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X1 Extreme - Heat Issue

Q: X1 Extreme - Heat Issue

Hello all! I'm new to the Lenovo community. I received my first ever ThinkPad X1 Extreme last week. So far, I'm really enjoying it. I've been running stress tests and find that the temperature runs at a high of 98c and the system does thermal throttle. I've started to tinker with the undervolting and the so far I'm at -0.120v. The system will still run at about 94c and throttles. I haven't tried to adjust any lower then that. I plan on opening the case and inspecting the factory paste. My plan was to remove the paste and replace it with the graphite thermal pad. I was hoping that by dropping to -0.120v that I would have noticed a better than 4c drop. Has anybody else tried undervolting and/or adjusting other settings to keep the CPU a touch cooler? Thank you!

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Preferred Solution: X1 Extreme - Heat Issue

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

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My laptop is a Compaq Presario F504EA. I have had an external 19" LCD Monitor running sometimes in parallel and sometimes independantly with the laptop. It has its own Power supply, and is only connected to the laptop through a VGA cable.

I was wondering if this could cause the laptop to extremely overheat. With this, the laptop would be un touchable on the bottom side due to extreme heat.

I had also recently upgraded my ram from 1 to 2GB. Would this of had an effect on the heat aswell ?

It is currently in repair due to my keyboard being intermittent along with my wireless; i believe the heat as melted joints or something on the motherboard.


A:External Monitor, extreme heat issue

when was the last time you spray dusted the laptop, that should help the heat issue. but adding more ram should not cause any more than normal heat, the extra monitor might cause more heat cause of the extra power going through the video card, but it should not make it untouchable.

i would try to spray dust the vents and also check to make sure all the fans are working.

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I am about to re-paste my X1 Extremer heat sink. I have the hardware maintenance manual. I wanted to know from those who have done this procedure if there are any caveats I should be aware of. Thank you for any assistance.

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need some advice re options for operation of laptop under extreme external heat conditions. my son is deploying somewhere hot (sometimes in excess of 40 degrees C). he wants to take his Toshiba laptop with him.

Word coming back from people already there or recently returned is of laptop shutdowns (heat related) and sometimes the odd fried processor.

given its a lap, options are limited. use would be from a fixed site, with external power available.

beyond a cooling mat type product that I would not be confident in, any other ideas?


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I have a new gateway notebook with an 1.6ghz AMD Turion 64 X2 TL-50 cpu... ive recently checked (10 mins ago) my temps inside this thing and my cpu core temp is running at 160F. an insanely high temp. is there a way to improve cooling in this thing without underclocking (im a overclocker not an underclocker) ive never seen it this hot until now...any help would be great i curently have the computer sitting on a honeywell fan to keep it cool... and im down to 110F yay! but this is no solution

A:HEAT HEAT HEAT Gateway heat woes

Yes, that converts to a bit over 71 degrees Centigrade... and is getting to the edge of its range... You will have earlier failure.
That model simply does not have the cooling system you need with three of four fans to move the air out.
If you have dogs or cats, clean the guts of the case with Dust Off every week... to remove the dust and hair.
But there isn't much help for you. Lower priced laptops never make good gaming machines.

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The problem is with a Dell optiplex SX270. When the pc is switched on after being off for a night, it restarts a couple of times untill it gets hot (very hot) you can barely touch the top of it. The strange thing is when it is hot it works fine, but when it is cold it will restart a few times. Even stranger is you can turn it off during the day untill completely cold, turn it on and it will be fine, only when off for the whole night does it do this.

A:Heat issue with pc

The easy and stupid solution is to keep it running all the time, the decent solution is to check and see where is the problem.

Did you get in touch with Dell customer support?What did they say?

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My buddy has a rig with a P4 3.0 ht, 1gb of Ram, and asus P4P800 S Mobo, with a cd-rw and dvd-rw, as well as an 80GB IDE drive and a 300GB SATA drive.
He is running a 350W power supply.

Sometimes his case gets hot, you can actually feel the warmth on the outside of it and of course he's concerned. It doesn't seem as though performance is an issue but I'm wondering if he needs a more powerful PSU or maybe another fan inside the case to help things out a little.

I installed mobo monitor to check what the temps are like and I wasn't too pleased.
By just downloading 2 torrents the cpu temp climbed all the way to 59degrees but what was also strange was that task manager said the cpu use was up to almost 60% and this was with no other processes running.
It seems to be a problem with the cpu fan/heatsink combo. Am I right to assume this?

A:Heat Issue.

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I just bought a new computer less than a month ago and I have been experiencing problems while playing games the last week or so.

I have updated all my drivers, NVIDIA driver, screen driver, windows completely updated! So I believe that that is not my issue.

It is only when I run computer games that the games freeze up.
The game simple stops and sound disappears, and the only thing I can do is press the reset button.

