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WIndow 7 wont recognize my ext hard drive. It wants to also back up this hard drive.

Q: WIndow 7 wont recognize my ext hard drive. It wants to also back up this hard drive.

In windows 7 my external hard drive does not show as a back up location. When I go to system image, the box for what items I want to back up also has the ext drive checked. I do not want to back up the external hard drive but it will not uncheck.,
(faded lettering) I believe this is why I cannot back up my computer to it. How do I get the back up from including the external hard drive? <input id="39f7f89d-082d-4e34-8bd3-a03da4f8d21c_attachments" type="hidden" value=""





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Preferred Solution: WIndow 7 wont recognize my ext hard drive. It wants to also back up this hard drive.

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


I recently got an external hard-drive from Western Digital (250GB Elements, Model #WD2500C035). I could not get my PC nor my Mac to recognize my Hard-drive even though it had recognized it before.

The following is what happened:
1. I first connect it with my PC and transferred all my files from my PC to the WD hard-drive.
2. Then I connect a second hard-drive to my PC and transferred some files from my second hard-drive to the WD hard-drive.
3. After that, I took my WD hard-drive and connect it to my MAC. I transfer some files from my Mac onto the WD hard-drive.
4. Then I turned off the Computers for the night.
5. This morning when I turned on the computers and reconnect the WD hard-drive to my MAC. My Mac did not recognize it.
6. I disconnected my WD hard-drive from my mac, and connect it with my PC, and again the PC does not recognize my WD hard-drive.
7. I double checked the "Device Manager" and still could not find my WD hard-drive in the "Disk drives"

I transferred several important files into the Hard-drive and did not leave any back-ups. So I was hoping if someone could help me to retrieve those files from the Hard-drive.

my PC is a WinBook operating with Windows XP
my Mac is a Macbook Pro operating on Mac OS X version 10.4.10

Thank you for your help.

A:Window will not recognize my External Hard drive after I use it on Mac

You used both Windows and OSX to write to a hard drive?

Unless you did some partitioning on that hard drive, thats bad.

See, there are multiple types of file system types, such as NTFS, FAT32, FAT16, FAT, ext3, ext2, etc.

Windows XP, by default, uses NTFS. I suspect that when you used your PC to write to the hard drive, Windows turned the whole thing into a NTFS hard drive.

I don't know what file type OS X uses, but I do not think it uses NTFS. It probably uses something similar to ext3, which is what my Linux distro (openSUSE 10.2) uses. When OSX tried to write to it, it probably messed something up badly because it was using a different file system.

I think that is what happened. I am not sure, though. My answer definitely isn't spot-on with what happened.

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My computer will not recognize any hard drive.

A:wont recognize hard drive

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

Would you please take a few moments to read this post. A message for all newcomers. Thanks.

It`s hard to say from so little info.

It could be a bad mobo/bad ide controller, or something as simple as a bad ide cable.

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:

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hello all from super rookie. Picked up used laptop, i formatted hard drive to fresh install windows 98. cd-rom had worked,now after format i get c: prompt but when trying to go d: i get Invalid Drive Specification. I went to bootdisk.com and download a driver package, there are 5 files that end with .sys, i copied them to c: drive and rebooted with still no luck. Any other ideas?
Thanks all.

A:Wont recognize cd-rom after hard drive format

This may sound stupid, but could a different letter instead of "D" have been assigned to the disk drive?

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i have a 160 gb hard drive its a simple tech blue berry. and im on a pc running vista and it wont recognize it when i plug it in. not even in the disk managment or computer managment. no where. can someone please help me.
theres files on here i cant loose so i cnat format it but it wont recognize it anyways even if i wanted to.

A:vista wont recognize hard drive! please help!

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please help me. i. i turned on my pc today and instead of it booting into windows vista, it said please insert the windows recovery disk. i put it in, and then it said cannot fix because it cant even find my hard drive. its undetectable. i think it might of became corrupt or something. so then i tried to reformat it. wow. it didnt show up either. its like it isnt there. i dont care if i have to reinstall it. but i really need a way to back up my files to my seagate. please. i need help

A:help. wont recognize my hard drive on vista

Welcome to TSG!

