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How do I limit user disk usage, not quota question

Q: How do I limit user disk usage, not quota question

I manage all backups on our home computers and no one seems to understand that personal files scattered across several disks leads to lost person information. I have two disks C: & D: I want to force all user files to be saved to D: only. All user accounts are created on C: and whenever a document is saved, by default, it is saved in the C:\users\user name\Documents folder. I would like to change this so that all documents would be saved automatically, by default, to D:\/users\user name\Document folder. Can this be done, if so how?

Preferred Solution: How do I limit user disk usage, not quota question

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: How do I limit user disk usage, not quota question

Hi d2e2,

Have a look at the following Tutorial: Personal User Shell Folders - Move Location

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Brand new W7 user.

Two users on this new PC; myself and son.

Want to limit the amount of HD space he can use, or my 1 TB is going to be filled 100% with videos, music, etc. in short order.

So I went to the C: drive/Properties/Quota and played around with it some, but haven't actually applied it.

For me at least, it's not totally clear what happens, so would like to ask the following, please:

a. When I first got the PC a few weeks ago, I set up myself as a User.
But did not apply any Passwords or sign-in requirements for either of us..

A week or so later, I added my son's name, also, as a User.

Since there are no passwords, sign in Passwords, etc., am I considered the defacto Administrator (as I was "first") ?

b. It is not clear that if I set up a limit on this Quota option screen(s), is it applied to both of us, or just him (if I am considered the Administrator) ?

I thought that there would be some kind of screen showing both Users, and what their limits are, but apparently not ?

c. Can this be done without any Passwords, sign in Passwords, etc ?

Not too sure what else to ask.
Any other caveats or thoughts would be appreciated.


A:Quota Screen To Limit HD Usage ?

First if you are goinf to set-up any form of security system it must begin with passwords. if no passwords are present on at least your account then there is nothing to prevent anyone from logging in as you and renoving your security scheme.

You also will need to make the other user a standard account, all administrators (or actually regular members of the administrators group), have the same rights to change security items and everything else.

As for the quota settings this starts with the general screen that you set up the default entry on - applies to default/new users
There is also a button for quota entries - this is where you set the individual limits for each user.

If you have a 1TB drive you may also consider creating a separate partition for your son's data - use of permissions can then ensure that only that partition is accessible - your own partition may be made completely private.

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Hi people,
I have setup a disk quota usage for the user "tester" 
50mb = warning level
100mb = Quota limit
When I generated a file of > 50mb then I see well a event
Level,Date and Time,Source,Event ID,Task Category
Information,23-09-16 15:10:24,Ntfs,36,(2),A user hit their quota threshold on volume C:.
when I try put a second file of more than 50mb also, first i'm block to copy it (good) and then i receive well then related event
Level,Date and Time,Source,Event ID,Task Category
Information,23-09-16 15:10:38,Ntfs,37,(2),A user hit their quota limit on volume C:.
so I erase the files and try again, and then nothing in the event log !
I have try : restart the quota management, to pout other limit for that user, to disable then enable again limitation for this user without success ! once the event 36 & 37 appear it seem that he never appear again even if a warning, limit is triggered

any idea... ?

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I am configuring the Quote management for the C Drive in windows XP, and it allows to limit users quota to (insert number here) kb, mb, or GB.
I am wondering if i set that limitation, will it limit all users to that number?
lets say 3gb, so if 3gb is used, no one will be able to access the disk,
or, is it for per user, so every user gets to have 3gb.

Please let me know.

Thank you,

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I am configuring the Quote management for the C Drive in windows XP, and it allows to limit users quota to (insert number here) kb, mb, or GB.
I am wondering if i set that limitation, will it limit all users to that number?
lets say 3gb, so if 3gb is used, no one will be able to access the disk,
or, is it for per user, so every user gets to have 3gb.

Please let me know.

Thank you,

A:XP Disk Quota Per user, or All users?

