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USR8003 Router Connection Issues

Q: USR8003 Router Connection Issues

3 days ago I bought a USR8003 router for my cable modem, everything was perfect, until the next day when I found myself without connection, I had to disconnect and connect the router again in order to restore the network. Im not sure where to start to solve the problem besides asking here.

I have comcast broadband, and without the router connected the internet never disconnects, so im pretty sure its the router. I have 2 computers hooked up to it, and they both have different IP's when i check IPconfig.

Router Link:

Thanks in advance.

Preferred Solution: USR8003 Router Connection Issues

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: USR8003 Router Connection Issues

Does your router have the latest firmware installed?

When the disconnection occurs, is the router still operable? (Can you access the setup pages?)

Did you configure the router to reconnect automatically and never disconnect?

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Ok so here is my problem. my computer is says there's no network cable plugged in when i have it plugged in to my smc router but when i plug it into my cable modem i get signal . Ive updated my drivers. my network cable is good i tested it.. all the other computers on the network see the router.

A:Having router connection issues

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Any possible solutions or even a direct cause of the problem would be helpful:

My parents' computer cannot identify their router. They are using a wired connection, and I have tried switching both the cable and ports. The port light is green and solid however. My laptop can connect fine and both are running Vista Home premium 32 bit.

The computer can ping itself and I have tried to use ipconfig release and renew but nothing has worked so far.

Here is the ipconfig for the working computer:

Windows IP Configuration
Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection:

Connection-specific DNS Suffix . : gateway.2wire.net
IPv4 Address. . . . . . . . . . . :
Subnet Mask . . . . . . . . . . . :
Default Gateway . . . . . . . . . :

Tunnel adapter Local Area Connection* 6:

Media State . . . . . . . . . . . : Media disconnected
Connection-specific DNS Suffix . :

Tunnel adapter Local Area Connection* 7:

Connection-specific DNS Suffix . :
IPv6 Address. . . . . . . . . . . : 2001:0:4137:9e50:2892:3464:3f57:fe98
Link-local IPv6 Address . . . . . : fe80::2892:3464:3f57:fe98%10
Default Gateway . . . . . . . . . : ::

Tunnel adapter Local Area Connection* 9:

Connection-specific DNS Suffix . : gateway.2wire.net
Link-local IPv6 Address . . . . . : fe80::5efe:
Default Gateway . . . . . . . . . :

and now for the broken one:

Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection:

Connection-specific DNS Suffix . :
IPv4 Address. . . . . . . . . ... Read more

A:Router connection issues

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Hi guys

I'm using a netgear DGND3300v2 and I donít wont to do anything complicated, just contact my laptop and ipad to it and get the fastest connection.

All was working fine (i could connect on both channels) until i needed to access the settings page and i had forgot my password so i reset the router.

When i now try and connect my laptop cannot see the Name (11N SSID), only Name (11G SSID). The router lights have the 2.4 GHz as orange and 5 GHz as blue. My sky anytime box only sees the Name (11G SSID). The strange thing is my ipad can see both channels.

The router is set for up to 300Mbps at 5 GHz & 54Mbps at 2.4 GHz.
If I set the router for up tp 300Mbps at 2.4 GHz only the laptop can see the Name (11N SSID) but when I try to connect the security is not recognized.

I canít work out whatís going so any help would be greatly appreciated?

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Hi guys and gals,

I'm having trouble getting wireless internet for some reason though it worked a few days ago. My modem works fine and I have internet when I hook up through the ethernet cord, but once I try to get the router involved, all the correct lights on the router and modem come on (except the modem's Activity light), but I can't get on the internet.

I think it may be something with my computer, perhaps a setting got changed somewhere. Does anyone know of a setting on my computer (HP pavilion) that I may have changed so that a wireless router wouldn't work? My modem is a Speedstream and my router is a Netgear WPN824. I've tried using Netgear's Setup Wizard but it didn't help.

Thanks for the info!

A:Router connection issues

Welcome to TSG:
Any hardware software changes when this happened ?
Can you make a hardwired connection,like so:
Tips on setting up broadband connection, courtesy of Johnwill

You don't need any setup disk to configure a broadband router.
Reset the router to factory defaults by holding the reset button down for 15 seconds with power on. The following procedure should get you a connection with any broadband modem that is configured to use DHCP for the router connection, such as cable modems, and many DSL modems. If you require PPPoE configuration for the DSL modem, that will have to be configured to match the ISP requirements.
• Turn off everything, the modem, router, computer.
• Connect the modem to the router's WAN/Internet port.
• Connect the computer to one of the router's LAN/Network ports.
• Turn on the modem, wait for a steady connect light.
• Turn on the router, wait for two minutes.
• Boot the computer.

When the computer is completely booted, let's see this.

Hold the Windows key and press R, then type CMD (COMMAND for W98/WME) to open a command prompt:

NOTE: For the items below in red surrounded with < >, see comments below for the actual information content, they are value substitutions from the previous command output!

In the command prompt window that opens, type type the following commands one at a time, followed by the Enter key:


PING <computer_IP_addres... Read more

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Currently I am at a dorm with 30+ students and we've been having serious wireless connection and internet issues. Either our wireless has a capacity issue or the router itself does not have a strong enough signal.
Our current set up is using an Arris Touchstone Telephony Modem connect to a SMC Comast Business class router. This is then connected to a 48 port D link switch which connects everyone in the house to the wired network. Our wireless router is an Engenius eap350 router which is currently connected to the business class router.
I'm considering getting a new router to manage 30+ devices, but if this is the solution, what router would be best for us?

