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Speakers cant control volume,full screen apps

Q: Speakers cant control volume,full screen apps

I am having a simple yet frustrating and annoying problem. I am using a Packard Bell iPower laptop, and Audiohub USB speakers (cause laptop speakers are pathetic) with a Windows 7 OS. The problem i am facing is that i am unable to control the master volume of my computer using the knobs on my usb speakers.

Apparently, whenever i control the knobs i control the volume of the application, rather than the master volume. Does anyone know what i can do to solve this problem? I have tried installing the latest drivers for my audio drivers (Conexant High Definition SmartAudio 221).

So far this problem occurs on certain games and on media players. Thank you very much for reading.

Solution is much appreciated.

Edit: My apologies, if i have posted on the wrong section, kindly move if able

Preferred Solution: Speakers cant control volume,full screen apps

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: Speakers cant control volume,full screen apps

Bump :/

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Is it a way in windows 7 os to use a hotkey for opening volume control when running a full screen program or game?

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please someone help me i am running windows xp pro on a dell that is a great comp i just got it and when i plugged my speakers in there is sound but it is so low you can hardly hear it at all. please i have to have my music and sound. i dont want to go spend money on new speakers if its not the problem but i am clueless please help and be very specific because i am kinda dumb when it comes to this stuff. thanks allot guys

A:have very little sound volume and speakers are at full blast??

One step, http://www.microsoft.com/resources/documen...l.mspx?mfr=true.You can also attach the speakers to an .mp3 player or other device...and see if volume is normal.Louis

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I connected a DAC to my laptop and set it as the default device from the control panel. Now the master volume mixer does not work at all.

When I change change the "master volume" slider - the others (WMP, firefox, etc...) apparently change with it too but there is no effect on the actual volume. But when I change each individual mixer it does.

How do I fix the master volume so that it works as normal? Any help is appreciated.

A:Master volume does not control USB speakers

Hi nonyabus,
from control panel, select 'Sound' highlight speakers then 'Configure'

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First off,this is my first post ever on this forum ( yay ) and i'm not too up to date with technology and the terminology that goes with it so you will most likely have to break some things down as simply as possible for me.

So basically i just bought a new set of logitech x-530 speakers which are amazing and all except for this one tiny problem.

Whenever i connect ANY pair of headphones or earbuds or w.e into it's headphone jack i can hear the sound just fine but i cannot control the volume using the dial.Basically it's like they are connected just fine but only to the extent that i can only hear sound but not control it.

(My own mind told me to first off try and update my sound drivers but you see i don't quite know how to do that ,i let the thing search for any available updates on its own but it always says the drivers are up to date which i don't really believe.)

Help would be appreciated.

A:Speakers volume control problem.

Are you sure the volume control for the speakers is suppose to control the headphones and not just the speakers?
Does it work to control the speaker volume?
If it is suppose to control the headphone volume as well then its going to be a hardware problem with the volume control dial or something else in the speakers and not anything on the PC, so updating the drivers isn't going to help. Once you plug the headphones and use the dial on the speakers the computer gives up the control - you can still control the master volume on the PC but the dial should work independently.

You can either try contacting Logitech for support to find out if your set is broken or wait for someone with the same or similar set that knows if the dial can control the headphone volume as well.

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Hi everybody,
I lost my volume control knob for my Monsoon computer speakers. I was wondering if it's still possible to get the speakers to work properly. I am getting no sound when I hook them up to the headphone jack. The control knob does not have a on off button, only volume control. I appreciate any help anyone might give me. Thanx.

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I recently purchased the Polk Hampden Speakers. For some reason, the manual volume control built into the speakers themselves doesn't affect the volume level. The only way I can adjust the volume is by using my computers volume control software (the little white speaker in the bottom left of Windows 7/8). I am fairly certain the hardware volume control isn't broken, because when I first plugged them in ( a week or 2 ago) they worked fine. It wasn't until I disconnected/reconnected everything from my computer when I installed a new desk that this problem started.
However, even the software volume control isn't working properly either. In particular, when I go into the mixer to see the volume levels for each application, if I adjust the main "Device - speaker volume" it won't alter the specific applications volumes accordingly. Like, I can reduce the main - device speaker volume all the way to zero (not muted) and the applications will still have the same volume level as they did before I adjusted it.
Finally, even my keyboard bindings to the volume control are whacky. I can still adjust the "main - device speaker" volume with the keyboard, however since this "main - device speaker" volume no longer influences the individual application speaker volume level it is pointless to do so.
I have tried disabling all other sound drivers/sound hardware, but it doesn't help.
I have tried uninstalling/re-installing the USB drivers for the Ham... Read more

A:New USB Desktop Speakers. Can't Properly Control Volume.