Start | Help and Support, search for Quotas and users
Because disk quotas monitor volume use by individual user, each user's utilization of disk space does not affect the disk quotas for other users of the same volume. For example, if Volume F has a quota limit of 500 megabytes (MB) and a user saves 500 megabytes (MB) worth of files to Volume F, that user cannot write additional data to the volume without first deleting or moving some existing files from it. However, each of the other users can continue to save up to 500 MB worth of files on that volume as long as there is sufficient free space.
Disk quotas are based on file ownership and are independent of the folder location of the user's files within the volume. For example, if users move their files from one folder to another on the same volume, their volume space usage does not change. However, if users copy their files to a different folder on the same volume, their volume space usage doubles. Or, if another user creates a 200 kilobyte (KB) file and you take ownership of that file, that user's disk use decreases by 200 KB and your disk use increases by 200 KB.
For instructions on enabling disk quotas, see To enable disk quotas.
Click to expand...

You need to use fsutils from a command line to modify quotas on a per user basis so that different users will have different limits.



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After creating a new organizational unit folder folder I moved a user to that folder and setup a disk quota group policy and gpupdate /force in a domain controller and also a client computer.
However if I set the same disk quota group policy to computer folder in Active Directory it works.

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Hi, i have a 25GB per month download and i have 8 computers on my network and i want to set a limit on each of the computers for how much they can download per month is there a Free program that i can get to do this?

I had one program but it would show me how much i have download and how much i have used by accesing the network, i only want how much i download form visiting websites, checking emails and downloading stuff like that.


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Greetings to anybody is reading.
First of all, I apologize for my poor English.
The topic I'd like to begin is about a problem that, I've red in the Web, a lot of users have met in Windows 8: a high disk usage which make the pc more and more slow. And it's happen without any program is running. Just the services and something else of Windows itself.
Somebody says to unable some services like Superfetch and Windows Search.
Somebody else says to increase the virtual memory.
Somebody else says to unable some scheduling task, as defrag the HDD.
I'd like to know your opinion, because I think you are members of a very serious website.
Best regards to everybody.
Roberto from northern Italy.

A:High disk usage (95 up to 100%): limit of Windows 8?

Can you screenshot the task manager showing the processes running so I can see this high disk usage? Or even some logs to support timeouts etc.

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I helped several users with moving their Temporary Internet Files (TIF) folder to a non system disk with plenty of space.  The process is rather simple.  Create an empty folder on the target disk and use the [ Move Files ] option of Windows Setting
/ Internet Options / Browsing History [ Settings ] to move the folder.  After logging off and on again, the users' new TIF folder is active on the new disk and the old one can be deleted.

However, for one of the users this seems to be impossible.  In the Browsing History part, the "Disk space to use" value reads 0 and the "Current location" is blank, as well before as after the move.

The registry settings look OK to me.

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Shell Folders points to the correct location and when specifying shell:cache in File Explorer I end up in the correct folder.

Both HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings\5.0\Cache\Content
and HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings\Cache\Content

have a CacheLimit set to 337920 (decimal) but the Browsing History settings in the Internet Options remain zero and blank.

Suspecting a corrupted file in the TIF, I also tried first deleting the contents of the current TIF after the user was logged out.  But after logging in again, the situation was the same.  Disk space remaining 0 and location blank, registry ... Read more

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Hi All,
I have to find the disk utilization as per user using powershell.
I can do this with UI like -:
1) Right Click on This PC.

2) Go to properties from drop down and go to advanced settings

3) Click on User profile's setting then we can see the users and there usage.
Now I want to do this programmatically.
I've requirement like if a particular user usage is more than 2GB space then he should get automatic email trigger.
How can we do this with powershell?


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Can I get a program that users can use to view how much space they are allowed to use and have used on the hard drives in my pc ? If I can what is it called and where can I download it ?

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Appreciate for any recommended 3rd party software to restrict disk space on a file server based on folders rather than users. Thank you.

A:Recommended software to restrict disk space quota

Someone asked this question a couple of years ago on the forums and I believe I answered it. I just can't find the original thread or the software I recommended to do it. I will keep searching for it but I did find this.

I couldn't find what I was looking for but you could try this out.

