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Hdmi port no longer working on Satellite Pro R50-B

Q: Hdmi port no longer working on Satellite Pro R50-B

I have been using an AOC monitor as a second screen attached to my laptop via HDMI under Windows 8.1.

The monitor is telling me that there is no signal from the HDMI port. I have changed the cable and changed the port on the monitor, but it still is not working.

Can you help?

Preferred Solution: Hdmi port no longer working on Satellite Pro R50-B

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: Hdmi port no longer working on Satellite Pro R50-B

Could you provide more info:

What notebook model do you have?What system is preinstalled?Did you try to reinstall the graphic card driver?

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I have a Thinkpad W530 and an LG smart tv.I used to send the notebook display to the TV via an HDMI cable.Now it does not work any longer: whichever HDMI input I choose on the TV the notebook does not shows on the TV screen. The correct HDMI input appears in the list on the TV screen, but when I select it a 'no signal' warning shows up.What option/driver should I check?Carlo

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Is there a driver for the HDMI port for the Satellite R830?
It no longer connects to a TV.

I have tried different TV's but still nothing.
Also there is no HDMI under the device manager under the control panel, should there be?

Many thanks for any help or advice.

A:Satellite R830 - HDMI port is not working

I don?t know what Windows system you use on this notebook but the HDMI driver isn?t available since the HDMI port driver is part of the system and should be recognized automatically.

For HDMI sound capability you should install the right sound driver and should enable this in control panel -> sound -> playback device

In order the HDMI (digital out) would not be listed there, right click and choose:
show disabled devices, show hidden devices.

Usually the HDMI connection isn?t very tricky. Everything should run automatically.
Connect both devices using HDMI cable.
Power up the TV, then computer.
Now use the function key (FN key) video output combination in order to switch to video out (HDMI).

Note: the right HDMI channel should be chosen on your TV

That?s all

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I have a Satellite Click 2 Pro since March 2013 (actually, it's property of my employer). I've been using it on an external monitor through the HDMI port in the docking station, connecting with an HDMI-to-DVI cable to a 24-inch Dell monitor.
The first year this worked perfectly and to much of my satisfaction, but then the port started not working sometimes, as the monitor lost "connection" to the computer and would go black and idle for some seconds. This slowly became more common and now it never shows anything.
I don't know if it's a hardware or software problem, but I'd guess the former.

I'd like to get the computer fixed. Cleaning the port didn't solve the problem.
What could it be?

Being localized in Bologna or Rimini, Italy, where could I get the computer fixed? I need a repair shop who's willing to work, in terms of repair order and payment, with the public administration, as the computer is property of the University of Bologna.


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For the first couple weeks I was able to run 3x 1080p monitors just fine using two display ports and an hdmi port. This morning when I docked my computer I could only get two to work. I can disable one then enable another and get all three working but only in sets of two.  I tested two of my coworkers laptops on my dock and all three monitors work fine. Also when I boot all three work until the Windows splash screen then one goes dark.  If I try to enable the third one: It acts like it's connected but the display remains dark and I lose my mouse cursor. I can stll move the mouse and see the hover overs but the cursor is gone.  I'm thinking this is a windows driver/firmware issue. In device manager I see all three:   But can't seem to get all three to work at once.  I've tried reinstalling both the Thunderbolt drivers and the display drivers with no luck. Any ideas? I'd like to avoid completely reinstalling Windows as I know that'll probably be a suggestion. 

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The HDMI port on my Satellite L500 laptop is not sending information to my sony bravia tv. All was working fine up until a couple of days ago. When i plug the hdmi lead into the port, it seems as if the laptop is aware it's plugged in as the screen flickers. The fn +F5 keys do as they should, but no picture appears on the tv. The tv shows a lead is plugged in also and again the screen flicks to say a source is there but then remains black. I can't see an issue in device manager and all drivers are saying they're up to date. I have also tried a new hdmi lead but nothing. Can anyone help with this?

A:Toshiba satellite L500 HDMI no longer works.

Try running a System Restore back to a previous point when it was working.