Please fill in the "My System Specs". It helps us to try and help you. Without it we are shooting in the dark.

The Polk Hamden speakers are Bluetooth connected speakers. Thus Bluetooth connectivity is one issue.

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is there any trick to do that?! it was more confortable to use... thanks

A:all apps full screen as on win 8.1??!

Try going to settings and turn the start full screen on. Image bellow:

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Message pops up

fullscreen not supported

any ideas of a way around this

A:running full screen apps

From what I've read it is a computability problem with the application or game you are running
Check and make sure you are fully updated and patched

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I have recently been plagued by a very annoying problem. every time i attempt to play a game like call of duty or left 4 dead, my computer suddenly puts it in the system tray, out of no where. it also often loses focus on other windows and apps like firefox. i have looked around on the internet but have not found a solution. Help would be greatly apreciated. Thanks.

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I have a problem running full-screen applications. If I start a program that runs in full screen mode, all I can see is the cursor. If I run the same app in windowed mode, everything is ok, but once I switch it to full screen, it goes black and all that is visible is the cursor. It's strange because I move the cursor over the location of something that would cause it to change (into a different cursor), it does change, so it's detecting the apps actual working somehow. So basically, it's all there and running, just not displaying right. Anyone know how to fix this?

A:Problem with full screen apps/games

try adjusting ur resolution to a lower 1. like if it's 1024x768, change it to 800x600 and so on.. if not, try installing the proper driver for ur display card.

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Hi there, this is my first post on the TechGuy Forums.

Ive recently built a new rig that im generally very happy with. im running Windows XP. I recently had a major scare as i downloaded a file which was not what it said it was (n00b) which resulted in several trojan infections. However, im reasonable sure i got rid of them with the help of AVG and Avast. The problem is, when i try to play full screen games within 30 mins of starting them, the game window minimises without a warning or sound, pop up, or much CPU usage. Ive scanned through various forums detailing this and cant find a similarity between what im running and other users with the same problem. My guess is somethign trying to acces the internet, but while im in no way computer illiterate, the cause evades me. Any help would be greatly appreciated, i hope ive included everything i need to say. Heres my HJT log:

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 6:16:09 p.m., on 18/03/2008
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Alwil Software\Avast4\aswUpdSv.exe
C:\Program Files\Alwil Software\Avast4\ashServ.exe
C:\PROGRA~1\ALWILS~1\Avast... Read more

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I'm having a problem with certain full-screen apps and games disappearing from the taskbar. I can alt-tab to get back to them, however. I've found the problem affecting Hearthstone, XBMC, and Skyrim. Any ideas?

I'm running Windows 8.1 x64.

A:Full-screen games/apps disappearing from taskbar

Originally Posted by Xax

I'm having a problem with certain full-screen apps and games disappearing from the taskbar. I can alt-tab to get back to them, however. I've found the problem affecting Hearthstone, XBMC, and Skyrim. Any ideas?

I'm running Windows 8.1 x64.

Did you install update 1, there are some changes affecting task bar behavior.

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Hello :DI have this mystery app minimizing my full screen game apps (Usualy when im AFK for a few minutes).I can see a program launching in my task bar with no name. It gone just as fast as it comes.I was really hoping to find an app that would let me log what programs launch and close so that I could manualy remove it as it could be a legit program.I have run Spybot, Add-aware SE. Scanned with numerous scanners including PC-Cillen, McAfee online scan to name a few.I have also done ALL the steps in the "Preparation Guide For Use Before Posting A Hijackthis Log, Instructions for receiving help in cleaning your computer"But even though these programs found a bunch of stuff they didnt nail my problem (The minimizing)So if any of you know of an app than is FREE and can log what programs launch and close, because I see it when it comes up for the split second it does. I would appreciate.Here is my fresh hijackthis log..Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1Scan saved at 6:22:06 PM, on 3/3/2007Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.6000.16414)Running processes:C:\WINDOWS\System32\smss.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\winlogon.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\services.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\lsass.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\Ati2evxx.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost.exeC:\WINDOWS\System32\svchost.exeC:\Program Files\Ahead\InCD\InCDsrv.exeC:\W... Read more

