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Windows Vista Installation Problems

Q: Windows Vista Installation Problems

I have a Sony Vaio laptop, and my hard drive got corrupted. I have purchased a new hard drive, installed it, and am now having issues installing Windows Vista Business. I am forced to boot up from the installation disk (as there is no OS currently installed). I select the "Custom - Advanced" option for installation. Then where it asks "Where Do You Want To Install Windows?" I get an error message "Windows is unable to find a system volume that meets its criteria for installation." I've found guides that say to partition the drive, but when I do that I get error " This computers hardware may not support booting to this disk. Ensure the disk's controller is enabled in the computers BIOS menu." But when I access the BIOS, I cant see where to enable the controller. I've also tried to load the mother board driver that I downloaded from Sony, but the computer does not recognize the file. HELP!!!!!!!!!

Preferred Solution: Windows Vista Installation Problems

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: Windows Vista Installation Problems

by coincidence I just re-installed Vista and I remember there being on one of the installation pages a troubleshooting link.

Failing that try each option available from the installation disc.

Alternatively see if you can get an update for your bios.

Or try booting from safe mode.

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I'm trying to re-install windows vista on my comp and its saying that it can't find any drivers to install?

A:Windows vista installation problems

please check if your computer is ready fo installing vista

run the vista upgrade adviser first

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I am upgrading from VISTA 64bit to a Windows 7 64bit OS. I downloaded
"Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor" and ran the program. The report returns a
problem highlighted with a red X, "We had a problem checking your
system for compatibility with Windows" with no further details given.
What action is needed or should it be ignored?

I ran the Windows 7 installaion but it terminates with a message that "Nero Burning Rom" should be unistalled. I was unable to uninstall. I then searched the registry and removed any direct or indirect reference to Nero Burning ROM but I still have get the same message when I attempt to install Windows

Help/advice would be appreciated. Thanks

A:Vista to windows 7 installation problems

Download and try this ccleaner


It should get rid of all traces of the problem program. But a clean install is best.

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I Try to update Windows Vista SP1 towards Windows Vista SP2 (KB948465).
The installation ends with error 0x80004005. I also tried already a "Clean install", same error happens.
The following article explains the reason: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/971204
Cause: When you install Vista SP2, the Vista SP2 installer must update the system boot files. If third-party disk management tools are used to "clone" disks or partitions, the SP2 installer will be unable to uniquely identify the correct system boot files.
Resolution: To work around this issue, turn off the computer and physically unplug all drives that are not required for starting Windows. Power up the computer and restart the service pack installation.
If the workaround is not successful, the alternative is to perform a clean-install.

I run a seperate system partition and start partition (see in the following article)

I changed the configuration and unpuged all disks exept the systemdisk.
The systemdisk contains:
- one system partition. (512 MB FAT32).
- Some free space
- One Start partition (NTFS) containing Windows Vista Ultimate SP1.
Then I startet the Update process f?r Vista SP2.
It worked simular to the last tries finishing step 3/3 with 100% percent. After some additional minutes, it startet to undo the changes.
Error code 0X80004005
To be very sure, additionally I pepared "Clean install".
Then I startet the Update process f?r Vista SP2 a... Read more

A:Problems with Windows Vista SP2 Update installation

SP2 seems don't like your hdd
I found in your log this:

Process output: [l:109 [109]"BFSVC: GetFileAttributes(\\?\GLOBALROOT\Device\HarddiskVolume1\Boot\BOOTSTAT.DAT) failed! Last Error = 0x2.
Process output: [l:109 [109]"BFSVC: GetFileAttributes(\\?\GLOBALROOT\Device\HarddiskVolume1\Boot\BOOTSTAT.DAT) failed! Last Error = 0x2.

My solution:Reset the whole MBR disk (it is stronger than formatting partitions).Of course if you'll do you lose all data on hdd.
To do that I recommend this tool DIY DataRecovery MBRtool, backup/restore/edit the MBR (freeware)
(not each tool do that perfect)

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Recently I had to re-install Vista on my machine. To my surprise even after installing 3 times update problems majorly 8024200D were there. So, I searched here n there on net including this forum but of no process worked. Hence, I decided to go for another installation. Here I will be discussing what I have observed:-

1) Installation : Something changed from Microsoft hence please install Vista as fresh and do not install any driver and/or application except LAN Drivers otherwise, you will face too many error messages during updates. Even after installing LAN driver you might get error# 80070103 but you may ignore this as this is only due to old drivers error.

2) Update : Keep updating your windows till it says no further update available. Please do not use internet except updating your windows otherwise your PC might get infected.

Surprisingly, Original Windows Vista DVD (without Sp1 or SP2) is of around 4GB and updates are of around 2GB and it will take minimum half a day to update your system 100% with good internet speed (minimum 2MBPS).

SP1 is of around 750MB and SP2 is of around 350MB and rest updates are of around 1GB+.

