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HDMI 2 connection to TV from laptop has suddenly stopped working

Q: HDMI 2 connection to TV from laptop has suddenly stopped working

Suddenly my HDMI 2 connection with the LG TV has stopped working.

When I switch in Input to HDMI 2 it comes up on screen Connecting as usual but then reverts to no signal.

I?ve taken the lead out and in again but it still won?t connect.

I note when researching this problem some people are suggesting graphic driver updates and I did start with a Microsoft thing but cancelled cos I was worried in case it was not legit or virus etc.
I'm an oldie and nervous of this stuff.
I haven?t changed anything ? it was working earlier but just didn?t work when I switched as usual to HDMI 2
I do hope somebody can help me
Many thanks

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Preferred Solution: HDMI 2 connection to TV from laptop has suddenly stopped working

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)


I have a duel monitor setup where one was plugged into HDMI and the other into VGA. Both were running off of my NVIDIA graphics card (i also have Intel 4000 Graphics which came with my processor but is not in use).
When playing a game - my HDMI monitor just shut off. My VGA continuing to work.
I have tried many things such as reinstalling drivers but nothing has seemed to work. My Intel 4000 Graphics are failing to work also. I am yet to look inside of my PC to see if anything has moved out of place.
I've tried googling and I've found nothing of use. If anyone has a solution that would be great! - P.S I'm new to the forums

A:HDMI suddenly stopped working.

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Laptop: HP 15-R005TXOS: Windows 8.1 x64Laptop Purchased: September 2014TV: SONY KLV-40W562D About 1 week back, my HDMI output suddenly stopped working. On connecting the cable, there is no activity. I tried all of the available solutions includingPressing Win+P and selecting 'Extend Screen' or 'Duplicate Screen'Going to Device Manager and Disabling then enabling Intel HD driverTrying to update Intel HD Driver from Device Manager (It said that I already have the latest version)Plugging cable more tightlyKeeping TV switched on before plugging cableKeeping TV switched off before plugging cable, then switching onUpdating NVIDIA GEFORCE 820M drivers (820M comes with this laptop model)Trying both the available HDMI ports in the TVCompletely resetting my laptop to factory settings using HP recovery toolNone of the above steps worked for me. The 'Screen Resolution' window doesn't detect any other display, neither does Intel Graphics Properties window. There is no option on the 'Graphics Options' submenu which helps to select another screen (Graphics Options is shown in the right click menu). Below are my Graphics Adapter properties  I have ruled out any problems in my TV because I also have a RaspberryPi 2B, which works flawlessly with the same TV and HDMI cable. So, there is no problem with the cable and the TV. I have tried downloading compatible drivers from Intel's website but on installing, they give the following error when I try to install. NOTE: ... Read more

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Hi, I use HDMI output to connect to my TV a lot. One day I was using it without issue, disconnected the cable to move the laptop and when I reconnected it didn't work. I tried using (Win + P) and another dedicated keyboard shortcut (Fn + F4) to chage the display, neither would restore the TV display. I can still connect to a projector using VGA and I know the TV and HDMI cable are still good because they both work with my Windows 8 laptop and bluray player.

I'm just not sure how to start troubleshooting. I don't see display ports in the device manager and the graphics card says "This device is working properly." So where do I go from here?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

A:HDMI out suddenly stopped working. Don't know how to troubleshoot.

Do some quick checks on the cable. First you can think about if you have bent the cable in any weard ways. If so that could have damaged the cable. You are NEVER supposed to fold a cable as it can break the small cables inside of it.

Secoundly have a look at the pin's on each side of the cable, Are any of them bent? If so this could be the cause.

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My laptop won't connect to HDMI?
My laptop yesterday was just fine. Was playing games on my telly. Turned off for the night, turned on today, and it won't work? It's like it's not even recognising it's being plugged in.
I've got a Lenovo Y50-70. I've restarted my laptop, restarted the telly. I've reinstalled my intel graphics driver and I've reinstalled my nvidia graphics driver. I'm at a loss here. Can anyone help!?

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I've been using my HDMI port with a HDMI->VHS adaptor for about a year with no issuesDriver is AMD Radeon HD 8610G two days ago I took my laptop to a meeting, then when I returned home I plugged in the HDMI cable as normal and could not get the second display to work I've reinstalled the driver mentioned aboveI've replaced the HDMI->VHS adaptorI've tested with another HP monitorI've tested this monitor with another computer and it works fineI've shutdown, removed battery, held on button on the laptopI've shutdown unplugged and held on button on MonitorI've tried several other sequences of startupI've used the Project image to extend, duplicate, second screen only   etc..I've checked status of HDMI port in devices, it says it is working fine...... any help would be appreciated to get my dual monitor setup working again

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I have an acer laptop E5-573-35AQ and previously could stream to television.  Recently all stopped.  I can detect two video (pc and LG tv) but can get no picture.  Did I press the wrong key or something?  I tried updating and using the function key to no avail.

