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Outlook 2007 (Exchange client) will not save contact email address

Q: Outlook 2007 (Exchange client) will not save contact email address

I am running Vista Ultimate SP1, Outlook 2007 (12.06423.1000) SP2 MSO (12.0.6425.1000) with an http Exchange mail account as well as an Outlook Connector for Hotmail plus POP mailboxes.

Recently (since installation of Office SP2) adding a new contact or sending an message with a new email address the email address is not underlined and when attempting to save the contact or send message the following error is displayed:

"The connection to Microsoft Exchange is unavailable. Outlook must be online or connected to complete this action."

This message also appears even if I try and send meesage by one of the POP accounts.

This is very frustrating as I cannot create new contacts or send new messages. I'd pull my hair out... but I've got none left!

I would appreciate if anyone knows how to fix this issue.


Preferred Solution: Outlook 2007 (Exchange client) will not save contact email address

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Outlook 2007 (Exchange client) will not save contact email address

Appreciate that you have correlated the problem to Office 2007 SP2. I am having the same problem with an XP Pro PC using Outlook 2007 connected to Exchange 2003 over Http/RPC. There are two accounts: Exchange and one POP. If I take the Exchange connection "off line" it is possible to add the new email address to the contact. THEN, I can send the email via either Exchange or POP. Also, I cannot send an email to an address that is not already in "contacts", or apparently never sent an email to a particular address. So, same work around. Take Exchange offline and then send email via POP account. With Exchange back online, it is now possible to send to the new email address.

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Hi'I have always been able to click on an email address in an email header and either the contact opens, or it asks if I want to add to contacts.
All of the sudden, if I am in Sent Items, it only gives me E-mail Properties showing the address, e-mail type and Internet Format. No other options.

What's Up Doc??



PS: A few do open the contact, but most do not

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Dear Experts
I have got a client she has an exchange server 2007 installed on SBS 2008.

She has no problem to send and receive emails through the exchange server except when she sends an email to this address ([email protected] ,I made it up)!!!!!!

The message stays in the exchange’s queue and it won’t be delivered to the nominated address, with the below error :

451 4.4.0 Primary Target IP address responded 421 4.2.1 unable to connect.Click to expand...

I couldn’t test a different email address on this domain (abc.com.ih), because I don’t have other than paul

If her email on the exchange server has a problem it shouldn't be able to send emails to all domains from the first place

I tried to flush DNS on the client’s exchange server but no joy

What I did as a troubleshoot I sent an email to : ([email protected]) from our work exchange server 2007 installed on SBS 2008 (i.e. different exchange but almost has same setting as the client) the email went through and the recipient replied me to confirm that he received my email.


A:Email sent from an exchange 2007 to a specific address stuck in a queue

Any filtering or SPAM gateways on this particular domain? What is the real external email domain because it might be blacklisted somewhere.

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I recently got a new HP laptop with Vista/Outlook 2007 (coming from XP & Outlook 2003). My email & Contacts imported nicely to the new computer but my Address Book is blank. I tried right clicking on the Contact folder but the option "show this folder as an email address book" is greyed out.

Also, Internet Explorer says "Internet Explorer has stopped working" each time I launch it and the only fix I've found is to reset it to default settings each time I launch it. Very annoying! Any ideas on how I can fix this? Is it a known Vista problem?

Thanks in advance for your help.

A:Outlook 2007 imported Contact Folders but no Address Book?

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In the CONTACTS section of Outlook 2007 there are various default settings that I don't like. But I don't find options to change them.
The main one is that the address box LOOKS as ONE field, but is in fact a collection of invisible fields: Street, City, State, Zip, Country. What you type in that big box is sometimes unclear to Outlook, then it pops up an edit box with all the separate fields. Sometimes there WAS already a (default) Country/Region in the box and then the result of a printed address could be: John Johnson, 1st Street 1, LA, CA 98765, USA, The Netherlands.
I would prefer to see the 'split' address view by default. How?
And if it is not possible, how can I force Outlook to show the split box when I need it?
The same address box has two options, business and home. Business is shown by default, so often I type private addresses in the wrong box - with confusing results when grouping, printing etc.
Can BOTH the Home AND the Business address box be displayed at the same time?
If not possible, then can I instruct Outlook to display the Home box by default?
Similar problem with the Email box. I always have to use the dropdownlist to see/edit/use a 2nd or 3rd email. In this time where many people have several email addresses, at least 2 of them should be visible by default in the standard view.