If still not working uninstall and re-install the graphics drivers from the Toshiba Support site for your model.

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why cant I get [email protected] on HDMI port? Only get 30Hz.

Intel HD P4600: DisplayPort*/HDMI- [email protected] 60Hz, [email protected], VGA

P70-A-126 spec on Toshiba site:
1 ? HDMI?-Ausgang unterst?tzt Ultra HD-Format und 3D-Funktion

Any hints ideas?

Thank you,

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Hi all...

I hope you can help. I bought my new Satellite in about October last year and from day one I've been experiencing problems connecting an additional monitor. Originally I had an old monitor with a VGA connection, and of course this computer only has HDMI.

So I bought an adaptor, which didn't work. I tried connecting my computer to the tv monitor with the HDMI cable to test it, but it still didn't work. It's still under warranty so I sent it back to Toshiba service, who couldn't find anything wrong with it, and returned it to me.

So I bought a brand new monitor, (a BenQ), and a brand new HDMI cable. Indeed for some reason it worked for a couple of months.and now doesn't. The computer won't detect the monitor, and the monitor says there is no cable plugged in when I attach it to the computer.

I've tried everything and it's driving me crazy.

A:Satellite S50T-B - HDMI port issues


The VGA-HDMI adapter will not work because HDMI provides digital signal and VGA (RGB) port supports analogue signal. You cannot mix both!

Anyway, back to your HDMI issue.
Please try this workaround:
First of all go to BIOS (F2) and set the BIOS back to default settings (F9) and save changes (F10).
Now connect the notebook and TV with an HDMI cable. Both units should be OFF during the connection.
Then power up the monitor and then the notebook.

As far as I know you have to use the function key: FN + F4 to switch to external or internal display.

Please check this!

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I was using HDMI port actively. However, one day when I connected my laptop to the TV, I noticed that sound was not transferred to TV. I can use TV as a primary or second monitor, data can be transferred and there is no problem but I have to listen the sound from laptop not TV.

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Hello All,

Well this is starting to drive me to distraction and Im hoping theres someone who can put me out my missery lol.

I have been trying to hook my laptop (toshiba satellite pro p300) up to my LCD TV via the same HDMI cable I use for my PS3 but the connector just wont fit. I keep finding all these posts in various forums saying how they cant get sound out the HDMI connection...that would be great, as at least that means they have them connected.

Are there different connections for HDMI? The one I have is diagonal connector but the port on the laptop is more square, and just doesnt fit. So if there isnt a connector, does that mean I have a funky port, on the laptop.

There is also the matter of connection my laptop to my amp that controls the surround sound system. What connection is best to use, as there is no real audio out connections?


A:Satellite Pro P300 - HDMI output port doesn't fit


Can you please tell us what Satellite Pro P300 you have exactly? I mean the exact model number.
Maybe you can also post a picture of the HDMI port. Normally there are no different HDMI ports, all have the same physical dimension.
I?m not PS3 owner but maybe it has a special connector. Have you tried another cable?

Regarding the audio connection I use the normal line out port for my external speakers. Did you test this?

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The graphics are just onboard graphics ATI Radeon 4250. I've been running this to my LCD Tv for almost a year now. Yesterday I unplugged it for a while and left it running, eventually plugging in a VGA monitor. When I went to switch back in the HDMI it doesn't recognize the TV whatsoever.

I go into properties and click detect, nothing. I went into the CCC and nothing. I've tried multiple cables and whatnot and still nothing. Seriously what the hell happened that all of a sudden my HDMI port won't work?

A:HDMI no longer working

Well if its broken its broken all you can do is RMA it. However its also possible its a driver thing, try uninstalling and reinstalling them.

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I was watching a video from pc on a new sony 705c tv and then took a break after i shut down the tv. Came back, woke pc up from sleep, turned on tv and no more signal. I mean my monitor had the usual feed from pc and there was nothing on the tv, my pc doesnt see the tv connection anymore. I tried different ports, I tried my pc with another tv and that worked.

win7 x64 and gtx 960

A:hdmi to tv no longer working

Hi did you use the same cable when test another tv? Have you shut down computer and tv then turn tv on then the computer?