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I have an acer laptop E5-573-35AQ and previously could stream to television.  Recently all stopped.  I can detect two video (pc and LG tv) but can get no picture.  Did I press the wrong key or something?  I tried updating and using the function key to no avail. not the cable

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Hi, my computer has stopped showing any signs of connection when plugged into my television. This is a major problem for me because I use my tv as a monitor. It was working perfectly fine, and has been for months, before I moved. Now I set everything up and it won't work. I tried using a different tv and a different hdmi cord to see if that was the issue but it still won't work. The tower wasn't damaged or at risk of being damaged in the move, I was very careful about that, so I'm not sure what's the problem. Thanks for any help you can offer me.

A:HDMI connection has stopped working

Hi What do you see when you click the windows logo+P??
Here are 20 PC shortcuts!

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The HDMI connection to a video screen stopped working on this notebook.  The cable works with another notebook.  The problem might be associated with a recent Windows HP update.

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New to this forum. Hope you can help.

I have been using an external monitor (Samsung PX2370) with my Toshiba laptop (about 2 years old), connected via an HDMI cable. Up until today it has been working fine. This morning the audio stopped working. Now the laptop does not find the external monitor at all when connected via HDMI. I can connect fine with the VGA cable. I have tried a new HDMI cable but it doesn't help.

Any ideas would be most welcome



A:HDMI connection to second monitor has stopped working

Is there anything blocking the HDMI ports on the computer and the monitor? you may want to clean them with compressed air.

If that doesn't help try connecting the laptop to another monitor or TV via HDMI so you can determine if it is the HDMI on the computer or the monitor.

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I've got a problem on my thinkpad which I've never encountered before.

Last night my internet connection worked fine (dsl, wireless router). This morning, I brought it to work and tried to use it here and it's very slow, and when it DOES work, I have to refresh the page several times or else I get the "page cannot be displayed" message in Chrome.

I figured it was the internet at the office, so I brought it home and it's doing the same thing. So I've isolated the problem to just this computer. All other computers on my home network and office network are not experiencing this problem.

I've tried ipconfig/release & renew, flushdns, all to no avail.
I am able to ping google.com for instance. I was also able to ping my router at home.

What else should I try to fix this? It's driving me mad!

Thanks in advance!

A:Connection suddenly slowed down / stopped working

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Can someone help!

I turned on my Acer Aspire 3613 one morning and it wouldn't connect to the Internet through my wireless router. When I open Network Connections to refresh the Network List, I don't see any networks (despite the fact that before this, I was able to see my neighbours' networks. When I connect the laptop using a network cable, I can access the Internet without a problem and other wireless laptops are still able to connect to my wireless router. As everything worked fine until that point, I figured the wireless card went dead.

I installed a new Dynex wireless G external network card but still cannot connect to my wireless router either.

Any idea what could be wrong and how to fix?

A:Wirless Internet Connection suddenly stopped working!

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I ask that you please be patient with me, as I am not very knowledgeable where computers are concerned.
So my wireless internet connection has been working completely fine on my Windows 8 laptop up until a couple of days ago. The wireless internet is working for all devices in my home except for the laptop. I am currently typing this on my mobile phone. When I try to diagnose the connection, I get an error message that says, "'Wi-Fi' doesn't have a valid ip configuration". I went into the Administrator Command Prompt and attempted an ipconfig /renew as I have heard this solves the problem, but I receive a message that says, "No operation can be performed on Local Area Connection* 11 while it has its media disconnected."

I have reset the computer, but to no avail. The internet connection icon on my taskbar shows me that I have a strong internet connection, but when I mouse over it, it says, "Unidentified Network. No internet access." I have also tried resetting the router. Any help would be much appreciated.

A:Wireless Internet Connection Suddenly Stopped Working on Windows 8

The Local Area Connection would not interfere with the wireless as that's the Ethernet port. That message is normal.

Go into the Network and Sharing Center, then on the left side in the blue section choose change adapter settings.

Right click on the wireless network icon and choose properties.

Highlight Internet Protocol Version 4 and click properties. Make sure both sections are selected for Automatically Obtain IP/DNS address. If you had to change them, click OK then Close. Go back to command prompt and type ipconfig/all and post teh results here.

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I'm sorry, I'm somewhat technologically impaired. I've been connecting my tv to my laptop via HDMI cable for several years and it's always worked fine. Today when I tried, the screens just turned back. My TV stopped saying no signal as if it recognized the computer, and the computer screen went black as if it were switching to the TV, but neither of them actually worked. I tried to go into my display settings to connect to a projector which I have had to select in the past, but it says no additional display was detected. When I tried to tell it to do it anyway, the laptop screen started turning on and off every few seconds so it was black, then back to my desktop, then black again.