A:Router Connection Issues

I'm considering getting a new router to manage 30+ devices, but if this is the solution, what router would be best for us?Click to expand...

I doubt that is possible if most of those devices are connecting by Wi-Fi, but if it is possible you can be sure it's not a typical home or small office router.

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For quite some time now my computer has been experiencing severe issues that keep me for connecting to the internet. What usually happens is a sudden drop in internet connection a few seconds after connection, from which it recovers saying "internet connection" but I still get stuck in resolving host.I know very little about networking and because of this I have not tried many solutions. First of all whenever this occurs I am completely unable to access webpages but I can still get to internet based programs such as Skype and games connecting to servers. Also I have tried connecting with a wired and wifi connection, as well as connecting both at the same time, and cannot access the internet through any. All the Apple computers in the house connect fine. When I connect my computer to the internet through my Iphone's hotspot I have no problem connecting but it seems as if the resolving host stage is much slower but this may very well just be my imagination. Before I posted this a day after I wrote this I came home and attempted to connect through my Iphone but was unable along with being unable to connect to an extender I can usually connect to. I have run a full scan with both ESET antivirus and Malwarebytes which have both found nothing. Any feedback would help.
P.S. I have a Ubee router
Thanks in advance!

A:Router Connection Issues

For the Resolving Host problem try a free public DNS server.

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I signed up for cox internet, I bought a new modem, the cisco dpc3010. I am trying to hook up my linksys wrt310n router to it and it will not connect. The router will broadcast but there is no connection. The computer gets blazing fast internet when connected directly to the modem. But no connection if connected to the router, even if the connection is through ethernet. have tried resetting everything, no go.
Have established new network, no go.
Any ideas?
Would not like to buy a new router if need be.

A:cox internet / router connection issues

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I have Shaw as an ISP (DSL) with a Motorola Modem and a Linksys WRT54G (v.5) router.

Now all computers are connected wirelessly, including printers and other devices. We have a standard WEP key just as a deterrent and the SSID is gray-network as to not conflict with neighbour's ssids.

The firmware is v.1.01.0 which, to the best of my knowledge, is the latest. The wireless channel is 10, which is apparently the least used channel therefore less likely to be disturbed.

I have spoken to a Linksys Technician and he was unable to resolve my problem.

The problem is as follows:

All computers will sporatically get disconnected from the router for a miniscule amount of time that no one can detect other than lag. But I, being a bit of a poweruser, listen or watch streamed media or play online games. These constant irrating "hiccups" in the internet connection can disconnect me entirely from what I am doing. Very frustrating.

Now after the episode has passed, I will get a famous pop-up bubble in my taskbar showing my connection details, as if I just connected to my network.

Can anyone help?

A:Linksys Router Connection Issues

Better solution

Return your linksys - Buy a Belkin Pre-N wireless router - very good installation manual - no problem with SF/HW issues - the best for home / home office use...

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Tried searching for a solution but couldn't find anything specific enough to my issue.

Any help is greatly appreciated; wired network connections.

As of right now, I am able to connect to the internet but only directly from my modem to my main desktop. When I have the router connected... there is no network connection on anything connected to router, not even my main desktop. I then started to see if other devices such as PS3 and laptop would work connected directly to modem. No connection can be made; however, everything shows pc activity. The only connection i get to work is when my main desktop is connected directly to the modem. I believe it is a network settings issue, involving router and/or modem. I've tried doing the whole reset router/modem/pc, and disconnecting reconnecting cables solutions but nothing.

Thanks again for any responses and help.

A:Connection to Router/ Modem issues...

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O/S windows vista. I am trying to connect to the wireless internet through the Netgear router my roommates have at my new place. All of their devices work using the passphrase, but when I try to connect, in my network and sharing center it says that it is connected to their network (which shows up as unidentified) but not connected to the internet. I have tried resetting the router, as well as unplugging it and plugging it back in. When I called Netgear, they said they could fix it, but that I would have to enroll in their $150 per year tech support plan. Any free fixes?

A:Netgear router connection issues

Have you checked your network connections are all set to Auto:

Start>>Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Network and Sharing Center

Top Left >Change Adaptor Settings
Select: Wireless Adaptor>>right click and select properties

Internet Protocol Version4 (TCP/IP)

Select properties and make sure that:

Obtain Ip Address Automatically
Is selected
and also

Obtain DNS Server Address Automatically
Is selected

Worth a shot, but post back if the above is already in the preferred state.

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So I just got a new internet company today because I moved, and I bought a router so my girlfriend can connect to the internet wirelessly on the other side of our new condo.

Well when I tried to go in and set it up;

Wire from Modem to Router into the "internet" slot on the back of the router.

Then I put cable "1" conected from the router to my computer.

Well at this point it was telling me I had connectivity but it wasn't recieving any packets band it wouldn't connect to the internet. I can't run the set up software either without the net working.

Any ideas?

