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Satellite Pro C850 - supervisor password

Q: Satellite Pro C850 - supervisor password

Is asking for a supervisor password when I try to access the bios.

Anyone know what this password is, as I want to rebuild my computer.


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Preferred Solution: Satellite Pro C850 - supervisor password

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


Hello to all and all

I have a laptop toshiba l50-b-1re at startup I am asked for a supervisor code so I will want to know how to make this safety sapped so have a detailed explanation if possible

thanks in advance for your help

so valuable

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hello need help to remove supervisor password. I can confirm easy its mine almost brand new laptop. I forget that dammed pass

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On a Satellite Pro S330L Windows is broken, so I can't access TOSPU.EXE. Though I know the supervisor password, I can't enter it in the BIOS programm. Bootsequence is HDD - ... , so I cannot boot from DVD! What can I do to install a new OS?

Thanks for your help! Jo

A:Satellite Pro S330 - How to change supervisor password?

Hi jonol,

If you know the supervisor password, everything is ok. So just access the BIOS after powering on the notebook and enter the password. Now you are in BIOS setup where you can change the boot order, delete the supervisor password, etc.

Check this!!!

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I have a Toshiba Satellite Pro S300-11Y laptop and have a problem. A day, I decided that wanted to set a supervisor password for the bios of the laptop. Now, I remeber this password, but when I entry to the BIOS setup, I can't view any option for change o disable this password. I can't entry this password for set it me a supervisor, and also I can't modify some options as for exemple, the boot sequence.

How can I delete this password or how can I login as supervisor? I don't see any option for it, and I need to modify the boot sequence.

A lot of thanks.

A:Satellite Pro S300 - How to enter supervisor password?


About this I can only say check your user manual!!! ;)

There I have founded the following information:
+C:\Program Files\Toshiba\PassowrdUtility\TOSPU.exe+
+This utility lets you do the following:+
+Register, delete or change the supervisor password+
+Create or invalidate a supervisor password token+

Check this and then you should be able to delete the password if you know the current.


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Hi all,
I have been locked out of my bios and I don't know the password either. My little brother was playing with my laptop and accidently set the supervisor password. Is there any way I can recover the password or reset it? I really need to change my boot sequence as I just bought a new SSD and need to format my notebook. Suggestions will be highly appreciated.

The following are my laptop details and bios version

Toshiba satellite Pro C660-29W

CPU Intel Core i5 2410M

8GB DDR3 Ram

BIOS: AMI BIOS - Aptio Setup Utility
System Bios ver: 1.50
EC Version: 1.50

Thank you

A:Satellite Pro C660-29W; How to remove Supervisor Password

Supervisor password is very important security feature and some kind of ?user reset? is not possible. You can cancel it but you must know the right password to confirm that you are the real notebook owner.

Toshiba service provider in your country can help you with this. You must just approve that you are notebook owner and they can cancel it for you. Of course you must pay for it.

As far as I know there are several techniques for password removal and it depends on notebook model.

Contact nearest Toshiba ASP and ask for help.

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what is the difference between C850-B820 and C850-B821
how can i get the complete technical specification of the above satellite series and having part no.s
PSKCEV-04P00FAR and PSKCEV-04R00FAR respectivly.
if i replace the motherboard does the serial no. of laptop change.
appreciating your answers.

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Lets start off with this statement, so I don't get a load of replies on how to clear the BIOS PASSWORD. This is the SUPERVISOR Password which is set via the "Toshiba Supervisor Password Utility". So removing the CMOS battery/using the jumpers under the memory won't work in this case.

I have a couple of P755 and A665 laptops that I've repaired, however they have the SUPERVISOR password enabled with various degrees of security enabled in the BIOS.

After hours of google searching and pouring over the internet and looking at schematics for the Compal LA-6061p and LA-6062p motherboards (which are near identical in layout) it appears that there is no "master password" for the SUPERVISOR Password. It would appear that the password is stored in the EEPROM chip which is where I'm unsure which chip it is on the Motherboard for these laptop series.

