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Lenovo Y50 Keyboard Wrong Behaviour

Q: Lenovo Y50 Keyboard Wrong Behaviour

Hi users, I am facing problem with my last row of keyboard and the numeric row.When i press zxcvbnm,./ following comes 1z2x3c4v5b6n7m9,0.-/ Please help me to fix this problem i have tried installing OS again. Tried changing the language also nothing worked.

Preferred Solution: Lenovo Y50 Keyboard Wrong Behaviour

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Lenovo Y50 Keyboard Wrong Behaviour

Hi AnkurSharma,

Welcome to the Community Forums.

Try connecting an external USB keyboard and test the same keys (zxcvbnm).
Another alternative to isolating if such is a Windows issue or a hardware keyboard problem is booting the machine using a live media image similar to this.

If the same issue with another boot image and likewise fine using an external USB keyboard then it is probable that there is an issue with the keyboard itself. You may try reseating the cable and cleaning but if still, the same, replacement may be proper.

Update us how it goes.


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Hi, I bought Lenovo ideapad 100 a year ago from Qatar and now I'm in India, I am facing bizzare behaviours of my keyboard and mouse, most of the keys dont work, like alt+f4 for closing a window doesn't work , win+e for opening explorer doesnt work, many more, I cant type also bcoz the keys dont work, mouse can't open any thing my double tap instead it takes me to its properties, also on tapping single the selected file keep highlighted even after tapping on screen, task viewer automatically appears as I'm on windows 10, there is no update for hardwares in Device manager, I m stuck, help me, sorry for this bad english.

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Hi,I have Lenovo y700-15isk, Win 10.The problem: Suddenly the keyboard began behaving weird. Some keys perform different actions than expected.For example, when I press 5 from Num pad, it shows 5 but also activates "options" key (between left Ctr and left Alt).When i hit - (minus from Num pad) it opens Start menu. Strangely, the Win key does not work and does not open Start menu and sometimes instead shows a minus (-).When i hit + from Num pad, the cursor immeadiately goes to the top of the page and then adds the + symbol.When i press 2 from Numpad the cursor goes to the bottom of the page and then adds 2.It is as if the NumLock is on and off at the same time making the keys perform double action.In short, the problem seems to be in the Num pad keys (with the Win key exception).I tried changing languages, layouts, safe mode, holding power key for 10 seconds, restarting... nothing changed.Please, guys, this is very frustrating, can you help me with this? Anyone had something like this?

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Hello! I purchased two ultraslim wireless mouse + keyboard combo packs from an online retailer, however i was sent the spanish version.As this retailer will not accept refunds, i'm stuck with two excellent quality spanish keyboards. Can i purchase the english key parts from Lenovo and swap them out myself?I'm fairly adept with things that require handy.... just need the keys. Windows detects the keyboard layout as engligh and all works perfect (except that i have to guess on symbols) your help is appreciated... thanks!! Brad

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I have been using windows 8 for a week or so now, I tried rp and cp but only in a virtual machine occasionally and now I am trying to get used to it as my main os. I do like it but some things just don't make sense.

I get that the start screen is not an "app" but why does it have to act differently to everything else? I would like to be able to drag down from the top of the screen to return to my desktop or 1st previous application. Why can't desktop apps also close when dragged down? I'm getting tired of hiding the taskbar to get them back lol

When I have an app docked at the side why do I have to aim for a thin black line when I could (and often do by mistake) just grab the top and drag it across with the same effect.

Hmm maybe you should be able to drop an app into the app bar by dragging it into that corner??

I have a dual monitor setup... if I have the desktop with the music app docked on my 1st monitor and want to open my email app (from the app bar) on the 2nd monitor the music app goes with it, if I then drag my music back to be docked on the first monitor it brings the email with it. I can drag a docked app from one monitor to the other but only in docked mode, if I want it full screen I have to make it full screen either before or after moving. If I drag a docked app to the other monitor it just gets dropped (docked on the same side of the screen) as soon as my mouse leaves the other monitor, why cant I choose where I want it??

If I have a docked app... Read more

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Hi all,After I upgraded to Windows 10, my touchpad started working strangely and annoying. Firsly, when I scroll with two fingers, then remove one finger, but keep moving another, scrolling continues for a second and only after that my mouse starts to move. And secondly, after I put 3 fingers on touchpad, then remove 2 and start moving the one that was left, mouse won't move. The issue is probably somehow connected with drivers for touchpad. If somebody had the same problem, or knows at least what is causing it, please comment, I'd really appreciate!

