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Keyboard,Mouse,USB,dead and nothing on monitor

Q: Keyboard,Mouse,USB,dead and nothing on monitor

Please Help

My desktop computer was in Hibenate mode and I unpluge the power to change the memory card then i took the memory and put it back again the same as it was . and after I did put the power back and try to push the button as usall nothing came to the monitor like is not connect to any video hard drive . I did test many things . I am just shock the keyboard and mouse are dead and even num lock of keybord doesn't respond and i did check all the mouse and keyboar is not out of order , even i did reset the BIOS of motherboar , i don't know what to do anymore . Is motherboard DEAD? I don't know .

please inform me .

thanks in advance .

Preferred Solution: Keyboard,Mouse,USB,dead and nothing on monitor

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Keyboard,Mouse,USB,dead and nothing on monitor

Are there any lights on the Computer at all (or even fan startup on Power supply

Other than checking the power source (ie have you tripped your circuit breaker)
It sounds as though the power supply unit inside your PC has died

One last option unplug the power cable
hold the PC power button in for 20 secs

Replg the power cord (firmly) in
Restart (well try)

Reply back

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One day when i turned on my inspiron 530 computer from DELL (Windows Vista), the computer was telling me that something was very wrong with my computer. Before "Setup", it was saying that with my permission it would set itself back in time to a time when it was working properly. I didnt see any sign of error prior to this so i said no, and did so for the next few days. Then one day, i said yes. The computer was working well for the rest of the day.

The next day, i turned on the computer and the Monitor has no signal from the mother-board, the mouse was dead and so was the keybord. The fans in the box were spinning very fast and very loud. There were lights on in the mother-board and there seemes to be an alarm going off inside the box.

My questions are what happened and what can i do?

I send you this e-mail through an alternate computer.

CARL Danzel In Distress!

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I have a really strange problem, after a while (1-2 minutes) Windows just seems to freeze, the monitor signal dies and so does the keyboard and mouse. This seems to be pretty much random and does not occur at a specific time. Safe mode works well without the problem. This problem occurs both during the installation and on the installed OS. I managed to install Windows using safe mode (multiple times). I have been running XP and Linux on the same machine for a long time without any problems.

I have tried to install it multiple (allot) times, using different CDs and USB memory, same result. Even different isos. The iso I'm using is from MSDNAA and it's CRC checked. I have removed all "extra" hardware, disabled BIOS integrated hardware and usb stuff. No luck. I only have 1 monitor connected so it's not a multiple monitor problem, even tried booth DVI connectors. Have installed all the latest updates and tried different nvidia drivers.

Windows 7600 professional 64bit
Intel q6600 quad 2.4 ghz
Asus Geforce 8800gt
Corsair 2gb (mem test ok)
Gigabyte p35C DS3R
Maxtor 300gb

A:No monitor signal, keyboard and mouse dead at random

Hi Zodox
Please check if you have BSOD .dmp files. There are some users in this forum that are very good at analyzing them and tell what is happening. I would have guessed it is a driver problem (given the normal operation in safe mode), but you already said you updated them all. Have you used the Win7 x64 drivers?
Also, if you can load your system specs in your profile, that permits other users to accesss them directly, without having to refer to your Original Post. You can just click on "My system specs" on the left lower corner
Let us know

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Hello. Thanks in advance for your expertise.

Recently my mouse and keyboard have stopped working. I am running Windows XP Media Center Edition on a Dell Dimension machine. When I reboot the machine (using the button on the PC) it loads up and gets me to the user selection screen but I can't do anything at all. Here are a few notes that should help:

I have tried hooking up multiple keyboards and mouses. None work (so I know it's not an issue with them as they work fine on my laptop)
I only have USB connections, no PS2 connections on my PC at all so I can't try a PS2 Mouse or Keyboard
I have tried ONLY plugging in the mouse or ONLY the keyboard and neither work
The Optical mouse lights up for about ten seconds then turns off if I unplug it and plug it back in. Even with the optical light on, the mouse doesn't move on the screen.
While loading, at the Dell screen where it says "Press F2 to enter Setup" the keyboard still doesn't work. So I can't get into BIOS nor can I start the machine in safe mode.

So here are my questions:

What do I do about this?
Can I install either new USB inputs or PS2 inputs without being able to use a mouse or keyboard or even load Windows (can't get past user/login screen)?
If I need to reload Windows, how do I get the data off of my harddrive?

