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problems with Ahead nero and xp

Q: problems with Ahead nero and xp

yea i wanted to know if nero worked on xp its a burning program that i have but i went from me to xp and now it wont work...can some one help me

Preferred Solution: problems with Ahead nero and xp

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: problems with Ahead nero and xp

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Nero begins the burn the just as is comes to the end
it then tells me that the iomega device is not available.
then proceeds to close down.
all I can do is say "another disk down the drain"

Please any one have any suggestion?

Thank you very much

A:Ahead Nero v 6.6

try uninstalling nero then reinstall it ...we need more info..what cpu how much ram what CD/dvd drives..ect

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can anyone tell me where ahead nero caches it's temporary files? please? and thank you

A:ahead nero 5.5.914

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When I loaded Ahead Nero it gave me a virtual CD drive that I don't have.
Can anyone tell me,

1. Do I really need this extra drive and if not how do I get rid of it.
2. When I burn, and change the format of, mp3 files onto a CD I can't play these in my car. I think the format has to be .cda but Nero doesn't burn this format. Does anyone know of a solution.

A:Ahead Nero CD Burning

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Ahead Nero 5.5 is installed and it works fine. But would it better to get a newer version? What are the extra with the newer versions and which of them is best (nero 6/7/8/9)?

A:ahead nero versions

This comparison chart on the Nero web site shows the features of versions 6 through 9:

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Ahead Nero 5.5 is installed and it works fine. But would it better to get a newer version? What are the extra with the newer versions and which of them is best (nero 6/7/8/9)?

A:ahead nero versions

Maybe it's just me, but I don't see how this relates to networking.

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I'd like to store my digitial photos on cd. I go through the neessacary steps using other formats, audio + data mix, but it isn't reconizing my jpeg files. It is looking for wav, mp3, and cda files. When I searched the help menu it said it does accept these files, but how? Please help!

A:Ahead Nero problem

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I am looking for some advice please, if anyone can help me.
I have Windows 98SE and Ahead Nero and InCD. I also have a CD Writer.
I have got some blank CD-RW discs and would like to copy the files from 'My Documents' onto a CD-RW as a means of a backup.
I have read, somewhere, that it is really easy to do but I have no idea and wondered if anyone can please help me.
I would really be very grateful.
Many Thanks.

A:Ahead Nero and InCD - Backing up

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Using WIN XP SP3. Nero 7.10 version, error message which pops up each time I start my PC.

Microsoft Visual C ++ Runtime Library Runtime Error C:\program files\common files\ahead\lib\NMIndexStoresvr.exe
The effect is that I can start Nero and choose files to burn but it freezes up after this point.
Have uninstalled Nero and reinstalled, rebooted various times all to no avail. It's getting rather tiresome.


A:Solved: Runtime error associated with Ahead Nero 7

Load up Services.msc and stop and disable the NMIndexingService

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AHEAD NERO is always writing an image file???
Whenever I try writing a cd from laptop, it always write an image file.

when i try write that file to a cd..it again gives option to write image file ( save as option) there is no option of burning a CD.

I am fed up of this problem.

A:Ahead Nero is alwyas writing an image file

Have you tried to choose another recording device in Nero?

Perhaps your copy of Nero came bundled with a recorder drive other than the one in your laptop? Nero that comes with hardware is bound to that specific hardware and will not work with something else.

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i was downloading a update for my nero burning rom and when it finished it i rebooted and then i started get this message what did i do?

A:c program files ahead nero.exe not a valid win32 application

closing duplicate, see this thread

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i was downloading a update for my nero burning rom and when it finished it i rebooted and then i started get this message what did i do?

A:c program files ahead nero.exe not a valid win32 application

did the update install???

Best bet would be to uninstall nero using add remove programs and then reinstall

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Hello folks,

Any idea why I get intermittent error messages that say

Title: InCd
"Unable to connect to file system - Service not running"

every now and then?

As Enthusiast, USASMA and Albert Frankenstein will testify, this is a problem that may be part of a whole suite of problems which I am trying to erradicate and determine if the cause is viral, SP2 compatibility, more sinister or just plain stoopidity on my part.

I do have an SP2 patch from Ahead software's site which I tried to no avail.