The really wonky part is that when I tried starting up the computer with the HDMI cable already attached, it showed the windows startup and password screens on the TV as if it were working properly--but as soon as it loaded up the desktop it started turning the screen on and off again until I disconnected the HDMI.

I haven't changed any settings on my computer recently--the only new thing I've installed are some games off Steam. Something crazy's going on with my computer that has never happened before, could someone please help?


PS: This image should have the info for my computer please let me know if you need any other information

A:laptop HDMI to tv stopped working

Verify the screen resolution and refresh rate.

Aside from that, try manually updating or reinstalling the laptop video drivers. The drivers should be available from the laptop manufacturers website (and are the only recommended drivers which should be used).

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Hi, I have a Windows 8.1 Lenovo notebook and a Toshiba Satellite Windows 7 laptop, and a mouse, lol.

Well, the mouse has been working fine for 4 months, but suddenly, the mouse has stopped working in my Toshiba laptop. As I didn't know how to fix it, and as Toshiba laptop was full of crap, I've just formatted its HDD and made a clean install of Windows 8.1 and updated everything.

After that, I've plugged the mouse in and the same error: it connects and disconnects all the time. Sometimes, if I'm in the Device Manager refreshing the devices, mysteriously it start to work, but just for a few minutes. Sometimes, and just sometimes, the Device Manager shows that there's an unknown device connected to a USB port that is not working. The error code is 43.

That mouse works perfectly in my other notebook, the lenovo. I've connected a different mouse to the Toshiba and it works perfectly, in any port. So that makes me say this:

-The mouse is not broken, cause it works in my other laptop
-Toshiba's USB ports work nice cause any other device I connect works seamlessly
-After a clean install, it can't be a software problem

So... what the hell is going on?


A:Mouse suddenly stopped working in just 1 laptop

Sound like a driver problem.

Did you do the clean Windows install from the Lenovo recovery partition and install all the system specific drivers? If not, visit the Lenovo Support site. Unlike some laptops, my Lenovo Yoga 13 didn't come with an automatic driver update program. You have to download their drivers and such.

They have changed their support site several times so now it's very easy to get the right drivers.

Home - Lenovo (US)

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I have an older Dell Inspiron 5100 that's been rock solid since day one.

I recently transferred all my music from my PC to my Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex so I could organize my files while I was out of town on business. When I got to my hotel and plugged the Seagate into the USB port the laptop would not recognize it.
There's two USB ports, one of the USB ports does nothing at all when I plug the drive in (not even a 'Ding-Dong' sound). The other port at least responds but still not recognized. By "responds" I mean Windows responds with a "Dunn..." sound; not the happy two tone sound of a device actually being recognized and available, just a "Dunn..."

I've used this drive before on this laptop on several occasions so I know it's compatible. I also came home and plugged to drive back into the PC to see if the drive itself responds. It does, and all files are there and happy.

Also, when plugged into the non-responsive USB slot the light on the drive blinks a couple times, the platters spool up for 15 or so seconds then goes out.
When plugged into the other USB slot (the one that goes "Dunn...") the light comes on and stays on and the platters spin untill I unplug the device. But it's still not recognized.

Nothing shows up under the Disc Management tool either.

Normal USB thumb drives work normal still.

A:Both USB ports on laptop suddenly stopped working

This procedure USB Selective Suspend - Turn On or Off has helped others with issues similar to yours.
Try it and see if it helps. You would want to turn the feature OFF, or disable.

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My Dell laptop was working just fine a couple of days ago and was due for maintenance check since it's been over a year since I bought the laptop and just wanted to check if there are any problems or if it needs cleaning of some sort. Sent it to the shop as to where I bought it. Since they were quite busy and unable to get to check into my laptop, I decided to get m laptop back after 2 days being left in the shop. This is not my first dell laptop and I figured this would last as long as my 1st laptop with dell which lasted for about 5-6 yrs. The only reason we stopped using my prev laptop was because someone stole it.
When I got home, my laptop would not turn on anymore. I would not blame the shop since I have been with them for all these years. And the technician I go to has been the same guy ever since. When I had him check my laptop and done some troubleshooting, he adviced me that he would need to send my laptop to manila for checking. After a couple of weeks, he told me that they cannot fix my laptop due to a chipset was damaged. Is there anyway that the laptop would again by replacing it or is it too costly to have it fixed?
This laptop is less than 2 yrs old. My first laptop which lasted longer had many complications like it got wet, the battery died and fell off a table 2x but still worked just fine. My 2nd laptop looks good as new and had no damages at all. I have not done anything wrong with it. The damages on the 1st laptop was due to my younger siblings but ... Read more

A:Dell Laptop suddenly stopped working

Hi CHOA18,
I would need more info about the issue.
What is the exact system model? When you state the system does not turn on, do you see any leds come on when the power button is pressed? Are you using an original Dell OEM Adapter? When you plug in the adapter to the system, does the adapter stay firm or does it fall off easily? Is the adapter frayed? Is there any damage on the system? Could you test with another power adapter if possible? Does the adapter led stay on and stable or does it go off when connected to the system?
Also, please click my DELL-username and write me a private conversation with the service tag and your contact details(Name and Email) for case records.
Let us know if you have any other queries.