A:Mystery Program Minimizing Full Screen Apps

Hi,I have this mystery app minimizing my full screen game apps (Usualy when im AFK for a few minutes).I can see a program launching in my task bar with no name. It gone just as fast as it comes.Go to start > run and type: msconfigChoose the tab "startup" and unselect "HP Component Manager"Then reboot.

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Cant explain so I took a pic:

At the time I was playing Battlefield 4 and alt+Tabbed out to check my email then BAM - half way through reading my email it happened. Another time I had just closed Batman Arkham City; you get the idea. Never actually happened DURING a game

Tried a clean install of windows - still does it. Also, The following programs cause a lot of lag when opening and closing:

Adobe Photoshop
Autodesk Maya
Autodesk Mudbox

Thanks if anyone can help me with this one - lost on me

The newest addition is my Radeon HD7770 gfx card.

Rest of my "rig":

AMD Athlon II 64, 3.2Ghz(x4) Processor
700W PSU

EDIT: forgot to mention, after "Restarting" it hangs on a black screen right after the windows 8 logo disappears and the login screen should appear - I'm forced to do a hard restart at this point which always works but I should have to/don't want to do that! D:

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So about a month ago when I went to open my mozilla firefox the icon lights up and If I scroll over it I can see a preview. But clicking on it wont full screen it. Just today the same thing happened to my google chrome. I has never happened on my windows 7 computer only windows 8. Anyone have any ideas on what to do?

A:Apps open on toolbar, but wont full screen

Do a System Restore to a time before this happened.

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Hi, I'm using Win 8 Release Preview Build 8400. I'm happy so far. But when I touch an app, it opens FULL screen. The only way I have found to get it closed is to open the Task Manager and End it. Anybody know a better way? Ctrl+Z or something? Thank you.

A:Solved: Win 8 apps open full screen, can't close

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Hey, I am having a weird problem with trying to get some games to run at 1920x1080. First I should probably explain my setup;

I have a custom built PC that I made on the 24th of December (specs in profile) and I have it hooked up to an Onkyo TXNR906 via DVI -> HDMI and from there to a Samsung LNT4661F via HDMI.

Now the TV works perfectly to run most programs and the desktop shows up fine at 1920x1080. But when I go to play, say, Company of Heroes, my TV tries to readjusts to the resolution i set the game to (1920x1080). It then gives me a 'Mode not Supported' message on my TV. Now logically a 1080p resolution should work perfectly fine and should be considered a supported mode.

I've spent some time trying to figure this out. I've played around with the receiver lots and set the output back and forth between Through (doesn't touch the image and resolution) and 1080p (which will upscale signal if it's below 1080).

I can run the game in a windowed mode too in 1080 but it's not the same...

I also can't move my computer to hook it up to the TV directly mostly because it's a HUGE pain with the liquid cooling and all that.

Is there anything that I'm missing to this problem?

A:Can't play some full screen apps (hardware problem?)

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Hi i am able to use my logitech internet navigator keyboard to adjust the volume on the desk top or really any thing thats not full screen but the second that i switch to full screen such as on youtube or a video game i am unable to adjust the volume until i alt tab out to do so if any one knows the solution to this problem would be greatly appriated im out of ideas

A:Volume Controls in full screen applications

Could be due to the keyboard using the default Windows keyboard driver, that and as far as a Logitech driver goes it uses the older iTouch which isn't supported under Windows 7. There is one thing you can try and that is Setpoint,

Download SetPoint 4.80 - FileHippo.com

and see if it will recognize and work with your keyboard. If it does that should get your volume keys working, as well as allowing you to use the rest of the extra function keys that may not be working.

The above is for the previous version (4.8) as the latest (6.0) has a tendency to be buggy even on mice and keyboards that support it. It is also for the 32 bit version and if you need the 64 bit version, let me know and I can upload it for you.

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I'm looking for a way to create a hotkey for volume control and volume mixer and even a program that will
work when i'm in a full screen program or game.