If a laptop, remove and reinstall the hard drive. The connection may have "gone bad", and a remove and re-insert can often fix that.

If a desktop, open the case and check the cables to the drive, power and both ends of the Data cable. If you have another data cable, try it or swap the cable with the CD/DVD if they use the same type cable. Try a different port on the motherboard as the one it's currently connected too might have gone bad. Be sure to enable it in the BIOS, as unused ports are usually disabled. Check the screen when you first turn it one to see what key to press to enter the BIOS (aka as Setup) DEL and F2 are common.

It's possible the drive has just died. Connect the drive to another PC and see if it's detected. Use a different data cable if possible, or use an external enclosure.

If it's not detected in another system, it's time for a professional to take a look. Whether or not you can recover any data will depend on what's wrong. A bad circuit board is not too expensive, but a mechanical problem can make recovery very expensive, or even impossible.

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Hello everyone.

In desperate need of some help.

I brought Samsung Internal Hard drive ST1000LM024 to replace in MacBook Pro 2013.
When i install the Hardware and run Window 7 Disk i dont get see the Hard Drive to install the Window 7 to.

SO, i decided to format on my other Window 7 PC by plugging in using SATA Cable to format and partition.
But i dont get the option to do that on Computer Management. ( I have attached the pic )

For some reasons i do see something under Device And Printer (Under Device )

Really not sure what to do at the point. cannot format on PC and wont recognize in MAC,

Please help

A:Internal Hard Drive wont recognize in PC

You`re trying to install windows on a Mac ?

Do you have both sata cables connected to it ? The power and data cables ?

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The drive is properly installed and is recognized correctly in the bios screen at startup. vista hp boots up. I right-click on my computer> manage. The computer management utility opens up and the new drive is recognized in the device manager but when I click on disk management I get a pop-up saying "an internal error has occured. Restart the Disk Management snap-in." I hit ok. the same message comes up three more times, then I geta message saying "MMC has detected an error in a snap-in" and requeststhat I shut down and restart MMC, which I do and it just does the same again. Thats as far as I get.

But here's the thing: I've been getting that error message way before I even installed the drive but had forgotten about it til now.

What can I do about this? Any help would greatly be appreciated!

A:HELP!! vista wont recognize my new hard drive

there is a hotfix that may help

Error message when you use MMC 3.0&#58; &#34;MMC has detected error in a snap-in&#34;

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Hi TSG, for some reason, my PC recently has just rejected my external hard drive (Maxtor One Touch). It was recognized normally and worked properly before. I tried to switch from Firewire to USB to see if was there anything wrong with the cable issues, but both seemed useless. Everytime i try to plug it in, my system alerts that "This drive need to be formatted". Althouh i tested with many different computers laptops, my external hard drive works fine. Can anybody help me out with this sisuation because im very helpless now. Thanks TSG very much!!

A:PC wont recognize my external hard drive

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I added a 120 gig Western Digital USB external drive and used Acronis to create a backup of my hard drive. I then used Windows XP to remove it as a USB device so I could power it off. Now, when I power it back on it is not recognized by XP and does not appear on My Computer or on Disk Management (where I originally formatted it for NTFS). All I get is a sound like a single "KERPLONK" when I power it on.

A:XP will not recognize external hard drive (E) after removal and power back on

Wait, when you say you "removed it" where did you remove it from? From Safely Remove Hardware or from Device Manager?

The "KERPLONK" sound is a good sign - it means that Windows it at least recognizing that something is being plugged into the USB port. Have you tried running the Add New Hardware wizard in Control Panel?

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hello can anyone HELP!!
Bought all the bits to build a new computer ( which I Have done for friends etc before without any problems) When building computers before I have always used IDE hard drives but this time I decided to use a SATA drive instead, believing it to be faster.
The problem is the BIOS wont recognize the hard drive it keeps looking for IDE drives.
I've read the manual back to front but can't find anything that helps .
I've checked the the drive is running and the cables are installed correctly.
Thanks in advance for any help
ASUS K8V SE Deluxe Motherboard / AMD 64 3000 CPU
120G Maxtor DiamondMax Plus 9 Hard drive

A:Solved: Bios wont recognize hard drive

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Both items are coming up with

yet other USB items (Webcam, Router) are working perfectly.

