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Inspiron 15 3000 - Windows 8.1 upgrade to 10 ehh ??? and other issues

Q: Inspiron 15 3000 - Windows 8.1 upgrade to 10 ehh ??? and other issues

I took the free upgrade to win 10 from 8.1. I have a new XPS with Win10 and wanted alignment. This laptop has 8gb mem with 2.2 cpu. Usually I don't usually upgrade but I felt this laptop was compatible. Since my upgrade I have experienced slower function. I'm not that happy about win 10 in general as my XPS had other issues from day one and I had to do a complete OS reinstall. I think I need another reinstall of the XPS because I lost all my One drive connections in file folder and it won't remember log in and pw that I set to remember - little things like that. Others Inspiron 15 issues. The touch pad is awful but I just use a wireless mouse on the right side of the panel. I keep on having wireless network card issues and will drop off forcing me to run trouble shooter or reboot.any comments welcome. I was thinking of rolling back to 8.1.

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Preferred Solution: Inspiron 15 3000 - Windows 8.1 upgrade to 10 ehh ??? and other issues

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


I don't see this laptop in the list Dell has tested with Windows 10, but I did the upgrade anyway. I wanted to post this in case someone else tries and has the same problem. The problem didn't occur initially, but started after the video driver was updated automatically. With the new driver the screen would flicker and vertical bars would display on the right side of the screen. This only happened when the laptop was operating on battery power. When the AC was connected the video was good. Rolling the driver back to the version on the Dell support site may have helps some, but did not fix the issue. The problem stopped when I turn off display refresh switching using the Intel Graphics and Media Control Panel. There are several ways to get to this panel.
Here's one:
Start/Settings/System/Display/Advanced Display Settings/Display adapter properties. If the software is installed there will be a tab labeled Intel(R) Graphics and Media Control Panel. Select it, then click Graphics Properties.... Chose Advance mode in the pop-up and click OK. Select "Power" on the left side of the window and "On battery" in the drop down in the upper right. Make sure Display Refresh Rate Switching is unchecked. This worked for me. I haven't seen the issue since making this change to the settings. I suspect some conflict between hardware/drive and other power management software, but cannot verify it.

A:Inspiron N4110 Windows 10 upgrade video flicker and vertical bars (Intel HD 3000 graphics)

I had the same issue on battery and unchecking the refresh rate switching box fixed it. FYI - I had the same issue on Windows 8.1 after a driver update in January 2014. I don't remember it happening prior to that update, or in Windows 8/7 (I have upgraded this laptop from 7 > 10).

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I am considering buying the Inspiron 15 3000 which comes with Ubuntu 14.04 preinstalled.
Will I be able to smoothly update Ubuntu to 16.04?

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My wife has an Inspiron 15 3000 Series laptop that has started to type 4 when the b key is struck, ' when the r key is struck and nothing when the s key is struck.  Is there a solution other than wiping the computer and reinstalling everything?

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Hi there,
Bought my LP Inspiron 11 3000 Series earlier this year and was really pleased with it because it was fast and light.
Then DELL sent out a BIOS upgrade which has turn my lovely speedy laptop into a dead donkey in that it no longer "sleeps" - it reboots from scratch every time, the time it takes to boot is painfully slow when before it was really fast, and it takes *ages* (sometimes feels like years) to open applications such as Excel, Word, or Chrome.
What has DELL done to my laptop?  Please, PLEASE, is there a fix?  

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re: Inspiron 15 3000 Series, Windows 7 Professional English 64bit (includes Windows 8.1 Pro 64bit License and Media)

Had it for a few days, main issues:
1. really bad wireless connections (compare to my concern #2 this is still bearable)
2. when I am away from my laptop for maybe 20 mins or longer, it would freeze and no matter what you do, it would not respond. I had to shut it off by long pressing the power button. My laptop battery setting is screen never off on battery. (not power saver so it should not go to sleep, even it went to sleep..it should wake up at some point doesn't it!! =0=).
Called dell tech support, they asked me to run a test and found out hardware were all ok. 

Do you think i should return this? If so, please recommend another model. I need it for basic daily usage, I need to purchase from dell website as I have a $250 e-gift card. so any price as close to $250 would be great.