If you have to re-install your OS once or twice a year then you should make image of your system otherwise, updates gonna increase in future and you will be spending hell of the time in updations.

Hope this will help few members around Globe. Also, I would like to request Microsoft that they must provide single link updates so that we can ... Read more

A:Windows Vista 64 installation problems and Live Updates

Hello and welcome to the vista forums.

I am going to assume that you have the full version of winds. Since you have done 3 installs I would suggest doing one more but like this.
Clean Install with a Full Version of Vista

I would do a full scan with your AV...
Download and run a full scan from malwarebytes free version...

I would aslo do a sfc scan and here's how...
System Files - SFC Command
If the sfc comes back with problems then run the sfc 3 times, the sfc scan can fix many problems on your computer...

You might also want to do a CHKDSK on your system and her's how to do this one.
Check Disk - chkdsk


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Hi Guys,

I have a problem installing Windows Vista. The installation process works fine until after the 1st reboot that goes to "completing installation". It completely freezes at that point and after 1 hour or so goes to a black screen where i can see nothing but my mouse pointer.

I just got my laptop 2 days ago and it's brand new Vista compatible. In fact it came with Vista installed and it was working perfectly fine until I decided to reformat it so that I could check if my new hd i tried installing was the main reason for this installation failure.

I saw a post with similar problems explaining that the BIOS was in need to be updated, but my BIOS is up to date and vista compatible.

My laptop specs are as follows:

Inspiron 1720, Intel Core 2 Duo T7500, 2.2GHz, 800Mhz, 4M L2 Cache
2GB, DDR2, 667MHz 2
256MB NVIDIA GeForce Go 8600
17.0 inch Wide Screen UXGA+ TLLCD
Integrated 10/100 Network Cardand Modem,
8X DVD+/-RW Dual Layer Drive
Integrated Sound Blaster Audigy
Intel 4965AGN Wireless-N Mini Card
Can someone please help me out! Thanks.

A:Solved: Windows Vista installation freezes at "completing installation&q

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Yep, you guessed it. This is just another one of those threads made by a noob asking for help with his botched up vista installation. Well the problem lies in the fact i cant even get to the setup. I have both 32 bit and 64 bit ultimate editions, and i have the same problem with both. Ive been browsing around the internet and ive gotten a few solutions, saying uninstalling my Graphics drivers, My cpu drivers, and etc may solve it. I did that and nothing, i uninstalled all the Things that could give vista trouble with my vista setup. I checked with the built in compatability wizard, and the standalone one from the direct microsoft site, and nothing. My hardware can handle it, and when i tried to install it on a virtual machine it installed perfectly and everything was fine. Now when i try to install it through windows xp, Upgrade / Clean Install, it copies some files and works great, then tells me it needs to restart and thats what it does. It restarts, and then when it passes the bios, it comes to a loading screen. No logos, no nothing, just a small green bar loading from left to right that says Copyright Microsoft. After the bar passes through a few times, it freezes and it sometimes gives me a few discolored pixels randomly placed. Right before it freezes, my Keyboard leds flash and my mouse does too (Razer Copperhead). I unplugged all absolutely un-neccesary devices, Including my mouse, usb hub and etc. I reformatted, tryed Unplugging both HDDs (Satas) and seeing if i coul... Read more

A:Vista Installation Problems

you probably need to load the ite driver with f6 during the setup when it asks if you wish to load a third party driver,if your hd is connected to a raid capable port

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hello everyone I just built my first computer and it been difficult so I need help mainly with installing the OS I run the installation and everything is going fine until I get an error message saying "windows cannot install requested files the files could be corrupt or missing error code 0x80070017" can anyone help I'm using vista home 64 bit can anyone help

A:I have problems with vista installation

post your system specs please so we can try to help you better.

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So I just bought a new system and I got everything put together and all with no problems, but when I try to install Vista, I get a bunch of errors. The current one that I am getting is:

File: \windows\system32\ntoskrnl.exe

Status: 0xc0000098

Info: Windows failed to load because the kernel is missing or corrupt.

These pieces are new and the copy of Vista is a full version. In addition, I got upset trying to mess with Vista so I tried to install my old Windows XP. When I do this, it will go though all of the partitioning steps and begin to install the files. However it will stop in the middle of the installation and say that either a) a file cannot be copied or b) a file was copied incorrectly. I thought it might be the DVD-ROM drive so I pulled my two from the old comp and I got the same result. The new drive uses a SATA setup and the old drives use the older format ribbon thing (serial?). When I go into the Recovery prompt, if I run a chkdsk, it gives me a message that says that there are one or more unrecoverable errors on the volume. If I format the drive and do another chkdsk, it finds no errors. The suggestions that I've gotten so far is that it may be a problem with the BIOS configuration or the Mother Board itself. All of the components that I have check out on the Vista Compatibility Center, however the HDD that I purchased ( Seagate 1TB Serial ATA HD 7200/32MB/SATA-3G) doesn't seem to be the most reliable and has gotten many negative consumer reviews. Do... Read more

A:Vista Installation Problems

Well, the drive isn't the problem. It would seem that it is something else. I went over and borrowed my neighbors cd, same thing. My buddy brought his over, same thing. So it's not the disks. I finally lost patience and took it to the local shop here. I'll post what it was when I get it back.