A:Linksys Router Connection issues

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I have DSL through SBC Ameritech and networked to 3 computers using the Linksys BEFS41 Router. I also play Everquest frequently. I hold a connection for about 3 hours (it varies) and then disconnect for about 30 seconds. Everquest is very port-intesive and i have port-triggering set to 1024-9999.
my other settings are as follows:
Login: PPPoE
Advanced > Filters:
SPI - disabled
block wan requests - enabled
multicass pass - enable
IPSec pass - enable
PPTP pass - enable
all else is disabled

Also, aside from minor router tweaking my network card is very old. A friend from college gave it to me in 1996. He said if i didn't want it he was going to throw it away. There is a good chance it was already a few years old by then. How possible is this card contributing to the disconnects? I run a Asus A7V motherboard with a 800mhz Athalon processor.

A:Connection issues with Linksys Router

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Wasn't really sure where to post this, so move at will.
I have a few problems. Basically a lot of my programs arn't updating or downloading important stuff because IE won't connect. Firefox for some reason will however.(Obviously.) Media Center won't download new guides, MalwareBytes can't update, nothing can really update because everything goes through IE. And if I try to open IE I get a page load error. It's not connecting to the web.

Here's another little tid bit. I found out that if I go to(Windows XP) "RightClick IE > Connections > Advanced > Lan Settings" that "use proxy server for your LAN" and "Bypass proxy for local adresses" are checked. If I uncheck those and check "Automatically detect settings" that IE starts working again.

Unfortunately that doesn't last very long. A few short minutes after that, my connection disconnects, and the "Alarm" light is on my DSL Modem/router and I have to type in my ip to the address bar, access the router configuration and hit "reset to original configuration"

Back to square one, as I have to reset the IE setting to the proxy check. If I don't, the router keeps getting the alarm light.

This started a few days ago, and I've noticed my computer acting funky. But MalwareByes and other things have old definitions and updates, about two months old.

This is quite aggravating and I'm at a loss to be honest.

A:Router, update, connection issues. Oh no!

Log on as an administrator, go Start > Run and type: "cmd". In the window that appears type: "netsh winsock reset". When the program is finished, you will receive the message: "Successfully reset the Winsock Catalog. You must restart the machine in order to complete the reset." Close the command box and reboot your computer.Go Start > Run > type: "cmd" In the window that appears type: "ipconfig /flushdns". Close the command box.Go Start > Control Panel > Network Connections. Right click on your default connection, usually Local Area Connection or Dial-up Connection if you are using Dial-up, and and choose Properties. Double-click on the Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) item. Select the radio button that says "Obtain DNS servers automatically". Reboot.Warning: Some Internet Service Providers need specific DNS settings. You need to make sure that you know if such DNS settings are required before you make this change.

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After trouble shooting on my own, I'm stuck. My current situation is that I have a Netopia (Cayman 3346) DSL modem-router (not wireless) that is connected to a (Linksys E100) wireless router. I currently run a small business that has two other computers connected through the Linksys router and are properly configured on the network.

Problems, Thursday night was the last time I could connect using the wireless connection. I cannot connect wirelessly now, but I can connect through the Netopia modem-router.

Manual Troubleshooting included:

-CMD for proper release/renew (IP shows 192.)
-Hard reset both modem and router.
-Manually configured the Linksys router.
-Called Netopia and manually configured modem-router successfully
-Again, computers hard-wired to modem-router will connect.
-Lights on Linksys router are lit and working properly (i.e wifi icon,power, and line 1)

Any ideas? I found in the Netopia settings of the WAN to be configured this way, should I change to IP Address?

Any help would be appreciated as my business is hindered by only having one computer operational.

EDIT: Here is a picture from the Netopia WAN configuration page

A:Solved: Connection issues: Modem to Router

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Hi, I have recently experinced some issues with my network were for no obvious reason i have been unable to access the internet on either of the 2 pcs connected this network( they are both running XP).

I have since managed to factory reset the Belkin router (Model F5D7632-4)and after disabling Zonealarm secruity suite on 1 of the PC's i have been able to connect it back to the network and gain access to the internet. However i can not get the second PC to connect back to the internet. I can see this machines ip address in the Router configuartion page and the PC itself seems to connect to the network since it has a ip adddress and other details.

I have tried disabeling firewalls and other software to see if this was interfering with the connection but it doesnt seem to have helped. Also i have tried typing ipconfig in the cmd prompt but i get an error message 'IPCONFIG is not recognized as an internal or external command'

I am really stuck as to what to try next so any suggestions would be great.


A:Connection issues with Belkin Wireless Router

Pease do these steps: http://www.techspot.com/vb/post662504-2.html

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Hey everyone,

This forum has always been helpful to me by answering the little stuff. Let's test it's limits

One of my clients has a Windstream Router that gives off the IP Address 192.168.3.X. So the default gateway for our network always has to be All hardwired computers need to have a 192.168.3.X IP. I would like this to happen with all wireless devices. I know this is possible as I have gotten close to that goal, but not perfect. This is a mystery that I need solved by smarter networking minds. I have tried Windstream support (somewhat helpful) and Netgear Support (not helpful). Here's the story:

About six months ago my clients wanted to set up Wireless. So I put in the two netgear routers with IP Addresses of 192.168.1.X one downstairs and one upstairs and all was good. Until they started to use the wireless devices more. They needed scanning, access to shared folders on our the private network and remote services...