I know that I can customize my Outlook Contact page completely to my own needs. I gave it a few attempts, but the result was a bewildering mess. Lots worse than th... Read more

A:How to change the default address display in Outlook 2007 contact list

Some information here: Outlook 2007: Contacts Viewing Options, UWEC, which includes customizing the fields.

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If you have a Contact with an email address and a fax number, when you try to send them an email, Outlook sometimes prompts you for which "address" to send to. Other times, it justs picks one (usually the fax number).
Is there any way to tell Outlook 2000 not to use the fax number when attempting to resolve a name lookup?


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Hello out there....
I just started getting the following dialog box in my Outlook 2007/Exchange email when I try to click on a URL emailed to me...

?This operation has been cancelled due to restrictions in effect on this computer. Please contact your system administrator.?

I do not have this issue w/ Thunderbird or webmail, etc.
Some research seems to point to the fact that IE is not my default browser & I would like to keep Chrome as my default.
Any thoughts on this?



A:Outlook 2007 / Exchange email URL issue

A friend just sent me this info.
Anybody else experienced this & have a fix?

Had a similar issue when a user installed Chrome and then uninstalled it. Did you uninstall or upgrade Chrome recently? It seems that they still need to polish some of the uninstall code as it leaves some registry items in a broken state. It?s not that IE isn?t the default browser, it?s that the registry entry for the default browser gets mucked up by Chrome. Checking and unchecking default browser in IE or Chrome won?t fix it once it?s busted.


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For Outlook 2007, I have a code in the script of my contact form, that creates a calendar event for the the contact I open when I click on a commandbutton that is a part of the scipt code...and the calendar event shows the dates, subject and location areas based on the combobox fields in the contact form that has all that information.

I just learned also that I can add to the note field, the body, of the calendar event, different words from other commboboxes in the contact form, so it shows in the calendar event in the note area, other words from the contact, which also then shows up in the iphone calendar!

But the code the goes to the commboboxes in the contact, does not word for the email address fields or the website field in the contact.

So here is the code that works for the FullName field which includes a Dim, an If code, and then shows how the itmappt.body shows it in the calendar event.

Is there a way to create one that works also for the email field and one that words for the website field from the contact?

Thanks so much:

Dim txtFullName
Dim txtEmailAddress
Dim txtWebsite

if item.getinspector.modifiedformpages("General").controls("FullName").text <> "" then txtFullName = "Full Name" & ": " & vbcrlf & item.getinspector.modifiedformpages("General").controls("FullName").text & vbcrlf

itmappt.body =txtFullName & txtEmailAddress txtWebsite

A:Outlook 2007 Code to Email and Website Fields of Contact


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Does any end user had experience with Outlook 2007 which it will say Out of Memory when there are too many pst files. I have 16GB of email data and was working fine with Outlook 2003 but when i switch to Outlook 2007, no matter how small i break down the pst files and when i add the pst files to a certain number, the add data screen will say Out of Memory eventhough i am using an Intel I5 CPU and 4 G Ram.

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Dear Expert,

We have configured and enable in Exchange 2007 under (Organization Configuration --> Hub Transport --> Transport Rules)
1) Junk Email 01 with Priority 0
- when the Subject field or the body of the message contains specific words
Apply rule to messages
when the Subject field or the body of the message contains
set the spam confidence level to 0

2) Junk Email with Priority 1
- when the Subject field or the body of the message contains specific words
Apply rule to messages
when the Subject field or the body of the message contains
set the spam confidence level to 0

The problem is the user still get the email and notification from our internal Lotus Notes system that we developed system like Leave, Claim to 'Junk E-Mail' folder in Outlook 2003.
example 1,

body of the message contains
[System Message: Please click the following link for new Message]

example 2,
Subject: Service Report - Month of August07

body of the message contains:
Total no of 'closed' support services recorded for the month of August = 42
Average day spent on one issue = estimated 4 days.

Please click on the link below for detail ...
https://mail.mmc.com.my/appl/break-d.nsf/Analysis 2007?OpenPage


- No of service... Read more

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Hi All,

I work in HR, and am being told by the IT folks that something isn't possible. But I just don't believe it so I'm posting here to ask for your help.

