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long boot....unlocked system file by accident cant remember what file

Q: long boot....unlocked system file by accident cant remember what file

well i unlocked a system locked (pad lock symbol) folder by accident looking for something else and since than the following issues are observed. and i don't remember the folder =(

when the system boots it will boot very slowly. the screen will turn black with the mouse pointer visible for
maybe 30 seconds? than the desktop will appear as normal. all systems once booted appear to be normal.
i already did these steps attempting:
system restore....no points past date of issue.

Defragged both disks just in case.

Ran CC cleaner on the registry and the standard caches.

ran scan now tool and found one issue listed below:


Beginning system scan. This process will take some time.

Beginning verification phase of system scan.
Verification 100% complete.
Windows Resource Protection found corrupt files but was unable to fix some of th
Details are included in the CBS.Log windir\Logs\CBS\CBS.log. For example

cannot view log even when i give admin full access under property's.

Preferred Solution: long boot....unlocked system file by accident cant remember what file

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: long boot....unlocked system file by accident cant remember what file

How about doing a System Restore to before you made the change?

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Running Windows Embedded Standard 2009.
Motherboard: Giada HM77T-i3

When booting into Safe mode, the system will get stuck on the classpnp.sys. Anyway to find out what exactly is causing the system to get stuck on classpnp.sys?

This problem occurs with MSATA, SSD and standard HDs. This problem occurs on more than one system.

The longer the system runs for, the longer the boot time gets. If I re-image the drive, the boot time goes back to 30 seconds. If I let it run for 2-3 weeks, then the boot time starts getting longer. It starts at 2 minutes and then climbs up to 60 minutes the longer the system runs for.

I tried the following:
Loading AV software and scan.
chkdsk /f
Loaded Regcure Pro
Updated the BIOS
Updated Video card drivers.

Any help or feedback would be greatly appreciated.

A:System gets stuck for long period on the classpnp.sys file.

John, welcome to the TSG Forums

You posted this in the XP Forum. You are running XP ? The reason that I ask is that I have seen this problem often with W7 but very seldom with XP, so I am just wondering if you posted in the right Forum.

The classpnp.sys file is the Windows SCSI (Small Computer System Interface) system file and is a critical part of the Windows boot process. Typically when problems are experienced with this file they are often associated with devices such as CD/DVD drive, Hard Drive or other SCSI hardware.

It is common for problems to occur after installing new hardware or software, specifically software that may access the CD/DVD drive. Think back to a time when you did not have this problem and try to recall what hardware or software you have installed subsequent to that time.


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This is my second ticket with you, I wish you will not charge me...
- 10+ minutes to complete boot, including the items in Start menu, it was less 3 min (after last ticket with you).
- Java JRE zip could not be downloaded, the resulting file is (repeatedly) corrupt - only online setup worked
- Most of malware download is not completed, Combofix, JRT, Emisoft Emergency Update and other are ruined before use
- Slowness everywhere, looks like a 386
Thank you

 Addition.txt   55.79KB
Scan result of Farbar Recovery Scan Tool (FRST.txt) (x64) Version: 18-02-2015 01
Ran by alee (administrator) on ALEE-PC on 19-02-2015 12:19:45
Running from C:\Users\alee\Desktop
Loaded Profiles: alee (Available profiles: alee)
Platform: Windows 7 Ultimate Service Pack 1 (X64) OS Language: English (United States)
Internet Explorer Version 11 (Default browser: FF)
Boot Mode: Normal
Tutorial for Farbar Recovery Scan Tool: http://www.geekstogo.com/forum/topic/335081-frst-tutorial-how-to-use-farbar-recovery-scan-tool/
==================== Processes (Whitelisted) =================
(If an entry is included in the fixlist, the process will be closed. The file will not be moved.)
(Enigma Software Group USA, LLC.) C:\Program Files\Enigma Software Group\SpyHunter\SH4Service.exe
(NVIDIA Corporation) C:\Windows\System32\nvvsvc.exe
(Intel Corporation) C:\Windows\System32\igfxCUIService.exe
(NVIDIA Corporation) C:\Program Files\NVIDIA Corporation\Display\n... Read more

A:Long boot time, interference with file download

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Hi all, i accidently deleted file which i have been update it everyday from beginning of 2010, it was in usb stick and excel file, tried "restoration 2.5.14", it had retrived more than 120,000 files, none of them was in the name of 2010, that's my deleted file's name, will anyone please help, thanks in advance

A:deleted file by accident!!!!!

Try Recuva.

