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Sleep mode issues - Windows 7 x64

Q: Sleep mode issues - Windows 7 x64

HP Envy17
Windows 7 x 64

Many times when trying to put the computer to sleep, it either does not sleep or it will sleep but when I re-open the lid all lights and power comes on but the screen does not. This forces me to shut down the machine by removing the battery, thereby losing my work.

Any help is appreciated!

Preferred Solution: Sleep mode issues - Windows 7 x64

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: Sleep mode issues - Windows 7 x64

You may have to update the video drivers if you can...

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I’ve been having troubles with my laptop powering on and off, as well as any time I attempt to use sleep/standby mode or hibernation. The machine is a Lenovo G500s running Windows 7 x64 Ultimate, Service Pack 1. In the mornings when I try to power it on, it usually takes multiple attempts before the computer will get past the splash screen, although all the lights on the front light up as though the machine was working. Now, once it does boot, it runs pretty much perfectly, but if I try to put the machine into standby mode, the computer will never actually reach that point – the light on the front indicating that the computer is on remains a solid color, whereas when it reaches sleep mode it is supposed to blink on and off instead. Further, the computer tells me “Windows was not shut down correctly” and gives me the options for Safe Mode, etc., when I boot it, but nothing ever appears in the Event Log to help me troubleshoot this problem.
On the bright side, I have a few crash dumps from my machine, which I have attempted to translate into a readable format using Windows Debugging Tools. I have attached these files to this post. They seem to indicate I have a driver issue, but I have already downloaded all of the most up-to-date drivers for my specific machine from the Lenovo website. (Or so I believe; I also included a driver list in this post's attachments, just in case.)
I am very frustrated by these difficulties. Any help, suggestions... Read more

A:Windows 7 power state issues (sleep mode, hibernation, shutdown)

right off you should try to do a driver update.  Or roll back depending on if the issue started after an update.
For a update of drivers go to Lenovo's website, and look for the drivers and updates.
Perform them in this order as needed.
all others. (unless Lenovo recommends other wise).  The most important are the chipset then BIOS.
Do a backup and recovery/ restore before you update your drivers.  After update use CCleaner (download it here) 
Download, launch and run the registry tab. 
After all are completed shutdown again and reboot.  Still have the issue?  Make sure to check in the control pannel under hardware for the power options, and turn off the sleep mode and see if hybernate works.  Then try it again with just sleep mode working. 
Also program like Itunes, any backup tools, and antivirus programs can cause your computer to run while it should be sleeping, and error when you wake it. Disable them,
in run type msconfig and hit ENTER
Click yes if a popup windows comes up that is UAC
Then in the first tab click on Selective Startup and uncheck Load Startup Items
Then go to Services Tab and click the box that says "Hide all Microsoft Services"
After that disable all that remain.
In the Startup tab all should be unchecked.
Click apply and OK.
When it asks for reboot allow it. 
Then is a Clean Run of of Windows.  Check to see if they error is still present.  If not, t... Read more

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Ever since I upgraded my laptop to Windows 10, this SoftThinks Agent Service is taxing my HDD to 100% slowing things down.
This is related to Dell Backup and Recovery software. I can kill this service and that's that but every-time I start up, this happens.
As for sleep mode, I will come back to my laptop and raise the lid, hit the keys, move the mouse, nothing. I hit the power button and nothing. So I hold the power button and then hit it to boot up, so clearly there are issues in relation to sleep mode and something shutting it off. (others have posted the same)
I installed all newest Intel drivers on your site and I read 1 user stated to uninstall Intel Rapid Storage, which I did. Intel Management Engine remains as I am still trying to troubleshoot. Are you testing all these new drivers you are putting out for download? Do I need to go back to Win8.1, your site said my laptop could be upgraded.
Please advise and "do the needful".

A:Inspiron 3542 - Win10 upgrade issues - SoftThinks Agent Service utilizing 100% HDD & sleep mode/power issues

same thing here as far as the power issues. you must remove the 2 other intel things that were installed along with the Intel rapid storage
intel security assist
intel management engine something or other (cant remember the exact name) 
i still have the intel graphics and chipset drivers installed without any problems. it was just the intel rapid storage stuff that caused all the power , sleep mode problems..

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Hi there, I purchased my HP spectre about a month ago and have had the same recurring issue since the purcahse. When the laptop is resumed from sleep mode it sometimes has real issues. The cursor jumps about all over the screen, cortana is triggered and the laptop unusable. I'll then have to struggle to get control of the cursor, save all my work and reboot. After rebooting, the issue is resolved. Any suggestions? Thanks 

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I have my pc set up to turn display off after 15 mins and go to sleep in 30 mins. Hibernation is completely disabled per SSD set up instructions.

Today, I changed my HP Keyboard out for a brand new Logitech K120. The Sleep settings work as described above, but the pc will not wake up with Keyboard. The old HP Keyboard woke the pc by tapping space bar.

I have changed none of the 'powercfg' settings, nor messed with anything in Device Manager. I do not know anything about USB settings in the BIOS, so that was never tweaked. (What do I look for in BIOS?)