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So I recently updated a Lenovo 540b all in one touch screen pc to windows eight. Everything worked perfectly. Today I played some music through the stock music app and this annoying on screen volume control popped up. Since then I have been unable to get rid of it without stopping the audio service. Also since then all of the touch functions are not working. For instance I can no longer swipe from the top to close an application, swipe from the right to switch between apps, and I can swipe to the right but am unable to click on the windows button, I have use the mouse.

A:Volume control on screen that won't go away

Does anyone have any ideas what the cause could be? Currently I am trying a refresh of the pc. The refresh did nothing. This volume control bar stay on top of every application, it shows up in the screen lock when the pc is first started, and does not adjust volume. If I turn it down the volume automatically goes back up to 100 percent. Windows service was no help either. I believe this volume bar is affecting touch capability as well. It opened I believe with Xbox music app, I tried removing the app, but that had no effect. The only way i can remove this volume control is to disable all audio. Any ideas or suggestions would so much appreciated. It's was my wife's Christmas present and was working so well. It is killing me that something so brand new could have such a problem, and I can not find anything like it on the Internet. Thank you so much for any help.

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You can perform the steps mentioned on the following link.



If you do not have the Windows XP retail CDs you can Download Sndvol32.exe from the below mentioned link and place it in C:\Windows\System32 folder.



A:Windows cannot display the volume control on the taskbar because the Volume Control p

Thanks For The Info arjunaj

Welcome To TSG ...

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I noticed that this thread was in the ME forum and it didn't really get a response that helped me, I also tried posting this to the windows 7 forum, and while it's only been about a day since I posted that (I realize you asked for 72 hours.) I realized that this might be better suited to this part of the forum instead, and decided to try here. So uh, sorry about any trouble that caused.

Okay, so about a week ago, I started experiencing this problem where my windows would just go inactive; full screen applications would suddenly minimize, text applications would suddenly become inactive as above, and I'd have to click on them to get them running again. This is pretty annoying, especially when I'm running a computer game or working off of a written document.

After looking around, I thought the problem might be focus stealing, but after trying to change the registry values and using tweakui, I got nothing, and later found out the values I was using basically do nothing in vista. I bought a copy of Windows 7, figuring it might fix the issue if it's an OS problem, and that didn't really work, either.

malwarebytes, spybot, AvG, and even CleanUp didn't find anything to fix.

I've tried defragmenting the hard drive, removing undesirable programs, got rid of AIM, Acrobat reader, and the like, and even reinstalled Steam. I've also tried altering startup programs with no lasting success.

The problem happens once every hour or so, and after trying some of the solutions, it... Read more

A:[SOLVED] Windows becoming inactive. AVG full screen apps minimizing

I believe this is an issue with a recent update of AVG. I don't see any reason to suspect malware at play here.

According to the AVG forum, that issue is known, and a fix was in the works. Is your AVG current?


There appears to be a fix posted here:


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I was wondering is there's a tweak/setting to disable full screen applications from minimising when a USB device is unplugged. For example, when my phone is plugged in and charging, sometimes it will randomly disconnect, which results in my game being minimised.

My OS is Windows 10 pro 64 bit.


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When I watch Netflix in full screen mode, the volume, mute and screen brightness buttons no longer work. As soon as I exit out of full screen into a normal window, the buttons resume their functions. How can I fix this? I'm running Win7 Pro and Firefox 47.0.1. Thank you.

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Geesh. The on screen display for my volume control has disappeared. Previously when I used the volume control on the keyboard there was a bar that would pop up showing where the volume was. It has disappeared.

Other than a system restore any idea how to get it back? I have an HP desktop.

edit1: I probably wasn't clear enough. It wasn't the volume icon in the system tray that disappeared it was a bar that would appear center on the monitor showing the progress of the volume. The volume icon was still there and functioning, it was the display bar that disappeared.

edit2: Solved it. It's related to HP Media Smart, HP's program for viewing DVDs, pictures, etc. I recently had disabled it at startup as part of this thread

Startup programs critique

Apparently it has to be running or at least initialized for the on screen volume control display to function. I would have thought the on screen display was independent of any program but I guess not. So I will have to keep it enabled at startup. I thought I was being smart by disabling some programs at startup but I guess if they serve a function it ends up backfiring.

