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Triple boot unable to boot XP

Q: Triple boot unable to boot XP


About 3 days ago I reinstalled Windows 7 and though I would XP on this same HDD rather than my seperate one the installed Linux Mint. So I installed it in this order - Windows 7, XP and Linux Mint

Rather than using the Linux boot menu because it showed me Windows 7 twice rather than Windows 7 and XP So I used EasyBCD in Windows XP and added XP to find the drive its self and linux as well. Linux and windows 7 I can boot ok but when I choose the option for XP it just goes to a black screen no windows loading screen or anyhing just a black screen.

Does any have ides with this for me?

Preferred Solution: Triple boot unable to boot XP

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Triple boot unable to boot XP

My first view of this is that you failed to check the box in EasyBCD
Run EasyBCD.
NOTE: This is required to repair the Windows 7 boot file and add XP to the Windows Boot Manager list.

9. On the left side of EasyBCD, click on the Add New Entry button. (See screenshot below)A) In the top section under Operating Systems, click on the Windows tab. (See screenshot below)
​B) To the right of Type, select Windows NT/2k/XP/2k3 from the drop down menu. (See screenshot below)
WARNING: Be sure to leave the Automatically detect correct drive box checked.

C) To the right of Name, you can leave the default Microsoft Windows XP as the name to be displayed in the Windows Boot Manager, or you can type whatever name you would like to have instead. (See screenshot below)
​D) Click on the Add Entry button. (See screenshot below)

​10. On the left side of EasyBCD, click on the Bootloader Setup button, select (dot) the Install the Windows Vista/7 bootloader to the MBR option, and click on the Write MBR button. (See screenshot below)
​11. Close EasyBCD.

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So i had a win 7 and 8 dual boot system where
0 was sys reserved
1 was 7
2 was 8

i needed win xp for a piece of software so i shrunk my partition 1 (biggest and win 7)
and grabbed 40 gb for my xp install.

installed xp and obviously lost my boot loader for 7 and 8 so when i booted xp i installed easybcd and it showed my only boot loader was for 7 and 8 (even tho i was logged into xp. im guessing xp made it so that its partition now partition 2 was the boot partition.
but easybcd is still seeing part. 0 sys reserved as the boot. when i changed my active partition back to sys reserved it found the win 7 and 8 options but when i try to load 7 goes bsod for a second then restarts. 8 says error: inaccessible boot device.

how can i fix this? i repointed the boot partition back to xp so that i could log on here to talk to you all.

easybcd doesnt not even recognize a boot loader for xp. when im in xp it says my only bootloaders are for 7 and 8. WTF????

how could i completely recreate a boot manager for all 3?

A:triple boot system installed xp after win7 and 8-boot problems

You may try Automatic Repair - Run in Windows 8 - Windows 8 Forums , it should fix all the bootloaders.

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vista triple boot, will it work like dual boot? currently running XP on one drive and Vista64 on another with good success with Vistas built in dual boot.

Because of Vista64 compatibility issues (darn it) with much of my software, I need to install Vista32.

I have 3 drives so I want to move V64 to the smallest one and just use for my remote control helicopter simulator, fantastic on V64. Then install Vista HP 32 bit on the third drive ending up with:

XP pro
Vista 32 Home Premium
Vista 64 Home Premium

on 3 separate drives. Will Vista's dual boot function work in this configuration?


A:vista triple boot, will it work like dual boot?

Im not sure about booting vista64 and 32 but i do know triple boot is possible
HOWTO: Triple-Boot Ubuntu 6.06, Windows Vista, and Windows XP - Ubuntu Forums

I will be watching this thread closely, it sound like fun

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I have my desktop configured with as a triple boot system.

Win 98
Win XP Professional
Win XP Professional

I had everything working fine for quite some time now. I had to do a repair on one of my XP Pro installs. I had previously installed Service Pack 2. I booted from the windows CD, did my repair and everything worked fine.

But I noticed that certain functions and modules that service pack 2 had previously installed left traces behind. The wireless network wizard was still in the control panel but it didn't function. In fact my wireless network wouldn't function at all.

I thought it would be simple. Install SP2 again. I installed it and restarted my computer. Before ever getting to restart, it hung up on the shut down.

I finally had to reset it. On reboot, it will no longer boot into any of my OS's. I cannot boot from the XP CD either. It hangs up when it says, "Windows is starting." I cannot get into the recovery console from the CD and I didn't have it installed on the hard disk drive. Any suggestions?

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Hi -

Had a dual boot set up with Win 7 and XP pro each on its own hdd, Installed new hdd and put XP pro on it. Now when I boot the WBM only shows two OSs, the original XP and Win 7, can I get the second copy of XP pro to show so I can select it?

Thanks -

Oh, I know that if I purchase or download a third party boot manger software I can make it happen, just want to know if I can get this to work in Win 7 without buying/installing anything. Yhea, I am cheap.

A:Triple boot with two copies of XP Pro and one with Win 7 - boot issue

So you have three HDDs now ? Each having a sing copy of OS installed ?