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I have a Compaq 6715B, and yesterday while I was browsing the web, my wireless stopped working, it gave me a notification in the "Safely Remove Hardware" thing near the clock, "The blah blah blah Network adapter can now be safely removed".
The wireless hasn't been working ever since.
The troubleshooting that I've done so far are:
Make sure the wireless button on the computer is enabled, it will not enable, it is a "touch" button, and it lights up blue when it's working, it won't even respond to my touch, the other buttons next to it do work. So that's not helping at all.
I have two of the exact same laptop, I switched the wireless card that's installed INSIDE the laptop, not a wireless card that just slides in the side, one that's under the bottom panel, I swapped them, uninstalled the driver, and connected via. ethernet to reinstall the drivers. No dice.
It's not showing up in the device manager or anything..

[edit] I'm running Windows XP Professional, SP3

I'm lost.

Help is appreciated, thanks in advance.

A:Wireless suddenly stopped working on my laptop.

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Hey guys,

Earlier today I performed a windows update on my Acer Aspire 5600 laptop, and after the restart my wireless stopped working. The update was an optional hardware one for my ethernet port software apparently, and I've no idea if it has caused the problem or not.

I connect to a Belkin 54g wireless router, and usually when I turn the laptop on it automatically connects fine. Now however, I get a red cross through the icon saying it's disconnected or a 'Limited or no connectivity' warning message. I tried looking up the problem using the details button when this box comes up, and it seems in the list of things such as IP, DNS settings etc the last three items have no numbers next to them. The thing is, I can't even pick up any wireless networks anymore. I use the search function and the laptop finds nothing, even though I know my wireless is on and working efficiantly.

It seems to me like my wireless adapter in the laptop is disabled, even though it isn't. I've tried all I can think of, anyone have any suggestions?

Thanks a lot,
- Lee

A:Solved: Wireless suddenly stopped working on laptop...

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I have a HP laptop that runs windows Vista Premium, and is connected to an old Netgear wireless router, with which a broadband modem is connected to.

I have had this setup for nearly two years, and has been running great, including this morning. However tonight I cannot get the laptop to connect to the internet. I have had a couple of weird issues before, but restarting the computer has always fixed it. This time I have restarted everything, and I can access other computers on the network (not wireless) but not the internet.

Strangely, a hard drive that is connected to another computer that is shared for my backups is also not being found. (the other computer is plugged into the router through an ethernet cable, and internet works fine).

MSN, Explorer and the like will not connect to the net. Interestingly, when I start Mozilla Firefox, which loads a simplified google homepage, after a long long time, loads about hald way.

Does anyone have any ideas what the problem could be, I dont know what to do or try, because I havent seemed to change anything to stop it working. Any ideas I could try would be much appreciated.


A:Internet on wireless laptop suddenly stopped working :-S

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Hello Everybody,
Yesterday I was getting trouble from my pendrive while copying file to other PC.Few files get copied and for others it get stuck and explorer says "Not Responding" so i tried to format and my laptop got freezed.
After restarting it stopped at logo several times .I noticed when i start the laptop the dell logo appears for longer time then usual so i gave some time to start and it got started but can't do anything as the cursor keeping on rolling .This happened ocassionally but freeze at dell logo and at window 7 logo all the time.

I tried using safe mode but failed to start.
Also I tried startup repair but no result.
One more thing I notice is "HDD led is constant rather blinking"

What should i do to make my laptop alive.

A:While formatting pendrive suddenly my laptop stopped working

Check the hardware with Dell Hardware Diagnostics from F12 Menu
running both the Diagnostics and the fuller Utility Partition choices.

If hardware checks out work through the steps for Troubleshooting Windows 7 Failure to Start

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I was typing a long Message when i suddenly pressed something that made my keyboard to stop working. I need help Cause I dont know what Key I pressed. I went to the control panel and the keyboard settings but i found nothing. Maybe I pressed a Shortcut that disables the keyboard? The only way i Could Type Again is to log out my Account Or Restart my laptop. I'm Using A windows 7. Also, Nothing is wrong with my keyboard, It works fine after restart.

