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Dual Boot Win2000/Win98SE install order?

Q: Dual Boot Win2000/Win98SE install order?


I am currently running Win2000 Pro with FAT not NTFS. I'm not a great gamer do but have a couple I would like to load, but of course Win2K cannot support them. So I thought - how about a dual boot system? Hard drives are ok for it, 2 each with 2 sizeable partitions, so easily arranged. BUT, I am led to believe that I cannot install Win98SE AFTER Win2k. Is this true, and if so is there NO way around it except reinstalling Win2k as well?


Preferred Solution: Dual Boot Win2000/Win98SE install order?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Dual Boot Win2000/Win98SE install order?

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My computer is set up with a dual boot with Windows 98SE on drive C: and XP SP2 on drive D: (two separate drives). I have not used Win98SE for years and have the Boot.ini set up to boot XP after 3 seconds. I would like to do a clean install of another XP on my C: drive to replace the 98SE, but I'm afraid it might screw everything up, especially since this was originally set up with 98SE installed first. Is there a way to do this? I have read a couple of articles on turning a dual boot system into a single boot system, but should I do this first and then install the second XP (on drive C:)? (The main reasons that I want to have two XP systems on my computer is that the current one has gotten so cluttered that I would like to start over, but not lose what I already have; and I would like to try out installing SP3, but don't want to take a chance on messing up my current XP. A clean install to replace the Win98SE would solve this.) I have read all of the threads in this forum on dual booting so I know it is possible to have a dual boot to 2 XP operating systems, but haven't found anything that addresses my situation with replacing Win98SE. Thanks for any help you can give.

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I've done a long-overdue clean install of Windows 7 and everything was fine (except for the 2-day wait for updates to become available). However, now i am trying to install a second SSD for the purposes of dual booting with Linux.

Windows just refuses to boot unless i disconnect that second SSD. There is no problem with detection or me not selecting the right boot device etc. Windows tries but fails to boot.

The bootloader loads and then it tells me that there was a problem starting windows. It gives me that white on black menu with (more or less): Try to repair the startup or boot normally. Both options simply return you to the same point after only a few seconds or if Grub is installed on the other drive it will hand over to Grub after saying "Windows is loading files..." - it will not boot into Windows.. Disconnect the other SSDs and everything works fine.

I used to dual-boot with this computer with these drives.

The only thing i can think of as being different is the BIOS setting was set for HDD before and now it is SSD. This was changed after the fresh Win7 install (i didn't even know it was a thing until i was having problems). It's an ASRock Extreme6 Z77 motherboard. The SSD setting does provide improved performance over the HDD setting so i'm loathed to return to it or reinstall with the SSD setting from the beginning. Note i tried to return the motherboard to Hard Drive setting but it made no difference.


A:Fresh install. Good. Attach another SSD in order to dual-boot. Busted.

I would remove the 7 ssd and then install the 2nd ssd and install linux,
I would also recommend using one of these to dual boot it makes life so much easier
Amazon.com: Vantec 2.5-Inch Dual Bay Trayless SATA III - 6G Mobile Rack (MRK-225S6-BK): Computers & Accessories

You might also end up with clock issues so refer to this
"Solved" Clock 6 hours advanced switching back to win-7 - Linux Mint Forums

Lastly updating issues
Windows Update will not update and I've tried multiple fixes

Clean install
windows update

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Where can I find specific directions to install WinNT 4.0 on my 2nd hard drive? NT manual no help at all... what should I expect? Thanks!

- The surest way to make a monkey of a man is to quote him.

A:Win98SE/NT4.0 Dual Boot

Article from microsoft How to Dual Boot Windows 98 and Windows NT 4.0 with FAT16 or NTFS Volumes

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My main computer has WIN98SE and is networked to a second computer. Am planning upgrade of the main computer next year. Meanwhile, on second computer, have 2 separate HD's. I am a webdesigner and need to run several old browsers for checking purposes.

With the help of a not very experienced friend I have put Win98se on the first HD as Master and XP on the second HD. Both FAT32. Am a bit confused about the files on each; have been reading up on the subject and it says something about them being able to read the files on each HD? How does this work?

Win98se shows local drives C and D while XP shows local drives C and F. (I also have a cdrom drive and a burner drive.) Am confused why these drive letters are different on each OS and also why each OS is showing 2 drives on each.

Also, to get into each OS, I have been going into the BIOS on booting and changing the boot order. I am sure there is another way to do this.

Am not going to use XP for anything much - just want to familiarise myself with it - hope to get Vista for the main computer next year or whenever.


A:Dual boot win98se and xp on 2 HD's

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Moderators... Uncertain of where this one belonged. Please move it to proper forum if you feel so inclined.

Hi guys and gals... Still workin on the plan for my daughters new custom built PC. It in component selection phase at this time. Question before me at this point regards dual booting XP and Win98SE.

I've done some reading here....


