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Help find a Case Mod Window for Antec!

Q: Help find a Case Mod Window for Antec!

I have an Antec Sonata ( I think?), and I would like to find a clear window for the side. Please Help!

Preferred Solution: Help find a Case Mod Window for Antec!

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

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A: Help find a Case Mod Window for Antec!

You could probably buy plexiglass at home depot and ask them to cut it?

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I'm about to build my own system and was wondering if the Antec 900 casehttp://www.antec.com/us/productDetails.php?ProdID=15900

could have a http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813188015 the Nvida Mother board.

and Would have enough room to fit an http://stores.tomshardware.com/rating_getprodrev.php/product_id=29159637/id_type=masterid// the 8800 Nvdia vid card.

It is a mid size tower case so just wondering if someone has experience with this case or the components i want to install in it.


A:Antec 900 case

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Ok, maybe i'm just missing something here, but I can't open my case because there's a lock on the side of it, but no key shipped with the case. Is there some simple way to open these things that I'm just missing, or do I need to get a key?

A:New Antec case but no key??

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I just got this case, that comes with a 430w ps. In the book it says to wash the dust filter once a month,,but how do you remove it? it doesn't say in the book. and how do you wash it? water ? thanks.

A:Antec 1080 Case

If the case is like mine you remove the front of the case and the cover slides out. Then you can blow out the screen and wash it with water. Of course you would make sure it is dry before putting it back.

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I'm looking for a fan that can be placed in the Antec 300 case.
a few requirements:

-it has to fit in the Antec 300 case, at the front panel. I'm not sure what the maximum fan width is to fit in in the panel.
-quiet fan
-good qualilty, reliable fan

A:optional fan Antec 300 case

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Hi all,

I have an Antec P180b case and am looking for a power supply for the latest graphics cards (GeForce 9800 GX2) so I'll need to have at least 1x 8-pin connector and 1x 6-pin connector.

Finding one's not the problem. Finding one that will fit my case, is.
Anyone know of any PSUs to fit my case?

I really don't want to have to buy a new case and PSU AND Graphics card!

Any ideas?

A:Antec P180b case - new PSU

Well, I've been trying to figure that out. Can't seem to find that information anywhere!
Case specs form the website: http://www.antec.com/specs/P180_spe.html but no mention of max PSU size, neither is it mentioned in the manual.

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I have this case


and the book states that it has a filter, and that i must be cleaned. however, it does not state how to remove it and what to use to clean it. Anyone know? I hope i don't have to remove any hardware. Thanks.

A:Antec 1080Plus case

here is a link to a PDF for the mechanical drawing look at #17click here

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I bought my Antec case in Apr 2005 and noticed the 120 mm fan never runs. Is there a switch for this item? The manual says to connect it to a 4 lead power supply connector, but mentions nothing about a switch.

Since the 120 mm fan is behind the CPU fan, will the air crossing over the CPU fan cause it to not exhaust heat adequately? My case also has one of those funky cones that sits over the CPU to help exhaust heat, but I'm not sure of its utility.

My mobo doesn't have temp monitoring. If I install a temp sensor where would the sensors go and what temp range should I seek?

Using an alarm would be useless, but having the temperature controller do a graceful shutdown would be nice.

My system has: 350W PS with fan, 80 mm case fan in front, AMD Sempron 2500+ with sink and fan, WD 160 GB IDE, WD 200 GB IDE, ATI 9200 video card with 128 MB, 512 MB PC2700 DDR RAM, LG DVD burner, 3.5 floppy. The air coming out of the PS fan seems to be too warm. This case has lots of room for airflow and it doesn't appear to be restricted anywhere. Should I be concerned about heat buildup in the case?

I assume too cool is better than too warm!