So for the past few months I have managed to get these netgear boxes working on the network. I did this by going into the settings and setting their default gateway to and that they would give off the IP addresses instead of the Windstream box. This appeared to work fine for a few months. Until we gave them more bandwidth so that they could use their Remote Services faster. Now there are intermittent connectivity issues, Outlook disconnects, Remote Desktop constantly kicks users out, and internet is slow (not sure if t... Read more

A:Connection Issues with Netgear Router that have Private IP

If I understand what you're trying to do, set the wireless routers up on the main 191.168.3.x network, and run ethernet to the main router from their LAN, not WAN, ports. You may have to use a crossover type wire. It's the main router that will do all the DHCP work. The secondary routers are functioning as a wireless switch. See Quick Guide to Configure Wireless Router as Access Point

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I recently got a new laptop, running Windows 7 Home Premium 32bit. I've been having connectivity issues with the internet, and it doesn't seem to be related to the router, as the same issue happens on different wireless networks.

The majority of the time when I wake up my computer from sleep, it won't be automatically connecting to my home network, even though it's set to. When I try and connect, it does the whole "windows is taking an unusually long time to connect" deal. To solve it I usually go through troubleshoot. It doesn't find any problems (other than Hamachi IP issue, but this problem persisted before I downloaded Hamachi, and it doesn't seem to affect anything). Once troubleshoot finishes, it's usually about a minute or two later when it magically connects.

Sometimes the internet disconnects right in the middle of me doing something, and to solve this I usually turn the switch on the front to turn off all wireless, wait a few seconds and turn it back on, and this usually solves the problem, for the time being.

Another point that I might add, my computer came with Intel My Wifi Technology, and it currently says "Network Adapter Not Found", when I'm pretty sure it used to recognize an adapter. I'm not familiar with the program as it wasn't installed on my last system, so I'm not entirely sure about this one.

If you can provide any help, or need more information, please let me know!

A:Internet Connection Issues, Not router related

I'm assuming that the PC in question is a laptop. Do you have all the MS updates? Next would be to update your wireless adaptor manually, that is either from your PC's support/download web page or straight from the wireless adaptor venders web page.

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Hello, i am having trouble with my connection every since i hooked up a router. I have 2 wired computers, 1 wireless computer, and my xbox connected to my linksys wireless router. the first day it worked fine. after that i get an intermittent connection. i can be surfing, and all of a sudden, i cant find whatever page i am trying to connect to. i have troubleshooted this problem for days. also, my xbox has had problems since i got the router as well. sometimes i can log in to xbox live, and other times i get a dns setting error. when i am logged in, i search for and find a game, but i will get booted sometime in game. Please Help!!!

A:Solved: intermittent router connection issues!!!

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I recently replaced my "Smart Router" provided by Optimum (cablevision) with a D-link DIR-645 router.

I have multiple wireless devices that are able to connect to the router including a Fire TV stick.

My Levono Ideapad will NOT connect over wireless to the router using windows 8.1 but if I use Ubuntu on the same laptop it works.

Any suggestions to troubleshoot is appreciated.

A:Internet connection issues with new router and Windows 8.1

If you haven't already done this: control panel-->network and sharing center-->set up new connection or network-->broadband connection

in the dialogue you should be able to get by without filling in any passwords, unless your ISP did actually provide you with a password. You should also be able to ignore any limited connectivity warnings it gives you.

After you set up the new connection/network, you will have to select it as the one to use (also via the network and sharing center). Right now Windows is probably still trying to use your old router, even though it isn't hooked up anymore.

After that test and make sure you can browse, email and whatnot.

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I have a Gateway desktop computer with Windows XP. I have internet service through Comcast and my connection is strong; however, I am unable to view any web pages. I have a wireless router (D-Link WBR1310) for a second computer in the house and was working on getting that computer up and running with a USB wireless and reset my wireless router and now neither computer has access to the internet. I have reviewed all of my settings and have gone to the wireless router set-up page and have reviewed those settings. Everything seems to be fine. Can somebody please assist me quickly?

A:D-Link Wireless Router WBR1310 internet connection issues

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Ok here's the situation:
I just moved into a student apartment. The internet is already activated and it is available through the RJ45 jack straight off the wall. Using an Ethernet cable I am able to use Internet without any issues with my PC.

What I want to do:
- Use my Buffalo ADSL router/modem to share the connection: both wired and wireless.
- Use my router as local DHCP to create a private network with my home devices.
- Be able to access both the internet and the router without having to unplug anything.

The setup:
- There is no way to use a DSL (phone) cablein the house so I have to plug the Ethernet cable carrying the connection in one of the LAN port of the router.
- My PC use another free LAN port.

The issues so far:
- I am only able to share the connection through the LAN ports of the router.
- Wireless devices are able to connect (it even read "Internet access" in the tray bar) but are unable to browse. It can't resolve proxy and always time out.
-When the Ethernet cable is plugged into the router, the router itself becomes unavailable. I'm assuming the connection has its own gateway somewhere else and prevents me from accessing the router.
- I effectively don't have any private network anymore.

edit: another weird thing I noticed. On my laptop anytime I try to connect to a wireless network it connects to 2 networks at the same time. One with the proper SSID and the other "Unidentified network"

n.b: I have reset the r... Read more

A:Issues using my router/modem to share connection coming from Ethernet cable

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Well, as the title says, I am experiencing difficultly in getting the NAT setting on my Xbox 360 to Open status. I've searched in many places on the internet, including these forums for an answer and I've yet to find one which solves my issues, so I decided it was time to finally ask for help.