Thank you !!!

A:issues with my recent purchase of Dell Inspiron 15 3000 - 3543

I am sorry to read that you are having these problems. Give this a try and see if it makes improves system performance.  Start the system tapping F12 and choose the option to enter the BIOS. Choose the advanced tab and then select Intel Speedstep and choose to disable it. Choose the Exit tab and choose to save changes and exit and allow the system to boot up. 
This isn't a fix, Speed Step is a feature that helps prolong battery life by stepping down the processor.  If the performance of the system improves we know at least what is causing the problem.  Please let me know what you find out.


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Hi, I'm new to owning this All In One Dell, and while it has a quad core processor, I have noticed that it is lacking in the graphics department.  I know this unit is quite slim, and am not sure of one's ability to open it up and upgrade specific components inside of it.  It comes with an AMD Radeon R4 integrated graphics card, so my question is if there is any way to buy a better card to put inside of it.  Thank you in advance!

A:Graphics Card Upgrade for Dell Inspiron All In One 24 3000 model 3455

There are no upgrades for Graphics on an all in one.

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In the newly deployed GetWindows10 app, there's an option to "Check your PC" - when I choose this option on my Inspiron 14z, I get:
Windows 10 will work on this PC
This PC can be upgraded but there may be some issues.
These devices aren't fully compatible with Windows 10
AMD Radeon HD 7570M (with a bluetooth icon beside it??)
You'll experience problems with your display
These devices might not work correctly after the upgrade
Bluetooth Server (with the same bluetooth icon)
Intel Corporation
I'm not inclined to upgrade if it's going to result in problems either with my bluetooth OR my display. Any change that Dell will release updated drivers to address these issues? Other options?

A:Inspiron 14z upgrade to Windows 10 - device issues

Unfortunately, we have not received any list of systems that Dell will be making drivers for the hardware installed.

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I have a dell Dimension 3000, and been wanting to upgrade it, but since the mother is a peice of **** its hard to upgrade it. Is there any possible way to put i new mother board in this comp with a PCI-E slot or even an AGP8x slot.

My specs.
Pentium 4 3.0ghz
768mb ddr ram
Intel Graphics
80gb harddrive
Soundblaster, sound card

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Hey guys,
My favourite is an Inspiron 15 3000. But I found the grafic card "AMD Radeon™ R7 M445 grafic card with 4 GB GDDR5" in a comparison list qualified as slow. I am not a gamer.
I´m only worried about the grafic card. I am not an IT freak, but generally  I think a solid RAM of 8GB and and a SSD is more important.
2nd question: Can someone tell my whether the Inspiron 15 3000 can be upgraded to a hybrid with an additional HDD?
Thx, Ralf

A:High performance grafic card upgrade for Inspiron 15 3000 for video cutting with Nero needed?

The GPU cannot be upgraded later, so be sure you can live with it permanently.
The system use a single standard 2.5" drive - you can use any 2.5" SATA hard drive, hybrid drive or solid state drive of 7 mm or slimmer height.

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My trackpad occasionally will just stop working. The buttons become unresponsive as well as the trackpad itself. Only way to temporarily fix it is to reboot. I and many others had this issue on Windows 8.1 but it seemed fixed after updating to the A03 bios. Now, on Windows 10 using the A05 bios, the issue is back. Is anyone else having this problem?

A:Inspiron 7548 Trackpad Issues After Windows 10 Upgrade

I also had some issues, the it was unstable and then after some windows updates it failed to boot. I decided to roll back and will be waiting on the upgrade. Looks like other Inspiron 7548 users are having issues

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I'm new to this, so please be patient.This is my first computer upgrade. I went to my local computer parts store and said I wanted to start building computers. The owner very kindly gave me a free Dell Dimension 3000 without a hard drive, and gave me a WD cavalier 80 GB Hard drive to replace it. I tried putting it in when I got home and it turns out none of the connectors fit from the motherboard into the new Hard drive. Am I doing something wrong? Are there adapters I can buy?