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Recently have been trying to install SP1 for vista (32) and am having some serious problems. When it tries to install it lags at 0%(1/3) and then eventually just goes 100%(3/3) and begins shutdown/startup. Microsoft's help thought that the scanner they provide would help but it doesn't show up on the downloads so I did it manually and the scanner freezes half way through. Tried manually installing SP1 (downloading the file and opening it) but same problem. I am getting crashes that vista keeps saying SP1 fixes so its starting to do my head in. What are my options here?

Thanks in advance

A:vista SP1 installation problems.

slipstream the sp1 into your vista disk with vlite and then run an upgrade install from within windows

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Hi there

So a couple of days ago, my computer froze while watching a film. I tried rebooting it, and it told me one of the system files were corrupt and I'd have to insert my Windows XP CD to repair. I lost this months ago, so thought "ah to hell with it" and went out and bought a copy of Vista.

I've now formatted the hard drive, booted from the DVD, and allowed it to install. It restarts to 'complete the installation', but when it tries booting from the hard drive, it says it's encountered an error and I'll have to restart to continue installation... and this is where it loops.

The weird thing is, it will boot into safe mood, but it won't let me get anywhere as it can't complete installation in safe mode, so it... makes me restart. again.

Any thoughts or suggestions?

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Hello there,

I have tried to install Windows Vista Ultimate around 10 times all with the EXACT same results.

I begin the installation ( I have chosen "download newer files from internet to help with installation" & "do not download files from internet) during several installation attempts.

The installation continues untill the first reboot is required.

This is where we come into the problem.

The installation stops when Windows begings to load at the screen with "windows" & the loading bar, the screen also refuses to load properly, it is quite dark and you must look at it from a certain angle to see the text, but the installation hangs there.

I use my Windows XP Disc and repiar the boot sector to be able to log back onto windows XP.

I have also left the computer at the loading screen where it hangs for a few hours to see if anything would happen, nothing.

I belive the windows boot sector for installing vista becomes corrupt but everything is ok with my HDD as far as i can tell.

I have tried installation on new partitions, i have tried doing a clean formatt with no Os installated and begin installation that way, i have tried upgrading also, none work.

If anyone could PLEASE help me, i would love you for ever. this has been bugging me for a few months now,

Thank you for any replies,


Edit: pc specs
Intel Core2Duo E6600
2048 GB Corsair Ram
768MB Geforce 8800GTX
20x Lightscribe DVD-RW x2
Asus P5W

& DX ... Read more

A:Vista Installation Problems - Please Help!

I notice all components have a name except for "20x Lightscribe DVD-RW x2". Could that mean generic or unbranded?
Any way install issues are caused by incompatible ram, bad dvd burner or player, bad hard drive or dirty or corrupted dvd disk. That's about it.

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One problem is trying to run the setup from the Vista Ultimate(not SP1) OEM dvd that I have. If says The Installer needs more room for temporary files the moment it starts. The error code is: 0x00070103.

The other problem is creating a Slipstream DVD to make my Vista Ultimate DVD into a Vista Ultimate SP1 DVD. It says I need to copy the disc to my desktop. When I do so, it works fine until there is a estimated time of 3m and 15s remaining. It gives an error saying the file install.wim can't be found or is corrupted. I've tried to copy the file itself because it is on the disc, but to no avail.

I prefer the second problem to be resolved because it saves me a step in upgrading to ultimate.

Thanks in advance.

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i currently have xp installed on a sata hard drive. i want to install vista on my 2nd hard drive (ide) but when the setup loads and it asks me which hard drive i want to install it on, my ide hard drive doesnt come up, ive tried inserting the motherboard drivers disk - but it says it cannot find drivers. . when you click browse to locate the drivers the hard drive is actually there.. but it's just not an option to install it on.

thanks in advance

A:vista installation problems! help!

Try these options:

(1) Check to see if the hard drive is being detected in the BIOS
(2) Format the hard drive and create an active partition.

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Hello, i am from Venezuela, so sorry for my english.
i've had some problems trying to install windows vista x64.
the problem is this: the cd boots and it load some libraries, so it works fine but when it is beggining the instalation, it says that "i have no drivers for the CD/DVD Rom device", so it says that if i have them in a pen drive (USB removable Device) or even in a CD, i can open the CD rom, change the Vista X64 cd, and put the drivers cd into de CD rom, and then it will work.

the problem is that i have the lite-on dual layer rewritable device, which serial model is : SOHW-1693S, so i dont know if i have to download them and put them into a pendrive, to use it later in the installation, or if i have to download SPECIAL VISTA DRIVERS for this device.

however, it would be very helpfull if anyone can solve my problem, because i've been trapped here 2 days, and i havent checked if my new SATA II 500 GB Device works with no problem.