If so, it is the best practice to use the the BIOS Boot Menu (F8 for Asus motherboards). After power on, when the motherboard splash screen appears, tap and hold F8, it will list up all the possible drives to boot from. Select which one you want by the scroll arrow keys, and enter to boot from it. Let the MBR not to be messed up.

But if you want to use a third party boot manager, you may opt for the free version of EasyBCD. Get it from EasyBCD - Take control of your boot loader | NeoSmart Technologies .

To add all the three boot entries to MBR , run Startup Repair with all the three HDDs plugged in.

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To the more knowledgeable than me.
Here's what I want to do. Install Linux on a separate hard drive and put the "boot" on the "/" partition not the MBR. I already have Windows 7 on the main drive and intend to install Windows 8 on a separate partition. Re-connect the drive with Linux installed and install 8. My question is, will Windows 8 find Linux and add it to the start up. Failing that, I know that it can be added somwhere in Windows, but that's beyond me.

A:Dual boot or triple boot really

Probably the easiest way is to add your Linux install to windows boot menu using Easybcd.

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Have a computer setup with 2 hard drives, a 30g and 40g. I have Win98se and W2Kpro on the 40g as dual boot. On the 30g, i have WinXPpro as a stand alone installation. I would like to modify the boot.ini file to include the option for the XP installation on the 30g drive. It currently is as follows:

[boot loader]
[operating systems]
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(2)\WINNT="Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional" /fastdetect
C:\="Microsoft Windows 98SE"

Could someone offer the needed addition to include XP on the other drive in the boot options please. Your help would be much appreciated.

A:Boot.ini file for Triple Boot

Here's some examples that may help you out

the partition is the tricky part

multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(3)\WINNT="Microsoft Windows XP Professional" /fastdetect

or probably this one

multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINNT="Microsoft Windows XP Professional" /fastdetect

Never dona a triple but messed with it when I was dual booting.

good luck

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Win 7x64
Everything seems to be working fine, but as the title suggests, when i tap F8 the Advanced boot options DO appear, but when i engage "Repair Windows" it just goes into a normal boot. Ive tried booting from my installation CD that i've purchased from Acer, but does nothing. And Yes My CD Drive is working, as well having this set as top priority in BIOS and CD is in good condition.

In addition to this, ive tried using the "Advanced Recovery options" from within Windows itself but when i go to click restart computer, i get an error message, with red-x, stating windows is unable to restart.

Additional info that may be relevant, is that a few months ago, i had a friend work on my computer, because windows wouldnt boot at all. When My laptop was returned to me, everything was fresh, but there was missing programs etc...He said, he had to format the hard drive to get it up and running again.

Anyway i appreciate any help as to what i should i do next, or answer any questions you may have-Thank-you!

A:Unable to access System Recovery in Boot Menu, and unable to boot disk

He said, he had to format the hard drive to get it up and running again.

What type of Windows DVD was used?

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Yes a triple boot!!!

I was previously dual booting XP and Vista Home Basic. I decided to go all out and get Vista Ultimate but installed it on the wrong hard drive.

SO...I now have Vista, XP and Vista - PC can boot into any of them

I have reinstalled Vista Ultimate as an upgrade install on the Home Basic drive, but now I need help to remove the original Ultimate installation - formatting the drive is not an option - too many Music/Movie/Photos to consider this.
I tried the basic right-click>>>delete whilst in a separate OS, but the Windows system tells me that I need permission from myself to delete the Windows folder!!!

Can anyone help me here please?



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I installed W8 alongside XP-SP2 and W7.

No problem booting under W7 and W8 in triple boot mode. I used EasyBCD to get everything to work nicely.

However, cannot complete launch of XP. When I select it, it starts off normally, displays the XP logo on black background, then the logo on blue background. Afterwards, this logo disappears and there's a bare blue background. After a while, I hear the opening jingle of XP, but still nothing besides an empty blue background.

After a minute or two, the blue xp logo appears with the jingle which accompanies a shutdown. It then gets into an unending loop: the logo remains and every 30 seconds or so, the shutdown jingle plays.

I rebooted and selected Safe mode under XP. Here again, things start off normally with the listing of files on a black background. When we get to the xp logo on a blue background, the screen blinks perpetually in a loop. The xp logo is always there.

I did not interfere at all during the boot process in either of the two modes.

Sounds strange. Any idea?

A:Triple boot XP W7 W8

Hello Gswiss,

I think it has to do with the way the Windows 8 bootloader works.

Unfortunately the Windows 7 and XP bootloaders cannot boot to Windows 8...

You could also use a 3rd party bootloader (i.e. GRUB) to boot all three.

Unfortunately I have no intention of installing Windows 7 or XP together with Windows 8 antytime in the near future to test.

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I have Wxp and W7

and i have another space partion.

If I install W8 on that. Will i still get the normal old style boot menu, or will it update to the new GUI Menu?