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I was watching a video from pc on a new sony 705c tv and then took a break after i shut down the tv. Came back, woke pc up from sleep, turned on tv and no more signal. I mean my monitor had the usual feed from pc and there was nothing on the tv, my pc doesnt see the tv connection anymore. I tried different ports, I tried my pc with another tv and that worked.

win7 x64 and gtx 960

A:hdmi to tv no longer working

Hi did you use the same cable when test another tv? Have you shut down computer and tv then turn tv on then the computer?

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First time poster, nice to meet ya...

anyway, On my laptop, i used to be able to run video and audio to my entertainment system no problem. However, after an HDD meltdown, followed by a warranty replacement of the HDD, I reinstalled the drivers for my audi and video, and now no sound or video on my entertainment system. The drivers are not exactly the same as what I had before the HDD replacement. For example, the radeon drivers/software is newer, and I finally actually installedthe sound blaster software on my PC ( wasnt installed previously ).

I have looked, and the entertainment system is showing up as the destination of the sound ( no sound coming from PC while connected ), and also it is showing up on my video controller as being connected.

Other PC still works with this entertainment system as it always has. I am almost positive that the problem on this PC happened after the HDD replacement.

any ideas?

Thanks in advance!

PC Info:

Windows 7 64
Dell Studio XPS 1645
i7 quad 720 1.6g
Radeon Mobility HD 5730 / Catalyst Drivers
IDT HD Audio / SoundBlaster X-Fi

A:HDMI no longer working with PC/TV

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I have been using my flat screen TV to view movies on. I haven't had a problem with until now. All i get is an error condition saying no signal present. I tried another working hdmi cable but still get the same error condition. I ran a complete scan on the computer but everything passed. I have a Dell Inspiron 570 running a ATI 4200 with an up to date driver. A technician told me that the component that the cable plugs into in the back of my computer is probably bad which i either watch my movies on my computer screen or get a new computer which I really can't afford. Does anyone have any ideas. I have a Samsung TV which i have no problem with and i have switched the plugs around but still the same thing.

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I have an inspiron 15 gaming series laptop with Windows 10 and a Sony DLP TV.  Yesterday I used my PS4's HDMI cable to plug my laptop into the TV and it worked instantly. Today, I tried doing the exact same thing and the TV says no signal. I've tried multiple HDMI cables, I've tried changing the HDMI in port on the TV. I've tried using the projector settings. I've tried shutting the computer down and plugging the HDMI cable before turning on the laptop. Nothing has worked. Please help.

A:HDMI output no longer working

Your laptop might be outputting a higher resolution than the TV can display. You mentioned it was a DLP TV so its probably only 720p, so if you laptop is outputting 1080p it might not work.

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Ok so after trying EVERYTHING I can think of to get this resolved.... I'm slowly losing my mind.

Basic history. For a couple of years now I've been using my Sony Bravia HD as my display monitor for my PC. Since using it I've hardly ever had a problem with it save for one. This one problem is something I've experienced only a couple of times in those years and I have it again now with ALL the same symptoms except this time I haven't been able to solve it!

I came home one day (with my PC left running) and there was nothing on the display which I thought was weird because I'd done nothing before I left except left it to download.

I've now.... after spending hours tinkering, been able to get my display back by hooking it back up to my monitor but I WANT it back to my HD Sony Bravia.

Well, I've updated the graphics card (which really shouldnt have been neccessary as the driver was fairly up to date and worked fine before anyway).

I've tried going into display settings but there's nothing to directly TELL windows to look for a different display device.

I've tried different HD slots and nothing, different cables and the cables work fine.

The interesting thing is this. one of the symptoms I had before when I had this problem was that when I plugged in a lead from the PC to the default dell monitor AND also plugged in a HD lead for hd to hd from pc to tv, what I get is a blank desktop on the dell monitor. everything suddenly dissapears (no icons, taskbar NOTHING, just ... Read more

A:HDMI lead from PC to Sony Bravia no longer working. Please help!