(by the way, yes, this is A CLEAN INSTALLATION, because the hard drive is virgen, i installed it for the first time 2 days ago.)

thanx to everyone that can help me!

A:Problems with VISTA x64 Installation

hola sigmas,

first thing i would do is update the firmware in the cd drive. you can get the latest here: http://www.liteonamericas.com/twnmai...e/DR16KS0B.zip

you will need a working computer to do this.

there should not be any cd drivers needed, because all recent drives conform to the ATAPI standard - so I am a little surprised by the error. You often have to install SATA drivers for the hard drive which you put on the USB pen drive.

you should also update the BIOS on your motherboard.

hope this is helpful, good luck!

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I've just attempted to install the windows vista sp1 update for the second time. My automatic update tells me that it needs to be installed so i installed it and my pc went all to hell. It slowed down to next to nothing and the cursor was practically uncontrollable. This happened both times and i had to system restore straight away to get back control of my computer. Does anyone have a clue why this is happening?. Or better yet a solution for me?. I've scouted the net and see that this is not an uncommon problem and that some pc end up with system files damaged because of this update so i'm a bit wary about attempting it again lol. Thanks in advance guys Roz

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Hey everyone! Im new to this site and i dont know if im posting in the right place but ive got abit of a problem.

Ive recently brought a new AMD X3 Phenom and a ATI 4870... Now before this i had a AMD 5200+ Dual core and an Nvidia 8800GT, so i thought i was best to start a fresh. I put my pc back together and put in my Windows XP SP1 CD and began the install.. Now i have a Samsung 500GB and a Samsung 640Gb, the 640GB is a new drive that i just brought but the 500GB ive had for a while and it has a partition that has all my Movies and Games and Backups on ect. Now on that drive ive got a seperate partition of 30GB that i use for windows. So anyway ive reformatted and the setup got to the point were "Windows is copying the files over" and then you press enter to restart. Then upon rebooting i came across a screen that said " Windows could not start because of a computer disk hardware configuration problem " and now when i use my Windows XP disk back in and try to reinstall windows it says that the disk isn't readable... And now ive tried to install Windows Vista and Windows XP to the 640GB hard drive and after the files transfer and the system restarts it comes up with the message " Disc error please press Ctrl+Alt+Delete " and that screen keeps looping. I was wondering if anyone has any experiance to help me with this.

Thanks in advance!

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So I had a battle with my Alienware laptop all day yesterday. My laptop started acting up (freezing during game launches, running slower, blah blah) so I thought I should reinstall.

Come to find out one of my HDD's have started to fail I went into the config and deleted the volume to separate the two drives. Once I boot up the installation disc I can clearly see one HDD is fine while the other has a message stating "This disk may fail soon. If any other drives are available use them" something along the lines of that.

Once I try to install the OS to that fine HDD it goes through installation fine and once it restarts itself to boot up I get a black screen with just a cursor that I can move. No other commands from the keys work. At the moment it just restarted itself after another install attempt and successfully got to the screen with all the steps checked green excluding the "completing installation" step.

The cursor appears to be the same size on that screen as it was on the black screen if that has any relevance what so ever.

Any help will be amazing. ~Tyler

A:Vista installation problems.

and welcome to the Forum

Do you have two physical hard drives, or one drive with two partitions? If two, which is the master in BIOS?

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I have tried to follow your suggestions before posting and will attach the two files you want to see. Before anything else let me explain that I have crashed and reloaded this computer before and when Windows Vista was reinstalled I have tried several times to get that nasty reminders that I am not using an authorized version of Windows. I have followed several advices from the internet and one really worked for about a week and then back to unauthorized version. I assure you that this computer is an HP bought from Office Max and I have the disks that came with it which contain the bought and paid for version. Now on to my problem: I have been having problems but this one now is causing slow start up and warnings.. the warning today is about the "unable to find" the following file :c:\users\owner\appdata\local\temp\dwn.exe. I will attach the files now. Can you please help me? Attach.txt


A:Malware? Problems - Vista Installation

Hi -

Wipe the HDD completely with KillDisk - http://jcgriff2.com/killdisk_imgburn.html

Reinstall Vista using the Toshiba Recovery DVD(s).

Once you've reached Desktop, validate your OS - www.microsoft.com/genuine

If any problems with validation, contact Microsoft - http://support.microsoft.com/kb/326851

If validation OK, allow ALL Windows Updates in - www.update.microsoft.com

Regards. . .



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I just recently updated my computer from XP to Vista.