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I have noticed that regardless of whether I'm in Word (or any other application) a single press of the keyboards' 'quotation mark/apostrophe' key won't have any effect. In order to produce a apostrophe mark I have to press the relevant key followed by any other key - which results in a apostrophe and the other unwanted character - meaning a press of backspace is warranted to delete the unwanted character.

All the other letter/numerical keys work as they should, would anyone know how to make the key recognise a single keystroke.
In Windows? control panel, the default input language I can currently choose to use:

English (Australia) - United States-International, or;
English (Australia) - US

I don?t know what the technical difference between these settings is - or if the entire keyboard requires a totally different language setting for Australia.
Could someone shed some light on this uncooperative key issue?
I am using Win 7 Premium

A:Strange keyboard behaviour

Go to search and type in keyboard and go to keyboard help and see if you can find what you are looking for. Their is lots of options there.

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I know that i'm an not the first to mention this but I am wondering if we can get some serious response/attention from Lenovo on the very werid and non-user-settable behaviour of the Lenovo Thinkpad keyboard backlight. I just bought a new Carbon X gen 7 and was underder the assumption that everything worked like on a yoga or any other backlid keyboard device: Turn it on / of and it stays like this until you change the setting. Or otherwise it is driven by an ambient sensor. But no such luck; on the Thinkpad for me it just doesn't work at all. (and an ambient sensor is not present) You can turn it on (fn-space) but then it will turn itself off: - randomly at some time (no clue what the trigger is)- when you close the lid- when you reboot/shutdown-start Searching for this problem I found that this an issue with all thinkpad serie laptops. Some people even written tools to fix the behaviour (https://gitlab.com/valinet/thinkpad-leds-control/) but this still does not fix it for me (just doesn't work on my carbon gen7). It's really strange to see that a lot of people mention this or complain but Lenovo just does nothing with this. I hope we can get some decent assistance from Lenovo on this issue. It's quite a let-down that this basic behaviour does not work on a premium priced machine like the thinkpad. My only wish would be: remember the keyboard-backlight setting and not reset it at all. That's it! I somehow have the feeling that it is related to the pow... Read more

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Hi' I have an hp laptop with a british keyboard. the problem is that I need to write in french and other langauges so the e with an accent is impossible to write, the thing that I want to achieve is that according to my computer i still have a british keyboard, but I want it to behave like an international one is this possible?

A:how to change keyboard behaviour

Quote: Originally Posted by Thijzzzzz

Hi' I have an hp laptop with a british keyboard. the problem is that I need to write in french and other langauges so the e with an accent is impossible to write, the thing that I want to achieve is that according to my computer i still have a british keyboard, but I want it to behave like an international one is this possible?

Hello Thijzzzzz,

Try this

It's Control Panel>Region and Language>Keyboards and Languages>Change Keyboards>Add>French
You will probably need to reboot then.

Using the US-International keyboard layout, you can input many oft-used characters easily. Type Alt-E for ?, for example, Alt-N for ? or Alt-Q for ?. Alt-5 inputs the € sign.

Read the Use the US-International Keyboard section

I found a tutorial here in the forums as well

Keyboard Layout

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My friend has a keyboard that is acting very weird. I post this in the Operating Systems section because I don't believe it is a hardware problem.

Sometimes it's working absolutely correctly, then sometimes it gets a problem that sticks for a long time: When he types "2", he gets "23". "w" gets "we", "s" gets "sd", "x" gets "xc". "F1" gets "F1F2"! Same happens if he's holding shift.

His keyboard is PS/2. Fiddling with the plug did no good. We tried another PS/2 KB he has (unfortunately he has no USB KB's at the moment, but he's trying to get one now), and the problem was different: He could only type the letters "befhkmopqtuqyz" from the alphabet. I hope that's not because it's old, the last time he tried it it was 100% functional. Hell, his whole computer is old

This problem has started since he took this PC to the shop for multiple h/w & s/w problems. First he had s/w problems, then he kicked his PC, then the h/w problems started.

When he got it back, it seemed to be alright, until this KB problem started.

Will update once he tries a USB KB.

A:Strange Keyboard Behaviour

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First of all thank you for your time to analyse this!