Whats going on?

Cant think of any major changes i've made, running XP SP3 since you probably need to know that.

Please help!

A:XP wont recognize my External Hard Drive or a flashdrive!

Eeel, do they work on another pc?

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I currently have a 40GB Seagate Barracuda Hard Drive. I have an old 12GB Fujitsu hard drive that I want to put in for the slave drive. When I load up my computer with both hard drives connected. I tries loading up my old fujitsu and not my current seagate.

Does this mean that my seagate has always been set to slave? If so how do I change it to the master and the fujitsu to the slave.
If there is a way without involving the jumpers please tell me

I plan on using the 12GB for games and the 40GB for large downloaded files and a LOT of music. Oh and by the way the fujitsu has been formatted (NFTS) and has nothing on it. (not even 8mb of partioned space, (if this helps))

Thanks a lot in advance.

A:Computer wont recognize current hard drive

You will have to set the Seagate as Master or "Master with Slave present", using the jumper(s) on the rear of the HD.
These settings can be found on top of your HD.

The Fujitsu will need to be set as Slave, same procedure. This latter HD is very small by today's standards and will probably fill up quite rapidly.

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Hello and i thank you all for your help in advance. I've found other threads with some solutions to my issue but my computer does not have a floppy drive so i cannot solve this problem via that route.

I have an Asus EEE 1005ha laptop and the hard drive failed. I just bought a new SATA 500gb hard drive and did the physical install, but now when I try to install my original Windows XP service pack 3 re-installation disk and i start running through the installation process, Windows is not letting me select any hard drive to install the operating system on. It says there is no hard drive present. It will eventually prompt me to hit F6 to select drivers so i can property do the install but anything i select from the list is prompting me to insert the re-installation disk into the floppy drive (which i have none), and then i am forced to restart the entire process.

I've read other posts that i would need to get the proper drivers loaded onto a floppy in order to move forward so Windows can see the drive. How do i get around this without a floppy? I tried loading the files I think i needed from the ASUS website onto a flash drive but windows will not recognize this drive when i plug it in. I am fairly knowledgeable with PC's but this is obviously too big a problem for me to get past.

PLEASE HELP!!! Thank you.

A:Solved: Windows xp wont recognize sata hard drive

If you have a Retail (not OEM) copy of windows you could Slipstream the drivers into the installtion disc. You can download nLite here http://www.nliteos.com/download.html the guides for creating the slipstream disc on on the webage as well.

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Hi,On my computer up stairs i had 2 serial ata hard drives in a raid 0 configuration.The kids had it all screwed up and i figured i would just reinstall windows on one 80 gig drive and put the other one in my new system.Cant get it to recognize 1 drive now.hit f-6 and tried to loat sata drivers but still cant get it to find a hard drive when trying to install windows xp proffessional.Plugged in one drive to my new system,has asus A8n-SLI deluxe MB.Of course this board doesnt need the sata drivers.Reformatted it and tried to install windows again and same thing.Cleared cmos didnt help.Think i should have deleted raid configuration before i started.If i install windows on drive with my computer and install in old one still dont know if it will work,any ideas? thanks

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My lenovo Thinkpad Yoga S1 wont boot at all I've tried unplugging the battery,etc The only way I can get the computer to boot is when I unplug the hard drive then it boots into boot manager I've tried to reset bios without any luck The last thing I did was update my bios before it wouldn't boot anymore  any ideas?

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My lenovo Thinkpad Yoga S1 wont boot at all I've tried unplugging the battery,etc The only way I can get the computer to boot is when I unplug the hard drive then it boots into boot manager I've tried to reset bios without any luck The last thing I did was update my bios before it wouldn't boot anymore  any ideas?