For the most part, looks and works just fine. Yet when in games or watching something, the resources spike from like, 10% to about 80%+. Could the RAM be a part of the issue? I've got 2GB, and works just fine on my computer at work. My video card is 512mb, so that's fine. Any suggestions on how to resolve this?

A:Problems after fresh Vista installation

IF the spikes are momentary you likely have update apps that are kicking in and then out.

Are you firewalled and routered?

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I recently bought laptop with Vista on it hoping the system wouldn't be as bad as I heard it was from close friends.

Well so far I'm sorry I did.

I've been trying to connect a Microsoft Wireless Desktop (Mouse , Keyboard & Receiver) to my laptop and while it gets recognized as new hardware it doesn't recognize either the disk that came with the hardware, nor the 32-Bit Vista drivers I downloaded and installed on a directory in my laptop. It just says it can't find compatible drivers and doesn't install them.

I had a logitech MX Revolution mouse as well, and same result, upon connecting it asks me for the disc which I insert, then after it says it doesn't contain valid drivers it asks me for a location, to which I point out the directory in which the updated drivers from the webpage are installed in, and it says it couldn't find anything.

Even when I insert an SD card to transfer files, it asks me for the Disc that contains the Drivers for the SD card. Drivers for an SD Card!?

What bugs me is that my brother was able to install a Generic USB bluetooth receiver, the 2nd day I had this laptop, (Ambicom brand) and that's the only piece of hardware that works outside of the laptop itself.

I'm really about to give up, so if anyone has any info I'd really appreciate it.

Comp Info
HP Pavillion dv9233cl Notebook PC
Windows Vista Home 32 bit OS

devices info
Logitech MX Revolution (Doesn't work)
MS Wireless Desktop ... Read more

A:Vista & Hardware Installation problems

Are you using Vista drivers? The wireless desktop works flawlessly in Vista. All you need is Intellitype and Intellipoint version 6.

It sounds like you are putting the drivers in a folder but not installing them. They do need to be installed.

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Hello guys,
I've got an old Asus Lamborghini VX2 laptop which came with Windows Vista Ultimate ENG from the factory. The thing is that I've decided to replace my old HDD (160GB/5400rpm) with a new HDD (750GB/7200rpm). I have replaced the old one with the new one and tried runing Asus Recovery DVD only to realize that at the very end of installation it shows something like "Unable to configure Windows Setup with current hardware" ..... I guess Asus Recovery DVD works only with original HDD + I've heard that there is somewhere "recovery" file that ties to this Recovery DVD.

Anyways, all I need is to download a Windows Vista Ultimate ENG and type in my license number during the installation. My license number I have on the sticker on my laptop. I've tried to search everywhere, but Microsoft doesn't seem to offer this kind of service and I am simply unable to download Windows Vista Ultimate ENG.

Therefore I came here to ask you for some help guys. Unfortunately I don't have anyone in my area with Vista Installation CD nor can I simultaneously access both (new and old) HDD to copy files between them. Only available solution for me is burning operating system on a DVD and installing it from BIOS.

Does someone have an idea on how to do this? I am kind of upset that I can't use my new HDD. Thanks to everyone!

A:Problems with Vista Ultimate installation.

Welcome, I understand your problem and I have two solutions. Call the manufacturer of your computer. They should send you for cost ($25.00) a DVD that you can use to install

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My wife opened the fake UPS email attachment and messed up our PC.

I've been trying to install it and I've been having all sorts of problems.

I've partitioned my HDD and set up the corresponding drives. Now when I try to install Windows, I get "Windows could not re-initialize the deployment engine." Then it tells me to re-install Windows.

My wife called (I left the install running when I came to work) and now we have a message saying that Windows cannot assign a drive letter to the selected partition. Error Code 0x80300002

Now what?

A:Solved: Vista Installation Problems

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So I need to upgrade my desktop for college and baught Vista Business Upgrade, I tried to install it the other day and when I clicked the install button, it went to load the files, and my computer just shut off! Tried it again today and it went all the way to the completing install 55%, restarted and is now in a continious loop! What's happining?

A:Vista Buisness installation problems

First of all, I usually recommend against in place upgrades. I would backup whatever you need to keep and do a clean install of vista.

I know you have the upgrade disk however you CAN do a clean install with just an upgrade disk.

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I just got a new computer from cyberpowerpc and had vista pre installed on it. I've had it for less than a week. I tried to activate it with the product key they gave me but it said invalid. So I googled it and came to some forum or something. Some guy laid out instructions on how to "fix it" and it just made the situation a whole lot worse. It wants me to use my cd to activate it, but the whole process is just reinstalling it i think, and I cant even do that. I get up to the select the driver to be installed screen, and it shows nothing, so I can't go on.

