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Laptop immediately boots after inserting AC cord

Q: Laptop immediately boots after inserting AC cord

My laptop just developed a problem. It immedately boots after you've inserted the AC cord. It used to require pressing the power button.

Does anyone know what happened and how this can be fixed?


Preferred Solution: Laptop immediately boots after inserting AC cord

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Laptop immediately boots after inserting AC cord

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Hi, I've just purchased a refurbished Dell E6400 laptop a couple months ago, OS is OEM Win7 Pro. It is

working fine with no service affecting problems. There is one issue I've been unable to find a resolution for,

when using ac power the laptop powers up immediately when the power cord is plugged in. I've looked and

looked through the choices for power options, plans, etc... and haven't found anything about this particular

setting. I'd like it if when I plugged it in it would wait until I pressed the power button, I haven't found

anything indicating this is default with no option to change it, if it is I can live with it but would rather use

the power button to turn it on.

A:Laptop powers up immediately when power cord plugged in

Not a built in windows function,
You would most likely need to go through the dell utilities to find the feature,
Where did you buy the model ?

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Hi guys,

I know this question has been asked a lot before in similar ways, however I'm going to describe my situation separately.

I have an MSI GE70 laptop thats a little over 3 years old now. About 6 months ago is when this problem began. I began not being able to unplug my laptop without it shutting off immediately. More recently, it has gotten to the point where it shuts off even when plugged in.

I've replaced the battery twice, the power cord once, and the DC power jack cord as well. I replaced the power jack cord a week ago hoping that the wiggle in the old one was the reason for the missed contacts/not charging. I was wrong.

When I pulled apart the entire laptop to replace the power jack cord, I didn't visually see any wires that were frayed/damaged...so I'm kind of lost as to what it could be.

The only thing I think that could've happened was that the fan blowing so hot (gaming laptop) melted critical components to the battery charging circuit. The fan already melted the side plastic guard off and is right next to the power cord hookup.

Additionally, right before it turns off, I hear this "metallic, electronic?" CLICK...once or multiple times and then it shuts off.

Sorry for the long post, but I wanted to be as thorough as possible. Cheers

TL;DR - Laptop shuts off when unplugged. When plugged in and under heavy load, hear a metallic CLICK and then it shuts off.

A:MSI GE70 Laptop Shuts off Immediately after AC Cord Removal

I was going to suggest replacing the battery, but you already done that, so

If you melted critical components on the charge circuit you need to replaqce the charge circuit, that circuit is not just for charging the battery, but also for distributing power. If you know how to work a digital solder gun then you may be able to fix the damage to the board.

Electrolytic capacitors, resistors, diodes, (and if you know what your doing) fets and transistors are all replaceable but before doing anything look for any damage to the charge board PCB, if there is damage there you need to buy a new charge board,
7k to fix damage to the PCB is not worth it.
However if there is no damage to the PCB and just to components on the PCB than you could fix it for 5 and have spare parts.

Additionally before doing anything, get the model, serial and vershion numbers from the charge board and download a To Scale Schematic of the board so you can print it out and trace out the power rails and V's that will be involved in any components you will be working with.

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Hey everyone,

I have an ongoing problem that is driving me nuts. Whenever I insert a blank (writeable) CD/DVD +R the computer gives me the "blue screen of death" and does a memory dump. I am pretty sure its a driver issue but not positive. It is a sporadic problem, in that, sometimes I can insert a blank CD/DVD and it will take it just fine, but if I do 2 in a row, down it goes. What makes me think it is a driver issue is Windows XP SP3 seems to be loading something (noticed on process explorer) when the crash occurs. Same thing was happening in SP2 as well, and SP3 didn't fix the issue.

I do not think its a hardware issue as I have replaced my DVD burner with the same issue with the new one. For awhile I thought maybe is was related to the lightscribe driver, but killed this process and it still did it again.

Here is the Blue screen error code from the manifest.