Looks like Windows 2003 Server is a little more Flexible with configuring Disk Quotas. Has alot more functionality then Windows 2000 and XP.


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is there a way to change the registry quota remotely through a registry hack done through regedit? this pc is in my domain, is running nt 4 workstation, etc. i just need to know which key(s) to manipulate and what to do. thx.

A:{Advice Offered} - Low registry quota question...


The registry key is:


It is in binary format. It is visible over the network, but you have to connect as a LOCAL admin of the machine to be able to change the value.


Reuel Miller
Windows NT Moderator (yes, that does make me biased )

[email protected]

Website: www.xperts.co.za/reuel/multiboot

Every morning is the dawn of a new error...

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I am Barbara.I want to ask that is this really true that it has NO limits or is this some trick.Does Yahoo Mail really have larger mailbox than even GMAIL?If I decide to sign up for Yahoo,I will have more than 2,6 GB?More than Gmail?
Really have to know

A:Solved: Question about Yahoo unlimited quota...

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Hey guys,

I live in a student house and we have a 25mbps internet connection. Everyone uses a laptop but me, I have a really advanced desktop for my studies.

We are having a problem because my cpu is pulling a lot of bandwidth even when I'm not using it. I am using netLimiter Pro but that doesn't even work sometimes. I limit my bandwidth both in and out by 1mbps and it's still pulling a lot making it hard for the others to even stream at times.

Please give me a solution to this, I really need it.

A:LIMIT the usage!!

We are having a problem because my cpu is pulling a lot of bandwidth even when I'm not using it.Click to expand...

what have you got running any P2P applications ?

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I was wondering if there is a way to limit the usage to internet per computer on a home network?

We have a router, 2 computers running xp and 1 running vista.

I want to be able to limit the amount of bytes each computer can use a month. So that the monthly datacap is not exceeded by one computer user.

Can one set this up?


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My ISP allows to use 2.5 GB per month for a fixed charge, after that it starts billing. 5 users use the computer, and therefore, the internet usage goes up to around 3.5 GB. It is an ADSL Broadband 256kbps/2mbps connection. Can I limit the usage to 2.5 GB using a software without letting the users know?

A:How to limit internet usage...

yes, there are commercial software up there that limits time and amount of downloads. Offhand, I can't think of names, but I do know they exist.

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Dear Sir.
I purchase my broadband service from "Fast Internet Co.Uk" whom are a very reliable and helpfull ISP. However over the last few months They have informed me i am using more than my permitted 20GB allowed, and regularly cap my usage. There technical support have been very helpfull and in there opinion there must be something on my system that is uploading or downloading lots of files. I have a wireless modem that has all the security set correctly i think.

I dont play on line games or gambling, I dont watch films. Just Email, Ebay and an 2 hours surfing a day.
THe computer is online 24/7

other note of interest. From 5th Aug to 26th Aug i was away on holiday and the pc was off but router left on. My ISP sated there record show no activity on my account for that period.
Can you please advise how do i try to find what is running up my internet usage.

Many thanks.
Im running Vista

A:Broaband usage limit

do you have security set up wep or wpa?? let me know and we can go from there

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Hi I have a cyber cafe set up with 10 windows xp machines. My monthly internet usage cap is 15 gb. I want to limit the bandwidth for each computer. Currently the ADSL router is connected directly to the switch. So there is no security as such. Is there any way i could limit the net useage on each computer? Like maybe reduce the speed or not allow downloading or anything of that sort? Because I want to limit my daily usage to not more than 500 mb. Please help.. Thanks!!

A:Limit my bandwidth usage




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A. how could i limit RAM usage for a program?
to let it think i have less ram...
B. how could i limit a program to take less CPU load?

A:limit ram usage for a program

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In my office, i have windows 2003 server running with a Sonicwall Hardware Firewall. All i want is to limit the internet usage for the users on network. I want to limit the usage as 20MB per day. I have checked soniwall, and there is nothing such option.

Is there any software i can install on my pc and monitor the activity of other users and limit their daily usage for 20Mb?