The games I play is Warhammer Online and Half Life 2...

I used the freeware program PC Wizard 2008 and it gives me the following temperatures:

Processor Temperature: 53 C
Mainboard Temperature: 41 C
ACPI Thermal Zone: 40 C
Processor Temperature (Core1) : 57 C
Processor Temperature (Core2) : 57 C
Processor Temperature (Core3) : 51 C
Processor Temperature (Core4) : 51 C
GPU Temperature (video monitoring - I guess this means Graphics Card) : 77 C

I don't know if heating is the issue but these are the degrees when I am NOT playing, and they gain in temperature when I play these demanding games.

I hope someone here might give me some good advice on what to do and if it is a heating problem, how can I then put in a new fan/cooler or whatever I might need. Because I checked out new fans on internet shops and I saw that they could be fitted into specifik "SOCKETS".... how does that work?

Sorry if these questions might seem very "stupid" but my experience with hardware in computer and the likes (even software) is mi... Read more

A:I believe I have a heat issue

New computers should be repaired under their warranty, not online.

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I have recently purchased an HP dv5-1015tx laptop(P7350,3GB DDR2-800 Ram,250 [email protected] rpm HDD,Nvidia Geforce 9600M GT,Standard resolution(1280*800) brightview infinity display......The problem is the idle temperatures of the 9600M GT is always between 55-65 degrees celsius(with the back of the laptop raised by about 2 inches) and while running Race Driver Grid and playing it for about 15 min, the card gets burning hot at 100-102 degrees celsius...is this something seriously abnormal for a laptop? Is it even abnormal for a DV5 as they are known to generate enormous amounts of heat? The palmrest becomes very hot that occasionaly I have to remove my hand! Also the keyboard becomes warm...Please help me out guys!

A:HP dv5 heat issue

The newer HP laptops have a known overheating issue that normally takes out the wireless card first..and then continues destroy more and more of the laptop. There only solution to this is updating the bios to make the fans spin faster to compensate. Go to hp.com and find a bios update for your laptop.

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Hi, i recently bought this awesome desktop and its my 1st after many years of laptop usage...i use 3d cad apps alot and do much rendering...this takes my system temp to abt 94 degrees celsius...my processor runs at abt 4.1ghz when this happens...will a liquid cooling system work/help my rig ?...and if yes, how do i get one installed correctly ?

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I have had numerous crashes like this but here are the last few.
Thet are all Locale ID: 1033, BCCode: 124

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Hi, I'm on a Dell Latitude laptop right now and the heat issue is driving me crazy. The average temperature is about 60-70C, usually even going up to 80C when it's really hot. This makes it so that whenever I'm playing games on it, the computer will sacrifice speed to clock down on the temperature, and I get extremely bad lag, making it impossible for me to play at all.

Can anyone explain why my computer is so hot, and give me some suggestions as to how to fix it? Is there any possible way to stop the computer from sacrificing the speed in order to cool itself down?

Thanks in advance

BTW, the fan is always on high, yet the temperature is still very high..

A:Heat Issue

have you tried cleaning the vents out - seen a few laptops fixed with temp problems here - by cleaning

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This is a wierd question but...

I am using MBMonitor to check my cpu heat.

Lately it has been runing at ~62 Degrees.

So i decided to pull it out of its place, lay it down and take off the cover. After i layed it down in aproximatly 20 seconds the CPU temp went down 10 degrees to ~51. Why is this?
Could it be a faulty diode or is my cpu cooler putting to much strain on my cpu while it hangs off of it.

Thanks for all you help.

A:CPU Heat issue

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Hi, my P70 has i7-6820HQ, 4k screen, and m3000m. I have the NVIDIA GPU running always since the intel GPU is unable to deliver even the most basic tasks, such as playing 4k YouTube videos. However, the computer feels more warm than I had imagined with the discrete graphics on. Can anybody chime in with experiences of their own? There is absolutely no inkling of "coolness" on the bottom of the laptop, except for the right and left lower corners. The warmth doesn't go away even at idle. The temperature of the graphics card lingers around 55-56 degrees celsius according to CPUID HWMonitor.  Is this normal? I would not be able to use this computer on my lap (though I wouldn't dare to because of its weght). The bottom borders being hot even when I'm just browsing the web at minimum usage, CPU at ~<10% and memory at <35% on task manager. I knew having a discrete GPU will have an effect, but not to this extent. Any input will be appreciated.