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Ran an exe. file last night by accident that had appeared on desktop "stupid. It ran a dos app. ? Advanced properties= %SystemRoot%\SYSTEM32\AUTOEXEC.NT

Have a number of files in Windows directory (XP Pro) with same time. They are:



wiaservc.log ([wiaservc] Opened log at 12/5/2004 01:58:56.140




"Have not rebooted since incident"
Logfile of HijackThis v1.97.7
Scan saved at 11:45:10 AM, on 12/5/2004
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\VS7Debug\mdm.exe
C:\Program Files\ATI Technologies\ATI Control Panel\atiptaxx.exe
C:\Program Files\ATI Multimedia\main\ATIDtct.EXE
C:\Program Files\QuickTime\qttask.exe
C:\Program Files\Zone Labs\ZoneAlarm\zlclient.exe
C:\Program Files\ATI Multimedia\main\LaunchPd.exe
C:\Program Files\ATI Multimedia\main\ATIDtct.... Read more

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Hey guys, just opened up a link on steam from someone and stupidly opened and ran the file which was a .scr.
From a preliminary search it seems that I may have installed a Trojan, so any help would be appreciated.
Running a Windows 7, with the only security software being Microsoft Security Essentials (which a scan didn't turn up anything awry).
Many thanks for any help!
Edit: here's the logs of the security check I just ran
 Results of screen317's Security Check version 0.99.91  
 Windows 7 Service Pack 1 x64 (UAC is enabled)  
 Internet Explorer 11  
``````````````Antivirus/Firewall Check:``````````````
 Windows Firewall Enabled!  
Microsoft Security Essentials   
 Antivirus up to date!  
`````````Anti-malware/Other Utilities Check:`````````
 JavaFX 2.1.1    
 Java 7 Update 71  
 Adobe Reader 10.1.12 Adobe Reader out of Date!
 Google Chrome (39.0.2171.65) 
 Google Chrome (39.0.2171.71) 
````````Process Check: objlist.exe by Laurent````````
 Microsoft Security Essentials MSMpEng.exe 
 Microsoft Security Essentials msseces.exe 
`````````````````System Health check`````````````````
 Total Fragmentation on Drive C: 60% Defragment your hard drive soon! (Do NOT defrag if SSD!)
````````````````````End of Log``````````````````````
And AdwCleaner
# AdwCleaner v4.104 - Report created 06/12/2014 at 22:12... Read more

A:.scr file opened on accident, what do I do?

Hi blavongtheung,
  to BleepingComputer.
Did you clean detections of adwCleaner?
Please post the results. 
You can find result log file  at "C:\AdwCleaner"
And hows your system working?
Are you having any issue?

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I have a external my book fat32 formated and a new mybook ntfs formated external as well. Now when I copy my files from the fat32 to the ntfs external all files copy fine but some give that destination location file characters are too long, meaning that the file names are too long. Now I could change the file names but that would conflict with programs that need that file name. I am using vista ultimate and would like to copy all the files over from the fat32 to ntfs so I can reformat the fat32 to ntfs. The files got on the ntfs from a simple drag and drop from my IDE NTFS internal hard drive. I hope you guys to tell me what to do. Thank you :)

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Hi All,

I've got a problem creating long named folders or files on a Linux network share.

I can see and log in to the share without any problems, but if I try to create a folder that is longer than 8 characters, I get the following error message:
The drive that this file or folder is stored on does not allow long file names, or names containing blanks or any of the following characters: \ / : , ; * ? < > |

Also, I can not see files on the share that have long names...

I only have this problem when I use my Windows 7 machine. XP and Ubuntu work just fine.

I am using Windows 7 Professional.


A:The drive that this file or folder is stored on does not allow long file names...


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A month or two ago I started noticing that when I try to save files to HDD from Opera it takes about 4 seconds for the (explorer) file menu to appear and let me save it.

Now I noticed the same in Subtitle Workshop and Irfanview, only that in these it takes even longer, like 7 seconds, for the load file menu to appear after I click on the "open file" icon.

Some other programs, like VLC and Winamp, don't have this problem.

Any clues?

Using Win 7 64bit, BTW. Everything updated.

A:File load and file save menus take a long time to appear

Quote: Originally Posted by eyo

A month or two ago I started noticing that when I try to save files to HDD from Opera it takes about 4 seconds for the (explorer) file menu to appear and let me save it.

Now I noticed the same in Subtitle Workshop and Irfanview, only that in these it takes even longer, like 7 seconds, for the load file menu to appear after I click on the "open file" icon.

Some other programs, like VLC and Winamp, don't have this problem.

Any clues?

Using Win 7 64bit, BTW. Everything updated.

Are you seeing a thin green bar at the top of your screen in Windows Explorerer?

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HI all, recently I downloaded a software from the internet to my flash drive & I click on it just to check but I think that software had virus or something that uses more memory & makes system slow & the software didn't start at all.So, I deleted it as soon as possible. I didn't realize that all my files in that flash drive were infected but later when I copied all files to my external hard drive for backup I notice that when I get to the place where I stored that flash drive files more memory is used & I can hear my laptop making louder sound that usual. It only happens in that place(in my external hard drive) where I stored those flash drive files. When I don't go to that infected place everything is fine. All of my hard drive files works fine.

So far I've deleted all infected files except one file which doesn't delete at all.
I really wanna know if my hard drive is infected or if that file is once deleted then everything will be fine. As I said only when I get to that place where I stored my flash drive files the system becomes slow & I can hear something(maybe ram & cpu) is running very fast inside making louder noise than usual.....