I've included a screenshot of the startup entry. If anyone has an HP desktop and knows of another way to make this status bar display without having Media Smart running please let me know.

A:On screen volume control bar has disappeared


I know someone here (owner) posted how to reset icons.

Did you recently do any windows updates?

I have noticed that many times WU causes a lot of glitches after they are applied.

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I'm using a Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000. When I hit a volume control button (mute, volume up, or volume down) an on-screen slider is displayed corresponding to the current system volume and what I am doing. How do I get the system to display this slider somewhere else on the screen. I can't drag it. None of the keyboard settings have anything to do with on-screen control positions.


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Searching for a piece of software that can have me see the volume i raise up and down.
Important thing is i also want it working in games. I didnt found any that worked in full screen games.

A:On screen volume control please(always shows)

Why can`t you just use windows volume control ?

Why add more garbage to the system ?

My speakers have their own volume controls.

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Will not move seems to have happened after Catalyst update. Running dual monitors.

A:Volume control in middle of screen.

1) Right-click the Start icon and select Properties.
Click Taskbar tab > click 'Customize...' in Motification area' section.
Uncheck 'Always show all icons and notifications on the taskbar' (it looks like you have this on)
Click 'Restore default icon behaviors'
test to see if taht fixes the issue.

If all is OK, Re-check the 'Always show all icons and notifications on the taskbar' if you like and test again.

I hope this helps.

DragonARMY http://www.facebook.com/100003250779989

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Previously I was able to pull up the on-screen media display when I press the volume button and previous/next tracks button on my keyboard but now the on-screen notification has disappeared and the volume control is not working. I am using logitech keyboard and I want to use the metro style on-screen display because logitech's on-screen display required user control to turned off and metro apps are not working with UAC turned off.This happens out of sudden, when I reinsert the keyboard it work but until restart it stop working again.I am running Windows 8 Professional.

A:On-screen volume control/notification

Sounds like it's more of a software issue for the Logitech keyboard. There also may be a firmware update as well as a driver/software update from Logitech. I had the same problem with my laptop...although it was a vendor supplied software that I had to download directly from Samsung.

What's the model of your Logitech keyboard?

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My GF is hooked on the hidden object type games and she's likes playing them on her laptop. She's been complaining that when she plays the games (at full screen mode), the game get's replaced by her desktop for no reason. I've tested this using multiple H.O. games but the symptoms persists. After maybe about 10 minutes playing a game in full screen, all of a sudden it reverts to the desktop. The game itself isn't crashing so it's just a matter of clicking the game tab in the task bar to go back to the game.

When a game loses focus and the desktop shows, I notice that the desktop icons seems to do a refresh icon and also the rocket dock popup aplet is shown. Turning off rocket dock and all background programs (except anti-virus) doesn't fix it.

Any idea what might me causing this?? or maybe a possible fix?
Any suggestions will be very much appreciated.

thank you and ALOHA


Toshiba laptop
3.0ghz processor
1 gb ram
60gb HD

Windos XP sp2 32bit (latest updates installed except sp3)
ati-virus - SpyHunter v3.719 (did a complete scan but only detected bunch of tracking cookies)

A:need assistance for full screen game apps losing focus to desktop

Hi avro !

Uninstall rocket dog completely, restart the computer and see if it helps

Does the same issue happen in safe mode (provided the game works there) ?

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So i was trying to make some room on y C drive and i guess i deleted some files that i shouldnt...To make a long story short now my volume control thingy that stays on my taskbar has dissapeared.When i go to the control panel and to sounds and audio devices and i get in there and there is an icon with the option to place volume icon on the taskbar but when i click on that i get 'windows cannot display the volume control on the task bar because the volume control program has not been installed...After several tries i figured i deleted the windows file soundvol32.exe
but how the hell do i get it back and put it in its right place???I have no idea where it would go??Anybody have an idea how i can install that back????I tried using my windows cd but since i put service pack 2 on it it said that the version of windows i had on the cd was older than my current version...Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.
Thanks in advance

A:Solved: Volume Control computer "windows cannot display the volume control on the task bar"

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Currently the scaling option on my video card is set to "Centered Mode" however I would like to change it to "Full Screen Mode". Basically what's happening is, whenever I click on "Full Screen" in the ATI Catalyst Control Center and click on "Apply". My screen turn black for 1 second then automatically reverts back to "Centered Mode".