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Ok well, i have a normal ATX Socket 462 mobo with a 2GHz AMD CPU. Heres the story:

I purchased a new PSU because my old one was dieing. (it was a 20 pin, and my mobo uses and 20) so i plugged it in and replaced my old one. When i plugged in the new one, to the wall, i herd a sharp almost High pitched buzzing noise. That never happened with my old one. Oh and my old one was a 300watt and new was 330watt. Well i tried booting with my new one and did not work. So i plugged my old one back in and tried booting. Did not work. So i went to see if the mobo was getting power when booting, so i plugged in CPU fan, in doing so, i literally burned my hand on the heatsink it was that hot. So i unplugged everything and took out the CPU (burned my hand a few times on heatsink, had to run and get an oven mit it was so bad) and let everything cool down. I checked for heat damage on the mobo and i saw nothing, so i tried again with everything cooled down. Still, about 5-10 seconds of being on or booting, and shutdown.

So, do i need another CPU ( i have one), or is the mobo shot to hell? I kinda wanna know what i should do before trying my other (exact match) CPU and bruning out both.

Please help, i am a computer tech but i have never delt with over-heat cases. Please help!


A:Over-Heat Issue, Please Help

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Recently I sent my Hp Pavilion dv2000 in to HP to get repaired. The problem was the motherboard overheated and fried. I got it back about two weeks ago and now while playing Guild Wars every so often the computer will freeze the screen will freeze and blur across the monitor and the only thing i can do is manually shut it down and restart. I've tried just about everything including downloading new drivers updating BIOS. Before i sent it in there was never a problem with this. Speedfan says when im running Guild Wars its usually around 68-76 degrees Celsius. I am running on Windows Vista Home Premium an Amd Turion 64 X2 TL-56, Geforce 6150 Go, 2 GB ram. Does this sound like a heat issue? It seems to happen maybe a little less frequently when I have a fan right up next to it. Vents should not be clogged with dust as I've only had computer about 3 months.

Here's an example of what freeze looks like


A:Heat issue?

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Hello all. I'm not terribly computer saavy, but I'll try to explain my situation best I can. Thanks in advance for any assistance/advice you can offer.

I have an ASUS, CG5290 MB, Intel Core i7 CPU 290 (2.67 GHz), 9G RAM.

I have this program called AI Manager, displays information about my system, allows trash removal (temp files, etc.), and has something called AI Probe, which monitors things like fan speed, voltage, and temperature. It's this last area in which I'm kind of confused.

There are four temperature sensors: CPU, MB, SB, and NB. Three of the four temperatures (CPU, MB and SB) run perfectly fine. The northbridge (NB) is what I'm concerned about. the NB runs at about 85-86 degrees Celsius, under normal computer activity (computer up, perhaps running Word, mail's up, IE8, along with my normal bacground programs). This is one degree over that was the threshold of 85 (I've set the threshold to 87, to avoid the constant alarms).

The odd part is when I run a PC game (Sims 3, WoW, for example) - I tab out and check the temperature of the NB and it seems to be running just fine. I also notice when I start running a game that I can easily hear the fan(s) running in my computer - I can really hear them at all under "normal PC operation." I don't know if the fans need to be boosted - they seem to be running okay at 1300 rpm for CPU and 1500 rpm for Chassis. I did play with them in BIOS, but then they ran all the time (e... Read more

A:Odd occurence with a heat issue

Hello and welcome to Bleepingcomputer!

Your probes you speak of are CPU=Processor NB=North Bridge chip on Motherboard and SB=South Bridge chip on motherboard and MB which is a general temp sensor on the motherboard.

The North Bridge chip usually has a heat sink on it, some even come with a cooling fan attached to them on systems designed to be over-clocked.

As you stated the NB chip is 86 degrees Celsius.

I have seen them a bit hotter than that with extreme gaming, if you are concerned about this temperature, you can mount a side fan in your tower blowing towards the north bridge chip and its heat sink, adding additional cooling fans to the case, keeping the total amp usage of your PSU output in mind would help keep things a lot cooler as well.

Depending on your heat sink type on your north bridge chip, they do sell cooling fans that can be attached to the fins.

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I have a P4 3.0Ht with an zalman heatsink and fan I have 2x 80mm fan one 120mm fan plus a 80mm pci fan yet my case is running at 36c what can i do about getting that lower one idea I had was a fan on the upper part of the case any ideas

A:Case Heat Issue

what is the ambient room temp?

are all those fans configured as exhaust fans?

a fan on the top of the case is a good place because that's where the heat rises anyways.

if you have a side fan, then you should consider reversing it (make it an intake fan). this will blow cooler air towards the CPU fan which may help keep the CPU cooler.

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ok after various problems with my pc i've come to believe my graphics card is in fact overheating (which could account for SOME of the problems).

Windows XP Home SP2
GeForce 6800 GT 256mb
1GB Kingston HyperX RAM
AMD Athlon 64 3400+
Yeah so in the temps it shows it running idly around 62C, while the ambient temps are around 49C. Now this didn't look too bad to me in the past but after looking into normal temps, it seems that it should run about 57C and 36 ambient when idle. if i blow a 25 inch house fan into the system, the card cools to about 57C and 42 ambient. the air is pretty hot here in cali so 42 ambient doesn't concern me too much...but yeah i would just like to verify normal temps for the 6800 gt, and whether or not i should look into a better cooling system. perhaps i have a faulty card, even? by the way i'm using the new 77.77 forceware drivers.