I have attached the memory dump (in a ZIP file) with the error code and the XML file. 0


Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) 64 Processor 3000+, x86 Family 15 Model 4 Stepping 8
Processor Count: 1
RAM: 1534 Mb
Graphics Card: ATI Radeon 9600 / X1050 Series, 256 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 233750 MB, Free - 2145... Read more

A:Blue Screen immediately after inserting a blank CD/DVD+R

BDFSFLTR.SYS -- a filesystem driver which is part of BitDefender antivirus seems to be creating a conflict. If it was a PC I was working on, I would check for engine (application) updates for BitDefender, or failing that, uninstall/reinstall Bitdefender

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It says the battery is fully charged but when I unplug it just fully dies. I just got this laptop referbished. what is going on?


Go to Solution.

A:Yoga 11s shuts off immediately when the power cord is unplugged.

I too have the exact same problem with my refurbished Yoga 11S. It is difficult to diagnose when the battery is non-removable.

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Inserting Ethernet Cord Does Not "Automatically" switch connection to ethernet.

This is the trouble I have to go through whenever I insert my ethernet cord:
I have to go to network and sharing center

Then I have to click change adapter settings

Finally, I have to disable wireless network access for direct connection.

I am wondering if there is some type of setting that I can check for on my

Windows 7 OS to automatically enable the described function I want (which

should already be enabled, unfortunately it is not).
Not that these details really matter, but I have an Alienware m14xr2, but...
OS Name Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate

6.1.7601 pack 1 build 7601

BIOS Version/Date Alienware A09, 6/29/2012

Installed physical memory (ram I assume) says 12gb, with 9.44gb available, which is strange because I have 16gb of ram!

Available Virtual Memory 21.1gb

System Type x64-based PC
Thank You for the help in the future!

A:Inserting Ethernet Cord Does Not "Automatically" switch connection....

Hi Sean, if you do this Wireless Setting.pdf before powering on your pc, it will work.

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When I shut down the Vostro 230 it re-boots by itself a few seconds later. I have to unplug the power lead to stop it re-starting. Any suggestions.

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So, I have a computer that I have to give to someone. The problem is, that every time I boot the computer up, it shows "Starting Windows" for just 1 second and immediately boots into Startup Repair. Startup Repair then fails to fix the error, but from the info I got, it seems that the registry is corrupted.
The things I have done:

1. Copy new files from the DVD to the config folder - Nothing changed.
2. Check the HDD for problems. Seagate SeaTools - Passed the long and the short test.
3. Check the RAM - Memtest86+ v5.01 - no errors.
4. How I got the error: First, I tried to install SP1, but it rolled back. Second, then I installed the drivers for the computer and restarted every single time it asked. Tried SP1 again, but this time I got this issue.

System specs for that computer are after slashes (for every part).
Sorry for any grammar mistakes.
P.S. Can't access the CMD from anything (From Startup Repair, from DVD).

A:Computer immediately boots into Startup Repair

Hi Haexagon,
As the comp hasn't got SP1 on it, and your passing it on.
Why not clean install, dont forget to change Bios order to DVD as first boot option.


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Hi! I have Lenovo Thinkpad L560 (Type: 20F1-0029MH). After ~2 weeks of usage, I faced a weird problem - there was no way I could power it off.The following actions:- shutdown- hibernate- press power button for 12swill shutdown the computer, but it will start up again immediately. Laptop has all the updates from Microsoft and Lenovo, including latest BIOS. The only solution, which worked, was to reset CMOS by removing the BIOS battery. I did it 2 weeks ago, but today I faced the same problem again. Removing battery fixed the problem again! But is there any better solution to try?      

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So lately my computer's firewall has decided to not work so I searched around and eventually concluded on doing a upgrade reinstall.
As I didn't want to lose any of my files, drivers or programs.
All seemed like it went well until the computer rebooted for the last time before it reaches the
" Setting up for first use " dialog
Though before this was able to happen the computer went into a reboot loop with bsod 0x0000001E

After a large amount of reluctant clicking
The computer NOW only boots to the System Recovery Options window and the ONLY option is Startup Repair ; There is NO command prompt no diagnostics, nothing,
Just Startup Repair, in which start up repair is unable to do anything and continues to loop itself with a Don't send dialog

I have tried inserting the installation disk and accessing the Repair Computer but it presents an incompatibility error.

I have no F8 menu at all, (no safe mode, which I can't access anyway because the computer can't set up for first use).

