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home phoneline network using an internal modem, DSL, or cable modem.

Q: home phoneline network using an internal modem, DSL, or cable modem.

Morning everybody!
Okay... I recently got Cable Connection Internet (lan)..with the external modem...that has (NIC) connection and (USB) in the back....My other computer which sits right next to my dell is down right now, and i don't have a hub or another ethernet cable at this moment, but eventually both computers are gonna be connected one into the other and that one into the internet...I don't really know if I'm supossed to bridge or not, since other one is down and i cannot use wizard to set up on this one...BUT I was reading on the different connection types and there one that says home phoneline network using an internal modem, DSL, or cable modem....can I connect a basic phone line from internal 56K modem into the other (computer thats down) Internal 56K? or use the extra USB connection from external cable modem and connect that way?.I'd like to go into other computer and see whats going on..

Preferred Solution: home phoneline network using an internal modem, DSL, or cable modem.

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: home phoneline network using an internal modem, DSL, or cable modem.

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I just received cable modem access in my area and am enjoying the tremendous speed. One question I have is how to network my computers to share the cable modem so two computers can surf the web at the same time?

A:{Advice Offered} - Setting up a home network with a cable modem

What I did was went out and bought a Linksys Router. It cost me $100 that is with one network connection. If you want one with 4 connection it will cost about $150. That would mutitple IP so you could have up to 255 different connections. You could also communicate with the other computer. In a since it is your very own network. It is very simple and very easy to setup. There are other ways of doing it if you want. You could also buy another IP. but in the long run it would be cheaper to buy a router. It could also act as a proxy server. I am not sure if it act as a firewall or not.

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So like the title says, i used to have a Cable modem internet in my house a while ago, then i asked the company for a DSL connection, they never asked for the old Cable modem so at the moment i have both modems working, my question is, is there any way to put them together so i get the speed from each modem put into a single network?

Thx in advance.

A:DSL Modem + Cable Modem On the same Network, Posible?

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Hi All,
I have Laptop Toshiba Satellite L775, windows 7. I used cable modem Motorola SURFboard SBG6580 and it was working fine. Then I changed my ISP to Century Link and used their DSL modem and still everything worked just fine. Now I moved to another city and used same cable modem (SBG6580) and connected my business PC thru ethernet and it is working fine. The problem is with my laptop which I tried to connect wirelessly but coudn't so I tried to connect it thru ethernet but it does not even recognizes it. Funny thing is my hard wired computer has picked up same network name thru modem and is working fine both thru ethernet and wifi (this computer I am using first time with this modem).
My laptop find available networks and when I select my network with password, some time it says connected with limited access and some time "windows was unable to connect" message. I tried most of the solutions by calling Suddenlink and Motorola but no luck. I am wordering if it has to do anything with centurylink's DSL modem being used on this laptop before and somehow blocking cable modem?
Any help?

A:Solved: Cable modem to DSL back to cable modem-now my laptop can't connect to interne

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Hey, I am an owner of a HP tx2500 laptop. Which has a built in phone-line modem. I currently have it set up to send faxes (and receive them)

Then I remembered that on XP I had it set up to be able to call over this phone line. I could call regular phones anywhere, as it was just using my home phone-line service.

So anyways, I remember the application on windows XP was just called like "Phone Call" or something simple like that. You were just presented with a window of buttons, and a call button.

I cannot find this program on my new XP machine, which has no phone modem installed.

So did this program come as part of windows xp? did it come with my modem way back when? and can it be found for vista?
Aka, how can I have my computer act like a phone?

A:Vista phone calls over phoneline modem

So it depends what you actually want to do, as there are a number of ways to make phone calls from a PC.

I suspect you want to use Phone Dialer, (dialer.exe). This will dial phone number and save speed dial numbers.

Just Right Click your Desktop and choose New> Shortcut from the shortcut menu. In the location field, Type the following:


Then hit next and Name the shortcut what ever you like. Then, Hook up your modem and Home phone line to the correct
ports and you should be able to dial away.

Dialer.exe was somewhat well hidden in Vista, but I did find it. exactly where it was supposed to be.

Good Luck

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I brought a computer from work, which uses a network/server called Citrix. Will my existing phone line, used in my computer, be able to use this port to access the Internet. Or, do I need to buy a regular internal modem? Are network modems different than say Winmodems, which I have in my home computer? Yes, the port configuration onwork computer is a different shape - it appears wider but my line still fits.


Paul K.

A:Network vs. internal modem

If I understand your question correctly, what is in your computer from work is a nic (network internet card) and is not to hook up phone lines to, it is to hook up ethernet cable and network computers or connect to a cable modem. If this is the case, it will not work

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Just moved in and brought my ADSL wifi modem Belkin F1PI241EGau with me, but over here there is cable and the provider supplied me with their modem motorola Surfboard SB5101E. I would like to connect these two to use the wifi. Would that be possible?