Im from Portugal and some words of my language (portuguese require the use of some specific accents on some words) and they are showing up in duplicate everytime i press them, for example: n~~ao (meanos no) ol??a (means ol??a)
This is terrible when i have to contact someone using emails or even use skype. Scanned with Avira (updated) and SPywareBlaster and nothing was found. I searched the internet and everything points to somekind of a weird keylogger.

P.s. I don't have access to any Windows Install disc, or a Boot CD

Here is the DDS.txt log file:

DDS (Ver_10-10-21.02) - NTFSx86
Run by Miguel at 13:55:26,41 on 24-10-2010
Internet Explorer: 8.0.7600.16385 BrowserJavaVersion: 1.6.0_17
Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate 6.1.7600.0.1252.351.2070.18.2047.1324 [GMT 1:00]

============== Running Processes ===============

C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k DcomLaunch
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k RPCSS
C:\Windows\System32\svchost.exe -k LocalServiceNetworkRestricted
C:\Windows\System32\svchost.exe -k LocalSystemNetworkRestricted
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k netsvcs
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k LocalService
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k NetworkService
C:\Program Files\Avira\AntiVir Desktop\sched.exe
C:\Windows\system32\s... Read more

A:Possible Keylogger - Keyboard having weird behaviour

Hello and Welcome to TSF.

Please Subscribe to this Thread to get immediate notification of replies as soon as they are posted. To do this click Thread Tools, then click Subscribe to this Thread. Make sure it is set to Instant notification by email, then click Add Subscription.

Please note that the forum is very busy and if I don't hear from you within three days this thread will be closed.


One or more of the identified infections steal information. That includes all passwords, log ins to forums, your email details & other websites, and most of all your Bank, Credit Card, or PayPal details. If this system is used for web based email, online banking, or has credit card information on it, all passwords should be changed immediately by using a known, clean computer. Banking and credit card institutions, if any, should be notified of the possible security breech. It also seems to be able to steal all your emails so anything you have emailed to anyone is no longer confidential.

I also suggest that you read this article.


Please note that these fixes are not instantaneous. Most infections require more than one round to properly eradicate.

Please stay with me until given the 'all clear' even if symptoms seemingly abate.

Kindly follow my instructions and please do no fixing on your own or running of scanners unless requested by a helper.

----------------------... Read more

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When i bought my T480 it had a problem to the trackpoint, witch was not working. Lenovo support send me a new keyboard. Didn't solve the problem because when the trackpoint started to work the keys on the left and right did not work. So I send the laptop to the repair center. They changed again the keyboard. Now sometimes the keys 'a' 's' 'd' 'q' do not work. After I press continously one of those keys it start to work again. It happens when i turn the lapton on always, and sometimes randomly when I'm using it. What can the problem be?

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I recently god my laptop repaired. I bought a HDD and got it replaced , it got fixed but the problem is when i try to login the keyboard behaviour starts to annoy me whenever my screen is at the windows login screen my keyboard suddenly starts working but obviously not hardware problem or maybe it is. I found a temporary solution for it i just have to press my sleep button and after that the keyboard is working. How do i fix this ?

The keyboard also has this weird behaviour when some of the keys doesn't work with together such as when i try to press multiple keys "A" and "1" when i hold A and press 1 , the 1 key doesn't work so as with 2 but 3 works fine and so on. Also problems with right shift key when i try to make a semi colon the kayboard has this weird delay and i'm not even able to hold both of them which doesn't actually writes semi colon but right shift key works fine on most of the keys. I have a list of windows update but i haven't installed it because the windows keeps saying " Pending install "

My specs are

Asus Vivobook
Nvidia 940 mx
Intel i5

Need some help

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I am using a USB keyboard and it is showing weird bahaviour It stops working all of a sudden and then to make it work I have to unplug it and then plug again,but the problem resurfaces...
please help...

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The keyboard just started malfunctioning on this Ideapad 100s, which is about 6 months old.  On the 2nd row of alphabetic characters (starting with ?A?) the only ones that work are ?G? and ?H?.  If I disconnect and reconnect the battery the keys start working again, until at some point (maybe after logging off and on) the problem returns.  A USB keyboard works fine.  The bizarre thing is that plugging in a USB keyboard makes the 100s keyboard work, and it continues to work after unplugging the USB plug.  This makes me think the fault is not in the keyboard, but somewhere in the software.The warranty has just expired ? obviously the warranty period was judged to perfection.I?m thinking there must be an easier trick to perform to get the keyboard working ? surely Lenovo knows about this by now.

A:100s keyboard bizarre behaviour

Sorry for the repeated post - the first didn't seem to go. By the way, this is the 11IBY.