My goal is to set my screen scaling option to "Full Screen".
I would like to add, that I am running Win Se7en Ultimate 64bit on the following hardware :

- AMD Athlon TF-20 (1.60GHz - Single Processor)
- 4GB of DDR2 RAM
- ATI Mobility Radeon X1200

thanx in advance !
Please download the following file, save to your desktop, then check it out

What are your thoughts ?

If you need more information, please don't hesitate to ask me
Again Thank you, I hope to be able to get to the bottom of this, perhaps it's not a huge deal, but I remember in the past, on Win 7 Home Premium 32bit, I had no problems changing the scaling option to "Full Screen". In fact If I remember correctly It was already set to "Full Screen" as default.


A:ATI Catalyst Control Center will not allow Full Screen

Hello Jordan,

First, what is the file behind your link?

Second, have you updated your video card drivers? Try downloading the latest ones from the manufacturer's site.


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I am having a simple yet frustrating and annoying problem. I am using a Packard Bell iPower laptop, and Audiohub USB speakers (cause laptop speakers are pathetic) with a Windows 7 OS. The problem i am facing is that i am unable to control the master volume of my computer using the knobs on my usb speakers.

Apparently, whenever i control the knobs i control the volume of the application, rather than the master volume. Does anyone know what i can do to solve this problem?Or perhaps a software which sets the volume to control to always be master rather than the application volume? I have tried installing the latest drivers for my audio drivers (Conexant High Definition SmartAudio 221).

So far this problem occurs on certain games and on media players. Thank you very much for reading.

Solution/Software suggestion is much appreciated.

My apologies, if i have posted on the wrong section, kindly move if able

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I am having a simple yet frustrating and annoying problem. I am using a Packard Bell iPower laptop, and Audiohub USB speakers (cause laptop speakers are pathetic) with a Windows 7 OS. The problem i am facing is that i am unable to control the master volume of my computer using the knobs on my usb speakers.

Apparently, whenever i control the knobs i control the volume of the application, rather than the master volume. Does anyone know what i can do to solve this problem? I have tried installing the latest drivers for my audio drivers (Conexant High Definition SmartAudio 221).

So far this problem occurs on certain games and on media players. Thank you very much for reading.

Solution is much appreciated.

My apologies, if i have posted on the wrong section, kindly move if able

A:Speaker Knob Controlling Full Screen Application volume and not Master

Closing duplicate thread.

Continue here: http://forums.techguy.org/all-other-software/902639-speaker-knob-controlling-full-screen.html

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Hello and thanks in advance for reading this rant:

My Thinkpad T42 (Windows XP) has operated virtually flawlessly for 2 years. Two days ago, I booted up like normal, and all of a sudden, the key combination Fn-F5, which used to bring up the Radio Control Window -- for initiating wireless Internet communication (and Bluetooth, which I have never used), doesn't appear! In fact, the volume and brightness buttons, which, when pressed, used to momentarily display green-colored graphics on the screen, no longer work either. I'm getting absolutely no on-screen graphics - nothing - when I press these buttons, although the volume and brightness levels DO respond normally. (I'm using my wireless card software to turn my radio on).

I've gone to the Lenovo website, updated my BIOS, downloaded the on-screen utility, and I've exhausted the possibilities that I'm capable of trying.

These on-screen graphics (radio control window, volume level, brightness level) were working fine for two years, and now THEY'RE GONE. The computer seems to be functioning normally otherwise, although I've had a pop-up virus hammering me recently, which is easily erased using McAfee or by using the Tools-Internet Options-Delete Files command in IE.

Can anybody help me restore the on-screen graphics?

Steve D.

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I have an HP Pavilion dv4. Whenever I'm in the Vista logon screen, the volume controls are disabled. There are a row of touch sensitive controls at the top of the computer -- volume and wifi. Tapping the wifi will toggle it on and off, however, tapping mute produces no effect. The volume control works fine when I'm logged in. How do I change this so I can mute the computer when I'm not logged in (for example, computer is locked)

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Hello everybody,
I am new on this website .I recently installed a windows 7 ultimate on my laptop. Lenovo SL500 and I can not control
the volume from keyboard for USB speakers and no bar control volume on screen.Previously I had Windows XP and it work.
If someone out there could help me I really appreciate it.
Thank you.