A:Antec SLK2650BQE Case Fan

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I have a new Antec case with a new ASUS motherboard. The case has audio, USB and firewire on the front panel. The motherboard has 2 USB headers, one says USB56, the ohter USB78. I've tried the case connector on both of them, one didn't work, the other only worked halfway(power, no signal). I also tried the back panel add on USB's that came with the motherboard, this worked on both headers. I read my case manual and it said I may need a USB adapter, has anyone heard of one of these? The diagram in both the manuals match up as far as the configuration. Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks -Joe

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I got my Antec 1200 case a few days ago and want to test it to see if it's DOA or not (the box was a little banged up when I got it) but my mobo doesn't arrive till next week. I tried attaching the 200mm fan to my PSU to see if it would run since it has an on/off switch on the back of the case but it doesn't seem to work. Does this mean that my case is DOA or do I need the mobo before I can really test it?

A:Antec 1200 Case

" I need the mobo before I can really test it?"...

Yes, the motherboard needs to be installed and connected to the power supply. If the power supply isn't damaged, the case should be ok as long as the front LED lights are intact. You can always return the case for another

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hi i am making myown computer and then i came to a step in the Antec Nine hundred manual which stated "connect the PWR SW, the RESET SW, and the HDD LED to the Motherboard" except i have NO IDEA WHERE TO PUT THESE!

here is what i mean

i dont know where to connect any of these, please help me

A:Antec Nine Hundred Case Connector Help!!!

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I have an Antec 900 V2 case. It seems like the fans are really making alot of noise and I am unsure if this is controllable. There is a large fan on the top, one at the rear and two on the front. I have set them to low. It sounds like an aeroplane taking off. Is this normal for this case or is there a way to reduce the noise. Appreciate any help.

A:Antec 900 V2 Case making fan noise

Pretty typical of most case fans installed by the manufacturer.

I would suggest two things:

1) Use a fan controller with variable speed control.

2) replace the stock fans with higher quality units. There are numerous options. As you want it quiet, get quieter fans.

Check out frozencpu.com

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i want the antec nine hundred case but since the PSU sits att he base, im not sure if the power cables r long enough to reach the power connectors on the mobo.

my PSU is the CoolerMaster 600W iGreen Power

my mobo is
Asus P5ND2-SLI
help please?

A:Will My PSU Suit The Antec Nine Hundred Case?

You shouldn't have problems with the main 24pin power cable - as mobos have that in the front. But the AUX 4-pin (black & yellow) can be tricky.

You can snake it inder the video card between the back of the case - next to the mobo... or buy an extender cable if needed.

Read some reviews: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811129021

PS: the only complaints people seem to have the most problem with - is that there are no filters for the fan and so it SUCKS in lots of dust. (The thing has 4 fans in it) - so it looks cool and quiet.

I think FILTERS are important for keeping the dust out. My P150 has 2 filters in the front which every few months, I have to clean off. The black version of the P150 doesn't include a PSU and is $100.

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Want to build a new computer with this antec case which has front usb,audio and firewire front ports. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16811129157 .The motherboard i am going to use in the Asus A8N 5X socket 939 board .It does not have onboard firewire though.I know I can put in a firewire card but I dont know how I can make the 9 pin firewire plug the case has hook to a firewire card.Got to be a way to do this or I'm just not looking at the right pci firewire card.Normally when I use this case i just use a board that has onboard firewire and the front connector just plugs right into the board.

A:Hooking up firewire on antec case

ok,I think I found a firewire card on newegg that has a 9 pin connector built on the side of it.

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Anyone with a X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty Champion Series soundcard and a P182 Antec case have issue closing the door with the soundcard's I/O drive bay installed? I.e. does the knobs on the I/O drive prevent the door on the P182 case from fully closing?


X-Fi Titanium's I/O drive bay

P182 case with door open

A:Antec P182 case + X-Fi I/O bay clearence?

Sygnus 21, buying a good case with no front panel will solve that issue

Seriously though, I am going to say that you are SOL unless you try fitting the front panel of your X-fi to fit flush with the case... of course, room and manuverability (sp?) will be a problem then.

