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Change Computer Name/Domain Changes

Q: Change Computer Name/Domain Changes

Hi Windows SevenForums,
does someone NOT from Microsoft (useless, if not negligent support) know how to change the Computer Name?

My PC is connected to my Windows SBS 2008 R2 server with the wrong Computer Name.

1 year ago I tried to setup Windows SBS 2008 R2 server (pathetic lack of instructions make a simple job impossible) and setup my PC with the Computer Name NAME1.

I am now trying to get the Windows SBS 2008 R2 server to work after 1 year of trauma with Microsoft products, so I went to Windows SBS 2008 R2 server, Windows SBS Console, Network, Computers, and see my old connection to my PC named NAME1.

I can't connect my PC NAME1 to Windows SBS 2008 R2.

So...I simply selected from Windows SBS 2008 R2 server, Windows SBS Console, Network, Computers, Connect computers to your network. This wizard connected my PC NAME1, but only when I name my PC NAME1, as NAME2?

When I try to change my PC which is now NAME2 back to the correct and original NAME1 by going to Start, right click My Computer, Properties, Change settings, Change..., type in NAME1, OK, Windows Security asks for the name and password of an account with permission to rename this computer in the domain. I type in superadmin account name and correct password.
Click OK, and error comes up:
Computer Name/Domain Changes
The following error occurred attempting to rename the computer to "NAME1":
The specified computer account could not be found. Contact an administrator to verify the account is in the domain. If the account has been deleted unjoin, reboot, and rejoin the domain.

See attachment for pictures of what Windows 7 is messing up.

Preferred Solution: Change Computer Name/Domain Changes

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Change Computer Name/Domain Changes

Remove the computer from the domain (change to workgroup) first. Then delete any machine accounts that are incorrect from the domain. Rename the machine and rejoin.

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I have an XP Pro workstation that I'm trying to add to my domain(domain controller running Server 2003). When I try to change the name of it to get it in line with the naming convention I'm using, a window comes up saying I was able to join the domain. When I OK this window, the hourglass comes up on the "change name" window and it just sits there....after about 15 seconds I try to shut that window(with the hourglass still up). At this point it says "not responding", and then tells me that the computer has joined the domain but with the old computer name and not the one I tried to change it to.

The strange part is that in Active Directory, under "Computers", it lists the name that I tried to change it to, after it told meon the workstation that it was joining the domain with the old name. Should I be waiting longer than the 15 seconds or is something wrong?

Another thing(and I'm guessing is a result of what I mentioned above) is that in the DNS forward lookup table, the only thing that's in there is my domain controller and it's IP and nothing else. So far I've only tried to add 2 computers(they are the first ones I tried to join to the domain) with the same results I've explained above.

Anyone have any ideas?

A:XP won't change computer name while adding to domain

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can someone out there share your smarty and help me out asap?

I accidently change my domain. now I can't log on. how can I fix it?

thanks a lot

A:how to change back my computer to domain

You removed your computer from a domain and wish to rejoin it?
The only way to do this is to connect the computer to the domain and enter the required credentials to rejoin the domain. This will have to be done by the support staff of the domain.

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Hello everyone,

We are running into a somewhat peculiar issue that I have been unable to find any information about and I was hoping someone here could point me in the right direction.

Several of our Windows 7 laptops (We're working on moving to W10) have become unable to change the password for a domain account from the Change a Password screen after hitting CTRL ALT DEL. Usually when someone would select to change their password,
it would take them to the text boxes with the domain\username pre-populated, I'm sure you are familiar.

Recently, when following the same steps, an account selection screen comes up with the option to use a smart card or simply type in the username. While we are working on implementing smart cards, they are not yet in use and in fact should not even
show any options for them yet. After opting to type in a user account, rather than populating the username field with domain\username, the field remains blank with grey text saying "provider\user name" instead. If the user types in their domain\username
and attempts to change the password, they get a generic error stating it is unable to change the password.

