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notebook frozen in Hybernation mode on power up

Q: notebook frozen in Hybernation mode on power up

after being advised by a mate, am me being a virgin to all tech online at the age of 50, i had a tech at Harvey Norman, where i bought the notebook a month ago, uninstall the cyberlink media player and install VLC media player, all good, switched it off, put it back in box and went home, 2hrs later i unpacked it turned it on and after displaying the hp logo on start up, it went to a redish screen with the loading dots circling and below them it says HYBERNATING and this is all it does, won't turn off by power button unless i close lid also, otherwise the screen oes black on touching the power button and back to the HYBERNATING screen on touching any other button. full stop nothing else.i removed/replaced battery, nothing! hELp please

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Preferred Solution: notebook frozen in Hybernation mode on power up

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


I turned off my notebook using the mouse and the screen menu. The computer apparently closed down as it should, the screen went black, but the light on the power switch continues to glow. When I try to turn on the computer again, the power switch has become unresponsive. Now I can't turn my computer on. (I don't actually know whether the computer is turned on or off because the screen is black). The notebook has a fixed battery, so I can't do a hard reset by removing it. What should I do?

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I have a HP WindowsXP, I went to the power options properties at the top there are 4 tabs, power schemes, advanced, UPS,and Away. This pc is on all the time, if I can't get it to turn off, can I just turn off monitor? I didn't know if this should be on all the time or what. It used to be it would shut off awhile by itself, it said monitor going to sleep, now just stays on all the time....HELP

A:My Pc Won't Go Into The Hybernation Mode

Most problems with Hibernation can be traced to corruptions in your video drivers. I'd suggest uninstalling them, then installing the latest version available from the manufacturer of your video chipset (not the PC maker).

Let us know the make and model of your PC and we'll see what we can locate for you.

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Respected Sir/Madam,The balanced power option is no more listed in my notebook power options. There are only two power options  1. High performance2. Power saving How should I get back my balanced power mode my notebook is running on high performance mode now I want to change it to balanced power mode. Please help me...!!! Thank You 


Hi there @Ankush_Nirwan,  Welcome to the HP Support Community where you can ask questions, find solutions and get help from others in the community! I read your post on the HP Support Forums and wanted to reach out to you.  When you go to the Control Panel into Power Plan Properties, under the plans already there, you should see Show additional plans. If you were to click the drop down arrow on the right, you should see more power plans.  Do you see the Balanced Power plan now? If not, you can make a balanced power plan yourself and Manage your Power Options. You will also see that you can use the Power troubleshooter to fix problems as well.  Here is a link to the HP Support Assistant if you need it. Just download and run the application and it will help with the software and drivers on your system that need updating. It may be that you need to do driver updates also.  Please also do your Windows Updates.  Was the Balanced power mode there recently? If so, you could do a System Restore to a date when you did have that Power Plan as an option.  Please let me know if I answered your question by clicking the 'Thumbs up'. If the troubleshooting steps in this post resolved the issue for you, please click the 'Accept as Solution' button. This will allow others who have the same issue to find the solution also.If you require further assistance, I would b... Read more

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Closed the lid on my dv7 notebook went into sleep mode.Now it won't boot up at all.When I push down thsue power button the caplock button blinks slowly continiously and the wifi button  stays orange. My power led lights light blue but my hdd button stays orange. My power cord light stays blue so I don't thing it's even charging. I've tried hard reset and all the sugestions I could find and nothing helps.

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My PC is going into the sleep/hibernation mode and will not wake up. The power button has to be pushed - then the computer wakes up exactly where it went to sleep. I have followed all the advice I have found and have run the Power Efficiency Diagnostics Report - but I don't know what to do with it now.
Can someone please help me?
Thank You

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Since upgrading to Windows 10 i have from time to time a bluescreen. Most times the bluescreen comes after i use the PC after hybernation. Can anyone help me to isolate the issue? That would be very awesome.
Protokollname: System
Quelle:        Microsoft-Windows-Kernel-Power
Datum:         23.11.2015 17:30:52
Ereignis-ID:   41
Ebene:         Kritisch
Benutzer:      SYSTEM
Computer:      Monster-Setup
Das System wurde neu gestartet, ohne dass es zuvor ordnungsgemäß heruntergefahren wurde. Dieser Fehler kann auftreten, wenn das System nicht mehr reagiert hat oder abgestürzt ist oder die Stromzufuhr unerwartet unterbrochen wurde.
<Event xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/win/2004/08/events/event">
    <Provider Name="Microsoft-Windows-Kernel-Power" Guid="{331C3B3A-2005-44C2-AC5E-77220C37D6B4}" />
    <TimeCreated SystemTime="2015-11-23T16:30:52.335238900Z" />
&#... Read more

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Hi, the title tells pretty well everything. It started this week: after leaving the laptop unattended for awhile it's screen first shows the screen saver pix, then goes dark. When touching the laptop backlit comes back for a second then goes absolutely black. I think I can see the screen content there but the backlit is gone. This started to happen more often, and now affects also the recovery after opening the lid and after restart - log in. Things went really awry on this laptop in the last months. I have no Windows update allowed thus no such change could cause it. I have Avast! and Ad-Aware, and Comodo firewall. I have been having this configuration without problem for more than a year. I went to other forums where it was said that it might be a common Windows 7 issue.