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Hey everyone,
Well last night I was just enjoying my new computer when the power went off in my house for a second, the power immediately came back on and then.... of course, the same thing happened. No lightning, not even any clouds.
My computer is connected to a brand new (about a week old) cyber power surge protector so I figured everything was ok, when I tried to boot my compuer up again it went trough all of its tests and then a black screen....... I left it for about 10 minutes until I got frusterated and turned it off. I was able to boot up in safe mode but it took forever. I tried a system restore (why not) and then when I restarted I had to wait at the black screen for about 5 minutes and then it booted up.
I have to go through this everytime now and sometimes I have a problem shutting down.
Once everything boots up everything in windows works fine eccept it wont recognize my external hard drive. I can hear that the computer sees it but it wont come up!?!
Do you think that it is a hardware issue now or is it the mobo, or something else? I just dont know! It is wierd that windows still functions fine once it is up....
Could anyone PLESE give me any advice on the situation! Im not exactly an expert when it comes to this so I am completely lost

Thank you!

A:Vista-Black screen on boot up, wont recognize external hard drive


let if fail and then take it back to where you got it from , assuming its a new PC it should have warranty with it.


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Hi everyone, I hope someone can help me.

As the title says my external hard drive wont allow me to move/copy my files back to my laptop. its a Seagate 500GB external hard drive which I have owed for a few years now with not as much use as id like. I can view photos and other files play videos and music off it but when I go to move a file over to the desktop it pops up with a windows explorer tab showing it has stopped working. which is weird as it has nothing to do with windows explorer then it seems to reload the main screen. I've attached a video showing the problem in the hope someone can diagnose the issue. I did just manage to send a photo and a music file using email back to my computer from the hard drive so its not impossible to get them all back but that would take forever haha. Any help I really would appreciate it and promise once fixed IL use a online cloud service as I know hard drives don't last forever.

it seems I cant upload the video which is annoying as it would make it easier for people to work out the problem.


sorry I thought this was down to just the hard drive but I've just tried copying a file on the desktop screen and then pasting the copied file onto the desktop screen and it seems the issue is happening with the laptop same problem with the windows explorer tab popping up with the message windows explorer has stopped working followed with another message saying windows explorer is restartin... Read more

A:external hard drive wont move/copy files back to laptop

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Dell Dimension 8400 (about 3-4 years old). Stock SATA 160gb hard drive crashed (got the blue screen, all the codes, etc.) Took it to a computer place, they also said the HD crashed. I have bought a replacement 250gb SATA HD - attached the two inputs to the back (one thin and ling, one thin and short) and all I get on boot up is a couple of chirps and the screen says "Drive 1 (and 2 and 3) Not Found: Serial ATA, SATA-1" and repeats for drives two and three. The drive is warm, it's being accessed (it's humming), but I've also tried a third 160gb drive, same thing. I even replaced the original drive back in and the same thing - not even the blue screen and error codes any more.

Went to F2 set up, set to auto detect, all (SATA) drives sets to 'on.'

I'm computer literate, but not a techy or anything.

Totally lost now. Please help.

emsguy4you at aol dot com

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I just put together a new PC. I used the Foxconn 925xe7aa motherboard. When I boot up the BIOS recognizes my hard drive which is a 300 GB Seagate but does not recognize my DVD burner which is a LITE-ON SHM-165H6S. I know the DVD burner works because I switched the DVD burner to the IDE 1 slot on the M/B and it loaded the Windows installation. Also I can see in the boot-up sequence that it has the DVD burner listed as Drive 0 but in the BIOS it has the hard drive listed as Drive 0. I have tried many things and none seem to work. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:BIOS does not recognize hard drive and dvd drive at the same time

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Original hard drive died.  Installed new drive, which tests fine.  However, booting up from CD and attempting to restore image contained on USB external drive, but the drive is not recognized.  I have tested on another Laptop (Lenovo) which recognizes the USB external drive, so there is no issue with the external drive.  I cannot restore my HP Pavilion unless I can get it to recognize the USB drive containing the HD image.  Please let me know if there is a way to do so.

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My laptop is Gateway M460. It couldn't recognize the hard drive sometime.