A:File that doesn't delete,uses more memory & system response takes long

Well; for one thing; you should always; always; make sure to have a anti-virus program installed on your system no matter whether its a external drive or internal drive. I use avg anti virus; but there are a number of others out there as well and you will here differing opinions on which one is better. here is the link to the free anti-virus:


i would download; install, and let it do a thorough and complete system scan so hopefully it will remove all viruses(some may not remove possibly in which case hopefully you have clean versions of those files backed up and can transfer the clean ones to the backup drive). But make sure to let it scan completely.

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Hi, this is my first posting. :)

My friend was just infected by Spy Sheriff :( He uses Window XP Home edition. He got instruction from an online support, which part of the procedures is for him to use the CleanUp! software and using Custom CleanUp! which invovles the following:

-> Empty Recycle Bins
-> Delete Cookies
-> Delete Prefetch files
-> Scan local drives for temporary files
-> Cleanup! all users

Once he clicked "OK" to CleanUp!All users, his computer lost all icon images, he cannot see any icon on task bar, I.E. and can't even start some applications. But he still have Spy Sheriff on his wall paper :(

Can this be fixed? how?

Please kindly help ASAP!

A:Deleted all Temp file for all users by accident

Try using XP System Restore.

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I accidently deleted the Administrator file and need to know how to get it back where the Owner file is. I moved the file from the Recycle bin by click and hold and moved to desktop. I know I should have restored. Now it has the desktop as its routing (I can't think what else to call it). I can now log on if the error message that says "microsoft cannot log on" stays on the screen long enough to click OK. If the screen does not stay the computer trys to boot up (I guess) but will not do anything until the screen times out and I press a key; than the "microsoft cannot log on" error message will come up and I click OK. Than a screen appears that shows the Owner and I click on it and every thing works all right. I would apprciate any help. Let me know if I need to explain more.

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Quarantined PC windows seven start up file by accident. Now windows will not launch.

A:Quarantined Windows 7 PC start up file by accident

Have you tried to boot from the installation disk? Run startup repair.
Sounds like the offending file should have been deleted.
Keep us posted

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Oh...the horror! I accidentally replaced a file with another file in WordPerfect. Here's what happened: WP had crashed while I was working on a document. I reopened WP, then chose to rename the backed up file by using the name of the original file, thus replacing the pre-crash version. WP even asked me "[Your document name] already exists. Replace?" to which I said yes. Great, right? Wrong...I had chosen to replace a similarly named but MUCH MORE IMPORTANT file with the trivial document that I had been working on. How can I get the original document back?

What I already tried: right-clicking on "Properties" on the document name in Windows Explorer, in search of the "Previous Versions" button (as suggested elsewhere). No. Such. Button. Anywhere.

What I'm running: WP X3 on Windows Vista Home Premium on an Acer Aspire.

How can I get my old file back? Thanks in advance.

A:Replaced important WP file by accident, need version from an hour ago!

Unless you had a backup there is little chance of getting the overwritten file back.

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There was another thread about this, but the solution wasn't clearly explained. A user provided the OP with a Desktop.ink file, and nothing was said about what to do with the file that was provided. I'm having the same problem, where I deleted the file by accident and now there is no live tile for the desktop anywhere on the start screen, not even in the All Apps category. I can't find it in the Windows Store either. What do I do? Here is a screenshot of the folder that I *think* held the original desktop file.

A:Deleted the desktop start folder file by accident.

hi, go to start screen type in desktop ,you should get at least 3 desktop related apps as a result of the search ,right click on the one that says DESKTOP ,and choose pin to start ,should work did for me yesterday

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In Windows 7, it will go into this state where it won't update folders automatically, and I have to hit F5, as well, if I go for example, New->Text Document - it will hang the desktop and take like 3-4 minutes before coming back and showing the file.It is like something is preventing or slowing down the refresh of windows explorer.It happens about once a day, sometimes I reboot to see if I can get it to go away.

A:Windows Explorer Does Not Refresh Automatically (Needs F5) AND Takes A Long Long Time To Make New File

I've narrowed down more the possible causes of the issue: If You disable the Client for Microsoft Networks in properties of Local Area Connection - the issue disappear (maybe only in my case).

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I have recently changed my laptop OS from Linux RHEL 6.4 to Windows 7. Before changing the OS, I have copied all my data (abt 40+ GB) into an external USB drive. When I tried to restore the backup files into the Win7 laptop, it gives an error viz : Filename
too long,  file path too long, exceeded 256 characters, etc.   I have many folders and files to move and will not be able to manually shorten every file name.  

Is there any way/tool from Microsoft, thru which I can seamlessly transfer from my USB HDD to Local drive  ????
~I am the administrator user on the laptop.


Note: After going thru a couple of blogs, I have used the Robocopy which is inbuilt in Win7 and was able to succeed to a greater extent...but not 100%.  There are few files which has been skipped by the command ( as per the copy summary, see attached)
and I am unable identify those exact files which are missed, so that I can manually located them on my USB HDD and copy to the local system.   Is there an way to locate those missing files ???