Case Study
I tried to burn an iso disc earlier and Nero StartSmart wouldn't enable the "Next" button to commence the burn. I noticed on looking harder that my CDRW drive was "in use" and had a little red x next to the unit name in StartSmart. There were no other apps using the drive and InCd had displayed the window after the disc had been read and had been closed...I clicked options and the dialogue showed that the cd burning drive was still in use and did not display any info about the disc or the drive, but after a few seconds the drive became available and I could burn successfully.

1. Why is this error occuring intermittently (even after installing the InCD update) - The misconnection to the file system error that is.

2.Why does Nero state that the drive is in use when its not?

3. Why does InCD take longer than other applications to unload when logging off - (The End now window appears a few seconds after clicking log off)

4. I hav... Read more

A:Ahead "incd" Problems

What memory do you have installed and what does your motherboard support?

If you need info on your system download Everest version 1.51 (the last full feature freeware version) from oldversion.com

Tell us the make and model number of your motherboard and what the installed memory is. (Everest should tell you both those things).

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A:Nero Problems

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Recently I tried to use my Nero program to record data to cd. Nero opened fine but when I clicked make data cd, I got a message " Can not execute file "C:\Program File\Ahead\nero\nero.exe".
While checking I found when I clicked on any of the make (data,audio or video) cd's I would get that same message. I used Nero's clean up tools, which took all of Nero's software out and then I reinstalled . I still got that same message.
I am running Windows Me, Pent. III and plenty of RAM.
Anyone have any ideas?

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I have re-install Nero 7 on my PC after experiencing some problems (the "ADD" button didn't respond when I want to make data DVD's)with it. After I have installed it again I tried to make some data DVD's and it worked fine the first time but when I try to do it again short afterwards it didn't want to add any movies. When you click on the "add" button it doesn't respond at all even if I restart the PC. Is there something that I do wrong or is it a setting that needs to be changed?

Many thanks in advance!

A:Nero 7 problems

You didn't say what version of Windows you have - Nero 7 may not be compatible if you have a new version of Windows.
For example, the standard edition of Nero 7 is not compatible with Windows 7 whereas Nero 7 Ultra is.

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Hi there i need help

Just tried to install nero 8 trial. we suffered a power cut half way through

i am unable to continue with the installation, nor can i remove it

please help me, what can i do.

A:Nero 8 problems

Hi, welcome to TSG.

See if this helps, go here http://www.nero.com/eng/downloads-cleantools.html, download and run the Nero 8 CleanTool. Then try to reinstall.

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I have previously used Nero 5 to burn a variety of audio and data with no problems.
However it does not seem to be able to copy Playstation games. When I use a RW disc it just flatly refuses to work, citing 'disc error'
When I use a CD-R disc it appears to burn in the normal way, and even states 'burn successfully completed' at the end. However the disc refuses to play (I should point out at this stage that my Playstation is, shall we say, 'suitably configured' to play these discs and in fact has played discs burnt on friends PC's without problems.)

Am I doing something wrong or will Nero not do this kind of thing. Is there any other CD burning software that I can use that will do the job (ideally free of charge)

I am running Windows XP

Any help appreciated.

A:Problems with Nero 5

Its slightly more complicated than just burning with Nero, however we are not supposed to be helping with modded consoles and pirate games and all that. Google it, or have your friend teach you how.

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When I try to copy a DVD using Nero 8 on Vista Ultimate 64-bit SP1, it simply goes up to certain percent and then my system freezes and it does not respond... I have to restart it manually...
I can normally copy content from DVD in some folder, it does it at 11-12 MB/s average...
I can also burn content to DVD using Make Data Disc option, and it does it in some 12 minutes on 12x speed (I have a Samsung DVD-RW drive)...
What could cause this problem, is it Nero or Vista?
I also have problems with Nero Vision, when I try to make a DVD video disc, after importing files, it stops and shows me "Don't send" error...

A:Nero problems

Run CCleaner and try again

Because your system froze you might want to run CheckDisk on the drive

There is also the chance that your Ram has got problems.
You could try Memtest for 7 Passes on it.