A:6800 heat issue

the heatsink on that card gathers dust really fast

try cleaning it.

for my pc, i have the side panel removed

and i have the fans attached to flexible steel so i can aim the fans to any location needed.

i have a 80mm fan aimed in a 40 degree angle blowing at the video card.

then i have 2 other case fans one of them is aimed at the cpu heatsink (i have a fan adapter and a 80mm fan on the heatsink)

got my pc 5C cooler then with the side panel on.
(makes the case look ugly but it cools well)

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I have a very simple question that I really need an answer to. Whenever I play games (such as Team Fortress 2, GTA 4, games from steam), my laptop becomes pretty warm. Is this normal? Will this damage my laptop? Do I need to stop playing these games? Thank you.

PS: I use Acer Aspire V5 Windows 7

A:Heat issue with laptop?

Hello there! I would suggest lowering some of the graphics settings of the games you play. I also suggest (if you don't do this already) to move your laptop onto a desk or a large, flat, solid surface, as playing on cloth (like a bed or carpet) would keep the heat near the laptop. You could also physically open the laptop and clear any accumulated dust in and around the heatsink / CPU, but you do have to be VERY careful about Electro-Static Discharge (when you have static electricity in your body - everyone usually does) and how you handle the circuit boards. I don't suggest doing this, but if you are willing to, look up the disassemble procedures for your laptop so you don't break anything.

If you need help determining what settings to lower so you will get better speed without much loss in how it looks, try lowering Shadows / Reflections, Anti Aliasing, Texture Filtering, Motion Blur (turning this off), and usually, if you don't know what something is, turning it off will usually give you better frame rate (in a game of course - don't turn off Traction Control in your car ). This applies to Team Fortress and any other Source Engine game. I don't know what to tell you about GTA or other games from Steam, but the same should generally apply.

If you need anything else, please ask! You're here so we can help you!
Have fun!
Oh, and Welcome to the forums!

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Hey there, I've been looking for some help regarding my T480s (have it since yesterday). I installed Windows 10 Pro (incl. all updates) and I'm using it for simple stuff: Firefox, Office. That's basically it. Unfortunately, it gets super hot while doing so. Firefox + Office = between 45 and 60 degrees Celsius.When it comes to watching a stream (which I'm doing right now) - without any other window/application open - it comes to 65 to 80 (or even 90) degrees Celsius. I don't know what to do. I checked the settings on Lenovo Vantage and it's already supposed to be the setting which takes care of the heating (and the fans) but it's still the same. Am I supposed to change something in the BIOS settings? Thanks for any advice! Really... Best,DD

A:T480s - Heat Issue

Is your machine an i5 or i7. I have an i7 due to be delivered this week?

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I just got my new Yoga 900 laptop. Everything looks good except I find the laptop is heating very fast and consistently throughout the use of it. I feel not comfortable if putting the base on my thigh. I feel hot when touching the base around the hinge. I search the solution and though the updated BIOS should resolve the heat and fan issue. However, this does not solve my problem.  Is there anyone has this similar issue? How to solve it?

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this is a very strange problem that i have been having for about a week now with no resolution. it all started randomly and i had not made any changes recently to software or hardware.

background info:
ecs nforce 570 mobo
3gb ram (3 sticks of 1gb each)
intel pentium d 3.0ghz
250 gb sata hd
xp pro
no power surges in the area lately

one evening last night i went to use my machine and it was frozen in the xp screen saver. i restarted and it would only get to the xp splash screen then it would freeze. i figured that the install must have gotten corrupted so i attempted to run chkdsk from the xp cd but i could not even get to the recovery colsole before the system was frozen. i decided to plug my hdd into my laptop via usb to see if i could see it at all - i could see everything so i backed up my files and wiped the drive. i re attach the hdd to my desktop and try to do an install but to no avail. - i would get to the partition selection screen then it would freeze. so i decided to try and IDE drive that i had around and i was able to get a little further but still about after the format screen in xp setup it would freeze. so now i am thinking maybe memory issue or heat related so i took out my memory and tried it with just one stick for each stick and was still having similar issues. the furthest i was able to get in the xp install was the part after the reboot and it says 39 min left and thats where it froze. that was with 1 stick of ram and the IDE drive. i was thinking heat... Read more

A:Possible Mobo or heat issue??

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Is it possible that there is a defect with the cooling/ventilation on my Yoga 920? It is getting really hot. I have a nice protective case but I am afraid to use it because of the heat. I was playing the simple treasure hunter game from Microsoft on it. I had core temp running in the background. The cpu temps are pretty high after only 5 minutes of playing this non graphics intensive game. The core temps were 77C, 78C, 75C, and 76C. I am afraid to try a game with more intensive graphics. I have always tried to keep my cpu's below 65C. Is the intel cpu in the 920 okay to run at these temps?