Several errors found recently in the Eventviewer:
1) The HASP License Manager service failed to start due to the following error: The system cannot find the file specified.
2) The driver detected a controller error on \Device\Harddisk1\DR1.
3) An error was detected on device \Device\Harddisk1\DR1 during a paging operation.
4) The driver detected a controller error on \Device\Harddisk1\DR2.
Etc. I have run a checkdisk and it gave no error. Should I run Combofix?
Thank you

A:Black Screen of Death after returning from Sleep Mode, Hybernation, and now log in

I need help. I can not see anything else any more, not even during booting the DOS screen has backlit. I can only use this laptop with connecting it to an external monitor.

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My 4-year old Gateway laptop (running Windows Vista Home Premium) just froze last night. Tried restarting it, and every time I get to the Windows icon I get a frozen mouse on the login screen or a blank screen. Sometimes, it makes a sound like someone is pressing one key on the keyboard with the Windows icon in the background. When I shut down and restart in safe mode, I am able to use both mouse and keypad. I am able to login in safe mode and safe mode with command prompt, but not safe mode with networking (same result as starting in normal mode).

I have used the install cd, and tried all of the options on the repair menu. Nothing has helped - neither startup repair, nor system restore. No memory errors were detected, either.

Acc. to the system restore menu, the last windows update was early last week (and I have been to use the computer without any issues until late last night). Also, I have McAfee AV, and it ran without detecting any issues 24-hours before the problems began.

Any ideas on what I should try to fix this problem, other than reformating the harddisk? I am not very tech-savvy, so if you want more info, I'd appreciate you walking me through the process. Thanks in advance.

A:Mouse and keypad frozen in normal mode, but work in safe mode

Hi Horan. Welcome to TSF!

Since you are able to boot into SAFE MODE with COMMAND PROMPT, do that and then at the prompt type "sfc /scannow" (without the quotation marks) and let it run. After it completes that, make a note of any messages and then reboot your system and see if that helps.

Also, what happens when you just use the touchpad and don't plug in a mouse? Any difference or does it still lock up?

Good day!


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My MSI GX630 just froze on me. It would take no input from the keyboard, the touchpad the mouse.. nothing. I had to remove the battery to restart it. this is not he first time it's happened. I was running just firefox and messenger and left the it for a while and came back to find it frozen like that. Any help plz?

A:Notebook frozen

It may be overheating... If you can disassemble a laptop yourself, you could check to see if the fan(s) and cooling fins were clean and free from dust and debris. If you can't do this yourself, you will have to take it to someone who can

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Hi All:
    A few weeks ago I started to download DVDShrink from what looked like a perfectly legitimate company site. After I clicked to download the program it began to install itself. At the same time all kinds of alarms went off - Comodo, Malwarebytes, etc. - and I quickly shut down.
    After booting up I ran a quick Mbam scan and it found 32 infected files which I deleted. I then ran a full Mbam scan and it found a bunch more. Later I also ran full Mbam and Avast scans but this time around neither came up with anything. I also used ERUNT to replace the Registry with a clean copy made earlier.
    For a few days everything ran OK but then Firefox began to freeze up whenever I brought up a page with a Youtube video on it. Then other things started to freeze - Task Manager, etc. - and now it's reached the stage that the computer won't boot up properly at all. Almost everything is frozen. The computer won't even start in Safe Mode. At best it just brings up my mouse pointer (which is working) and my desktop wallpaper but nothing more.
    Different Windows messages have appeared at times one of which said something to the effect that Windows was stopping to prevent further damage. There is a separate RESTORE section on the drive for restoring the computer to factory settings but I can't access it. Since I can't get into the computer to do anything at all I'm wondering if there's any way of being able to get the com... Read more

A:Win 7 HP Pavilion dv7 Notebook FROZEN

Try performing a repair installation. This will preserve your user accounts, data, programs, and system drivers.
Instructions for a Windows 7 Repair installation.
A Windows 7 Repair Installation will require a installation disc.
If you do not have a Windows 7 installation disc you can download a free legal ISO image of Windows 7 SP1 at  Windows 7 Forums.  You will need to download the same version of Windows 7 that you have installed,  This image is hosted by the Digital River store which is an official distribution partner of Microsoft.  This is a genuine untouched image which is safe to download. 
Attention:  If you do have a Windows installation disc, skip Part A and go to Part B, Step 1b.
Part A, Steps 1a - 6a
The ISO image will need to be burned to a DVD in order to create a bootable installation disc.
1a)  To burn a ISO file to a DVD please download ImgBurn and install it.
2a)  Insert a blank DVD into your CD/DVD drive tray, and then close the tray.
3a)  Open ImgBurn, and click on Write image file to disc.

4a)  Click on the Browse for a file icon:

5a)  Locate the ISO file you want to burn, and click on the Open button.
6a)  Click on the blue arrow to start burning the bootable DVD.