THanks again,

A:Dead Mouse and Keyboard - help

Reset the Bios from the Motherboard


Power cord out
Hold in the ON button for 30 secs, dispersing internal power
Side cover off (who knows, some of the Dell's are hard to work this simple part out)
Take out (remove) the button battery (there's a small clip top side)
Locate the reset jumper, and move it to pins 2 and 3 (it's probably in pins 1 and 2 at the moment)
Wait 10 secs (no need really, but good time to rest )

Then put the jumper back (ie to pins 1 and 2)
Put the cmos round button battery back in
Put the power cord back in (and everything else)
Wha La :grinthumb

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Church lady decided to install Windows Live care on the HP XP machine.
Decided to delete Norton files since they were "old".
Now the computer goes thru boot process and looks okay, but no keyboard or mouse. Can't boot emergency boot cd or recovery cd as the bios is not set to allow cd boots. Can't get into Setup to change boot options, since F1 key is dead. Haven't tried boot floppy yet. Any ideas how to recover from this/why kb and mouse are dead?

A:Keyboard and mouse are dead

You need the drivers of the keyboard and mouse which you should be able to find in the website of the laptop brand with model. If you cant find the web or driver and have any other query dont hesitate to contact. My email is [email protected]

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Fantastic, I have been running wn2k with no down time 4 a year and just when I need most, silly me decides to find out why some of those extra "helpful" net/media buttons on my cheap keyboard by asking 2K for the appropriate driver.

It warns me but I say OK and restart and POOF! no mouse or keyboard. Locked out. No kersor and I cant even press caps locked to show lite. (both work fine in my 2nd partition under 98)

The driver I picked was just the Micsoft enhanced (similar) kB I think.

Have tried Safe mode, Last Settings saved, Nope!

Tried dif keyboard, as you do, and no change.

Have read a couple of dif posts some saying remove Bios Battery for 5mins, others saying boot in DOS and bla bla...Im no good in DOS. (willing to keep trying)

Alot of the posts also say Logitec mouse was problem but dont have 1.

Can anyone direct me to something they may remember in this field.

Or can someone explain how I might fix using 98???????

Much appriciated, urgent work to finish.


A:Keyboard + Mouse dead

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I have a problem. Its all fine during POST, no "keyboard not detected" msg

appearing, but I cant press delete or any other keys to get into BIOS setup.

Keyboard's "Num Lock" lights do not flash. Windows will load but both the keyboard and mouse is dead. Tried other keyboard with the same result. tried the keyboard on another PC - works fine.

Previously the windows had a pci.sys error - "pci.sys not found." ive transported the HD to another PC and reformats the HD, and installs a fresh WINXP on it. Windows now loads fine on the new and old PC, but keyboard and mouse is dead on the old PC.

Have a USB adapter for keyboard but same result. tried the USB ports, both 2 ports on back of PC, and 2 other ports on casing (front). So i guess shouldnt be a problem with the ports, because ive just changed the casing to new and the front ports are fresh,never been used.

System details:
AMD duron 750MHz
mobo EPOX EP-8KTA2
PS2 keyboard with USB adapter.
ps2 mouse.

some guy suggested flashing the BIOS, but i do know how to that when i cant get my keyboard and mouse to work.

maybe, and just maybe, my PS2 keyboard and PS2 mouse ports are broken and the USB keyboard setting in BIOS is not enabled. then how?

any takers?

feiz kronfeld

A:Dead : Mouse and keyboard

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A friend has a Gateway PC approx 5 yrs old running XP Home. It doesn't have any PS/2 ports or serial ports. It came with a keyboard where the USB mouse plugged into the USB keyboard.

When the computer is booted the keyboard & mouse are recognized. I can get into bios and the keyboard works. If I go to the safemode options screen the keyboard works to select options. If I boot from a CD the keyboard works to select options. But if I boot into safe mode (or any other available options) the keyboard and mouse are both dead at the login screen. I tried booting (from this same options screen) to a previous configuration that worked, but still no luck. Gateway tech support told him it's likely the motherboard and tried to sell him one for $400. I'm thinking drivers (maybe a virus...?) but can't get into windows without the keyboard & mouse. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

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I cleaned inside of computer and now usb ports not working, mouse and keyboard are dead. Any ideas? Monitor goes into sleep mode.