Need any Assistance, all is welcome, thanks.

A:System immediately boots to Startup Repair - No access to F8

Please fill in your System Specs in bottom left corner of your post.

Running any OS without having your files backed up is careless. Running a Repair Install or Reinstall without backing up your files is reckless.

You can try to rescue your files now using step 9 in Troubleshooting Windows 7 Failure to Start
however I doubt there is anything to repair since the reinstall aparently failed.

So I would skip to running Factory Recovery or getting the superior Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7 (same for retail) which will yield a perfect install if you stick with the methods and tools given.

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My laptop does not start up any more.

The battery might be broken, but also with/wihout inserted battery, the laptop does start when powered by the regular 220V power cable.

What does this siound like?

A great many thanks in advance.

A:Laptop down, power cord does not help

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My girlfriend has been bedridden due to an operation. I put my laptop on the bed so she can use it when I get up and put it in the case at night. I leave the power cord plugged into the wall all night but no PC plugged into it. There is a light on all the time on the rectangular thingy on the cord. Is it bad to leave the power cord plugged in all the time? Thanks,

A:Laptop Power Cord

No, but i'd rather keep the adapter cool.

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My husband has an hp touch laptop that the power cord will not insert all the way into the laptop. Sometimes it will charge, and sometimes it will not. It is a model  15ay041wm, he has had it less than a month. My laptop cord fits it just fine. How would we get it replaced? And will be have to pay for it, and how much?

A:laptop power cord

Hi,Manual: Page 37 - see power cord part numberhttp://h10032.www1.hp.com/ctg/Manual/c05087748Specs: http://support.hp.com/us-en/product/HP-15-Notebook-PC-series/10862302/model/11830175/document/c05216...Contact HP in your region. If power cord is defective, they'll replace it with new one free of cost, if you're within warranty.http://www8.hp.com/us/en/contact-hp/ww-contact-us.htmlhttp://www8.hp.com/us/en/contact-hp/ww-phone-assist.htmlWarranty check: http://support.hp.com/us-en/checkwarrantyRegardsVisruth

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My son got an old Compaq Evo N610c laptop. It was working fine for a while, but the battery was weak, so we got a new replacement battery (not original). After a few weeks, the laptop completely died and we found out that it would work ONLY while connected to the AC adaptor and the battery pulled out. The moment you insert the battery, it goes dead again (turns off) and the battery wont charge

Since the battery was new, I suspected an internal hardware problem and a tech suggested replacing the power card. It is a DC converter circuit which I ordered online and went through a painstaking process of disassembling and reassembling the laptop in order to replace the small card. Unfortunately, this did not fix the problem and were back to square one

I am wondering if the battery could be the culprit after all causing some short in the power circuitry when it is plugged in. I dont have another battery and Im reluctant to buy a new one again without being certain it is the cause.

I did not find any reference to such a phenomenon in my search on the web. Mostly, people complain about short battery life or some malfunction during operation, but no one reports of such a response of a laptop when the battery is inserted.

Any ideas how to isolate the problem? Has anyone experienced something like this?

A:Inserting battery kills laptop

It certainly sounds like the battery. Though they usually just die, it is also possible for them to have internal shorts, causing the symptoms you have, and damaging the charging system.

If you have a meter, you could check the contacts on the battery. There should be a voltage between at least 2 of them. And there should be no 2 that show 0 resistance between them unless they are grounds. But, battery=trouble and no battery=OK is pretty clear, though I realize they are expensive. It should have a warranty.

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Sorry if I am a little vague with the details, but I'm not totally computer literate...
Anyway, I was using my Toshiba laptop, it's relatively old, and all of a sudden the power cord stopped supplying power. Everything was plugged in correctly and the outlet on the wall was working. My laptops battery only lasts like 10 seconds without a power supply, so it turned off relatively soon after that, and without power will no longer turn on.
I checked to see if the cords wall plug or the box (this thing) was the problem, but they worked fine with another computer.
I was wondering if the problem could be my laptops outlet or the part that connects the cord to the computer, and if there is any way to fix it / or if the problem could be fixed by replacing the cord.
Thanks c:

A:Laptop power cord fail

I would check to see if the connector on the back of the laptop is loose. The power adapter should plug into it and not move around very much. If it does, the power connector may be broken loose from the laptop motherboard.