               Total          Copied       Skipped  Mismatch    FAILED    Extras
    Dirs :  &nbs... Read more

A:Error: Filename too long, file path too long, exceeded 256 characters, etc: when renaming or copying to/from local HDD to External USB HDD

If you capture the detailed robocopy log then you can see which files were skipped.

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Hi, I have a file that I cannot delete, rename or move, because Windows says it's name is too long or the path is to long (not supported by the file system). The dialog box tells me to rename the file, or move it to another location, but none of this is posible. How can I get rid of this file? (And how is it even posible that the AutoCAD installer and Windows creates a file that the file system cannot handle?)

A:Erase file with too long file name

Your PC may be infected with a virus or other malware

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Greetings all,

A friend receives emails with MS pps slideshow attachments.

When the attachment is clicked on, instead of opening either MS PPS Viewer or Open Office Impress, the file association box pops up asking which program is required? We have highlighted either program and ticked the Remember This Action box and the slideshow then runs ok.

The next time an attachment arrives, XP has forgotten which program to use and we go through the above procedure again.

How can I get XP to remember the association please?



A:XP won't remember file association

Hello Pete

Try setting the file associations in Folder Options

Win Explorer/Tools/Folder Options/File Types
Scroll down to pps and highlight it.

At the bottom it says "Open With" so click "Change"
Select the program you want to use here


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This must be one you guys have heard before, however i think mines a little differernt.

Ok i boot my comp and just before loading screen it comes up with
Windows ould not start becuase the following file is missing or corrupt:

Now, i have found what microsoft says to do, which is to put a windows CD in and press r, to go to the command promt screen in order to put in a whole lot of code. Fair enough i say, looks easy enough.

One problem though, i put my windows disk in, i press r. At this stage the instructions say the black screen should first ask me for a password to log in as admin however mine doesn't. I then go to type in the first bit of code the microsoft instructions tell me to type which is MD TMP i then get a message saying access denied! i type help, see a list of commands and found the logon command, so i tried that except it doesnt give me a list of admins where i should then be able to type in the password and log on in order to be able to type the code which microsoft has to me to type.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! i really cbf formating my hardrive.

btw running windows XP SP2. Comp is P4, 1gig ram. fx5700 graphics card.
PS: instructions i am refferring to are

A:No boot, File missing or corrupt: windows\system\config\system

Went through the same thing with my older computer (HP Pavilion 502n/WinXP Home). Nearly brand new when it was given to me by a friend, three years ago, who forgot to give the Windows recovery disk. Then in mid August, it pulled a similar stunt as yours.

At First it was blackscreen with "Windows not shutdown completely and options to go into "safemode" or normally. That lasted a couple of times when it suddenly would not complete the boot up and got a similar message as you did.

Took it to a computer tech, who found a BIOS glitch and thought he had fixed it.

Then three weeks later, in early September, it did it again. Would not boot up completely several times. Then it finally did....after going online for a while, it started crashing and restarting every 20 minutes. Eventually it finally did boot up to show something else on a blue screen with a list of checking files systems on C: with this:

1 of your disks need to be checked for consistency. You may cancel the disk chk at any time.
CHKDSK is verifying files (stage 1 of 3)
CHKDSK verifying indexes (stage 2 of 3)
Deleting index entry CAUGNJQR in ...and on and on until it reached 94% and crashed.

another boot and it was CMOS Checksum and so on.
At fourth bootup, it finally reached screen with F keys and I hit them to go into Safemode and HP system recovery (non destructive file mode).

After five hours, it completed that and Crashed. I finally boxed it up for a couple of days to take back to the... Read more

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Hi all,

I cannot get into Windows due to problem booting and would greatly appreciate any help. Here is how it happened.

I was surfing the net and all of a sudden my screen frozed up while my harddrive suddenly went very quiet while its lights were still on. My computer did not respond so I tried to restart my pc. The screen then came up with the following error:

"Intel Boot Agent Version 4.0.19
Intel Base-Code, PXE-2.1 (Build 083)

PXE-E53: No Boot filename received

PXE-M0F: Exiting Intel PXE ROM.

Boot Failure: System Halted"

I have WindowsXP installed but don't have the disc anymore so I'm hoping the solution to this problem will not require reinstallation or the disc. Also, I have not made any recent changes on my computer settings so this error seems to be have come up out of nowhere. My computer had been working fine before this and I have no idea why this error happened.

(Not sure if this info will help or even relevant but I have a router and a home network set up with another computer (a laptop). I did not make any changes on their setting prior to this error.)

Thank you very much for any help in advance.


A:Boot Failure: System Halted PXE-E53 No Boot File Received

This message means that the system is trying to boot from the network card...

This happens if it can't boot from the hard disk, look in the BIOS, is your hard drive still recognized by your mainboard ?

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1997 - 2001 INTEL

INTEL BASE CODE PXE-2.1 (build 083)
1997 - 2001 INTEL

CLIENT MAC ADDR: 00 03 47 EE 30F4
guid 202080ba-e5id-b211-8000-fec76167eb7e