A:No volume bar control on screen -Lenovo SL500,windows 7 ultimate

Hi and Welcome to the Forums ..... Have you tried downloading keyboard and mouse driver from Lenovo web site ?

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windows 8 volume control stuck on screen left top corner
I have Dell Latitude e6410 recently I upgrade my win7 to win8
now I am facing the issue windows 8 volume control stuck on screen left top corner. and I have no idea how it appear but it can appear when I press laptop volume control once it appear on the screen then I cannot open any other thing so what I do to fix this
issue temporarily by pressing the power button to turn my machine in sleep mode after that I wake up the machine then restart the machine from win8 logon screen after that it work fine but it happen again
any one now how can I fix this problem.

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I just buy a new laptop Inspiron 13 7000 series 2-in-1. It comes with Windows 8.1. It happened (not sure why) that the volume control is frozen at the top-left corner screen with the 0% volume level, so I can not adjust the volume at all both on the keyboard and on the touch screen. 
What I have tried is below
- In control panel, sound, communications: when Windows detects communications activity
  Select "Do nothing" 
- uninstalled audio driver and leave it is automatically reinstalled after reboot
- uninstalled audio driver and install the audio driver downloaded from dell support
- do clean boot and uninstall-reinstall driver
It was resolved once when I tried pull off and push back the usb for the logitech wireless mouse. When the volume control got stuck on screen again, I tried this again but it does not help anymore.
Any suggestion please. Thank you.

A:volume control stuck on screen--not working--not adjustable, Inspiron 13 7000 series 2-in-1

Thank you!  Had the exact same issue today.  Here is a pic of the cable and screw in question.

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y0 I got this other problem i really hate. The most. Please jonathan_king, zigzag reply please. I beg you, i got this problem that i plug in my headphones and its extremely low volume. It use to work fine, but now nope. I tried the jacks on the front, back and my monitor. Please help me.

A:Extremely low volume on headphones but high volume on speakers

Just so you know, Ken and I aren't the only members of this site. We have 200+ active, knowledgeable members, many of which I'm sure can figure out your problem. Ken and I just roam the Crashes section.

Have you tried a different set of headphones? Have you tried those headphones in another machine?

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I have a website I hit everyday that has been working great.  I start audio and could scroll down with arrow keys. After install of Bios Update - 7 V1.42Hotkey Features Integration V. The arrow keys now control volume AND scrolling. Is there a way to disable the volume control of the arrow keys? Thanks. Peace out.

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As a desktop power user (large screen monitor(s), several windows open, complex programs, writing, spreadsheet, coding, picture manipulation, etc.) have you found any "Metro" (full screen on your monitor) apps that pull you away from the desktop?

A:Desktop Power User, what "Metro" full screen apps get your attention?

:thumbup: The Fud would ask -> "Is this wun of dose twicky kwestions?!!"

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ok so this problem was just about from the beginning. i thought i would be patient and it would go away. at first i noticed that while using msn messenger, its volume control for voice chat controled the main volume for the whole pc. so if it was low things wouldnt sound as high as i wanted. no matter if i adjusted the main volume in the control panel, which was always set to highest, the volume would still be at the mercy of Msn M. so if it was lower than usual i would have to sign into msn m and adjust it. not only does this happen with msn m. it also happens with web video applications used by youtube, livevideo, etc etc! those arent usually the culprit of low sound. its usually just msn m. even now with live messenger i have the issue. im tired of being patient so here i am

windows xp sp2
2gig ram.
anything else? sound card? the sound card came with the mobo. its a Realtek AC'97.
thanks for any help.

A:Other volume bars control the main volume of windows xp

trying to keep it alice bump~

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For some reason the onscreen display for the volume controls and screen brightness on my W530 stop working after coming back from sleep or resume. I updated Power Management, Hotkey and Interface but the problem still rears its ugly head. If I go into screen resolution and advanced and on screen then uncheck Enable onscreen and recheck it...the controls work again.

A:Volume control buttons do not display volume level...

try to reinstall the OSD software. Uninstall the current OSD software that you have, and download the latest version from below.
Edit note: Wrong link. See below for the correct link.

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