Please note:  In order to boot from this DVD you may need to change the boot order in... Read more

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Cannot shut down, totally frozen in 'restarting' mode 


View Solution.

A:HP notebook was trying to restart, now frozen, can't shut of...

Hi,Press Power button continually for 2-5 seconds to shut downThen tap away f2 key as soon as you power on laptop, do extensive hard drive and memory tests from UEFI System DiagnosticsWhat is your notebook?http://support.hp.com/in-en/document/c00033108RegardsVisruth

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My Pavilion g4 Notebook PC will not let me start. I get a failed smart check when I do the hard Disk test . no matter what I do, it does not open to my desk top. I had been watching a utube video, and the computer frose up, so i forced the computer off by holding down the power button. now it wont start up.I tryed several times to go with launch start up repair, but it eventually brings up a small window with the headingx:\windows\system.32\cmd.exe and does 7 lines and then a blinking curser, and that's it.How can I fix this? I don't have  a hard disk of any kind with this computer because it was given to me as a hand me down from my wife.Can anyone help me?Thanks.

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Windows XP Pro.

At the office I use an external mouse on my computer.

At the end of the day I (usually) unplug the mouse before going into standby mode.

When I forget to disconnect mouse before going into standby mode...when I get home and resume my touchpad ends up being frozen and won't work.(Note: Built-in notebook keyboard does work however).

When this happens the only way I know how to correct the problem is to restart the computer.

Is there some magic or alternative way to unfreeze my mouse without having to restart the computer?


A:Want to Unfreeze a Frozen Notebook Mouse (Touchpad)

Ctrl \ Alt \ Delete. Click Processes and see if the mouse app is still running. If it is, right click on it and end processes.

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My computer seems to switch to Power Saver mode of its own volition. I'm not sure what triggers the switch from Balanced mode to Power Saver. Yes, I know and how to prevent screen dimming and sleep mode, and I know how to change the plan settings for any power mode...

...but what is the specific setting I need to use to prevent my computer from ever automatically switching to power saver mode? I want it to boot up into Balanced mode, and never, ever switch from that plan.



A:Prevent switch from Balanced power mode to Power Saver mode

Do you have some program in auto startup that might be doing this ?
Laptops may come with some utility for this ???
You could review your startup programs, or try a clean startup.
Troubleshoot Application Conflicts by Performing a Clean Startup

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Extremely frustrated I've looked and tried to find a solution to no avail. When the notebook boots up, it gets to the login screen, I wouldn't be able to do anything at that point but I can log in because I have a fingerprint scanner, from there I'm 100% dead in the water. The only way to shut down is to hold down the power button. While the computer is in bootup, I have touchpad/keyboard function, I can escape to boot options, BIOS, repair, etc. and have normal functionality while there but not in safe mode. I have ran SFC with commands several times, chkdsk with commands several times, nothing changes. SFC says it found problems but was not able to fix all of them and the last chkdsk found nothing wrong.

Here are the events leading up to:
* had disk errors and bad sectors in old hard drive (could not repair)
* cloned old hard drive to new hard drive (there were errors but the new hard drive booted and worked for the most part correctly)
* in the process of trying to fix missing setup files for applications and other miscellaneous small issues, I ran troubleshooting, updates, chkdsk, sfc, etc. removed various applications, and added a few, nothing worked. I installed Revo uninstaller to remove Kaspersky Internet Security as it is THE MOST stubborn application to remove I've ever experienced. The reason I mention that is because I went through my computer trying to find the leftover files even after Revo because Kaspersky was still running after re-installing it and uninsta... Read more

A:Frozen touchpad and keyboard on HP Pavillion dv6 3225dx Notebook

If you have (and should have) a USB keyboard and mouse connect them and see if they will work.
Since your file system was already corrupted you cloned the bad files to the new drive.
If the USB devices work you should do a Repair Install.
If that doesn't work do this: Using System Recovery, Factory Reset and Minimized Image Recovery Options HP Pavilion dv6-3225dx Entertainment Notebook PC | HP? Support
From this tut:
Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7

On newer models HP Recovery may offer a Minimized OS Recovery option when booting from F11, which retains only the OS, Recovery Manager, HP Support Asst, and HP Wireless LAN. This is as close to a clean reinstall as you can get without doing one yourself.
● If you clean reinstall only to C and leave all other partitions intact, F11 Recovery key should still work later if you need it.
● You can also Extract HP 3rd Party Software from RecovCD.
● Problems with volume control lighting and HP Quick Launch buttons have been dealt with here where you can also get further support.

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helllppppppp!!!! i pressed f8 tried debuggin and every other option debugging stays on blank screen how long should i wait

A:my gateway notebook is frozen on the windows start up screen

I'm not sure, but i imagine your Windows is corrupted.

You should format your drive and reinstall windows.

If you don't want to lose your data, download Ubuntu and boot your computer with it. You can then retrieve your important data before you format the drive.