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I need these drivers:  Ethernet Controller, Network Controller, PCI simple com controller, SM Bus Controller, USB Controller.  Can anyone help.  Thanks!!

A:Windows 7 Drivers for an Inspiron 11 3000 series

Provide the hardware IDs so I can identify the variants in your system:

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Hello how are you? I want to install windows 7 on a Dell laptop inspiron 14 series 3000, the error that I get to install add w7 is not detecting your hard disk, which is not easy but need the help of someone who may have installed w7 on a laptop with EMMC drive, Thanks for the help

A:Inspiron 14 3000 3452 Install windows 7

You need to pause the install wtih F6 when indicated and have the Intel RST driver on a flash drive ready at that time (link below).
You also MUST be using a Windows 7 SP1 install medium -- you cannot use the pre-SP1 version.

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Hi all,
I have an Inspiron 11 that I purchased about 2 years back. At this time it seems to be experiencing some glitches. It was suggested that it might be a Windows problem.
I originally bought the laptop with Win 8.1 installed and upgraded to Win 10 when MS made the product available. If I do need to reinstall Windows 10, how would I go about that? Since the upgrade was handled through MS Update I do not have the install media.
Is it possible to create a Win 10 install disc and use to reinstall the OS?
Thanks much for your help and guidance. Sagav

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Ever since I upgraded my laptop to Windows 10, this SoftThinks Agent Service is taxing my HDD to 100% slowing things down.
This is related to Dell Backup and Recovery software. I can kill this service and that's that but every-time I start up, this happens.
As for sleep mode, I will come back to my laptop and raise the lid, hit the keys, move the mouse, nothing. I hit the power button and nothing. So I hold the power button and then hit it to boot up, so clearly there are issues in relation to sleep mode and something shutting it off. (others have posted the same)
I installed all newest Intel drivers on your site and I read 1 user stated to uninstall Intel Rapid Storage, which I did. Intel Management Engine remains as I am still trying to troubleshoot. Are you testing all these new drivers you are putting out for download? Do I need to go back to Win8.1, your site said my laptop could be upgraded.
Please advise and "do the needful".

A:Inspiron 3542 - Win10 upgrade issues - SoftThinks Agent Service utilizing 100% HDD & sleep mode/power issues

same thing here as far as the power issues. you must remove the 2 other intel things that were installed along with the Intel rapid storage
intel security assist
intel management engine something or other (cant remember the exact name) 
i still have the intel graphics and chipset drivers installed without any problems. it was just the intel rapid storage stuff that caused all the power , sleep mode problems..

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I am trying to help a friend with her Inspiron 15 3000 series (3542). The computer has been running slower and slower, and most of that is caused by too many programs automatically started. So I helped her to disable the automatic startup for most of them.

I also updater her BIOS from A4 to the latest, A12. But now the boot takes like a minute or so before you get past the BIOS screen! It took long before too, she told me, but not this loooong. Is there a problem with the BIOS A12 or some of the BIOS settings? I tried Fastboot on and off, UEFI mode and Legacy mode and some other settings but either it did not help or in worst case it said there is no hard disk!
Is this a known issue and does some of you have suggestions on what to try?
Windows 10 Pro 64 bit, 1703 (she will try to install the Fall Creator Update soon).
Thanks for suggestions

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I did a clean format of my dell inspiron14 3452 . I am trying to install it back now using USB botable flash drive.  It keeps telling me windows can't be install on this partition.  Can any one help me out.

A:Windows cant be install on emmc dell Inspiron 14 3000

What version of Windows are you trying to install?

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I upgraded to windows 10 several months ago, and recently installed an update to the system. That update caused the start menu and task bar not to load, so I attempted a system restore, prior to that date. This failed, and now the computer will not boot at all. The dell logo appears, but nothing else happens before the system repeatedly restarts itself. Any suggestions? I can still access the boot settings and startup menu via F2 or F12.

A:Dell Inspiron 15 3000 Series Will Not Boot Windows 10

Thanks. I have tried the hard starting and it doesn't seem to fail on it's own- it's continuously in the reboot loop. Any other tips to break this cycle and force the computer to boot?