I may not have the perfect wording since I'm not expert so please be patient. My understanding is that employees use Outlook email version 2007 - so when I need to send emails to the same group of people I can create personal distribution lists. I just copy email addresses from an excel file or to TO: line of an existing email and paste into the members box under "new distribution list creation - add members".

However, here's where the problem is. The marketing department gets data from me to create and maintain global distribution lists that need to be available to certain approved/authorized employees on the Outlook Exchange server thingie. There are about 10 to 15 lists that need to be updated every 2 weeks. My IT people are telling me that the only way to update those global lists on the Exchange is to give them a list of email address to add or remove and that they have to add or remove each email address manually one at a time. My idea was to just send them a new list of email addresses for each list every two weeks or whenever and then they could juse delete the old distribution list since it's out dated and create a brand new global list so nobody has to try and identify just the changes for those 10 to 15 lists (very time consuming).

BUT - they are telling me that the o... Read more

A:Solved: 2007 Outlook Exchange Global Distribution Lists (email)

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I'll bet you have not heard this one before. I was attempting to send an email to a potential client. Everything seemed to work well except that it was returned. The problem was that the address was changed somewhere. His name is spelled with a j but somewhere along the line, it was changed to a k and so there was no such person and therefore was returned to me.

#550 5.1.1 RESOLVER.ADR.RecipNotFound; not found ##rfc822;

What could have happened? This is a new one on me.

A:outlook 2007 changed email address so email was returned


Did you get a message similar with these?

This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification.

Delivery to the following recipients failed.

Windows Live mail:

I'm sorry to have to inform you that your message could not
be delivered to one or more recipients. It's attached below.

For further assistance, please send mail to postmaster.

If you do so, please include this problem report. You can
delete your own text from the attached returned message.

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Does anyone know how to automatically save email addresses of messages in Outlook that are responded to, or put in another folder?

Can it be done with code?


A:Auto Save Email Address in Outlook

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I have a laptop with VISTA operating system, has Outlook 2007

I would like to create a file in which I could put on a disk that has all of my Calendar appts and all of my emails such that when I take to another computer I could view all of the calendar appt (reminders) and all of the emails

I know there is a PST file somewhere (if this is what I need to copy where do I find it?) on the computer but does it contain all of this info?

Please let me know how to accomplish this

thank you very much

A:Outlook 2007 - Email & Calendar backup or save

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How can I set my Outlook 2007 to save sent to email addresses for more than 1 day after sending?


A:Outlook 2007 wont save email addresses when sent

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Hi - I found a thread here from back in 2008 (Solved: Outlook Express 6 help: reply from same address the message was sen) that said the issue was solved, but I saw nothing to help me.

The issue is, I have 4 email accounts, and I want Outlook to automatically reply using the account to which an email was sent. This always worked just fine in the past; then my computer died last weekend and I got a new one. I set up everything in Outlook again, and all was working fine - sending, receiving, etc. But suddenly I noticed that ALL my replies were going out from my default (home) email address, and not other addresses to which the email messages may have been sent (like my work email address). This is not good. I can change the "from" address in a reply manually in the dropdown menu, but I never used to have to do that.

Can anyone help? Thanks!

A:Outlook 2007 not replying with address email is sent to

Thanks, but I'm afraid my question was misunderstood. MY REPLIES are not going out from the correct account. Here's the deal: I have a home email address that is the default. Say I get an email to my work address, and then I click reply, it suddenly changed to going back out to the message sender from my HOME address. It never used to do this; replies would go out from the address at which they were received. Where can I make it do that once again - anyone know? Thanks.

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When I go to New message, and begin to type an email address, when I type the first letter, all email addresses I have sent to in the past with that same beginning letter come up in a drop down list for me to choose one if I like. I am trying to capture all these email addresses from the past so I can do a bulk email, after editing out them ones I don't want to send in the bulk email. Is there some way to get all these into an excel file or something, other than cut and pasteing each one, a very slow process. If you can help, I will appreciate it.

A:Outlook 2007 email address question.

I am using 2010 so I can't be specific.

You should have an export feature to export to different file formats. Office 2010 will do it in an excel format.

You also should be able to import the list you have created and make a distribution list of it. They are now called "Contact Groups" in 2010.

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I have Outlook 2007 and two email addresses: my primary pop3 account and a second, forwarding, address which I ask most of my correspondents to use.

I would like to be able to use Outlook to "send from" the second address, and to have that address appear as the "sent from" address when anyone receives a mail from me.