It is very helpful in a number of aspects. However, I'm still unclear about a couple of things...

1. Do I need to install hardware drivers in both OS's. For instance... Non-MS printer software and drivers.

2. When installing applications which insert Registry keys as part of the install process (i.e. Word, Quicken, NSW, etc). Same question as above. Do I need to install them on both OS's in order to have them available for use with both OS's.

As is pretty obvious, I've never used a dual boot system and I'm sure these are pretty basic questions which will become quite clear after the fact. I'm just trying to get some idea of what to expect. Any help or referals to tutorial sites would be much appreciated.

A:XP/Win98SE Dual Boot Question

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Running dual boot Windows XP Home with Windows 98 SE.

Used PM 8 to partition. Win98SE on "C" partition, XP on "G" partition.

I haven't booted into Windows 98SE since December, 2002 and now I think I want to uninstall 98SE for the space.


Homebuilt 450MHz Plll
dual (partitioned PM 8.0) hard drives: (30GIG & 40GIG)
Promise IDE 100 controller card
SBC-Yahoo! DSL

A:Uninstalling Win98SE from dual boot system

Right-click My Computer, Manage, Disk management.

Right-click and format the Win 98 drive.

Edit boot.ini to remove the reference to Win98.

If it doesn't boot directly into XP, run the Recovery Console and fixboot. Maybe fixmbr.

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Hi. I have 2 Hds in my pc, my prim master is a 40g WD that I had my win98SE on and my 2nd HD is a 30g Maxtor that is partitioned into my d: & e: drives. Last week I installed WinXP on my e: and was quite happy w/ my dual o/s boot option.

Last night, I reformatted my c: and did a clean install of win98se and now I no longer have the dual o/s boot option. The system just straight boots into win98se.

My e: is also not recognized by win98se.

Can somebody please help?

A:Reformatted c: w/ win98SE, Dual O/S Boot no longer avail

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Hi guys/gals.

I need a bit of advice of you WinXP experts. I bought a new computer last week which has a 500GB drive. I installed WinXP Pro 2002 SP2 on it which formatted the drive to NTFS. Now when Windows started up I thought I would set a small partition so I could install Win98SE or WinME on it. I set an 8GB partition and called it G: The reason being I have an old scanner which is only suitable for Win9x/ME/Win2k and not WinXP. Strange if Win2k is a WinNT system then why not WinXP. Plus I can still use the old programs that won't run on WinXP.

Anyway I've done web searches for dual-boot systems and most talk about installing Win9x/ME before you install WinXP. Now I've tried both of my boot disks Win98 and WinME (from bootdisk.com) and neither of them recognise either of my DVD writers as drives. I know you can set the boot sequence to read the CD-Rom first but I would like to format the drive and scandisk for errors before I do. When I boot with the floppy I can't change to G: as it doesn't recognise it as a drive even though I formatted it as FAT with WinXP.

The other problem is because its a large drive Fdisk can't be used initially to set 2 partitions so I can put WinME on and WinXP on the other.

Any assistance would be appreciated of you dual-boot guys.

A:Dual boot system WinXP with Win98SE or WinME

I need a bit of advice of you WinXP experts. I bought a new computer last week which has a 500GB drive. I installed WinXP Pro 2002 SP2 on it which formatted the drive to NTFS. Now when Windows started up I thought I would set a small partition so I could install Win98SE or WinME on it. I set an 8GB partition and called it G:Where on the drive is the partition? I think that to use it for Win9x version it needs to be at the start of the drive.The reason being I have an old scanner which is only suitable for Win9x/ME/Win2k and not WinXP. Strange if Win2k is a WinNT system then why not WinXP.This wouldn't be a MusTek brand scanner, would it... I know it well and its problems with Windows 2000/XP Anyway I've done web searches for dual-boot systems and most talk about installing Win9x/ME before you install WinXP.Yep. Windows always installs its own boot sector, overwriting any existing bootloader therein. A newer version of Windows will know about loading older versions but an older version won't know how to load a newer version. So, you'll either need to install Win9x first then XP or run the fixboot utility from the XP Recovery Console after installing 9x.Now I've tried both of my boot disks Win98 and WinME (from bootdisk.com) and neither of them recognise either of my DVD writers as drives. I know you can set the boot sequence to read the CD-Rom first but I would like to format the drive and scandisk for errors before I do. When I boot with the floppy I can&... Read more

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Hello all......the situation:

My dad got a digital camera for Christmas and it's being used for a door stop because his computer has windows 95, the first edition(no USB support). His computer has USB capability/port so that's not a problem.

The reason why he doesn't upgrade is because he has a program Top Producer that only works with Win95 and it's fairly expensive to upgrade and the fact that he doesn't want to learn a new program.

The drive is partitioned already into 6 or 7 sections. Is it possible to load an edition of Windows 98SE onto one of the available partitions without 1) overwriting Win95 and 2)being a pain in the backside to integrate the two versions and 3)messing up any of the files he has on the main drive?

