned was: 553 553 5.3.0 <(deleted)@sbcglobal.net.>... Relaying is NOT allowed here (stat... Read more

A:att and relayed email from thunderbird

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I am currently in the process of putting together a system of using my current list of newsletter subscribers to send out HTML based newsletters. In the mean time, I would like to know if it is possible for me to use Mozilla Thunderbird to send out the newsletter to multiple clients using the BCC option in Thunderbird after I insert the HTML into the body of the email.

Is there an easier way of doing this?

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