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Im trying to burn a dvd onto a disc and when Nero is coding my videos into PAL format.. Nero just dies.. It gave me an error log and this is what it said at the bottom

[19:26:38] NeroVision Windows XP 5.1
[19:26:38] NeroVision IA32
[19:26:38] NeroVision WinAspi: -
[19:26:38] NeroVision ahead WinASPI: File 'C:\Program Files\Nero\Nero 7\Core\Wnaspi32.dll': Ver=, size=164112 bytes, created 11/2/2004 1:54:32 PM
[19:26:38] NeroVision NT-SPTI used
[19:26:38] NeroVision Nero API version:
[19:26:38] NeroVision Using interface version:
[19:26:38] NeroVision Installed in: C:\Program Files\Nero\Nero 7\Core\
[19:26:38] NeroVision Application: ahead\NeroVision
[19:26:38] NeroVision Internal Version: 7, 5, 7, 0
[19:26:38] NeroVision === Scsi-Device-Map ===
[19:26:38] NeroVision DiskPeripheral : WDC WD2000JB-55GVA0 atapi Port 0 ID 0 DMA: On
[19:26:38] NeroVision CdRomPeripheral : CyberDrv CW099D CD-R/RW atapi Port 1 ID 0 DMA: On
[19:26:38] NeroVision CdRomPeripheral : TSSTcorp CD/DVDW TS-H552B atapi Port 1 ID 1 DMA: On
[19:26:38] NeroVision DiskPeripheral : ST3320620AS SiSRaid Port 2 ID 0 DMA: Off
[19:26:38] NeroVision === CDRom-Device-Map ===
[19:26:38] NeroVision CyberDrv CW099D CD-R/RW D: CDRom0
[19:26:38] NeroVision TSSTcorp CD/DVDW TS-H552B E: CDRom1
[19:26:38] NeroVision =======================
[19:26:38] NeroVision AutoRun : 1
[19:26:3... Read more

A:Nero problems.

when you say you are trying to burn a dvd onto disc, have you downloaded it, or are you copying a dvd?
Nero is good but it cant do everything. it may be running out of memory during the burning or conversion. some formats allow to convert only so far then cut out, so you cant copy or burn. i dont understand all of the jargon that you have posted, but i have had similar in the past. i dont download video anymore. it too much bother trying to convert.
try here for more advice. http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=113384 or here http://www.velocityreviews.com/forums/t270227-question-concerning-pal-with-nero-6.html

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I have just loaded Nero 5.5 and it is asking me to choose my recorder but there doesn't seem to be any way of doing this - can anyone tell me how to do it please? also, it only mentions CD's whereas my drive is a dvd drive does that mean I can still backup dvd's?
I have a modern computer and use windows XP. Thanks

A:Nero 5.5 problems

I think some specifics on the make/model of your optical drive, the O/S in use, as well as some details on the system would help a bunch. Nero that I use supports DVD and CD drives.

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i accidently uninstalled nero,i think,but iwas trying to reinstall nero.but wont let me,it keeps saying that nero is on pc.but i cannot find it.

A:nero problems

use the nero removal tool

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I am trying to open Nero 5.5 to copy one of my CD's. The software opens OK and the CD light comes on green when you insert the disc and you hear the disc spinning - but it doesn't move beyond that. Eventually, the green CD light turns to orange and it stops trying. It then says Nero is not responding I have tried rebooting. Can any one tell me how I might fix this and what it could be?? thanks!

A:Nero 5.5 problems

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Good day, im new here. i have problems installing Nero 8. after the installation when i open Nero, there's an error messate that states "Nero cannot start because there is an error in the configuration settings, reinstalling this application may fix this" i tried reinstalling but it still displays the same error message. i've used the Nero general clean tool, manually delete the folders, run a registry cleaner but still no luck. can somebody please help me. it really irritates me. thanks .

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hey folks,

using nero with a yamaha cdrw 20/10/40 ---

if your familiar with this burn program, it's uses a pretty simple drag and drop system...choose from the right window of choice and drag and drop to the left or new compilation window. it also has a "wizard" helper that simplifies the process even more so.

my problem- if i am selecting a single song for a new compilation from a cd in d drive nero doesn't seem to able to identify specific track information for that single track at this time. all the tracks have a generic tag - track 1, track 2, etc. . if you are copying an entire disc through the wizard it checks out cddb and finds the album/track info. i need this function when it first reads the disc so that i can choose single songs.

the help section is incredibly complex and i cannot locate how to get individual track info so i wonder if there one of you out there that knows if there is an adjustment i can make and how?

sure would appreciate it

A:nero problems

Works here. Here is how I do it. ( version )

Open Nero Burning Rom.