Whats drivers is it looking for, why do i have this key problem, and how am I supposed to fix this

A:Vista 64 Home basic Key/Re-installation problems

If it is a new system and it wasn't activated yet, I would call up the place you got it from and tell them your problem. You shouldn't have a problem like this on a new system if you just got it. They may have gotten some cds and keys mixed up or something, I'm really not sure, but I would deffiently call them up first.

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~ Please keep in mind that I'm from the Netherlands, so my English will not be as perfect as yours ~

Like the title suggests I'm experiencing a lot of problems when I try to install my wireless adapter, the D-Link DWA-142.

Before I bought the DWA-142, I mailed DLINk with the question if the DWA-142 supported both vista 32 and 64 bit editons. Dlink confirmed that and replied with an 100% compatibility statement.

When I try to install the adapter with the supplied driver disc, I am experiencing errors like: Cannot install wireless driver, or: Cannot find wireless adapter. When I use the add hardware wizzard he does not 'see' the disk...
I also tried to install with windows XP SP2 compatibility.. Same results.

Note: When I plug the USB adapater in, VISTA is aware of it but the DLINK installation wizzard isn't.. How wierd is that...

How can I solve this?

A:DLINK DWA-142 installation problems in Vista 64bit

Are you sure it is 64bit compatible.... i think it is not, unless you find new drivers on dlink web site

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After I reinstalled Vista due to some quirky problems - like things running sporadically slow, lots of programs not opening - things run fine. UNTIL I turn off the computer by holding in the power button. It's an inspiron 1545. It's the correct installation of windows vista - 64 bit. I update it, install everything. Everything is awesome. But, if I touch that power button - poof - the hard drive just loses a ton of data including system files. Now I don't hold down the power button every time. I know the right way to turn a computer on and off. I'm just interested in getting to the bottom of this though. I've used computers for 12 years and that's never happened after powering off a computer. Maybe the computer misplaces a file here or there because what's on the hd is different than whats in memory at the time I turn it off manually but I never lost half an OS before, and consistantly! It's every time - I've done this five times now and it's not just a random thing. I'm just saying what if someone comes by and powers it down through the power button because I'm not around to stop them (yay family)? So I don't want this to happen. I'm pretty sure the hard drive is screwy. I bet if I replaced it with a nice western digital sata laptop drive everything would be gravy. Just checking though.

A:Vista Installation problems after power button

Well, the Dell website does not say which Make of hard drive is installed, but I agree that it's a good idea to go with a new Western Digital laptop hard drive.

Following are a few more things that you should check out.

Your problem could be caused by a virus. Have you run a 'Full Scan' with a good anti-virus product, like Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE)? You can download and install MSE for free, and in my experience (I am an OEM of custom-built computer systems), it works very well.

Also, if you have multiple RAM sticks (DIMMs), try installing just one at a time, in your laptop, to see if you have a bad one. Look in your laptop's manual, to see which socket is recommended when only one DIMM is installed.

I hope this helps,

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Hello everyone,

I currently am running Vista Home Basic. Awhile ago I installed Microsoft Office 2007, shortly after i had a error occuring where my mouse wouldn't work in Word. So like in XP i just went to the Program Files and deleted the program. Unfortunately I should have uninstalled the program through control panel.

The problem I am having now, is that i cannot install or uninstall Microsoft Office now. When I insert the cd it gives me a setup error, and the same message when i try to uninstall it. I've tried many different register cleaners, and different forms of UAC. I'm currently the admin on my computer ( even though that doesn't mean jack squat for Vista).

Is there anyway i can fix this problem? if so please help me!

A:Installation/Uninstall Problems with Vista Home Basic

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I'm trying to install Windows Mobile Device Center and it's downloaded as a drvupdate-x86 file.
When I try to run the file, it gives me an error saying "This installation package is not supported by this processor type"
Tried installing it from the cd itself for my Touch HD, the installation shows it's completed but it's not installed onto my computer

The same thing happened when I tried to install a software for my Logitech MX 610 mouse.

I currently have Vista Home Premium SP1 installed

Laptop specs are
Intel Dual Core Processor P7350 2 ghz
3gb ram
64bit operating system

A:Vista Installation Problems (Not supported by processor type)

You must download the 64bit version for your 64 bit operating system. Check out this site.



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I am currently trying to install Windows XP on Vista. It says it's incompatible because I have a newer version of Windows. Anybody know how to install XP without booting from a CD or from it saying it's "incompatible"?

A:Windows XP Installation on Vista.

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Hello SevenForum!

I can't find any way of installing Windows 7 64-bit on my computer... I have two HDDs, the primary, bigger one i currently have Windows Vista installed on and on the smaller one i have Windows 7 Build 7100.

So I want to make a clean install of Windows 7 on the primary HDD and I have tried several different techniques but none of the have worked. The problem is that both of the Windows OSs i have installed at the moment run in 32-bit so I can neither start the Windows 7 64-bit setup/installer nor update the bootsect.exe; the computer just says that I should check so I have the right version (x86 or x64) installed or something...