Ok then..... I'll just keep trying to fix it myself. Thanks.....

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Reinstall the Audio Drivers: C:\SWSETUP\DRV\Audio\IDT\HDAudioAiO\6.10.6474.0 Solved!

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I have recently upgraded to Windows 10. My Omni 27 has an HDMI in which I used to play my Xbox on. After the upgrade Windows 10 installed updated drivers and I have no issues within windows. When I switch the input the video from my xbox shows up but the sound does not work. I have the latest version of HP My Display installed. I have tried multiple HDMI devices without luck. The driver for the HDMI sound is installed; IDT HIgh Def Codec. Is this a driver issue or a software issue. Please help resolve. Will this model of pc ever have windows 10 drivers uploaded to the HP Support Page?

A:HDMI In Sound no longer working after Windows 10 Upgrade

Step 1. Click on SettingsStep 2. Click on SystemStep 3. Click on Consol SettingsStep 4. Click on DisplayStep 5. Click on Display DiscoveryStep 6. Choose DisableStep 7. Restart

I work on behalf of HP.

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Hi guys,
I recently upgraded to Windows 10 from Windows 7 on my HP G60 125CA laptop. I never had this issue with Windows 7, but ever since upgrading to Windows 10, I can no longer use the HDMI port to use an external monitor. The problem is, the computer recognizes the external, as it makes a sound AND shows there's two monitors (the laptop and the external) in the Display Settings, but I get no signal on any monitor I use, no matter what HDMI cord I use. I've tried adjusting the resolution to 1920x1080 for my HDTV and that didn't work. I still get no signal. I have the latest NVIDIA graphics driver. NVIDIA GeForce 82000M G is the video card. I've tried re-installing, completely removing the driver, doing a clean install, installing an older driver and none work. I even tried extending, duplicate, show desktop only on 1, show desktop only on 2, etc.

If you guys could help, I'd greatly appreciate it.


A:HDMI output no longer working after Windows 10 upgrade

If I recall correctly, Windows 10 has issues with some NVIDIA devices/drivers.


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hi there, I was using my HDMI port to connect to my TV on my HP G62 Laptop, and in the middle of it playing, the port just stopped working... Very upsetting as we use it all the time. Any tips on how to fix this?

A:HDMI Port not working

Can you post the exact Model number of your notebook and the current operating system it is running on? Is the HDMI port not working at now?

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HI All

I have moved to Windows 7 from Vista, finally

Computer - HP 8710w, Intel Centrino vPro, Nvidia Quadro

I connected my HDMI cable to TV Hdmi port and PC Hdmi port but no signal on TV at all. With Vista it was plug and play (just needed to adjust audio settings on PC).

I have tried downloading updated drivers but to no avail. While connected pressing the Fn key and F4 hey does nothing, the computer has no idea that something is in that port. I think the port is somehow inactive or physically damaged.

How may i check to see if the port is working and how do i check if its software related?

Many thanks

A:HDMI port not working

Are you running more then one monitor at a time? If you are then you need to right click on your desktop and select "Screen Resolution". Then find the TV on the display device drop-down menu. Then check the box "Make this my Main Display".

Let me know if that works, if not I can help troubleshoot the problem some more.

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The tv worked for all of 15 seconds, then stopped. I have downloaded the recommended drivers with no resolution to the issue.It is as if the HDMI port no longer exists. I cannot find it anywhere in the device list.HP, is this the kind of customer service you want to be known for? I see many comments on this thread for the same issue, yet you have not provided a solution.Quite interesting how this issue occurred shortly after my warranty expired.

A:HDMI Port not working

Hi @Ssniderwin,
Thank you for showing your interest in HP Support Forums. It is a great place to find the help you need, from other users, HP experts, and other support personnel. 
I came across your post about the HP notebook, and wanted to assist you! I have looked into your issue about your HP G62 notebook and HDMI port not working correctly. Try running the Windows update tool - Click here
For more assistance, please go through the support document for HP PCs - Troubleshooting HDMI Display and Sound Issues (Windows 10, 8, 7) - Click here
I hope this helps. Let me know how it goes for further assistance, I'll be more than happy to help.
Keep me posted,
If the information I've provided was helpful,
give us some reinforcement by clicking the solution and kudos buttons,
that'll help us and others see that we've got the answers!
Good Luck.