At present anyone can use the second address and it will arrive in my inbox.

It's just the "sent from" value which is proving difficult to achieve.

I have tried setting up a new account in account settings but I can't do so with the second address, no matter which password I use.

Can anyone help?

Thanks in advance.

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Professional, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5 CPU 750 @ 2.67GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 30 Stepping 5
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 2039 Mb
Graphics Card: Mirage Driver, 1 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 476837 MB, Free - 165699 MB;
Motherboard: MSI, P55-CD53 (MS-7586)
Antivirus: Microsoft Security Essentials, Updated and Enabled

A:Sending from a second email address, Outlook 2007

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When trying to enter a new contact in Outlook 2007, I try to enter the email address. If I type part of it, a list will come up and show me other contacts. If I accept one of them, it will put the name and email address in the field. When I hit tab, it disappears. In some cases, if I choose one, it will save the email address part, and fill in the Display name field, which I can then edit. If I edit the contact in the address book that I think it is coming from, then it will not even show up on the list to choose from. I guess my question is, where are these addresses coming from, and why won't they save in the field if they are already editted contacts in the address book?

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Hello - I have OUtlook 2007. I recently installed the full version after having the trial version. With the trial version, I could save my passwords without a problem, but with the full version, it grays out the option, so I cannot even type in the Password field. I have already tried deleting the "AppData/Roaming/Protection" (not the exact path I used!) folder, and that did not help the grayed out fields. I'm up for suggestions!



A:Outlook 2007 offers no way to save passwords for email accounts

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I work for a Non-profit organization and receive many emails. I was used to "Outlook Express" which automatically added all incoming email addresses to my address book.

But, apparently Outlook 2010 does not offer that option, or it's a complex process.

Is there an easy way to do this?


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MS Windows 7 Pro
MS Outlook 2007
After sending an email and checking the “Sent Items” folder, the To line of the email, I see Outlook just shows the addressee’s email address but not the natural name, as I input it.
Example:  I enter the natural name in the To line as “Joe,” at that point, a pop-up menu opens up with all the “Joes” I’ve previously sent emails to.  I select the correct one – Joe Smith <[email protected]> – and Outlook enters the name as “Joe Smith,” without the email address behind the name.
Later, after sending, a check of the “Sent Items” shows the natural name, “Joe Smith,” was dropped and replaced by [email protected]
Outlook was originally set up to retain the natural name in the To line and recently the program just arbitrarily changed itself.  I’ve checked everywhere in the program in an attempt to correct it, to no avail.
We send hundreds of client emails a month and need to sort by name, not email address.
Can anyone help?

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I recently changed to Bell as ISP with my new email address [email protected] and Outlook doesn's work my computer info is
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Home, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4790 CPU @ 3.60GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 60 Stepping 3
Processor Count: 8
RAM: 8130 Mb
Graphics Card: AMD Radeon R7 240, -2048 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 937559 MB, Free - 720781 MB; D: Total - 14341 MB, Free - 1818 MB; F: Total - 238472 MB, Free - 30157 MB;an you offer any
Motherboard: Hewlett-Packard, 2AF7
Antivirus: Kaspersky Total Security, Updated and Enabled
The error message reads...failed to update headers. Can you offer any assistance?

A:Microsoft Outlook 2007 doesn't work with new email address

What error message are you getting?

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have just started using Business Contact Manager for Outlook 2007. I have created some business contacts and linked emails with these contacts. The Communication History folder shows all the emails linked to these contacts. However, when I open the contact's business card and click the History button on the Show area of the ribbon to view the associated emails nothing happens.

The button depresses, but the window never changes and the General button immediately goes back to being depressed again instead of History.

Any ideas why this could be? This is one of the major functions that I would like to use!!

Many thanks for any advice in advace.

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I am in a bit of a pickle. I'm trying to figure out how to block a certain email address from recieving emails from me, but at the same time bieng able to deliver Cc and Bcc recipients in the same email.

I don't know much about SMTP filtering, but I know it could do the job if done right.

I have been trying to figure this out all day...help!

Thanks people!

P.S. I know it's a very weird question, but believe me it's a lifesaver.