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Hi, I have Lenovo U41-70 with 64-bit Windows 7. My Nod32 antivirus is up to date. For more than a year, all Fx keys were working as expected, F1 key muted sounds, F4 key closed current window, etc. However, some time ago the F4 key suddenly started to exhibit very strange behaviour. Instead of closing windows, standard F4 keypress is sent, plus Shift and Win keys are toggled and remain "pressed". (I found this out using windows on-screen keyboard - see attached picture.) Moreover, other strange behaviour can be noticed after F4 is pressed. For example, minimizing a window to tray and opening it again results into a new window of the particular application to be opened, or when a desktop icon is clicked, all icons to the top-left are selected. All of the problems persist from the point the F4 key is pressed until the laptop is restarted or until Shift key is pressed (and it starts again every time F4 is pressed). All other Fx keys are working fine. I have already tried changing the bios hotkey option to "disabled" and then back to "enabled" (the state where Fn key does not need to be pressed to access special Fx functionalities), but the strange behaviour of F4 is back once the hotkey option is enabled again. I also tried plugging an external keyboard - the F4 and Alt+F4 works ok when pressed there. I would like to make the F4 key work as it used to. What can I do to resolve the issue?

... Read more

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Hi, I am currently struggling with delayed display of letters I type and wuerd behaviour. Sometimes it lags for a little bit longer (on a given letter), sometimes it does not - but it happens all the time. Also when I press ctrl-shift-left arrow to select a word - nothing happens. I do it again - one word is selected. I do it again - two word are selected. Then I press ctrl-shift-right arrow - oops, another word to the left is selected. It works both ways this way - like there is one-step-lag in that matter.Another thing which might be helpful is that after typing a word, bunc of letters or anything the "writing marker" (vertical line) does not blink for a moment, and after a while it begins. I do not know whether it may point to faulty behaviour, althought I have not spotted this in any of the PC's I have ever had.This behaviour happens both on the internal and external keyboard - it is not hardware.Thank you for your help.


Go to Solution.

A:Keyboard weird behaviour and stuttering - T500

Only now have I noticed this is only firefox issue. It has to do with addons. Sorry for the mess.

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I am experiencing strange intermittent behaviour with my keyboard mainly when using excel spreadheets where the screen zooms in and out, multiple cells are highlighted when trying to enter data, data is copied into seperate sheets & different characters are entered to the key being pressed.
The zooming in and out issue also happens when using internet explorer.

I have searched the forums for similar issues and one post suggests updating the bios, but I already have the latest version. I have also checked that my drivers are uptodate,

Any help appreciated.


A:Re: Satellite Pro L870-172 Intermittent Keyboard Behaviour

Just one question: is it possible that you are using touchpad while working with excel or other software?
As far as I know this notebook?s touchpad supports some additional features like TOUCHPAD with GESTURE. So possibly you used an touchpad?s zoom feature without knowing that?

Please test it with external USB mouse?

Additionally I recommend you checking this Toshiba document how to change the Synaptics touchpad settings in Windows 8?

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hi there,using a rather new T460p with win7.I have 3 different languages installed on my computer and since a couple of days I have this strange bug when writing in german sometimes the position of the keys on the right side move one line down. very strange!so when I click I get -or when I click I get the that is above it, and so on.this does not affect the left side at all, and is only noticeable with a few keys.I can't reproduce this and don't know why it starts but eventually it goes away after a while, in which I usually also use other programms.this is very disturbing since I can't type preperly and I have no idea in which direction to look. if it's a bug or a trojan or what.I have kaspresky as virus protection...would appreciate your help!thanksnili

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I cannot use my portatil for writting because the keyboard has an erratic behavior. When you are wrinting it jumps to different positions in the line.

Probably it can be solved installing drivers again, but I not an expert, so someone can help about this matter.


A:Erratic behaviour of the keyboard of a Satellite R830


Disable the touchpad while writing and using the keyboard.
I had the same issue in the past.
Finally I noticed that I touched the touchpad surface accidentally while typing and this was the reason why the cursor jumped around.

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My G50-80 laptop is facing issues with keyboard.When booted initially, only few keyboard keys work. While other keys cannot be entered, Enter key doesnt work. At the same time, same keys dont even work from on-screen keyboard either. So I cannot even enter my password.I can hardly login by clicking forgot my password, then again switching back to login page, suddenly keys start working! while being logged on, same keys problem reappears, this time I again use bypass to logout and login.Then keys start working.Pleaseee can some one help for this issue.My OS is windows 10. 