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One of my HDMI ports on my HP ENVY Desktop - 750-114 is not working for my dual monitor set up. Both of my monitors are HP25VX.In the device manager a yellow triangle shows on both the IDE Controller and on Display Adaptor. When I check the drivers I am prompted that both are working properly and that no updates are available.I am running Windows 10, and I contacted Windows, Their representative said that my problem is not the operating system and is not software and that the problem is hardware and advised me to contact HP for support.Thank you for any help that you can provide.

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Model:17-g101dxS/N:5cd5380vjjMy HDMI port is not registering that there is anything plugged into it. I've tried switching cables and using different device on the cable, everything checks out but the laptop still does not register that there is anything plugged into it. 

A:HDMI port not working

Hi, Please try to hit f4 which tells your computer to send signals to an external device Regards.

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i got this laptop for christmas from my wife started using it and started using the hdmi port to stream thru my tv and after i updated to windows ten the hdmi port stop working. edition windows tenos build 1607product id : 00325.80569-42003-anoemprocessor: intel(r) pentium(r) cpu n3540 @2.16ghzram 4.00 gmsystem type 64-bit opreartingx64 based processor please help

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I had to change the motherboard of my new PC spectre 360 but when i got it back the HDMI port is not working at all

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After Win 10 upgrade the HDMI port is not recognized.

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I'm trying to display my PC to my TV but when i connect the HDMI to the PC and TV nothing happens on the computer and it doesn't recognize anything when i go to the display setting and try to set it to the TV. I know the HDMI works because it's the one i use for my PS4, I also know that the TV is on the right source setting. I have updated all of my drivers too. Is the port just broken or what?

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 8.1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) CPU N3530 @ 2.16GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 55 Stepping 8
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 3977 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics, -2043 Mb
Hard Drives: C: 454 GB (416 GB Free);
Motherboard: Dell Inc., 0F2A20
Antivirus: Windows Defender, Disabled

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I recently unplugged my HDMI cable from my gpu (980ti), once I plugged it back in, the monitor didn't detect any signal. My computer can't find any other monitor, only my main display. Already tried to switch between HDMI cable but still nothing. the HDMI port itself still looks pristine. I don't know why it isn't detecting the second monitor anymore.

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Please can someone help me.
I have an acer predator laptop which has windows 10 installed. My HDMI port used to connect an additional monitor stopped working and I can't figure out why. The Intel HD graphics as well as the NVIDIA graphics are all up to date but it is still not working. The HDMI port is functional as it works when booting into a Linux OS.
Can someone please advise as to what could possibly be the problem

Kindest regards

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Hi all,

I've just recently got myself a new laptop (specs at bottom of message) and took it around a friends house and plugged it into their HD TV via HDMI - all worked well, the laptop recognised the TV straight away, optimized the display and away we went.

A few days go by and I decided to upgrade my own TV from an SD to an HD TV (Bush BLED24FHDL8) yeah I know cheap as chips, but it's going alright so far ... well except this problem pmsl.

Within 5 mins of setting up the TV channels I decided to plug my HDMI cable into the laptop and then into HDMI 1 slot on the back of the TV, I changed the input of the TV to HDMI 1 and.... nothing.

Going into the display settings of my laptop didn't show a 2nd display, so I changed various settings trying to get it to recognise the tv, but nothing, still no signal showing on the TV, and nothing showing on the laptop.

So I changed over the cable to the HDMI 2 slot on the TV etc and still nothing on the laptop, I fiddled with the settings again and still couldn't get the laptop to recognise there was a 2nd display, nor get any signal on the TV.

As a last resort I unplugged the HDMI cable and tried the VGA cable I have - and this decided to work, although no sound as I didn't have those cables plugged in.