Any suggestions?, thanks in advance...btw, yes I did do a dual boot search and nothing seemed to answer my particular situation.

A:[SOLVED] Dual boot for USB capability(Win95 and Win98SE)

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I have installed win2k on a single hard drive C: and installed win98se and linux on another hard drive D:. Hard drive D: is partitioned equally. How do I get win2k to recognize the other two operating systems so that I can choose either win2k, win98se or linux. Win2k was installed first then linux and lastly win98se. I don't what to have to squash C: to reinstall win2k.

A:{Advice Offered} - Dual Boot Win2k,win98se,linux

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I have had difficulty logging my win 98 machines onto a win2k server, i have had no problem getting an ip and or pinging inside and outside the network. It seems i just cant logon to the Win2k server. Most times the message i get is no demon server available, sounds like a DNS problem, but im sure it is setup correctly.

A:Win98SE & Win2000


Have you installed the Active Directory service on the Win98 machines?

You should be able to find it on your Win2K server CD. Install it on all your win98 machines and see if they can log in then.


Reuel Miller
Windows NT Moderator (yes, that does make me biased )

[email protected]

Every morning is the dawn of a new error...

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I installed Win2K and Windos 98SE and tried to create peer-to-peer network. Everything looks o'k from Win2K side, but from Windows 98 side when I tried to map the sharing drive for example, it ask me foa a password.
I tried everything, created 'power user', but Win98 cannot connect.
What I am doing wrong? Should I have both PC's in the same workgroup?

A:Win2000 & Win98SE

Windows 2K relies on username and password to authenticate. Windows 98 not really. Try logging on to your win 98 with the same admin user and password as the Win 2k or just the the admin user name. Try to connect to the Win2K from the Win98, if you did not specify the password you will be asked for the password. Enter the same password as the win2k. You will now see the PC. Remember, that you must use the user account and password is on both PCs. When trying to connect to other PCs on the network from Windows 98 you will only be asked for the password. If you're not logged on to your Win98 it will only verify the password against the Win2k, since Win2k uses both user name and passwords when Win98 tries to get authenticated, the user name and password will be invalid. Make sure to log off your Win 98 from start>logoff, and log on with a valid user name and password from the Win2k(I've only tried this as a user with admin rights,so I don't know if this will work as just a standard user.)

Good luck


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I am currently trying to setup ICS on a Win2000 and Win98SE machines. I have search the net and forum posts for information, but nothing seems to help me. I believe it is all setup correctly, but my client cannot attach to the net. He are my specs:

Host Windows 2000
2 NIC Cards - 1 configured to connect to the Net, and one to connect to my Home Network.
Home net is setup with IP, Subnet, Gateway
Internet Card attached to ADSL modem setup with auto IP, and isp DNS given on setup.

Client Windows 98SE
1 NIC Card IP set to auto, WNS Disabbled DHCP Enblaed, Gateway, DNS disabled.

Both PC can see each other and share files, Host can connect to net, but client cannot.

Can someone help me?

A:ICS with Win98SE and Win2000

Have you tried, enable dns on the client computer?

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I'm looking at replacing my current WIN95 machine (finally!) with a new pc, but don't know which OS I want. I'd appreciate your comments on Windows XP vs Windows 2000 vs Windows 98SE.

Here are a few of my thoughts:
I find comfort in Win98SE in that it is old enough to have "most of the bugs" worked out, whereas XP makes me feel like a guinea pig.
I am concerned that Microsoft will stop supporting Win98 in a year or two.
I've heard good things about XP (stability), however I've heard that it has copyright features that will prevent me from installing my MS Office suite on multiple PCs.
I don't know much about Win2000----is it good, bad, or ????
Thanks for your comments.

A:WIN XP vs WIN2000 vs WIN98SE

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anyone tried to set up dual boot with Lycoris Desktop /LX and Win2k , and what setup sequence/procedure do you recommend .

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Hey, it's good to see the best tech resource on the net is back up and running!

Yesterday, I fdisk'ed and formatted my PC at work (which had Win98 on it) to put Win2K on.

Win2K told me it couldn't install from DOS, so I reinstalled Win98, then installed Win2K.

Now, when booting, it wastes time asking which OS to boot to. I just want to boot to Win2K every time and not have the extra boot-time.

How do I do that?


A:Disable dual boot on Win2000

was it an upgrade disk you had or the full version?

if you have the full version you can go into the bios, make your cdrom a bootable device and then boot from the win2k cdrom, which will format the hdd and install a shiny spanking new version of win2k.

thing is, even if it was an upgrade disk OR the full version, it should have overwritten the old os as an upgrade not another version unless you told it to?

anyway, the quickest way IMHO would be to boot from the cd and do a clean install.


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I had windows 2000pro installed and later installed XPpro on a separate partition on same hard drive. XP is the default startup but I do have the option to start Win2000. I would like to remove Win2000 and delete the partition that it is on.
Any help on how to do this would be appreciated. Thanks.