Are you a good handyman? You may be able to get creative (no pun intented) and make a hole so you can use this panel with the lid close

I hope you find a positive answer for it bud.

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Hi all

I recently bought a new case (antec df85) but my current psu cables are way too short. Is anyone able to recommend a decent gaming psu with long cables (has to be 600 watt +).

Any help would be great.

A:Solved: Antec DF85 case

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I have disconnected the SATA plugs and the only thing stopping me from pulling the bay right out is the wiring to the fan (which sits just behind the grill). Can anyone advise me as to how to get the fan off without pulling the black & red wires away - they disappear into the mechanism somehow - so that I can pull the bays out completely? The wiring is anchored inside the case before it gets to the M/B, so pulling the plug from the M/B wouldn't help either.




A:Antec 900 Case - anyone know how to remove the HDD bays?

There is a groove in the mounting region that has tabs holding the fan cables in place. You can pry them up and that will free up the wiring so you can unscrew the fan from the mount and remove it completely.

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I have an Antec mid-tower case that came with two 80mm snap-in case fans on the back of the tower. There are three open slots on the front for additional snap-in case fans, but I can't find these types of fans anywhere. The only one I can find are screw mounted. Anyone know where I can get these snap-in fans? I tried www.antec-inc.com (and a bunch of online stores), but unless I missed something, there's nothing out there!

I would appreciate the help, thanks.


A:Antec Snap-In Case Fans

Hello Jay,

According to Antec a standard 80mm case fan that usually attaches with screws will work in the snap in attachment. That is if the attachment or holder is in the computer. In other words if the space allocated for additional case fans already has the snapin bracket then a standard screw type 80mm case fan will work.

Hope this helps.


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Hi all,

My power supply (Corsair 850W) has a fan at the bottom of it, which i'm assuming was placed there considering power supplies sit at the top of a PC case. However, my power supply holding bay is at the bottom of the case. I was wondering whether it was apt to turn the supply upside down so that the fan was facing upwards (hence expelling air upwards rather than down straight onto the bottom of my case), or whether I should just leave it alone and install as per normal?

This is my first custom build and I don't want to screw anything up!

Any help would be much appreciated

A:Power supply fan & Antec P182 case...

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For Christmas, I got a Zalman ZM-MFC1 Fan Controller Panel for a friend. He has a Antec Performance One P180 case. Since it's not mine, I'm not too sure about the specs, but I do know it has at least 4 stock case fans. I guess the problem he is having is that those fans only have the molex plug. then plug directly into the power supply and not into the mobo. The fan controller only has the small connectors, the ones that are connected into the mobo. Sorry I don't know their proper names. I know that the CPU and Chipset fan can still be utilized, but does anyone have any ideas on how to connect the case fans to the controller? Is there any adapters, or is it better for him just to buy new fans? Any ideas? In case you are wondering, I'm asking for him because he doesn't have internet.


A:Zalman Fan Controller not compatible with antec case

The fans run off the 12v line, which is the yellow wire, and the black wire next to the yellow wire on the molex plugs. One way to hook them up would be to splice those 2 wires from the fan into a 3-pin motherboard fan connection. An easier way would probably be to just buy 2 new case fans with the proper connections, so you can get the RPM monitoring as well.

There probably are adapters available, as it's a simple wiring job, but you wouldn't have the RPM monitoring feature, which a new case fan probably would have.

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I just purchased a computer and am building it myself. Finished putting it all together yesterday, plugged it in, the LED on the Mobo turned on aswell as a blue LED on the case, however, when I go to turn the computer on...nothing. It won't even start a boot sequence, nothing. I know the mobo is getting power, and I know the pins are working as my blue LED is plugged in where the Power SW and the Reset SW plug in aswell. Need a little help, not sure if the Power SW is plugged in wrong or what, but I currently have it plugged in like so I:::I:::I from left to right starting with the HDD LED then the Power SW then the Reset SW. Any help would be appreciated, as I'm lost.