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I have Outlook 365 on my desktop for emails , calendars and contacts
I use Icloud for Windows to sync my Calendar and Contacts from iphone to desktop or from desktop to iphone.
Was seamless until a few days ago when trying to edit a contact on Outlook it would not allow me to save it
Error message was "Your changes cannot be saved because you don't have permission to modify some or all of the items in this folder. Do you want to save a copy of the item in the default
folder for the item?
I can edit the contact on iphone and it updates though to Outlook on desktop.
Calendar appointments (new and amended/edited) are seamlessly working both ways.
A new contact inputted onto Outlook icloud contact will save but if you then try to add a new number or note then get the above error message.
Please advise

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I currently use Outlook 2016 (with .pst files storing my data, not IMAP), my Calendar within Outlook is my iCloud Calendar, which syncs to my Phone and iPad. When I'm not at my computer, I can't see the emails that I have put colored categories on for follow-up, or see the folders where I have stored all my emails . And I worry about the .pst file crashing, but at the same time I don't want to move to IMAP because once you delete something it is gone for good.

What "setup" would allow me to see my contacts, calendars, and emails THE SAME WAY across all Windows and Apple devices so I can manage them all wherever I am?

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Does 2008R2 Exchange 2007 require "FULL"  .NET Trust Level via IIS7?
Need documentation stating this as a requirement. 

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Have been trying to follow suggestions from similar posts, but nothing working. Have tried to save as .xls and .csv, as well as trying to 'define names' of the various columns, but nothing allows me to import complete contact into Outlook. Please help, very important to get these contacts into Outlook asap. Thank you

A:Issues importing large contact list in Excel 2007 to Outlook 2007

Hi hbsurfer

Try going about it backwards.
Create one Contact in Outlook 2007, then Export that one Contact to a .csv file.
Then you will be able to see the format Outlook 2007 is using and reconfigure your headers in the Excel spreadsheet.
When all headers match, you should be able to Import it. Or copy the excel information to the one contact .csv file and Import that.

Let us know if that works for you or not.

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Hi can anyone recommand an email client (other than outlook) that will work with exchange server? A client that offers the same functionality of outlook but cheaper/free?

A:email client that works with exchange server

If the company has an Exchange license, the Outlook license is a minimal cost. I'd be surprised if they're even sold separately.

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Hi guys,

I have a externel comapny who have given one of our directors an exchange email account how do i intergrate this into his outlook account so emails from this company are seperate from his other email accounts.

Be great if you could point me in the right direction.

many thanks


A:setup a client email exchange account

Outlook will only take 1 exchange account, so if you use Exchange in your company, you will have to see if the other company supports POP or IMAP and set him up that way.


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The following hyperlink in Microsoft Word opens up a contact from Outlook. Is there an easy macro that goes to that contact, and adds to the work document, the words from a certain field in the contact. I have new fields in my contact form, and want the word document to show the words from some of those fields.
Here is the easy hyperlink to a contact in a subfolder of contacts:
Outlook:Contacts/Subfolder Name/~Contact Name Thanks very much.

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Upgraded my system to XP SP2 from W2K-pro and now I cannot send email from my companies 2003 Exchange Web Mail server. I have set the web site URL to be open for pop-up blocking and I've even turned off pop-blocking in IE6SP2, but I still cannot send email. I checked MS KB but their tips didn't work (pop-up blocking).

I can use another laptop that's running W2K-pro and send email all day long on it, just not on the Wxp-SP2 client system. I can receive email and read my emails on the XP machine, just cannot send or reply.

I've checked MS's Knowledge base and played with the pop-up blocker they suggest but that's no help.

Anyone's help on this matter is greatly appreciated.

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Our company has users who work at client locations and are attached to the clients domain. Is there a way to configure their Outlook 2003 client for two exchange accounts on the same profile? We use RPC over HTTP so our users can access there exchange account without being joined to our domain. I am interested if there are other email clients that support this functionality or the configuration for Outlook. Any advise or direction is appreciated. Thanks!!!

A:Is there a way to access Multiple Exchange accounts on a single email client?

Why not use webmail to access one account, and exchange for the other?

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Ok so this probs isn't the ideal forum for Outlook and Exchange queries, but I know theres many skilled technical people on here, so posting on the off chance.

Anyway I run Outlook 2007 at work and I recently migrated from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2007.
I like to secure my email communication as much as possible and thus like to make use of the free Digital Signature obtainable from Comodo.

Now my problem is when I send an email signed with my digital signature, a winmail.dat file is attached to the message. I have a few recipients that have their mail servers configured to block *.dat file attachments.

