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[HELP] Programming in Excel 2013

Q: [HELP] Programming in Excel 2013

Hi Guys,

Let me start off by stating that I'm still trying to learn all the juicy functions you can do with Excel, and I've just gotten myself a little project where I think I can learn but I need some kind of help from you guys.

Basically what I'm trying to do is somehow automate a creation of a report via excel, first method I thought of was to use macros, but since the data that'll be included in the report will be on a different cell each time, macro might not work as I imagined it to be, then I thought of the IF function, I have not yet tried doing that, but would that work? Can you please share your thoughts? Ask me any additional info and i'll try to explain it as simple as I can.


Preferred Solution: [HELP] Programming in Excel 2013

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A: [HELP] Programming in Excel 2013

Your description is entirely too vague in order for anyone to offer any kind of help. Can you be more specific as to what kind of a report you want to generate and what data you will be using?

Perhaps you could post a sample of the worksheet with the data and a sample of what you want the report to look like.

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I was just wondering if anyone could help me with writing a macro in excel. I am fairly new to VBA. I am trying to set up a Macro that will chart data and display values above a target line green and values below the target line red. If anyone can help me with this that would be great!


A:VBA programming on excel

Hi cub18,

Welcome to the forums.

Plenty of people will help you on here, but you need to give a bit more information, and an attached spreadsheet is always a great benefit when attempting to solve issues like this.

It sounds like you just need to use conditional formatting, but again it depends on the details.

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Id like to set Toggle Button 1:

When Value to show Cell A1
Else, cell 1 to be hidden.

Advice please!



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Say, for example, I have a list of interest rates and the more people I sign up to my program, the higher my interest rate is. The time money would be invest for, is on the left-hand side, and the amount of people signed up is on the top.The items listed down on the left-hand side are as follows:~ Weekly~ Fortnightly~ Monthly~ 2 Months~ 3 MonthsThe top of the cells are from 1 - 10.The interest increase both as they go down, and across to the right.My question about this, is if I were to have a different table, and in that table I have people who sign up people, and I have (I have cell referenced each part)A1 - NameA2 - People signed upA3 - Interest rateB1 - JohnB2 - 3B3 - (the interest rate)C1 - AimeeC2 - 7C3 - (the interest rate)I was to know that from the first table set up, how can I get Column 3 to represent the cell from the amount of people that have signed up. So, that in Column 3, the interest rate that is shown is from the first table, and gets the amount of interest from the people signed up.No, it's not just simple "cell referencing" because I want the interest rate to be based on both the, time period, and how many people signed up, and I want it to be automatic instead of me doing it manually.Is it possible?NOTE: Here is a perfect example of what I want to achieve, just some things change.

A:Excel Programming?

I'm not an Excel guru but I'm sure that you could make something work with either a combination of VLookup and HLookup or just Hlookup and an if statement.Here's a pretty good link on embedded vlookups. hlookups work the same way except it searches by the row rather than a column.http://pubs.logicalexpressions.com/Pub0009...icle.asp?ID=446

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I was asked to make a program using excel for the main purpose of managing shares, stocks, investments and others. That's why I am looking for good tutorials for excel programming, for this will be my first time doing something of the sort.
If any1 could give good recomendations and/or tips, it would be fantastic.
Thanks in advance guys. As usual, life savers ;)

Just noticed that Excel Programming is VB. So also comments on this area would be helpful.

A:Excel Programming

Are you asking how to set up a spreadsheet to "manage" investments, or perhaps about Macros to automate the process? I think it would help us if you could clarify what you expect the spreadsheet to do.

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I am trying to change the D53 cell reference in this statement to a variable defined as integer, without success. I would be willing to change the whole range definition to a variable if necessary. Any suggestions would be appreciated!!

ActiveChart.SetSourceData Source:=Sheets("WorkSheet").Range("A29:d53"), _

A:Excel VB Programming

Welcome to the board, Bob W.

Where will the values come from?

x = Application.InputBox("How many rows?", "Size chart range")
y = Application.InputBox("How many columns?", "Size chart range", 4)
ActiveChart.SetSourceData Source:=Sheets("WorkSheet").Range("A29").Resize(x, y), _

, perhaps.