A:Power switch help, ASUS M2N-E and Antec Nine Hundred Case

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I recently purchased the Antec Plus 660 AMG case and installed the Asus A7N8X Deluxe motherboard in it. My questions relates to the fans...

The Antec power supply has 3 FAN ONLY (4-pin) connectors. So, as recommended, I connected the 2 supplied case fans to the Fan Only connectors. The manual states that connecting the case fans in this way is "so the 'TruePower' supply can control the speed of the fans".

The power supply also has a 3-pin fan signal connector, which, as recommended, I attached to "one of the fan connectors of your motherboard." The manual states that connecting this 3-pin fan signal connector to the motherboard allows you to "monitor the speed of the rear fan power supply fan through the motherboard BIOS or through monitoring software".

I am confused... should this set up allow me to monitor the speed of all 3 fans (2 case and 1 power supply) through that 3-pin connection? How do I know the speed of individual fans? Do the case fans operate at the same rpm as the power supply?? Or is it that this 'TruePower' supply does control the speed of the case fans, only I do not have access to the speeds?

What puzzles me further is that the A7N8X-Deluxe has 3 (3-pin)fan connectors: CPU fan / Power fan / Chassis fan... I connected the CPU fan to it's proper connector, and I connected the power supply's 3-pin fan signal connector to the Power fan connector and nothing to the Chassis fan connector... Read more

A:A7N8X-Deluxe w/ Antec case - Fans Issue

I have the same problem for the Fan speed monitoring. I connected the PSU to the PWR_FAN1 connector on the motherboard but the speed is being reported in the Chassis fan section. I take it it's either a bug in the Asus software or maybe the writtings on the board got switched. Simply connect the PSU to the CHA_FAN1 instead.

You cannot monitor the speed of the case fans unless connect to a fan connector on the motherboard. Do you really need to monitor their speed ? As long as they move out a nice amount of air & aren't too noisy, what more could you ask for ?

You shouldn't worry about the PSU Fan reading going below 1500RPMs. In case you're still worried, put your hand behind the PSU & see if the air coming out is hot or not. Most likely it's slightly warm but nothing to worry about.

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Hi guys am planning on using this case for my new build in Febuary, yes I found a firm that will let me use finance and build it myself with decent customer service aswell.

For those that dont know im building a gaming rig and expect it to run hot with a Extreme QX6700 Quad Core and two 8800GTX running in SLI. My query is will this case be able to keep the system cool for long periods of time or would it be worth investing in other cooling options?

Generally my PC's stay on most of the day only really being turned off at night and I do tend to hammer the games

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But originally wanting to supply my own power (ex: BFG 550 watt ATX EPS)

How is the quality on the Antec's power?

A:Antec power supply quality - sold with case

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Ok, on the older case, it didn't have a 20-pin connector connected to the motherboard, instead it was connected by 2 columns of 6 next to 6, over 6 next 6, something like this

Well on the new Antec case, we connected the 20 pin connector, but the new PSU only has 1 set of 6 by 6 pin connectors
unconnected for the last 6 by 6 vertical down

Why would that be? The computer does not even start up, the motherboard doesn't even light up. I know I will need to bring in some more info first, but that is where I need people to just ask questions first, because this older motherboard is rather confusing.

A:Unable to transplant an older modem into a newer Antec case

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Just bought a new case and tried putting my previously working Asus Mobo iin the case hooked everything up per the Asus manual and can not get the computer to power up. I've even tried my old Power Supply to no avail.

THere are 7 wires on my new case 3 Hdd led, 1 PWR SW, 1 Reset SW, 1 Speaker, and 1 Power LED. I've hooked these wires up exactly as instructed to no avail. This Mobo was working in my old case just last night. Even the LED on my Mobo that indicates power is not lit up. Does anyone have any ideas or advice as to how to remedy this situation? Any help would be greatly appreciated. In fact, I'm willing to send anyone who can resolve my problems a free Motorola Surfboard Modem. Thanks and feel free to correspond via email for a quicker response.

thanks again!