Start a new Audio CD.

In the File Browser on the right, navigate to the music cd you want to copy from.

From the list of tracks in the bottom pane of the File Browser ( Track 1, Track 2, etc.) you select a track, right-click on it, and choose "Copy to compilation"

The "Adding files" window should pop up.
If it's a new CD that isn't stored in your local database, another window will pop-up that has options for either entering the track info manually, or checking the cddb online. If you have the database info set up correctly in nero's preferences, it shouldn't have trouble fetching the album info. If it finds the album info, it will be dispayed, and you then select the album name and click the button to use that.

After it finishes analyzing the track, you should see the song listed (with it's proper name) in the compilation window on the left.

Once you've done this for 1 track on a cd, the rest of the songs should already be recognized and you won't have to go thru the whole database procedure again.

The files in the File Browser remain named Track 1, Track 2, etc., ~ only the files added to the Compilation window (default name = Audio1) will be relabled with the cddb info.

- If it doesn't pop up with the window that asks you for track name or database info, it might be because there's a checkbox on it that says something like &... Read more

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Hey all. I am new. If I am posting this to the wrong section please let me know... I ma having problems burning a CD with Nero...

Whenever I press the BURN button, it automatically ejects the CD before it burns.

I get the following message. What does it mean, and how do I fix it?

Here is the message

The recorder does not support this type of media
please insert a correct medium to write to

Medium required for the compilation CD-R/RW

Medium type in recorder:Empty

A:NERO Problems

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I can't install Nero ImageDrive, for some reason. I tell it to install, and it says it's installing, but then it goves me a window that says "Driver installation failed!"

Any suggestions?

A:Nero Problems

Hello, Hello? Help would be appreciated.

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Hi there

Ive just tried to reinstall nero 7. When I go to Nero vision to try and burn a DVD it comes up with the following message

"Failed to load the capturing subsystem"

Please help

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i have put nero on the brothers computer and now it takes roughly 3 minutes for the computer to come on. can any1 help me please. it came up with a fatel error message. cant remember wat i said though. i have had a simliar problem on my computer be4. i tryed to taking nero 6 out and didnt make any diffence. so i reformated the computer hoping that will sort the problem out but it hasnt. can any1 please help me. thanks

A:Nero 6 problems

Check your hard drive in device manager. the IDE channel it is on should show it operationg in UDMA mode 4 or 5 if it shows PIO mode uninstall and reboot and let windows reinstall the channel when it reboots.

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O.P.I have triend installing the program, but when I try to burn DVDs I just get this message:

One or more files could not be added to a compilation.

The following files may not reside in the VIDEO_TS directory of a DVD-Video compilation. Only compliant DVD-Video files
VTS_nn_0.BUP and
can be added to the VIDEO_TS folder. Please add files from a completed DVD-Video title or use an authoring software like Nero Vision to create DVD-Video files from standard video files such as *.avi and *.mpg.

Any advice would be MUCH APPRECIATED!!!

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I have started to have problems with my Nero 7. It gets to the point of burning a cd and just freezes on me. I have tried reinstalling the software, so i thought it was the burner. So i downloaded Nero 6 and it burnt the cd but 6 is a lot slower then 7.

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My Nero will not open, uninstall or install. i had the pe_parite a virus on this computer after i got XP and it took a while to get rid of. as some of you might know, you have to go into the registry and delete the value. then i had 2 go through a bunch of RBO files (no clue wut those are) including one from nero. most of the programs quit working after i deleted the RBO's so i deleted them but they were nothing important. Nero i need and im kinda at a dead end here so i need some help.