Thank you

A:Can i connect my adsl2/2+ wifi modem/router to cable modem?

Not really. The ADSL router doesn't have the correct WAN interface. You need a standard router with an Ethernet WAN connection.

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My cable modem stop working, and Comcast ran all kind of test. The cable company said it is not them. That it could be my NIC card inside the pc, what type of test I can run to see if it's my NIC card working right.


A:cable modem/Windows XP Home

Unless you can bring it to another location that has either a cable or dsl modem or network, there is no real good test. Doing things like pinging does not fully test everything. It is kind of like a reverse test, if the ping doesn't work then you know the card is bad. If it does work, you are still not sure. That's why the best test is to actually see everything function.

Another possibility, given the cost vs. all your time, is to just get another network card and cable.

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I have a Netgear DGN2200 (N300 Wireless ASDL + Modem Router) that I got from Goodwill. There is no WAN port behind the router... only LAN ports I see. How do I setup my Arris Cable modem to this Netgear Modem Router? I need help PLEASE!

Link to Netgear DGN2200: http://www.netgear.com/home/products/wirelessrouters/work-and-play/DGN2200.aspx

Link to Arris Cable Modem (PDF): http://www.arrisi.com/product_catalog/_docs/_specsheet/060510_Touchstone_Telephony_Modem_TM502G.pdf

A:Netgear Modem Router & Arris Cable Modem

if its ADSL you cannot use it as a router on a cable modem, its designed to connect to the telephone line and has a modem within the device

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When I try connecting my PC to my cable modem via Ethernet cable there is no internet access, but it does say its connected ( windows xp and 7...2 different PCs). But when I plug in my wireless router directly to the cable modem, I get internet access, what gives? I did reset everything and this problem still occurs. I'm not a total noob when it comes to networking, but this is baffling! I did troubleshooting over the internet, no help at all

(btw for folks who know about ps3...When my ps3 is directly connected to the cable modem I get NAT type 1, and online play works flawless. yet why wouldn't doesn't the internet work on my pc?)

A:cable modem to pc, no good...modem to router to pc works..help

Brand and model of the cable modem?

For "my PC" connected to the modem please show ...

Start, Run, CMD, OK to open a command prompt:
(For Vista or 7 type CMD in the Search box after Start)

Type the following command:


[Note that there is no space between the slash and ALL.]

Right click in the command window and choose Select All, then hit Enter.
Paste the results in a message here.

If necessary use a text file and removable media to copy the results to a computer with internet access.

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Ok.. I have a home computer Running Windows XP that is connected through my cable company and I also have an e-home Router that my daughter connects through on her PC (wirelessly)

I recently dug up an old Dell Notebook Dell cpx wireless notebook.. I'd like to be able to use it once in a while so I purchased a D-Link "Air Plus Xtreme G" DWL G650 108g notebook adapter which has given me more trouble than I can handle.
First of all.. much of the time, I get the "blue screen" critical error message which I have no clue about and don't understand..

Next.. the little double computer icon at the bottom of my screen is blue and blinking and tells me that I have a connecton, slow but connected.. but as soon as I try to connect to a site, I get the Web Page cannot be displayed message.

I'm not good at all with "networking" or setting up wireless and I don't even know where to begin..since when I purchased the adapter it said..just put it in and you'll be on the internet in minutes! NOT!

Any suggestions about where I coould begin.. I'd appreciate it.


A:Home Networking Thru Cable Modem & Router

We also have no clue about the critical error message. Please post it exactly.

Make sure you have the latest driver for the adapter from D-Link's web site.

What OS and service pack level on the problem PC? Why a new wireless card if it is a "wireless notebook"?

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I have a friend who has a cable modem which uses a 3com cable modem device to access the Internet. It works fine and is hooked up to one computer through a NIC. He bought a Linksys dsl/cable modem router that you can plug 4 computer directly into and that's supposed to make sharing the internet connection possible. Well, it's not working.

Now I'm pretty certain the cable modem provider is giving him a dynamic IP address because when I wiped it out, put a static IP address in, rebooted, then took away the static IP address and told it to get one from a DHCP server it did, and it was in the same range as the original address (did that make sense?). Anyway, that's why I believe he's assigned an IP address and does not have a static IP address.

What would be the best way to share the internet connection? He doesn't want to have to purchase anything else and I don't blame him. He said that it was working at one time where both PC's were sharing the Internet connection, but when he had to wipe one of them (the 2nd PC) and reinstall everything it stopped working.

Knowing what you now know what would recommend is the best way to set this up? Any help would be great.

A:Sharing cable modem connection w/home LAN...