Hp Pavillion P7 1154
Wired mouse & keyboard
Acer S211HL monitor

A:Keyboard Mouse Dead after cleaning

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I just installed Fedora core on the computer I built a few months ago. I did not try to boot into windows. The next day, I completely redid my room and moved my computer onto another wall. I booted it the day after and none of the inputs (PS/2, USB, FireWire) worked.
I pushed the power button, It started booting. It asked if I wanted to boot into windows or linux, I pushed the down arrow on my keyboard and nothing happened. Uh-Oh. It booted Windows by default and brought me to the Welcome screen. I looked at my mouse and was relieved to see its LED turn on. I clicked on my account, and logged in. (Thank God I don't have a password). I found that the keyboard still didn't work.
I looked on the back of the computer and saw that I was using a PS/2 keyboard. I proceded to plug in a USB keyboard, and it still didn't work. I unplugged the mouse and put the keyboard in its place. It still didn't work. I put the mouse back in, and the LED didn't come on.
I reset and put the keyboard in place of the mouse. I could then select options on the boot manager, but my mouse didn't work, and as soon as I unplugged the keyboard, the USB port stopped responding.

I have never, ever seen anything like this before. I tried cleaning the dust out of my computer (not much, I've only had it for about 3 months or so), and I still have the same problem. It sounds a little like a short, but even the ports in the PCI cards I have don't work. What's especially weird is that the monitor is working thr... Read more

A:all inputs dead! no mouse, keyboard, anything.

Can you get into your BIOS setup utility?
Should be the DEL key at the ASUS AI Proactive POST overlay.
If not, read your motherboard manual for the procedure for reseting the CMOS, and then do so.

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Wife reported dead mouse etc this morning.
Pressed start/stop button to reboot; chdsk came in, very slow, found 2 file index errors, which it fixed? (1 was config.xml file) and then it hung on reboot just before win login screen, with blank screen and centred mouse.
Pressed start/stop again and rebooted. Went through win login OK, desktop arrives, half way through startup keyboard and mouse go dead.
Tried different mouse, rebooted etc. same again.
Where do I go from here please?

A:Dead mouse and keyboard half way through startup

Run virus/malware programs.

Safe mode - Check your event logs!

Also, you can go into the Control Panel>System>Advanced - Click the Settings tab for performance and select "Adjust for best performance."

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Hello all,

The problem started when I rebooted my computer to install some software to let me access the college's wi-fi. When my computer turned back on I had absolutely no control from the built in keyboard or mouse (I am using a lenovo x60s on Vista Ultimate with the red button mouse). The only way I am able to use my computer (which otherwise works just fine btw) is by plugging in an external mouse and keyboard into the USB. I have uninstalled all of my college's software so I don't think that is the problem. WHAT SHOULD I DO, MIDTERMS ARE COMING UP!!!!!

A:Keyboard And Mouse Dead!! College Student! Please Help!

Try uninstalling the mice and keyboards from Device manager and rebooting for re-detection.

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I have an HP Pavilion Notebook running XP Home SP2. It boots ok and windows starts ok to the desktop but then both the mouse and keyboard are dead. I've tried booting from the OS disk and the keyboard works fine using the recovery console. I've tried a safe boot, last good config option, a usb mouse and I have an HP docking station for this notebook using an Ir mouse and keyboard and they won't work either. I've read other similar posts here but no help from those solutions. If I have to reload the OS, I could use help on saving the data. Can you tell me what the default mouse and keyboard driver filenames are and the command line to expand them from the OS recovery disk? Any Suggestions?

A:Mouse and Keyboard dead after windows starts

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When it is time to enter the password when attempting to start WinXP Pro SP3 in safe mode the keyboard and mouse are non functional.

Anyone know why would that be?

A:Keyboard/Mouse Dead In Safe Mode.

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Running windows XP home edition. If I boot to safe mode (F8) my keyboard and mouse are inop. Both are usb connected.