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I am trying to pull a dashboard view from a "Tracker". Given below is the formula that I used:

=COUNTIFS('KT Tracker'!$T$2:$T$138,$C$2,'Tracker'!$U$2:$U$138,"<="&TODAY()+7,'Tracker'!$L$2:$L$138,'Monthly Dashboard'!$B17,'Tracker'!$AF$2:$AF$138,'Monthly Dashboard'!$A$13,'Tracker'!$AD$2:$AD$138,"<>Cancelled")

This perfectly works fine in my laptop that has excel 2013 but when I email this to my team who have Excel 2010, they only see zeros. We have checked all options like enabling Automatic Calulcation of Formula, removing all named ranges in the sheet etc., but it is just not working.

Can you please help ? This is a bit urgent and I need to present this for a meeting tomorrow.
Appreciate your help and thanks in advance !!!

A:COUNTIFS working in Excel 2013 but not in Excel 2010

It might be something to do with "<>cancelled"

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I cannot search for data in excel 2013. This is new issue. I do notice that in the find window there is an entry for Preview* in the box next to format in the options window that I have never seen before. I get the message cannot find what you are looking for but I know it is there because I am looking at it.

This is new issue. Worked until last night when I was doing a sort and had to make all merged cells uniform in size. Now I can sort but cannot find.

Have closed and reopened excel, but it did not correct problem.

A:Solved: Excel search does not work Excel 2013

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Respected sir,
   I want to use  energy consumption option for calculating energy  consumed by my Graphical Processing Unit  application which are developed by using visual studio c++ project.Can you help me how to use this tool for my
application? I tried various option but didn't work.Pleas i want reply as possible as sir.

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I am writing a food costing program in excel to calculate a number of costs, conversions etc. in Microsoft Excel. I have my code working to what I would like it to do but I have hit one snag. I want to be able to copy and paste the code throughout the spreadsheet and I need certain values to remain the same and some to change accordingly.=LOOKUP(A13,Centennial!A6:Centennial!A26,Centennial!E6:Centennial!E26) that is the code and I need the values of the ranges to stay the same(A6,A26,E6,E26) and A13 to change as i copy and paste. How do I keep those values constant?

A:Excel Programming Constant Value

use a $ sign to fix the position


to keep the column from changing type


to stop the row changing type


to fix both column and row


so for your look up range


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when i try to make an vba code in excel vba extension at the moment i added
this line to the code of a button:

Range("A1").End(xlDown).Offset(1, 0).Select
it says there is an error but i did exactly what they said on this video
its explained just after 25:12 minutes

A:excel vba programming code

I tried the code and it works without errors. Are you sure it's that line it complains about?

This shorter one works to: Range("A1").End(xlDown).Select

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I have two spreadsheets; the first has two columns, UPC and ITEM; the second has many columns of which UPC is one. I need to create a lookup function or something that will insert the value of ITEM from the first spreadshet into a new column I will create in the second spreadsheet based on the UPC matching. I prefer to use Access for these situations but I don't want to do that with this data. Is this easy to do?

A:Excel LOOKUP Programming

Yes. Give me 5 minutes & I'll post a formula. Or does it have to be "programming"?

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I want to use MS Excel for keep records of a warehouse. I have created an invoice with necessary formulas and it automatically calculates everything, writes the final total in words. Now I want to connect this invoice with a warehouse record to automatically keep records of invoices issued and to automatically reduce the quantity of goods from the warehouse. This should help me to find the availability of goods at the warehouse at any given time and also to see the sales progress.
The problem is I don't know the formulas to be used for this type of programming.
Please help me with some idea about the formulas to be used.
Thank you.

A:Microsoft Excel programming

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Anybody know how to format a cell like this?

I would like my cell to total up a bunch of items, much like the Epsilon (at sum), but then I want the display font to be blue when it is positive, and then red when it is negative.

Thank you.

"There are no stupid questions, just stupid people." -- Mr. Garrison on South Park

A:Excel Programming... or formatting

Highlight the cell, rows or columns you want formatted. On the Menu-Format>Conditional Formatting. Using the
Cell is: Greater than: 0 and
Cell is: Less than: 0
and specifing the patterns or font you want for each particular scenario should get you what you want.