From what I gather you can do the "not so safe" thing of shorting out the EEPROM chip during boot cycle. Failing that I can simply replace EEPROM chip, if I know which chip to replace, off of a donor motherboard.

So does anyone know a way to get past the Supervisor Password either by jumper points on the motherboard, shorting the EEPROM chip or simply the chip location on the MB?

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Hi Guys,
I have a little issue with my Satellite L50-B-PSKT4U laptop and have created a service ticket at Toshiba, took additional warranty and no answer from Toshiba support..Have been on the phone after 3 weeks with their support and after 30 minutes of listening to keep-you-calm music the line get's cut and no support. Called again, after 30 minutes again same story, and 3rd time same wonderful support. One and a half our further no support, so let's try the queue for business laptops......
Within 30 seconds I get a service guy on the phone and I told him I pressed intentionally the wrong option for business support, because I had been waiting for 1.5 hours in total without success and 3 times in a row the line was cut... He told me that this line was for businesses and not consumers.
I told him the laptop was bought and owned by a company, bought via a reseller and my problem is a buggy BIOS from Toshiba/Insyde and could affect also business laptops..The guy became pissed and wanted to bet there was nothing wrong with the BIOS, because Toshiba would not supply buggy BIOSes.
Furthermore BIOS problems are not covered by warranty and if I wanted to get my laptop fixed I had to send it to a repair company and pay their fee for fixing the result of a buggy BIOS supplied by Toshiba..
Are you completely out of your ****ing mind???
This is the last time I bought a Toshiba laptop and will never recommend it to someone else......
Here is the problem:.
I upgraded the BI... Read more

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When I try to upgrade Win 8 to 8.1 I get a message that says update Win 8 first.
When I try to update Win 8 I get 132 updates.

I have spent many hours trying to perform this task but the updates are not installed.

I tried using the troubleshooting tool which did some fixes and allowed me to install some updates but now nothing will install. There are still 85 updates which won't install.

The computer seems to hang a lot and run slowly. I have also performed a complete fresh install and recovery several times. I purchased the computer second hand.

I am tearing my hair out.
Can anyone please help?

A:Satellite C850-1G2 can't upgrade Win 8 to 8.1


I think first of all perform a complete shutdown in Windows 8

then try to install all the Win 8 updates once again.

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hello folks, i was wondering if anyone has an idea how to solve the issue i have with this laptop.

i was originally on windows 8 and i upgraded it to windows 8.1

now that windows 10 is out i am trying to upgrade to windows 10.

the laptop downloads windows 10 and goes through the process of installing it but when it reboots it is still on windows 8.1

i have tried this about 6 times and always the same result.

thanks for looking and for any help

A:Satellite C850 - trying to get Windows 10

One of the drivers need updating or removing in Win8.1

In Control Panel, uninstall the Windows 8 drivers then run Windows Update to install the Microsoft-supplied driver. Uninstall the Antivirus as well.
It's probably the Touchpad, display, sound, or wireless driver causing Win10 Setup to crash and revert back.

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Having reserved a copy of Windows 10 some weeks ago to upgrade this, my 85 year old mother's,laptop I am now seeing on Toshiba's 'support' site that this model (relatively new) does not/will not support Windows 10!
I am hoping that this is some sort of error and that an experienced Toshiba user will be able to clarify the situation or, even better, a member of Toshiba support staff should they ever look at the forums.
If this is really the case then Toshiba should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves and I would never again buy or even think of buying another Toshiba product.

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Hello guys, my Toshiba satellite 850 doesn't start. It happened while the Avg tune up was cleaning my C:drive. Now I can't even start it. Pressing the in button I just see the light flashing and that's it, nothing else happens. I took the battery out, hold the start button for 30 seconds. But it didn't help. 😡

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I have a Satelite C850 - 1G5 laptop.
The laptop is staring up. The harddisk it's self is still working. Checkt this bij placing it in a PC.
Probably it stops working because the BIOS battery was empty. I have replaced it for a newe one.
I have no Bootdisk to restart the system.
Can anyone help me to solve this problem.