A:Asus A7N8X Deluxe Mobo and Antec SLK1600 Case Issues

What you need to acertain is if the mobo works outside the case, what i do in that situ is place the mobo on top of the antistatic bag it came in then plug in the psu and use a pwr switch from an old case. If the mobo works fine like that then u need to check for shorts in the case. Check that the metal spacers align with the holes in the mobo properly and that the heads of the screws dont touch any of the pins on the components.

Hope that helps. Rik.

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I want to get rid of the window on my Antec Plusview 1000AMG and replace it with a window that does not have the 80mm fan mount because I don't use the fan mount and it just looks bad. As long as I can get a replacement that is a clear or blue window that would be great. Does anyone know where I can get this?

A:Want to change my Antec Plusview1000AMG window, how?

I'm sure you could probably buy one from Antec if you contact them and ask, though it might not be cheap. I'd recommend you take the window out and bring it to a glass shop. They should be able to cut you one from lexan or whatever material you want. I have a friend who owns a glass shop and he has done a few custom ones for people who have added windows, should be even less work for them since they will have your old one to use as a template.

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Well, i'm gonna be getting this case soon, and there is a grill at the side on the window...
I was wondering if there are holes to mount a fan here...
I would like to put this fan on the side window of the case...

A:Antec 1000 PlusView window fan question...

Yeah. Basically the fan goes on the inside of your case and the grill on the outside then screw it on and it holds it in place.

What case is it?

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I want to get 120mm Antec Tricool Blue LED fans to go with my Silverstone Temjin TJ09-BW case, cause the fans that come it with don't move much air. I like the Tricool 3 speed concept, this way i can adjust fan speed as needed. However, i've read a review that said that these fans work well only in Antec cases, i'm not sure what that means because that is all that was said on the subject. I'm curious ito know whether folks here tried these fans in non-Antec cases and how did they work out.

A:Antec Tricool fans only work well in Antec cases?

hi FP,

the case should not affect the operation of a case fan (unless the holes in the case are too small to allow adequate air flow, which would not allow any fan to perform well). the tricool fan should work well in many cases, not just an antec case. where did you read that review?


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I don't remember how long ago I submitted this problem, but it does not appear to have been addressed (or if it has I cant find the reply) I still have field within the properties box which do not have corresponding columns within the Explorer window. 
I seems to me to be a real case of the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing as whoever designed these two items didn't exchange details. This was my original query "
Using Windows 10 / .wma & .wmv "properties" fields / Folder and file display columns. There are two fields in the properties
box "Content provider" and "Group description" which do not have corresponding columns within the folders. As I use both boxes, what do I do>" Nothing has changed!

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I have a Just 4 PC case. The model number is JPC07. I wanted to modify it by adding a window side panel. Ho would i go abotu doign this. Could i buy a generic beige panel that has a window or would i have to call them and get it customly made. Is there by any chance a kit i can buy to install a window into the case manually?


Here is the link to the case picture and info


A:Case Window Panel?

There are kits you can purchase, but it would require you doing the cutting. With the cheap case you already have, it would make more sense to purchase a new case from newegg with a window already in it. www.newegg.com Then just swap all the components.

Don't take this personally, but TigerDirect.

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Hi all, I've cut a window in my pc.

I have decided that i want to put the TS logo on my window.

Julio, if you should see this, do i need permission from you?

I have 2 different ideas so far. 1 to paint the logo with a uv reacting paint as i have 4 uv tubes inside my case. 2 to cut the TS logo out of another piece of clear acrylic and stick the letters onto the inside of the window and light them with led's.

Just wondered if anyone had anything to add or any better ideas?

A:Case window mod idea!