I think the connection is loose. But it doesn't. I do need lots of help here

Thank you

A:Drive issues:Cannot recognize hard drive

Some Gateways have issues with their own free security, antivirus, and spyware. These issues go away when you switch to non-gateway products.
Otherwise, the most common problem with the hard drive is a defect. You can remove the drive with two screws, or read the BIOS, to determine the brand and date of manufacturer... then go to the website of the manufacturer to download the drive fitness test software for your brand of hard drive. You usually load it to a floppy disc or an ISO CD, then boot to run it... You will get a good review of drive performance, including the SMART status, and will let you know if the drive is a problem, or the difficulty is elsewhere.

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I recently installed windows 7 home premium 64 bit, previous OS was Vista home premium 32 bit. My desktop is an HP pavilion d4650y.

I have the OS loaded on my main HD which is a SATA.

HD & DVD drive worked perfectly before on vista. I tested both devices on another pc with XP and they work fine. I've triple checked the connections but still the devices are not recognized by win7. I've also tried renaming the HD & changing the drive letter, but still no luck.

Both drives are connected to a PCI E card, and are set to cable select, on separate cables.

In the BIOS both drives show up.

In disk management they do not show up at all.

My HD is a western digital 250 gb EIDE, and the DVD drive is a IDE Pioneer DVD burner (secondary disc drive).

Any help would be appreciated.

A:Windows 7 won't recognize IDE Hard drive & DVD drive

What drivers did you install? Did you install the necessary drivers for the PCIe card?

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I have a Windows 7 desktop. Recently received error message "excessive environmental temperature". Cleaned out a couple of years of dust. Removed CPU heatsink blew out and reinstalled thermal compound and replaced heatsink and fan. Rebooted and no overheat message, but now Bios does not recognize dvd drive or the HDD. I removed dvd drive and tried in another pc and works fine. I even installed a new hard drive, same problem. I only receive this message: Reboot and select proper Boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device and press any key" Ive unplugged and reinserted SATA plugs on both drives with nothing new Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

A:Bios does not recognize hard drive or DVD drive!

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I have a USB external hard drive that I keep all my documents etc on (had it for years)

I upgraded from Vista Home to & Home Premium then had to upgrade recently to Professional to run my Sage. Through all these upgrades my ext. drive ran fine. Occasionally the drvie letter would change if I had something else plugged into the USB, this was always easily corected in disk management by changing the drive path.

The connection on the case packed up so I had to get the drive put into a new case, now when I plug it in the drive is assigned G instead of F, I tried to change the drive letter allocation in Disk Management but it won't let me as the program still thinks I have a second ext. hard drive which is labelled F. I suspect this has happened because when the usb connection broke the drive was disconnected suddenly instead of a proper eject.

How do I get Disk Management to remove the inactive drive - i can't find any obvious way - eject, delete etc are all missing when I click on tools or tasks.

If there is no easy way then how do I stop program updates for Adobe etc. failing because they can not find the F drive. I don't know why they look at that drive anyway.


A:External Hard Drive - Drive Letter changed - unable to change back


Welcome aboard.

Try this:

Download drivecleanup.zip V 0.8.1 from

Drive Tools for Windows

Unzip to a folder. In it you will have two folders Win32 and x64, each containing DriveCleanup.exe for Windows 32bit and 64 bit respectively.

Now unplug all the USB devices from your PC (except of course the Keyboard and mouse), right click on the appropriate DriveCleanup.exe for your system and run it as an administrator.

This will remove all non-present drives from the registry.

Reboot and then plug-in your external drive.

The drive will be installed and hopefully you should be able to assign any free drive letter to it.

Please report whether it resolved your problem.

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My External Hard Drive (My Book) was always Drive letter F.

I went to sleep and woke up to find Windows 7 Pro had updated and rebooted and I was welcomed by my login screen.

Consequently now my My Book external HDD now reads as Drive letter G.

I went into Administrative Tools > Computer Management > Disk Management

Drive letter F is not available.

F is assigned to a drive that does not exist and never has. I am confused. I only have one CD drive and it says now that I have 2 even though the one addressed as F doesn't have any information. If I click on F it says "Insert Disk"

A:External Hard Drive (F) Drive Letter changed to G - Can't change back

Update: The mysterious other CD Rom drive seems to be MagicJack.