Could someone please help me out with this?... let me know if there are any screen shots needed to view settings.

Thank you in advance for any help.

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I have had a (used) t440s since April 2018, and have not had any issues besides one jammed key. The frame had slight dents from the damage that lead to me purchasing it secondhand, but they did not appear to have caused any internal issues. I went on a long car trip, and the car moved around a lot/my bag was shaken. I am stating this because it may be a cause for an issue with a physical piece of the computer. While staying with family for Thanksgiving, I did not end up using my computer. I discovered in the car on the way back that when I put my computer into sleep mode by closing the lid, it would not wake up when I opened the lid/pressed the power button. However, if I forced it to reboot by holding down on the power button, it would boot as normal. If I allowed it to boot into recovery mode, wifi was shown as not available and I recieved a message that suggested that I had not turned a wifi switch on.The issue, as well as a couple of additional details:- computer will boot properly but cannot wake from sleep mode- may be due to rough handling/lack of use?- computer is running fedora 30, I tried to upgrade to fedora 31 but recieved an error message saying that "repomd.xml" was not found in metalink. could this be a cause of the issue?Any clues what could be going on and what I could do to fix it?I have the ability to dismantle the computer as I would like, although I'd like to try and keep my important files (I'll try to transfer those to flash drives if I get a chance). (... Read more

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I upgraded to Windows 10 and I am having sleep mode and shutdown issues.   When I put the computer to sleep the screen goes off but the fan and power button light stays on.  Once this happens, the system locks and I have to do a hard restart to get it to power back up.  The same thing happens when I click "shutdown" to turn the computer off.  I get a message that the system is shutting down but it doesn't turn off.  The screen goes off but the fan and power light stay on.  Any help solving this issue would be appreciated.  


View Solution.

A:Sleep mode and shutdown issues

HOW TO RESOLVE SLEEP/SHUTDOWN ISSUES Download version 9 or 10 of the Intel Management Engine Interface (MEI) Driver.Navigate HP's Software and Driver Downloads site (http://www8.hp.com/us/en/drivers.html) to find the latest approved driver for your model.  Filter by version, selecting Microsoft Windows 8.1 on the dropdown menu.  Look for the download in the "Driver-Chipset" category.  If an MEI driver with a version number starting in 9 or 10 is listed, download it.  [Version 1.5M (http://ftp.hp.com/pub/softpaq/sp66001-66500/sp66228.exe) will work for most models.]If an MEI driver with a version number starting in 9 or 10 is NOT listed, download the appropriate driver directly from Intel (https://downloadcenter.intel.com/search?keyword=intel+management+engine).  [Version 1.5M (https://downloadcenter.intel.com/download/23091/Intel-ME-9-Management-Engine-Driver-for-Intel-NUC) will work for most models.]Download the Windows 10 "Show or Hide Updates" Troubleshooter Package (http://download.microsoft.com/download/F/2/2/F22D5FDB-59CD-4275-8C95-1BE17BF70B21/wushowhide.diagcab).Change the Windows Update Services setting from Automatic (Delayed Start) to Manual.In the Control Panel, select Administrative Tools and open Services.Scroll down to Windows Update and double-click it to bring up its properties.Click Stop to stop the service from running.Change the Startup Type to Manual and click OK.Install version 9 or 10 of the Intel Ma... Read more

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Sorry if this issue has already been addressed in another post. If that is the case please point me in the right direction to locating the solution. If not, my issue is with sleep mode in Vista Home Premium edition. Vista is running on a Gateway Laptop, Model: MT3422. The issue arises when I close the laptop screen while it is running in Windows. The problem is as follows: When the laptop's screen is closed it is supposed to go into sleep mode and then when opened back up it is supposed to come back out of sleep mode. However, this isn't happening. When the laptop is closed it does indeed shut off the monitor, however when I open it back up the screen remains black and does not seem to be quite in sleep mode(there is no slow pulsating of the status lights that is supposed to mimic sleeping). However, because the screen is black it seems to be in some kind of standby mode. I have to hit the power button to get it to respond, which it does. However, It goes back into windows for about a sec or two then the screen sort of blinks real quick, then the screen goes back to black. This state does not seem to be sleep mode because as stated earlier it does not pulsate the status lights on the outside of the laptop in a slow pattern. Also, while in this state, if I press the power button it THEN goes into sleep mode and pulsates the status lights. It is like a weird “half-sleep” mode but not actually in sleep mode. I have ruled out that it could be ... Read more

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#1 Problem: Network Connection Sporadic

Any time I go into sleep mode and return my network is *usually* ok. However, a majority of the time now even after a fresh reboot, my network shows "connected with limited access", which simply equals no connection. I do not know why this keeps happening. I've restarted my system, router, modem and still the problem occurs.