A:Keyboard & mouse dead in safe mode

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Guys I need help in this matter

My machine hangs suddenly when I work or download something, that too very frequently. My keyboard and mouse go dead they don't respond to any of my commands. I even tried upgrading my drivers using Uniblue Driver Scanner and updated but it is still giving me the same problem. Here is my System Config

80 GB Hard disk
1.23 GB RAM
Pentium[R] D CPU 2.80GHz
Microsoft Windows XP Professional 2002 Service Pack 2

This is my system config. And one more thing I even installed an Anti-Crash Software even with that my system just hangs

Please help me in this matter

Waiting for your reply



A:System Hang Keyboard, Mouse Dead

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I was cleaning and moving my pc, during which I disconnected many of the wires and cables to the pc. Now, for some reason, my mouse and keyboard don't work when I log into Media Center. I have two operating systems on my computer, the media center XP on one hard drive and XP Pro on another. The mouse and keyboard work fine in the XP Pro, and they work fine while selecting which operating system to use, but as soon as I log into Media Center, the indicator lights on both of them go out, and they stop working entirely. They are both connected via USB, but I've also tried connecting them both with a PS2 connection, and there is no change. The odd thing is that I don't even recieve any message that says there is no mouse or no keyboard connected, and unplugging and then plugging them in again also does nothing. I tried starting in safe-mode and from the last known good configuration, but neither of those has worked. Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated.

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I lost access to my USB powered devices primarily my Keyboard and Mouse which has rendered my Dell PC unusable.
I get the Keyboard Failure message displayed on top of the screen right after the Dell logo gets displayed. I never get the option to hit the F2 Setup key because the sustem cannot detect a keyboard and mouse.
I will need to find out if there are any chances of recovery outside of replacing the motherboard on the system.

A:All the USB ports dead after lightening on Inspirion 660 - Cannot use Keyboard or Mouse

Have you tried using a different KB and mouse, if does not fix the issue, then it would seem that the motherboard has issues and requires replacing.

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Happens every few weeks on a new Toshiba laptop that came with Vista. Screen is blank, keyboard and mouse and start button dead. Only solution is to power down by removing battery. Anyone else seeing this?

A:Vista hangs, screen, keyboard, and mouse dead

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Yes I know this problem has been raised before and I have looked at and implemented as many of the solutions as I can find including ones from MSOFT
I use my PC as a media centre so going in and out of Hibernation is the norm. So far the only solution that always works is to unplug and replug the dongle.

To summarise what I have tried,
I've switched all the save power options off,
done all the suggestions in USB mouse unresponsive after hibernate mode
Tried using DEVCON to restart the hubs, tried using Devcon to restart the actual Keyboard and mouse,
I've even tried rebooting after a resume from hibernate but even that only works sometimes.

Some of the Devcon restarts etc require a reboot anyway so I'm not totally happy with that as a solution.

If there is no valid solution does anyone know a way to make the computer do a restart rather than a resume when it's coming back from hibernate as I suspect the USB hubs need a complete flush out.

The Msoft sites suggest that the problem doesn't go away with Windows 8, does anyone know if 8 does fix this as I have a licence. 10's not an option as there is no Media Centre available.

Any help will be appreciated

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i have windows vista 32 bit and proceeded to install the recommended drivers to use it via a charging USB cable. Immediately after the installation my mouse and keyboard became dead/unresponsive. you guys might also like to know that they both became dead while the setup displayed that it was performing the following task "creating kernel" or something like that. Immediately after that phase finished all was lost. The keyboard and mouse are detected by bios, and key presses to get me in and around the bios and initiate safe mode work fine. At the moment i am checking to see that the hole I/O plate on my mobo arent dead, and also no response from USB's on the front either. Power is being supplied to these as my red laser light and keyboard lights flash when they are plugged in and out.

i have been routing round on th einternet to see if this little gem has happened to anyone else on earth...clearly it hasnt.

thank you for youre help, even if my desktop is dead.

A:Dead Keyboard and Mouse Immediately after installing PS3 PC controller driver

Why not use system restore to roll back your system to before you tried to install the PS3 controller drivers? It's pretty obvious that something went wrong with the install. I haven't looked lately but last time I checked there were no offical PS3 controller drivers. The one that is floating around is a hacked driver and results may vary. The Xbox 360 controller does have an offical driver from Microsoft.

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Thank you for responding to my issue. I have a older Dell windows XP using a wired mouse. My mouse works great except for not able to click on the complete screen on my monitor. Other words, there is a small area about a 1/4 of my monitor I can't access/click on anything. I can see my cursor but it won't operate anything in that area. It only does that working on the internet, any website, email Ect. Very frustrating, Thanks for any advice!