I did some research but the following tech help did NOT work as you can see by the previous post picture that it doesn't not show it up in Disk Management:

MagicJack/Support Resources/How-To/Assign Drive Letters - Wikibooks, open books for an open world

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Recently bought a new Laptop, and went through all the setting up process, one of which was Windows 7 back up. At the time I just went for the partitioned drive option, but after a week, I've decided to buy an external Hard drive for my back ups instead.
My questions are:
1. Can I easily change the destination of the back up files?
2. Do I just delete everything on Drive D once I'm backing up to an external Hard Drive, or will Windows give me this option when I change to external Hard Drive?
3. The Back up is done on a schedule, so how do I get on when the date passes? Will it ask me to plug my external Hard Drive in the next time I boot up?
4. Finally, I'd like to back up our Desktop too, running on Vista. Can I just partition the external Hard Drive, and keep our laptop, and Desktop backed up on the same hard drive??

Cheers, Matthew

A:Change back up files from D Partitioned Drive to External Hard Drive?

Hi Matthew -

You don't need to partition the HD to keep your different backups on it.

The WindowsImageBackup file needs to be named only that and in the root of the external to reimage from the booted DVD or Repair CD, however you can click on it to see which PC it is for.

Backup Complete Computer - Create an Image Backup
Backup User and System Files

I don't like the way Win7 file backup works so I drag the active User folder from each computer here to external once per month, then update the backup image every few months. You may decide to go Manual after trying the automated backup, since you'll need to move the external to catch the backup anyway.

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Hi everyone,
I installed Ubuntu on my computer a few months ago and created another partition for it on my 1TB hard drive.

I didn't really care for Ubuntu so I decided to delete the partition it was on.
That might have been a mistake.

Well, now there's 87.68GB of free space on my hard disk that I can't use and I don't know how to add it back to my c: partition.

There was another post about this a couple years ago, but I don't understand the instructions and am not actually sure if it worked. Can someone explain how to do this, please?

I'm not completely computer illiterate, but I'm not familiar with partitioning disks. It was just the one time with Ubuntu.

A:Hard drive partition: adding free space back to c: drive

The unallocated area is actually an empty extended partition. You need to delete that first.

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I recently purchased a western digital 1.5T My Book Essential to "automatically" backup my PC's internal hard drive and a Passport External drive I have that contains my media files. I installed WD's Smartware software on my PC and learned that it will only backup my hard drive. I also noticed that it (1) seems to consume alot of processor capacity (computer running much slower with it attached); and (2) my computer won't start up when attached. When I called WD about my concerns they indicated that there is 3rd party software available that will allow me to automatically backup both my internal hard drive and the passport and may not require as much processor space (they wouldn't provide specific recommendations). They also sent me instructions on how to adjust my PC so that it won't try to boot up from MY Book (interesteingly enough I 've never had this problem with my passport). I have not yet had a chance to try their recommendations.

Suggestions on a good 3rd party back-up software would be appreciated.


A:Need suggestions for software to back up hard drive and an external drive

Acronis has a good reputation.http://www.acronis.com/homecomputing/products/trueimage/

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For my wife's computer her hard drive has failed and will lose Windows 10 please advise best method to resolve and restore computer use with Win. 10 after drive is installed with her original Win.7 (now called illegal)

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I am running Windows Vista.I am using a 1TB Iomega Backup Network Drive.I have tried using the Windows backup and restore program to backup my drive and get the following problem:I then entered some password I found and get:the system cannot find specified path 0x80070003I have the same problem if I use the program it came with Retrospect. This is driving me nuts. any help appreciated.

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I've never seen this before. Double click on e:\ in my computer and it says not a valid win32 application. Seen it when opening applications but not a drive! all other drives are fine. First time i saw it it was looking for install.exe, which i remember deleting a week or so ago. Most likely because it was a missing shortcut in registry or because it was corrupted or something simular. I dont know what to do about this, as I said never seen it happen b4 on a drive. You can open e drive when you right click and explore but when double click sometimes it tries to locate install.exe. No virus, but did have a few recently, I wont put it down to that though and dismiss because I am very vigilant and remove virus immediately, and scan twice a day, always scanning b4 opening apps. Weird one! Logically, how do i stop it looking for install.exe when openning?