#2 Problem: Sleep Mode Takes a Long Time to Return (15-20 seconds after pressing power button)

Windows has started up:
Boot Duration : 129858ms
IsDegradation : false
Incident Time (UTC) : 2/28/2007 10:17:07 PM
Event View Logs:

Windows has started up:
Boot Duration : 42627ms
IsDegradation : false
Incident Time (UTC) : 2/28/2007 10:57:30 PM


BootTsVersion 2
BootStartTime 2007-02-28T22:57:30.718Z
BootEndTime 2007-02-28T22:59:37.879Z
SystemBootInstance 95
UserBootInstance 89
BootTime 42627
MainPathBootTime 26227
BootKernelInitTime 27
BootDriverInitTime 1567
BootDevicesInitTime 5072
BootPrefetchInitTime 51856
BootPrefetchBytes 340992000
BootAutoChkTime 0
BootSmssInitTime 4003
BootCriticalServicesInitTime 3481
BootUserProfileProcessingTime 614
BootMachineProfileProcessingTime 8
BootExplorerInitTime 1800
BootNumStartupApps 8
BootPostBootTime 16400
BootIsRebootAfterInstall false
BootRootCauseSte****rovementBits 0
BootRootCauseGradualImprov... Read more

A:network and sleep mode issues

For Problem 1 the windows power management is not compatible with your wireless network card. A reboot wont cure this, but a cold boot, i.e. shut down then restart will probably fix this. I had a similar problem on a friends vista machine with a USB wireless dongle. On suspend or hibernation the network card would not power up, in all cases a cold boot cured this.
You can probably expect a fix when MS release Service Pack 1 but be prepared to wait.

Your system takes a long time to load 129s, the days of a fast boot time are gone, its a trade off with stability versus performance, as for sleep mode this may be due to a device or driver not coming out of suspend properly.

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I seem to be having the same issue that many other HP users are having. If i leave my laptop unattended for a period of time the laptop will go into sleep mode, however the lights go from white to amber and then the computer will just be stuck there. After this the computer will not wake up and I have to force shut off and restart the computer. Being a student and having to do this 10 or more times everyday is really making me regret buying this computer. I have tried the graphics card solutions, tried updating drivers, tried trouble shooting, and nothing has fixed this issue. IF ANYONE could please help me I would be so aprreciative. I am willing to try anything. I have also tried the windows defender scans for malware and my computer is fine. ONCE AGAIN ANYTHING WILL HELP!!  Thanks. Mike

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First Issue: Networking

I don't know whats happening but suddenly past few days any time my laptop
goes in sleep mode, the network shuts off and ridiculously takes several
attempts to connect after coming back out of sleep mode. It always disconnects
and then connects "with limited access" (in other words, ziltch).

This is what event log shows:

Helper Class (RNWF MSM Helper Class) Event:

Wireless Diagnostic Helper Class Event

For complete information about this session see the Wireless Diagnostic Informational Event.

Helper Class: Native WiFi MSM
Initialize status: Success

Information for connection being diagnosed
Interface GUID: a4d82cd3-f26f-4c5a-86a7-4e928b1a8402
Interface name: Intel PRO/Wireless 3945ABG Network Connection
Interface type: Native WiFi
Profile: Secured
SSID: Secured
SSID length: 7
Connection mode: Infra
Security: Yes
Connect even if network is not broadcasting: No

Result of diagnosis: Problem found

Root cause:
Windows cannot connect to "Secured"
Wireless association failed.

Detailed root cause:
802.11 connection failed due to status code 14: Received an Authentication frame with authentication transaction sequence number out of expected sequence

Repair option:
Try connecting to "Secured" again
If the problem continues, contact your network administrator or hardware manufacturer for further assistance.

Event Verbosity:0Click to expand...

- System
- Provider
[ Name] Microsoft-Windows-Diagnostics-Netw... Read more

A:sleep mode / network issues

Try disabling IPv6. That caused many problems on the beta versions of Vista with wifi adapters...

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i am having issues with my system/monitor when it goes into a sleep mode or is left on over night. When i try and wake it up in the morning 80% of the time it will wake up but will only display brown/white/black vertical lines.

I am running vista home premium and am using a refurbished dell ultra sharp monitor.

Any help is appreciated.

A:Monitor sleep mode issues

Hello ConnieMac, and welcome to Vista Forums.

It may be time to exchange it for another one.

Double check to make sure that all of the monitor cable connections are not loose, graphics card is inserted completely and properly into the slot, and have the latest graphics and monitor drivers installed.

Hope this helps,

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If the laptop is allowed to enter sleep mode I will get the error message "checking for media presence... no media detected" and redirected to the BIOS menu screen. This happens without fail when I try to wake or then restart the laptop AFTER it's been allowed to sleep.

A temporary fix I have found is to remove the hard drive and then put it back in. However the next time the laptop is allowed to sleep the same issue will repeat. It is ONLY if the laptop enters sleep mode though and the problem will then persist through restarts etc until I do the above fix. Normal powering on/off once "fixed" is fine... until it's allowed to sleep again.

The laptop is an MSI (CX61 2QF) using windows 10, thanks in advance! someone please help me fix this pain of a laptop.


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Hi Everyone!