A:Keyboard Suddenly Stopped Working After I Pressed a Key(Laptop)

You may have pushed ctrl+alt+L accidently

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I have been using an HP Z display as an ext monitor, connected to my Pavilion 15 notebook using the hdmi port.  Following an update 2 days ago, the monitor no longer receives a signal from the hdmi port.  (I know the monitor and cable are ok as they work on another laptop). Any help or suggestions how to resolve this issue will be great!

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Help!!! yesterday it still working but today,no sounds come out from the speaker,I used headset to test it and it's work,but when I unplug my headset it still no sound,I already try to reboot using safe mode but getting confused.. what can I do???
f.y.I : I already check the sound driver,no question marks appeared.

A:My Acer Aspire 4741G laptop sounds suddenly stopped working

"I already checked the sound driver, no question marks appeared"... Do you mean no exclamation points like this (!)? If you can hear normal sound from the headset the sound driver is okay. This could be caused by a keyboard setting. Make sure the sound is all the way up and that it is not muted

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I've got a Toshiba Satellite laptop running windows 10, and my HDMI connection doesn't seem to be working. I cany't figure out why not. I want to run my laptop through my TV, but the TV is not detecting the laptop, I've tried it on two TVs. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling display drivers and updating the BIOS, detaching the battery, switching tv and PC off and starting them up connected etc. Any ideas?

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I've connected to the internet using an Airport Extreme, on my HP laptop (one year old), running Vista. It has worked fine for a year, and wireless connection is working on all other computers in the house, but suddenly will not work on the HP laptop anymore.

It sees the available networks, but goes into an indefinite state of "aquiring network address," but never connects. When I plug in ethernet cable, it works.

Can you help? I have no idea why it would suddenly stop working! I tried to "repair" the connection, and it said it "could not refresh IP address."

Please help! I'm clueless.

A:Wireless connection suddenly not working on HP laptop

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Hi and thanks in advance for any help.
I am very confused with my problem, because I can not nail down where it comes from. I lost the connection of my laptop named above to a Panasonic TX28DTM1 TV. The most confusing is that I had achieved a fully functional connection using a scart (TV) to S-Video (laptop) cable and I have been using it for a while. Suddenly it stopped working and I can not get it to work again ever since.

I had not connected my laptop to TV in a while and when I tried to do it recently I realised the TV was not visible to my laptop, although I had sorted this problem in the past. When I had managed to get it working for the first time windows plug and play detected a new device (TV monitor) and automatically found and installed appropriate drivers. So when I found out the TV was not recognised from my laptop I did again a search for new hardware; windows detected it again but could not find any appropriate drivers. As I could not find any drivers from various Panasonic support web-pages, I decided to uninstall the "Unidentified new hardware". I was planning to upgrade to Windows 7 so I hoped after my upgrade Windows 7 Ultimate would detect the new hardware (TV) again and find the appropriate drivers. My upgrade was smooth and posed no problems, but checking for new hardware does not detect anything new now.
The only change between the last time I achieved the connection and when it stopped working was that I tried to address a conflict of my gra... Read more

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hi, can anyone tell me how i manually select hdmi in, it was auto detecting but has suddenly stopped, the problem is that as soon as you press the power button the pc boots up and the buttons on the monitor seem to do nothing once the pc boots, before it stopped working i simply had to have power going to the aio, then power on the xbox and it auto detected and powered the screen on, i can sometimes manage to get a menu by pressing the top of the volume up key but this only appears when pc is just booting and windows seems to over ride this menu and it dissapears before i can select anything, thanks in advance

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So one day I was using a laptop wirelessly when the internet just suddenly turned off. I checked my modem and it was working fine but when I checked my router, the lights were on but not blinking. it was just a steady light. when I checked for a wireless network the name of the network I usually use didnt show up.

I tried unplugging everything and plugging everything back in again and I tried pressing the reset button on the back of the router. Can anyone help?

Thanks so much

P.S. my router is a linksys WRT300N Wireless-N Broadband router

A:Wireless router suddenly stopped working (Lights still working though)

what devices do you have connected the router anything else wireless
make and model of the pc

does the PC work if you connect to the router by a cable ?
if not
try connecting directly to the modem and see if that works OK

we need to see some details, which will mean you need to copy to a working PC
{run Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector} Download and install
If you cannot access the internet with this PC, then you will need to copy the program across to the faulty PC

Direct link to the program is here http://www.xirrus.com/library/wifi_download_redirect.php
Then run and install the program
if you get an error - You need NET Framework installed for the WiFi Inspector to function.