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Hi when I turn my computer on I get a HARD DISK ERROR. Ran both tests in System Diagnotstics... No Luck.  Any support would be appreciated! Thanks. Dana

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Help - I want to back up my data and bought an USB 160GB SimpleTech hard drive. I'm running Win XP Pro and the PC added a MicroSoft driver for a"USB Mass Storage Device." That is what shows under the Device Manager. It does not show the new drive as a fresh "F" drive (after "D" -DVD drive and "E"-CDRW drive)

I ran the software that came with the drive "StorageSync" but it doesn't recognize the drive either. What am I missing?

A:PC won't recognize new USB hard drive

If it is the PIII computer as in the specs, it will be USB 1.1, unless you have added a USB 2.0 card.

Its possible that the USB drive requires a USB 2.0 capable port, many will work with USB 1.1 (slowly) but some do need the hi-speed port. The data with the drive should say?

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So I have this issue where my 500gb SATA hard drive isn't seen by Win 7 (running 64 bit Pro).

The thing is, when I installed it (from what I can remember) it saw the 500gb hdd even though it wouldn't allow me to install on it.

I've tried different SATA ports on my MOBO and nothing. It's not a huge deal since I have an external 500gb but I'd rather use up the internal before. Plus it'd be nice to know what's currently on the internal one.

So any ideas on what I can do next to get it working?

A:Won't Recognize Hard Drive

Perhaps you need to install the SATA driver for that drive? Check the manufacturers web site.

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Well I got a new hard drive since my other one died, and I installed it and everything. I had another drive from before set as slave, and when I installed the new one, it couldnt detect the slave drive anymore, so I installed windows and all that on the new drive, and when I went back to mess with the drives to try to get them to show up, I was having some trouble.

I had the master on Cable Select and the slave on slave, only the slave showed up.

I had the master on master and the slave on slave, only the master showed up.

I had the master on the 3rd option other than slave, and only the slave showed up.

I have the IDE cables right, so I dont really know what the problem is, I cant get my computer to recognize either of them.

The hard drives are a 200GB Maxtor and a 200GB Seagate, master and slave respectively.

A:Cant recognize hard drive.

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hello all, I'm trying to recover some files from a hard drive i replaced. I've got windows xp on my new hard drive, and I have connected my old one, but windows wont put it into My Computer for access. When I plugged it in, I set the jumpers according to the diagrams on the backs of each drive, but didn't go into the bios and detect the second hard drive. Windows still put an icon into the toolbar telling me it had found new hardware, then reconized it as a maxtor drive. I went into My Computer, but there was nothing relating to the maxtor drive, just my first hard drive and cd-roms. I then went into the bios, auto- detected the second drive, rebooted, and tried it again, with no difference. The hard drive is recognized under the device manager, but won't come up under My Computer. The drives are on the proper sections of the cable in terms of Slave and Master, so I'm not sure what else it could be, unless the hard drive has become damaged, or needs to be re-partitioned, which would defeat the purpose of what I'm trying to do. Does anyone know what the problem is, or what I need to do to figure out the problem?

A:getting xp to recognize a second hard drive

Howdy Pyrosx1...

Justa few questions...

Is the Maxtor drive formatted FAT32 or NTFS ?

If FAT32 try booting with a DOS boot disk and see if it will see the hard drive...

Is the drive being seen in Disk Management ?

Right click on My computer - Manage - Disk Management ?

If so can you tell us what it says, or post a screen shot ?

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My XP desktop was working fine as of last night, but when I booted it this morning it wouldn't start up. I dual boot the machine with XP and Ubuntu Linux to play around with, but 99% of the time I use XP.

I tried getting to the recovery panel using the Windows XP installation disc to try some troubleshooting there, but when I do that I get a message that Windows can't detect my HD.

I've confirmed that my BIOS recognizes my HD. Also, I can still boot and use Ubuntu no problem. So I think the HD isn't dead, there is just a communication problem that needs fixing?