Question regarding the Sllep feature settings on my computer. When my computer goes into Sleep mode, I cannot get it to come of it regardless of what I try unless I manually press the button on the front of the computer. Before it used to work with me depressing on the keyboard keys or moving my mouse. Is this a Standby or Hibernate feature?

Is this an option that may have been changed? Is there something I can do to correct this?

I am running Windows XP.



A:Sleep Mode/ Stand by issues

Have you checked in the Control Panel under Power Management....

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Greetings to all of you,

I've used Windows 7 RC for 3 days now, and quite love it actually. But, from the moment I installed it, I had a weird issue. Whenever my computer (laptop/notebook (whatever you call it where you're from)) goes into sleep mode, (as it was configured by default after xx minutes (can't remember)), as soon as I wake it up, it appears to have "lost" the sound driver, as it says: "no audio output device is installed". But when I restart, I can use audio speakers with no problem.

(took a while to find out problem was sleep mode, because with laptop/notebook I do --> close lid, unplug power cable -->move somewhere --> plug in power cable --> leave it for 30 minutes...... )

Summary, computer goes to sleep mode --> wake up --> audio driver is unavailable --> no sound output until restart.

A:sleep mode causes sound issues

I just installed Windows 7 RC ed. on a laptop and PC. Not only when it goes to sleep, but also on Hibernation, it would be safe to say that any form of shutdown that is not a complete SHUTDOWN tend to bring up this problem. I don't find the driver dissapeared. Only the sound muted, as I can still manage to display the sound properties and watch that little green bar activate whenever a sound emerges from the software. Simply, the sound is muted, but no I don't see any drivers dissapearing. It's bad on my laptop cause I frequently put her to sleep. I gotta restart it if I wanna hear some monster slashin on my WOW game.

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So, sometimes when my Win 8.1 machine comes out of sleep mode, it seems to lose focus. What I mean by that is some items in the notification area disappear and that item no longer works.

Example: Windows just came out of sleep mode and now my Outlook icon has disappeared in the notification area and Outlook is no longer functioning. Same happens with other items in the notification area like Catalyst Control Panel, SoundBlaster soundcard control panel, and a few other items. They just disappear from the notification area and cease to function. The only way to get them back and functioning again is to restart the PC.

This only happens when the PC comes out of sleep mode, though it is random.

Any ideas?

BTW you can view my system specs for questions concerning it.


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Hello. I recently bought a StarTech MDP2VGA Mini Display Port to VGA Video Adapter Converter for my laptop, as I had a perfectly good monitor sitting in my closet that I had the idea to use as a second (extended desktop) monitor, but no VGA port built into the laptop.

Everything seems to be working great with good quality results, except for one thing, which is Sleep Mode. 9 Times out of 10 whenever the laptop goes to sleep, be it by a set time of inactivity, closing the cover, or manually telling the machine to go to sleep, when I wake it up, I get the ?blue screen of death? on my primary (laptop) display, which most of the time displays a heading of ?BAD_POOL_HEADER?, with the only way out to force the computer to shut down.

My specs are:


? Dell XPS L702X
? Windows 7 Ultimate (64-bit) SP 1

Display Adaptors:
? Intel (R) HD Graphics Family
o Driver Version:
? NVIDIA GeForce GT 550M
o Driver Version:

MiniDisplay to VGA Adaptor:
? StarTech.com MDP2VGA Mini DisplayPort to VGA Video Adapter Converter

Second Monitor:
? Dell 1907FP

The steps I have taken so far have been checking to make sure all the video drivers are up-to-date and updating where needed, uninstalling software I installed in the last few days to try to see if I was blaming the issue on the wrong thing, likewise, I did a System Restore to about 3 days back. I also installed a driver for the monitor, which all it seemed to do was to have its name display in the Device ... Read more

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Hello, hopefully you guys can help me from spending money on new hardware (although I'd love to lol). I've had a BSOD issue for the past 3-4 months. It usually happens when I wake my computer up. Once I get the BSOD, it restarts, usually hangs up before getting to Windows or as Windows is loading, and I have to shut it down again for a minute or so before it will boot to Windows. I have reinstalled Windows multiple times on multiple hard drives. I just bought a SSD. I have a feeling this is a hardware issue and I'm thinking about upgrading to Intel's latest processors but I just want to make sure that I wouldn't be wasting my money in case it is something else besides the motherboard/processor/memory. Thanks for taking the time to help!

A:BSOD Issues When Waking Computer From Sleep Mode

Are you spanning your desktop or cloning them?

I see you have 2 diff resolutions..

Is your E: drive "My Passport" actually internal or is it an external drive?

You have a gazillion drives, can you send a screencap of your disk managment.

Are you using any of these other drives as a readyboost or as the pagefile.sys location?

If windows is trying to read from one of these drives when it wakes up and theyre still asleep or still waking up, you may get errors including BSOD..

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From what I've read I know that you can't choose a default program to open .file type files. My problem is that all of my file type files seem to have a default program set for them which is Mass Effect 2. I'm not sure how this problem originated as it's been this way for awhile.

How do I delete this setting?