When I plugged the VGA cable in, the TV and laptop recognised each other straight away and I didn't have to do another thing.

But I've still got this HDMI problem --- I've even gone out this a... Read more

A:HDMI port not working on TV or something else?

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Hi guys, new here. I recently purchased a used HP Pavilion G4 from a friend and tried to plug it into the TV using e HDMI port. When I plug in the HDMI port the computer doesn't say or even recognize that there is a cord plugged into it. The tv also shows no signal. I think it is a driver issue, that a driver isn't installed on the computer. But I have no idea what driver to install. Any suggestions?

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Hello all,

I have had many happy years using my Toshiba laptop without problem. The operating system is Vista Home Plus.

About a year ago, my son dropped the machine, which resulted in the display cracking. In order to keep using it I plugged in a spare mouse and keyboard, and linked it up to a flat bed monitor.

Using Fn+F5, it has worked perfectly as a defacto desktop for ages until relatively recently: the cable linking the laptop and the monitor became detached which resulted in the monitor going into sleep mode. When reattached, the display did not return and I have had persistent problems ever since. Using the F5 key now has no effect.

Points of note

- as the machine powers up, the external monitor displays the usual text, but when the Windows logo appears, it reverts to sleep mode and the laptop continues to boot up cleanly.

- when I boot up in safe mode the F5 key functions perfectly

- I have cured the proble previously by booting up in safe mode and restoring back to to a checkpoint taken a few days prior. This is a temporary fix, as whenever the machine is powered down it reoccurs. What is interesting though is that there always seems to have been a recent Windows Automatic update downloaded when I look at the list of recent system checkpoints and what triggered them!

Getting thoroughly fed up with the whole thing now. Any help very much appreciated.


A:Satellite Pro M - F5 Function Key no longer working


It?s really not easy to say what the reason is for this problem but it would be interesting to know what notebook you have exactly.
Can you add this information, please?

Anyway, at the moment I would recommend to update the display driver and BIOS. Both you can find on the Toshiba website:
http://eu.computers.toshiba-europe.com => Support & Downloads => Download Drivers

Before you start the BIOS update close all running background programs, also your antivirus and firewall. You should be logged in as administrator.
Furthermore I would recommend removing the old display driver before you install the newest one. After removing restart the notebook and clean it using CCleaner. Restart again and install the newest version.

I hope this can solve your issue and by the way: Have you installed SP for Vista?

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Hi have an S50-B laptop and the mousepad/trackpad is no longer working so I am having to use an external mouse.

This has been ongoing for months. I was able to get this to work by using an older ELAN driver but now that isnt working either and its driving me nuts.




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Hello, I'm in IT where I work and we have a few Lenovo P50 laptops. They are all on the same image that I've created but one in particular has the HDMI port that will just not work. I've tried the Thunderbolt firmware upgrade but in order for that to work it says that you must connect it to an external monitor through HDMI and have it displaying which it will not do. Since we've had this one it used to display just fine on HDMI but now it does not. Any ideas for getting the firmware upgraded to see if it helps?

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Hi there,Can someone help me?I've had my all-in-one for about two years and never tried to use the HDMI port. Only now that I bought an LG ultrawide monitor (to use as a second monitor) and it doesn't work. It doesn't even detect/recognize the monitor when I plug it in, but the monitor works fine with my laptop computer. What can I do?

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the Aspire xc-710 come with botg HDMI and DVI port. It was working fine with two monitor until today. The DVI port goes blank and had changed cable as well as swap the monitor, the problem lies with the DVI port at the graphic card not signal. What can I do? 

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Wanted to use the Envy 23 all-in-one (23-k106d) display as a secondary monitor.Connected my notebook hdmi output to the Envy hdmi input port via hdmi cable.Nothing appears on the Envy Envy 23 all-in-one display eventhough I pressed the hdmi button at the bottom.The cable has been tested and it is working.

A:HDMI input port not working

Hi, This is not going to work. It is designed to work with games consoles, not for laptops. Regards.