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I am a beginner computer user and I recently inserted a bad dvd int my lenovo laptop. The windows media player screen is frozen and I have no control of the notebook user screen. I would appreciate any help as I am dumber that a box of rocks!

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Got a user who has a Acer 5100-3583 notebook, the keyboard and touchpad are unresponsive after multiple reboots and standard trouble shooting yield no results.? The unit is only 14 months old and out of warranty.
Any clues?

It will read from DVD-ROM drive as it reads a DVD movie when inserted.
No USB devices such as keyboard and mouse work either.


A:Acer 5100-3583 notebook keyboard & touchpad frozen..?

- in windows, press Fn+F7 (or the combination you have to activate/deactivate touchpad
- In the bios (press F2 when it appears the ACER screen when booting), be sure that the Tpad is enabled.
Purchase a usb mouse and keyboard and by pass the problem.
Restore to an earlier date to make sure the configuration wasn't dumped somewhere along the line.
Reformat the system.
Check with Acer Site under troubleshooting to see if there are any other solutions.
Last resort and if your capable open casing to check for loose connections. ( It does appear Acer has problems with touchpads frequently)
Luck to you and this is about all the thoughts I came up with right now. Let us know...Jazz

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Hi, I would like to use HP Spectre 13 x360-w001nc with docking stationi-tec USB C Flathttps://www.i-tec.cz/?t=3&v=437 to use in combination with 4k TV LCD and therefore I dont wont to have my HP SPECTRE WITH OPEN LID,but in a case I switch the notebook off, and the notebook is connected to i-tec usb c flat docking stationthe notebook power button on the side doesnt work  then, so I cannot switch the power on , until I open the lid of thehp spectre. (it work only when the comp is in sleeping mode - the button blink) Please help me where can I change this func to be able to push the power button on the hp spectre on , regardlessthe lid is open or closed. Is there any soft to change the setting so I will be able to see everythink on the second monitor (TV LCD ) and the hp spectre lid will be black ? not on also ? somethink like automatic change monitor (not both) or it is not possible and the hp spectre lid will be always on  regardless I use another extrernal lcd ? Thanks for help and tips      

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My wife has a two-year-old Samsung notebook. Recently when she unplugged it the machine cut off, even though the battery said 79% charged (it wouldn't charge any further). I figured that the battery was bad so I bought another one from Amazon.

This one charges to 100% percent and does exactly the same thing. I'm perplexed but think there's something going on with the motherboard that won't let it use battery juice, even if Windows 8.1 says it's 100% charged.

I've tried the hold the power button down for 1 min with the battery out trick to no avail.

Any ideas? I'm stumped and think I might need to get her another notebook.

Thanks, Robert

A:Samsung Notebook Battery Won't Power Notebook

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I've installed Windows Pro 2000 from disk twice. When boots, it opens in
Safe Mode even if I hit f8 and select normal boot or last best config or
anything else. When I log off and re-start, f8 shows it's defaulted to safe
mode again--though windows doesn't show "safe mode" printed in corners.

Got any ideas?

A:Frozen in Safe Mode in Win2000

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Spending some time at moms house she asked me to take a look at her computer because it "wouldnt start". So I turn it on and it goes to the loading screen and desktop just fine. The problem is once on the desktop after a message pops up from some resource I cannot decipher the program's origin with online search. It is some type of fake version of Windows Essentials I think and all the font where letters should be are boxes except for a few letters here and there mainly the letters QQ at the top; then several boxes following; then the number 7; and more boxes; etc, some Asian looking font.

This program looks just like a anti-virus scanner made cartoon-like for children which makes me think its a virus itself. I cannot remove it through control panel. I get an error message. I am writing this message through Safe Mode with Networking.

Here is a list of photos I took with my phone in order from trying to remove through Control Panel in Safe Mode with Networking. I cannot remove it and after closing the program I get the last photo- Big Bright Red Box-- then I cannot close or change the windows except for Fire Fox.


Many Thank You's

A:Frozen, Safe Mode, Virus, XP, what else?

that`s probably a fake av. try downloading and runing malwarebytes.
download it from here:
install it, run it, update it and let it scan (quick/full - doesn`t matter). see what happens and let us know! ;)

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Windows 10 XPS Desktop
Cursor is frozen in one position. The only time I get movement is 1) aftr CTL-ALT-DEL, in the window with Task Manager, Switch User, etc., the frozen cursor still visible in same place, but a second cursor does respond to my mouse allowing me to Restart; 2) at login in window, frozen cursor still  visible in same place, but a second cursor allows me to move to Password window.
Problem still exists in Safe Mode. So I tried a System Restore to the point two days ago when a Windows Critical Update occurred (12/13/2017). But the System Restore fails, error about not being to find some file from before the Restore Point.
I did run the diagnostic tests (the one from F12 at boot) and they indicated a healthy system. Also, I tried different mice and different USB ports but this didn't do anything.
Any suggestions? I'm doing everything right now with keyboard shortcuts whichi is slow and clumsy!

A:Frozen cursor, even in Safe Mode

Did you update/reinstall both video drivers (Intel HD Graphics and for add-in video card)?
There have been some issues with a recent Intel HD Graphics driver causing lots of weirdness...