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Well ok, I've been a naughty boy. My old man put a password on my account (which has administrative access) and so I couldn't access the system. After two months I thought that I would have to break in to the system with anybody's awareness since I missed my precious documents and wanted to surt the Internet a bit (ahh the joys off being a teenager).

So anyway, from an internet cafe I found a method...I clicked F8 while rebooting windows, entered the Administrator account through Safe Mode, changed the password for my account, and logged in. So I'm into the system (so SIMPLE, right in front of me, and I took no action... *smacks forehead*). By the way, sorry if I can't explain reasonably to the computer guys...Im as lame as I can get when it comes to computers.

Now to the chase. To make sure that this wouldn't happen again (not being able to access my computer account) I clicked on the option 'prevent a forgotten password' and created a password reset disk..so NOW, if my Dad decides to enter his "old" password on my account and the computer does not accept it, he will get that message saying 'have you forgotten your password?' and so, and he will also see that a password reset disk has been created. I could of course destroy, burn the disk and eliminate the evidence lol, but the computer (or my account I should say) kinda has "installed" in it the password reset disk for my account.

So my question to you computer merlins, is there a way I can... Read more

A:User Accounts Question (Microsoft Password Reset disk/Wizard)

I dont think that if he enter the wrong password it would tell him a password restore disc has been created, would it? Anyway, would he really think you had the knowledge to make one in the first place? If it does say that a password restore disc has been created, it is unlikely you will be able to remove that message.


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Hey all, I have about five computers at home one for me and four for my kids. I wanted to know in any body knew of a way to place a time limit on how much time they can use the computer. I want to be able to assign the time limit from my computer. In addition, they all usually leave their computer on all day. I would like to thank you all in advance for any suggestion.

A:Limit internet usage by kids.

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I am a small business owner (Verizon Wireless Retailer)

And would like to limit my employees to only a few select programs and IE websites.

For example we would need access to

-RQ4 (Our POS)
-Microsoft Office
-Adobe Reader
-Internet Explorer

I would also like to limit the websites they can use to about two sites.

Any and all help would be appreciated!

Thank you,
Danny T

A:How to limit PC Usage to POS & Internet Explorer?

Welcome Djt511 to the windows 7 forums.

One problem that I see is that if you allow Internet Explorer, they can go anywhere and run most anything.

you can even browse the hard disk if they put the C:\ in the command line of the browser. they can then navigate to anyplace on the hard disk and execute a program.

Might be better to get a good firewall and anti-virus either that or network filter like baraccuda or something cheaper.


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it uses (over time) all the RAM available in my PC and sometimes causes vram errors and making the PC so slow that i have to reboot as i can't do anything else.
this is an issue that's happened on various PCs of mine, with different hardware, different clean installs of win7 home so
am not looking to troubleshoot why it's using so much RAM.  as far as i'm concerned at this point it's just a bug in win7.
what i am looking for is to limit the RAM that a specific process has access to.
thanks.  (sorry about the bolded parts but i've gone through this on different forums including this one a while back and everyone focuses on the troubleshooting bit).

A:how to limit the mem usage of chkdsk.exe in win7 x64?

contact the support if you think this is a bug and request a fix for it."A programmer is just a tool which converts caffeine into code"

Want to install RSAT on Windows 7 Sp1? Check my HowTo: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=150221

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Hey guys
How can I limit internet access for a user like 60 min in day or maybe 20 mb daily.
In the win7 parental control i can only limit full compiter access.

A:Limit internet usage for users

Quote: Originally Posted by Saeed2

Hey guys
How can I limit internet access for a user like 60 min in day or maybe 20 mb daily.
In the win7 parental control i can only limit full compiter access.

I am unsure if you want to limit their Internet access or total computer time. If the former Netlimiter will work NetLimiter - The Ultimate Bandwidth Shaper.