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Hi Gang,

I brought this GT-610 Galaxy video card with 1gb ram on Ebay a few months ago. It was brand new. It worked fine until one day I had to unplug the HDMI cord that lead to the TV (using clone view). After I did this and plugged it back in there was no more picture on the TV. It had been working fine. The cord shows up as being listed on the TV as HDMI 2 but when I look for it on the PC I see nothing. I used to see LG TV. Not it is no longer listed.

I have tried rebooting, turning PC off, updating drivers, reinstalling the drivers and taking the card out and and putting it back in. Nothing works. What do I do?

A:How do I get my Nvidia hdmi port working again

Have you tried a System Restore to a date/time when it was working?

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Hi all, I recently bought a HP Envy desktop 750-103a but can't get the monitor to work using the HDMI ports 0 and 1? I have tried to use the playback devices to recognise it but I don't seem to be able to get anything. Could someone please assist me, I'm not sure what to do. Thanks Rick

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I recently bought an HP Envy m7, and I setup an external monitor. I recently had a BIOS update, which I think broke the HDMI port. I connected the port to a projecter, and it still does not get any input through the HDMI. I've tried multiple cables, and none of them work. My monitor I'm using is an LG IPS Flatron monitor. When I plug in the HDMI, it tells me it's not receiving anything to diplay. I've used Windows Key + P to switch it to extend mode, but it doesn't work.

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I have a Dell Inspiron 720 with an HDMI port in the back. I have been using it with my Samsung TV to watch movies on. Now it no longer works. I ordered a new cable but it keeps telling me to check power supply, cable connection, and the make sure it's on the right setting. I have 2 hdmi ports on the back of my TV but still come up with the same error condition when I switch them. It appears the port in the computer is not working anymore. I have tried everything but nothing works. I am running an ATI 4200 which is on the motherboard. Can this be fixed or would I have to buy a new graphics card to get it working again. I did swap the cables but still get the same results. Does anyone have any ideas because I have run out of them???

A:HDMI Port not working anymore

The only way to fix it is to buy a new motherboard, do yourself a favor and buy a new video card instead, Dells are not worth fixing. But if it`s under warranty well then that is a different story.

If that`s a laptop then your ONLY option is to replace the motherboard, very simple to do.

EVGA - Products - Graphics

MSI USA - Computer, Laptop, Notebook, Desktop, Mainboard, Graphics and more

What keeps telling you to check the power supply ???

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Will not display on any monitor. Tried multiple different monitors. Updated all the drivers, from Intel, NVIDIA, and HP. Nothing works. Funny thing is that NVIDIA recognizes the monitor, name, make, and resolution. But no where can I find NIVIDIA recognizing the built in display on this computer. Intel recognizes the built in monitor, but doesnt see the external monitor.In the NIVIDIA contorl panel under system topology it details the HDMI port, its connected. So I got my IT people involved. They couldnt figure it out either. They tried everything. They believe that since NVIDIA sees the external monitor, but "Multiple Display Cloning" is "Disabled" (Unable to enable it) that NVIDIA doesnt recognize the built in display, it thinks the built in display is the monitor. When the external monitor HDMI is unplugged, the NVIDIA control panel clears out as if no monitor exists at all. This is a brand new HP zBook that I have had for a couple months. Been fighting this issue ever since. Desperate to get my monitor working I recently went and purchased a VGA to DVI converter and DVI to HDMI converter. That doesnt work either. I feel defeated, crushed by an HDMI port.

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Like there is something wrong with my port i put in all the drivers and it's not detecting my TV

Any suggestions?

Here is my Support Driver Page:

If there is a specific one im suppost to download please tell me

Model: L755-S5244

A:Solved: HDMI Port not working

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Hello HP community, I have a HP 15 TS Notebook PC and the HDMI port is not working. Yesterday (9/17/2016) it was working just fine. I had my laptop connected to my TV via HDMI and it working. Today my computer did an update and after the update my computer did not read the HDMI cable. I am not even sure what the update was for, but I turned it off this morning and it updated and then updated again when I turned it back on later today. After the update the computer does not read the HDMI cable. Everything else works fine. What should I do? Thanks!

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