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I am working on a sony vaio vgc-rb40 in which the mouse and keyboard don't work. I have tried the ps2 ports and the usb in both legacy and 2.0 the computer sees the new device and installs it in usb but it still does not work. no keyboard or mouse in safe mode but it does work in the bios and both the keyboard and mouse worked when in desperation a ran a bit defender rescue cd just to see if by chance is was malware. The computer other wise boots and seems to run perfectly it just has no input devices what so ever. The one strange thing it does is 2 quick beeps at post but I cant figure out if that is normal for a vaio or not, all the codes I see for a vaio are multiples of 3 beeps so I think it is just the post beep but I am not sure. Thank you for any help

A:sony vaio vgc-rb40 mouse and keyboard dead after updates last week

Since when do you have this problem? And what did you install/uninstall/change settings that can cause this?

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Dell D 800 Laptop running XP SP2
Internal AND external Keyboards and Mouse NOT working after boot to XP. Can't enter cntrl/Alt/Del or anything to log in. Keyboard DOES work in Bios mode but is lost as soon as xp is loaded. Does NOT work in SAFE mode either because can't log in..(no Cntrl/Alt Del)

I've tried repair and reinstall of xp but still does not recognize any keystrokes after boot to xp.


A:Solved: Keyboard and Mouse Access DEAD after boot to XP on Dell D800 laptop. BIOS wor

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I asked a question a week or so ago about an A/B box I have between 2 computers here. When I switched from one computer to another sometimes the mouse and/or keyboard locked up. I found if I move the switch slowly that the problem went away. Now however on one of the machines the mouse locks up even if you just unplug it and plug it back in. This computer worked fine with the A/B box for a while. My question is: Is there a way to "unlock" the keyboard or mouse when it locks up short of rebooting?


A:A/B box for monitor, keyboard, mouse

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I need a compatable switch box to use 2 CPU's and single Princeton monitor, Logitech trackball marble fx mouse and mouse systems keyboard. Belkin brand does not work. Does anyone know of other brands? My cpu's are pentium with serial ports.

A:using 2 CPU's & 1 monitor, mouse, keyboard

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Please help!!!!!!
I am about to trash my computer. I have a packard bell i media 5167 on windows xp sp2. I have formatted and reloaded xp. everyting working fine until I shutdown. When I restart, computer powers up but no display or keyboard or beep. If I turn off mains, then reboot everything o.k.until I turn off again.
I have tryed a new power supply.Any ideas please

A:No Monitor,keyboard or mouse

i would look in the bios and see what they have for configuration.. they could have a setting in there that could've switched or something

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This is a question posed by my sons workplace, they run several PCs but one of them just logs jobs that are arriving. Apparently this has to be a stand alone PC so that it can receive data down the phone line but they do not need to watch this PC all of the time so would prefer not to have a monitor, mouse & keyboard hogging desktop space.

Is it possible to set up 2 PCs so that they share a single monitor, mouse & keyboard?

A:2 PCs, 1 monitor mouse & keyboard

Yes, use a KVM switch. Here's a nice KVM for 2 PCs from Linksys. I had one and it worked great. Use it if you have PS/2 mouse and keyboard.


Here's a good one from IOGear for USB mouse and keyboard, again for 2 PCs.


Alternatively, for free you can enable RDP on the second computer and use Remote Desktop to get into it. That's what I do with a pair of computers that I have now. I also have a laptop and I can RDP into the second computer anywhere from the home.

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I have 2 computers and an A/B box so I can use only one monitor/keyboard/mouse. After installing Win2000 I found that win2000 notices if a device has been "unpluged" so when I go back to the win2000 computer my keyboard locks up and I have to reboot. Is there anyway I can disable this check, at least while I am using the other computer. I tryed to put this computer in standby mode and that did not seem to help.



A:A/B box for monitor, keyboard, mouse

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Hi Guys!

I have a XFX 8600GT GFX card installed in my computer which has the facility for attaching two displays.

Is it possible to attach two monitors, two keyboard and two mouse so that two persons can work differently on each monitor using the same one CPU?

Thank you.

A:2 Monitor,2 Keyboard, 2 Mouse on same CPU?

Yaah that can be done using a KVM switch..