A:Remove Win2000 from dual boot with XP

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Ready to upgrade Win98SE to Win2000prof. in next few days.

Is there any advice, pitfalls, dangers, problems in doing this that someone can upgrade me?

Hopefully someone who has done the same?

Present config. is: HP Pavilion 6535, Celeron, 190 MB RAM, w/Win98SE and all Hotfixes,patches, security updates to date, and of course, FAT32. Have 8GB total on Seagate HD>.

Also, should I leave both o/s in place or replace one with the other?

Thanks. Gordon.

A:Upgrading Win98SE to Win2000

Hi There!

The first thing you MUST do is run a Compatability check.

Uninstall Anti-Virus program, firewall software and any other utliities such as GoBack.

Once that is done, then insert the CD with Win98 up at the desktop and run the compatability wizard.

Uninstall what it says will cause problems.

then tell it to "Upgrade".

The Dual Boot setup can cause alot of issues if you're not sure what you're doing.
Good Luck!


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I have a dual boot system (WIN98/WIN2000) and I messed up. I was in WIN2000 when I changed my network settings from domanin to workgroup. I did not realize my IT department did not give me a user ID with workgroup privledges and now even they cannot login on my WIN2000 user. I can still boot using WIN98 and I can access the WINNT folder. Is there any way to manually reset the computer back to domain type?

A:Dual Boot System with WIN2000 Lost PW

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I recently added a second drive to my W2K Pro system and installed a copy of XP Pro on the new drive. Setup and running was/is a breeze. My problem is that I cannot read/access my W2k (C) drive from XP. I can access the XP (F) drive from W2K and from across my network and have no problem accessing both drives accross the network while running W2K.

Is this a W2K permissions, security issue? I have searched the internet and numerous forums but cannot find anyting pertaining to this issue.

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I have a question that i have been working on and I hope that someone out there can help me out. It is a very specific question and may be pretty simple but here it is.

I am attempting to dual boot Win2000 and Corel Linux on the same 60GB hard drive. This machine will be used as a partial web server and partial multicasting server.

Win 2000 is installed on a 20GB Fat32 partition (we have reasons not to go to NTFS on this machine). Corel Linux was installed using existing space and was placed into a 20GB partition.

When I restart, I get the LI problem due to the 1024 limitation. I then set the active partition to the Win 2000 partition and can now boot up in Win 2000.

I cannot boot up in Corel Linux...the floppy boot disk that I made was an installation bootup.

I am stuck...can anyone help me?!?


A:Dual Boot Win2000 and Corel Linux with 60 GB HD

First, a question. Are you stuck with Corel? I mean, would you be willing to go to another Linux distro? The reason I ask is because Corel sucks. But we won't go into that. Try d/ling a newer version of lilo or give grub a try. Lilo now comes with lba support that allows it to be installed beyond the 1024 mark. And I've heard that grub is also capable of the same thing.

If you don't mind starting over, d/l the Mandrake 8.0 ISO's and install them instead. During setup, you can configure LILO to install beyond the 1024 mark. Not to mention, Mandrake is IMHO a better distro than Corel. Yeah, it's usually regarded as the "newbie" distro, but it's just as powerful as any other distro, and it comes with quite a few nice packages. Not to mention it's extremely easy to install and configure.

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I have peer-to-peer Win98SE network of 7 computers in my office. We share three printers. I recently bought a laptop which I have been trying to get on the network. It just won't work.....lol.

Win2000 runs on the NT platform; isn't it possible to get on my network?

I have broadband cable for internet access, and the internal IP addresses which were used to originally set up the network have been removed in favor of the cable modem assigning the address. This has never caused a problem before but I am wondering if that is affecting the laptop's recognizing the network.

I did try using an assigned IP adddress as a test, but no luck there either. I can get onto the internet without a problem, I just can't see any of the other stations or printers.

Thanks in advance for the help,

A:add Win2000 laptop to Win98SE network

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Hi there,Recently got a HP Pavilion g6 2213sa which came with Windows 8 (spit!) and this disgusting UEFI BIOS replacement (double spit!).Anyway, I need to dual boot Ubuntu on my system, so I installed Ubuntu. Normally, on a non UEFI system, a "Grub" bootloader installed by Linux would take over the startup process, and allow you to choose between either Windows 8 or Ubuntu on startup. However, on this computer, startup is just booting straight to Windows 8 despite the fact that Ubuntu and Grub IS installed.Now, upon startup, if I press F9, then I get to change the boot-device on a one-time basis. I can either select "OS Boot Manager", which loads Windows 8, or "Ubuntu" which loads the Grub bootloader which allows me to select Windows 8 or Ubuntu.However, when I press F10 to enter the Bios Setup with the intention of changing the boot order permanently, the Ubuntu option isn't there. Instead it has OS Manager, USB Disk, CD Rom, USB CD Rom and Network Card.Thanks, HP for, the crappily designed BIOS.Anyway, can anyone PLEASE provide me a way of changing the boot order so that GRUB is loaded first and NOT this crap Windows 8 rubbish (that I would happily bin if I didn't need it for work). 