So to my question: How can I install the Windows 7 RTM Build 7600 on my machine?


A:Installation: Vista 32-bit to Windows 7 64-bit

Quote: Originally Posted by Axzy

Hello SevenForum!

I can't find any way of installing Windows 7 64-bit on my computer... I have two HDDs, the primary, bigger one i currently have Windows Vista installed on and on the smaller one i have Windows 7 Build 7100.

So I want to make a clean install of Windows 7 on the primary HDD and I have tried several different techniques but none of the have worked. The problem is that both of the Windows OSs i have installed at the moment run in 32-bit so I can neither start the Windows 7 64-bit setup/installer nor update the bootsect.exe; the computer just says that I should check so I have the right version (x86 or x64) installed or something...

So to my question: How can I install the Windows 7 RTM Build 7600 on my machine?



Im a bit confused. you have vista on the larger drive. Win 7 7100 on the smaller drive, and you want to install win 7 64 bit on either vista drive or 32 bit win 7 drive as a clean install. DO you have a 64 bit dvd burned? You can download and burn it to dvd and boot from the dvd. where ever you want to install it you can pick advanced and format whichever drive you want.

Is this the seario?


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Hey man I can't get to the re-install screen. When the comp boots and the dell logo comes up i press f11 and ctrl, to no avail it just goes to the vista log in screen, but this comp is so messed I get a crazy error message. This comp is so messed I have to start from scratch, no ifs ands or buts. Would anyone be kind enough to have suggestions?

[even a link to clear instructions on how to re-install vista would help, i want to use the information already on the comp instead of using the disk]

A:Windows Vista Re-Installation HELP!!

Hi -

Why are you pressing CTRL+F11? Are you trying to invoke the recovery partition to re-install Vista? Do you have the Dell recovery DVD?

If recovery partition is what you want, try pressing F10 only during boot-up.

Regards. . .



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If I installed and registered my copy of windows vistas can I reinstall it or will it not let me register again. BTW I register mine by phone

A:Windows Vista Installation

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im currently running vista ultimate 32 bit on my laptop, which has a processor that can be used for 64 bit (amd turion ultra x2 64). i've read in articles that you cannot install 64 bit when you running 32 bit windows. is this true? and is there a way i can install the 64 bit, because i have the installation disc for 64 bit vista ultimate.

A:windows vista installation...

You will either need to start from scratch or create a second partition and install it there.

If it came as a package with your 32 bit then you wont be able to have both as they will have the same license and MSoft wont activate it.

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i have installed windows vista on a dell dimension 9200. however the computer keeps rebooting even before it reaches the windows vista splash screen. What could be the issue here?

A:windows vista installation

Hi try checking all the cables and connections are firmly seated and do the same for the ram and graphics card,check the cpu and heatsink and fan is not loose,you might also reseat the ram and graphics and run some diagnostics on them and the hdd memtest and furmark can check the ram and graphics and seatools for dos may do for the hdd, also clean any dust and debris with a can of compressed air,lastly if you can find out the wattage of the psu and the model of the graphics card and post them with the rest of the spec it may be usefull

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Hi, I have a old hp computer that had windows vista installed on it. I accidentally factory reset my computer so now when I turn on my computer it takes me to a boot screen then it pops up a window saying windows installation like not finished and it won't let me past that screen. I can't even see my destop or anything. I have talked to Microsoft and they said I needed to to a clean instal, download a vista installation media from another computer onto a flash drive and put it on this computer because I have the product key to my old hp. They said I needed a link from hp for the vista installation, can anyone help me find that? Once again I have the product key but no disk to recover.

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DVD-Rom of my System (PC) has been damaged few day ago, but I have taken DVD image (Backup) of my purchased DVD of Windows Vista on my Hard Drive Partition of D:\
Now Problem is that my previously Installed Windows vista has been corrupted so, I want to Reinstall Windows Vista on C:\ drive Partition
My Question is that How to Install WINDOWS Vista on C Partition form my backup of DVD on D partition
Like we can install windows XP in Dos mode by selecting the File in CD Installation Directory i.e. ?:/I386/winnt.bat at command prompt.
Is it possible in Windows Vista Installation ? If so please guide me how to do?
I will be very very thankful to them

A:Windows Vista Installation

Why not just use the vista DVD?

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I have Windows Vista Home Premium installed.

When I installed the updates shown in the attached screen printout and restart the computer (Gateway laptop with Intel T2060 1.6GHz) I get the following message: "An unauthorized change has been made to your licence", I'm been ask to activate Windows online (although I already activated Windows!), which I can't do since I don't have a LAN connection...

The only solution I found was to restore to before this update installation and disable Windows update... which is a bit annoying, right?

I ran avast anti-virus and uniblue spyeraser... problem is still there.