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Hello guys.

I shall kindly ask for your help as so far any method of troubleshooting has failed me.

So whenever I enter a game, after a few seconds I start getting visual artifacts (black lines, etc). That might be ocasionally followed by general audio stuttering, as well as mouse and keyboard going completely undetected anymore by the system, even though, after this happens, I can still hear the sound playing in the background, apparently the system is doing fine.

My system also freezes pretty much completely when I use the Prime95 FFT test. I know Prime95 puts a lot of stress on the system, but complete hang up should not happen as far as I know?

Another thing I have noticed is download speeds are sometimes extremely slow (definitely slower than usual), even lagging on YT stream and such.

Event Viewer isn't helping me isolate the issue either.

PC was running fine and smooth until this started happening. Didn't change anything in it's configuration hardware or software (until this happened and I decided to format).

So far I:

- Reformatted my PC (running Windows 7).
- Made sure all my drivers are up to date.
- Tested my RAM with memtest x86 , turned up clean, 0 errors.
- Cleaned my PC of dust >_>.
- Made sure temperatures are in range.
- Set back CPU to default frequency (OCd it to 3.0 from 2.5 GHz / core, but this happened one or two years ago, everything went fine until now)
- Tried underclocking my GPU
- Tested with Prime95 FFT Test, PC hung up.
- Made sure ... Read more

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Hi, pls forgive the length of the report - but it may be useful...

Yesterday my keyboard/mouse started misbehaving. The mouse would often, but not always, bring up the properties window if I double-clicked to open a folder. When I left-clicked to open a menu, the menu appeared but quickly disappeared, I don't have time to select anything! The keyboard at the same time started to alternate between working properly and messing about. E.g. only some keys work, and they sometimes, er, DO things rather than type letters (like make the IExlporer go to full screen). Also if I hit the "a" key, I'd often get an "?" instead, and some keys gave nothing at all.

So, with great difficulty, I turned on the on-screen keyboard and saw that the keyboard flashes between normal mode and (I don't know what to call it, but..) "Alt mode"(?) where only a handful of keys are operational - including the Alt and, i think, Ctrl keys.

When my mouse is at rest, the keyboard tends to spend it's time in this odd mode. When the mouse is moving the keyboard goes to QWERTY mode.

So now my PC is practically unusable (I'm writing this on someone else's). I have to be constantly moving the mouse to type anything or to select menus.

I checked mouse & keyboard properties. Sticky keys isn't on - and I can't see anything untoward about any of the onscreen properties of the keyboard or mouse. I disconnected the keyboard and mouse and used different ones but the proble... Read more

A:Something affecting keyboard and mouse behaviour [moved from Security]

Ok, It's fixed. It was a faulty USB Wireless mouse (or its receiver). I had unplugged the keyboard and tried a new one (and mouse) but I forgot to unplug the wireless receiver for the mouse (which is also for a keyboard - but I don't use).

When I did unplug this evening, the alternative keyboard and mouse worked fine.

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Today I upgraded to Windows 10. Everything seems to be working ok except my keyboard's strange behaviour.

When the Fn Key is NOT pressed:

(1) The keys 1,2 are not working at all
(2) The keys 3,4 adjust the volume
(3) Space key not working at all
(4) Function Keys behave normally (F1, F2 etc)

When the Fn Key is pressed:

(1) Keys 1,2,3,4 work as nymbers
(2) Space key works as space
(3) Function keys are doing nothing

I tried uninstalling everything related to toshiba as well as pressing Fn for 10 seconds, Fn+Ctrl, Fn-Scroll lock and any other combination I could think of.

In the BIOS there is no option to disable the function keys.
In the HWSETUP there is no option as well

I would really welcome any suggestions. Thanx for your time.