The above uses two Conditional Formats you may be able to get your conditions set up using only one box. It also leaves 0 without a format so you may want it to be inclusive on the negative or positive result.


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Hello to the members of Tech Support. This is my first post, so thanks in advance for the help! So here is goes.

-I have 9 worksheets with approximately 77500 rows and 23 columns of data between all nine.
-At the top of the worksheet I have a table data running from E7 to N7. This data is carried over from the previous month's data.
-Column AA has a formula: =Z13+(O13-Q13)*3340.4
Where Z13 is the first row where the data begins, and Z### is where the data ends. Rows of data vary from month to month. The formula carries on such that row 14 uses the same formula but insert 14 vice 13. The number 3340.4 is the number found in cell E7 and always the multiplier in the formula.
-Column AA on worksheet 2 requires the same formula. =Z13+(O13-Q13)*4567.3. However note that the 4567.3 is the next number over in cell F7 and is now the multiplier until the last row.
-Worksheet 2 has a different number of rows (which also varies from month to month.).
-The data for each month is always found in cells E7-N7.

Worksheet 3 would use date in G7 and so on....

Any help with the coding of this Macro would be greatly appreciated.
Can someone help me with the macro to automatically

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Hello All techies here,

I am very much new to this forum.I am aware that it is possible to send emails from Excel using VB programming but I am very much unaware of VB programming and tricks.

I am working on a work where I need to generate automated mails from excel via outlook based on the contents of the selected cell and some logics.

Here is the URL for image that will give some rough idea.




from this sheet(shown in image) I want to generate mail with logic like this :
case 1) If i click on MSS in row ABC ,click on APD and then press " @ " then it should generate a mail like below and send it to [email protected] and cc : [email protected]

subject : "card request"

mail body

My name is ABC (i.e. A2 content).
I need to have some MSS card of APD type
value 1
value 2
value 3
if above cards are not present then we can also use VD
value 4
value 5
value 6


case 2 )but if I press MCS in row ABC ,APD and then press @ then it should send mail to [email protected] and cc : [email protected]

subject : card request
mail body

My name is ABC (i.e. A2 content).

I need to have some MCS card of APD type
value 1
value 2
value 3

if above cards are not present then we can ... Read more

A:Email sending from Excel programming

Welcome to the forum,
I suggest you do a search for similar posts, give or take minor differences they all come down to the same solution.
Once you've found something taka a look and try it out.

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hi to all,

i'm writting a marco to populate the row and col in the spreadsheet. I provide an form interface for the user to key in the data before reflect the data in the spreadsheet. my question is how do i detect the first blank row and transfer the data into that blank row in the spreadsheet.

i only have 9 columns and therefore i hardcode the colum, however, i need to find the blank rows so as to insert the data.

Cells(currentRow, 1) = txtTime.Text
Cells(currentRow, 1) = txtDate.Text

can someone tell me how to fiind the index of the rows???????

Thank in advance

A:excel marco programming detecting blank row

The code you have writes txtTime and txtDate to the same cell. Try:

newrow = Range("A65536").End(xlUp).Row + 1
Cells(newrow, 1) = txtTime.Text
Cells(newrow, 2) = txtDate.Text

, assuming you have at least one row already.

I couldn't tell you what data type to use for newrow. Zack could tho', he might drop by later.


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Question to the group:
I do a lot of intensive VBA programming within MS Access (2003 and 2010) for clients and have always programmed on PC platforms within Windows 2000, XP, 7 operating systems. Everything's worked just great. No problems.
I recently purchased a MacBook Pro and had Windows 7 installed on Bootcamp. I've installed MS Office 2010 and the installations are all humming along nicely and everyone seems to be playing well together.
My problem is that my existing Excel and Access applications that use VBA code generate boatloads of errors on the Mac platform (with Windows 7 running on Bootcamp). Attempts to program anything but the simplest VBA scripts also generate errors that do not appear on the PC platforms.
My questions are: Is this a problem with References or program/computer settings? Have other programmers tried to do the same thing I am doing and had the same problems? Is the Mac system simply incompatible with a Bootcamp/Windows/Office/VBA layering? Is there a solution? I can't find any other references to this problem in the searches I have performed so far. Any input would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