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I've connected my external drive and cannot locate it

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I updated my laptop, and it would not start up correctly afterwords. I reset the laptop back to before the update, and it ran fine again, until it automatically updated, after which, it would not run properlyDoes anyone know how to fix this issue?

A:My Dell Inspiron 15 3000 series, running windows 8 will not start up after updating.

Thank you for writing to us !
Which update was run on the system ?
Does it come up with any error messages ?
Kindly try the following steps :
a.Boot using Windows 8 Installation disk and perform startup repair.
b. Insert the disk into DVD drive and restart the computer.
c. Press F12 key (typically this is F12, but it can differ between computer manufacturers) and choose the drive that you inserted the installation media into.
d. Once the Windows Setup window appears click Next.
e. Click on Repair your computer.
f. Click on Troubleshoot and then select Advanced Options.
g. Click on Automatic repair.
h. Follow the on-screen instructions and finish the repair.


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Just purchased a laptop on 9th december. The power button in the laptop seems to have an LED. But there is no light coming from the LED when computer is on.

A:Power LED in Inspiron 35552 (Inspiron 15- 3000 series)

Thank you for writing to us!
We would like for you to check the following:
1- the power sources.
2- known good adapter
3- remove the battery plug the ac adapter and try to power the system on .
Kindly private message the service tag and email address.

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I have recently upgraded my Dad's Inspiron 15-5547 laptop by replacing the standard HDD with a Samsung 850 EVO SSD drive.
Having swapped out the drive and installed Windows 10 everything seemed in place, however, the system soon started to have issues.
The power button became unresponsive, some times making it impossible to turn on the system, other times finally doing so after 8+ presses.
This behaviour made the system very frustrating to use.
I removed the SSD and reinstalled the original HDD and the system and power button then work flawlessly again.
Is there any known compatibility issue between the Inspiron 15-5547 and Samsung Evo 850?
Are there any other reasons why installing the SSD would lead to issues like this?
Thanks in advance for any help.

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Hi, I'm not sure if this is the appropriate section for this, but I'm working on a friend's Dell inspiron 15-3521 that has been unusable for about a month. The laptop is about 3 years old and came with Windows 8 and he tried to upgrade to Windows 10 when prompted. After the "upgrade", the laptop would boot correctly into Windows 10 about 1 out of 5 attempts and when it did boot correctly, it would ultimately crash without much explanation. He wanted to downgrade all the way to Windows 7(which I have a legitimate copy of) so I booted into a Linux Mint Live distro, formatted the drive, and installed Windows 7. After the installation, Windows 7 booted up fine but was incredibly slow and still basically unusable. Now, after restarting, the computer either restarts at the login screen of Windows 7 or freezes on a black screen after entering login info. Initially I thought maybe the ram was bad and was just running out of memory, but the Linux memtest comes back clean. Now I suspect that it could be a bad hard drive, but it would be great to get more opinions before I continue guessing.

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This is more a toy than a laptop.   I thought it would be good for travel to buy a small laptop like this
11" but the blt in mouse gets lost most of the time.  I spend more time searching for it than typing.

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 will not turn on. The light goes on briefly, then turns off. 

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Don't know where to post about Windows can't find anything in the forums.   I have Windows 10 and need remote desktop daily.  All of a sudden in the last week it is running slow.  Other computers running Windows 7 no problem.
Can't find a solution anywhere.  So my question is can I install Windows 7 on this laptop?  I was told at the shop it will not run on it.  Any help please?


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Hi Guys. UK based owner from yesterday. I have the above laptop and this being the first I've owned (always had PC's) I hope you won't mind me throwing questions out there. The model (D2XH6) I have was advertised with the specs of 2GB RAM and 32GB eMMC, 11.6" screen.
I began the quick start and went through the booklet procedure. No problems; prompted to register with Dell etc and let the machine do the rest. Teething problems with the finger slide mouse thing but found out where to press eventually. I checked the drive as I was curious about the storage. It shows that I have 10.8gb free of 28.0gb. I had expected to have a reduced storage as I know there are programmes pre-installed but, all the way down from an advertised 32gb to 10.8gb seems a bit harsh. Am I reading this correctly?
2. As with my Dell desktop PC I had expected to be able to put my most visited and favourite sites on the desktop. Thought I could do this by click, hold and slide, as I do with my 7" screen Tesco Hudl.
Can't get any of the website icons ie. BBC news, local sport club, Orange email, Yahoo, Spotify etc. to appear on the laptop desktop.
also missing dropdown boxes when I want to highlight to cut and paste.
Not deeply techie questions as I'm not deeply techie so nice simple answers please. Here's hoping.