Reading resources on the web it seems the winmail.dat file is attached to RTF encoded messages.
However the winmail.dat file is attached even when sending the message in plain text when also signing the message with my digital signature.
I know I can just decide not to sign the message to problem recipients, but I never had this issue with Exchange 2003 so don't see why I should have to use this workaround.

Wake up Microsoft, not everyone in the world is running Exchange server and Outlook clients!!!

Hopefully some email expert will come across this, if not thanks for looking.


A:Outlook 2007, Exchange 2007, S/MIME and Winmail.dat

I have exactly same problem with Outlook 2007 without any Exchange server. Is there any solution for this?


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Yesterday I purchaed Microsoft for small business, the main reason I bought it was for Outlook 2007 with business contact manager. I have vista with 64bit and was told it would install with no problem.The first cd which included Outlook 2007 downloaded without a problem. Then I tried installing the 2nd cd and it will not work no matter what I try. It says failed to install Business Contact Manager for Outlook 2007. I then installed both cd's on my desktop which is also vista 64bit and there wasn't any problem. I am so frustrated! Any ideas?

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We recently upgraded our servers from Exchange 2007 to Exchange 2010. One of major issues is the syncing of mail on our Droid phones. Many of use the Touchdown email client. The older Touchdown clients failed and once upgraded to the latest version, it works fine. However the native email client on android OS is not working at all. I have tried unchecking "use a secured connection" and unchecking "verify certificates" Also since we carry many different models of Droids, different OS's don't seem to make a difference either.

Anyone on exchange 2010 ever encounter any issues with Android.

A:Exchange 2010 Upgrade Caused Native Droid Email Client To Fail

I had some issues when we switched over. I was just using the native andriod client as opposed to Touchdown. I would check some of the android forums and just search for outlook. there were several threads on those boards and something i found there ended up correcting my issue. sorry don't have my droid anymore and can't recall the settings.

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Okay heres the skinny.

We run Exchange 2003 but we only run it internally for a small number of employees. The rest of the employees just use a hosted email solution. ALL of the users have the hosted email that get downloaded into Outlook 2000, XP, and 2003 via POP but a small few (about 75 out of over 400) also have an exchange server account that the downloaded emails from the host then go into their mailbox and are stored on the exchange mail store.

Now that you know whats happening here, let me explain the problem. Essentially the problem is only the 75 people with an exchange account and a mail store are able to get the GAL which contains ALL of the users emails (even the ones that don't have a local mail store). In order to get the users not attached to the Exchange and without a mailbox to get this GAL list we worked on setting up a VBS to export first name last name and email address from AD for us to then send out to update for users to then import this list into their clients.

Well this is a drawn out function that 1) alot of users don't want to use (or don't know how to use it) 2) has a big drawback is each time there is a change to the GAL they have to download a new list and then they have to delete their old contacts out to ensure the ones that are missing from the list disappear from their contacts. 3) This is something we have to run each time someone wants an update.

Is there ANY way to export the GAL into an address book then to "push... Read more

A:Outlook - Can GAL be exported and then automatically update non exchange client?

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Dear all

May I know is there any software (work indepentent, no additional email client e.g. Outlook, Eudora etc. needed) can download email (can filter by sender email address) from a specific POP3 server and save those attachement to a specific folder automatically?



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I have a Dell Laptop running Windows XP, Office 2007, and the Email Server is Exchange 2007. When setting up Outlook for the first time Originally it would pull the incorrect email address and settings (uninstalling Bonjour fixed that) now the correct email address is being pulled but it never seems to sync. When I hit Send/Receive the Sending finishes almost instantly but receiving never finishes. Logging in as anyone on this laptop produces the same result so it's not just my login.

Side Note*(Maybe important or not) Randomly a popup will say it's trying to sync with a different server that Exchange is not on. But I haven't seen that since I deleted the Archive.pst.

This is the only computer out of 72 with this problem on our network.

A:Outlook 2007 & Exchange 2007 Problem!

Try deleting the mail profile and instead of Outlook finding your settings automatically configure them manually.

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Using Windows 7 HomePrem; latest version.
When I look in my "Contacts" I see "Ed Wiens" ONCE only.
When I compose a new email, I see "Ed Wiens" TWICE; once is his current addy and once for his old addy. I need to delete the old one but it won't show in the Contacts to be deleted.

How can this happen and how can I delete the old one, please?