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I cant seem to get this to work.. one pc works but the other one wont no matter what i try. both have windows xp, and Ive tried the whole network setup, neither will ping the other and Im at a loss.. neither is a host computer, could that be the problem?

A:Networking 2 Home Pc's thru Router with cable modem

DHCP is enabled on the router?

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I have cable internet through Comcast. It has run perfectly fine on my 1 computer, and the other day I brought home my work computer and hooked it to the HUB, yet it will not connect to the internet through it. My work computer runs DSL at work, yet for some reason it will not run my cable through it anymore. I have brought it over here several times and its worked fine without any extra configurations. Now these past 2 weeks it wont connect at all. When I disconnect/connect my cat5 cord to the ethernet port it doesnt even show me a message (and yes the msg's are enabled.) Also, the green light goes on when the cable is in, so it seems like it recougnizes that a cord is in it. I have no idea what to do from here so any suggestions are appreciated

A:Cable Modem Network

By messing around with this thing for a few hours, I have found out a important detail hehe. If i reset the modem, then restart my computers, whichever computer starts up first can connect to the internet and the other one cant. So its not a computer issue I think, more of a multiple connection problem.

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I am trying to set up a two PC network. The host is running XP and the client is running Win 98. I have two NIC cards in the host so it will act as the server. I am using a Netgear (DS104) Hub. The Cat-5 cables, software, and drivers are all installed, properly I believe. The host currently has internet access. My goal is for both to be able to use the cable modem to access the internet. Both computers "see" each other on the network, but file sharing isn't allowed. What am I doing wrong?

Replies will be greatly appreciated.

A:Network 2 PC's w/ hub & cable modem

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I ordered a cable modem. The boys (Medicom/AT&T) came over and installed it.

Before they came, I had my two Win98SE computers networked with a Netgear SB104 kit. I think they disabled my file and printer sharing capability and the option isn't available anymore.

Is there any way to restore my original settings and enable internet connection sharing?

A:network and ICS with cable modem?

How is it set up now? Did they install a network card in one PC or did they connect the ethernet interface from the cable modem to a hub. I would set it up with both PC's and the cable modem running through a hub or switch and go from there.

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I have 2 computers at home... both with NICs (network cards). I'm about to get a cable modem to get online. The questions are:

1) Can I create a network by just conecting the 2 computers with a network cable?

2) If (1) is yes, can I connect the cablemodem to the host by USB and then get both computers online? Or do I definitely need a cable router?


PS: The host is using Win XP Pro... the other, Win 98SE

A:Cable Modem + Network

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Wife was using her system with Vista 64 bit as a backup with a dial up connection. Eventually she had cable internet put on it but the system would not pick up the cable broadband modem connection. I had a system with XP hooked up to DSL broadband modem connection. I switched the systems and put my XP box on her cable broadband modem connection and it picked up the conection and works fine and I put her Vista box on my DSL broadband modem connection and it picked it up fine. But then when I switched the boxes back because the wife wanted her Vista system back it would not pick up the cable broadband modem connection again. Any suggestions as to why her Vista system will not pick up the cable broadband modem connection but will pick up the DSL broadband modem connection and / or how to remedy it short of taking the box in to repair?

Both systems have all the latest MS updates that are available for them installed and checked for malware and viruses and spyware. Thanks for help and suggestions.

A:Vista home premium not recognizing cable modem

If you are trying to use wireless you will need wireless drivers for your device. I have a couple of suggestions. First uninstall the device and reboot. Second flush your dns. I am also putting a link on troubleshooting internet connection issues.

DNS Resolver Cache
Troubleshoot Internet connection problems

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My laptop at work connects to the internet via the work network. I would like to use the same computer at home, and connect to the internet via my cable modem. Can this be done? If so, how?

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Hi everyone out there,

I've got a strange problem connecting my HP 6663 laptop to the internet. I could make both wireless and wired connections to the internet when going through a D-Link DI-624 or Microsoft Broadband Networking router without any problem. So I know my laptop, router, and cable modem are all functioning well.

However, when I tried to make a wired connection directly from the cable modem, I got errors about not able to get IP address from DHCP server! When I tried IPCONFIG /ALL, it showed I was not getting any network data. When I checked Control Panel, Component Services, DHCP Client was up and running.

I'd appreciate any feedback from you experts out there.


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I have roadrunner with a Toshiba cable modem on Win98se everything has been fine until about a week ago the PC(network card) light on my modem shuts off and starts going on and off randomly. When im on Winxp and this happens it keeps saying network cable unplugged and then it goes back on and like a minute later happens again. I tried switching the ethernet cable thinking it was the cable but it still happens its so random i have no idea whats the problem i even tried installing new drivers for the SMC ez network card i have still doesnt fix the problem, also on WINXp when all the lights are on i still cant seem to connect to any websites or access anything. Only thing i can do is keep rebooting till my PC light is stable and then its only a matter of time before it starts bugging out again. Any Help or suggestions are greatly appreciated!