Like the Image Below, Will i get 3 Options? XP 7 and 8?

Any Advice and precautions when doing this?
To Anyone who is running W7 and W8 Dual Boot -- Do you have the GUI Boot Menu or the Normal one?
Thank You

A:Could i do this Triple Boot?

Hi balkrish999,I am currently running Windows 7 and Windows 8 Pro (full version, not release preview ). When you install Windows 8 onto that separate partition, Windows Setup will install the Windows 8 bootloader, so you will get the bootloader interface that is in the link you posted. Yes, you will get 3 options: Windows XP, Windows 7, and Windows 8. As for advice on doing this...just make sure that any important information is backed up before you proceed to install Windows. I would also make sure that your hardware has Windows 8 device drivers as well. Windows 8 should detect and install device drivers on its own, but I would still check just to be on the safe side. Good luck and please let us know how it works!

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Hi Guys, I want my Netbook to run Windows 7, Windows XP and Ubuntu Linux (wubi) but I do not know if it is capable of 3 boots, cam someone let me know if this is possible.


A:Triple Boot.

off course this is possible! What's installed on netbook right now?

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Can i make a triple boot XP/Vista/7 on a Virtual Machine

(Split up into 30GB partitions each)

A:Triple Boot

cclloyd, I would suggest you post in the Virtualization Forum. You will probalby get answers faster

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hello i have a laptop toshiba satellite l350-20g and its got 2gb ram 160gb hard drive and 1.66ghz intel dual core procceor it came with windows vist pre installed and i managed to dual boot it to windows 7 ( with the help of bleeping computer a topic i made eariler on) this is my disk mangaemnt i want to triple boot this laptop with windows xp is this possible , as i already have 4 partions and can i hack it and allow 5 so i can put xp on it ? is this possible thanks

A:Can I do this, Triple Boot

You can make as many partitions as you wish, the hard drive can be hacked up into as many partitions as there are available drive letters left, ex.. c:/, d:/, f:/ and so on. Im not sure what happens after all 26 letters are used. Ive never personally partitioned my drive into that many pieces before. What you have on each partition is only limited to the amont of space and format you give each partition.

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I installed W8 Pro alongside XP-SP2 and W7.

No problem booting under W7 and W8 in triple boot mode. I used EasyBCD to get everything to work nicely.

However, cannot complete launch of XP. When I select it, it starts off normally, displays the XP logo on black background, then the logo on blue background. Afterwards, this logo disappears and there's a bare blue background. After a while, I hear the opening jingle of XP, but still nothing besides an empty blue background.

After a minute or two, the blue xp logo appears with the jingle which accompanies a shutdown. It then gets into an unending loop: the logo remains and every 30 seconds or so, the shutdown jingle plays.

I rebooted and selected Safe mode under XP. Here again, things start off normally with the listing of files on a black background. When we get to the xp logo on a blue background, the screen blinks perpetually in a loop. The xp logo is always there.

I did not interfere at all during the boot process in either of the two modes.

Sounds strange. Any idea?

A:Triple boot XP W7 W8

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Well, now my system is dual-bootable. The OS are Windows XP pro and Windows 98se. The Windows XP came first then Win98se. Currently Iam using the Windows XP Boot Loader to make a choose.
Now, I would like to install the Win2000 pro again. But once the installation is finished, then how do i force the Windows XP boot loader comes out again and boot safely without any boot crash?
How about I boot into the Windows XP CD and choose REPAIR then in the recovery console, i type FIXBOOT then answer YES. Well, the above steps help me to get the XP Boot Loader back? If no, please show me how to boot into 3 OS without the 3rd party software such as BootMAgic.

A:About triple Boot

Welcome to TSG!

The issue with multiple boot systems is the order in which the OSs are installed. They should be in order of availability (i.e. 98 first, 2k second and XP last). To properly accomplish what you want, you should back up data files, completely remove all partitions and run fdisk /mbr, and load the 98 OS, then 2k then XP. I would put each on a seperate partition, with 98 being on C as you need the boot files on a FAT partition.

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It is possible to install vista after my first install of win xp 64bit and then my second install of win 7?

Also if I'm in stalling from a USB drive will that affect it's install with the other os's?

Any help would be appreciated.

A:Triple Boot Help

Yes you can have a triple boot, and yes it depends on what OS you start with. I would do XP first, Vista second and Windows 7 last. You should be able to repair the triple boot from either Vista or Windows 7, by booting from their DVD's

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right here we go this might have been covered before but i cant find it
what i need is to have my toughbook running 3 setups of xp that each show up as c drive when booted
i need to run 3 different diagnostic programs that all need c drive but cant run together because of conflicts and it just cost too much to have 3 toughbooks
i did once manage to get 2 working but cant for the life of me remember how i did it
thanks for any help

A:triple boot xp

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I had just installed windows xp on a new partition formatted on NTFS. After the installation i am now unable to access my other operating systems which are vista and 8 as the boot selector doesn't even show and it boots straight into xp. The picture shows that the windows xp drive is now the boot drive and the original vista drive is the system drive. I believe that the vista drive held the boot file which provided the dual-boot at the time. I do not know how to get the vista boot loader to run and hooader. Any help appreciated

A:Triple Boot Help

Hello. Could you please fill out your specs using speccy in my sig? And have you tried EasyBCD?
EasyBCD - Take control of your boot loader | NeoSmart Technologies
Go to step 7 in this tutorial in the bottom section, and see if that works.
Dual Boot Installation with Windows 7 and XP - Windows 7 Forums

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How would I go about installing this and getting it all to boot correctly? Is there any order I should install?