A:Satellite C670-19F - Windows 10 - keyboard's strange behaviour

Same problem with C670-15Q. solution appreciated

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Hello everybody,I have a slightly obscure problem with my fan which occurred for the first time about a week ago then again twice today.  The problem is that my fan suddenly goes to full speed only to immediately afterward die entirely, then it sounds like he tries to recover but quickly goes to full speed and the whole process repeats. One cycle takes about 5 Sec. and it keeps doing this even if I reboot in between. After quite some repetitions (i guess of order 20-30) he keeps running on the highest stable fan speed for a few minutes and then shuts down, which seems to be indefinite. The first time happened while running Windows whereas the other two times happened within Linux, in neither case high fan speed was required (typing or surfing where all activities). In Linux, i have XSensors installed which allows accessing some fan speed data. It turns out that the full speed bursts are depicted by 65535 RPM which then goes down to 0 RPM. The permanent highspeed state was once at 9500 RPM and the other time at 7800 RPM. It seems that 7800 RPM runs longer than 9500 RPM before it drops to 0 RPM and stays there.  There is nothing specifically which I could identify as an origin of this behavior, but since this is my working machine I am seriously worried. Also the sound it makes in the initial "burst"-phase really is annoying. I really have no clue what to do so any help is welcome. Thanks a lot in advance,Michael

A:Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Yoga: Strange Fan behaviour

Which version yoga?(1, 2, 3??)
What are the temperatures?

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HelloRecently I buy Lenovo Ideapad 510S, but the battery seems strange, let my picture explaincan anyone tell me how to solve this strange behaviour???

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Hi, I have been using my Lenovo Yoga 720 15" laptop for almost 5 months. I having an issue similar to other Yoga 720, 920 users experienced. I cycled through probably all subjects releated and tried possible solutions but couldn't get anywhere. I had the following USB-C to HDMI Adapter : https://www.lenovo.com/us/en/accessories-and-monitors/cables-and-adapters/adapters/CABLE-BO-USB-C-to...... delivered with product. A HDMI to VGA (With Audio (USB to Audio Jack)) Adapter : (Tested and works fine on another PC)A Standart HDMI to VGA Adapter : (Tested and works fine on another PC) An Acer monitor : https://www.acer.com/ac/en/NZ/content/model/UM.WW3SA.001 (1920 x 1080) Previously tried adding "USB-C to HDMI" and "HDMI to VGA" adapters end to end, managed to extend my old PCs display.  Lenovo device detects the monitor for a couple of seconds, refreshes the screen and losts connection( can't detect anymore ). detects and undetects, and so on. This process cycles/loops through over and over again. And "No Signal" message displays at the monitor whole time. I updated my Intel Drivers using following Link : https://downloadcenter.intel.com/download/27988/Intel-Graphics-Driver-for-Windows-10?product=122139... rebooted. (Only solved screen refreshing problem) Run...Windows Update (Installed recent updated and rebooted).Lenovo Vantage Hardware Diagnostics (All tests passed).Lenovo Vantage Update System (Everything was up to date)...... Read more

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I am experiencing strange mouse pointer behaviour after my laptop has been running for a while and a program is working in the background. The mouse pointer is displayed in a very low resolution, while jumping up to another part of the screen. So usually, the mouse cursor looks like this:  But when the problem occurs, it looks like this (and jumps up to another part of the screen):  As mentioned, the problem only occurs after my laptop has been running for a while (this may take a day, but sometimes only an hour) but when it does, it keeps occuring untill I restart. This has been happening since I bought the system about two months ago. System: Lenovo ideapad 510S14ISKOperating system: Windows 10 I already tried:- updating my drivers (using Lenovo Companion)- reinstalling windows (while keeping my files)- uninstalling Lenovo System Interface Foundation as recommended here- unchecking the box "enhance pointer precision", also as recommended here The problem occurs both with my external mouse plugged in and plugged off. Any ideas what might be causing this problem? 

A:Strange mouse pointer behaviour when working in background - Lenovo Ideapad 510S 14ISK

Maybe related to this issue, maybe not: I also noticed a strange resolution in a few other places. For example, in the image below you can see that the text in the left box is displayed much sharper than that in the right box.  This occurs also after my laptop has just restarted and is of course much less anoying. Nonetheless, I thought it would be interesting to mention as the two issues might be related.

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I have the same problem as listed here:https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/Lenovo-IdeaPad-100-305-500-Edge/Strange-mouse-pointer-behaviour-when-wo... I have tried the various solutions suggested here^, including the one that is considered to have "solved" the problem: downloading the new drivers. However, when I do this, it installs but I am left with an error message saying "Target drivers not found".Why will these mouse drivers not install on my laptop? Thanks!