A:contact is NOT in address book but shows when composing email

Welcome to the forum

Take a note of the new one and then try to delete-it
Close your browser then reopen and see if the old one exist.
Edit the old one to reflect the new one.

Good luck

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I am currently using "PostBox" a fork of "Thunderbird" and would like to save some emails as PDF.

My last experience (circa) 1998 with Thunderbird was very unstable, so I used fax up until about 2007. Now Thunderbird is in "suspension" .
PostBox is a simple desktop email client with no active support other than through MozillaZine (which is very active).

My current free PDF app PDF-Xchange advise to use Outlook. Their pro version will save Outlook emails as PDF
Experimenting I saved an email as HTML file then free on-line PDF24 converter converted the EML file to PDF.
But I am hoping for fewer steps if possible) On investigation "Outlook" appears very old ... Courtesy of Wikipedia Windows Live Mail and Windows Mail
Outlook (2003)
Outlook Express (WinXP)
Windows Mail (Vista) (2005)
Windows Live Mail - Wave v12 (2007)
Windows Live Mail - Wave 3 (2009)
Windows Live Mail - Wave 4 (2011)
Windows Live Mail - Wave 5 (2012)

But then I have discovered "Outlook 2012" that only comes with MS Office

Maybe its time I returned to a Microsoft email desktop app , but I do not know where to start.
I do not want cloud based email-app (Windows Live Mail was very slow) and I want to be able to create emails off-line.

Thank you in advance for any advice or guidance ...

A:Save emails as PDF, what email client

Just discovered the existence of Outlook 2007, 2010, 2012.
But where to download ? (Other than CNet)

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I use Outlook 2010. I was using the Hotmail Connector with my MS mail account (at outlook.com) to synch contacts but this is no longer supported. I've now added my MS account using the new account wizard which configures a MS Exchange account for my MS mail account and does synch contacts.

However, when the account is configured as an Exchange account, my user name appears in the format outlook_{text string}@outlook.com. This name name appears in the email sent address from the account but it doesn't work as a legit email address since the email is returned to sender. My correct email address does send and receive emails from the Exchange configured account.

I want to change my user name to the correct email address for my account but I can't change this from Outlook or the Mail option under Control Panel.

How do you configure an Exchange account to send out the correct reply email address?

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I'm running Windows SBS 2003 SP2 with Exchange. Recently, we got ourselves into trouble with a few blacklists due to relay settings and authentication settings. I tightened up these after reading numerous articles on the subjects and have removed us from these blacklists. We've stayed oof of them for about two weeks now, but I am still unable to send emails to AOL, Yahoo and a few other private email servers. Our mail domain is registered under a certain ip address, but when our mail goes through, I noticed that it is recieved from the servers ip address, which has no DNS stetup. I need our email to go through the server which has the DNS setup for our domain, but cannot figure out what to configure in the System Manager to do this. I know it was setup at some point, and I believe it was changed sometime within the last couple years. Any ideas/explanations?

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im having a issue with a outlook 2000 user cannot connect to exchange server 2000, ive recreated local account, disjoin domain, change name on pc, tried other users and no go. Seems theres some registry screwup thats not allowing pc to use exchange, any suggestions?

A:Solved: Outlook 2000 client cant connect to Exchange server..

FYI, it seems the pc was missing some registry pieces for RPC.
Heres the link from ms: http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;325930

Once i fixed what was missing . it all works again, i can connect a user through the pc to exchange...

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My sister told me that her Windows Mail is really strange. I can't help her because I don't use Windows Mail so I am asking on her behalf.

a) When she opens her Contact list , the names are in alphabetical order (which is expected) .However when she composes an email and clicks on the "To" button , the name list displayed is not in alphabetical order by name but strangely ordered by email addresses. Is there a way to rearrange to resort by names?

b) When she types a name in the Address area ie in the box next to "To" , another page opens for search. Is this normal ? With Outlook ( which she used to use until she changed to a new computer running Vista) when you type the name a list of potential email addresses appear. IS there a way to fix this?


A:Windows Mail Contact list and email address order

I'm piggybacking on here because I have a similar problem. I imported my address book from Outlook Express and now when I begin to type in the name on "To" line it doesn't find the contact. For example if my contact is Joe Smith, I use to be able to type in Jo (and the auto fill would kick in) Now I need to remember Joe Smith's email which might not be anything like his name ([email protected]) How do I organize my address book like it was on O.E.? I want them alphebetically by first name, not by their email address.

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