A:Triple boot, 7 64 bit, 7 32 bit and XP

Can you not run these other machines as virtual machines?

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Setup did not display anything between boot and the choose drive screen. After that, setup is normal, but it crashes upon reboot with "A disk read error has occurred, press CTRL-ALT-DEL to restart". A simple bootrec /fixboot and fixmbr fixes the issue, but xp setup halts with BSOD 0x0000007E iastor.sys. 7 and 10 boot fine. The PC I am attempting the multiboot on is the one in the system specs. Trying to install XP Pro SP3 (NOT XP Home SP2 like in my specs)

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hi i have just triple booted my system and as per a tutorial here gave vista and xp drives a drive letter ... but can i make a 4th partition and install bittorrent , limewire , my games , outlook etc on that 4th partition and if i do that will i be able to run it when i am in any of the OS xp , Vista or 7 ... anyone tried it ... any suggestions ...

A:triple boot question

Yes ... and no.

First off, do you already have free space?

Second, are you ever planning on making more than a 4th partition?

(If no to the second) - Do you have to have it be a primary partition?

Short answer - yes you can. The questions I am asking have to do with logistics and what you'll need to create the partition(s)....

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My triple boot machine has XP, 7 and Linux/Ubuntu on it. I'd like to take XP off and be left with 7 and Linux.

Since XP was on the drive first, 7 has written it's boot info into XP. I also know that if I remove XP, 7 won't boot as there is no MBR for it.

I have Acronis backups of everything, can't use the 7 backup method due to XP being there, that's fine, I know my backups are valid.

I am trying to figure out a way to remove XP and be left with a 7 and Linux system that will boot. I am wondering if I blow out the XP partition, can I use the install CD of 7 to repair or create an MBR for it? Right now on XP I have EasyBCD set up to point to the install point of Linux. It's all working fine but I use XP little to none and its pointless to have it anymore. I'll just keep the backup of it somewhere.

Right now the way Linux is installed the grub bootloader is only controlling Ubuntu, not any version of windows. It was done that way to prevent the possibility that if grub becomes corrupt I wouldn't be able to boot to anything. This method of install I used prevents grub from modifying the MBR. So if I was to lose the MBR I'd still have Linux or vice versa.

Thanks to all who reply!


A:Triple boot machine needs to have XP gone...

Please post back a screenshot of Disk Management - Post a Screen Capture Image, tell us what's on each partition or label them, and we'll give you the best way to do it.

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I'm currently running a dual boot on my Desktop, XP and 7-64. Both are set up for office work. Typical personal information etc. I would like to also use it as a gaming computer, but have heard so many horror stories about DRM/Steam software (vulnerabilities and other unsavory effects), I'm afraid to use the system for gaming. However, I thought installing a third hard drive (current dual boot uses dedicated drive for each os) with another copy of XP would provide enough isolation to to mitigate most risk. So, that's my goal.

I have several questions pertaining to this set up.

1) Both current installations are legally licensed. Can I have 2 XP installations from the same installation disk or would I need to purchase a separate license?

2) I've read that if dual booting, the older OS must be installed first or else the system could be rendered useless. Since I want to add XP as the third boot OS, will that be a problem? Since 7-64 is also installed?

3) The desktop in question is a workstation with a Quadro card for heavy CAD/modelling work. It runs pretty hot. I would like to be able to turn off the hard drives not being used. Is there a way to do that? Power management? If necessary, I'm not opposed to installing hardware switches to disconnect them. Every hear of anyone doing this? Is it enough to simply disconnect the power to the drive or will that cause errors?

Any input would be greatly appreciated.

A:Triple boot installation XP 7 XP

A separate license would be required. Personally,... I would not play games on your primary work machine. Get a cheap desktop and add a good graphics card. Check our tutorial section, info about installing old over new, all is covered ground....

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Hello all,
I have an old 160gb HD with a dual boot of Win7(C:) and  XP (D:)  on it, "My Documents" is on a 500gb HD (F:). I have a new 1TB disc. In "My Documents" I have a copy of my Win7 disc installation files as a back-up. I couldn't be bothered to find the disc out so I installed from the hard drive    It all went fine until I decided to disconnect my 160gb drive and boot from the 1TB (G:) drive, I got a message saying that there was a missing DLL file. <windows root> \system 32\ HAL dll I think it was.
Is there any way to make it boot from this drive and re-assign it as C:
I want to keep the 160GB drive as an emergency back up in case of problems.