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Ok, just got my new Inspiron 11 3000 a couple days ago.  Wireless has somehow been turned off.  The Wireless button on the keyboard only toggles between Airplane Mode on or off.  It doesn't change the status of Wi-Fi as it still says Off regardless of how many times I hit the Wireless button.  Very frustrating... From the quickstart and the manual, it looks like that one button it all I've got.
This is coming from an IT professional who knows his way around windows device settings, etc.  I've looked for updated drivers, uninstalled the device and let windows re-install.  Searched through the device settings for anything that might look like it vaguely applies to this...
Also of note... Bluetooth is in the same situation, off and no response to the button.  The toggles under PC Settings to turn either Wi-Fi or Bluetooth are both grayed out.
Do I need to RMA this?

A:Inspiron 11 3000 - No Wifi?

Oh, I had the exact same issue after a RAM upgrade, and I was able to fix t: 
Do the following:
a) Grab the Inspiron 11 3137 Owner's manual - you'll need it "just in case"
b) You'll need to open up the machine.  You'll need a Philips head screwdriver, a narrow flat-head screwdriver, and a plastic card (one of those discount cards from your local pharmacy chain will do just fine).  Take out the 7 screws (3 facing the front, 2 in the back, 2 in the middle underneath the silver looking plastic covers, use the flat-head to carefully dig out the sticker first).  Insert the plastic card on the back edge (where the LCD is connected to the chassis), push inwards and around to disengage the clips.  Look at page 10 of the manual.
c) Pull the battery power cable from its socket.  It should be on the middle right of the laptop, near the cooling fan.  Look at page 12 of the manual.  Do not pull the battery out. Flip it over, hold down the power button for 6 seconds to ground the battery.
d) Pull the coin battery (between the RAM slot and the cooling fan)  Page 25.
e) take the Wireless card out of the MiniPCIe slot but leave the antenna leads attached.  Page 21.
e) Put the wireless card back into the slot, put the screw back in place.  Page 25/26.
f) Reconnect the battery cable to the sock... Read more

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Will this series work without a battery plugged in? One of the options to reset the Bios is to remove the battery, plug in the AC while holding down the Control Escape Keys. Without the battery the laptop never turns on.

Can anyone advise?
Thank you 

A:Inspiron 15 3000 Series

Unless something other than the battery is faulty, yes - the system will run on AC only.
To reset the BIOS to defaults, simply disconnect the power and battery and hold the power button for 30 sec.  

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Do ALL the Inspiron 14 3000 Series laptops have a standard camera installed?

A:Inspiron 14 3000 Series

Define "standard"? There are 20 of those Inspiron 14 3000. Can you be more specific about a model (3451, 5459) ?

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Have a dell Inspiron 15 3000 laptop, with icore 3 cpu.its only about 4 months old but i made a mistake buying this with Win 8.1, have tried Win 10 on it but it completely slowed laptop down. Not a big lover of 8.1 etc, i have a copy of Win7 which is what we use on main desktop, im more than happy with this OS. I want to put it on my Inspiron laptop, can i do this without any problems with drivers etc. Otherwise i will probably sell it and look again at Dell outlet for win 7 based machine. Any advice on getting rid of Win 7 appreciated

A:Win 7 on Inspiron 15 3000 laptop

Thanks for reaching out to us!
We can either send out Genuine Windows 7 so that you can install it on the system to use it.
For windows 10 drivers will be updated shortly as the operating system is new.