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For some reason since getting my new laptop and windows 8 my Internet data usage has skyrocketed. Is it something with the start page and/or apps or something else? All I know is, I never used to get close to reaching my 5gb limit but since windows 8 I've gone WAY over. When I look at my Internet bill, before I got windows 8 I never had anything over 100mb show up, but starting the day I started using 8 I've had from 100-800mb(!!) show up. Help is appreciated! I have two more days before I can take the laptop back and if I can't figure this out I'm buying something with an older version of windows.

A:8 causing Internet usage to go over limit???

Hello Arontcb, and welcome to Eight Forums.

You might use the tutorials below to set it has a metered connection to help reduced unwanted data usage.
How to Turn On or Off "Metered Internet Connections" for Devices in Windows 8How to Turn On or Off "Metered Internet Connections" for Sync Settings in Windows 8Wireless Network - Set or Unset as Metered Connection in Windows 8How to Set a Data Usage Limit for Live App Tile Updates in Windows 8
Hope this helps,

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Hello People,

May i know if this is possible and how??
I have many users in my company and i want them to use not more than 6 applications at the same time
How do i limit this???

Is there ant software which can do this

Please reply

Thank you very much in advance

A:Limit usage of application on a desktop computer

If you are using Windows, I don't think there is a way to limit the # of apps running at one time. I do think there are ways to prevent more than one copy of an app running at the same time, however.

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Just wanted to set up a spare XP Pro PC as a file server in my school, but have noticed the 10 user limit in the file share box.

As I have a class of 30 children, how will this limit affect me? Is the limit dependant on the connections being from 10 different user logins or is it different for logins that will use the same login name as in my case, as all the children will log in under the same name?

A:User limit in XP Pro

The is a 10 computer connection limit with XP Pro.

Each computer can have multiple connections but only 10 can connect at one time.

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Hi there, a few questions if i may. First : whats the max number limit of user accounts that can be created in XP Pro...cant seem to find any info on it...there must be a limit. ( I am refering to both the logon screen, which i think is 5, and actual number of user accounts in the system like is seen in the "local users and groups" section)

Secondly: The reason for me asking is b/c my friends mom needs to share out a file at her work and they dont have a server. (guessing maybe 7-13 people) All of which are going to be needing very different access rights to this folder. Id like to just create a user account for each person and adjust the folder share rights by each user. And this way each person could have thier own username and PW for making the connection as if they were connecting to a file share on a 2000 server. Any ideas???

And i know she dont want to have her XP logon screen loaded up with all these users...but that i think can probably be avoided anyways with a regedit...i think.

Any and all help is greatly appreciated.

A:Limit of XP user accounts and then some...

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How can I limit which applications user on win 7 could see?
I have attached the screenshot as I would like user to see when he/she presses the start. The screenshot I have attached is from win xp. Honestly I don't know how is this being done even on win xp.

Does anyone have clue on this?
Imagetoo - Free Image Hosting

A:Limit which applications user can see

Welcome to Seven Forums duleserbia. Would it suffice to limit what applications a user can run?

Applications - Prevent Running Specified Programs

AppLocker - Create New Rules

Your specs say you have Windows 7 Enterprise which would allow these things. A Guy

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Sharing a directory on w2000 pro and suddenly the user limit has dropped from 10 to 9. It is not consistently the same user, it depends on when those granted permission access the data, the last one attempting gets blocked out. Rebooting the PC did not resolve the problem. Any ideas?

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When at work, I log onto my computer and can only open certain programs. I cannot access files and folders, and have restricted access to the web. I cannot even change any settings for the display, such as resolution. Everything is locked down that I am not allowed to use.

How can I put the same thing at home? On 2 family computers, my son (under 6) messes with anything he can get into. He has even gotten into the bios, despite me having a password. He changes settings, adds shortcuts to things, and goes to websites he shouldn't. I discovered that when he asks what letters make a certain sound, it means he is trying to spell it to find the website. not porn or anything, just places he shouldn't be. I tried net nanny, but couldn't figure out how to limit just him and not me. I already have his login as a limited user, but that doesn't seem to restrict enough.