A:Nero 5 problems

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hi im new here and I was wondering if someone can help me. I recently bought Nero version 6 with all the accesories and dtuff so when I go to nero RomburningSE i was able to just click and burn at first. I then unplugged my laptop and tried to do it again but now my computer seems to think that is a cd i guess and will not burn it to my external sony dvd drive no matter what I do can anyone help please? thanks

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Hi there i was wondering if someone could help me out i tryed using my nero programme yesterday and it seems that i cannot burn cdrs without the pc lagging (snail speed) and ive wasted nearly 20 cdrs just to see if it works the cd rws burn fine its just dvdrs and cdrs if someone please could help me ive tried everything

ive tried system restore
ive tried update the drivers for it
unistalling nero 7 and trying 6 ive tried everything there is i can think of

if someone could help me id be most grateful

my dvd burner is dvdrw-ide1004
and my dvdrom/cd/cdrw is

please someone help

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I recently had to re-install WinXP on the work computer. Slowly getting the bugs out of the other progams...
Today I got an error message that directed me to download a Nero patch... well, at re-boot, had same error message, directing me to same download. I would have reported the problem to them, but the form is so complicated, I can't figure out all the lines...
Anyway, I don't have problems with my Hot Burn program, I'm wondering if Hotburn would work on the Nero CD Burner? Both are free with the Burners I installed.
Thanks for any advice.

A:Nero problems

Most burner software works with a cd burner in my experience.

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Well I've had it with Nero 7. The new Nero 7 has been out for some time, and they still haven't got rid of the "demo" in the updates. Now in the new update this month, April 27, The slideshow transitions are not working correctly. I used it, and some of the transitions are hanging up on my DVD player. The ones that "turn" seem to hang up. When I use the random transition to all my jpegs, is when I have the problem. I'm giving up on them, they can't seem to get their act together with the Nero staff. I'm looking for a "GOOD" program to use with my JPEGS and AVI, MOV, or any movie files to make slideshows with transitions. I would also like to use moving text, or add special graphics like holidays, birthdays, etc. It must be user friendly also. In the $100 - $150 range or lower, with free updates, until the version changes. It must also have the ability to add music in wav, mp3, (midi if possible).
Thanks, Silverado

A:Nero Problems

You can look into the Ulead Products, they offer free trials:


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Hi my brother is using Nero Express 6 and he can burn files from his PC to a CDR but if he is copying a audio CD it reads the disc and copies to the hard drive but after it has asked for the appropriate blank disc it stops and the message "illegal mode for this track" appears and the disc draw opens again this happens with any audio disc!
I also run Nero Express 6 and I dont have any problems at all. He is running an older computer AMD 400 processor which he has installed a DVD burner drive into.The NERO software came with the burner so I would of thought it would work OK please if anyone has any ideas please advise!

Thanks bubz7471

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yeah i just want to know why both my nero versions 6 and 7 don't accept and say that they don't support my mpeg files or my avi files. I've tried converting them, but the problem is that i don't know what to convert them into so that nero and another program called roxio accept them too.

A:nero problems

Never had a problem with Nero and avi files. What are you trying to do - play, burn to dvd (have to use data dvd function for that)?

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i try to erase a dvd-ram with the nero 6 program.i see a mesage "driver is in use by another aplication".I CANT ERASE MY DVD-RAM CDS.I HAVE WINDOWS XP.ALL THE UPDATES,WINASPI.

A:problems with nero

Try this:

Start/Settings/Control Panel/Admin Tools/Services. In the R pane, find IMAPI - CD Burning COM Service. R click it; L click Properties. In "Startup type" change it to manual or disabled. Apply/OK and reboot.

Edit: screenshot attached

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Running Nero 6 with XP Pro
I am trying to creat some SVCD's from some mpeg music files,
and I am having all sorts of problems?

1. When I am dragging the files across to Nero, eventually Nero will hang (Microsoft sending report etc)

2. If I select fewer files to drag accross, this seems to solve the initial problem, but when going through the "Encoding Video SVCD" seems to get to about 30% then comes up with error **Unknown error in the Video mpeg encoder**

3. Also a few of my mpegs, when dragging accross to Nero, brings up error **Stream encoding which is invalid for Video CD?**

Really would like to know what can be done? Is this a Nero problem? Encoder problem? some dogey files? or maybe all of these??

Can someone help/advise. Thanks

A:Nero 6 Problems?