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I am writing a food costing program using excel. The program is designed to pull prices from various tabs(different suppliers) to a main Supplier Costing Page containing all the information on products for all suppliers. The code allows the user to enter in the name of the product, then uses the LOOKUP function to search for the product and returns the value in that row. The code I used to pull the information from the different suppliers works properly:

A19 value Steak Strip Loin C/C St. Silver FRSH


Centennial is the tab for that supplier. It pulls the correct value from the page 0.74, to cell R19
The problem I am having is that when I try to use this format of code on another tab it does not return the correct value:

=LOOKUP(A33,'Supplier Costing'!$A$6:'Supplier Costing'!$A$100,'Supplier Costing'!$R$6:'Supplier Costing'!$R$100)

The code should return the same value of the previous line of code as it is the same product:0.74 to cell R33 this time, however it returns the value of another product on the Supplier Costing tab. Is the LOOKUP function not searching the tab for the whole string? Any help or suggestions would be extremely helpfull. Thanks

A:Solved: Excel Programming Code Produces Wrong Value

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Hi there

I found an example on the internet on how to solve a linear programming problem using Excel 2000 Solver. I have attached a workbook with all the information you will need to solve the linear programming problem. I must be doing something wrong because my solution is different from the example I found on the internet. Here is the link to the internet example


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4. Page Setting and Form Creation
Drow Form in Excel Sheet

Hyperlink i... Read more

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Need assistance on the below Excel issue.

When we open excel file, other minimised excel files get maximised, help me with the resolution.

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Is anyone good at using excel? I need help with making an input box that will allow me to enter numbers, And these numbers will automatically register with my other work sheets in my work book.

A:Excel 2013

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I'm trying to open an add in in excel 2013 and I keep getting this message
Compile error
The code in this project must be updated for use on 64 bit systems
Please review and update Declare statements and then mark them with the PtrSafe attribute
I have no clue what to do

A:Excel 2013 error

Most likely you have Office 2013 64 bits installed and the add-in only works on Office 2013 32 bits!

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That?s new to me and can?t find any answers on the web. The attached snip is from a workbook I made a few months back and all was ok but now as you can see the first row looks like its missing because there are labels on that row which I can?t see.

In addition, the heavy vertical black lines are not mine (when I click on them it says ?Oval Object #...? and there are 2 vertical rectangles which are not mine either.

The only explanation I can give is perhaps an update from MS change all that

If I copy this workbook as an Excel.xls and view it on my other laptop which has Excel 2000 all is normal and copying this normal workbook and open it with my Excel 2013 the same strange things happen again

Any idea how I can recover my original

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Hi, I have a desktop win7 32 bit OS and installed MS Office 2013. I can print from ms word and other word application accept for excel. Every time I press print a message pops up saying "no printer found". I also cannot set the brother mfc 8910 printer to default printer, it displays a message "operation terminated"

How can I get excel to print and have the printer set as default?
Also I want to know where I can go to see the details / specs of ms office suit that indicates 64 / 32 bit?

A:ms excel 2013 not printing.

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Excel 2013 can't be opened on my Windows 8.1 laptop, can any Microsoft specialist help me?

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I just installed Windows 10 on everyone's laptop here and now I have a bunch of users that their Excel will ocassionally not save or will have graphics issues.  I have tried several suggestions, such as checking their .com add-ins, updating their DisplayLink, and trying to use it in safe mode.  Nothing has been able to fully fix it.  Has anyone else experienced this?  I have heard that Microsoft knows about the issue but has no fixes for it, but I have heard/read that so much that I just don't want to fully believe it.  If anyone has seen this and found a fix can you please help?  Thanks in advance!

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How to open the damaged. XLSX file 2013? The Microsoft Excel "Open and Restore" function doesn't help.

A:Excel xlsx file 2013

Hi, and welcome to TSF.