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Can someone see if there's anything wrong with this? If so what can I do to make it better?
This is a HiJackThis Scan:
Scan saved at 5:15:15 PM, on 6/11/2017
Platform: Windows 7 SP1 (WinNT 6.00.3505)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v8.00 (8.00.7601.17514)
Boot mode: Safe mode with network support

Running processes:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Lenovo\Access Connections\AcDeskBandHlpr.exe

R1 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Default_Page_URL = http://lenovo.msn.com
R1 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Search Page = http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=54896
R0 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Start Page = https://us.search.yahoo.com/yhs/web...os_16_38&os_ver=6.1&os=Windows+7+Professional
R1 - HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Default_Page_URL = http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=69157
R1 - HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Default_Search_URL = http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=54896
R1 - HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Search Page = http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=54896
R0 - HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Start Page = https://us.search.yahoo.com/yhs/web...os_16_38&os_ver=6.1&os=Windows+7+Professional
R0 - HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Search,SearchAssistant =
R0 - HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Search,CustomizeSearch =
R0 - HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Local Page =... Read more

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My Envy 360 laptop is frozen and won't power off. Been pushing the power button and it wouldn't turn off or unfreeze.

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The keyboard and touch pad are locked (don't) work when the computer is in notebook mode. But when the notebook is folded back to the tablet configeration, then the keyboard and touch pad work (when they are suppose to be locked).Is there a way to switch  from tablet mode to notebook mode so that the keyboard and touch pad function when the laptop is siting like a laptop?

A:how to switch between notebook mode and tablet mode

@Don_Healy Hello;Allow me to welcome you to the HP forums! Here's a good article on tablet mode -- maybe something there will help:  http://www.windowscentral.com/what-tablet-mode-windows-10Good Luck

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I've been posting on another forum for a few weeks trying to solve a problem where my computer restarts itself (or just freezes since I turned off auto-restart) in sleep mode. It never crashes when I'm using it - it's only when I come back to it after several hours that I find it unresponsive and unable to be awoken. Prior to turning off auto-restart, when I would come back, it would have restarted. I don't know what's causing it, and since there is no actual BSOD that I SEE, I can't troubleshoot on my own!

Through the other forum, I have updated all my drivers, BIOS, uninstalled McAfee, done a clean boot, etc. Nothing has worked, so they sent me to you.


I've attached the two requested files.

? OS - Windows 10 Home factory/pre-installed
? 64 bit
? Approximate age of system (hardware): less than a year
? Approximate age of OS installation (if you know): less than a year
? Have you re-installed the OS? no

? Processor: Intel Core i5-5200U CPU @2.20Ghz with 4 GB RAM
? Video Card (I'm not sure how to find this! Intel HD Graphics 5500...?)

? System Manufacturer: HP
? Exact model number: 360 Spectre (13-4000ne)


A:Computer Crashing / Frozen in Sleep Mode

Hi. . .

You may not see the BSODs, but they are occurring - 22 of them so far since Windows 10 was installed on 19 December 2015.

The BSODs started within 24 hours of installing Windows 10 on 19 December. This tells me that you're more than likely dealing with unknown hardware failure of some kind. However, there is a slim chance that it could be a driver issue. Unfortunately, the dumps are incapable of telling us the exact piece of hardware that is failing.

2 of the BSODs occurred in December 2015. One of them listed your Intel wifi driver as the probable cause -

Netwbw02.sys Thu Apr 16 08:33:36 2015 (552FAC20)
Your wifi adapter is listed as "Intel(R) Dual Band Wireless-AC 7265".

Check for a driver update - (if you have not already done so -- I read your other thread) -


The other 20 dumps were nearly identical to each other, all with the same bugcheck -

0x7e (0xc0000005,,,) thread threw an exception. The exception = 0xc0000005 = memory access violation

The probable cause on all 20 dumps from 2016 was the same - Intel graphics -

igdkmd64.sys Mon Dec 21 23:25:12 2015 (5678D0A8)
The Intel graphics driver is from December 2015 (so it's pretty new) and needs to be updated, but I doubt that you'll be able to find an updated driver -

System freezing is a hardware issue and something that I unfortunatel... Read more

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I have an Acer Aspire 5520-5334 laptop with Windows Vista and it is frozen in standby/hibernation mode not sure what the difference is between standby and hiberation mode, I just know the thing is not working. The battery is fully charged and I am running it on the mains adaptor anyway. It will not run up or shut down, and the power button just keeps flashing on/off. I am currently at my workplace using their computers, as I cannot get access to internet at home, with my laptop not running up. HELP!!!

A:HELP!!! Laptop frozen in standby/hibernation mode

Hold the power button down to turn it off. Now on startup keep pressing F8.
Is it still stuck after that?

I hope this helps!

Brett M,
Windows Outreach Team

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My computer after trying to (stupidly) remove the SPTD driver so Daemon Tools would work. Is stuck on the black loading screen, even when loading from safe mode.