A:Network Card/Cable Modem?????

I have cable also with W98 and SMC EZ card. Have you called your ISP help line? I have a different modem but have had a similar problem. Also, did you go into start/run and type winipcgf [enter]? When the dialog box opens, click "More Info">>. Near the middle in the white window, click the drop down arrow and you should be able to select your SMC adapter. *Do Not select PPP Adapter* Make a note of your IP and default gateway. Click "release all"; the IP's should zero out. Then click renew all. They should reset to their original settings. If they reset to different IP's, especially a "default" 169.xxx.xxx.xxx, or won't reset then try to power cycle the modem. I don't know about your model of modem- only mine. On mine I power down the computer, pyhsically remove the power cord and cable in from the modem. Wait about a minute, reconnect the modem, then reboot. Try this 3 or 4 times. If none of this works then definitely call your ISP, which I recommend you do any way. Good luck and let us know what happens.


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The issue is complicated. For starters, I have been experiencing trouble connecting my laptop to the internet through our cable modem. I did live in a dorm on a college network with ethernet if that affects anything. My home computer is a Dell desktop. It has no ethernet ports so we use a USB cable to connect to the cable modem. However, when I disconnect the USB cable from my PC and connect to my laptop, my laptop has trouble even detecting it. Sometimes a Local Area Network Connection will not even show up. In device manager, the USB connection has a yellow exclamation point next to it.Additionally, I have tried disconnecting the USB cable from my PC to eliminate that connection and then hooked up my ethernet cable from my laptop to the modem's ethernet port. When I do this, nothing at all happens.

To complicate the problem, I called my provider (G Force) and asked what the problem was. I was recommended to pick up a wireless router to eliminate the conflict. I got a Linksys WRT54G. Once I got home i realized that I needed an ethernet port on my PC to install the router software on my PC. I decided to try and bypass my PC all together and install through the laptop even though I can't get a connection through any cables. I seemed to have installed it successfully minus the connecting to the internet step. I just skipped it; the installation said that everything was established except for the cable internet connection. I think i had the cables set up right (one et... Read more

A:Cable Modem - Home PC - Laptop - WIreless Router Issues

A minimum requirement when switching the device connected to the modem is to power cycle (unplug for 30 seconds or so) the modem. It is not clear to me that you did that every time.

Reset the router to factory default settings (hold the recessed reset button for 10 to 20 seconds, or consult the manual for precise instructions).

Unplug the modem and router and shut down computers.

Leaving the modem's USB port unconnected, connect modem to router's WAN port and computer(s) to router LAN port(s).

Plug in modem; plug in router; boot computer(s).

If you don't get a connection to the router skip to the ipconfig /all information below.

Type the router's default LAN address ( into your browser and login to the router. Look at the WAN status to see if it got a good IP configuration.

If the router did not get a good IP configuration (and you never got a good ethernet connection to the modem) there are several possible reasons:

1. Like my service, for some reason you need to register the modem as if it is a new one when switching from USB to ethernet or vice versa;

2. Your ISP is one of the few that tracks the MAC address of the device connected to the modem; if this is the case you have to clone the (USB connnection's) MAC address of the desktop to the router's WAN. EDIT: or call your ISP and register your router's WAN MAC address.

3. Modem's ethernet port is bad;

4. Cable from modem to router is bad.

If you couldn't... Read more

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The other day as I was surfing the web, I got a network cable unplugged error. The cable is plugged in and I did not install new drivers or anything, I just clicked on a web link. The Lan Link light on the dsl modem never lights up, I always have network cable unplugged down in the task bar. The motherboard has built in lan which has worked flawlessly a year of dsl.
I have tried uninstalling the Built in lan, and reinstalling. I have installed a new Dlink Lan card, with no luck. I know the cable is good, and the dsl modem is good (tried them on a different computer) but I am completely stumped as to what would cause all lan ports to not work.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:network cable unplugged error with dsl modem

I re-installed windows and everything works fine again

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OK - I am stumped - I have very little experience with cable modems, and need some help. I have just joined an organization that uses a T1 to connect to a network in another city. We use a MetaFrame server to share certain software - thus, we use the T1 and a router to connect to each other. We are throwing a cable modem into the mix, and I thought it would be simple. I need to share the cable modem in this building only, yet still use the router that connects us to our "home" facility. I have a linsys cable modem and an XPHome computer acting as a "sharing computer". That computer has two NICs and one is connected to the cable modem, and the other to my switch. I have been told I need to "connect" these NICs using internet sharing. HELP - I cannot for the life of me make this work! Any suggestions appreciated!