What did you use to make the cut?

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I've searched the entire world and cannot find this case anywhere! (Internet = world)

Xclio 1000 or 2000

I've found it on maybe 2 sites and all sold out on them. (including Newegg) Tigredirect doesn't even sell Xclio cases. Ebay and Craigslist don't have them either.

Anybody out there with the magic finger?

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I am planning a new build-a 4000+ build mind.
But I have hit a bit of a wall, at first I was planning only a simple water cooling system, but now I am going for a duel loop. now while my current case GS1000 could deal with a single loop system a duel it can not. My main problem is where to stick the rads

So I'm look for help in find a case that can support my needs
ok so it would need to support to large rad's i'm looking at 2 pa120.3 but am prepared to go for pa120.2 or a differant brand altogether
I will need to support 6 hard drives and at least 4 5.25" drives but 5/6 would be much better

am do not have the skills to mod the case so this is out of the option however i am prepared to pay for it to be done
for example http://www.chilledpc.co.uk/shop/prod...roducts_id=680
on the subject of the TJ07 if some can see a way to fit a large rad at the bottom while leaving the drive cages in the would be great.

A:Find me a case please

i have a triple rad at the bottom in my tjo7, but had to get front mounting brackers in the 5 1/2 bays to put the hard drives.

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Hi, sorry if this is posted in the wrong section, i wasn't too sure where to put it.

I'm looking to ugprade my graphics card, and im not sure whether it will fit in my pc, i just want to know how to find out what pc case i have, as ive had it many years and i tried checking the site i bought it from and its no longer on there any ideas?

A:How to Find What Case I Have?

Open the case and look. Just about every part has a model# either silkscreened on the part itself or there is a label with the part# and other relevant info. You can also run this utility and post the output here;
Next issue
as ive had it many years Click to expand...

The newer video cards usually work on modern systems with uefi type bios. Older cards work on older systems SO it is important to find out what exact system you are using.

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The title sais it all,

Which is a better psu? Antec Smart power or true power? Power output aside, we'll assume they are both 500Watt.



A:Antec True power vs antec smart power

go to Tom's hardware http://www.tomshardware.com/index.html

they test and review PSUs all the time.

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At boot...this window pops up warning me that they have detected a third party uninstalled n-Case, and gives me options to reinstall, uninstall, or do nothing. What is this? I, once again researched this...but, don't know actually what it means. What program uses this? and How did this happen? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks....

A:n-Case...window pops up (warning me..)

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Hi guys,
Im looking for an acrylic case (clear) for a desktop computer. SO far, I have been able to find cases for towers but im looking for one think this:

(not tis exact type,otherwise that would just be embarrassing to have.)
no offense
You know the ones that lies on its side. I'm new at modding so kinda use simple terms. What exactly do you call these types of computers and where can I find some acrylic cases?


A:Trying to find a case,but im too lazy to look!

Why in heaven's name would you want a flat suitcase-type of case ?? Why clear? I would wager that nowhere in this world does a case like this exist. These types of computers are referred to as 'history'. Are you really too lazy to punch a few buttons on your keyboard and search this thing out?? Ask for a 6 pack of "RED BULL" for Christmas.

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Hey there my fellow tech heads.
I am in need of a new case for my motherboard (Socket 775);

Manufacturer Acer
Model FG965M
Version R01-B0
Chipset Vendor Intel
Chipset Model P965/G965
Chipset Revision C2
Southbridge Vendor Intel
Southbridge Model 82801HH (ICH8DH)
Southbridge Revision B0

Brand Phoenix Technologies, LTD
Version R01-B0
Date 06/18/2007

One that will fit this and enable me to have more fans to keep a new GPU I will be buying cool.
My current default Acer Aspire E700 case is far too small and will get hot far too quickly!
Please help me find a case as I don't really know what I'm looking for?!
Thanks, Jay.

A:Help me find a case that will fit all my hardware in?