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I will try to describe my problem as best as possible. I have a DELL Inspiron 11 3000 that I purchased about 2 years ago. I updated it to Windows 10 last year when the update was available.
It was working fine until about 2 weeks ago when the laptop froze. No mouse reaction, no Ctrl-Alt-Del reaction. The only way to make it react was by holding down the power button for about 6 seconds. I also noticed that the screen went black and random flashes of white rectangles and lines would flash on the screen as I moved the laptop screen. In some cases, the problem would repeat after restarting the laptop.
Further tests revealed that the screen would flash with different patterns of white rectangles and lines depending on pressure applied to the corners of the laptop's main area (that is, the bottom part of the laptop). I also noticed that the laptop was getting unusually hot and in one case it was hot while it was powered down and charging.
The problem occurs sporadically. When it does happen, the laptop is completely unresponsive, except for the strange flashes whenever the main laptop body is flexed. The flexing is minimum, as the laptop is sturdy, but not 100% solid. I should note that we take great care of this laptop. It has not been dropped, banged or crushed in any way.
I can post a video of the laptop's behavior if necessary, but will need to wait till it happens again.
Any orientation or suggestions on how to troubleshoot it or actions to take are welcomed and appre... Read more

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Logo keeps appearing i dont know much about computers dont know what to do... help please ...

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I would like to turn the touch pad off, but can not figure out how. Does anybody have any sugesstions?

Dell Inspiron 15 3000 with 8.1 op

A:Dell Inspiron 15 3000

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I bought my new laptop 2 days ago when I connected it to wifi from my mobile it will get stuck then i have to restart it by long pressing power button

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I have a dell inspiron 15 3000 which is not booting, this issue has been for some days now. When I press the power on, it only shows a black screen. Pls advise me on what to do.

A:Inspiron 15 3000 series is not booting

Unplug the system, disconnect or remove the battery and hold the power button for 30 sec.  Remove and reinstall both memory modules.
Hold the D key through powerup.  Can you get the LCD display test to run?  If yes, the screen is OK.  If not, retry powering up on AC only - no battery.  If you can get the system to power up on AC only, replace the battery with a new one.
If you still cannot get any activity (or the screen tests OK, but the system won't power up), replace the mainboard.

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Inspiron 11 touch screen stops working intermittently. Need to restart it. It was upgraded to 8.1. Anyone else having this issue? Is there a fix?

A:Inspiron 11 3000 series touchscreen

I bought 3 of these for the family in March and all experience the same problem.  Anyone have an idea?

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My laptop keeps shutting down after about 1-2 minutes of me trying to do anything on it. A few days ago an 'activate windows'  screen pops up. However, when I click it, it will not let me update or install. Today, it just keeps shutting down. I have not put in new hardware.
When the computer shut down this last time, it said installing updates. After about an hour of installing, the computer had to restart... When it did, I'm now getting a message saying, 'we couldn't complete the updates, undoing changes.'  Is this the end of life for my laptop I just got 2 years ago, new? I'm usually good with computers and I just can't figure this last one out.
Thanks for any help.

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I have the same problem as given in the following post.

As per the above post my laptop is concluded to be in an 'ambiguous' condition. LOL,
Exactly 4 days before my warranty period could end, I got this error in my PC. because of my exams I could not call dell support immediately. This problem is one of the unique one that I have ever discovered online. One fine day I started my laptop to watch a movie and found that there is a cross mark near the sound notification showing that no sound devices are detected. I tried with the earphone but even that did not respond. I was pretty much confused what to do. Is that what the dell gives us as my fate- a problem which does not has any solution and I have to roam around everywhere to fix this up. I still don't recognize what mistake have I done from my side that I am suffering this. 
As per the dell customer care's  suggestion I have tried installing the latest bios update,followed by all the system updates once again. But the sound/audiojack/recording device still are not detected. I will give you a brief of all what has already been tested.
1. The ePSA Pre-boot test has run and there were no problems detected.2. In the above test quick audio check was performed and it sounded those 8 beeps in different directions properly, proving there's no fault in hardware.3. The system has many times been updated with the latest drivers but there was no effect seen.4. The windows audio service was ... Read more

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how to turn on my keyboard backlit?

A:dell inspiron 15 3000 series

Most of these do not ship with backlit keyboards -- are you certain yours did?  If it did, you will see the backlight turn on when you first start up the system.