A:Cable Modem Sharing / T1 to offsite network

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Heres my problem:

Bought my new PC a month ago and have been having this problem ever since...I use roadrunner via an external toshiba 2200 cable modem connected to a usb port. When my PC sits idle for 15+ minutes and I try to open my browser, I get a "<homepage> could not be found" error, and if I try to access email I get a connection error also. Theres almost always a "network cable is unplugged" icon in my system tray, and I cant figure out how to fix it. If I disable the network connection it doesnt get my internet connection back. I have to reboot to get online. Heres a screenshot of my network connections

Any help on what I can do to get rid of theis problem??? Its annoying because I can be online, then logoff, and 15+ minutes later (if the PC sits idle) I cant get online unless I reboot. Im using norton personal firewall, but the problem was there before I installed it. The XP firewall is disabled, and I dont know much about network connections or how to configure them.

Also, I just noticed in device manager that my cable modem is listed twice - once in network adapters, and once in USB controllers. Heres a screenshot of my device manager with the modem listed twice

In network adapters it says "Toshiba PCX2200 USB cable modem (NDIS 5)"

in USB controllers it says "Toshiba PCX2200 USB cable modem (WDM)"

????????? any help???? And what are the network adapters for?? Whats the 1394 adapter, and what does the realt... Read more

A:modem/network problems....cable unplugged??

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I have just started to use P2P Networks such as Limewire, Mynapster. Also been using Bit Torrent apps. Azureus, BitComet, Etc. I Have a Cable modem speed of 450kbs. I can only seem to get speeds as high as 50kbs. Even with high seeder values, and good healthy files??.
I have also ran A program for windows XP to Improve TCP/Ip speeds 10 ports to 50 open ports?. Didn't work Also Tryed Netspeed to improve performance, but know such luck!. I have tryed searching high, and low for more Information how to improve this. It seems that I need to find a professional or someone that knows more than me about it.
Please help , Errghhhh . I am also not using a router!!!

A:Cable modem P2P Network speed SLOW ?

If you had read the rules you would know that P2P is not supported here!

If you read the rules, and obey them you can come back in a day!

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Seem to be a little different than the threads I checked. I am running 2 PC's and a cable modem but have 2 IP's for the cable modem. Currently running via a basic hub. Might want to add a 3rd machine without internet connection ( CNC router controller ) only on the local side. So, what would give my game machine the best lag and download through put especially while the wife is surfing? Router, switch, hub? Are 2 IPs just a waste? Am intending on staying wired rather than wireless.

A:Optimal network cable modem config

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Comcast came by today and set up a cable modem today on one of my machines. It works perfectly on this machine, but when I plug the ethernet cable that connects from the modem into my other machine (a laptop), I can't connect to the internet. The browser can't connect, and I get nothing when I type "ping google" (I typed the full web address of google, but for some reason these forums won't let me post the full address here) into Command Prompt. I noticed that there is a solid orangish-reddish light that turns on on the network card when I plug the ethernet cable into the network card of my laptop, but the light is green when I plug the ethernet cable into the working machine's network card. On the laptop, I tried to "repair" the connection from the "Network Connections" window in the Control Panel, but it gives me an error message that says "Unable to renew IP address." I checked the properties of the connection (TCP/IP etc) on the laptop and all of the settings look identical to the settings of the working machine.

The laptop (that can't connect) is running Windows XP SP1, and the machine that can connect is running Windows XP SP2.

Any idea what could be wrong?

A:Network Card & Cable modem problem

First off, ping the loopback of the laptop. Type PING If that works then you know the NIC is OK. If not you have a problem with the NIC in the laptop.

Second, open up TCP/IP properties and make sure that Obtain IP address automatically and Obtain DNS address automatically are set.

If that wont work try to uninstall the NIC in the laptop through device manager. Restart and let windows reinstall the NIC. mabye the driver is corrupt. Who knows. Even if Windows finds a driver, go to the website for the NIC maker or laptop manufacturer and get the newest driver and install that driver.

If none of that works then get a PC card NIC and try that. Ive had more than one NIC go el muncho on me in the past.

Good Luck.

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My problem is this...

We have a Motorola Surfboard SB4200 cable modem. I just got the PS2 network adapter. I can't hook up the computer to the modem and the ps2 to the modem at the same time because there is only one ethernet connection on the modem. However, there is a USB port right below it.

The modem is connected to my computer by a "USB EtherLink" - connecting the Ethernet to this 'Link' thing and then to a USB port on my computer. Would I be able to do the same thing but backwards into the Ps2?

Or what should I do - Im not familiar with routers or anything.
Help please!


A:Cable modem hookup with PS2 network adapter

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We recently moved computers out of our home office and now have a cable modem and network printer in a location without a computer.