I tried removing the sptd driver, but only took out 1 of 2 files, the other not being removed properly. So i restarted (which worked) and restored my computer to an hour before i tried any of it. I could only log on in safe mode and i checked and saw that both drivers were there. So i turn off the computer and it was fine.

However, i tried to turn on the computer again later, but it got stuck on the black screen with just the mouse. I held the power button and retried,in safe mode, this time getting to my computer background, with nothing loading. I tried yet again and only got black screen. It says all my drives loaded and everything, including sptd, but nothing is loading.

I have tried restoring to multiple points but nothing has worked so far. What could be wrong with my computer?

Any help is greatly appreciated

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My friend has windows7 and an Acer Aspire 5742Z. The cursor has frozen, and after starting it in safe mode to system restore the cursor is still frozen so I can't system restore aaaagh!!

A:Solved: Frozen cursor in safe mode

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When I boot to safe mode with command prompt, the cursor is frozen, and I cannot type. I have no recourse but to turn the machine off manually. Command prompt works fine when I invoke from the XP shell. Celeron 2.4GHz, 512 MB RAM, XP Home Ed. SP2.

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My Cursor stays frozen in the center of the screen and will not move even in safe mode.

I believe my touchpad is broken so I want to use mousekeys.

When I look at the device manager I can't see the mouse or pointing device section,

When I go to the control panel I go to the "mouse" section and there is no section for the touchpad and no driver for the mouse section.

There is something quite strange happening because I remapped the number pad and when I press these keys the icons on my desktop are highlighted and move in the correct direction as if I was pressing "tab" but the cursor will not move it stays in the center of the screen.

I have tried to install all the new drivers (all 5)recommended for my Asus K40AB AMD Athlon(tm) X2 dual-core 64 ql to no avail.

My laptop doesn't appear to have a function button that turns the keypad on and off

Bottom line, I want to be able to use mousekeys because some programs don't allow you to use keyboard shortcuts such as "Drivermax"

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I have had my laptop for about two years and have always had some problems with the wireless connection dropping in and out (laptop problem, not router). The latest problem is that quite regularly, when the laptop wakes up from hibernation there is no internet connection. The wi-fi logo next to the clock in the start bar says it is connected with full signal but when you click on the logo it says no connections are available (although there should be lots). I don't have the option to disconnect as I'm not actually connected. I have tried pressing the wireless button (F12) and it says it is turning flight mode on and off on the screen but the light remains blue and doesn't change to red so doesn't actually turn flight mode on. I have tried the diagnostic troubleshooter and all it says is that the ethernet cable is unplugged. Obviously it is meant to be unplugged as I am trying to use the wireless! Occasionally, when the wireless just cuts out randomly, the troubleshooter says the Windows wireless service isn't installed (it is) or that the wireless adaptor needed resetting. The only way to fix the problem is to shut the laptop down and restart which is becoming a pain. I haven't installed anything new recently, just the usual Windows updates. I did take the laptop back to PC World who believed I had a faulty wireless adaptor. The laptop was only a month old at the time but PC World refused to fix it for free unless I prove the problem existed... Read more

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I bought my wife a Yoga C930 for Christmas. It worked fine for a couple weeks. Then it sat for a few days used and when she went to use it again yesterday, it would not turn on. It should be fully charged as it had been plugged in. When you push the power button, the LED turns on, but the computer does absolutely nothing. It does not boot, or even go to a post screen. The display does not turn on, the fans don't turn on.....nothing. If I hold the power button for about 10 seconds, the led will go out, and it will turn on if I press again, but the computer never boots.  Any suggestions? 

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I have a Dell latitude D530 w/ XP Pro with mobile Intel 965 Express Chipset Family that will go into sleep mode and will not come out. When I close the lid, the power light stays solid (instead of slowly flashing like it usually does) and pressing keys or moving the mousepad gets no response. I'll be happy to provide more specs if needed. I've tried all the solutions I could find to no avail. Any ideas?

Thanks much!

A:[SOLVED] Latitude D530 frozen in sleep mode

Have you tried updating the BIOS?


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When my PC comes out of sleep mode, my keyboard and mouse are locked up. At first this happened only occasionally but now happens more often. The only solution Iíve found is to shut my PC down at the switch and restart it. I am at a loss for how to remedy this problem. Iíve attempted to research a fix on my own but to no avail. I would appreciate any input.

My Operating system is Vista 32bit Home Premium edition.
Hope you can help.

A:Vista sleep mode--frozen keyboard/mouse

have you tried to update your system drivers?

you may have an "updater" on your laptop, most manufacturers have this software. Iv recently seen it on a HP laptop. HP Upadter and it searches for new updates to firmware/softare. if you have this then try it,.

otherwise, go to the manufacturers website and see if any drivers or firmware updates are available.

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I was attempting to boot my Dell windows vista business in safe mode to fix a virus. I turned on my computer, waited for the Dell loading screen to go black with a blinking cursor (I have no "beep" to go by), and tapped F8 repeatedly, which gave me the boot menu as per normal. However, the menu appears to be frozen. The screen will not respond to my wireless keyboard in any way. I know it's not a problem with the keyboard, because I tried allowing the computer to boot normally and the keyboard worked. I have successfully used F8 to boot my computer in safe mode in the past- this is the first time it hasn't worked. Any advice on how to unfreeze the menu would be great.