A:Boot Failure: System Halted PXE-E53 No Boot File Received

And your point is? Are you trying to load it from PXE? Is it just booting to this when your trying to load up the OS?

If you had a working PC with an OS but its showing this I would go into the BIOS and make sure the boot order is HDD first and NIC is last. I would also verify the BIOS sees the HDD that is installed...

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Hello all,
I have some .mkv files on my system.
Windows 7 does not seem to remember the programs that I used to open those files with.
I keep getting the default open with menu option without any available programs and then select a default program.
Even if open the file with WMP64, Winamp, BSplayer or Media Player Classic, those programs do not appear in the open with context menu, and I cant quickly open the file with those programs.

Is there something wrong which I can fix? thanks in advance!

A:Windows does not remember programs used to open a file

When you right click and go to open with, go to choose default program and select your suitable mkv player.
If one isn't there click to browse find it and select it.
Then check option always use selected program to open this kind of file.

Attachment 26984

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Hi guys. I've noticed that, when I put my computer to sleep and wake it back up, if I have a file explorer window open with a large list of files (several pages of family pictures in a detailed list view), the window defaults to the first (top) file in the list -- if I am clicking through pictures several pages down, and then sleep/wake the computer, while the last file I clicked remains highlighted, I have to scroll all the way down to find it again. Any ideas on a fix?

A:File explorer doesn't remember my position

What key do you press to wake the laptop up? Perhaps that is what is causing Explorer to act like this?

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It's driving me nuts!! Every time I save a file with the Windows File Save dialog, it opens in large icons view. Anyone know how to get it to remember details view? It's a real pita to keep changing it. I notice this especially when downloading in Firefox. First it only opens in compressed view. Then you hit browse tab. For a while after that it opens the full window, but the view is large icons. You change to details. Next time it's back at icon view!!! ARRRRRRghhhhh!!!!!

A:File Save Dialog remember view?

Hi Miles,

While there is no way to have these small dialog type boxes to have their folder view settings remembered, you can try resetting all folder view setting using the download in METHOD TWO to see if it may be able to at least reset it to details view.

Windows Explorer Folder View settings

Hope this helps,

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Hi all! I had to reset (disconnect power) our D400 home server because it did not react.After booting all LEDs look like the system is online after reboot. Blue power LED, blue Network LED, blue HDD LED, blue system diagnostic LED and the HDD-LEDs oh both HDDs are blue.But I can not connect to or ping the home server. Is it possible that booting has not finished yet (I'm waiting for 3 hours now) because the home server performs a file system check? The HDDs sound like there is activity... Thanks and regards!

A:D400 does not boot - file system check during boot...

hi aladiim,
Welcome to the Lenovo Forums.
It's possible that the D400 is performing a chkdsk on the drives for consistency but 3 hours seems long unless there's something wrong with one the drives. If the server is still not booting up after a couple of more hours, you may need to restore the home server. To do this, you will need to:
1. Press and hold the power button on the D400 server until it shuts off
2. Remove all HDD's to prevent data loss
3. Press and hold the reset button at the back of the D400 server until the system status LED turns red and starts to blink
4. Insert the Home Server Recovery DVD on the client computer and run it
5. Follow the screen instructions and Choose Server Recovery (recommended) to recover from system failure - Note that system settings and user accounts will be lost.
Hope this helps

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I'm currently in the process of copying files back from the cloud in the exact same location where I had them before and now it says that the file name is too long and prompts to see whether I want to skip the file or not. The error message given does not
give the full file name or the path so it is impossible to see which files were copied successfully or not. This never happened with XP! Then afterwards I found that some of the files with long names did copy successfully whereas others didn't. I find this
to be a very user unfriendly process and I'm totally confused! These are critical files and I'm sure I haven't exceeded 260 characters or whatever. This is soOoO frustrating!!


A:file copy error message not sufficient + file name too long will not copy

Hi ,

There is a limit of filename length within Windows Explorer. In the Windows API (with some exceptions discussed in the following paragraphs), the maximum length for a path is MAX_PATH, which
is defined as 260 characters.
The shell and the file system have different requirements. It is possible to create a path with the Windows API that the shell user interface is not able to interpret properly.
This means that your long filename can only be handled at the command prompt level and you cannot drag and drop an illegal length filename within Windows Explorer.

Please simplify your folders and titles.

More information, please check the part of Maximum Path Length Limitation in the link below.
http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/desktop/aa365247(v=vs.85).aspxTracy Cai
TechNet Community Support

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All of my view settings seem to stick fine, except when I choose File - Open - Desktop in some application. Then it's Tiles view instead of my Details view, as saved for every other folder.

Win 7 x64
I already tried resetting Folder view options as per Folder View - Set a Default for All Folders

A:remember view settings for File - Open - Desktop

try to restore windows and see if that helps