A:Changing Boot Order on Dual Boot Windows 8 and Ubuntu

Looks like HP forums are just as useful as HP customer service and HP computers - i.e., not very useful at all.Problem solved though. Took the piece of crap back for a full refund and won't be buying HP again.Happy days.Bye.

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When both desktop and laptop were running WIN98SE I managed to connect with a direct LPT1 cable using Direct Cable Connect. Now, with WIN2000 on the desktop and 98SE on the laptop, I get past the password screen to "Connected...," but when entering the host (desktop) computer name on the laptop, I get "Cannot find the host computer," even though the host computer registers "<Unauthenticated user>."
Any way to complete the connection?
Many thanks, Ricker

A:Direct Cable Connect WIN2000 to WIN98SE

Are they both in the same workgroup. The default name changed around the time 2000 came along.

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I have a friend, who has windows 98 installed, he for some unknown reason installed windows2000, and now he boots in dual mode. He wants to take windows 2000 off his system and leave win98. Any idea how he takes 2000 off his system to leave win98 running alone.
(And yes the friend is really and friend and not me),

A:{Advice Offered} - Win2000 installed with dual boot to win98


OK... go to:

There, you will see a disc icon with the title "Reuel Boot". Download this file, run it, and it will create a boot floppy.

Boot off the disc, and choose option 4 on the main menu. Then, one the second menu, choose option 3, to rewrite the Master Boot record as a Win98 master boot record.

Now, reboot your machine and see that it goes into Win98 straight away. If it does, then you can delete Win2K completely.

You do this by deleteing the WINNT directory, and the following files on the c: drive:


Though, personally, I would dump Win98 and keep Win2k. But then again, I prefer better Operating Systems.


Reuel Miller
Windows NT Moderator (yes, that does make me biased )

[email protected]

Every morning is the dawn of a new error...

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Hi People

I have a dual boot PC. I had to rebuild it recently because I put a new mobo and a new cpu in. I decided to be different this time and installed Winxp on my C drive and Win7 on my D drive. In my old rig the order was reversed.

Originally I thought this would be okay until it came to installing Rollback RX. Then I discovered that every time I tried to install rollback it either failed to install or it only protected my XP drive. I want it to protect my Win7 drive because it is my default boot.

I decided to start all over again this time installing in the reverse, with Win7 on C and WinXP on D. However I am having nothing but problems doing this because now the Win7 disk is not being recognized as having all the drivers and I can't get an internet connection on WinXP!!!!

So I'm thinking there might be a simpler way to do this. I put the contents of the disks on a Norton Ghost backup before I started doing this. Can I restore the contents of D on C and C on D? I can do it physically because both are the same size and both are ntfs. The problem is booting. If I do this my pc won't boot. So is there a way I can fix this?

I contacted Rollback RX three days ago and they haven't responded.

A:How can I fix my boot files so that I can reverse order of my boot in dual pc

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I have a small office network. One of the computers has Win 98 SE, four have Win 2000 Pro, one has Win XP personal and the newest, which just came today, has Win XP Pro.

They've all been configured to have the same workgroup name and I've check that.

Most of them, until today, could 'see' each other's hard drives, and print to each other's printers with no hassle.

When we got the machine which came with the WinXP personal, we couldn't see onto that hard drive but we could send files over to the "Shared files folder." And then, on that machine, we could take those files and move them to where we needed them.

Today I added the new computer with Win XP Pro. And suddenly, I can't print to anyone else or even get onto any other machine. They ask for a username and password.

I DON'T HAVE PASSWORDS DEFINED. I'm at one machine which has Win2000 on it. I tried to print to a printer across the network on the machine with Win98 on it and I'm asked for a password! I don't HAVE a password!

I have NO idea what to do next. This is making the network unusable for me.

The machines with WinXP personal and WinXP Pro can easily talk to each other, but none of the others.

You can 'see' them in "network neighborhood' but you are asked for a password when you try to login to them or print to their printers.

What can I do?

A:Mixed Network with Win2000, WinXP Home Ed., Win98SE won't communicate

I am having the same problem, I have a network with DSL router and three machines, W98, W2K, and WXP pro. The problem is the WXP laptop. It can get to the internet and the W2K machine, but when I click on Network Neighborhood, I see the W98 machine, but it tells me this machine not accessible. From the W98, I cannot see the WXP pro laptop but I can see W2K machine

What gives???