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Hi, this is my first post here so I hope someone can help me.
Last night I put my pc to sleep so that I could use it quickly again today. However, when I went to put it on, the tower booted up but my monitor remained blank as though the pc was off. My mouse did the same (no red light from it) but my keyboards LED's for Caps lock etc. flashed before it went dead.
I have tried a different mouse that was not a usb mouse and it worked so at first I though it was the usb ports but my speakers also use the usb ports and they come on with the computer.
anyone know what's going on? :/

A:monitor, keyboard and mouse not responding.

"I have tried a different mouse that was not a usb mouse and it worked so at first I though it was the usb ports but my speakers also use the usb ports and they come on with the computer"
--- Are you saying that the computer boots up and works ok with the "not usb mouse" which I interpret to be a PS2 mouse?
--- If so it could be the BIOS has reverted to legacy settings
--- Change the battery, start back up, correct the time and hopefully you'll be able to move on from there
On the speakers using usb ports, that can be addressed afterward; in fact it might be a good idea to disconnect the speakers in the above idea

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the title is just a breif description of my problem. My OS is XP normally i shut cpu down once a week, i shut it down saturday night when i powered it up sunday all lights on the mother board went on and the fans went on. it seemed as if it wanted to boot but did not. the lights on cdrom drives went on both green and amber lights for hard drive went on then green stayed on. monitor showed no signal on screen keyboard lights did not go on and mouse was not operational either. i tried restarting from the windows cd but cdrom did not respond. what should i do.

thanxs for the help in advance

A:no monitor, mouse or keyboard function

Unseated cards or bad connections

Open up and check that all cards & memory are properly seated. Also check that all connections are well made.

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I installed a nic card and everything worked fine. I changed the slots that I had the nic card and video card in and now when I turn the computer on I don't get any power to the monitor, keyboard, or mouse. I tried to switch to the on board video and it still didn't work. I left it alone for the night and this morning I tried it again and the monitor worked for a minute with the on board video but not any more. Are there any ideas I really don't want to replace the motherboard. Thank you guys for your time.

A:NO Power to Monitor, Keyboard, or Mouse

Any fans running ?Could be a bad power supply or board? I would check all your connections might have loosened something.

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im in the middle of moving im currently at a friends house i decided to setup my cpu and go play a game i plug in the cpu and take my friends computers monitor and keyboard and i go to boot up my pc and it seemed fine for a minute the lights on my pc came up the lights on the back came up the keyboard flickered with the lights then nothing no picture on the monitor no keyboard response or mouse response its a standard ps/2 keyboard and mouse the standard ports for em the video card i have is a nvidia 6800 ultra 512meg i cant figure out what the problem is my friends pc works fine but mine seems to not respond to anything i thought it might be a motherboard failure but the lights on the back came up and when i opened it up the lights came on i thought it could be a problem with my power supply or the fact that thiers 2 surge strips so close to each other with a ton of stuff on them

i use windows xp home edition
my cpu is from dell

A:monitor mouse, keyboard no power

If you have been moving the computer you need to check all the components and make sure nothing was dislodged and all are firmly seated. (CPU, ram, video card.) and make sure all the power connections are firmly seated.

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Well... straight to the point. My PC seems to be working fine, running along. I went up close and checked if anything was fryed/unplugged yet no problems. My PC can turn on, but my monitor, keyboard AND mouse doesn't work <--- Epic doom Anyone care to help?

BTW- The PC itself works (turns on and everything else, even the USB, CD, Floppy drives work) it's just the monitor, mouse and keyboard thats not working.

Thanks in advance!

A:Mouse/Keyboard/Monitor not working

Open the case and check for dust/dirt, loose connections. Re-seat everything and try again.
It might help to know the make/model/OS.