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In windows xp, it all ways remembered the last save location for each file I downloaded, such as a jpg or txt, etc. Vista doesn't do that. I have to repeatively cycle thourgh every folder to save to the specific folder each time.

How do I fix that?

A:how do you make vista remember which folder it last downloaded a file to?

try this

- Right click on folder (Videos, Documents, etc)
- Go to properties
- Click on the "Location tab"
- Change the location to a folder somewhere else that's more convenient for you (ex D:\Music)

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Hello, I am running Windows XP. How do I get Windows to remember the selected file when returning to the parent folder? I know Explorer can do this, I have several installations that do this. How do I get my other systems to reselect the folder? For instance: Double click My Computer. Double click C: Double click any folder, best not to use the first one for this example. Press the Back Space key. You are returned to the parent folder but the folder that you entered is not selected. How do I get Windows Explorer to re-select that folder? Also, I found that if I go to Tools -> Options -> View and deselect "Remember each folder's view settings", click Apply, recheck, Click Apply that the system will no longer remember the selection when traversing back to the parent folder.

A:Windows Explorer - Remember selected file when using Back btn

I 'think' the issue might be 'open a New Window for Each Folder' -

try changing that.

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On my sisters computer, she turned it on today and it comes up with a message before XP starts, the following file is missing or corrupt, Windows/system32/config/system. She claims she didn't do anything different, I think the computer had lots of spyware on it. It says press "r" to repair, and i put in the XP cd, but the computer will just restart again, with the same message. Is there a way to fix this. Also, safemode didn't work. Thanks, Nate

A:Missing System File, XP will not boot

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I start my computer today but cannot start even in safe mode or last known good configuration,then I use my ghost image want to restore to it ,but the target drive is not accessible,it show the byte information but in gray ,that mean cannot click into the drive,then now I use pebuider to connect the internet,in my computer c drive become unaccessible ,file sytem become,raw,and data is 0 byte.what can I do now,my image is quite new ,therefore I need not recover data from the raw drive by other recovery file software ,only want to restore the image to it by the gho image.what can I do ,I have acronis drive director,and the c drive show it here,when exploring it files also intact,then does I need to format the partition ,if I format it ,will the ghost 2003 can see and access the drive again?I am imexperience like thise situation,and want someone can help me dicide on how to do,I have this kind of raw system before,but not on drive c,why that happen?this partition is the only one have problem ,drive e which is the other half of this harddisk have no problem accessing files.what the problem,how to prevent this happen in the futre?.,I need someone help me,thanks in advance

what can I do to make the window xp boot again without needing to restore from ghost image,or if the only method is restore ,how can I make the c partition appear as normal and canbe accessed through the browse for target drive dialog?

A:window xp become raw file system,how to boot it again

hello & welcome to TSF

first of all do you have your (Windows Xp software installation cd/dvd) ?

if you do then follow these instructions


perform each step as the instructions say


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I'm posting on behalf of a friend of mine whose laptop has died. Unfortunately this means that I probably can't be very specific because she's clueless about computers and we've only spoken over the phone.

Basically she had some sort of browser hijacker that was constantly redirecting her to sales sites etc. I would have put this under the Virus board, but it's become an XP problem now.

I told her to follow the steps on this page http://www.techspot.com/vb/topic58138.html and she got as far as scanning with Malware Bytes, and doing a rootkit scan. Malware bytes found some things, she said (thought she doesn't remember what), and it deleted them. The rootkit scan was clean.

She then scanned with AVG, and it found two trojans, but she didn't take a note of the names. AVG said it would need to reboot the machine to properly remove the infections, so she did, and now Windows won't start. It's stuck in a loop, getting as far as the loading bar splash screen for XP, then just completely restarts the process, displaying the motherboard page etc etc. I told her to try safemode, but it only gets so far and then just restarts too.

I'm assuming AVG has deleted a critical system file or something, but I'm not sure.

One final thing, she's been trying to get rid of the browser hijacker for a while and it just kept on coming back - I'm assuming it was snuggled into the system restore folder or something.

Beyond tha... Read more

A:I think AVG deleted a system file, can't boot

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Every time I boot up winxp I get system 32 folder open on my descktop.How can I stop this please?

A:System 32 file opens on boot up

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The problem is when I try to start my computer, it tells me that the file \WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\CONFIG\SYSTEM is missing or corrupt. It also tells me to repair it using the CD and pressing "R".
I did so, and the console asked me which OS to repair. As I only have one, I wrote "1", and pressed intro, but the computer just freezes and won't restart unless I unplug it.
I also tried re-installing XP, but it hangs up as it starts looking for previous versions of windows.
How can I repair the thing? Or, at least, how can I recover my files before formatting?

Thanks a lot

A:xp won't boot-system file missing please help!!

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PC working fine then all of a sudden won't boot, get:
windows could not start following file is missing or corrupt \windows\system32\config\system
I tried last known good configuration, same message, I try going into recovery console but when it gets to the bit where it says which windows installation would you like to log into (only is one option) - I put in 1 and press Enter and nothing happens, screen freezes.

Help needed asap.

A:cannot boot - system file missing

Have a read of M$KB 307545

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I recently bought Windows 8.1, and I was excited to use the new Libraries feature in the explorer, since I have my personal folders spread over several disks.

However, when I change the layout in one library, every library of the same "type" (the "optimize for" setting in the library properties) changes to show with the same layout in both the root and all subfolders.

This is annoying, because I want to show for example my Downloads library as a "detailed list", while my Dropbox library should be "large icons". And further, I have one library with only shortcuts to my games, which I have created large box cover icons for, and I'd like to show them off as "extra large icons". But since I have all of them optimized as "general items", they all change if I change just one.

I don't want to have to assign different optimizations to different folders either just to have different views, since that would mess up the purpose of the special tab in the ribbon.

Is this my explorer being crazy or is it an actual limitation of the libraries system? And above all, can it be worked around?

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Hi Everyone,
Randomly, my lap top running Windows Vista, on boot  up started saying "Checking file system on C: The type of the files system is NTFS. Volume label is S3A6688D007". It then advises me to allow a disk check for consistency. It runs through the check, deletes a bunch of files and then recovers and restarts. Once Windows boots I usually either cannot click on any icons in the tool bar or desk top and a lot of times I loose any mouse or keyboard response, resulting in having to shut down via the power button. I have ran through the process multiple times over the last few weeks and am making no head way what so ever. Can anyone offer me some advise as to what I should do to fix this issue? Thanks!

A:Checking File System on C: The type of the file system is NTFS

It sounds like you have some corruption in some of your Windows files. As a first step run SFC then Chkdsk.
To run SFC click 'Start - All programs - Accessories' then RIGHT click on 'Command prompt' and select 'Run as administrator from the pop-up menu that appears. You will get a black window with white text and a blinking underscore at the end of the text. Then type 'sfc /scannow' (without the ' ', and note the space between 'sfc' and '/scannow') then press the enter key. The system will now scan for corrupted files and attempt to repair them. Let it run until it has finished - this can take up to an hour depending on your system - then re-boot and see if you still have the problem.
If you do, run 'chkdsk /r'. Start off exactly as above but type 'chkdsk /r' at the prompt (again, no ' ' and note the space before the '/'). You will get a message saying it cannot run but will at next boot. Re-boot the computer and let it run. Yes, this is very similar to what your computer is doing at the moment but the '/r' instructs the computer to try to repair any problems. When it finishes it will probably re-boot, if it doesn't, re-boot anyway.
Hopefully this will fix the problem. If it doesn't post back.
Chris Cosgrove

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Hello. I want to find out why Windows does this cheking to my Memory Card. It happened while booting. After "Checking file system on D:
The type of the file system is FAT32." and other stuffs like: "Unrecoverable error in folder \System Volume Information\catalog.wci.", or "\Sounds\FosterThePeople-PumpedUpKicks(ButchClancyRMX).mp3 first allocation unit is not valid. The entry will be truncated." and "Cross link resolved by copying.
\Images\IMG00502-20121218-1525.jpg is cross-linked on allocation unit 6984." After this proces Windows started normaly. I've cheked my documents on the card and found out that some images were damaged and some old music appeared, but only samples, from about 18 seconds to 56. I foud, also, a "BOOTEX.LOG" file, written in Notepad. Could you explain what happened, please? &sorry if there are some bad spelled words.

A:Checking file system on D: The type of the file system is FAT32

It perhaps got removed incorrectly while some programs still had the file data open/in memory. I'd pull everything off the card, format it, and put the data back.

What is the card in? Does it have to be FAT32? Could you use ExFAT instead?

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A:Checking File System on C: The type of the file system is NTFS

It sounds like you have some corruption in some of your Windows files. As a first step run SFC then Chkdsk.

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Checking file system on C: The type of the file system is NTFS. One of your disk needs to be checked for consistency. You can cancel the disk check, but it is strongly recommended that you continue. To skip disk checking, press any key within(10)seconds.
It then says the disck can not be checked due to recently installed software. The thing is I haven't installed anything in 3 months.
I manage to get on to the computer and it is extremely slow, I managed to get it working fast enough to get my university work off of it but it has gone back to being very slow, often freezing. 
I have tried starting it in safe mode and and a list of disks come up and it never gets past this point.
I just started it up and it managed to let me into system repair. It is now attempting repairs. Does any one know how long this will take and whether or not it works? 
I think I may need to take it in to a repair store.
Would appreciate any help.
Thank you.

A:Checking file system C: The type of file system is NTFS.

From the symptoms you described, i suspect a failing hard drive. Can you please post the exact model number of your PC or laptop ?. In case of an assembled PC, post the full specs. 