Run the program

post a screen shot of the program running - if there are a lot of networks showing can you click on "networks" top lefthand area - so we can see all the network information, and also post which network "Adapter Name" (1st column) is yours on the list

To post a screen shot of the active window, hold the Alt key and press the PrtScn key. Open the Windows PAINT application and Paste the screen shot. You can then use PAINT to trim to suit, and save it as a JPG format file.
To upload it to the forum, open the full reply window and use the Manage Attachments button to upload it here.
----------------------------------------------------------------------... Read more

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I have recently purchased a HP Pavilion 22bw 21.5 inch monitor so that I may hook my PS3 and PC up to it at the same time,(HDMI and DVI respectfully). Things have been working great so far until today.  I was installing a game onto my PS3 hard-drive and switched back over to my PC. After about 20 minutes, I switched back and the screen was blank. I restarted my PS3 and notcied that while the HDMI output was being detected(no out of signal range messages or any of that), the screen remained black and the monitor's native control screens were blinking. Switching back to my PC, and all was fine. I have tried everything I could on the PS3 end( reset it to factory defaults and everything) and still no dice. I hooked it up to our flat screen in the livinging room and it works like a charm. Plugging it back into my monitor after that showed no improvmenet. So, the PS3 seems fine, the HDMI cable itself seems fine as well. So that just leaves Mr. Monitor. I haven't had any trouble with it prior to this point and I am infact using my PC and monitor right now to type this post. Any and all help would be great appreciated. Thank you! -Anthony  

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A:PS3 suddenly not working with HDMI - HP Pavilion 22bw

That is very strange...have you tried unplugging the monitor and letting it sit for a while and then plugging it back in?

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Okay, this is the weirdest problem I've ever hard with computers. Here's what happened:

1. I had a few years old Pentium D 2,8GHz processor running on Asus P5VDC-X mobo. PQI 566MHz DDR2 and GF 7600GS 256mb PCI-E, 350W power.
2. I updated the mobo to Asus P5L-MX to support faster PCI-E cards. Everything worked fine, despite the processor ran too hot (58C on high use)
3. Because of the overheating I replaced the thermal paste but it had no effect on the temperature.
4. I thought I used too much paste so I replaced the paste again.
5. Bang, no video when I turn on the computer. I tried taking off everything part by part but nothing worked. It didn't work even when I only had processor and used the integrated graphics port. Tried resetting the bios too.
6. Nothing worked so I put back the old P5VDC-X and it worked like charm.
7. I thought it was logical that the problem was caused because of the mobo so I bought a new one, Asrock G31M-S.
8. No video... Did the same steps to this one too. It also had integrated gfx but it didn't work either.
9. The old P5VDC-X still works.

So I have no idea what's causing the problem. Is it the CPU? Mobo? PSU? RAM? I have no speaker on my case so I can't hear any beeps, but it won't start loading the OS from the hardrive and my USB mouse won't turn on. Tried using a differen't monitor too.

The main point is why it stopped working suddenly on new mobo's but still works with the old P5VDC-X? A... Read more

A:New mobos suddenly stopped working, old mobo working

Two new motherboards tells us you made the same simple install error in both of them.
Tell us more about power supply, memory, cable.
Did you make sure the memory was correct for both new boards, and what is the memory on the old board. Would also like to know the power supply and other hard ware.
What happens with the most basic, simple install. Does everything light up?

If you used the same hard drive with the same Windows install on the two motherboards, that is the problem. Windows has detected that you have changed the motherboard and will not operate unless you reinstall Windows on the drive on each new motherboard... One install for each motherboard.
My guess is that you will be fine if you change hard drives or do reinstalls or repair installs of the Windows on the new motherboard.

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I have a wired lan connection directly from my ASUS router to my desktop computer. The connection has been fine for months. Last night I shut my desktop and turned it on normally this morning. It is no longer detecting the wired connection. No one in the house touched the router, wire, or computer at any point. The only way I can get internet is if I enable wireless. But being that the router is upstairs, the speed is slow.

I plugged the same wire into my laptop, and my laptop is detecting it fine. So now I know it's not a router or wire issue, it's my desktop. I don't understand why it would stop working out of no where. Any idea what to do?

A:Computer suddenly stopped detecting lan connection

Hi, and welcome to TSF.

Try this.........

Copy and paste these lines into Notepad.

@Echo on
attrib -h -s -r hosts
echo localhost>HOSTS
attrib +r +h +s hosts
ipconfig /release
ipconfig /renew
ipconfig /flushdns
netsh winsock reset all
netsh int ip reset all
shutdown -r -t 1
del %0

Save as flush.bat to your desktop.
Double click on the flush.bat file to run it.Vista and Windows 7... right click the .bat file and choose to run as Administrator. Your computer will reboot itself.

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I have a wired lan connection directly from my ASUS router to my desktop computer. The connection has been fine for months. Last night I shut my desktop and turned it on normally this morning. It is no longer detecting the wired connection. No one in the house touched the router, wire, or computer at any point. The only way I can get internet is if I enable wireless. But being that the router is upstairs, the speed is slow.

I plugged the same wire into my laptop, and my laptop is detecting it fine. So now I know it's not a router or wire issue, it's my desktop. I don't understand why it would stop working out of no where. Any idea what to do?