What I'm working currently working with is the Embarq P600R ADSL modem/router combo (If there's a more specific name for it, I don't know it as I don't have the packaging - I'm simply going by what was printed on the modem itself) working through my Linksys WRT54GS router by way of the ethernet ports of both units. The WRT54GS is then hardwired to four different computers, and broadcasts to my Xbox 360 wirelessly via microsoft's network adapter specifically designed for the unit (compatability between the adapter and router isn't an issue, just trying to cover all my bases). Because of this, all of the LAN ports on my WRT54GS are currently being used, preventing me from attempting to simply make my WRT54GS act as only access point, since to my knowledge I would need to plug the modem/router into one of its LAN ports instead of the ethernet port.

Thus far I've tried enabling UPnP on both units, setting up a DMZ for my 360's IP on the WRT, and Forwarding Ports 88 (TCP/UDP) and 3074 (TCP/UDP) on the WRT, both individually and simultaneously.

I also had somewhat of a breakthrough when I switched the P600R to bridge mode, as it gave ... Read more

A:Xbox 360 NAT Issues with P600R modem/router and WRT54GS router

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Hi, I'm brand new here and I don't have tons of computer knowledge although I am learning....I hope! We bought a campground last year and were offering a wifi hot spot located near the camp office. It was actually done by accident because we live in the same building and have our own home network of 3 computers. We have a Linksys WRT54G router and a cable modem. So the campers were hopping on our wireless. I had some problems over the winter with someone using my credit card online. I was advised to maybe try getting another router and a hub/switch and basically to hook that hub/switch to the cable modem and then hook both routers to that and to have one of the routers be secured (WPA) and the other unsecured for the campers to use as a wifi hotspot. I also bought a Linksys range expander which I haven't set up yet. If this configuration with 2 routers on the same cable modem will work, I will set up the range expander to the unsecured router. I emailed linksys to ask them if this whole configuration was possible and the answer I received was basically not very straightforward but they made it sound like it couldn't be done. So now I'm asking you if it can be done the way I said or if there's another way I can offer an unsecured hot spot without compromising my own home network and security and without costing me a fortune. Hope someone can help. Thanks.

A:can i run a secured router and an unsecured router on the same internet connection?

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Hello, I am a bit of a hard time with 2 routers on one network and unfortunately as things stand now they both have to be there. So I just got ADSL and the only modem option available to me was one with a 4-port wired router, I hooked that up into my existing network of about 9 computers (5 laptops and 4 desktops) which is connected by another 4-port WiFi router.

I started out with my only goal of hooking 3 of these computers to the internet after I got the DSL by some MAC filtering configured in the WiFi router. But, having the DSL modem/router has created another issue. I am using 2 separate IP gateways for both the routers which are in the same subset, I can connect to both of them from all my machines. The problem is I don't have any control over which computer connects to what router. I am trying to avoid setting each PC up with a static IP that needs internet access.

Here is my setup in more detail. My ADSL router is and my WiFi router is and both have the subnet My ADSL connection has dynamic IP and the modem/router is connected into a LAN port on the WiFi router. I have tried disabling DHCP on the modem/router and changed my WiFi router IP to that of the modem (which was counter productive) to no avail. Someone mentioned MAC address cloning but I am not sure if it will work in this setup. Since I configured this I am seeing quite a few IP conflicts, which are probably my fault as I didn't check when I was setting... Read more

A:Wifi Router + ADSL Router = Issues with dynamic IP

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Today i have a new problem with my adsl. The wireless was working at full 'advertised' speed last night, then today i noticed the wireless connection symbol in the task bar had changed from 54mbs to only 2 mbs, and a speedtest showed that it was a tenth of the speed it used to be.

Because i just installed my modem yesterday, i thought maybe this was just the isp limiting my connection until i register the modem or something. However, when i connect an ethernet cable between the modem and my computer, the connection works at full advertised speed. Does this rule out the possibility that my isp is limiting my signal, and suggest that the problem is with my wireless settings? Thanks for any help. The modem is a speedtouch 780.

A:Solved: wireless connection to router slow, cable connection fast

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ok so i hav an adsl router modem. It has 1 ethernet output and 1 usb output.
I bought a wireless access point 2day and tried 2 connect it up so i can connect to the net on my laptop.

The adsl modem is connected to the desktop via USB. and then connected to the wireless access point via ethernet. However the access point does not seem 2 b picking up the adsl modem. The modem can be used with the ethernet and usb cable at the same time.. But the router has no internet connection. any1 know wat i need 2 set up or anything? thnx

adsl modem router - iConnect access 621
Wireless access point- TP-LINK TL WA601G
Diagram of wat im trying 2 do---

Desktop -----USB----- ADSL
modem/router ------ETHERNET-------Wireless
access point ------Laptop

A:Wireless router connection to ADSL router

You might need to check the settings of the ADSL modem, perhaps it has a Mac filtering option enabled which prevents another computer from connecting to it without first adding the Mac address in a list of authorized devices on the modem.

Also in the WiFi router's web interface, can you see the status of the Ethernet port ?