A:Laptop will not go into sleep mode / File assoc issues

I have an HP 8530W laptop and for the past month or two now it has refused to go into sleep mode (I've owned it for about a year in a half). My settings in the power controls are correct so I know that's not the problem.

If I just close the laptop it is supposed to go into sleep mode no matter what settings you have on. But when I close it now it never goes into sleep mode and you can't start it back up. You have to manually power off the laptop and start it back up. Upon startup it says that windows has just recovered from a blue screen.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated as this problem is extremely bothersome.


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This happens randomly.  I can't seem to reproduce it on call.  Basically I close the lid to put it to sleep but the computer doesn't go to sleep. Airplane mode just turns on but the laptop stays on. 

A:Dell XPS 13 9350 Airplane mode sleep issues

Hi Viper2ko,
Thanks for writing to us. 
When did the issue start?
Please update the BIOS and video drivers, also check the advanced power option settings ensure nothing is hindering the sleep mode from working. 
Also do let us know what windows the system is running on, do PM us the system tag# by clicking on my name in blue and select send a private message .
Meanwhile you can go through the below steps to check more on the issue
Open the Start menu and then enter cmd into the search box. Hit enter and the command prompt window should open for you. If not, click it in the search result list.
Note: it is possible that you will need administrative privileges to complete the next part successfully. If you are having trouble, you can attempt to run cmd as Administrator. To do this, search for cmd again, and then right-click it and select Run as administrator.
Now that you have the command prompt window open, enter the following at the command prompt: 

powercfg -requests
There is a space after powercfg
Hit enter . 
If any process or device is preventing your system from going into sleep mode, information about it will be displayed here. The program will attempt to give you precise information on the disturbance
Though we can always rely  on this method, but good to give it a try.



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I have 3 issues with my Dell 3147 laptop.
The first one has to do with the keyboard and touchpad. For no apparent reason, the touchpad will disable and re-enable itself and in the process the physical keyboard will completely disable and won't enable again unless I restart the laptop
Second issue has to do with the sleep mode. Whenever I put the laptop on sleep mode I cannot go back to my session and have to press the power button for several seconds until the laptop resets/restarts completely.
Third issue has to do with the screen. It will flip upside-down without me doing anything, which means that I need to manually revert it using the keyboard shortcut everytime.
Appreciate any help.
My laptop is still under warranty, only bought it 10 months ago.

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I have been recently having issues with my Dell studio 540. When I put it into sleep mode it is taking as long as 20 min to come out of sleep mode. My monitor is an LG 227 and the power button goes from orange to flashing blue, but never comes on directly during those minutes til the screen comes on. If I put it into sleep mode and go to wake it with in a few min, I usually dont have problems with the monitor resuming, but if I am away for some time it will go back to taking forever to come back on. I am assuming this is a standby issue rather than a monitor issue. I did an event viewer and I have several critical, errors and warnings all related to standby issues with some of the following details


Log Name: Microsoft-Windows-Diagnostics-Performance/Operational

Source: Microsoft-Windows-Diagnostics-Performance

Date: 7/26/2011 11:45:25 PM

Event ID: 302

Task Category: Standby Performance Monitoring

Level: Warning

Keywords: Event Log


Computer: Terry-PC


This driver caused a delay during standby while servicing a device:

Driver File
Name : \Driver\usbuhci

Driver Friendly
Name : UHCI
USB Miniport Driver

Version : 6.0.6001.18000

Driver Total
Time : 25ms

Driver Degradation
Time : 7ms

Incident Time
(UTC) : 7/2... Read more

A:Standby Issues computer is taking forever to come out of sleep mode

Hello and welcome.

When doing a system restore you need to go back at least 5 days before the problem started, heres how...

Create a Recovery Disc

System Recovery Options

System Restore

If this fails let us know...

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hi everyone,
my laptop screen goes gray (see picture below) every time the computer returns from sleep mode. the issue is resolved only after restarting the computer.
graphics drivers are up to date, any ideas how to solve the issue?
thanks :)

A:dell inspiron 13 7368 | screen issues when returning from sleep mode

I'd suggest updating the system setup(BIOS). Please watch Dell video to safety install latest BIOS version in the link below:
How to Update BIOS (Official Dell Tech Support) - YouTube

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Hey folks,

First of all hello everybody, great to be on board on this great forum!

I am a proud owner of Windows 7 Professional 64bit and a completely new PC since 2 Weeks.

Unfortunately I am facing some issues that I could not solve even through excessive searching on the web/forum.

My Issues:
1. My system is very slow when I am copying/moving data on my hdd. I.e. when I am copying data and watching a Movie at the same time, it is not possible without sudden pauses in playback. Another example: When I am copying/moving data on my hdd, I can not open new programs(even small ones!), and even working with already open programs(also even on tasks that do not require any or alot data from hdd) is a real pain. Now all of this was possible with a 10 year old pc with Windows XP Professional 32bit(!), so I am quite a bit dissapointed and have a hard time accepting anything along the lines "don't do more then one thing at once" etc...