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hallo' everybody

a few days ago my mouse , keyboard , an monitor wasn't getting any power from my tower . at first i thought it was my power supply an i replace it but nothing happen.. so it wasn't that and i returned it . tha cpu an my other fan was spinning as usually . i can hear tha hard drive working , my cd / dvd drive open an close .

my keyboard an mouse lite up as usual when i first turn the computer on an nothing else and my monitor it just goes to power saving mode . weird things is that my mouse would work when the keyboard isn't plug in , but not tha opposite way around .

i some how got my monitor to work but not the mouse or keyboard , but it would just freeze on the " hp invent screen " . on the screen it show the push " esc" to reboot , F1- (i forgot sorry T.T) F10 to system . i have a few more day of school left before i can go check on it at my parent's house.. so i can't really do anything till i go down on saturday .

my system specs is -

HP Pavilion a450n
Pentium 4 / 3.0 GHz:
HyperThreading Technology
800 MHz front side bus

1Gig of ram
160 GB Ultra DMA 7200 rpm Hard Drive
GeForceFX 5200 AGP2 8X card: graphic card
ASUS P4SD-LA PES revision 0.01 - motherboard

thank you for taking your time to look at this

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MOD EDIT: moved to Win8 from Am I Infected ~~ boopme
Hello! I've an old computer I'm working on. Its a 4-5 year old desktop. It was pretty nice when it was bought. I installed windows 8 for kicks on it.
My problem is this:
I push the startup button, the machine starts up, but it doesn't show anything on the VGA monitor (it has a DVI port as well, I tried it but no luck), the USB Keyboard and Mouse do not light up.
The CD drive does come out.
My guess is its a virus, but which one?
The computer has no important information on it, so I'm ok with starting from scratch. What could the problem be?

A:Windows 8-No monitor, no usb, no ps/2 for mouse and keyboard

Is Windows 8 installed? Did it ever work? What is the make and model of the computer?

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Hello. Before you start posting suggestions, please take the time to read my specs and situation. Most people just start telling me I need a simple KVM switch, but I have already purchased a KVM switch from TRENDnet (the TK-209) and this isn't what I need.

I work equally between 3 different locations, home, office, and girlfriend's apartment. I have a monitor, keyboard, and mouse combination at each of the three locations (that's 3 wide screen monitors, 3 keyboards, and 3 mice total). I also have two different laptops (one mac, one pc), and a desktop at Home (for my home business, not work).

My solution would be an item that meets the following criteria:

1. simple button/quick switch option for changing between target computers (like how the KVM has 2 buttons, press 1 and it displays input from PC 1, etc.)
2. when pressing the above button/toggling between PCs I need it to bring the mouse and keyboard input along with it (not all of my monitors are USB, and I don't think the USB inputs communicate via the graphics port - is this correct?). The problem with the KVM switch is that I have to unplug my mouse and keyboard every time I want to switch computers.

Kind Regards,

Seth B. W.

A:1 keyboard, mouse, monitor - 2/3 devices? What to buy?

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Hi there!

I recently decided to add a GPU and a new powersupply to my asus M32. I added a Radeon Rx 270x along with a 550 watt cooler master elite v2 PSU. This is my first time adding components to my pc. Unfortunately, when i had come home with a DVI cable for my gpu to monitor, the pc turned on but my screen had been blank while my keyboard and mouse emitted no light. I opened my case and saw all the fans running. Is there any way to fix this problem?

A:PC On But Keyboard, Mouse and Monitor not working

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I recently put in a new motherboard. when I go to fire up my PC my monitor, keyboard,and mouse don't light up. I tried resetting but that didn't work. I disconnected the cables then reconnected them. Still nothing. What can I do?

A:Solved: No Monitor, Mouse, or Keyboard.......

either the slave/master switches are in the wrong positions (if there is a group of 6-10 or so switches...try them in the opposite position) or it could be that the motherboard itself is just burnt out

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hey i need help bad, i got this mother board and hard disk drive, and on my computer i just switched out the hard disk drive and it didn't work so i put the old one back in and from there on out my monitor won't show the picture from the comp. and the keyboard doesn't come on and all that so i need help on how to fix this problem. please help me if you can, thanks alot.

A:no power to anything through cpu. (monitor,keyboard,mouse)

Are the fans running? Double check and see if by chance you unplugged something.

If the fans are running when you power up, try removing the cmos battery for about 15 minutes and then put it back. Now try to boot the computer.

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As the title says, my monitor, keyboard, and mouse won't connect on my desktop. I have tried unplugging them all, turning off the computer, removing a powersupply within the computer and readding it, and dusting off everything inside. it appears to be the computer, and not the peripherals, because i have tested and know that the keyboard and mouse work on another computer. Any help will be greatly appreciated, fore this is frustrating me greatly.The Fans are working, what would indicate the PSU working, the LEDs on the comp turning on? because they do.
it is made by iBuyPower.