Try the solutions on this page; https://support.office.com/en-gb/art...a-801ddcd4ea53

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I hope I have the right forum. I created a drop down list in excel 2013 but I want to link specific data to each selection in the dropdown box to be displayed in other boxes on the spreadsheet. I have the dropdown list on a separate sheet from where I store the data to be displayed.
select 1 and populate a,b,c,d
select 2 and populate e,f,g,h
select 3 and populate I,j,k,l
something like
sales area/     employees
south/             Bob, Jane, Russ
North /            Jeff. Carl, Pat
West/             Richard, Matt, Josh
When I pick South I want the corresponding employees to be displayed..
I want to link 5 items to the drop down list selection. The data is arranged in a row (left to right) but I have the display boxes arranged in columns (top to bottom). I can change that if need be. only one dropdown box will be used.
I have used excel before but still a novice at most of the more intermediate functions.
I hope that makes sense 

A:excel 2013 drop down lists

I think you should be able to achieve this with the "vlookup" function.
VLOOKUP function

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Good times of the day ,
I have excel 2013 installed on win8 and i have several excel files on the internet that i try to open simultaneously and here is the problem: sometimes when one file is open and i try to open another it doesn't open until I close the first one. Does anyone have a clue or is this not a proper forum for office 2013?

A:excel 2013 problem on win8

You storing the files on Skydrive? That may be how it works, copy all of the files you need to work with locally, then you'll be able to open them all at once. I think Ofice 2013 gives you one file from a cloud service at a time, thats how most of them work.

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Hi All,

So recently I've been having trouble with numerous Excel Spreadsheets on Excel 2013/2010

Issues have included excel freezing, taking a long time to open multiple (large) spreadsheets, copying and pasting taking 3 minutes or more.

Just to give some background; let me start by stating that the excel sheets in question are large in size with lots of links to external sources. I would also add that these spreadsheets where originally created on 2010 rather than 2013. My computer is also running on a corporate network for which i'am an admin.

However, the spec of the machine i'am using, in my opinion, should be more than capable of running these large sheets:

HP Z240
Xeon CPU 3.30GHz
Win 7 Pro

To remedy these problems i have tried numerous troubleshooting including:
Increasing the RAM to 32GB
Turning off protected view via GP
Installing Excel 2010 alongside 2013
Installing 2010 x32
Ensuring all macro's are enabled via GP
Rebuilding the box entirely (software)

None of these have resolved the issues.

I've now found that i have exhausted my knowledge on this issue and so, I'am reaching out to see if any one has any suggestions with how to fix this.

Any help anyone can provide is greatly appreciated!

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I was wondering if anyone knows a cure all or a way to fix Office 2013 excel from freezing up.  MS is useless LOL, I have re installed and repaired several times.  I can do a simple cut and paste sometimes or even just want to add a coulmn and it locks up and reboots

A:Office 2013 Excel freezes up way too often

How much RAM do you have? I didn't see your system specs.

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We work with an excel sheet with multiple colleagues, This workbook is protected on some columns/fields and the workbook is shared.

Now we have several columns that keep changing it's cell properties. For instance:
Column: License Plate, this should have the property general, but every morning a colleague has to manually change it from date to general again, next morning the same thing.

This colleague has first removed the protection and share, next changed the column property and next put the protection and share on again. In my opinion the right procedure.

Does anyone have an idea what could be causing this?

Thanks in advance,

A:Excel 2013 cell properties

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how to email a excel sheet or excel workbook direct from excel ?tell me the steps.. all of excel 2007,2010,2013.

A:help about excel 2007,2010,2013 all.

Send as an Attachment>

will send the work book , which will use your default email client on the PC

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Does anyone know why when I try to save some Spreadsheets in Excel 2013 I get a message saying there is a sharing violation and I have to save the file under a different name.

I am the only person using the computer and the Excel program.

Thanks in advance


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Does anyone know how to do this?

A:How to Normalize data in Excel 2013

Define "normalize".
even better. Take a screen shot of what you see and explain what it is you want.

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Some of my .xlsx files denied to open. One of them showed an error message: File format not valid. Another file not so important how first one. Has somebody know Excel repair ways for my file? Many thanks for everyone?

A:Excel 2013 file issue

I have also had Excel issues in Windows 8 and 10 with Office 365 and know others have, too. An online repair has helped me. Go into the control panel click programs/uninstall and select Office 365...change...online repair. If you have another version of Office let us know. 

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Hi, the problem is like this, worked in the Excel spreadsheet before closing saved, turned off the computer. Resuming work in the program it turned out that was gone, all the formulas again, before exiting the program kept((( prompt please, whether probably to recover the data?