Thanks in advance.


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The date and time are incorrect since the weekend time change.
They will not change through the dialogue box.
Any ideas?
I think this is causing my problems with internet access [ie I keep getting Security Certificate warnings].

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Ok, so I've tried my best. I realise there are a few nice things about Win8 but like a ginger stepchild I just can't accept it as part of my life. I've had the laptop for 6 months now and regardless of changes I make I just keep on coming back to the fact I am trying to force Win 8 into the way Win 7 works which is daft when Win 7 is available. The only real reason I have held back is that Win 8 was the pre-installed OS (Toshiba should really review that decision, it's a horrible OS for anything other than casual tablet use and effectively cripples their hardware). However the time has come, I simply can't continue. Win7 must return to the throne.

Going Forward:

Anyway, preamble aside, I have a couple of questions regarding the "downgrade". First off I have used the Toshiba 'Recovery Media Creator' to create the backup disks (which I presume return the laptop to the "out of the box" state) and backed up any important data. I have Windows 7 on a bootable USB stick (A legal copy too - oh, how decadent!).

I believe I need to set the _Secure Boot_ to *Disabled* and the _Boot Mode_ to *CSM Boot* in order for my bootable USB stick to be detected. I have read several pages about this and some suggest I will need some sort of SATA drivers on the stick too. Can someone confirm is this is true or not? If it is true, where do I get them from (URL if poss?) and where do I put them on the stick (root? Will it ask for a location?).

In terms of i... Read more

A:Satellite C850 - downgrade from Win 8 to Win 7

Before you restore W7 have a look at Classic Shell (classicshell.net) and you may change your mind. It looks like W7, it behaves like W7 so it must be W8!

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I have a virgin hub and had the choice of 2g or 5g wifi. for some reason I cannot see the option to connect on to the 5g. I can only connect on the 2g option.



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Hello, how are you all?

I would like to know if possible to upgrade my Satellite i3 3120M to i7 3520M.

My motherboard support?


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My laptop won't switch on. I had the Sweet Packs toolbar come up and I never got round to removing it. Then last week it wasn't plugged in and ran out of battery. When I plugged it in it wouldn't boot up. I am completely at a loss.

I have pressed f8 and tried to turn it on in safe mode, restore back to last good configuration, repair it, etc and none of them work. It always just goes back to trying to boot and failing. It asks for the Windows 7 start-up disc, but we don't have one.

I am not particularly computer literate and am now panicking a bit. Has anyone any advice please.

Thanks in advance....

A:Satellite Pro C850-14D won't boot up

Please be so nice and tell us at first which notebook model do you have.

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Just unboxed an NB10-A and applied our standard policy of setting a supervisor password on the bios.
Now when I enter the bios setup during boot it defaults to non-supervisor mode and I can find no way to get it to prompt me for the password to allow me to make changes.
Does anyone know what I'm overlooking? All options are greyed out and I can't make it ask me for a password.



A:Satellite NB10 - enable BIOS supervisor mode?

> Now when I enter the bios setup during boot it defaults to non-supervisor mode and I can find no way to get it to prompt me for the password to allow me to make changes.

Usually if the supervisor password has been set, you can access the BIOS pressing F2 button.
Now you have to insert the Supervisor Password or you can proceeds with limit access to different BIOS options by pressing the F11 button.

If you have inserted the right supervisor password, you could delete it again in the BIOS security tab.
Usually you have to insert the right supervisor password and have to press ENTER twice just to delete it. Then save the changes

Here an short description what the supervisor password does.

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i need driver for my laptop toshiba satelite c850-a965 model number ( PSKCAV-01Y00HAR)

i can't find it

i am looking for windows 8.1 64bit

any help please

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I have a PC repair business, and a customer has brought me a Satellite C850-1KN laptop which has had a catastrophic hard drive failure (just clicking sound coming from the drive.)