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My 965 is idling with a temp of 68c. Not overclocked. All other temps are normal. Think it might by my sensor, but not sure as my temp is not static. Using stock heatsink and paste.
Any ideas?

A:AMD Phenom 2 x4 965 heat issue

Clean the heat sink and fan with a can of compressed air and check temps. If it is still high, replace the stock cooler with an after-market cpu cooler and check temps.

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Hi, My Yoga 910, heats a lot even when I watch a short vedio online. Had the noice issue but after updating to latest BIOS and changing some settings it's ok now. Can anyone help me to solve this heating issue? Thanks,Devo.

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When replacing a heat sink fan, I inadvertenly broke one of the plastic hold down clips which are attached to the cpu plug slot (on the mobo) I've read there are heat sink fans available which screw or bolt into the Mobo. The heat sink fan is hanging by one hold down click - seems to be cooling the CPU but am unsure if it is as effective as it could be. The specifics of the mobo and cpu are availabe at my profile. Would appreciate any advice as to how I might move forward with this mb, or should I pay my last respects?

A:Help with a heat sink issue

You can buy stock Intel socket 478 heatsinks cheap - http://cgi.ebay.com/INTEL-SOCKET-47...yZ101192QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem

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Hello folks, i return to hardware with another possible concern after fixing the dvd issue. I started cleaning the computer up (have school on monday so i want things checked and cleaned up before school to make sure everything is in good, working, reliable condition. To that end i ran the usual battery, updated all software, ran a scan with both antivirus and antispy which turned up clean, then ran memtest 86 which was fine and now im running spinrite 6. Only thing in spinrite im noticing is that i think the drive is running a tad bit warm. I figure the usual running temp for an hd is around 120F, instead the computer is running at 131F. Is this somthing to be concerned over or is it just normal operation because i do realize spinrite will run the drive hard. However, i will say i am cleaning the chasis as well after the system maintenance is done and i think lately the cooling system has been working harder than usual so im wondering if there is just a dust bunny invasion near the vents thus prohibiting cooling which is somthing compressed air could fix. But im asking really if 131F is a cause for concern. Thanks guys.

A:Drive heat issue?

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I am concerned that my system might be running a little too warm.
My System:
nVidia GeForce 8800GTS (640mb)
2gigs of Geil 800mhz memory
AMD 64x 5400+ 2.8ghz
Fozconn mb with SLI 590
Creative SoundBlaster X-FI Xtreme Gamer
800w Tagan Power Supply
120gig HD Raptor (100,000RPM)
400gig HD (standard rpm?)
CoolerMaster Centurion Case

The case has 1 side fan blowing in, plus an exhaust tube that runs to the CPU, and one fan on the back blowing out. The video card has a stock cooler attachment blowing out, and the cpu also has the original fan and heat sink. The nVidia health monitor usually reads the gpu and cpu as stable, but the system temp is always around 55C+ and blinking as a warning (i've also read that system temp shouldn't be much more than 10+/- room temp).
When i was putting the system together the metal cover piece that fits to surround the mb i/o ports (mouse/keyboard/etc) didn't fit (neither the one that came with the case or the one from the mb itself) so their is an opening there. Recently i've taken to leaving the case open with a small high velocity fan (not touching the case, trying to avoid any static issues) aimed directly on the HDs and the mb. Needless to say, i wouldn't mind doing away with this situation... Any suggestions?

Oh, and i am not interested in OCing if that makes a difference...

A:Tackling Heat Issue


i guess what i'm really getting at is whether or not i should invest in liquid cooling, more fans, or perhaps some better heatsinks or radiators... without killing my wallet of course.
I mostly game with the system, crysis, wow, hl2, cs2, starcraft, civIV, that kind of stuff.

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I have a Dell Precision 380 and it will work for awhile and then it goes into power save mode? The screen goes black and it appears that the PC is still on but nothing works. It is located in a warehouse that gets a little warm. Confusing because when I bring it into my office, it works fine. Hooked up another PC to the location in the warehouse and it works fine so it's not the wiring. Could it be a heat issue or the fans not working properly? It's under warranty but I have received no help from Dell's tech support. Any help would be great. Thanks in advance.

A:PC shutting down, could be heat issue?

well thats what it sounds like. have you tried cleaning out the heatsink and inside of the case to rid it from dust? tell me if this fixes ur problem

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I seem to be having some issues with my ATI x1900 XTX GPU I purchased about one year ago. There have been two occasions when the GPU heat sink fan has refused to start. The rest of the computer boots, and a squeaking sound can be heard from the non-moving fan (it twitches, however, as if it is *trying* to start). Turning the computer off and then on fixes this.