A:Triple boot problem

It sounds a bit complex but my impression is that you won't be able to boot the 1tb drive, as some data, such as the MBR, has been written to the 160 gig drive, thus the 1TB drive is dependent on it to boot.
If you're short of connections, swap the wires from your DVD to plug the 160 gigger back in, work out the proper boot order and see if the 1TB drive will boot.

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Okay. So I installed Windows XP Korean on a 5GB Partion I set up.

Now whenever I load up my computer it goes straight to Windows XP instead of Ubuntu's Grub loader where I choose to go into Lynx or 7.

How to fix so I can get back loader to load first and then add Windows XP to loader?

I've already tried booting from Ubuntu's live CD and doing the whole


boot off your live cd, go to synaptic, and uninstall grub

then got to the terminal and type:

sudo apt-get install grub

sudo grub

> root (hd0,0)

> setup (hd0)

> exit

But the furthest I got was "setup (hd0)" because I got error 17

Here's a screenshot of My Computer to clarify.

Correct me if I'm wrong:
Right now the computer is booting into D drive. Therefore something is messed up with the boot sequence and this is why XP boots first instead of Grub which is located in C drive?

Right? (sorry if I'm wrong)

Sorry if this is in the wrong section as this involves many OS.

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Hi all,

I currently Have XP and Ubuntu playing nice together. I will upload some info on the partitions and how they are setup later on when I get home.

Anyhow, I just got a copy of Vista Home Premium and I'd like to install it. However I'd prefer not to have to reinstall XP if at all possible. Ubuntu I don't mind installing again as it is quite a basic installation I have setup at the minute.

Currently Grub is handling the boot process and allows me to pick between XP and Ubuntu. However I hear that Vista's bootloader will mess this up.

I don't mind too much if it removes Ubuntu and just leaves XP + Vista working fine. I'm sure I could delete the Ubuntu partition anyway and use it for storage or whatever but I'd really like it if I could get all three to play nice together.
Now I now it's possible if I reinstall them all, I saw quite a few articles on how to do that but I was just wondering if anyone has been able to install Vista over an XP+Ubuntu install. and if so, how did they do it. Thanks in advance

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Hello everyone ; I'mabout to partition my 30 g hard drive to triple boot 98 se , linux , xp and a swap partition for 98 and linux. My question is this : win 98 is set as active , do i set xp and linux as active and swap as extended ?

I have partition magic 8.0

A:triple boot partitions ?

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I work for a college that needs 2 and possibly 3 bootable partitions for testing. I might need the 3rd due to conflicts with the testing programs not liking each other. The hard drive has 3 50gb partitions with another 80gb unallocated on a 250gb hard drive. I have successfully done a XP followed by a 32 bit Windows 7. I tried to put Windows 7 on the third, and it didn?t ask where to install. I just started to install without asking where to install. Because of this, it wiped out the boot manager of the disk and had to re-partition the disk. I am just wanting to know if this would be possible to do.

A:Triple Boot - XP, 2 Windows 7?

Did you boot the installer? Clean Install Windows 7

You should still have one of the old OS's on the HD as the installer will only install to one partition, however it should have let you choose unless it is unintended Unattended.

Where did you get Win7 installer?

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How do I add Vista to my dual boot with (7 and XP) installed first? I install Vista onto a partition and add the Vista option to the boot menu? Anything else I would have to do?

Also, Vista x86 or x64?

A:Triple Boot Question

Same as given here: Dual Boot Installation with Windows 7 and Vista

If any OS is missing, add it using EasyBCD 2.0 after doing quick registration to use beta.

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I installed Windows 8 few days and found that the partition on which I had installed linux is Empty.
Previously I had Win 7 and linux on dual boot. Win 7 was on different hard drive and Linux was in different hard drive. I have installed Windows 8 on the same hard drive where linux was installed though the partitions are different. I checked disk management and it shows the Linux partition- Empty. Also the Visual BCD doesn't shows the linux loader. just win 7 n 8. So Is it possible to get back the files on the linux partition anyhow? If not, then Will Win 8 be affected if I install linux again?( just as linux was deleted when I installed Win 8)

I have attached screenshots of Disk Management and Visual BCD.
The First partition is where I installed Linux.

A:Triple Boot WIN 7/8 and Linux

sorry for your loss... but microsoft isnt...
i have 2 hard drives in my laptop. i use terabyte bootit to manage them.
there are many os's on the main drive (1) and data and backups on the drive in the dvd bay (0).
windows 8 will try to make a separate boot partition on drive 0 wherever that is. as long i have my nfts partition there, it will leave it alone and put the boot files in there also. i then just copy the files back again and edit the bcd.
if drive 0 is empty or first partition is unrecognised, windows will make its own partition, overwriting what was there.
is that what happened?