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I am thinking of buying the Inspiron 14 3000 that is currently on sale (Celeron N3050, Windows 10 64bit), but am dissappointed with the 2 gigs of RAM it is sold with. Since the RAM is not integrated, I would be willing to upgrade it.
I spoke to Dell twice about this. First time I called to inquire and was told the laptop is compatible with an 8 gig RAM stick, but Dell only sells 4 gig for this model. I would have to buy the 8 gig somewhere else and install it myself. And I'm fine with this option.
I then called back to make my order and ended up talking with the Rep and came upon this topic again. This time I was told the maximum amount of RAM this laptop could be upgraded to is one 4 gig stick. The computer would not be able to recongize any more than that. He then tried to sell me a more expensive model. This was dissappointing, so I didn't order.
So what is the real answer? I do not want to keep calling and run a poll before I order. Can the Inspiron 14 3000?s be upgraded to 8 gigs or not?
It would be a great laptop with 8 gigs. But not so much at 4.
Thank you in advance for any help.

A:Inspiron 14 3000 (3452 I think)- Can I use an 8 gig strip of RAM?

Hi jduncancanada,
Dell Inspiron 14 3451 / 3452 comes with one internally accessible DDR3L connector (SODIMM slot). The system accepts a memory capacity of 2GB, or 4GB. The memory type accepted is DDR3 1600MHz SODIMM only. The computer supports a maximum of 4GB of memory. Memory runs at 1333MHz clock speed due to processor limitation.

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My Inspiron 11 3000 2-in-1 sometimes does this annoying sloppy robot crinkling sounds and it also lags while making those annoying sounds. It is making these sloppy crackling robot sounds when I try too play a game. It never did this on my non touch screen version. Please help me fix this problem.

A:Inspiron 11 3000 2-in-1, audio problem and lag

Which model (3147, 3168, 3169, 3179) ? Is this an "out of box" issue? Or have you had this laptop awhile and then the issue appeared?

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Hi I just bought a used dell inspiron 3000 I hope this is the right form to post this question. Anyways I bought it and it does not have a AC power charger and it calls for 19v to charge and use.

I have a Universal 12v charger that fits it but it does not have enough power to turn it on but it does turn on the light on the charger. I try to keep it on the charger all night but still no results.

So I was wondering if anyone had any sugestion on what i could buy or use to get it to work (i look at walmart they dont have anything higher than 12v). I also try dell.com and they dont have it anymore and all the websites like ebay and other charge 25 dollars or more. I dont want to sink that much money into it unless i know it will actually work.

So please respond if you have any sugestions. Thanks

A:dell inspiron 3000 AC Charger

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This may be a dumb question but I'll ask it anyway.  I love my 3000 3157 win the pentium quad core but I notice there is the same machine out with the faster i5 and/or i7.  As you know the cpu is not socketed on this motherboard so I am wondering if the faster i5 + motherboards keep the same general design so that it may be possible to upgrade the motherboard in this laptop at some point?  To mean anyhow upgrading to a motherboard with a faster non-socketed cpu would be more cost effective than a new machine.  The only thing that really bothers me at this moment is the lack of good stylus support and a second minicard slot for cellular network would be very desireable as well.


This isn't a practical upgrade -- there's no guarantee the higher-end models are even built by the same manufacturer, and while they make look similar externally, retrofitting a mainboard from a higher-end 7000 series into a 3000-series may not even be possible.  By the time you pay for a board/CPU AND replace the display assembly (it's the display that differentiates a true tablet notebook from one that just has a touchscreen like the 3000 series), you're likely to spend over $700 just in parts -- and wind up with a Frankenstein system that may or may not work properly.
There are true tablet systems in the 11-13" range -- these generally run at or over $1,000 new -- you just won't find those features on a $350 system such as your 3000 series, nor is it practical to upgrade the internal parts.

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my problem is that my laptop hasnt' turned on in a long time, but when i got it back like 3 days ago it turned on once and then it died   later on in the day it hasnt turned on since. i tried removing the battery and pressing the power button... i dont know what else to do i might just throw the laptop in the trash.

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