The second thing I noticed is that whenever several character models appear on screen in a certain game that I play (Neverwinter Nights 1) the FPS is reduced to about 3 until the character models clear up. This has not happened before.

I opened the computer up while running, and gently touched the card's backside (not the side with the heat sink), and nearly singed my finger after about 15 seconds. It was very hot.

On another note, my computer has also been having some boot issues. If I turn it off, go to sleep, wake up in the morning and try to turn it on, nothing happens. I have to turn off the power (from the wall outlet), wait for this *Zzzzzzzzzzzfop* sound to happen (it sounds as if the remaining electricity inside the computer is "drained" out of it). When the power is turned off and that sound takes place, everything that is plugged into the computer bearing some sort of light (my optical mouse and my USB Wireless Net Adaptor) stops shining. The sound emanates from the PSU. When I turn the power back on, I can boot the computer.

This is random, it doesn't happen *every* time (so... Read more

A:x1900 XTX Heat and Fan issue.

I think I'd be looking at replacing the power supply. They have a 3 year warranty.

Several companies make aftermarket coolers for video cards that generally do a better job then the stock ones, Arctic Colling is one: http://www.arctic-cooling.com/vga1.php

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· OS - Windows 7 SP1  x64· What was original installed OS on system? Wndows 7· Is the OS an OEM version (came pre-installed on system) or full retail version (YOU purchased it from retailer)? Yes· Age of system (hardware) 4 years· Age of OS installation - have you re-installed the OS? Yes· CPU: Intel Core i7 2820QM  @ 2.30GHz· Video Card: Dual Radeon HD 6990M
· Hard Drives: Dual TOSHIBA MK5061GSY in Raid 0 configuration· MotherBoard - (if NOT a laptop)· Power Supply - brand & wattage (skip if laptop)· System Manufacturer: Dell· Exact model number (if laptop, check label on bottom): Alienware M18X R1· Laptop or Desktop? Laptop
I'm working on a friends laptop (he lives in another state, and had to ship the laptop to me) that was suffering from repeated BSOD's and multiple issues with screen anomalies, and he has asked me to troubleshoot it for him. He had previously contacted Dell in regards to what was happening, and they said his motherboard, or a video card is probably defective,
**The drives have passed multiple HD tests (HD Tune - Chkdsk and the Fujitsu software). I have tested the memory with MEMTEST86 for 7 passes. No errors where found, however, I did NOT test the ram independently.**
Prior to receiving the laptop, I walked my friend through the process of wiping the system using the recovery drive, and told him to install all pertinent updates (Windows Updates were ... Read more

A:Is it a driver issue, or just heat?

GPU Temp2 got as high as 88ºC - high, but not melting.Video artifacting on the screen - especially while you're stressing the graphics Only 231 Windows Updates installed.  Most systems have 300 or more.  Please visit Windows Update and get ALL available updates (it may take several trips to get them all).Lot's more Live Kernel Events than BSOD's - Please do the following: - open Event Viewer (run eventvwr.msc from the "Run" dialog)- expand the Custom Views category (left click on the > next to the words "Custom Views")- right click on Administrative Events- select "Save all Events in Custom View as..."- save the file as Admin.evtx- zip up the file (right click on it, select "Send to", select "Compressed (zipped) folder")- upload it with your next post (if it's too big, then upload it to a free file-hosting service and post a link here).FYI - If we're looking for Event ID 41 errors (unexplained shutdowns), there's more info on that here:  http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2028504 Most of the symptoms and error messages refer to video - so I suspect a problem with the video card(s) or their connections.DO NOT use the video drivers from AMD - ONLY use the video drivers from Dell.  Dell does extra things to the video drivers that AMD does not - and the AMD drivers may not function properly on the system.I suspect that this is a hardware problem, but follow the instructions here to be sure:  http://www.sysnative.com/forums/bsod-kernel-... Read more

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This thing gets HOT! I downloaded PCWizard and it states-
Core 1=55c
Core 2=52c
CPU = 127c

The issue started when the system would shut down during game play. The Biostar board has a thermal protection setting at 70c and shuts the pc down when I guess the cores reach that mark.
When I play with the case panel off- No Problem.
Put it on and it shuts down in 5 minutes of play.
the CPU HS and fan is your basic aluminum finned/ fan that you would see on any run of the mill CPU. Apparently the 6400+ is a heat beast!

I got this from Newegg on the way-


I also plan on some case modification. Venting the top of the case. Adding a side intake. There are no spots for fans on the box. A larger, fan-friendly case in in the works.
Think the modifications and fixes are on target.
Any Suggestions?

A:AMD 64 X2 6400+ heat issue

The 6400+ is definitely a heat beast, but that 127C figure is wrong. Sounds as if your case is too small. Do you have plenty of room around the cpu cooler? Double-check the heat-sink alignment and thermal paste... remembering that too much thermal paste is as bad as too little. Thick thermal paste can act as an insulator.
Do you have a way to monitor your fan rpms?