Do we have to have an ethernet switch connected to both the modem and printer?
Can we place a wireless router in another location in our home for wireless access?
Do we have to have a computer connected to the modem/printer router for our network to remain connected to the internet and printer?


A:Cable modem in wired/wireless network

The modem has to be connected to the router (don't use a switch). They can be as far apart as you want, but there still needs to be a physical network cable connecting the two.

A computer is not connected directly to the modem if you're using a router. The modem is connected to the router, and the computers connect through the router.

How to connect your printer depends on what type of connection the printer uses. Does it support networking directly? Or does it need to connect to a computer via USB and then shared to other computers? If it can't be connected directly to the network, then yes, it needs to be connected to a computer which remains on so other computers can access it.

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I have three computers, Win95,98 and XP Pro all plugged into a switch which is connected to modem.

Since I have no router would it be safer to put another NIC
into the XP.
Connect one NIC to the modem the other to the switch, then connect 95 and 98 to the switch?

And finally enable ICS and the firewall on the XP.

That should work shouldn't it?

A:3 PCs cable modem and switch, network security

Personally, I'd buy a router, OfficeMax has a rebate deal that you end up paying about $10 for one. ICS is a major PITA, I can't imagine why you'd want to screw around with it for $10.

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I have tried many things to get a new Yoga 910 laptop on my RT-AC5300 wireless. The router is rock solid until the Yoga 910 connects via wireless and BAM: both the Cable Modem and Router become unusable. The Router Admin UI is not reachable, and a simple reboot will not clear the problem. I have had to do a factory reset 3 times now on the router.I have turned off Wifi Sense and Hotspot 2.0 options as well.I have reset the network adapter, flushed DNS, flushed ARP, etc. etc.I have updated drivers, searched for similar problems and get nothing.The WIRED connection on the new Yoga works fine.Any ideas??jim

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I have some issues with my newly bought laptop. Once i try to connect to the wifi, if keeps (instantly or after a couple of minutes) shutting it off. It is only the home network, i can connect to my phone's hotspot and it works well. I have all the drivers and they are the most up-to-date. What can cause the issue and how should i try to fix it? I am not an expert in the topic so please write in details Smiley Happy Thank you,

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I have two desktops and two laptops...all networked together. My Main Desktop is the original computer that I connected the Cable modem to....then I got a dlink router and networked them all together..... My question is this....if I reformat the Main Desktop will it affect my router and cable modem ?? Or, can I just disconnect them from my Main desktop, reformat it and then reconnect them to the main and it'll all be good. The main O/S is XP as is the other desktop and one of the laptops...the other laptop is Win 2000. I have had the main desktop for two years and it's time to reformat.

I am thinking that the reformat will not affect the router and modem....cuz I can turn off the main and still have LAN access to the other three and the internet.

A:will reformat affect network/router/cable modem

A reformat on a machine on a network will have no effect on the router or modem, or anything else on the network. It is a good diea to disconnect from the internet for the installation of the operating system. After the installation, you may have to install the NIC drivers to reconnect to the network

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A few days ago there was a bunch of power cuts and my pc was on for most of them, now when the modem cable is plugged into the computer it goes slow, and when i try to open a program, the computer freezes.

i have the little internet connection icon beside the clock, and when i click on it i see that the modem is not sending nor receiving many bytes (about 30 bytes)

I use Windows XP and have service pack 1
If you need any more info just ask.

Thanks for helping me

A:Computer hangs when network/modem cable is plugged in

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My uncle has an HP all in one unit Omni running Home Edition SP1 64 bit that connects using a cable modem. The other day it stopped connecting and Ipconfig displayed an invalid IP address - 169 something.

I brought his unit home and connected it to my DSL modem. Immediate connection. IP address 192 something. I took it back to his house and it didn't connect again. He had the cable guys there for 3.5 hours Tuesday. They showed him that their laptop connected using his modem. I wasn't there to see it.

However he has an ancient XP laptop that connects just fine using his modem.

I now have his unit here at my house, and, once again, it's working perfectly.

The ONLY fly in the ointment is that when I took it back to his house it stayed on the Starting Windows screen. For about 5 minutes. We never got the merging balls. I held down the power button till it turned off, got the Repair your computer or Start Windows normally on the restart, selected start normally and this time got the merging balls and the desktop. I also got the yellow triangle on the network icon in the notification area.telling me taht I had no internet access. When I brought it back to my house and my DSL modem it again froze on the Starting Windows screen. I let it sit there for 20 minutes before I powered off. On the restart I again chose to start normally, but this time when the desktop displayed there was no yellow triangle, and I had internet access. I have no idea if this figures into the cable /... Read more

A:Connects with DSL Modem - Not with Cable Modem

It sounds like the Network Adapter in the HP is defective. The stall before the balls coalescing indicates a problem with hardware.