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The title explains it pretty much...

But I have a Belkin N router, in the room above I have a desktop with a Belkin N stick.

I also have a 100mbps connection

The Windows Network and sharing centre says I have a 150.00 Mbps connection, signal stregnth low, status connected.

Any reason why the signal is low?

My download speed is very slow all of the time.
Any advice appreciated thanks

A:Solved: Low internet connection - N router + N dongle + 100mbps connection?

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Hoping someone can help.

I have a Sony Vaio laptop running Windows XP with a wireless connection to a broadband router.

Several weeks ago my laptop started dropping the internet connection randomly (I'm alos unabel to access email when this happens).

My wireless network icon in my toolbar shows the connection as 'Excellent' but for some reason both Internet and Email is not available. The only way to fix the problem has been to restart my laptop which is very frustrating.

I've noticed that this also happens randomly when I'm at home (using different wireless broadband modem) so I think the issue is my laptop not the 2 x routers/modems.

I'm running NOD32 for security as well (but have been for 4 years now with no problems till now).

Please help.

A:Wireless connection to Router good but Internet connection drops

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I just bought an HP Notebook 15-ba008ca and it keeps losing internet access while maintaining a connection to the router. I have several other devices that are not having problems so I know the router and modem are good. It must be the laptop. It has windows 10 and I don't know how to check the network adapter but the computer is brand new.

A:Internet connection dropping but connection to router intact

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I have read your post and understand that you are unable to use wireless network as the PC doesn?t maintain the wireless connection. Is that, right?


I have researched the issue and have come up with a possible resolution.


I have found a link which ideally addresses the issue you have come across.

I request you to use the article from the link below and perform the steps and check if that resolves the issue.




This should solve the issue.  Let me know for more solution.




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I just bought an HP Notebook 15-ba008ca and it keeps losing internet access while maintaining a connection to the router. I have several other devices that are not having problems so I know the router and modem are good. It must be the laptop. It has windows 10 and I don't know how to check the network adapter but the computer is brand new.

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Hi, I hope someone can help me

Over the last few months I have been having intermittent problems watching Netflix on my Roku media streamer. (I could listen to the radio on there all day no issue). If I try and watch anything, after a short while it cuts out and the Roku has been disconnected from the Wireless Connection. I connect it again and I can watch some more Netflix... sometimes this happens 5+ times in one episode. Occasionally I get to watch a whole episode.

I spoke to tech support at Roku and was told to assign a DNS on my internet provider, they gave me the details and I got a tech minded friend to do it. Didn't help.

Another problem is my router will restart its self at least a couple of times a week. First off my laptop is unable to connect to the internet, then the router restarts and takes ages to connect to the internet again.

I spoke to talktalk tonight and apparently my connection is running a little slow, they have ''refreshed the connection'' and I've to keep an eye on it over the next couple of days and get back in touch with them if it persists.
I just feel like I need some (or a lot) more info on what I think I am talking about because I have no idea if they are just messing me around. I can't connect my Roku to the router with a wire it is wireless only. I don't have an ethernet cable to connect my laptop to the router either.

A:Roku/Netflix issues and router restarting issues

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Ok here we go, I read the previous post of someone else having trouble with a Dlink 604 router and hope I can resolve this without having to purchase a new router as this one is only 2-3 months old and I can't afford a new one right now. I am running XP home with Qwest DSL service everything is cat5 cable connections.

Modem alone: connection via PPPOA for Dynamic IP, DNS is set to qwest IP's, DHCP server off and Windows TCP/IP Settings static, everything well and good.

QUESTION:When I connect my dlink DI604 router my settings are

Modem: RFCBridged, DMZ to Router for all port forwarding, DHCP off. Windows TCP/IP Settings static

Router settingsPPOE (has no selection for PPPOA) DNS is set to qwest IP's, DHCP off, Windows TCP/IP Settings static.

Both Connections work and DSLreports download/upload test comes out the same both connection methods, the problem is web page loading is slow with the router connected not quite dial-up slow but close. The test speed being the same leads me to think I have something setup wrong with DNS settings. Anybody have any ideas why this is happening or settings to try to speed it back up.

I have tried router DNS set to modem IP, DHCP on/off and anything else I can think of but still no change.

Please Help I can't just unplug it or my wife will have no Internet on her PC

A:Connection slowing after Dlink router connection

I'm somewhere between rather and totally confused by this, but will stick in my two cents worth anyhow.

With "Windows TCP/IP Settings static" I suspect that your best browsing results will be with DNS (on the computer) set to "qwest IP's." Maybe this is what you have already.

Your modem settings make me think that it's a modem/router combo. True? If so, when you use the modem without the Dlink, are you also using it "RFCBridged," or is that another difference between your two configurations?

And, finally, if it does turn out to be a defective Dlink router, are you not still within the warranty period?

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This crops up now and then in my clients machine repairs. Usually a complete reformat and reinstall sorts it. This time no joy. Windows XP on client's Dell Inspiron 6000 laptop.
Procedure was files and settings transfer before reformat. After reinstallation of Win XP restored files and settings. LAN connection to internet ok. Wireless connection to router ok. No Internet via wireless connection. Help!
Thanks in anticipation

A:No internet connection yet wireless connection ok to router

If the net is seen by the wireless then its usually the Password and/or WEP/WAP.