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I have an HP laptop, but the power cord connection has become loose somehow and it makes no connection when I plug it into the laptop. The laptop has absolutely no power and no lights. I tried several different ways to twist and turn the cord into the laptop to make some kind of connection, but it doesn't do anything. What can I do?

A:Can't connect power cord to HP laptop

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I was given a free Sony Vaio laptop yesterday and I tried hooking up my internet cord to it because the wireless people around here have crappy internet but when I did nothing happened. My modem does nothing on PC/ACTIVITY like its not even plugged in. I tried giving my laptop the same IP , Gateway, etc as my desktop and nothing happened. I tried everything I could think of but nothing has worked. Any help will be great. Thanks

A:My internet cord does not work for my laptop

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So i broke my laptop cable a few months back by tripping over it and dislodging the part that plugs in the computer. however i temporarily fixed it by smashing the piece back into place, however recently its started to become loose and dislodge itself on occasion. Now im asking where is the best place (in southern ontario, specifically hamilton) where i can get it replaced for relatively cheap.

to clarify my laptop is a Toshiba satellite i got from my grandpa a couple christmases ago so i didnt buy it myself. i just need to replace this one external part. (id use amazon but the post office where i live will not give us our mail of we get packages because we dont have government issues ID (drivers licence for example)

also i dont have a steady income as i live at home with my mother and do not have a job. which is why im asking for a cheap solution. it doesnt have to be the lastest in cable technology, it just has to work

A:Replacing the power cord for a laptop

If it is like many Satellites, you may be lucky. They have a standard jack so you can use any power supply that puts out 19 volts DC. Mine is 130 watts, but it wouldn't need to have that high an output to work. You may be able to find the power supply easily at a computer supply store since many laptops are 19v, but it may not have the right connector on it. You would have to pick that up at Radio Shack and attach it yourself.

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I was using my laptop when I noticed the cord near the plug to the computer was smoking, as I reached to unplug it it actually caught fire.  The laptop itself appears to still be ok, but I am not certain as I quickly closed it to conserve battery after making sure it was not hot.  The fire was put out with only a minor burn to myself and no obvious property damage beyond the cord itself.  The HP part number is 740015-004 and CT: WEFQA0AGM7Q0ID Being that it appears to be after hours on the weekend I am having trouble getting anyone on the phone or finding a quick replacement.  Are these cords covered under warranty in the event of something of this nature?  I've seen information regarding recalls but from what I can tell this cord is not covered under the recall for fire hazard. 

A:Laptop cord caught fire



I have brought your issue to the attention of an appropriate team within HP. They will likely request information from you in order to look up your case details or product serial number. Please look for a private message from an identified HP contact. Additionally, keep in mind not to publicly post personal information (serial numbers and case details).

If you are unfamiliar with how the Forum's private message capability works, you can learn about that here.

Thank you for visiting the HP Support Forum.

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i got xp pro sp3.. when i run my laptop on battery it doesnt overheat. but when i connect my power cord, it overheats.. i tried 2 other powercords and thats not the culprit. it there a way to make the laptop stay the same temperature as when its on battery?

A:Laptop Overheats w/ Power Cord - HELP

When on battery power, the typical power profile is set up to run the laptop at lower performance compared to mains power (to maximise battery life), which means less heat is generated.

On mains power, everything is ramped up to give maximum performance = more heat.

So check that all the ventilation slots are clear of fluff and dust build-up. If that doesn't help there may be an internal build-up of fluff.

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My laptop inexplicably stopped recognizing its power cord.

I have a Compaq Presario 2500, and I was just surfing the web last night when I noticed that it said I was running on battery power. It never gave me an error message or did anything weird. I tested the connections in all areas of the cable and AC adapter, and everything was tight. I changed outlets and that wasn't the problem. The laptop ran out of juice as I was trying to figure out what was wrong. It still flashes its lights when I try to turn it on so I know it's responsive, but it's drained.

Today I got a new adapter and power cord, but the problem persists so the problem isn't caused by a bad cord.