I replaced the hard drive and tried booting from a Windows 8 DVD, by changing the boot order in the bios, however, it still gives a "no bootable device" error message.

I see no way of turning off UEFI boot, it is grayed out in the bios setup.

How can i reinstall Windows on this laptop?

A:How do I install Win 8 on Satellite C850 following HDD failure?

First of all you should know that the setting (CSM/UEFI mode) needs to be changed only if you want to install non-UEFI capable system (Win 7 and older).
Win 8 and Win 8.1 are UEFI capable systems and you should be able to use the UEFI mode option.

How about the secure boot option?
Did you find it and did you try to disable this option?

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I recently brought the Toshiba C850 and it had Windows 8 on it so like when ever i buys a computer I reformatted this time i used that damm Toshiba Utility now the drive is blank but when I boot the computer for it to boot from CD rom it gives me No Bootable Device.

What do i do I dont want to use Windows 8 hate it but i can't get 7 installed
Please Help

A:Windows 7 installation on Satellite C850

Preinstalled versions of Windows 8 uses UEFI instead of a BIOS so you cannot boot from CD's or USB keys that expect a boot sector.

However you can enable BIOS emulation:

Go into the BIOS and then to the Security Tab, disable Secure Boot.

Then go into the Advanced Tab then System Configuration, change the Boot Mode to CSM.

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I have my laptop toshiba Satellite C850-b718 and it has win 8 , but unfortunately the hard disk not working anymore .

Im wondering if there is a way to get the win 8 key from here or anywhere using the laptop model or something
So i can use it on the new hard drive.


A:Satellite C850-b71 - How to get Windows 8 product key?


Toshiba does not provide any serial key for system activation.
In most cases Toshiba notebooks are preinstalled with Windows system which is already activated or the activation would be done during the first internet connection.

I guess you did not create a Recovery medium which would allow you to recover the notebook back to factory state. Such recovery disk (medium) could be created using the preinstalled Toshiba Recovery Media Creator software.
It?s always recommended to create such medium because the HDD can start to malfunction and in such case it would not be possible to perform the HDD recovery procedure.

Anyway, to cut the long story short; the recovery disk can be ordered here:

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I have a Sound problem with my notebook.I just bought it 1 week ago and I just normaly started Windows 8 and I could not hear any sound truough my headphones or the built in speaker.I checked the drivers no update is nedeed and it says:"This device is working properly."

What should i do?

A:Satellite Pro C850-1KO - Sound issue

Are you sure option MUTE is not enabled?
Check please volume mixer and be sure nothing is set to mute.
Post some feedback if everything is OK there.

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Hi all,

My daughter's PC is about to die in the backside with what looks like a HDD error.

I'd like to replace the HDD with a SDD but don't particularly want to buy another Windows 8 (or v7) license.

She seems to have thrown away the box, manuals and all paperwork.

Is there anyway of backing up the current Windows key?

She's actually using the Windows 7 license, there may be enough life in the HDD to extract something off it if I need to...

Thanks, Mick

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I need to install Bluetooth Driver !
but the website isn't working
when i click ''Search'' , it just does nothing !


Here is my information

Product Type : Notebook
Family : Satellite
Product Series : C series
Model : Satellite C850
Short Model No. : PSKCCV
Operating System : Windows 7 32-bit
DriverType : All
Country : United Arab Emirates
Language : English

if anyone can get to it , please give me the link

Thank you

A:Cannot download BT driver for my Satellite C850


Test please download from http://www.toshiba.eu/innovation/download_drivers_bios.jsp
BT stack download version 9.00.00T (bltstk-20130924110245.zip) for your notebook model works perfectly.

Check it out please

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Aftrer upgrading to W10, my Satelite C850-F0155, does not pick up my wireless connections at all. downloaded the driver for W8.1 64, is installed, still does not read my wireless. HELP!!!!