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Hi guys, I'm trying to properly dual-boot Windows 10 Edu 64bit and Kubuntu 16.10 64bit. The problem is that on startup it's impossible to start GRUB, Windows is loaded automatically. Is there a way to change UEFI boot order? I tried several methods but Windows always overrides my changes; I managed to load GRUB only once by renaming the Windows OS Loader path to the GRUB one, but after I booted to Windows once again, it overrode my settings creating a new Windows OS Loader entry. These are the methods I've already tried: Renaming the path as I said up here through bcdeditUsing EasyUEFI to change boot orderUsing efibootmgr in KubuntuUsing boot-repair in KubuntuUpdating GRUB in Kubuntu While on my desktop I have a BIOS setting that lets me change UEFI boot partition, I don't have anything similar on this laptop. Let me know, thanks.

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I have a Packard Bell desktop with XP and W7 installed.  When I switch on the (BIOS?) menu appears with both drives selectable in this order.  If I do nothing XP fires up by default.  I would like now to switch the default to W7.  My PC shop tells me that a special program is required to do this whereas I had thought that I could do this somehow via the BIOS settings (just how is not clear).  Is this indeed a complex task or can I DIY?

A:Dual boot - boot order change?

It is a DIY project. You can change the order in MSCONFIG or you can get two great little programs from Neosmart Technologies.
One is EasyBCD and the other is iReboot.
EasyBCD lets you edit your configurations while iReboot lets you switch between operating systems with a single click. Got them, use them, recommend them. And, they are free for personal use.
Keep us posted

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Hey Guys,

I've recently installed Windows 7 Professional on my Windows XP machine. It's installed on a partition of the same drive that XP was on.

At the boot menu when it lets you choose between the 2 OS's, it's defaulted to the Windows 7 one, and I can only get to XP if I manually choose it. I want to keep XP as the default option, but I don't appear to be able to change it (I did this before with Windows 7 RC1 without any problems)

When I got to msconfig and look at the boot configuration in Windows 7, it only shows Windows 7 as the default option. There is no other option, Windows XP doesn't show up there where it should

It's the same when I look at the boot config on XP, there's no sign of Windows 7 there!

Anyone any ideas how I can sort this out? I need to add XP to the list


A:Solved: Trying to change boot order (Dual Booting)

Ok guys looks like I sorted it -

There's a great program called EasyBCD which showed both of the OS's and allowed me to sort it all out!

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I had Vista on C: drive and later installed XP on D: drive.
Boot order was then Vista - XP, worked ok. I then changed the boot order where XP to be the default . And now the boot manager does not allow me to even choose Vista, but goes directly to XP. The changes I did in Vista.
I have "restorepoint delete" fix active ( System Restore Points - Stop XP Dual Boot Delete)
Restoring the fix does no difference to this issue other than making boot.ini visible for changes on the XP side, but without options for Vista.

Has my Vista gone "hasta la vista" or is it "see you never more". Is there some means of getting it alive again?


A:Vista becomes invisible in dual boot order change to XP as default

Hello Lars,

You should be able to do a Startup Repair on the Vista partition to have it back.

Hope this helps,


See this to Boot Partition - Default

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Just a simple Google gives me hundreds of threads on dual booting Vista and XP, or XP and 98, but I have found none on dual booting Vista and Windows 98SE.

I am currently using a drive with an OS and a Data partition, with Vista as the only OS. I have found that it is a PAIN to run older kid's games in Vista. Many don't work, and many require admin rights to run.

So..I would really like to create a third partition (or use a separate drive) to install Windows 98, and dual boot between Vista and 98. I have the tools to do partitionwork (BootItNG and Partition Magic), but I'd prefer not use these for controlling the dual boot.

Is there a way to install Windows 98 on a third partition or separate drive, next to my existing Vista install, and then use Vista's boot loader to dual boot?

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I have a Toshiba Tecra 8200 with Windows XP Home and last week I installed a plug and play bootable Sony DVD CD-RW drive.

Since that time it won’t boot the way it used to.

Here is the situation report.

I turn it on.

I get a “Press [F2] for the boot device selection menu.”

I press F2 and 90 seconds or more later the selection menu appears.

I select “Boot from internal HD” and the systems boots up.

If possible I want my computer to boot automatically to the built in hard drive. I like the option of booting to the other devices. I would like to keep the option open to press F2 at start up. However if I don’t press F2 I would like it to boot to the hard drive without my intervention in a short amount of time.

I know there must be a simple way to do this but I don’t know how to do this. Someone please help, I can’t afford to pay someone $ 50.00 to do this for me right now.

A:How to change boot order after install

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Fixing a Dell Latitude CPi for a colleague. Problem is the system freezes during the XP splashscreen. I went to change the boot order to CD so I could repair the install, but the BIOS isn't letting me change the setting. PII-233 CPU. 64MB sys mem, 2MB vid mem, 512 KB L2 Cache, 3253 MB HDD.

A:Need to change boot order to fix XP install.