2. It is also very slow recovering from sleep mode. Symptoms: Screen activates, I see the normal Desktop and the previously opened windows but I am unable to use any software for at least 30sec-2minutes, it's like windows has a hard time recovering data from the swap disk.

Now these two issues could most likely be related, right? One thing I did was to enable raid on my mainboard to be able to install intel smart response technology drivers prior to installing windows 7, so I could use a ssd later on to boost my hdd speed. My guess is t... Read more

A:Win7 Issues: Slow recovery from Sleep Mode, System hangs when writing

Forgot to add, I did speed test on my hdd, its above 100mb/sec, so the hdd speed is ok.

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I've had this problem intermittently on my laptop for the past 2 years however it has been occuring more often recently.

Basically sometimes when I click the sleep button on Windows 7, the screen fades to black as usual. However the fan keeps running (sounds like when it's on full load) and the power button light stays on endlessly. I always have to force shut it down and restart it.

What can be the issue?

A:Laptop freezes between entering sleep mode to being in sleep mode

Hi joseph10444.

Such a situation may occur when some driver (mostly the PnP device drivers depending on the ACPI configuration) fail to response within a stipulated time period during the power state change.

Let us see some data. Upload your MSINFO32.nfo file.
Click on the start button
Type "msinfo32" (without quotes) in the search bar of the start menu, click the resulting link. It will open the System Information window.
File>Save. In the "File Name" filed, put "MSINFO32" (without Quote), give the save location to desktop, and click the "save" button.
Give the time for processing, it will save a .nfo file on your desktop.
Zip it, and upload it following the instruction.
Upload the list of all the third party drivers Using NirSoft DriverView :
Download and execute Driverview
View > Hide Microsoft Drivers
Edit > Select all
File > Save Selected Items
In the Save dialog, Set the path to desktop, Put "Driverview" in the name field, and save.
Zip the .txt file and upload it.
Those files will give us a closer look to the issue.

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hai.. help needed.... i am having the exact problem as op.. when i press sleep button, screen goes black (as usual).. but fan, and other keyboard lights are still on... it just freezes... i have to force shutdown to again use my laptop...

i am attaching the msinfo32.nfo, driverview.txt...

and one more thing... i dont have problem of bsod... thanks..

A:Laptop freezes between entering sleep mode to being in sleep mode

Original Thread

Laptop freezes between entering sleep mode to being in sleep mode

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I just had the fan replaced, and now when I use F4 to put the laptop in sleep mode and then close the lid, it remains in sleep mode when I open the lid.  Same thing occurs when I close the lid (no F4) for sleep mode and then open the lid.  However, when I select Sleep on the Windows 7 Start Menu and close the lid, the laptop does resume when I open the lid. NOTES:- Before replacing the fan, I used F4 for sleep and resume, because when I close the lid I would sometimes find the fan running the next morning- BIOS is up-to-date- Keyboard and mouse are set to wake PC- Power Options Settings:   - Allow hybrid sleep set to OFF and Hibernate set to NEVER (As they always have been)   - USB Settings > Disabled USB selective suspend settings  (These were enabled) While this isn't a huge problem, I would like to have things working as before, preferably without having to go back to the Lenovo certified shop. Thank you in advance for your help. Jeff

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Hi! A trouble I have with Windows 7 , I can't put it in sleep mode anymore , won't go to sleep and I have a blank screen . If someone can help me  it would be an annoyance off my shoulder . My thanks to who ever answer me .

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I`ve only started using windows 7 with a while but i noticed that if i`m downloading something with flashget the pc goes into sleep mode if i`m not doing anything else with the pc. When i come back to it and take it out of sleep mode and log in the download continues but the download was stopped while the pc was in sleep mode.
Is there a way of turning off sleep mode while an application is running?

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Hello there.

I upgraded from Windows 8 automatically without a fresh install. Before I upgraded, Windows 8 would go into sleep mode after 15 minutes of inactivity.

Since then, I have tried many things to get sleep mode to work.

This is my powercfg -energy report.

Power Efficiency Diagnostics Report
Scan Time 2015-11-30T21:27:17Z
Scan Duration 60 seconds
System Manufacturer Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd.
System Product Name Z68X-UD3P-B3
BIOS Date 02/21/2012
BIOS Version F8
OS Build 10240
Platform Role PlatformRoleDesktop
Plugged In true
Process Count 125
Thread Count 3161
Report GUID {80dc217e-2a25-48eb-a294-90afb8e33243}
Analysis Results
Power Policyower Plan Personality is High Performance (Plugged In)
The current power plan personality is High Performance when the system is plugged in.
Power Policy:Minimum processor performance state is 100% (Plugged In)
The processor is not configured to automatically reduce power consumption based on activity.
Power PolicyCI Express ASPM is disabled (Plugged In)
The current power policy for PCI Express Active State Power Management (ASPM) is configured to Off.
System Availability Requests:System Required Request
The device or driver has made a request to prevent the system from automatically entering sleep.
Driver Name \FileSystem\srvnet
USB Suspend:USB Device not Entering Selective Suspend
This device did not enter the USB Selective Suspend state. Processor power management may be prevented when t... Read more