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The laptop will not start up. When I press the Power button, nothing happens: there are no sounds or light and there is no display. When the laptop is connected to the charger no lights appear. I have tried removing the battery and holding down the power button for 2 minutes but still my laptop is not working.

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Hi there
My Toshiba laptop Satellite Pro C850-1FN cannot boot correctly from a bootable usbdrive . Iam trying to dual boot kali linux and my laptop keep
repeating the error (Check Media : Failed ) and then boot to windows .
Help please

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Since my problem getting my laptop to boot up I recently tried to use the recovery discs which I made 2 years ago. The first 2 seemed to load but the last one was rejected ( it was a different make DVD). I have copied it on my old Tosh.L 350 but it still does not work. I suspect that copying does not produce an exact duplicate! Is this reasonable?
Does anyone know where I can get the required recovery media and is it the same for any laptop of the same model or is it specific to mine?
After the recent failure of My C850 to boot up I eventually got the message


Your PC needs to be repaired.

Required device isn?t connected or can?t be accessed.

Error code: 0xc000000f

I followed some instructions for this so that my PC should boot up from the CD/DVD drive.but when I try this I get the message

PXE-E61 : Media test failure, check cable
followed by
PXE-M0F : Exiting PXE ROM. No bootable device -- insert boot disc and press any key.

Since the only cable attached is to the power supply does the message about the cable mean that either the CD/DVD drive or hard drive are not properly connected?
Can anyone help please.

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Hi all,

Recently purchased a Toshiba C850 laptop for my wife.
Working in I.T the first thing i did was run windows update, it prompts updates are available and starts downloading.

However, it just sits forever on 0%, I have checked the download folder within software distribution and this fills up with the updates, however the windows update screen never changes.
I have ran updates on other win 8 machines on the same network so I know it is not an internet issue.
Have reset the pc using the reset my pc function within windows 8, tried again and still the same.
Ran the fix windows update files from microsoft support....still the same.

Even if i choose just one update to download and install it just sticks on 0%.
Cleared the contents of the software dist\download folder. started the update again and this folder begins to fill, but even after leaving for 24hours its still on 0%

Have reset all windows update components, checked nothing is using the same port as the windows update server and still no luck.

One thing i have noticed is that if i try and stop the windows update service then the whole laptop grinds to a halt, it will start to stop, however then hang on the stopping screen.

The only was to get it to stop fully is to end the svchost.exe which has other critical system processes associated to the specific process which is running.

Any ideas at all as i am left with this laptop which just will not update despite being set back to factory setting... Read more

A:Satellite C850 - Windows 8 won't update

Can you browse the internet in IE?

If you disable the firewall and antivirus does it start downloading ok?

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Just wondering if there is any other way of connecting 2 monitors (one with VGA and HDMI) and other with (VGA and DVI) to laptop for extended work screen area, other than using a Dynadock? Thanks

A:How to connect 2 monitors to Satellite Pro C850

No, as far as I know this isn’t possible.

You can use either the VGA or the HDMI video out port. But it’s not possible to use both video out ports simultaneously.

In this case you need some kind of external solution like Dynadock U3

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Hi everybody,

we want to use a Toshiba Satellite Pro C850-111 with a docking station Dyna Dock V3.0, which is brandnew.

Unfortunately it does not work. We istalled the all-in-one driver from the delivered CD. It is not possible for us, to mirror the screen content to an external display (1920x1080). There is a black frame on the top and the bottom of the external display.
We connectet the DynaDock with the blue USB-port. But in the device manager (Windows 7 64) there is an unknown USB device.

Can anybody help me? Is there a new driver version for our constellation?

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is the model "Satellite Pro C850 - 1DQ" win10 ready? Does anybode has experience with win10 Installation with this type of Notebook?

If it is not win10-ready, how can i delete the win10-notification in systemtray?