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Hello All I have Lenovo G50 80 laptop; it?s a full 15.6 inch laptop with DVD drive, full keyboard, touch pad. Last year i started having problem with laptop, as touchpad stopped working the arrow cursor got stuck on screen, and will only work again if i press any key on keyboard. It will only work for few seconds and minutes then again stuck. Also the arrow or delete key stayed in loop, whenever i open anything to type, the cursor in text field kept moving to left or keep deleting the text. The service center guy told me that it is due to Keyboard and touchpad getting short due to moisture or something, they changed the keyboard. Now after one year again i am facing same problem. Same thing happening again and again. It?s very irritating. It seems there is some hardware or design fault in the way Lenovo has designed their keyboard and touchpad. I live in Mumbai, so may be due to monsoon there is moisture in air and it may be affecting this design. But again i have never seen this issue in any other laptop brands of competitor. Can anyone please help me how can i fix this on my own, as laptop is not under warranty and i don?t want to keep changing laptop every year. May be someone with hardware repair knowledge can help me here. Can I short or cut or sholder any cables, any circuit, I don?t know just help me guys to fix this. Anyone from Lenovo listening please have a look it a big problem. Thanks

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Hi! I've got Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 13 Silver (https://www.alza.cz/EN/lenovo-ideapad-yoga-13-silver-d375124.htm), and while I am quite content with the device, my keyboard stopped working. I was wondering whether any of you might know and suggest an online reseller (official or otherwise), where I could get hold of a replacement keyboard. Now, I suppose backlit keyboard versions of newer Yoga laptops will not work I guess, will they? From what I have read Yoga 13 Silver does not have the slot required for backlit, but aside that, will the keyboard function and will it fit (dimension-wise)? If so, what is the voltage and current required? Would soldering a small battery to the backlit cable be a good idea (I accept the fact that I wouldn't be able to regulate it)? Thank you in advance!ck

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Hi! I've got Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 13 Silver (https://www.alza.cz/EN/lenovo-ideapad-yoga-13-silver-d375124.htm), and while I am quite content with the device, my keyboard stopped working. I was wondering whether any of you might know and suggest an online reseller (official or otherwise), where I could get hold of a replacement keyboard. Now, I suppose backlit keyboard versions of newer Yoga laptops will not work I guess, will they? From what I have read Yoga 13 Silver does not have the slot required for backlit, but aside that, will the keyboard function and will it fit (dimension-wise)? If so, what is the voltage and current required? Would soldering a small battery to the backlit cable be a good idea (I accept the fact that I wouldn't be able to regulate it)? Thank you in advance!ck

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Hey guys!

I recently got a Casio keyboard, with a new MIDI cable.

I'm a music artist and I'm totally new with this 'keyboard-to-computer-via-MIDI' stuff.

I don't know how to connect my Casio Keyboard to my computer with a MIDI cable. I've mostly been using Mixcraft's music library, but I want to start something new with my new keyboard.

Can someone PLEASE tell me how I can connect my keyboard to my laptop via MIDI?

I've looked at other forum posts and contacted a few music artists..........they had nothing.

Please help!


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Is there any possibility or any other replacement for changing the keyboard

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Hey there, I found a similar topic but unfortunately, there was not a final response that solved my problem. I own a Yoga 13 Ideapad without the backlight function, unfortunately. Recently I watched a video of a keyboard replacement and I would like to do that with mine in order to replace it with a backlight keyboard. The problem is that I am not sure if my model features the needed connections. The model number is: 219159342273 if that helps.  I found backlight keyboards described as "original" Lenovo parts for about 30?. Is that realistic or fake?Thank you for your help!!!

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Hello All, is it possible to replace my ideapad 310 15IKB 80 TV non backlit keyboard with a backlit one ?   

A:Lenovo Ideapad 310 replace keyboard with backlit keyboard ?

Hi Rohan,
Welcome to Lenovo Community! And happy to have you here.
Sadly the backlit keyboard doesn't comes with IdeaPad 310 series.
I hope the above information helped you.
Please feel free to post in Lenovo Community Forums if you have any further queries!
 Regards,Prabhansh_______________________________________________Tap that Kudos button if I helped.If you find a post helpful and it answers your question, please mark it as an "Accepted Solution"!