A:Vista can't boot in safe mode- menu frozen

Welcome aboard Download Security Check from HERE, and save it to your Desktop. * Double-click SecurityCheck.exe * Follow the onscreen instructions inside of the black box. * A Notepad document should open automatically called checkup.txt; please post the contents of that document.=============================================================================Please download MiniToolBox and run it.Checkmark following boxes:Report IE Proxy SettingsReport FF Proxy SettingsList content of HostsList IP configurationList last 10 Event Viewer logList Users, Partitions and Memory sizeClick Go and post the result.=============================================================================Download Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware (aka MBAM): http://www.malwarebytes.org/products/malwarebytes_free to your desktop. * Double-click mbam-setup.exe and follow the prompts to install the program. * At the end, be sure a checkmark is placed next to Update Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware and Launch Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware, then click Finish. * If an update is found, it will download and install the latest version. * Once the program has loaded, select Perform quick scan, then click Scan. * When the scan is complete, click OK, then Show Results to view the results. * Be sure that everything is checked, and click Remove Selected. * When completed, a log will open in Notepad. * Post the log back here.Be sure to restart the computer.The log can also be found here:C... Read more

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Hi, my Ideapad Z565 usually gets frozen after falling to sleep mode - the screen turns black and thereīs only a mouse cursor visible - which I can move but thatīs all. The only thing I find to help in such a situation is to turn it off and on. Is there some way to prevent this? I have upgraded to Windows 10 recently and still the same.  Thanks for help!    

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Periodically, when my PC comes out of sleep mode, my keyboard and mouse are locked up. At first this happened only occasionally but now happens more often. The only solution Iíve found is to shut my PC down at the switch and restart it. I am at a loss for how to remedy this problem. Iíve attempted to research a fix on my own but my computer skills are beginner level at best. I would appreciate any input.

My PC is a HP m9105f. I have Vista 32bit Home Premium edition. Please let me know what other information I could provide that might be helpful.


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I recently got my lenovo g500. (recently like 5 days ago) and every so often the power options disappear. I can click the power but nothing shows up to shut down, restart, etc. Also during this time I can go to the start screen but cant click any of the apps, not even the desktop, but I can Alt tab to it if i already had it open. I also cannot search for anything (it will say 'this app cannot be searched') and if I put my laptop to sleep the next time I open it I still cannot do anything and the wallpaper is missing. However during this time i can use anything on my desktop with no problem.

Like I said I just got the laptop so I haven't downloaded anything or updated yet. Any idea as to what the problem might be?

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I am running Windows XP on a Dell Inspiron laptop.

I had a virus attack a couple of days ago and I thought I removed it with Malwarebytes Anti-Malware. However, now my computer is completely inoperable. Whenever I restart, my desktop is frozen. The mouse is forever stuck in the hourglass, and the computer will not respond to any keyboard commands.

When I try to restart in Safe Mode, I immediately get the blue screen of death with an error that reads something like IRQL_LESS_THAN

I have no idea what to do. I no longer have my original Windows XP CD.

A:Major problem: Desktop frozen, cannot restart in safe mode after virus

Try the following ...Start tapping the F8 key after you press the ON button, and continue tapping until you are presented with the "Windows Advanced Options Menu" screen.Use the UP/DOWN arrow keys to select "Last known good configuration", and press the <ENTER> key.The computer will attempt to load Windows.If Windows does not start, try the same thing again .... and continue trying for at least 10 times, before you rule that option out as a means of getting your OS up and running again, normally.Why 10 times? Based on past experience, a successful result is sometimes achieved after several consecutive failed attempts.To get a look at the error message presented by the BSOD (blue screen of death) ....Start tapping the F8 key after you press the ON button, and continue tapping until you are presented with the "Windows Advanced Options Menu" screen.Use the UP/DOWN arrow keys to select "Disable automatic restart on system failure" and press the <ENTER> key.Your system will attempt to restart normally, but when it crashes, it will not re-start: Instead, you will see a BSOD with error message.Record the error message in full detail, and post in this thread.

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Hope somebody out there can help me as I've run out of ideas.....possibly might have picked up a Virus from facebook but I'm not certain.My system started to run slowly a few days ago and a Security centre 2011 box suddenly appeared..wouldn't allow me to open Malwarebytes or access system restore.
I powered down the PC and restarted but a black screen with a flashing cursor appeared before disappearing with the numbers lock light illuminating.
Restarted the PC and F8 into safe mode but system stalls at: multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(2)\WINDOWS\System32\Drivers\Mup.sys
Restarted PC again and loaded recovery disc which starts to run but subsequently stops with technical codes showing: 0x0000007B (0xF898A640/OxC0000034/0x00000000/0x00000000).
Don't know if I'm every going to get my system back.....much appreciate anyone's help on this!!
(My PC is Sony Vaio VGC-M1 with Windows XP Home edition)

A:Frozen Black Screen/Unable to boot into Safe Mode....can't recover system..Help!!!