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The heat has finally hit in Idaho and my computer is feeling it. The funny thing is that my apartment isn't exactly overheated, though. The CPU is now sitting somewhere at around 65 degrees Celcius. The only upgrades on this system since last year is that I now have a GeForce 6600GT (instead of an FX5600) and 1GB RAM (vs. 512MB last year). Other than those two items it's exactly the same and had no heat issues at all last summer (or at all). I doubt either of these two are the issue to the increased heat. (I am aware the 6600GT draws more power than the 5600).

My side is off the case, and the rest of the computer is running at 40 degrees Celcius.

I hope that gives an idea of where I'm sitting at computer wise.

I guess what I want to know is would removing the heatsink and fan from the cpu and reapplying thermal grease be the best option? Or should I just get a whole new heatsink and fan? I don't have access to the thermal grease at the moment, so I can't just try it out for a couple of days, so I wanted to know what anyone else thought, as in if this is a good direction to pursue (reapplying) or what instead would be the best course to take.

Thanks in advance.

A:Yep, it's another heat issue related thread...

Taking the hs/fan off to clean and reapply the grease is a good idea-
- but, it would be even better to upgrade the pair while you have 'em off.
You may know already but ensure the heatsink is free of dust and other matter. Make sure the fan is running up to speed and is clean also.
You may also check and see if there is something that's running in the background using the CPU and causing it to warm up.

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I've got an annoying high pitched sound that comes from my graphics card (I think) whenever I play a game with mid-high graphics requirements. Now, I've read a bit about the subject, and have come to understand that the noise is caused by vibrations. Also, based on what I've read, it is unfixable.

My question is this. If coil whine is NOT heat related, when why does opening the side of my pc up and putting a fan on it stop the noise? Understand, this is a powerful commercial grade fan, but if there is bad coil whine coming out and I put the fan on it, it takes about a minute to stop.

I'm really just trying to understand this issue properly, so I can begin to work out a solution.
Right now the best one is: keep a big *** fan blowing on it.

Any thoughts?

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I have the AMD 64 X2 6400+ CPU and the fan I have is your basic aluminum finned block heatsink setup. The temp goes up to 66 c and the system shuts down as set in the bios.

I am using a thermal paste.
I know it's obvious that I need a better Fan/heatsink but what kind? Space is a premium. Any suggestions.

The system is not overclocked.
When you play a game is when it gets hot. I was on the net and all worked well.

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I bought a new Yoga 910 80VF two weeks back. When I run some applications with the charger pluged in get heated up like anything. Its build and look is awesome. But the heating issue is hell.

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I have a SwannSmart Turbo 56K modem and it regularly disconnects and fails to reconnect from a heat problem.

It is the middle of winter here and it cant be more that 18 degrees Celsius.

This problem has plagued me for over a year now and in that time I have returned and received an exact same model only to get the exact same problem.

The Tech Support People at Swann Refuse to believe that it can be a heat problem but I know it is.

When the modem feels hot to touch it stops working and wont work again until I put it in front of an air conditioner and then in works perfectly.

Since they have had no other similar complaints and I have tested 2 of they're modems now Is it possible that it has something to do with my motherboard?

Can a faulty comm. port or something cause this?

It is an external serial modem and my port speed is set to 128000 and max modem speed is set to 115200.

I have tried lowering these values with no success.

A:Exterenal 56K Modem Heat Issue

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I purchased a new computer around march and I have been having a problem with video lag. Originally with the system, (P4 3.2 478 socket, 512mb ram, 80gig HDD, radeon 9800 pro) I had a geforce 4 mx 4000. When running some games, ie: Battlefield 1942 after perhaps 5 minutes of play it would start to lag... heavily! So to fix this problem I bought a Radeon 9800 Pro. Same problem, it also happened on Battlefield 2, and some other games like Rise of Nations. Strangely though, when playing Call of Duty or Warcraft three, even under some intense action everything runs fine, even Half-Life 2 and Farcry ran well! Just wondering what you think the problem might be!? Thanks in advance

A:Video lag after a time; heat issue?

512MB of ram ain't much by today's standards. try installing the latest drivers for your card and BF patches.

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is it generally ok to leave my sony vaio sr 25 on overnight?
ive heard vaios have heat issues??
im a succkker at tech so maybe yall can give some advices

A:sony vaio heat issue?

entropy acts upon everything in the universe,
are you using it overnight?
do you let your car run overnight?
just my opinion

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As you can see my wife's laptop is having major heat issue's that is low for the temps lately, had it off for over two hours rebooted and it was at 120 it has been sitting around 150 - 180 lately, not sure what it normally sits at but my desktop sit around 90.