Best regards

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when I try to use TC3088100A.tempy it go,s thru the motions but aborts installation CANNOT FIND OUR PLAYER IN YOUR SYTEM

cddv is showing ok in device manager

A:Satellite Pro C850 - download for DVD player

To be honest it is not easy to understand your problem but I presume you are missing original DVD player.
DVD player cannot be downloaded additionally. What you can do now is to download VLC player for free.

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Hope some one can help me ive tried all videos on youtube loads of guides and looked in the manual for this laptop

My Kids have managed to muck my bios up now machine will not boot cannot even get it to load bios as they loaded a password can some one please help me reset ive tried several methods but no luck

ive tried looking for jumper by ram XXXB500 but cannot see the jumper with this label
ive tried method of jumping pins next to cmos battery but might not be doing it right it

If some can please take a min a put a step by step guide to resetting the bios on this model would be very greatful

Many Thanks Lead

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Hello Forum Users,

sorry for my bad english. i'll try my best ;-)

I'm trying to Upgrade Windows 8.0 to 8.1 on a Satellite Pro C850-1MX.

Before I removed:
- Realtek Audio Driver
- Realtek WLAN Driver
- Bluetooth Filter Driverpackage
- Toshiba Health Monitor

I also checked the Notebook with the Windows 8 Update Advisor/Assistent.

Every time i try the update is installed, the notebook reboots and then says that the earlier version is restored because the update failed (0xC1900101 & 0x30018).

I tried to restore the notebook to factory settings (using the recovery partition), removed the drivers, tried again. Same failure.

Where is the problem?
Anyone an idea?
I don?t know what to do next.

Thanx !!


A:Windows 8 to 8.1 upgrade not possible on Satellite Pro C850-1MX


To upgrade the Win 8 to Win 8.1 you have to follow some step by step instruction:
This can be found here: [How to Update from Windows 8 to Windows 8.1|http://www.toshiba.eu/innovation/generic/windows8_1-upgrade-stepbystep/]

Note: after the Windows 8.1 installation the Toshiba drivers and tools needs to be updated in the right order.
The Win 8.1 driver installation instruction can be found on the Toshiba EU driver page in you notebook model section.

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This drives me insane!!!

im trying to boot off cd/dvd to clone the hard drive before reinstalling the system
i have changed the boot order to cd/dvd and USB (using external) it just says check media failed and boots to win 8
i have googled and people are saying in advanced settings boot change to etc...but mine is stuck on UEFI boot and ii is greyed out...you cant change it...and i cant see any other settings...can somebody please advise me on how to boot this damn thing off cd...ridiculous Toshiba wake up!!!


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My Satellite Pro C850 was purchased in March 2013. By December 2015 the battery would not hold a charge long enough. In December 2015 I bought a new genuine Toshiba battery from a reputable company cclonline.com. Now only 3 months later my laptop shows a red cross over the battery indicator. Unplugging the power lead still allows me to use the laptop but seemingly randomly the laptop hibernates/shuts down without displaying the reason. After this happens I have to plug the power lead in again to restart the laptop, although I can unplug it again later without the laptop dying. For purely personal reasons my power options are set to Never for all choices. All this does not stop me using the laptop, but it can be annoying when the laptop suddenly saves everything and shuts down.
Are Toshiba laptops susceptible to battery changes and not detecting new batteries?

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I have a Satellite C850-13c with the b820 celeron cpu.I bought a core i5 2450m to upgrade but after installing the new cpu the laptop turns off every time after exactly 30 minutes.

The problem happens in bios mode also.In the first 30 mins the laptop works perfectly but it just shut's down without warning.

Aparently other people had the exact same problem with this laptop model , even with a core i3 cpu upgrade.

Things i tried so far:

- Cooling system check - all ok , temp doesn't go above 40c
- Bios updated to the latest version
- Disabled all the core capabilities of the cpu from bios
- Bios battery reset
- Tried it with AC adapter only, battery only , same result.

Does this model just can't handle a bigger cpu ?
Please help :(

A:Satellite C850-13C turns off after CPU upgrade

Generally speaking CPU upgrade is not supported so with such issue you are on your own and every hardware exchange is on your risk only.