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Hi All

I work in a warehouse, along with four other friends. We have several computers at our place. They all run Windows 2000 server. We use them for shipping & receiving etc. Until recently, we also used them to surf internet, mostly youtube in our spare time, which we often have plenty. However, last month we have got a new, hostile foreman--a real control freak-- who fired one of friends, and then have the blocked our access to internet. We no longer can go on youtube or any other sites, except for the company's website. He has done this despite the fact occassionally surfing the internet never stood on our way doing our job. We would sincerely appreciate if someone out there can help us to get back on the internet again.

We all have separeate accounts to log in. First, the foreman blocked one of us only. Then, several days later he blocked us all. Therefore, whenever tried to access to the internet, except for the company's website, we are greeted with an "access denied..... contact your adminstartor...."

I tried to open and reconfigure the ports he had blocked, but i failed, as i don't have the Admistrator's password......

Somebody said if use linux live CD it may work. But i'm not sure this indeed will work. Because i don't think such a CD would be able to reopen the blocked ports automatically.

Anywa, to make a long story short, i would truly appreciate if you can tell me in details-- step by steps-- as to how can ... Read more

A:HOW CAN I BY PASS THE RESTRICTIONS (on Win2000's server) in order to surf internet?

You won't get the help you need here... Restrictions are put in place for a reason.

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My current windows 10 installation is too bogged down to play games properly. I've tried all the traditional solutions to speed up my PC but none of them made any noticeable difference, so I'd like to try a fresh OS. I'd prefer to avoid doing a "Reset My PC" option and having to re-install all my apps. So I'm trying to install a second windows 10 onto a new partition that will just be used for playing a couple games.

The media creation tool USB option doesn't work on my pc. The USB gets ignored when I boot normally. If I try to boot it directly from the boot menu, I get a "selected device failed to boot" error (with both windows 10 and windows 8 media creation tools). I used a brand new USB drive and tried it immediately after installing the tool onto it. I also tried re-installing the tool a second time.

I tried running the setup.exe at the root of the USB drive, which started properly. However, all the guides I've looked at say that I should get a "custom install" option when running this tool. This is where I would have the option of selecting the partition I want to install windows to. I don't get that option. It just asks me for the basic language/architecture fields, then gives me the "keep everything/keep files/remove everything" options. There are no options after that. If i I click install, the installation begins.

I tried using the windows 8 setup.exe on the USB, but it asks me for a product key. My computer came with wi... Read more

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I have a new Precision 7710 with a 2.5 inch 1GB SATA SSD (system boot=Disk0) and a 1GB NVMe PM951 SSD.
I have been attempting to install Windows Server 2012R2 on the second, M.2 SSD (Disk1) into a GPT, NTFS partition.
Since this system has no DVD, I made a bootable UEFI thumb drive with the contents of the .iso installation for Server 2012R2.
The thumb drive boots OK and I can begin installation, but when it comes to choosing the target for installation, the M.2 SSD is not visible in setup.
The M.2 drive is clearly visible inside Windows 10 Pro as the D: drive.
So...I mounted the .iso setup file in Windows 10 and ran setup.exe. The install began and could see the target M.2 drive, and began loading files on the second SSD. It then attempted the first of several restarts that come with this process with the new Server 2012 R2 environment.
It sucessfully modified the Windows Boot Manager before the restart, then restarted, and the setup program gave an error because it could not find the target partition on the second SSD.
The setup environment then modified the Boot Manager to "Windows Setup Rollback" and proceeded to enter an infinite loop, attempting to delete files from the unreachable M.2 drive. I manually choose Windows 10 on the boot menu, and once booted changed Windows 10 back to the default OS.
I've tried several things (turning off Secure boot, changing from UEFI to legacy bios--it won't boot at all that way) , but I can't get that second disk t... Read more

A:Precision 7710 UEFI Bios and pre-boot does not detect second SSD (NVMe PM951) can't install Windows on it for dual boot

You're going to need to build a new set of boot media with NVMe drivers.

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I was asked for a SP3 disc when I went to install the XP onto it's own partition. I didn't have it so I cancelled, now my Vista machine won't boot into Vista. It keeps auto-booting to the XP side and getting stuck at the same point with the SP3 disc.

I tried hitting F11 for recovery at system boot, but it just ignores me and goes back to the XP install screen, asking for the disc.

What can I do? I don't care about wiping the Vista or the XP and starting with a clean Vista install. The copy of XP can go into the disc collection, because I only did this for kicks....now I just want my Vista install running.

I just don't know how to get the Vista to load....if possible, and if not, I don't know what to do to clean install Vista without the recovery option. I don't have the Vista disc, like most computers these days. This is also my roommate's old PC, and he never made any recovery boot discs.....he is not PC adept at all.

Any advice is greatly appreciated. If I can just get Vista back up and avoid re-installing everything, I would really like that, but a clean install or re-install is not out of the question. Thanks ahead of time.