What do you think it could be? I'm not experienced with taking computers apart, but I would like to have some ideas before I take it in for repair.

Oh, and I got a universal power cable, the kind you can use in the wall, airplane, and car. Do those have a history of being flaky, maybe? I can hope, anyway.

A:Laptop won't recognize power cord

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I got this laptop for christmas, and the power cord is already having problems. If I bump it, it looses its connection. I tried wiggling it, and I noticed that when I move it a bit toward me, it looses connection, but if I move it away from me it works. I have not abused it in any way (no yanking it out, tripping over it, or twisting it). What could be the problem? This was a refurbished unit, and the warranty is only good if the unit won't turn on at all.

A:My new laptop's power cord is already failing?!

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Need new Ethernet cord that attaches to my router. But I have a extra cord (yellow)  for my router. Can I use this cord? If not where and how to get new cord. Connection is  lowsy..

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Hey guys I have been trying to set up my tv so I can watch movies online... to say the least it is not going well.. I have been trying for over 2 hours and 2 trips to Best Buy to figure out why i have no sound on my tv.

My headphone jack does work.
There is a picture due to the vga cable.
I have a Y Cable plugged all in but no sound

Please someone help!!

A:Laptop to TV no audio with VGA cord and y cable

Hey, I've tried to set this up at one point.. VGA doesn't seem to give sound at least on some T.V's so if you have a sound input you could try:
amazon [dot ] co.uk/s/?ie=UTF8&keywords=vga+with+audio&tag=googhydr-21&index=aps&hvadid=8326471606&ref=pd_sl_2xe1bbnp3q_e

sor maybe you could get something like:
electgadget [dot] co.uk/sg/index.html?s=3219F6825E2CD6CA31C2DE7A93A69CF9&p=51679ce3738a69b94d40325e0e3d57db&m=1324951106152&a=/products&categoryid=28&stockid=460

play [dot] com/Electronics/Electronics/4-/20708900/Trixes-HDMI-Male-To-VGA-Cable-1-8m/Product.html?_%24ja=tsid:11518|cat:20708900|prd:20708900

However I don't with to take the blame if any of these don't work

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I tripped Mon my charger plug and pulled it out of the laptop. Now it won't charge. Is this computer doomed? 

A:tripped on cord and unplugged laptop. now it won't...

HI krisr971,
I'm sorry to hear of your problem.
Please let us know which model laptop you have and we'll direct your question to the right location.

Remember to mark posts that resolved your issue with Accept as Solution. You can even mark multiple posts in a single thread. This will make it easier for others to find the same information.  Use the  Give Kudos button to offer a thumbs-up for good post content and a pat on the back to the author.

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I have a laptop power cord and need to identify which laptops it fits. How can I do that?

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My laptop cord power source started making this ticking sound whenever it was plugged in. After I finally found out what the ticking was, my laptop now won't turn on. The ticking sound is very strange and it is coming from the box type part on the power cord. I need help!

A:Laptop power cord failure?

HI ChaKarlMalone, and welcome to TSG.

That box type part is part is probably a power supply that converts the high voltage AC mains power to the low voltage DC power needed by your laptop. Is this the power supply that originally came with your laptop?

The ticking noise may be a circuit breaker that is tripping and resetting due to an overload. The overload may be inside the power supply or inside the laptop. The easiest way to figure that out would be to test the laptop with another known good and compatible power supply.

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Running Windows 7, Dell Inspiron 1525, Used to work when it was Vista but ever since upgrading it doesn't work. I think there is something wrong with the drivers. Can anyone help me? Thanks.

A:No sound from laptop to TV using HDMI cord

A suggestion - go to the Dell website support and downloads pages, and download the W7 audio drivers for your Rig from there.
You could also visit the audio chip manufacturer's site to download W7 drivers from there.

All of these new drivers should provide the HD Audio driver which is required for the audio to be transported over the HDMI cable, provided that the cable is at least a "version 1.3" cable

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I just bought the HP Envy and it has an AC adapter that does 120-240v AC but the power cord that plugs into the adapter says 7a 125v. Does that mean that that power cord will not work in a 240v AC country? Thank you,

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Computer will turn on for a few moments via battery pack then goes into hibernate. Battery is low because AC power cord will not power laptop. I tried new cord, same issue. Took apart unit and nothing obvious like a loose or dissconnected wire / solder joint. Any suggestions? Please help if you can.
[email protected] Thanks!!