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I'm posting on behalf of a friend of mine whose laptop has died. Unfortunately this means that I probably can't be very specific because she's clueless about computers and we've only spoken over the phone.

Basically she had some sort of browser hijacker that was constantly redirecting her to sales sites etc. I would have put this under the Virus board, but it's become an XP problem now.

I told her to follow the steps on this page http://www.techspot.com/vb/topic58138.html and she got as far as scanning with Malware Bytes, and doing a rootkit scan. Malware bytes found some things, she said (thought she doesn't remember what), and it deleted them. The rootkit scan was clean.

She then scanned with AVG, and it found two trojans, but she didn't take a note of the names. AVG said it would need to reboot the machine to properly remove the infections, so she did, and now Windows won't start. It's stuck in a loop, getting as far as the loading bar splash screen for XP, then just completely restarts the process, displaying the motherboard page etc etc. I told her to try safemode, but it only gets so far and then just restarts too.

I'm assuming AVG has deleted a critical system file or something, but I'm not sure.

One final thing, she's been trying to get rid of the browser hijacker for a while and it just kept on coming back - I'm assuming it was snuggled into the system restore folder or something.

Beyond that I don't really have any details about her machine... Read more

A:[SOLVED] I think AVG deleted a system file, can't boot

A clean installation will likely result in the most stable system, but she could try a Repair Install.

This is a good guide to performing a repair install


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How do I get it to do a system file check at boot up (Windows XP Home SP2 NTFS) I know it does it Ive seen it before but cant remember how to turn it on

A:Solved: Pre boot system file Check

Open a command prompt and type sfc /scanboot

This will scan the files on each startup. To stop it, open a command prompt and type
sfc /cancel

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I am trying follow the methord to part of this tutorial (SFC /SCANNOW : Run in Command Prompt at Boot - Windows 7 Forums) to run the system file checker from the command line off of a Windows Vista repair CD. My command ends up looking like "sfc /scannow /offbootdir=E:\ /offwindir=C:\windows". It just sends back Windows Resource Protection could not start the repair service. Is there something I am doing wrong?

P.S. - The reason I am trying to run the SFC is because Windows immediately logs out when I try to log in. I heard this could be because the userinit.exe file was missing so I tried to check it. Weirdly enough when I tried to find the system32 folder through the boot cd and through Ubuntu Live CD I couldn't find it. Is there something else I should be trying? Any help would be appreciated.

A:Boot CD System File Checker problem

Put the SFC at the beginning.
sfc /scannow

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I have two Hard drivers on my computer see the disk manager shot.

The RAW partition on the first HD i'm not sure what it is.

At first i had XP on the computer, then i updated to Win7 32bit, then i installed win7 64 bit and deleted the win7 32bit partition, i think that raw partition might be the old boot partition for my old win7 32bit...

Anyway, my problem is the 212MB partition next to my D partition, it must have the boot manager in it (because if i start the PC with only that HD in the PC, the boot manager starts up but then it doesn't find the system), i would like to shrink my C a little and move it next to it, that's because i need to boot my computer with only the system HD in, do you think that is possible to do with ease us partition manager, or it's better let windows do it in some way?

How can i check if it's safe to remove that RAW partition i got on the system HD?

A:Moving boot partition from file HD to system HD

The previous System Partition has gone bad (RAW) so you can either delete it then leave it or recover the space later into Win7, or you can delete and then create a new boot partition there in Disk Management by Creating NTFS Primary and marking Active. Partition or Volume - Delete
Partition or Volume - Create New
Partition - Mark as Active (Method Two)

Otherwise mark the Win7 partition Active, then power down to unplug Disk1, swap its cable to Disk0 or set Disk0 first HD to boot in BIOS setup.

Boot into the Win7 installation DVD or System Repair Disk to run Startup Repair - Run up to 3 Separate Times until Win7 starts and Win7 partition or it's new boot partition hold the System Active boot flags.

You can then power down, plug back in the other HD, make sure Win7 HD remains first HD to boot in BIOS setup, boot into Win7 to mark the 212mb partition Inactive: Partition - Mark as Inactive - Windows 7 Forums, then delete the 212mb partition in Disk Mgmt.

Now you can leave the two small partitions as they are or resize the adjacent partitions into them using free
Partition Wizard bootable CD: Partition Wizard Resize Partition Video Help.

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Hello Everybody!

Problem in a nut shell:
I had to edit my boot.ini and now it's no longer a 'protected system file,' leaving it vulnerable to viruses and such as it's no longer invisible and given a protected system file status. I can't seem to find information on how to get it back to that special kind of invisible mode.

Long Explanation:
I had a dual boot situation going on for a short while and then needed to remove one of the drives, leaving me with just one OS. The boot selector at start up still thought there were two OSs to choose from. I edited the boot.ini file to fix that problem, but when I saved the file, the file changed from being a 'Protected Operating System File,' a file type that's usually doubly invisible, to a regular file type that can be seen by everyone. I need to make it a protected system file again. Help!

Thank you in advance for any help!


A:[SOLVED] Protected System File, boot.ini


I would run System File Checker first:

Go to Start > Run and type sfc /scannow and click OK.
You may need your XP CD.

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