A:Mouse, Keyboard, and Monitor not working, help please!

From what you are describing, you power on the computer and nothing shows on the screen, no beeps from the computer either?
If the mouse, keyboard and monitor are all in working order, then it means something is wrong with the computer itself.
The LED lights do indicate that the PSU is functional, to a degree. There is the possibility that it is not supplying the correct voltages but you would need a tester to verify.
It seems more likely that there might be a problem with the internal components.
If you know what to do, I would recommend
- re-seating the memory
- if there are multiple memory sticks, try one at a time. If there is only one, see if you can locate a compatible one to use.
- remove any unnecessary hardware like audio and modem cards
- disconnect the hard drive and optical drive
- try a different PSU

Try one at a time and then try starting the system. If you hear no beeps and see nothing on the screen, that would mean something serious has failed, like the CPU.

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I just got my computer today (build it myself) working perfectly before. The computer boots up, fans and cd is running but the mouse, keyboard and monitor wont start.

I've read that the PSU might be broke, but I'd like to see if there is any cheaper solution first.

I moved from Norway to England and are using adapters since european sockets wont fit in England. Think I should buy a new power supply cable that fits in UK sockets instead of using adapters?

A:Monitor, mouse and keyboard not working

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I just got a new computer and I'm in the process of setting it up, loading on my programs, etc.

But I'm still using my old computer for a lot of things and I think I'll need it up and running for a while, before I can start using the new machine for everything.

As such, I pretty much have two entire setups running at once. Two CPUs, two monitors, two keyboards, etc.

It dawned on me that maybe there's a way to use the monitor, keyboard and mouse for both CPUs, so all I have to do is flip a switch (or whatever) depending on which machine I need to work on.

Is this something that could be done?

Clearly I'm a novice here, so if what I'm thinking of is totally unfeasible, feel free to let me know.

It just seems like that would give me a lot more room to work and clean up some of the clutter, etc. I wouldn't always have to be turning around to use the other machine, stuff like that.

I found this item online:


It kinda looks like something that might do what I need.

But again, I'm a novice and I could be way off base about what that device is.

Can anyone out there tell me if this can actually be done, and if so, what I might need to do it?

Any information would be greatly appreciated, rest assured.

Many thanks in advance for any thoughts you guys might have on this.



A:Re: 2 CPUs, One Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse? Is It Possible?

That's exactly what you need, a KVM switch

you will also need the cables.

Basically, you plug your Keyboard, Video, and Mouse into the switch box, and then you will need a set of cables to go from the switchbox to each machine.

So, you need the box and 2 sets of cables.
you won't need any software, and it's easy-peasy.

The only problem would be if the keyboard and mouse you wanted to use were cordless, or USB. or if the monitor you wanted to use were digital requiring a different connection.

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I just put everything together and when I start it up all fans are working but I don't get anything on the monitor and there are no lights on the mouse or keyboard. I have unplugged everything but the basics. I don't get any beeps but I don't think I have onboard sound. I have tried reseating everything and I don't know what the problem could be. Any ideas?

My system:
MOBO: Asus M2n-SLI Deluxe
GRAPHICS: EVGA eGe-Force 9600 GT
MEMORY: 2 2 GB A-Data DDR2 800

A:New build no monitor, mouse or keyboard

Follow this guide:

It will tell you what is wrong 99% of the time.

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I am having troubles with a Compaq Presario 5460. I turn it on, it loads Windows 98 SE, but when I get to the part where I am supposed to enter my password, the keyboard nor the mouse work. I have hooked up the same mouse & keyboard to another computer, so I know it is not there. The lights on the keyboard flash when the computer 1st turns on, but nothing after that. What could be the problem & how do I correct it? TIA!

A:Monitor/Keyboard/Mouse question

I know this may sound like an obvious question, but make sure the keyboard isn't in the mouse port, and the mouse in the keyboard port.

I myself have accidently put the two in the opposite places as long as I've been doing it, because lots of computers are confusing since they label the keyboard/mouse horizontally when the keyboard/mouse connections are vertical to each other, so it is kind of confusing which is which. The color codes help sometimes, except when the connection on the back of the computer isn't color coded.

Since you know they are working, maybe its possible something is wrong with the mouse/keyboard connection on the motherboard.

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