Any suggestions? I run win XP with SP3

A:Limit user access

Generally you use the GROUP POLICY EDITOR to set restrictions on a computer:http://support.microsoft.com/kb/307882Jeff

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Can you make Advance Server 2000 allocate more than 3 GB
memory for a single user application if you have 6 GB memory in the computer?

A:User application 3 GB memory limit

Im not sure what the limit is on 2000AS, but if thats the limit then thats the limit. You might find a 3rd party app thet will help you. I dont know of any myself. GoodLuck

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Dear Sir,

I wan to define permissions for my computer limit user. where that setting for customization/changing??

A:how to define permisions for limit user?

I'm not sure what permissions you want to change, but this tutorial might help

Permissions - Allow or Deny Users and Groups

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Hi all.
I have a bandwidth sharing issue on my wifes XP Pro computer that she sometimes shares with her daughter (my stepdaughter, 17). Stepdaughter uses a guest account only. She chews through a massive amount of bandwidth each month (youtube, limewire, watchmovies etc), even when she has been asked nicely and not so nicely to reduce her usage etc. I have a WRT54G v2.2 running Tomato, and have already QoS'd her laptop significantly, which is why she is using her mothers computer. And yes, I know that this is a person issue rather than an IT issue.

However, I need to find a way to throttle the bandwidth available to the guest account ONLY. I don't want to affect her mothers account. I have spent hours on Google, and have looked through heaps of threads here too. I am the only IT savvy admin on the system, and am happy to install software to do the throttling.

Any advice on software that will allow me to limit one user account only on the XP Pro machine greatly appreciated. Thanks, Will

A:limit bandwidth for XP guest user only

Im not sure if any of these will accomplish what you want but here is a darn fine list of parental controls.


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I have a laptop which other people use now and again. I have set up a limited user account (my operating system is xp sp3) but wanted to know if it is possible to limit this account further so people using it can only access the desktop and not "My Computer" and the "Start" menu etc.

Ideally I just want people using it to only be able to access the internet through either Firefox or IE.

Has anyone any ideas?

Is there any free software that will make it easier to do as I've heard that there is Public PC Desktop software but most of them seem not to be free?

A:How To Limit A User Account To Internet Browsing Only

Well this should help a little.Setting up user accounts.http://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/using/s...accounts.mspx#1Then make some folders private (Read this throughly so you understand how the accounts work)http://support.microsoft.com/kb/930987There are also ways to encrypt folders so they need a password by using winzip or a utility like Kurptos 2 or AxCrypt. There are also other software programs that you can purchase.These programs will only partially do what I think it is you want. You could always set up another partition with another operating system, but I think you might be satisfied with just running seperate user accounts.

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Hey peeps, I hope I can find an answer here, since searching all over the Internet has proven fruitless for the last 3 hours.

My question is rather simple:
Is it possible to set upload/download limits for each separate user account in my Windows XP SP3 system?

I have downloaded several trial versions of software that does do this, but it can only limit one whole computer and is designed for network purposes. I need software that can distinguish between different user accounts, and be able to set custom data transfer limits.

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I'm working on a WinXP home computer with two Log Ins. The users of this unit have been switching users for a long time. Now, when I attempt to log off, a small window appears telling me I need to delete files from the user profile because the profile exceeds the space allotted. Files in the profile read something like 1,557,220 and the space allotted is around 50,000 mb.

Of course, there is no way to delete files from the small window with containing the message. However, there is a list of many, many files belonging to both users.

I couldn't find anything helpful in the MS Knowledge Base. How can I bring the profile back into an acceptable size? I can't even log off windows.

Many thanks for any help you can give me.


A:User Profile space exceeds limit

Sound like a disc quota issue.
Log on as administrator.
Open My Computer, select the partition on which you want to set a disc quota.
Right click it and select properties.
Click the quota tab.
I suspect that the box "Deny disc space to users exceeding quota limit" has been checked. Uncheck it.

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How can limit the ability of a local user (non-Admin) to access drives and files on a pubic computer?