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Hello.I just buy Lenovo y700. After 3 days of use I have a problem with red light from keyboard. Each time when I turn on laptop e little portion from keyboard (space bar, M,N,K,L,I keys) start to blink. I made a video with issue to see what happend. After 4-5 minute light remain at full brightness.https://youtu.be/FoqEe4pzBnwFor future can be a big problem? , I should ask for repairing ? Or maybe I can solve by myself. Another think. I want to control my fans, battery mode, and other settings, I try to download from lenovo software Quick Optimizer Windows 10, Lenovo Utility for windows 10, and no software are working, First I thought my windows it s broken, do fresh install windows 10 PRO, try to install there software but no solution. I install software, no shortcut its created on desktop, if I search for program in Program Files, and try to run .exe, this is not appear, it s like a fake link, nothing run on my desktop. Try to run in admin mode and nothing, try to reinstall and nothing, whatever I do these program are not working. I had lenovo z51-70 and I use with succes software from lenovo to clean fans, to put battery in conservativ mode. And I have same windows kit. With lenovo y700 no software it s working on this machine. Sorry for my bad english, if someone need more information, ask me.Thanks in advance for help.

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Hi guys, I bought this laptop as per description, I bought it refurbished since I wanted a cheap and light laptop to carry around.The laptop worked flawlessly for 8-9 month then suddenly it started to have problems. At the beginning it started to freeze when using it (screen freezes and that's it), I had to power it off with the power button and then restart it.After 2-3 months of this it started to refuse booting, sometimes it boot, sometimes it doesn't; all the LED are on (power and HD) but the screen is off, it doesn't even show the BIOS screen. The laptop boot about 30% of the times I try to start it, the other 70% nothing but the LED as described above, sometimes it freezes during use but again all of this is completely random, I have no idea why it happens. What I know is this:- I'm pretty sure it's not the LCD panel, I tried to connect an external monitor but it's the same erratic behavior all over again- I'm pretty sure it's not the HD since I tried with a new one, same story...- According to he LENOVO user manual it can be one of these two things (in order of probability): 1 RAM Failure - 2 Motherboard failure. Well, I hope it's the RAM of course (because it's 30 Euros and easy to change), if it's the MB I can pretty much kiss it goodbye because it would be cheaper to buy an other one than buying the MB.Now it has been working for two hours running Memtest86+ to test the RAM, I'm already at the second pass but it detected no errors: "Pass com... Read more

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Y 520 Legion lenovo - Keyboard not red but white and must be a UK keyboard.  is the keyboard not supposed to be RED? please help me- i am really afraid i got a patato  Warranty Status:Under WarrantyProduct Information:Legion Y520-15IKBN Laptop (Lenovo)

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Hi! I was doing my homework when suddenly the letters i typed in the keyboard started showing wrong letters and also two letters at the same time. I have a HP Pavilion 15-n034so and I've already done everything that Hp support said to do and also restored the laptop but it's still not working. For example when I type the letter P it becomes po and when i type the number 3 it becomes 3l. I really need your help to fix this!

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I have an Acer 5750-6634 laptop that is working great except for one problem. When I press certain keys(the 9 key and up arrow key, specifically) sometimes do not work. For instance, the up arrow key, if pressed 5 times, usually only works 4 times. The same with the 9 key. Any idea what the problem is or how to fix it? The keyboard has been like this since I bought the computer.

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2410M CPU @ 2.30GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 42 Stepping 7
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 5995 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics Family, -1226 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 595016 MB, Free - 299741 MB;
Motherboard: Acer, JE50_HR
Antivirus: Lavasoft Ad-Watch Live! Anti-Virus, Updated and Enabled

A:What is wrong with my keyboard?

As the fault on the problem keys is intermittent then the keyboard is clearly faulty and has a bad contact under the problem keys. As it has been like that since new why didn't you return it under the guarantee or was it second hand?

Try blowing out the keyboard with a can of compressed air as it may just be due to dirt and dust build up.

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Hey everyone. I have noticed two problems with my keyboard. I accidently spilled a little water on it earlier but as far as I know, either none or very little got in cause I wiped it up quickly. That and it is not showing signs of shorting out like certain keys not working. However, the caps lock has quit working and the paste shortcut Ctrl+V isn't working. The light doesn't even come on when I try to use the Caps Lock. It is a Microsoft Internet Keyboard. Could this be the result of an outdated driver or something? Help!

A:What is wrong with my keyboard??

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Hello friends I have a problem and I need you to help me .I just t bought a windows 7 starter 32 bits laptop ,and I am using it as a desktop, I have a big monitor connected to it and it functions perfectly, the problem is the extra keyboard that I connected ,the symbols and some letters are wrong ,I tried to solve this by uploading new controllers but it is the same problem ,can u help me ,please!

A:my keyboard is wrong

Check your language setting in control panel. I know if I change mine from English (United States) to English (Canada) I get some characters messed up.

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