A:Computer suddenly stopped detecting lan connection

Hi -
Please open Internet Explorer > Click Tools along the top (if you do not see it, press the ALT key) > Go Internet Options > Connections > LAN settings > Make sure the only box ticked is Automatically Detect Settings > Click OK > OK
See if there is a connection now -
Thank You -

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i have a nice little set up with an HDMI plug near my vista laptop that connects to my HD TV some 30 feet away. this way i don't have to tote my laptop to the TV when i want to stream internet video. i set it all up about a month ago and everything worked fine until yesterday. now when i plug in my HDMI cable to my laptop and switch my video source over to PC on my TV it doesn't detect any video. i know that the connection is solid because when i unplug the HDMI cable from my laptop the option to switch to the PC source on the TV goes away. i recently updated vista with some "required" update but don't know what it was or how to resolve this. any suggestions?

A:HDMI out stopped working

You could do a restore to before the update. This ill remove the updates and you can find out if its due to that.

I'd try a second hdmi cable to eliminate the cable. Being that long it may have been damaged.

3rd, update your video drivers.

Hope something easy fixes it.

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My HDMI has stopped working, I was told to download all updates and I think I have done this... I visited HP.co.uk and dowloaded all updates after it identified my computer, but nothing appears to have changed. Any help greatly appreciated.  

A:HDMI has stopped working

Clive235 Hello;Allow me to welcome you to the HP forums!Anytime someone comes here running Win10 and complains about something suddenly not working, I immediately suspect Windows Driver updates.Unfortunately, Win10 automatically forces driver updates on all of us, without our knowledge, and without our permission -- and when this happens, a working PC is suddenly "broken".  This might have happened to you.You need to go into Settings, Update & Security --> Windows Update.Then, choose Advanced Options --> History to see when updates were last applied.  If you see any that include device drivers, those could be the problem. So, if you can, you should see if you can rollback the drivers that are causing the problem.  You do this by going into Device Manager, seeing if the appropriate device is still listed, and if so, trying to rollback the last driver update.And if that fixes the problem, then consider disabling future driver updates using the information in the link:  http://www.tenforums.com/tutorials/48277-driver-updates-windows-update-enable-disable-windows-10-a.h...Good Luck========================================================================I am a volunteer and I do not work for, nor do I represent, HP.---------------------------------------------------------------If my posts helped you, please click the Thumbs-Up symbol on my post to say thanks.If my posts solved your problem please click "Accept As Solution".========================... Read more

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Hello,The hdmi for the extended monitor stopped working. The proposed solution is to update the thunderbold driver but the driver is not there. See link belowhttps://support.lenovo.com/ca/en/solutions/sf16-t0051What should I do? Is there a fix as I need the HDMI port working. I'm very surprised to see this issue for such an expensive laptop. Please let me know.Thank you in advance

A:P50 HDMI stopped working

I updated the bios is it's working again. Hopefully it'll last....

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Hi. A few weeks ago my Z70-80's HDMI port randomly stopped working, no intermittence, no warning, just stopped. It was fine in the morning, working as intended. I then had to run some errands so I shut my laptop down. I came back a few hours later tried to project to second screen but nothing. Thinking it was software and/or driver related I've tried everything from rolling back windows 10 to updating GPU drivers, even the chipset got an update. Can a HDMI port just randomly stop working like that? VGA out is fine, just not the HDMI. If anyone has any ideas I might be able to try.... Thanks all.

A:Z70-80 HDMI out stopped working

I'm sorry I should have included some of the other things I've tried, save wasting everyone's time. I've tried a different HDMI Cable, different TV, updated Windows 10, even joined the insider program in the hope a beta version of windows 10 might fix it. But n luck with anything. Strangely though my tv will detect a hdmi source but displays 'No signal' it's frustrating

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Hi all,

I run a network at home, 2 computers, both running xp. One connecting directly to cable broadband modem (computer 1) with the two computers linked by a single crossover cable. For the past year or so I have happily shared the internet connection as well as the printer and numerous files but today when I booted them up computer 2 - the one not connected to the modem - simply gave me a "Limited or no connectivity", I'd had the problem before and had in the past easily fixed it by repairing the connection however now it simply hangs on renewing ip address.

I've tried restarting computers, disabling and enabling connections, nothing I do seems to work. Any help is greatly appreciated and any more information I need to provide just ask.

Thanks in advance, Andrew

I just went to check on firewall on host computer, when I tried to open up firewall settings i recieved something along the lines of "Windows firewall and internet connection sharing are not currently running, would you like to start running them?" Ridiculous i could spend 2 hours on something and solve it like that >.<

Out of curiosity, how did my internet connection service just "turn itself off"? seems strange to me,

A:LAN suddenly stopped working

Could be from an error to spyware

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My IDE CD R/RW has suddenly stopped working. I can eject the tray but when I close it the LED stays on constanly and i can't hear the usual whirring noise when the CD is just starting up.