Any ideas on how to fix would be great. I am a newbie with Ubuntu, GRUB, and partioning, and could use the help. BTW, this setup hasn't caused any problems since installing about two months ago.

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I swapped my original computer's processor with a different one and now it fails to boot to the Windows Loading screen. It will go through the BIOS screens and let me choose how I want to start up Windows XP, but after I click "Normally" or "Last Known Good Configuration", my PC crashes and restarts. I've tried logging into Safe Mode and it does the same thing. I replaced the IDE cable to my hard drive but this has not solved the problem. I haven't changed anything about the hard drive since I replaced the processor.

In the BIOS screen, it will acknowledge that there indeed is a hard drive connected, but it will not boot from it.

My specs are:
Windows XP Pro, SP2
2.70GHz Intel Pentium 4
1.50GB DDR RAM, 184-Pin
80GB Maxtor Hard Drive
SiS Motherboard M935DLU V2.0
400W ATX Power Supply

Could someone explain why my computer is failing to load XP?

A:PC Will Not Recognize Hard Drive!

When you install windowsXP, it loads drivers for your specific type of hardware. My guess is that the current drivers for your old processor won't work for your new one. Your problem is with software, not your hardware.

I would try putting in your XP installation disc and doing a repair install. I'm not sure If you can use recovory consule for this so I would try the Repair install. A repair install will not delete any data or software on your computer. It will replace all of your system files with the original files. It will also delete and reload all your original drivers.

When you boot from the XP disc you will get the blue screen for a while. Windows will the ask you if you want to
1)install a fresh copy (enter)
2) load recovery consule to repair a copy of windows.


To do a repair install click ENTER and continue to load a fresh copy of windows.

Windows should search for an old copy of windows. When it finds the old copy it will ask you agian if you want to
1) continue with a fresh installation (enter)
2) Repair the old copy of Windows (R)

Hit R to proceed with the Repair installation

DO NOT install a fresh copy of windows as you will loose your data.

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Hi - I took your advise and bought an USB 2.0 card. The internal existing USB 1.1connector (in my PIII processor Dell PC) would not recognize the new 250GB USB external hard drive I bought.

Problem: my PC does not auto detect the newly connected external drive. There is power going to the new drive (the light is on) and the Device Manager recognizes the new USB controllers, but the PC doesn't see the drive connected to it. Can you help?

A:PC won't recognize new USB hard drive

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Second hard drive not show in My Computer after reformatting. Disk Management shows second HD, but only offers choice of "Delete Partition". Both HD are IDE, NTFS and "Healthy". Do not want to reformat second HD, as has data want to transfer to Primary HD. Both HD show in BIOS. BIOS does not offer option of booting from second HD. Should not be any problem with cables, as both HD showed in My Computer before reformatting. WinXP Home.

A:Not recognize second hard drive

Welcome to TSF....

Try going thru add hardware in control panel and see if it gets seen there. Also check the drive jumpers on the back of the drive and see if they are set right.

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I have an old locally built desktop PC. It came with a 10GB ide hard drive, 128 MB memory, Award Modular Bios v6.00PG, Windows 98, and a 500MHz Intel Celeron processor. I attempted to install an 80 GB HD and the PC wouldn't recognize it. Now it won't recognize the original HD. Infact it makes a sweaking/buzzing noice and won't boot to the bios. With the 80Gb or another old HD (I think it is also a 8GB) it will boot to Bios but refuses to recognize the HD. The original HD is a Seagate ST310212A. The 80 GB drive is a WD800AW. Anyone have an idea.

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Hello. I boguht a 40 gig hard drive and instaleld it. I tried to partition it into 4 partitions. I did 20% for the c: one and tried to do 20% on each, except that when I DO make it, it only lets me use 40% basically giving me control of 60% of my drive other than 100%. What am I doing wrong?!?!? Thank you.


A:My Hard Drive won't Recognize over 40 gig

You create the primary paritition first for 20%, next you create an extended partition for the rest of the size of the drive 80%, then inside the extended partition you create logical partitions for whatever size you want the remaining.

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