If all computers except the HP connect to the modem on the same cable (a 192 address indicates Ethernet connection) then you can assume the modem is OK and remove it from the equation.

If other computers connect to the modem using different cables then you might suspect the cable.

You could try uninstalling (removing from Device Manager) and reinstalling the Network Adapter. It should reinstall automatically on the next startup.

It might also be interesting to see what happens if you disable the device, to see if the startup stall disappears. You could disable it in Device Manager, but if you can disable it in the BIOS that would be an even better test.

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My cable modem feeds a router that has 4 ports. One is to a switch, the other to my pc and the last 2 for internet phones.

My wife wishes to get a wireless router for the entire house.

My question is: Is there a way to hook a wireless router to the switch so I can keep my current hardwire network and establish a wireless network so that users in my home can logon anywhere in the house?

A:Wireless Modem from Cable Modem

maybe you find this information here:


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Hi, I have a strange question that im hoping can work (for a fortnight at the most lol)

I have just joined Virgin Media on 20meg connection. They sent me out an Ambit E08C013.00 modem but forgot to send out the router. Then the engineer installs the wallbracket lobsided! But anyway, im getting away from my question.

I have to wait up to 2 weeks for my router and in the meantime, my computer is upstairs and my connection is downstairs! I dont want to buy a router that will last me 2 weeks, so I decided to dig out my old BT Voyager 2091 router. I connected it to my Netgear FS208 v2 ethernet network switch and now I am trying to get it to broadcast my BB signal from my Ambit modem (which is also connected to my Netgear switch)

I can now connect to my wireless router, but it will not broadcast my broadband.

Is there a way to fix this? Or do I have to wait till my new router arrives?

A:BT router/modem with Cable Modem

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Hello Guys,

I've been searching for the past 2 days a solution, but nothing came up to work. Tried different things, nothing good yet.

So I'm directly connected to a modem, cable, and well, my computer takes time to identify and then identifies it first a a public network (i was able to change it to home). ipv6 no internet access, ipv4 no network access.

Here's my ipconfig log :

Microsoft Windows [Version 6.1.7601]
Copyright (c) 2009 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.


Windows IP Configuration

Host Name . . . . . . . . . . . . : TheRealThing-PC
Primary Dns Suffix . . . . . . . :
Node Type . . . . . . . . . . . . : Broadcast
IP Routing Enabled. . . . . . . . : No
WINS Proxy Enabled. . . . . . . . : No
DNS Suffix Search List. . . . . . : flets-east.jp

Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection:

Connection-specific DNS Suffix . : flets-east.jp
Description . . . . . . . . . . . : Broadcom NetLink (TM) Gigabit Ethernet
Physical Address. . . . . . . . . : 20-6A-8A-15-AF-E8
DHCP Enabled. . . . . . . . . . . : Yes
Autoconfiguration Enabled . . . . : Yes
IPv6 Address. . . . . . . . . . . : 2408:210:82a1:9300:21bb:17de:75f8:e7eb(Pr
Temporary IPv6 Address. . . . . . : 2408:210:82a1:9300:d457:7a9d:f912:561(Pre
Link-local IPv6 Address . . . . . : fe80::21bb:17de:75f8:e7eb%11(Preferred)
... Read more

A:Cable connected to modem, ipv6 no internet access ipv4 no network

Hello and welcome M3 I see you have been waiting for some time now so just to start the ball rolling mate have you checked in the Device Manager for any anomalies ie yellow triangles alongside the adaptors etc?
It might be worth trying to update them anyway see this so that we know what the adaptor's are

Using HW Info general components

DownloadHW Info and pick the right bit version - HWiNFO, HWiNFO32/64 - Download - (copy andpaste this site into the search bar) If you do not need the running informationin the smaller right hand panel close it. In the left hand window click on the+ for the individual device groupings and they will open out to the variouscomponents.

Go onopening out further until you get to the device itself. click on it and it willhighlight. In the right hand window there will be a very detailed descriptionof that device as in brand, speeds model number etc etc These are very detailedand are just what is needed for searching for drivers etc.
Seemy pic for an example - in this I have opened out one my components and then highlighted one of the one you need andyou can see the detail (mine is the adaptor in this machine

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My PC has an incredibly annoying and head-scratching problem, it won?t connect to the internet as it constantly says ?A Network Cable is Unplugged?. I gather this is a common problem and I searched on the internet for a solution, but the ones suggested haven?t worked. My PC runs on Windows XP and we have a wired home LAN network to share an internet connection

I tried changing the speed and duplex, I went to run, cmd and put ipconfig and it says ?Media Disconnected?. I tried every cable we have in the house of varying length, even a Cat6 instead of the usual Cat5 ones the other computers use and I tried a crossover adapter just to see if it was being contrary. I also tried switching ports on the router and the one that was always off was the one for the problem computer. I tried updating my driver, which is an onboard Realtek one, it wouldn?t update. The technician for Arbico which the company I bought the PC from said it was the NIC, sent me a new one and washed their hands of the problem.