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I have 2 pc's networked at my house using a broadband connection with a Netgear RP114/4 port router. The problem I am having with Age of Mythology(and all my games for that matter) is nobody outside my network can access my home pc's. My home pc's can game together with no problem. What I am trying to do is "host" a game using 1 of my 2 pc's and have other people connect to me. Netgear tech support is worthless and they keep giving me a guy who hardly speaks english and reads off Que cards. They keep telling me I need to turn on port forwarding and that I have to contact the game manufacturer to get those numbers and after all that only 1 of my 2 pc's can be accessed. There has got to be a way I can "host" a game from my house and have people connect to me. Any help I can get would be greatly appreciated.

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Im running an internet cafe and having problems right now coz i cant figure how to connect both Dlink DI-604 router together. Yes, I have 2 routers with both different internet connections but with the same provider and with this im running my internet cafe with 2 servers. Now, i just want it to run with one server but im having problems with the two routers coz i dont know how to set it up and i just cant discard my other internet connection if i just run it with one router. Because the greatest internet connection here in my province so far is only 1 mbps!!!

I appreciate any kind of help and suggestions... And sorry for my bad english... Thank you very much...

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I have a wrt54gs linksys router that my ISP just set up for me. I have 2 wired computers connected to it, and one wireless one. Either only the wired or wireless computer(s) can work at once though. The power/internet lights seem to flash on it sometimes too. How can I fix this?

Also for now I would just like to connect my computer directly to the modem, but when I do so, and try to open Internet Explorer, it says detecting proxy settings and then says cannot find page. Is there any way I can do this myself without having to call my ISP? TIA

A:router/internet connection router


Have you networked all the comps using the network connection wizard, and if you want to plug the modem straight to your comp switch the modem off for at least 30secs before doing so.

Regards, Ellgor.

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Im running an internet cafe and having problems right now coz i cant figure how to connect both Dlink DI-604 router together. Yes, I have 2 routers with both different internet connections but with the same provider and with this im running my internet cafe with 2 servers. Now, i just want it to run with one server but im having problems with the two routers coz i dont know how to set it up and i just cant discard my other internet connection if i just run it with one router. Because the greatest internet connection here in my province so far is only 1 mbps!!!

I appreciate any kind of help and suggestions... And sorry for my bad english... Thank you very much...

A:Dlink DI-604 router to router connection help

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I have a non-wireless router and I want to attach my wireless router to add wireless (dsl modem -> router -> wireless router). Every time I try, shortly after I configure the wireless router, the main router loses it's settings and I have to cycle it. I am out of ideas and have no idea why this keeps failing.

The main router is a cisco/linksys rvs4000 vpn gigabit router. The wireless router is one of the older linksys wrt54g routers. The modem is in bridge mode. The main router is configured with static IP with ISP settings, DHCP enabled. The two routers are connected LAN-to-LAN. The wireless router is set to have a static IP on the WAN side (which is different that the first router), and the LAN IP is just outside of the main router's DHCP range. I've tried like this and with DHCP. DCHP is disabled.

Any suggestions would be appreciated!

A:Router to router connection fails

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I've been trying to extend my homes wireless network, without buying any new kit. At one end of the house is a Netgear router, but wifi only reaches half way. I've trailed a LAN cable to the other side of the house, and have been trying to connect up an old Belkin wireless router and use it as a switch.
I've followed these instructions : http://www.togaware.com/linux/survivor/Router_Router.html

My Netgear router ip is
My Belkin is

After resetting the Belkin, I can log on using, and change about half of the settings. I disable DHCP, change the WAN to stop it being used and try to change the LAN, but when I click save to go onto a different area on the router configuration, I get stuck with the message similar to "Your changes are being saved". No matter what I try after that, I cannot get onto the Belkin config menu without holding reset for 20seconds, and losing all the changes.

I've tried ipconfig on command, and I've tried to ping but neither worked.

I've also tried changing the LAN settings first, but have the same problem.

What should I have plugged into what, when I'm changing router config. Netgear is all set up, with WAN in. I've not used the Belkin WAN, and only plugged it into the Netgear, and my laptop into the Belkin to change the settings.

I can find related threads, but nothing answers this specific problem.

Any help would be much appreciated!... Read more

A:Router-router connection blues

I have stopped it from turning off everytime I save a change, but I am still struggling to set it up. I've followed these instructions:

Connecting two SOHO broadband routers together.

Configure the IP address of the secondary router to be in the same subnet as the primary router, but out of the range of the DHCP server in the primary router. For instance DHCP server addresses through, I'd assign the secondary router as it's IP address.

Disable the DHCP server in the secondary router.

from john will on this forum, but I still can't get wifi from the second router to connect to the internet.

Any advice?

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modem - router - PC - router... confusing? it gets better

im currently hosting a deticated counterstrike source server behind a router, its working now and all the ports are fowarded. However, i want to have a private network in my office that the tennants downstairs can't access, i have a seperate router for it, but i cant seem to bridge internet from the second eithernet adapter in the server to the second router. whenever i create the bridge, the server loses internet. DHCP on the second router is off, i dont know where to go from here. let me know any advice.


A:issues bridging from router to router

First off, since you actually want the NAT layer to be active, I'm not sure that you actually want to disable DHCP. In this scenario, you also don't want any bridging, since as you say, this is a private network.