A:Please help, Sony laptop VGN A-250 won't power up from cord


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We have a half dozen laptop power cords lurking around our house, and it would be nice to just station some by appropriate chairs and tables for any passing laptop to plug into. We have four users in our house, each with his/her own current laptop plus a collection of dead/dying/being-transferred-from/brought-home-from-work laptops in various stages of functionality. The actual physical connectors all seem to fit the various laptops, but I'm not sure about the amps/watts/volts issue (all we did in high school physics was shoot rockets into the ceiling to see if they'd stick in the holes in the ceiling tiles, so I'm pretty ignorant in this area).

My latest latop (not purchased by choice; it was the natural consequence of one too many coffee/keyboard interactions) has Vista and a virtually toy battery that doesn't last very long. The power cord that came with it has a label that says "125V 7A." How can I determine which of our other power cords work with it? If I plug in the wrong power cord, will my laptop blow up in my lap? I don't mind experimenting, but I'd rather not ruin my new computer right away.

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The inspiron locks-up when I connect a network cable or will lock-up during booting if the cable is connected. I called dell and we tried several things. Since the clock was running and something was flashing on the 2nd page of the bios in safe mode he said it was a software issue and need to reload.

I tried disk scanning and runiing panda prior.

Any advice?


A:Laptop Locks-up When Inserting Network Cable

Solved, sort of...

Based on suggestions, I ran a Winsock fix program. It didn't fix it immediately. I deleted many data files, starting to get ready to reload, and kept running scan disk and defrag many 4-5 times. Eventually it stopped locking-up when a network cable was plugged in.

It is still sluggish and I'm debating on whether to reload. Are there some utilities I can run and then make a back-up copy? If run some reg clean apps before and thought it helped with win98.

Thanks for your thoughts

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Hi again fellas,

I've been having a problem with my laptop. When I plug it into the back, I have to be very super sensitive otherwise the computer will die on me, but still be on. The screen goes blank. It's as if the entire thing fries. Up until now I've been real cautious as to where I put the laptop so it does get touched and ends up freezing. Yet, it gets really annoying when it does.

Just to clarify things: when anything touches the "outlet" itself that goes into the laptop, the entire computer just freaks out and freezes on me. Screen goes blank. I'm curious as to whether or not this is typical with them or not. I find it hard to believe its typical considering I have a battery running with the laptop. It's uber annoying.


A:Laptop A/C Problems - Wiggle cord, and it dies

1. It could be that the power supply in the laptop has become loose or unsoldered on the laptops mobo
2. try using another AC adapter to see if it is not the adapter it self that has any frayed or damaged wires. You can usually find universal AC adapters at stores like best buy circuit city and many office supply stores like office depot and staples. You could buy one, try it and if you are still having problems you can return it.
3. check your outlets with a multimeter and see the voltage in the outlet isnt spiking. The outlets should run about 120 volts on AC (plus or minus 5 volts is okay)
4. you could try to discharge the laptop of any built up charge by unplugging the laptop and taking the battery out and holding the power button for 30 seconds

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I'm not sure where to post this.  I bought it in July.
The power cord which  was original received a "we cannot determine that the power X  is part of Dell.   Or something very similar.   And the sales company sent out a new power cord. 
Now,  3 months later, I got the same comment;  except that this time, the light on the front edge began blinking yellow.  Or orange.    I  checked the cord completely and the plug-in at the wall that it uses. All is well, except that now, the light informing me it's connected no longer lights except at the very beginning of the boot process.
I read of various issues online about this and nothing was similar.
HELP!  & Thanks in advance.