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Trying to finish up a triple-boot system. WinVista, XP & Suse 10. I am having trouble with each bootloader in its own way. I have tried all three. With Vista's, I can't swing Suse. With XP, I can't swing Vista. With Suse, (grub), I can't swing Vista. Anyone have a similar configuration to lend some advice or information as to which bootloader would be best or should I just go 3rd party, if so, who? Thank you. By the way, the OS's have to stay the same for testing purposes.

A:Triple-Boot Config.

I do a lot of multibooting. This machine I am typing on is a laptop I use when on the road for sorting out peoples problems. It has Dos/win3.11, 98SE, XP Home, XP Pro, 2003, Vista beta, Linspire, and Mepis on it at the moment.

The way I do it is to use a boot loader called Symon ( http://www.symon.ru ) which is shareware ($15). It has a huge advantage as it is dynamically configurable on boot, has a built in disk editor. Can cope with 36 partitions. Will "recover" partitions from the disk, and a lot more.
The way I set things up is to install each OS independantly with no other partitions on the disk - easy with Symon as it rebuilds the partition table on every boot and you can dynamically select partitions from its stored tables. I force each installation to use its own boot loader, but force them to store it in the partition not the boot sector.
It is then a simple task to re-install Symon (only the MBR gets lost - its internal tables occupy the rest of track 0) and select the partitions to be included (and the ORDER of them) an point it to the correct partition.
The only drawback with Symon is that at the moment it does not natively support booting to (or even recognise - as such) logical drives within an extended partition (it sees the extended, but not the drives within it). However it is possible to map the location of the Logical drive yourself within Symons internal partition tables and hence get Symon to present it as if it was a primary partition (care ne... Read more

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Hi folks,
I need some advice please;
My machine is currently set up with 3 HD's as follows:
drive 0: has XP Pro on it
drive 1: has Win 7 32 bit on it
drive 2: has Win 7 64 bit on it
These are set up in a triple boot configuration, as I only use Win 7 64 bit now I would like to remove the other two OS's to recover some disk space if this is possible.
Can someone please advise on the easiest way to go about this??
Thanks in advance,

A:Removing triple boot

Please post back a screenshot of your maximized Disk Management drive map and listings:

1. Type Disk Management in Start Search box.
2. Open Disk Mgmt. window and maximize it.
3. Type Snipping Tool in Start Search box.
4. Open Snipping Tool, choose Rectangular Snip, draw a box around full map and all listings.
5, Save Snip, attach using paper clip in Reply Box.

Tell us what is on each partition.

Do you use a multi OS boot selection screen that lists all OS's every time you boot up?
Or, do you use the "one-time" BIOS boot selection screen by hitting a key at start up to choose the OS/HD to use?

I'm no install expert so i can't tell you what you need to do, but providing this info should help the experts here give you the best advice.

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hii all. M explaining my problem in details so that u can understand it well.

1st of all let me tell you my system details. I have two hard disks one of 160 gb and the other is of 500 gb. in my one of the primary partition of 160 gb hdd i have installed windows 7. And in 1 partition of 500 gb hdd i have installed mac os x leopard. Guys i didnt used any software to feasible the dual boot of this two os properly(Also i even dont want to use). so to boot the os i need, i used to change the priority of my hdd from the bios respectively. I use this long way bcoz i use mac very rarely. Many peoples suggested me to use the software "easyBCD" but i ignored as use of this software once caused a big bang to my pc. Anyways now from that time i have left my about 30gb partition of the 2nd i,e 500gb hdd totally unpartitioned(And that will be a primary partition if i used it) and i have installed ubuntu 10.04 LTS in it.

Now the main problem starts. I have also attached a boot screen boot menu picture of my pc now.
i can use ubuntu and win 7 with very ease now but i cant be able to boot the mac. Whenever i choose to boot the mac it doesn't boot and a black screen comes and a logo use to roam around on the screen of a vga port(the same as when u switch on your monitor without connecting your VGA jack). And after all its really crazy that in the boot menu it is also showing a option to boot 64 bit mac while my cpu doesn't support 64 bit.

plzzz anyone help me ... Read more

A:Triple boot problem...

I've always used EasyBCD for years and never had any problem, mind you I've never bothered with minority systems like Linux or Macs, my three systems are all Windows.

Maybe thats the answer to your problem. Stick to Windows, especially 7

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I've been wondering recently, if Windows 7 loader is capable of working with several entries for older versions of Windows at the same time. Imagine a situation: there's Win2000 installed on the first partition, XP on the second. While booting, we can choose one of them (via NT Loader). Now, we're installing Windows 7 on the third partition. MBR is rewritten, bootloader asks to choose between Windows 7 and 'Previous versions of Windows'. After going fot the second option, we can see NT Loader menu (to select 2k or XP) again. I was wondering whether it is possible to set the loader of Windows 7 (if so, how to do this; if it helps I can also use GRUB bootloader) to contain all three entries (2000, XP, 7), to, in the end, have only one menu at startup?

A:Unusual triple boot

Install Win7 last and it will auto-configure the multi-boot menu.

If any OS's are missing, install EasyBCD 2.0 beta in Win7 to add them.