A:Failed to start MS Excel 2013

Hi , try to restore using the backup. if this does not help try .xls files repair, you will find him here

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Upon opening Excel Office 2013 instantly it configures my Aero setting to BASIC in Windows 7 Professional and then when you close the exit Excel it reverts back to AERO, what gives?  Can this be fixed?

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I have a g700 laptop and wants to know why F4 & F2 doesn't work as usually with Excel 2013
Is there any possibility to find the same functionnality as I had with Excel 2010 before ?
Thanks for your quick answer 
Moderator Note; subject edited.

A:G700 f4 problem with Excel 2013

Hi alainbrizault,
Welcome to Lenovo Community Forums!
I?m glad to inform you that the F4 & F2 will perform the same functions in Excel 2010 as well as 2013, below are links to check the Keyboard shortcuts in Excel 2010 & 2013:

Keyboard shortcuts in Excel 2010
Keyboard shortcuts in Excel 2013

Do post us back for further queries.
Best Regards

Shiva Kumar

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Iím in the process to make an Excel (2013) contacts address workbook and have all my contacts in Excel now. I would also like to have some kind of a V-card to be able to input new contacts and view existing ones. A typical V-card could be like the one I downloaded from here


I can make my own V-card but the problem I have is how to integrate the V-card to interact with the contacts database I now have.

Anyone can give me some help or perhaps provide an existing template?

A:Solved: Excel 2013 Contacts DB

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Windows 7 & Excel 2013 2GB RAM
When I begin typing into a cell, even just the = sign, it stays blank for 2-3 seconds. Seriously !
Any idea what could be causing this? It's like watching grass grow.

A:Excel 2013 freezes and hesitates

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Please see the attached pic.

In the workbook I am working on in the pic there are 3 pages

page 1. is what looks like the main document that is worked in and it has a drop down menu that I would like to add vendors to a preexisting list (but I can not figure out how)

page 2. is a list of venders mot NOT all of which are in the drop down menu already (if I edit the list the changes do not effect the corresponding vendor that are already listed in the dropdown menu on page1)

page 3. named "sheet 1" seems to be blank and have no function

** in the picture you can see that I highlighted the "VENDOR:" drop-down and right bellow that I am showing the data validation for that drop-down.

I would really like to be able to edit this drop-down list.

Can someone please point me in the right direct?

Let me know if you need any further information!

Thanks a million!

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I have a Toshiba P855 with 16GIGS of memory and Office 2013. I have been on the phone with Microsoft for 13 months complaining about how Excel 2013 Office Pro keeps crashing randomly. At first they told me my macro was corrupt. I knew it wasn't because it runs all day long on office 2010 on my desktop which has Windows 7 it was on and off with them for weeks and hours and they finally said that it has to be something wrong with my laptop. It will crash sometimes when I go to copy and paste simple task on a new spreadsheet without any Macros or no conditional formatting and it is real pain in the butt. When it does crash I can load that same file to my memory stick, open it on my desktop, close it, re open on my Toshiba Office 2013 and it runs for a while.

Is there ANYTHING that can be causing this from the laptop drivers or other programs. I'm at a lost and feel Microsoft once again is giving me the run around. It gives me different crash reports within excel too so they are not always for the same reason it crashes but when it crashes anything I have open within excel crashes too. It's ONLY excel that crashes. No other programs and my lap top is fine. It is NOT my anti virus. It will crash when I try and cut and paste ONE CELL

Things I have done, repair 3 times, removed and re installed twice, removed all add ons, changed printer spool, bring up in safe mode, reloaded graphics drivers, spoke to Toshiba, BTW Microsoft says its Toshibas fault and Toshiba says its Microsof... Read more

A:Excel 2013 has been crashing for over a year, HELP!!! Tried everything

Hi larbec7.

Read this MS website concerning your problem. Be sure to follow the link shown in the Answer section as it give a lot more info. See if there is anything there that helps you.

Excel 2013 is crashing sometimes with error 0xc0000005 - Microsoft Community

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I was wondering if anyone knows a cure all or a way to fix Office 2013 excel from freezing up.  MS is useless LOL, I have re installed and repaired several times.  I can do a simple cut and paste sometimes or even just want to add a coulmn and it locks up and reboots

A:Office 2013 Excel freezes up way too often

How much RAM do you have? I didn't see your system specs.

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