Hello and to the BC forums.

Please sit tight and be patient.

I have requested that an experienced helper who specialises in malware-related un-bootable computers respond to your topic.

Thank you.

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I have the same problem as the other thread. Unable to restore, go into safe mode, or task manager. I just got black screen with moveable cursor. When load restore cd, it just loading windows files and back into black screen with cursor. I have followed the instruction from previous threat but i'm stuck after loading the burn image cd. This is the thread that i tried to followed: http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/topic405525.html

Download GETxPUD.exe to the desktop of your clean computer

•Run GETxPUD.exe

•A new folder will appear on the desktop.

•Open the GETxPUD folder and click on the get&burn.bat

•The program will download xpud_0.9.2.iso, and upon finished will open BurnCDCC ready to burn the image.

•Click on Start and follow the prompts to burn the image to a CD.

•Next download driver.sh to your USB drive

•Also Download Query.exe to the USB drive. In your working computer, navigate to the USB drive and click on the Query.exe. A folder and a file, query.sh, will be extracted.

•Remove the USB & CD and insert them in the sick computer

•Boot the Sick computer with the CD you just burned

•The computer must be set to boot from the CD

•In some computers you need to tap F12 and choose to boot from the CD, in others is the Esc key. Please consult your computer's documentation.

•Follow the prompts

•A Welcome to xPUD screen will appear

•Press File

•Expand mnt

•sda1,2... Read more

A:Frozen Black Screen/Unable to boot into Safe Mode....can't recover system..Help!!! i got the same problem from...

FWIW: Using a malware topic of someone else...as a guide to solving issues...is probably not the way to go.

If you have malware issues, I suggest that you initiate a proper topic at the appropriate malware forum.

Preparation Guide, Before Using Malware Removal Tools and Requesting Help - http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/topic34773.html


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After putting my computer into sleep mode last night, I was unable to get it to boot into windows this morning. When i pressed the power buttong, everything turn on and working (all fans are functional, gpu power led is on, all hard drives & cd drives are functional. But the problem is, the screen to my monitor is blank. I also noticed that my usb aren't working (mouse connection light isn't on). I tried a soft power off by holding down the power button but no luck. The system does not turn off no matter how long I hold it. The only way to turn it off is by pulling the power supply cord or turning the power supply switch off.

My pc build:

AMD FX-6300 3.5GHz Socket AM3+ 6 core processor
ASUS ENGTX 560 DCII OC/2DI/1GD5 Geforce GTX 560
ASUS M5A97 LE R2.0 Motherboard
COOLMAX ZU-700B 700W ATX 12V Power Supply
G.SKILL Ripjaws X Series 8GB (2x4GB) 240-pin DDR 3 SDRAM 2133 (PC3 17000)
Prolimatech PRO Panther 120mm CPU Cooler
NZXT Phantom PHAN-001RD case

THE PROBLEM: Computer turn on with everything running as usual, but shows blank screen on monitor. Cannot soft power off by pressing power button.

Things I tried:

Clear CMOS by removing battery and switching pins
Running with 1 4GB RAM instead of 2, move the ram around the slots & alternate which Ram is used.
Check my monitor by testing it with another computer
Tried pulling the PS plug and holding the computer power button for 1 min
Test the GPU with another computer & it runs fine
I tr... Read more

A:Windows 7 blank screen after sleep mode (unable to power off with power button)


Is it possible that you can test with another compatible PSU? I would strongly suggest doing so.

Also try the following steps:
?Make sure that the (internal) speaker is connected to the motherboard
?Remove all memory and attempt to boot the PC
?You should get the no memory beep errors

If the Power Supply is in working order and no beeps are present then it can be indicative of a faulty motherboard.

For troubleshooting purposes it may be a good idea to remove the components from the case and bench test to rule out a short.

How to Bench Test / Troubleshoot Your System

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I have a cyberpower pc with win 7 that i got a few months ago. It has been running perfectly until today. I was playing world of warcraft and all of the sudden everything froze and there was a sound like the audio got stuck like eeeeeeeeeeeeee. Since everything was frozen I tried to alt=f4 to get to desktop, wouldn't work. I hit the reset button and that didn't do anything. So I shut the power off, turned it back on, all the computer lights and fans came on but the monitor stays black and a box pops up saying power saving mode. There are also no lights on my keyboard. I tried unplugging the monitor and plugging back in, it stays the same. I tried a different keyboard and no lights come on it either. I have no idea what could have gone wrong with this, I play WoW nearly every day and have never had a problem. Hopefully someone can help. Since I cannot get into the BIOS or even to the desktop I can't give you any system specs. Hopefully I can look up any info you need. I am on another computer in my house so I will check back to see if anyone can start helping me. Thanks!

A:PC crashed seems to power on but monitor in power saving mode?

After turning off the power once again it finally came back on. I would like to see what actually happened or if there is something wrong in this computer that caused it. Please let me know what sort of log files, etc. you need to see.

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