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I've searched everywhere for a solution to this but have not found anything outside of restarting the machine.
I need to limit a Windows 7 computer to only allow one user logged in at a time. This machine has applications only allow one user to run them at a time. So if a user locks this machine and walks off and if the next user switches user and logs in, none of
the programs will work because the first user's session is now suspended.
Is there anything that will kick the suspended user off? So if a user forgets to log out and the screen is locked, the second user's login would force the first user to log off?

A:Limit a Windows 7 machine to 1 user login at a time

You can disable the locking function altogether so the initial user can't occupy the machine. (They will have to log off or risk leaving the machine unattended while still logged in.)
It is a registry change, check out:

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Bonjour ,

I have a wireless linksys WAG200g gateway, How do I limit the bandwidth to each user on the wireless router? Some of the users are abusing the bandwidth making it difficult for others to surf the internet. Is there any way to setlimits to each user so that nobody ends up using too much of the internet.


A:Solved: How do I limit the bandwidth to each user on the wireless router?

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I am setting up computers for public use. They came pre-loaded with Windows 10 Home. I need some things:

1. Ability for local user to sign in without password
2. Limited access to programs said user (whitelist if possible)
3. No access for local user to files and drives.
4. Whitelist for internet

I was able to do 1-3 easily on Windows 8, but I am not successful in W10. Any advice?

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Every 10-40 minutes, the application I'm currently working in [whither it be skype, L4D2, or firefox] becomes unresponsive, and after a minute or two, the window turns white, notifying me that it's not responding. This unresponsiveness quickly spreads to other open processes, rendering them frozen as well. I can still use the mouse, and it appears rainmeter still responds [updates, showing barely any CPU usage].

Steps I've taken to try and resolve this:
Using only one main program, still does it
turning the computer off and on again
Memtest is clean
chkdisk passes
MBAM/MSE scans return nothing
no memory overflows that I can see

While troubleshooting, I noticed that during the 'fit of unresponsiveness' the disk usage light on my tower is solid, but when I looked at the disk usage in the resource monitor, no processes whatsoever were using it [screenshot related]

If any more specifications are needed, I'll be happy to elaborate.

A:Frequent unresponsiveness, 100% hardware disk usage, 0% software usage

It could be indexing. What if you turn off indexing just as an experiment?

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Hi guys, hope you can help me please. I'm not too computer savvy so sorry if I'm missing something important or I say something dumb. I'm really frustrated and I'm trying my best to learn and solve this problem.
So I bought this Vaio with Core i5-3210M, 4Gb Ram, Windows 8 64 bit. I had really high hopes for it, coming from an i3. For the first few weeks it worked fine, but then it started to freeze while watching movies. Then it started happening all the time, and the cooling fan became consistently noisy for working at full capacity.
I was used to opening task manager on older systems when this happened to see if there was a non-responding program and force it closed, so I noticed Task Manager offers some more features in Win 8. Here, I see that CPU usage is high, staying always around 70% and from time to time reaching 100. At this moment, the process taking the biggest slice is called VCS System Tray with 58%.
What's perhaps more concerning, is that Disk usage is almost constantly on 100%. And by this I mean it reaches 100 and stays there for long periods of time, perhaps up to 20 minutes, then it falls down a few seconds and up again to 100. During this time the computer is excruciatingly painful to use. To even open a program takes forever. When this happens, it seems that Chrome is at the top of the list of processes with most disk usage, with about 1-2Mbps, but this sometimes changes and the list can be led by System, Utorrent, Octoshape, VCS System Tray, Communication... Read more

A:100% CPU usage, 100% Disk usage, cooling fans full speed

Hi, welcome to the forums,
Go to Device manager(right click bottom left corner), uninstall the "VAIO care" driver, get the new driver from Sony support:Sony eSupport - Computers - Support
Install and see whether it helps, check your system for virus infections with Malwarebytes as well.

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I'm considering buying an enormous IDE drive ??80GB or so as a backup device. I'd like to use it with different computers so am considering an external parrallel IDE drive kit.

Does anyone know if there is a limit to the size of disk that you can connect in this way. I know that windows 95 has an 8GB limit but does this apply to a parrallel port device??



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