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Do I need three different licenses to triple boot XP or will one be fine, legally speaking.

A:Triple boot question

you mean three instances of XP on the same drive/same machine? Being all on the same everything, I don't see a problem other than ...WHY?
There are probably numerous machines with multiple installs just because users don't know how to clean the partitions fron the drive.

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I`m doing a triple boot with Windows 7 Windows XP and Windows 2000 so I need drivers for Windows 2000 first. Just check my system specs for the info.

A:Triple Boot With Win7, XP, and 2K

Quote: Originally Posted by Yey456726

I`m doing a triple boot with Windows 7 Windows XP and Windows 2000 so I need drivers for Windows 2000 first. Just check my system specs for the info.

To the best of my knowledge, the vast majority of drivers I have used for XP have been compatible with 2K, ie they are identified as "XP2K" or something similar. The same driver you install for XP should work for 2K.

Please have a look at this project I did awhile back:



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OK, i want to triple boot Windows Vista, Windows 7 & Ubuntu 9.10

I've partitioned my 300GB HDD into 3.

Vista was installed on it first (C Windows 7 was installed second (A and i've got my Ubuntu partition ready to be the third as (U

I want to install from USB. Is it possible to run the setup and install within Windows?
Or do i have to boot from a DVD?
Also, what will happen to my bootloader? I assume that grub will take over the Windows loader which is fine whilst i use Ubuntu?
What happens when i want to uninstall Ubuntu? Does the Windows loader just kick back into effect or would i have to reinstall the loader?

Sorry for the plethora of questions. Just want to be sure of what i'm doing

A:Triple Boot Questions

No, you will need to run Setup from the live CD. GRUB will take over the boot loader if you let it, but there are ways around it. When you want to uninstall Ubuntu, unless you have worked around the takeover, you will need to repair your Windows installations from the repair disk.

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i wanted to give windows 7 ago, and before i installed windows 7 i had dual boot running all fine, like installed XP, and vista later on,

but when i installed windows 7 it doesn't show in the boot up menu only Xp and vista, but if i go into the bios setting and change which hard drive to boot first and swap it, windows 7 boots straight in,
now before i installed windows 7, i partition a drive from my vista HDD and installed windows 7 on that??

now all i need is how do i get windows 7 showing up in the boot menu along with XP & Vista??


A:Triple Boot issue?

did you have the XP/Vista drive unplugged when you installed Win7? If so, it would explain why there's no boot entry on the XP/Vista disk. Otherwise Windows should have created its own boot menu but then again things have a tendency to go wrong...

you can use bcdedit, EasyBCD, or VistaBootPro to create a new Operating System entry on your XP/Vista drive. You'll want that disk selected as the first boot device in the BIOS again.

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Good evening,

I have a question or 2 I would enjoy hearing some thoughts on..

First a bit of background on my current system and what I would like to do..

I have a 2 disk multiboot setup with XP and Vista 64 each operating system on a seperate disk.

I would like to partition a disk to install windows 7 and triple boot.
I also run an SLI graphic card setup (nvidia).

My questions are as follows:

1. Would it be best to partition the Vista disk for the windows 7 install? ( I installed xp first then vista since I understand the oldest version should go first, adding 7 should be just fine in the order of things).

2. On the boot screen as it appears now, Vista then earlier version of windows, will windows 7 now be added as a new option along with the current ones without any issues?

3. I wouldn't need to remove one of the graphic cards before installing another version would I? I don't believe I did when installing Vista, though xp I had that issue.

Thanks in advance...

A:Triple Boot question..

If you create another partition and install 7 onto it - you should get another entry in the boot menu for 7 at the top, as the default.

You can partition either drive and install 7 - whichever you prefer.

I don't imagine there will be any issues with the graphics card.

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Hi all,

Looking for advice on how to upgrade a laptop system from 98/2000 dual boot to 98/2000/xp triple boot. I am particularly wondering how to install applications so that both xp and 2000 can run them.

I have a laptop with 98/2000, HDD partitioned as follows:
C: Win98 (FAT32)
D: Win 2000 (NTFS)
E: Apps (NTFS)
F: Data (NTFS)
G: Data (NTFS)
All partitions are very full, and it crashes win2k daily.

I have a new 40G drive which I can install into a spare bay, and a copy of partition magic. Ultimately I'd like to move everything on to the new drive, and remove the old one.

I'd like to end up with something like:
C: Win 98 (FAT32)
D: Win 2000 (NTFS)
E: Win xp (NTFS)
F: Apps (NTFS)
G: Data 1 (NTFS)
H: Data 2 (NTFS)
I: Temp (NTFS)
J: Linux (maybe).

My questions are:
(1) Can xp and 2000 share the applications in the APPS partition? And how do I go about installing them? does order matter?
(2) how much space does xp need for the system partition ?
(3) is there an equivalent of 'cp -p -r' to copy files from one HDD to another, while retaining ownership, security permissions etc?