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I was having an issue with the computer going into SLEEP MODE without any warning for about a month. I kept changing the POWER SETTINGS to a higher percentage but nothing worked. I decided to download a Battery management software to see if I could get THAT problem solved.  It didnt! Im guessing the computer went into SLEEP MODE at around 50%. That software decided to do a Battery calibration (depleting the battery and recharging it about 30 times) and there is where the Battery started to give me problems. It charges up to 95% (that?s it, no more) and the display says "calculating" (it never gets past that) From what I can tell looking at the diagnostic, that although it says that the battery is "OK" the 4th cell doesn?t have a charge. Could this be a Software problem? I know it?s farfetched but the problem started after I installed that battery management software. Thanks in advance for the help   

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I need help with connecting my laptop to my TV, i have my VGA to HDMI cable but i do not see the screen on the display menu, it also fails to detect it. Please i need help ASAP.

A:Connecting laptop to TV, Vga to HDMI cord not detected

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I have an HP/Compaq nc6320. For some wierd reason after the power cord is pluged into the laptop for a few minutes it starts to interfere with the touchpad, making it skip or sometimes not work at all. As soon as I unplug the power cord it works just fine. Is this something that can be fixed? The power cord is a replacement, but it has worked fine up until now.(I have had the new cord for about a week or so)

A:Laptop power cord interferes with the touchpad

Try updating the drivers for the touchpad.

Or get an external mouse ;-)

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I have a Toshiba Satellite L650 that is almost two years old. About a month ago the laptop started shutting off immediately after the power cord was disconnected. I have since bought two new batteries and one power cord to see if either of those items were causing the problem but it still keeps shutting off. Any suggestions? THANKS!!!

A:Laptop shuts off right after unplugging power cord

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I have a Vostro 1500 laptop, just over a year old.
O/S: Windows XP Pro, SP3
RAM: 2gb
CPU: Intel Core Duo 2ghz

A few days ago as I unplugged the power cord to move to a different room, as I have done hundreds of times over the past year, the laptop rebooted. Thinking this was odd, I let it boot completely off of the battery, then plugged it in. Nothing happened, apart from the computer registered that it had been plugged in and was working off of AC. So I unplugged the power cord again, after checking to see that the batter was, in fact, fully charged. Again, it rebooted. So, I decided to check the Event log to see if it logged any errors. The event log didn't show anything out of the ordinary for the laptop.
So I decided it might be a hardware issue. To check, I manually rebooted the laptop while it was plugged in, and then unplugged it at the BIOS screen. To my surprise, it kept booting up. So I plugged/unplugged it at regular intervals, partway through loading Windows, the action of unplugging the cord once again caused a reboot.
I am clueless as to what is going on, other than it must be a problem with a Windows component. Does anyone know anything I can try?
Thank you,
Tyler Sweet

A:Laptop reboots when power cord unplugged.

More Info: I've played around some more, it has the same behavior when booted from a Ubuntu Live CD, but NOT when you boot from the Dell Utility CD, which asks you to unplug the adapter as part as the tests. It also did not find any errors, even when running the test seven times.
Please, Most of my day is moving my laptop between jobs and rooms, I'd really like to not have to shutdown my laptop just to move from one room to another.
-Tyler Sweet

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just happened this morning.  accidently removed the plug from the laptop.  and the laptop shutdown.  weird because this happened before and no problems.   however, it laptop would not turn on.  only after i plug in the laptop's AC cord would the laptop power on.  i checked the battery is the the meter shows 100% charged.  in windows, it is 100% charged.  but as soon as i unplug the laptop the computer shuts down. i have windows 7 and my computer is the HP dv6t Quad Ed.  any help would be much appreicated.  

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A:Laptop shuts down when AC Power Cord is not plugged in but B...

Plug in the power adapter. Log into Windows and open the HP Support Assistant and run the battery test. Post your results here. If you have the newer UEFI (v 5.1 or greater) environment installed --> press the power button --> tap the Esc key to invoke the startup menu --choose F2  the System Diagnostics  --> HP PC Hardware Diagnostics UEFI --> choose component tests --> Battery Test.   Post your results here in your thread. Best regards,erico

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Want to plug my laptops power converter into a extension cord and then into wall?

How big a no, no is this?​

A:Plug my laptop into a extension cord and then into wall?

I wouldn't see it as a problem....what are you concerned about?

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Hi there, I suppose this issue could be seen as a need for a tweak (but apologise if I am posting in the wrong forum).

I have had this issue for a while with my Dell Studio XPS 1645 laptop.