A:Screwed up XP dual-boot install, now can't boot Vista

Download and burn to CD the Vista Recovery Disk for your bit-version: Windows Vista Recovery Disc Download &#x2014; The NeoSmart Files

Boot the CD, accept any offered repair, if it fails to start Vista then boot back in to run Startup Repair up to 3 separate times with reboots.

If this fails you'll need to mark Vista partition Active to make the Repairs work: Partition - Mark as Active

To get a graphic picture of what is happening to mark Vista partition Active easier, use free Partition Wizard bootable CD. I would rightclick>wipe the XP partition first.

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I have a new laptop that came with XP pro on it and I want to be able to boot into either XP or Win2000. (which I have yet to partion the laptop hd and install 2000 as of yet)
Will I have problems with both OS's being on the same laptop(partioned drive)? Does anyone have recomendations on the best way to set the dual boot up?
Please advise.

A:Dual booting with XP & Win2000

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I have done some searching and it seems that other people who have had this problem, have been installing ubuntu. I havn't managed to come to a solution.

I installed XP(1) onto drive 1 , then reorganised all of my partitions to be in the correct order with the correct labels (I have been having a nightmare with volumue labels being incorrect!). Anyways got all the partitions exactly how I want them using partition manager (i.e XP(1) on C: with the intention to install XP(2) on D. Rebooted machine, pressed a key to boot from CD, it says 'setup is inspecting your current configuration' and then the screen stays black (I have to reset the machine). I turned off the computer and dissconnected drive 2 (int.) and drive 3 (ext.). Problem still exists....

How do I boot to the blue setup screen for my second copy of XP?


A:XP dual boot cant boot from cd to start second install

Please help me!!!

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I just replaced my motherboard with one that has dual processor capability. I have already set up the PC with Win 2000 with just the one processor installed. Do I need to do anything in Win 2000 before I install the second processor? One of the people I talked to said I might have to set up SMP first but I can find no info on doing this, only some articles about SMP in microsoft's support area, which mostly deal with SQL Server.

Any help or ideas would be most appreciated.

Thanks a million..Bryan <[email protected]>

A:Setup of Dual Processors in Win2000

In NT I think there is 2 Kernel's. One for one processor and the other for two. Im not sure what you have to do in 2000.

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I was hoping to install a demo xp pro version on my computer - free with microsoft books. I have xp right now and wanted to install the pro xp as a dual os. Will I be able to remove it in the future?

...Don't want to install without knowing first.

Thanks in advance.

A:XP Pro Dual Boot Install

If you install it on a seperate partition it would be easy to remove. If you manage to get it installed on the same computer, in a different directory like c:\WINNT instead of c:\windows then you could go back edit all the boot files, like boot.ini and manually delete c:\winnt.

Its possible, but I don't see why you would want to do this.

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I have Win XP 32-bit set up in a dual boot with a Win 7 RC. How would I go about installing the RTM over the RC and keep the dual-boot setup?

I assume that I can say, "please wipe out the Win 7 RC that is already there", correct?

A:How to install RTM over RC/XP dual-boot?

How to Upgrade the Windows 7 RC to RTM (Final Release)

However keep in mind that you can use the activated RC to launch a WIndows 7 Upgrade, as MS has announced. You might want to go that route because with the RTM your only option is to insert a retail Ultimate key, which can also be done.

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I asked this on the MS windows 10 support page a week ago with no replies!

I currently dual boot Win 7 and Win 8 on my Dell PC. I want to do the clean install of Win 10 on the Win 8 partition. My question is will it affect the Win 7 partition and will I be able to dual boot win 7 and Win 10?



A:Dual boot install

I don't see why you couldn't. I would recommend upgrading Windows 8 to Windows 10, but select to do a clean install. Otherwise, if you do an install from a Microsoft ISO, you may not get your free upgrade key.

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I'm new to the forum and have searched, but no one seems to have asked this. PLease bear with me otherwise.

I am trying to install Win 7, x64 in a multi-boot format beside my working Vista Ultimate, x64. I installed a 160GB Seagate drive just to house Win 7 and whatever other software I'm going to use in the experiment. I have several copies of Win 7 and a couple of different activators to select from.

I'm having a more basic problem, just setting up the multi-boot. I am:
Burning the isio image to a DVD
Setting the BIOS to boot the optical drives first

Win 7 install starts, leaves the install or repair screen, but then tells me I'm missing the Install.wim file (it is on the DVD).


I just run Win 7 Setup.exe from Vista. That got through most of the install, but the last step, "Starting Up Services" took forever. I think it was frozen.

Again, sorry for such a basic question for you folks, but it is rapidly becoming not worth it.

Thanks in advance.

A:Dual Boot Install

Hmmm - I have not tried a dual boot to a separate physical drive. I wonder if that makes W7 think that is the, for all intents and purpose, the master drive?

But another questions begs to be asked - could it in fact be your mobo and the SATA Optical drive not playing nicely during install? I know that Vista users had some problems too with x64 and SATA DVD drives and installation....

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