Many thanks in advance,


A:Win 98 / 2000 / xp pro triple boot

To share the apps folder for installed programs just install them to the same place on the machine. OS specific files are usually written to the boot partition of that OS. Its best to install older OS software first.

98 and 2K need at least 2GB, and although you can get away with that for XP you will rapidly start running out of space once you start putting AV and other software on. Go for at least 3GB for XP.

I'm not sure what cp is? Is that a Linux command?

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I installed Win 7 on a triple boot with Vista and Linux and meant to keep Linux and Win 7, expecting Vista to be overwritten. Unforeseen Vista remained installed.

Using a special boot cdrom, I get entries for all 3 OS, but Vista boots into my Lenovo laptop's rescue software and proposes to "rescue" the Vista and I can't get passed that. I expect it means deleting the other OS?

I imagine I could uninstall Vista in some way placed in the folder Windows_Old or maybe being able to boot it, as I would be able to get some registration keys off software as well as using some software that doesn't work on win7. How can I now uninstall Vista safely?

I expect a partition manager like in Linux could recover the partitions for new data.

Does anyone have some comments on this?

A:Win 7 with Vista and Linux triple boot

I have a similar tri-boot system with Vista Home Premium 64 bit, Ubuntu 9.04 64 bit and Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit RC Build 7100. I preordered Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit and have the installation DVD.
I am wanting to put the purchased copy of Windows 7 in place of the windows 7 RC for now. and just need to know if I can do that.
Would I need to format the logical drive that the windows 7 RC is on prior to installing? And will I be given the option to choose where I want to install it?
heismark, I am also interested in the answer to your question because for now I do not want Vista to be touched until I can figure out the answer to some other questions.

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I'm currently dual booting with W7 7201 and Vista Home Premium SP2 and i would like to add XP Pro SP3 to my notebook as well but when i try and install XP it runs the set up and tells me i have no hard drive currently connected and i have to quit the set up?

What am i doing wrong and how do i correct the issue please ?

XP PRO SP3 ISO downloaded from technet and i have a partition ready for installation with a drive letter if that helps at all.

Ive done some research and found out i need to make a new ISO with "Nlite" and incorporate the SATA drivers for XP into it, only trouble being SATA drivers from the Acer site are for floppy disks and i haven't got one of those lol

Any ideas please on how to incorporate them into the new ISO ?

A:Triple boot with W7 7201, Vista SP2, and XP Pro SP3

I am trying to triple boot xp, vista &7. I have formatted 3 drives C, D, and E - each approx 30-35 gb each. I have installed xp on C but when I try to install Vista on D drive, the only option is on C drive thus overwriting any data (it is an Acer OEM recovery disc) then I want to put 7 on E drive.
I had Vista on this pc originally with drives C&D. Then I dual booted windows 7 on D drive along with Ubuntu inside windows. I wanted to put xp on also but it is not working too well. I have tried to download a copy of Vista via a torrent but keep getting iso images with missing install files. ANY HELP WOULD BE APPRECIATED, THANKS IN ADVANCE I am a novice when it comes to the mbr , bootloader, ntldr etc. but as I said I had successfully had Vista on C drive and 7 on D drive with Ubuntu inside Vista.

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We are in the process of building a triple boot system with Ubuntu, Vista business, and XP Pro. Does anybody have any advice for us as to what steps we should take to do this ? ie which operating system we should start installing first? (or a forum thread on this subject) thanks for reading.

A:Advice for a triple boot system?

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I need some help with my installation...

I already have XP Pro installed.....I want to add Win 98 and Redhat 7.3..

I already know how to dual boot Redhat and XP Pro pretty well...but I am not sure about how to add in Win 98 as the third OS...

This is my plan:

create a partition right after my XP partition (XP is C
install 98 to that partition.

so now my comp will boot into 98 while I still have XP on the C: drive..it'll be dormant cuz it is not in the MBR...


I will install RedHat and use GRUB to put all the OSs into its menu.....cuz i know GRUB can see all OS installations quite easily, and its boot loader is rock solid

is that sound??? i think it might work..bu I need someone to tell me i'm not gonna screw something up...


A:[Solved] Triple boot XP Pro, Win 98, Redhat

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Hi all,

I am trying to triple boot using the VISTA boot loader. How would I do this?

Each os is going to be on a separate physical SATA drive.

First I installed XP, then I installed Vista which overwrote the xp bootloader in the MBR.

How do I install Fedora 7 without overwriting the MBR? Do I need to install GRUB on the drive outside of the MBR? Or can I just get away with not installing GRUB at all and then adding the partition/drive to the vista boot loader?

Do I need to copy the linux boot sector? How? I won't be able to get into vista if I don't install grub as the primary boot loader, right?


A:Triple boot linux/XP/Vista

you have the usual sequence of installs. GRUB or lilo is installed LAST as it
will read the existing boot manager and copy all the data into itself.

it is not uncommmon to see successive boot choices, eg

Linux xxx

but as i have/will not install Vista, check for more specific details

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