How about starting with the make/model of each of the router?

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i have the rogers cable router, and am trying to slave my linksys wrt160Nv3 to it.
my goal is to be able to share my media server wired to the slave (linksys router) to the ps3 wireless on the cable router.

i have read several posts on how to combine 2 routers into one.

what i have atm, the linksys is plugged from wan(or internet) to the lan#1 on the cable router.
router a (cable router) ip
router b (linksys) ip

both have wireless and i am using my lgx110 net book to config both wirelessly.

when i have the linksys set to i lose it. cannot enter config from html. but i can still edit router a settings of router a, from router b

the ip ranges are staggered for dhcp to not interfere with each other.... i turn off dhcp on router b and lose connection access to internet and router b.

i've tried lan port to lan port also but no connection, due to the nature of router a i do not have access to all the settings, or at least its set up un-logically (yes i used un)

from router b
ipconfig /all

Windows IP Configuration

Host Name . . . . . . . . . . . . : Gobbin_mi
Primary Dns Suffix . . . . . . . :
Node Type . . . . . . . . . . . . : Unknown
IP Routing Enabled. . . . . . . . : No
WINS Proxy Enabled. . . . . . . . : No
DNS Suffix Search List. . . . . . : phub.net.cable.rogers.com

Ethernet adapter Wireless Network Connection:

Connection-specific DNS Suffix . : phub.net.cable.rogers.com
Description . . . . . . . . . . . : 802.11b/g M... Read more

A:cable router to router lan issues

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OK so my computer is acting up. Two weeks ago while browsing suddenly i get error messages concerning dns failed something probe. Ever since, when i open a new link it takes almost 20-30 seconds to open the page... 
When i want to view a new video on youtube, it takes alot of time concidering i have 75/75 up/down
Its not the download speed, once i get a connection it works fast, but still not as normal.
Also now ive started getting sound stuttering/lag in the video. 
Today even the mouse curser lags behind the movement of my mouse and then quickly squirms around the screen catching up all the movement i did.
Does this have something to do with my SSD starting to fail?
Is there some virus hijacking my resources?
Are my drivers bad?

A:Stuttering, performance issues, internett connection issues

Hello and Welcome ..

Does this have something to do with my SSD starting to fail?
Is there some virus hijacking my resources?
Are my drivers bad?

We can try to briefly check these with the following methods, or use stronger programs if required..

Please download Rkill (courtesy of BleepingComputer.com) to your desktop.
There are 2 different versions. If one of them won't run then download and try to run the other one.
You only need to get one of these to run, not all of them. This gives a preliminary reading, and clears your Antivirus/Antimalware programs.
You may get warnings from your antivirus about this tool, ignore them or shutdown your antivirus.
rKill.exe: http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/download/rkill/dl/10/
iExplore.exe (renamed rKill.exe): http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/download/rkill/dl/11/
Double-click on the Rkill desktop icon to run the tool.
If using Windows Vista, 7 or 8 right-click on it and choose Run As Administrator.
A black DOS box will briefly flash for a minute or so, and then disappear. This is normal and indicates the tool ran successfully.
If not, delete the file, then download and use the one provided in Link 2.
Do not reboot until you run the next few tools.
If the tool does not run from any of the links provided, please let me know.
If normal mode still doesn't work, run the tool from safe mode.
When the scan is done Notepad will open with Rkill log.
Post it in your next reply.
NOTE. rKill.txt log will also be present on your desktop.
N... Read more

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Hello and good evening,

I literally just got my hp 2000-410US notebook pc laptop and I just connected it to my Belkin router. For some reason, my new laptop would not connect to the internet even though I am connected to the router. I have another laptop which is a hp G42-410us notebook pc but it connects perfectly. I already set up my settings for the new laptop but I am not sure if I missed something during the setup that allows me to use the internet. Does anyone know what could be the problem?

A:No Connection to Internet, but Connection to Router

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Guys I just want you to look at my setup in my net cafe as of now if there will be some problems that may occur and I also have a question regarding this setup.

ISP's are from same provider using a Motorola Canopy.
Routers are connected for gamers to play LAN games.
Router 1 has an IP of
Router 2 has an IP of
Default Gateway of Client PC's and Server 1 connected in Router 1 were configured manually to
Default Gateway of Client PC's and Server 2 connected in Router 2 were configured manually to

My question is.
Will both of my Internet Connections work together?
or One Connection will automatically shut down and all of the PC's will hook their internet connections to the other one?

Any answers or suggestions to make my setup better will be appreciated...

Thank you very much.

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Hi there,
It's been awhile. New problem. Hope you can help. I had a Netgear WNR2000. Had it connected to my desktop and worked fine. Had internet access on desktop, laptop, daughters desktop and phone. Her friend came over with his laptop and tried getting internet. Would not work, kept asking for a number off the back of my router. They got the needed number and he had access, but noone else did. Then my router signal became his router. Then I put in a number and I got internet, but my daughters desktop and phone could not. Called internet company, they come out say its my router and I should buy another one and it should all work again, but it dont. My new router is doing exactly the same thing as my old one. Same router as before. Don't know what else to do and I can't seem to get anyone out here to help me. Can you help me out? Thanks in advance.

A:No connection thru router

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