I have sprayed out the fan ports, removed the pcmia slot holder, going to check the bios in a min for the auto speed fan setting (but i can't see the rpm of the fan anyway).

ok checked the bios no settings in there for the fan.

any other ideas?

A:Laptop MAJOR heat issue's

Hello fadedrs,
Thats around the 70C mark, not bad for a laptop i would have thought. If your concerned about it get a laptop cooler, but i would say that temp is not too toasty lol.

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I have a pest control issue and need to know if I can power off and heat treat HP monitors, desktops, laptops, keyboards, mice, etc. to 130 to 140 deg Fahrenheit.  Is there a concern? I'm told by our pest control provider that this is common practice.

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Alright I need some advice on this one. I was running Unreal Tournament 3 this evening and my video driver (nv4_disp.dll) stopped working for some reason unknown to me. Anyways, I had been playing the game for maybe 45min and everything was running smooth until everything went black and I was thrown onto a really ugly desktop with an error message. The message basically told me that the driver stopped (duh) and that I needed to reboot the machine.

I've attached a pic of what my desktop looked like after the driver failed. I didn't get a blue screen (so no minidump) but I was prompted with a serious error pop up box when Windows restarted. Do you guys think this is just a faulty driver or could it be heat related? I did NOT have my VGA fans running at full speed so maybe all the power finally caught up with the cards? Here are my current specs:

XFX 8600GT XXX - 2 in SLi
ForceWare version 175.19 (WHQL)

As you can see in the pic the CPU temps were fine and the "CHASSIS2" indicator is actually the speed of one of the GPU cooling fans. I can usually find a solution to my own display issues but this is one of the most hardcore problems yet! I hope someone will be able to help me out. Thanks in advance for any input!

A:Video Driver Ceased, Heat Issue? (PIC)

try running the fans at full speed or if there is an automatic setting set to that it may fix the problem. it does look like a heat issue to me.

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I am working on my brothers DELL laptop. It has been on all day and I have been using it most of this time. I just picked it up and it is quite warm at the bottom, the base of the laptop? Is this normal.

I tried to run AIDA and check the temps under Computer>Sensor but nothing comes up. Any ideas or suggestions?

Some Specs:
WinXP Home SP1
Mobile P4 1.7GHz
Mobo: DELL Computer Corp Inspiron 4150
Mobo Chipset: Intel Brookdale i845MP
Mobility Radeon 7500 16MB
384MB DDR 266 (128 + 256)

A:Dell Inspiron 4150 Heat Issue????

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Hi,I bought my laptop today and I see there is a accute heat problem after using it for an hour.Severe heat is observed below the body of laptop towards right side and on left side of laptop it is quiet cool as I feel fan is situated towards left side of lap.Could you please provide me an input at the earliest as I will be moving abroad next and need to get this issue resolved if it is unusual.

A:Lenovo u41-70 laptop heat sink issue

hi Sriharshahonne,
Welcome to the Forums.
When you power up the machine, can you observe the temps of the CPU/GPU by using HWInfo / HWmonitor or similar utility while the unit is idle and under load (normal temps should be between 50C-70C on light to medium load @ 24C-28C room temperature). However, if the CPU and GPU are fully stressed, the temps will hit around 80C-90C
Check this Lenovo U41-70 review
 - Link to picture (temp readings using HWInfo)
if the temp. is too hot and you feel uncomfortable & can barely use the unit on your lap then you may want to consider contacting the lenovo helpdesk to report the issue or the place of purchase (if it's still possible to exchange the unit).
Support phone list

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Hello everyone. Recently, my mom (sweet as she is) told me that her computer wont turn on. She usually leaves her computer running, but let me know (after it broke) that it has been mentioning on its case temp monitor that the computer has been getting hot and the light would turn red. She said she 'tried' to turn it off when she saw the warning but never told me about it until now.

I poked around inside and found that the computer wont turn on at all, but there is a green light on the motherboard if the computer is plugged in. Also, the fan on the heat sink for the CPU wasn't spinning because the fan seems to have tilted in its craddle and now wont budge (Perhaps it melted into that position?). My guess is the CPU is fried, but after I plugged the computer in, I put my head close to the motherboard and heard a faint noise coming from the PSU, and I'm not sure if that is normal (don't forget the green light on the motherboard was lit).

Let me check on the specs and I'll give it a post in a minute... thanks in advance for your welcome suggestions

A:I'm stumped: Computer won't turn on, heat issue

I threw the CPU fan away in anticipation of getting a new one.

It is a P5NT-Deluxe (775 Socket) and the PSU is a LSP Ultra 750W ATX Power Supply. These parts are all less than 3 years old, and it has an Nvidia Evga Geforce GTX 280 GPU. I had set the computer a while ago on power saving mode because my mother doesn't game

Any guesses as to what I should do? I don't have much I can swap for to test if something went bad or not. Do you think the board could have fried if the CPU fried on top of it? Do you think I need a new PSU?

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