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I have nero 7 and have recently saved a complete and compressed movie to my hard drive which is less than 4.7g now i can't seem to burn it using nero 7 HELP! can some one give me step by step instructions on what to do after the program has been opened

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I have been using Nero 5 (Nero Express) to provide back up copies of data and have been advised not to copy 'on the fly' but to rip initially to my hard drive and then to blank CD-R/CD-RW as this provides a more stable copy.

My question is this: Once the disc has been copied in this way, ie from source disc to hard drive and then to blank media, does this then remove the files from my hard disc, or are they still there?

If they still remain how do I remove them?

A:Problems with Nero 5

Once you have burned the cd the files are deleted by default. Also if you have a newer writer with burnproof or similar you should be able to copy on the fly no problem whatsoever.

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I am trying to convert video files downloaded off the internet (anime in mpg and avi format) into vcd and dvd's. however when watching the discs, the subtitles to the anime are cut off at the bottom so that i can only see the top portion of the text. is there a way to compress the picture so that the whole frame can be shown w/o it being cut off? i tried the 4:3 setting but the same thing happens. any help would be very appreciated.


A:Nero 6.6 vcd/dvd problems

Hiya and welcome

When you say downloaded off the internet, are these from p2p programs or from a paid site?



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All right, i believe i was having a similar (or the same) problem with my old burner, but i decided that i just needed to get a new one anyway. so today i went down to office max and bought a nice new cendyne 40x12x48 burner which i hoped would solve the problem. it came with nero 5. anyway, i just tried to copy a cd with it, and it fails...is says on the status screen: "burn process started at blah blah...calibration area full...burn process failed." i printed the long report, and it says: (i'll skip the parts where it did just fine)
"status: 0x04 (0x01, SCSI_ERR)
HA-Status 0x00 (0x00, OK)
TA-Status 0x02 (0x01, SCSI_TASTATUS_CHKCOND)
Sense Key: 0x03 (KEY_MEDIUM_ERROR)"

a few lines later, it says:
"calibration area full

all writers idle, stopping conversion

conversion idle, stopping reader

burn process failed

SCSI not using temporary buffers
20 out of 20 temporary buffers allocated"

anyway, this is angering me greatly, because i just spent $140 on this thing, and it doesn't work, and i don't know how to make it work. any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:nero 5 or burner problems

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I have try to install nero on my computer but got error that it's will not working.
I know that at nero website i need to install dot.net 3 but when i try to install it i get this error:

any suggestions? anyone try to install nero on his computer?

A:Problems install NERO

Quote: Originally Posted by mp26

I have try to install nero on my computer but got error that it's will not working.
I know that at nero website i need to install dot.net 3 but when i try to install it i get this error:

any suggestions? anyone try to install nero on his computer?

Hi and welcome to SF.

It just your computers way of telling you that there is a problem with M$ net framework 3.0. Check to make sure net framework is installed. Nero's install must use net framework when installing. If you need help in checking net frame let us know.

Hope this helps Im sure someone else will chime in


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Once before utilizing InCD caused a "BSOD". I decided to try once again so:

I started InCD thinking it would cause the "blue screen of death." The Desktop went black and then
reappeared with a green color appearing where blue is usually present, although not the desktop
background itself. The DT icons and others throughout the system were either altered or made
"fuzzy" as well. These conditions exist all through the system- dialog windows, files, progress
bars, etc. Obviously, InCD is having a major impact on the system.

Then, when I inserted an InCD formatted CD-RW, the ?BSOD? occurred. I made note of the essential information. Here it is:

Stop 0x00000044 (0x84FE9008, 0x00000D63, 0x00000000, 0x00000000)

I have experimented with various modes of inserting the CD. If I insert it without InCD active, there
is no problem. In other words, insert the CD before activating InCD causes no ?BSOD.? However,
the ?green? problem covered above does when InCD is activated. Despite the corrupted color and
icons, the InCD program does work properly.

I hope this information will be adequate for you to analyze the problem.

Thanks, {redoak}

A:Nero's Incd Causes Problems For "xp Pro"

the problem is very easy to analyze, packet writting software like nero's INCD is basically incompatible with windows xpit was originally intended for windows 98 machines and even then was problematicin the dvd burning community we avoid it at all costsremoving from your machine is another story, I usually run the appropriate nero clean tool after uninstall nero and reinstall the other components that workcd-rw's are a poor choice for data backups

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