A:Windows 10 Sleep Mode

try this, it worked for someone the other day

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Computer Won't goto sleep ?
here is why and how to fix it

By default Windows 7 has media sharing turned on ( for xbox , ps3) ect

this pervents it from going into standby Mode

The Fix is Simple

Open control panel and goto

Power Options > change Plan settings > Advanced Power Settings

Allow hybrid Sleep > disabled
Allow wake timers > disable/enable try both settings

USB selective suspend > ENABLE

+When Shareing media [ This is the critical one ]

Set to allow the computer to sleep

A:Windows 7 SLEEP MODE FIX !

arrrrr thanks alot man works a treat was wondering what settings would work thank you very much. OH! thought it was put the pc to sleep then when it starts back up it takes to the password page saying password locked then it wont let me put my password in at all so i have to manually power it off and back on again before it will reconize my pass any idea ?

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When my widows goes to sleep I can not wake it up with the mouse,
I have to re-boot.
I have looked for the last hour & can not find where to disable it.

Can some one tell me where to look???

Thank You

A:Windows sleep mode ???

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wreaks havoc with my Norton full system scan. It is scheduled weekly, but never does it, because my computer is on, but sleeping. How can I get the scan to not stop during sleep mode or scan if it's in sleep mode? I having to constantly unsleep my computer or change my control panel settings then change it back. I can't find where to do this...which is completely stupid that it even does this IMO.


A:Windows 7 sleep mode

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Hello just installed Windows 10 a few weeks ago and coming from Windows 7 I really love it had to get a book because it's so much to learn but I'm really enjoying it. The only problem I'm really having is that after installing a few applications windows
10 is now not going into the sleep mode. I read on Cnet about this problem that it might be an application that's running that's not allowing Windows to possibly go into the sleep mode. Hoping someone can help point me in the right direction to get this resolved.
Why is there no forum for Windows !0?? Hope I'm in the right place. Thanks!

Tom j.

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I am trying to get my PC to be woken from sleep by the keyboard. My keyboard and mouse are both USB devices so I have gone into my bios to enable USB devices to wake PC from sleep.

Now though my PC wont go into sleep mode all it does is breifly enter sleep mode then straight away comes back out of it, is there any thing that can be done to get around this problem.

From what I can gather there is no fix for this, but as there are some very knowledgeable people on this forum I thought I would ask.

A:Sleep mode in Windows 7

Try this one.
Hibernate - Enable or Disable

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I installed Widows 10 last night on my HP 15 Notebook and have had several issues. Most I have been able to resolve. I have noticed now that my laptop will not wake from sleep mode. I am having to power it down competely if it is in sleep mode. I have made sure that the keyboard is set to wake it and it is still not responding. Any hints as how to fix this?Thanks!

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A:windows 10 sleep mode

I have an Envy x360, and Mingy's solution worked for me as well! Here are the steps to follow... - On the Desktop, right-click on This PC and select Properties- On the left, choose Device Manager- Click the arrow next to Display Adaptors to expand that category- Right-click on Intel(R) HD Graphics Family and select Update Driver Software...- Choose the option to Search Automatically for Updated Driver Software- Your computer should find and automatically install the updated driver- After the installation is complete, restart your computer I'm now able to successfully shut down, sleep, and resume from sleep! Hope this helps others with the same issue.

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hi guys,

my pc used to be fine before and could go into sleep mode (s1-s3) without any issues. Recently though I've noticed that it stays awake in Windows 8. Don't get me wrong, even now, sometimes it works fine, but on other occasions nothing happens.

I've tried a lot of stuff:-

registry hack to disable ipv6
switch off any computers that are on the network
using powercfg checked what devices were enabled and cancelled them all

What else can I do?

A:Windows 8 won't go into sleep mode


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I think I have tried everything but windows 10 will not go into sleep mode without manually doing it from the start/power button, has anybody struck this issue and have they resolved it? any help would be appreciated

A:Windows 10 sleep mode

You mean automatically or from the start menu? The sleep button in the start menu appears when you've installed all of the updates for Windows 10. If you want Windows 10 to sleep automatically after a certain amount of time, you will need to go into the Control Panel>Hardware and Sound>Power Options>Change when the computer sleeps. 

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Upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10 Pro 64-bit. It goes into Sleep mode fine but anytime push a key to come back out of it.. it does nothing and has to be reset. Also it stops loading windows upon the first reset (the circles stop moving when says Loading Windows) then just stays on that screen which requires the reset button to be hit a second time.. finally moving past the loading circles to get to the desktop each time..

I downloaded the latest BIOS version which is a .cab file but trying to update it, says that the cab file cannot be read. Let me know if you need anymore information. Thanks for the help!

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I have had my Dell xps8700 for about one year and I still can't figure out why it won't go into sleep mode from the desktop.  It will if I leave it in the log on window.  Any ideas?