The new NIC, a TP-Link on this time, had the same problem so I then took the PC to PC World where the technician connected it up and it worked there with no problems.
I assumed that a shop like PC world has a network so thinking maybe the problem could be our router, I connected the new PC straight into the modem and still got the network cable unplugged message and it still won?t connect to the internet. I doubt the problem is the modem as we?ve only had it a few... Read more

A:Network Cable Unplugged appears whether connected through router or directly to modem

The fact that the Realtek driver cannot update is a worrisome clue.

If this is a desktop, replace the network card as a test... and reinstall the drivers once more.

Modems or Network Interface Cards can fail at anytime, and new ones are not any more reliable than old ones...

Also check the socket. We have been seeing a lot of network socket failures... But were fixable by adding a new network card, and disabling the old socket.

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The ISP gave me a USB ADSL Modem for internet acces. The model is SpeedTouch 330 and it connects to the computer through a USB interface instead of an ethernet interface. I have 2 computers at home and want to network them. The ISP wants me to pay more money for the extra computer, but that's not gonna happen. As a workaround I considered buying my own ADSL Router and ditching the one given to me by the ISP.

Any suggestions?

A:Home network with a USB ADSL Modem

Before plunking down any of my own money i would contact the ISP and tell them your machine cannot use the USB modem and you need one with a network interface.
Save your money for a wireless router and card which you'll need to complete your setup.


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You people helped me with getting my network up over a year ago and now I need assistance again.

I had a working phoneline network system between 2 WinXP machines and 1 Win 95. After attaching a switch box (2 computers attached to 1 keyboard, mouse and monitor) to one of the WinXP machines it's attachment to the network was lost and the NIC now shows a yellow exclamation mark and the comment that the device won't start. No link LED is lit on this 3com card.
The device manager lists a 1394 adapter as well which according to the properties screen is functioning properly. This adapter was installed by the WinXP when it detected the 3com card (after removing, reinstalling the 3com card and rebooting the computer to try and re-establish the network)

***when rebooting the computer after attaching the switch box it started in safe mode, could network info have been affected by accepting the preset safe mode parameters for the computer??***

Is it possible that this card by coincidence died just when I attached the switch box?

By way of testing the 3com card from the WinXP machine, I put it into the Win95 machine, results were the same, no link LED. Can I assume therefore that this card has died???
Is there another way to check a network card to tell if it is toast???

When I reinstalled the Win95ís 3com card back into it, it lit up as it should (steady link LED) but now this computer cannot ping itself ( or the other WinXP ( machine w... Read more

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I'm having an intermittent issue with my home network. I have a Motorola modem/router connected to AT&T Uverse and several devices connected to a small switch which is then connected via Homeplug adapters back to the modem. This was all working fine for months until just a few weeks ago when my devices would just randomly lose connection to the internet and the network. At first I thought it was a problem with the modem, so I called AT&T and they sent me a new one. Same problem. I then replaced the switch with a brand new model and that didn't work either. I've had AT&T here to replace wiring because I was also experiencing intermittent speed issues, but that really didn't have anything to do with the ethernet connections through the homeplugs. I've switched the homeplug adapters around and those don't seem to be the trouble either. The Network and Sharing Center on one of the PCs connected shows connected to my network but no internet access, even though I can't actually browse to anything on my home network. This is driving me crazy. Does anyone have any ideas as to what could be causing this?

A:Home Network Loses Connection to Modem

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Hey there

my windows XP home regards my PCI ADSL card as a network card. I have no idea how to solve this.
i would like to access the internet but can't on my new broadband contection.



A:XP home regards my PCI adsl modem as a network card

Need more info, who is your ISP, what brand of card. Have you installed the correct drivers? Was this PCI card supplied by or recommended by your ISP?

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I currently have a dell desktop hardwired to my comcast cable (12MB speed). Components are Linksys wireless g cable modem gateway (wcg 200 model), and a vonage phone VDV21 phone router. My signal will intermittently drop, have to re-boot both the linksys modem/gateway and the vonage router. Comcast said the linksys modem was no longer a good modem with their service but activated it anyway. They tried to say it was not docsis 2.0 compliant and it is. They recommended a docsis 3.0 modem would work better, but I have not found many avaialble. Would I be bettter off with a cable modem and seperate wireless router for my home network? I am looking at doing something like apple tv, but want a more reliable connection as well as faster if posssible. The range is good when working with my laptop in basement. It just seems that larger files/webpages with video will knock off my signal completely at times.

A:What is the best Modem router options for my home network?

cue desert scene in cartoon with lonely whistle............

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