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Hi i'm new in this Forum. I had the same problem that "Hello6921" had. He posted a thread yesterday related to this misterious Popup Window. 
The thing is that i didn't install anything. Well, i don't know. I updated Origin, and Razer's Gamebooster. (Now called Razers Cortex-awful name-)
Some kind soul would like to help me?
From now on, thank you.
I quote the thread i was talking about.


4 posts
Local time:10:25 PM

Posted Yesterday, 02:35 AM

Hello and thanks for helping me. Basically when I get to desktop screen after boot up, a CMD window appears and then causes Mozilla firefox to open a window that redirects me to gameharbor.org. My computer has no performance issues but the popup is just annoying. Tried to get rid of it using Norton and Malwarebytes but it's not working. Also looked in the programs list to see if I could uninstall something but nothing looked suspicious. Any and all help would be much appreciated!

A:Gameharbor.org Popup window duringstarup 2nd Case

Hi,please run a FRST scan:Please download Farbar Recovery Scan Tool and save it to your Desktop.(If you are not sure which version (32-/64-bit) applies to your system, download and try to start both of them as just the right one will run.)Start FRST with administator privileges.Make sure the option Addition.txt is checked and press the Scan button.When finished, FRST will produce two logs (FRST.txt and Addition.txt) in the same directory the tool was run from.Please copy and paste these logs in your next reply.

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Im trying to find a cheap custom case to transfer the guts of my HP Elite 8000 convertible minitower into. How do I go about finding out which cases that my motherboard is compatible with? I know the form factor is atx, but I've seen diferent ones online. Someone please help me.

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I just bought a Corsair 800D case and I need two more matching fans to go with my H100 cooler. I want to use Corsair fans to make a Push/Pull setup. However I can't seem to find them for sale other then on ebay. There is nothing that I could find on Corsairs website. Does anyone know where I can't buy them from? Thanks.

A:Corsair Case Fans? Can't Find Them To Buy...

Is there any particular reason you want to use that brand??

Offhand, I was not aware that Corsair made fans.

Other excellent brands are Nexus, Scythe, and Yate Loon. I'd imagine any of them would work fine for your purposes--you just have to get the right size and strength (speed).

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Can someone refer me to an online site that definately carries the power switch to mobo connector? I've searched and searched with no luck. Thanks

A:Can't find power switch for case

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Hi! I have an HP Envy 17 j070ez and I have to change the upper case. Because the screw nests are broken... So the question is: how can I find out the proper item number? I found this product for example: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Original-NEW-For-HP-envy-17J-17-Upper-Case-Cover-Palmrest-silver-720... It is written:Original NEW For HP envy 17J 17" Upper Case Cover Palmrest silver 720271-001 6070B0662801 So how can I check, that my computer has also the number 720271-001 6070B0662801? Thank you for your reply! Best regards: Csaba


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A:How can I find out the item number of the upper case

@loscsaba86 http://h10032.www1.hp.com/ctg/Manual/c03922401 Look at page 21. REO

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Has anyone been able to find a suitable case/sleeve/cover for the Satellite U840W - it is an odd size of 14.4" x 8".......

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I have a dell 530s slim tower Inspriation desktop. All I want to do is be able to use the Windows Flight Sim Acceleration software. The card that comes with the computer doesn't have enough Horse power. I need a card that would be like a ge Force3 Radeon 8500 or better. The problem is getting a card that will fit in the case and slot. I'm told its a half card or slim profile.
What will work? I would rather not spend more than $75. Is this doeable for something realiable. The Flight Sim without loading the Acceleration software that provides carrier ops, pylon racing etc. As I am a retired Marine Corps attack/fighter pilot it would be nice to try these.
Any help out there?

A:Want to find a slim case graphics card with some HP

have the same computer. 8400gs is your best bet. Or what i did was I bought a new case and but my mobo in that. I am getting a gtx+ soon

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