Problem is that Toshiba doesn?t any precise info about CPU upgrade and functionality with different CPUs. Due to specific design there is risk of overheating.
In your case it is interesting that notebook switched off after exact after 30 min.

Unfortunately I cannot help you with this but this case is very interesting ad I will continue to follow discussion. Let?s see what other people will write about that.

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Hey, quick question.

How do I remove the keyboard from the laptop to give the inside a cleaning ?


A:How to remove keyboard on my Satellite Pro C850-14C


I read that this is not very easy?
You will need to remove the CD/DVD drive firstly.
Then you will need to use a plastic stick to push the back of keyboard from the slot in ODD housing. The keyboard should be pushed until the corner raises upon top case surface.
After that using the same plastic pry slice to insert the gap between keyboard and top case, then pry keyboard edges carefully until all latches are unlocked.

By the way: doing this would will cancel the warranty?

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Still Having problem with a satellite C850-1KN. I have the recovery discs but thought I would try and recover from the hard drive. This is what happens :
Start up with F12 pressed until See Toshiba display. Get to boot menu, go to HDD recovery, choose language, go to Troubleshoot. Choose option " refresh PC , press next , choose to start in Win 8.1 and get message "drive where windows is stored i9s locked . Unlock drive and try again ". Any ideas how to unlock the drive as the computer will not start up unless I use F12.
If I use option "toshiba maintenance utility " and win 8.1 as target operating system I get an invitation to choose either 1 ) delete all dat and partitions from the hard disc or 2) delete all partitions and overwrite all sectors on hard disc.

What will these do to my computer ? would I end up with a useless piece of junk or will the operating systems still be there. There are other options
such as "reset your PC" when all personal files and applications will be removed, and PC settings will be reset to their defaults . What will be left on the computer.

I have not tried from revery discs yet and wonder if this is the best option.
Can anyone help please.

I repeat I am certainly no expert or anywhere near.

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I clean reset my Toshiba Satellite C850 with windows 8.1 USB flashdrive but now if I start the laptop on there comes a this code 0xc0000001.
I can't start safe mode can't use trouble-shooter.

Please help

A:Re: Satellite C850 - can't boot windows 8.1


Have you installed original recovery image that you have created on USB stick?

Please try to install it again. Usually after clean recovery image installation your notebook should start properly.

By the way: have you noticed this issue immediately after installation or later after some updates installation.

Have you tried to solve it using Windows start-up settings?

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Hello to you all!

I necessarily need your help! A few days ago I upgraded to Windows 8.1 64bit on my laptop Toshiba Satellite C850-1GL and are no longer identified wi-fi networks available.

I installed all the drivers as specified by Toshiba (drivers are updated to the latest versions available).
With windows 7 64bit and 64bit windows 8 the wi-fi networks were identified without any problem.
My wi-fi network card is Realtek 8188CE.

Please help me, I do not know what to do.

Forgive my approximate English.

Thanks for your attention!

A:Satellite C850-1GL - no Wi-Fi after Windows 8.1 installation


Is WLAN card installed and listed properly in device manager?
Be sure WLAN card is enabled properly (not in plane mode).

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Hi, since I upgraded to windows 8.1 I can no longer burn albums on a blank CD. I'm on windows media player and burn normally happens to eject the CD but the CD is still a virgin ...

It is even so that the computer does not recognize the SD card port

Excuse me for my English I speak French as usual and I hope to be on the right topic

Thank you in advance

A:Satellite C850-1CN - Can not burn a CDs on Win8.1

> since I upgraded to windows 8.1

I guess you have upgraded the Windows 8.1 following the step by step instruction as recommended by Toshiba?
[How to Update from Windows 8 to Windows 8.1|http://www.toshiba.eu/innovation/generic/windows8_1-upgrade-stepbystep/]

Furthermore I guess you installed and updated all the Toshiba drivers and tools to Win 8.1 version?

Feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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