Any help, please?
(I must say I purchased this laptop second-hand)

A:[SOLVED] can't start Windows (Vista) after Windows update installation

I would say selectively install them one at a time till you find the one that is causing the issue, and then research as to why it is doing this. Someone else may have a more pinpoint answer, but this is where I would start.

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I am thinking of doing a complete reformat of this computer. I believe this computer has been compromised, I have backed up all my files, but I do not have a vista installation disk.

Do I need to have a vista installation disk to reformat my computer?

A:Do I need a Windows Vista installation disk

It all depends on the make of the computer and whether it has a recovery partition or not

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I am in big trouble. I tried to upgrade my computer with the Vista Upgrade disc today but something went terribly wrong at the end. The upgrade was almost done when my computer suddenly restarted and gave me a "Windows is not functioning" message. It just kept on restarting and restarting for at least 30 minutes. I totally freaked up and didn't know what to do. I still don't know what to do and I'm totally freaking out! I can't access my old windows xp even though it gives me the option of choosing which windows to use when I start up the computer. I have the recovery discs but I'm at lost on what to do with them. Is this problem way too serious for me to handle and I should just ask a professional to help?
By the way, I am on a different computer right now. The one that I broke is almost completely inaccessible. It just keeps on restarting itself no matter which option I choose(safe mood, etc).

A:Windows Vista Installation Crashed

mine had a crash and would do nothing..i,m using xp on my main computer..

i put in the xp operating disc and chose repair..it tells you to log in as administrator..and then it waits for a command..type help and hit enter to get a list,,,
then you get to pick from a bunch of commands

i typed in: CHKDSK /R and hit enter..(it checks the disc for errors and repairs them)

it took a pretty long time doin whatever it does but when it was done,,i was back in business..

i,m definately no expert on this ,,,maybe someone better qualified can give you better advice ...
but that worked for me..

hope this helps ....

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I have an Acer Laptop with Windows Vista already installed. Came pre installed from factory, Now after 3 years I have so many PC problems I want to re install vista. I put my Vista disc in and it starts the install. When it gets to the point where it asks you where you want to install it. It does not find any drives at all. What the heck is up with that. Please someone help. I have a version of XP also. But from what I hear that is a pain to get rid of Vista and install XP. Someone Please Help me here.
Thanks In Advance.

A:Windows Vista Installation Problem

Can you boot to Windows at all?
What kind of problems are you having?
I'm asking, because you just may have hard drive problem.

Where did Vista DVD come from?

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My windows vista sp1 installation has been stuck at 70% for the last hour or so. I have rebooted twice already. The computer simply goes back to the install starting at step 3 of 3. It gets to 69% and stays there for about half an hour. Then it gets to 70%. It's been at 70% for an hour now. Any recommendations? Has anyone had this problem before?

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When I tried to install a software on Windows Vista 64 bit, I received an error 1603 during installation and installation failed.
It was installed sucessfully on Windows Xp and other versions. Could anyone tell me the reason and solution to this problem?
Do we need some changes in Install Shield?

A:Installation issue on Windows Vista 64 bit

What software package?
look in your error logs;
Start --> right click on computer, select manage
Click on event viewer
Look at errors and warning.
This will give you an idea what happened.
List your system specs.

With this info we will be able to give you more of an idea whatis happening.

Full instructions from microsoft on how to get around this are found here;

You receive an "error 1603: A fatal error occurred during installation" error message when you try to install a Windows Installer package

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Hi again i finish Wiping the comp tried to install Vista Prem 64 bits (Had 32 Bits)

As u probably Guess around the end a little message popped up and told me it couldn't be complete and told me to do it again i did for the 2nd time before i decided to post, Any suggestions?

A:Windows can't complete Installation of Vista

Hehehe nvm 3rd time was the charm! XD someone delete this thread it solved it self

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I am trying to install Bitdefender 2009 onto my new computer. It tells me that it is not compatible with 64bit. I also tried to install Spy Sweeper 2009 and got the same result. I was able to install Quicken 2009 successfully as well as MS Office 2003. Do you have any ideas of how I can install Bitdefender and Spy Sweeper?

A:BitDefender installation on Windows Vista

BitDefender 2009 and Spy Sweeper 2009 do support Vista 64-bit.

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I took my hard drive out and put it into my son's laptop b/c his broke. (prolly not a good idea) Anyhow, when I put it back into my laptop, I had to run Vista a again b/c my pc wouldn't boot up. During installation, it freezes 3/4 of the way through when completing installation.

I tried to install it about 15 times and also tried another install disk, no luck. I deleted both partitions thinking the disk would replce them. I have only one partition now. I formated that partition to erase everything on the HD. Still no luck.

I changed the BIOS to read the the disk first.

Any ideas?

A:Windows Vista freezing during installation

and welcome to the Forum

I would run diagnostics on the hard drive


See this for how to make a bootable cd

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