It is a guess, but i'd say 5/10 times the power cord comes out of the laptop (for whatever reason - moving it etc) then the laptop will simply black screen and instantly restart and boot up again without an error message or any information as to why.

This doesn't make any sense to me because every time I do have the battery pack inserted into the laptop and over 30% battery life (this is when ill plug the charger in).

If anyone has any ideas, please do post that would be super.

Thanks a lot, Nick

A:Laptop restarts 50% of the time when the power cord comes out

The power cord issue could just be a red herring.

How long have you had this computer? The reason I ask is that it's quite possible the CMOS battery wants changing.

The batteries normally have a life of three to five years depending whether it is a rechargeable battery or not.

You mention inserting the laptop's battery pack. Is there any particular reason why you remove it in the first place?

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I am writing this from my desktop. I just got a new HP Laptop (Pavilion) which came with a 45W power adapter. The power cord section (which plugs into the adapter) is shorter than the one on my older HP Laptop (G60-63OUS Notebook). I would like to have a longer power cord section or, in the alternative, could I/should I use an extension cord to reach the wall outlet I want to use. The older laptop has a 65w power adapter. I have 2 questions:

#1 - Can the power cord section from the 65w adapter be used in place of the one that came with the new laptop? I would, in effect, be mixing the two because the 65w adapter plug is too big for the hole on the laptop.

#2 - Can I get a higher power adapter for the new laptop or should I leave it alone?
Another question I have is regarding the use of cordless earphones to watch TV while working on the laptop. When the laptop is plugged in (to recharge the battery), I get static noise in my left ear. When on battery only, there is no noise. Is there a solution to this?

A:Laptop AC Power Supply Cord and Adapter

#1 Yes, if the older adapter's power cord fits into the new adapter you can use it.

#2 There's no need to get a more powerful adapter, the new laptop must not need as much power as the old one.

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Laptop is approximately 15 months old. In the past few weeks it has had a problem charging the battery. When the power charger is plugged in the icon in the bottom right of the GUI does not show the power cord symbol and the battery discharges in a normal manner as the laptop is used. I have taken the following steps.1. Run the HP battery diagnostic. Test indicates "battery is good but full diagnostic not possible because power cord not plugged in." The power cord is plugged in during the test.2. A replacement power cord was purchased. Does not solve problem.3. Opened the Device Manager, selected, Batteries, and uninstalled and reinstalled "Microsoft ACPI - Comliant ........ I have observed that when I power the laptop off and plug in the power cord, when I return to the laptop it is fully charged.This makes me think the problem is software related. Any help would be appreciated.

A:Laptop does not recognize power cord/adapter

You might want to take a look at this document: Battery Does not Power Notebook or Hold a Charge. It suggests troubleshooting steps to determine if the problem is the battery, the power supply, or the system board.You might find the answer to your battery/power issue as you work through the steps in that HP support article.   Hope this helps, for any further queries reply to the post and feel free to join us again  **Click the White Thumbs Up Button on the right to say Thanks**Make it easier for other people to find solutions by marking a Reply 'Accept as Solution' if it solves your problem. Thank You,GBL84I am not an HP Employee

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I recently misplaced my AC charger for my IBM Thinkpad T20 TYPE 2647(PentiumIII 700mhz 128mb ram 60g hd XP Home svc pack 2). After pricing new ones I looked to Ebay and found MANY with different specs than what is on my machine. The ID sticker shows the power requirements as 16v 3.36a. I viewed a few chargers advertising 16v 4.5a and assume they would not fry my power supply but am not sure. Any advice you can provide would be appreciated.
Thanks, Brad

A:Replacement Laptop AC charger/power cord

They should work fine. As long as the supply is capable of providing the rated current for your machine, any excess will simply not be used. The supply will only provide the power you require, up to it's maximum capacity.

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I am looking for a power cord for my Acer Aspire E1 -572 laptop, to use in my car. On line I have seen two - one with output of 19v 3.42A  and the other with 19v 2.1 A. Which one would be best?Thanks for the help!

A:power cord for my Acer Aspire E1 -572 laptop, for ...

Hello, As the original AC adapters are 40 or 65W, I suggest you to use the second:19x2.1=40W19x3.42=65W

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