I've had my computer for around 10 months now and everything has been alright up until now.
I've scanned for viruses, nothing.
No settings have been changed.
So what could it be?

P4 1.9
256Mb RAM
NEC DVD drive

A:cd-rw suddenly stopped working help!!

Can you boot with a Windows bootable disk, choose w/cdrom support........(the cdrom drive letter will move one letter ahead from where you know it to be now) then put a disk in the drive, change to that drive letter, and type

and get a directory of the cdrom?

Also, in device manager, does the drive appear there without any yellow exclamation marks on IDE controllers?

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I've been using the Microsoft Wireless Broadband router (MN-500) to connect to the internet. This afternoon, while I was away, the wireless connection was suddenly lost. The internet is fine, because when i plug my computer directly into the router (via ethernet), i am able to access the internet. However, the router does not seem to broadcast a wireless signal for the LAN.

I've reset the router, both manually and via the software and reconfigured the network. After this process, the Wireless Network sometimes appears momentarily in Windows...but the connection drops before it can connect.

All the lights on the router light up as normal and it indicates that both the wireless LAN and the WAN are working properly. I have no idea why I can't connect to the network wirelessly though...

Any thoughts?


A:MN-500 Suddenly Stopped working

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hi folks,
my wife tried to install a labtec webcam last night and all of a sudden the mouse, printer and webcam stopped working (all connected to USB ports). i tried checking the device manager and it says USB is working properly. i even restored my computer to friday's date to no avail. all devices were connected to the computer last month before we moved to a new apartment and mouse and printer were ok last night before the installation of the webcam.
thanks a lot for your help.

hp pavilion 510c
windows xp service pack 2

A:USB suddenly stopped working

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My ps2 just suddenly stopped working, it wasnt at all gradual and it just makes a lot of clicking/loud/grinding (not very nice!!) sounds! i tried the solution that involved rotating the white clog in my ps2 which just changed the sounds - at one position it doesn't make the sounds but then doesn't seem to be able to read any discs. i marked the original position so i've now returned it to its original state but i would be very grateful for any suggestions on how to solve the problem!! (i've also tried cleaning the laser)
Cheers, Rich

A:ps2 suddenly stopped working

call sony and descirbe ur problem. chances are they may fix it for free

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Hey guys,

So I put together a new PC running Windows 10 Pro around 3 months ago and everything was working perfect till 2 days ago when my mic suddenly stopped working. I use a Steelseries Siberia V2 headset and the headphones work fine, but the mic is not picking up any noise at all. I tried plugging in both the back and front ports and my realtek always detects that a mic has been plugged in, but it simply won't work. I thought maybe my mic got busted so I also tried using an A4 Tech headset that I had lying around in the office but it has the same issue, the mic won't work. I looked around online for possible solutions and tried the following with no luck:
Ensured the mic was set as the default device and that its volume settings were maxed out.Tried disabling all sound effects (noise suppression, acoustic echo cancellation etc).Uninstalled all audio drivers and reinstalled the latest realtek drivers on my motherboard's webpage: GIGABYTE - Motherboard - Socket 1151 - GA-Z170MX-Gaming 5 (rev. 1.0) Uninstalled all audio drivers and reinstalled the latest realtek drivers on realtek's own webpage: RealtekUninstalled all audio drivers and let Windows auto-install drivers.I even uninstalled all realtek drivers and tried using the standard "high definition audio device drivers."

Basically tried everything in this link: Microphone Not Working in Windows 10? | Win 10 FAQ

The conclusion was the same with everything I tried, the sound worked fine in both my speakers a... Read more

A:Mic suddenly stopped working

Hi, try Settings, search Sound, Find and fix audio recording problems.

Otherwise sounds suspiciously like a hardware issue.. internal connector?

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My wife has Win7 on her laptop. Last night IE 32 bit was working fine. Now when she clicks on the IE icon it does nothing. If i go into the start<all programs<IE 64 bit....then IE 64 bit works.

What has happened and what should I do to fix it.

A:IE 32 bit suddenly stopped working

I'm not trying to be rude really that is not my intention this is just a suggestion

STOP USING INTERNET EXPLORER it is the most vulnerable virus prone browser out there I know it's the world standard .... but it's junk .... sorry .... just get Firefox
and you will never have these problems again
(granted you have to set Firefox up the way you want )

Someone will help with the IE issue but that's my two cents, 2? <<<< check that out
here's how, hold alt and type 0162 (alt+0162)


***the shortcut proly lost the path go to program files find IE and create a new shortcut on the desktop you can then drag that to the start menu or whereever******

Cheers Again

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