A:Windows 10 sleep mode

1. Right click the Start's button at the left bottom of page ( or press windows key plus X key at the same time).
2. Click Power Option
3. Click " Change when computer sleep "

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My Win7 PC has recently stopped powering off in sleep mode. I ran powercfg/energy in command prompt, which gave me a report with 6 errors which state:
"USB Suspend:USB Device not Entering Suspend"
, and one which says:
"Platform Power Management Capabilities:PCI Express Active-State Power Management (ASPM) Disabled
PCI Express Active-State Power Management (ASPM) has been disabled due to a known incompatibility with the hardware in this computer."

I have googled for answers as much as I can, but with my very low level IT experience, I've yet to fix the problem.

So far I've tried:
updating drivers for all USB devices in device manager (they were all apparently up to date)
checked powersave options

Can somebody suggest other things I should look into?
The main point is that to the best of my knowledge, I haven't installed anything new or changed any settings on my PC (I've been away for a month, but it was powering down fine the first few days on my return).
I'm wondering if some kind of software update could be the cause, but what I'm most worried about is if I've had some kind of a security breach during the course of trawling the internet (I'm using Bit Defender on auto pilot mode, nothing's been reported so far).

Hope someone can enlighten me. Thanks for your time.

A:Windows 7 not going to sleep mode

Additional info:
I just witnessed something else - the PC DOES power down after 30mins of idleness, but then immediately powers up again (I can hear the fan whirring even though the pc and monitor appear to be in sleep mode).

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A couple of weeks ago I turned off having Windows to automatically install updates. I did that because there was an update that would not install. Every time I restarted my computer after a few minutes I would get a notice to shut down. I think it was an update about my graphics card.
So For a couple of days my computer has shut itself down while in sleep mode. It evidently takes quite a while for this to happen because often I put it to sleep during the day and it doesn't happen then. My setting is to never put the computer to sleep but to turn off the display in 30 minutes. It's been that way for years with no problem until now. I would appreciate any help and thank you.
Here are my specs:
Operating System
Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit SP1
Intel Core 2 Duo E8500 @ 3.16GHz: 42 C
Wolfdale 45nm Technology
8.00GB Dual-Channel DDR2 @ 399MHz (5-5-5-18)
Gigabyte Technology Co. Ltd. EP45-UD3P (Socket 775): 34 C
ASUS PB278 ([email protected])
2047MB NVIDIA GeForce GT 740 (EVGA): 26 C
931GB Western Digital WDC WD1002FAEX-00Z3A0 ATA Device (SATA): 36 C
931GB Western Digital WDC WD10EZEX-08M2NA0 ATA Device (SATA): 31 C
232GB Samsung SSD 850 EVO 250GB ATA Device (SSD): 36 C
298GB Seagate ST332062 0A USB Device (USB)
465GB Seagate FreeAgent Go USB Device (USB (SATA))

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I have a windows 7 PC with Asus m5a99fx motherboard. I can go into sleep mode manually from the shutdown button, but it won't go automatically from setting it up in power options. I have tried going to Advanced Settings and adjusting multimedia settings, and turning off Media Streaming in network settings. Nothing has worked to allow auto sleep mode. I also have the latest driver for my ATI Radeon HD 5450 video card. When I go to CMD and put in "powercfg -energy" I get a message that says energy efficiency problems were found, 8errors, 4 warnings, 14 informational. Anyone have any suggestions?

A:Windows 7 won't automatically go into sleep mode.

If you have a programmable keyboard or some other convenient way to launch commands you can use this command to put your system to sleep immediately:

rundll32.exe powrprof.dll,SetSuspendState Sleep

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My laptop Imprint 15-be001tx is not able to restart from the sleep mode and when i try to again restart it, it shows narrow white vertical lines and i cannot get out from that mode and only solution to get out of it is to restart the PC. so i am not able to save  my work.I bought this laptop just 8 days  ago. Thanks!!

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I've been having quite a few problems with my laptop recently and it all started with a software I downloaded so I'll list in order of what happened.

- I have a HP Pavillion DV6000 which I bought a year ago, no problems apart from a faulty motherboard which I had fixed

- I recently downloaded a software known as rocketdock which is nothing more than a copy of the Apple Mac scroll bar that has all the icons.

- I then managed to delete my videos folder by accident and as it was too large, it was not kept in the recycling bin

- I downloaded a programme known as "glaryundelete" that retrieves lost documents and files and got a few of my word documents and a few videos back but some videos were corrupt

- I deleted glaryundelete and rocketdock as my general speed of my laptop decreased for some reason

Problems now:

- My windows aero theme has vanished for some reason and I think this has something to do with system configuration where I changed a few startup settings but I don't remember the original ones

- My laptop does not go into sleep mode. I've never had problems with the sleep mode but all of a sudden it no longer does that when I close the lid or press sleep button.

I've had a look at the power plan settings, they are all perfectly normal and according to them, it should go into sleep mode but it still doesn't.

Does anyone know what's going on or has faced similar problems? Any help would be much appreciated, thanks.

A:Windows Vista - Sleep mode


Originally Posted by DB20

I then managed to delete my videos folder by accident and as it was too large, it was not kept in the recycling bin

Is it possible to "system restore" to to that point?

good luck

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