Users are still able to use a co-workers machine to change their password from the same screen by substituting the username. Most of the affected machines are from users that work in the same team, even though those same users can change their passwords
elsewhere just fine. It appears to be isolated to specific ... Read more

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I have a Machine with windows 7 x64 pro which was connected to a domain controller that is dead and not available anymore.
I want to continue to use this computer standalone and keep all the software and configurations already installed, however i need to change my pass and i am not able to do it getting this msg : configuration
information could not be read from the domain controller, either because the machine is unavailable, or because access is denied.
How can i solve this (change the pass or copy all the user settings to local) without the domain controller server?
thank you

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I've got amachine running Windows 7 logged on the network domainbut when I try to map a share to a machine on the network, but not registered on the domain I cannot connect (even though I have a local account on the networked machine).When attempting to connect Windows 7 prompts me for my connection credentials and it automatically fills in the domain name. How can I connect to this network share using credentials that are local to that network share?

A:Logging in to Non-Domain Network Share from computer on Domain

When you say local credentials I assume you mean local on the "TestServer", not local on the Windows 7 box. Then you should be able to just type in TestServer\LocalAccount and the password (the domain you see should automatically switch to "TestServer")Also; have you tried mapping the drive using the IP address (i.e. \\xx.xx.xx.xx\TestShare)?

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Can I access a network share on the domain with a non-domain computer? I would connect the computer directly to the corporate network. 
For what reasons could this be blocked (firewall? policy? settings on server-side?) and what configuration is needed to make sure it is possible to access a network share with a non-domain computer?
Thanks already for your help!

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Hi everyone!
Noticed, that if I try to access a shared folder located on domain computer from non-domain computer, typing \ \ computername\sharename, pop-up authentication window appears after some time (30-80 sec). But, if I type \\computername  without pointing
sharename, pop-up authentication window appears instantly.
If I run created shortcut for this share - pop-up authentication window appears instantly.
I can easily reproduce this problem, it appeared on all machines I was testing.

Can it be fixed somehow? In my scenario, I can not use net use cmd.

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I recently changed my company domain name from www.xyz-123.com to www.xyz.com (example)

I have a windows 2000 (internal domain still xyz-123.com) & exchange server. I am using popbeamer to pull my mails. Pop beamer pulls my mails and forward it to exchange mailboxes.

I changed my host file. I entered the ip address and domain name. I can ping my domaain xyz.com.

Now, i can send mails (outgoing) but can not receive. I sent a test message from my yahoo to [email protected]. I checked webmail and received my mail. But mails are not coming to my exchange mailbox.

Can anyone help me what changes i have to do on the windows2000 and exchange? to receive my mails into exchange mailbox.

A:Domain Change

most mail servers need to know what domains they need to accept email for. You probably need to tell exchange to accept incoming mail for the domain name xyz.com.

This is how it is done with Sendmail so I am assuming that most mta's work the same way. Sendmail has a file where you list the domain names that you accept email for. I would think that exchange would not be much different.

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Hi there ,

Please tell me the procedure of how to change my domain name of Microsoft Account. which is presently @gmail.com .i want to make it @outlook.com

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So, have 3 domains
( 2 ending in a .com ) and ( 1 ending in .ca )
would like the primary domain to appear in the address bar to be the one ending in .ca
so, if anyone types in the .com version of the domain, the address bar automatically redirects and changes it
to the .ca address

how do i get this accomplished ?

(sorry if this is not the correct place/forum to post this )

A:domain name change in address bar

You should be able to setup domain redirection
in the control panel of your domain registrar.
Sould be able to set it for each individual domain.
Redirection can negatively affect you search engine
listings for those domains though.

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The computer I own is running xp and apparently, the previous owner used it in an office as part of a domain. Now, I use it a home and it connects to my dvr through a wireless modem. Problem is, that the computers full name still shows up everywhere. I want to change the full computer's name and the domain. How do I do that?

A:Solved: How to change domain

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My friend has a small business and his server crashed. He wants to get along without it, and change to a workgroup set up.
I'm not all that familiar with domains, and I'd like to get this done without breaking anything.
I know how to change the name and set up a Workgroup, but I want to be sure I can log on afterward, as this guy has lost control of his passwords and user IDs over time. We do have a working logon at the moment.
What's the best way to proceed?
Interestingly, this business is trying to run without any backup at all, with some PCs that have no virus protection, and no on-site expertise in computers at all. No one knows how to burn a CD or troubleshoot even the most trivial problem. How common is this situation?

A:Change Domain to Workgroup.

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after domain to workgroup changes unable to log on windows xp pls give me a solution

A:workgroup to domain change

What error do you receive?

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In an attempt to correct a computers DNS settings.....
I removed it from the domain it couldn't connect to and changed its name to hosttemp
(joined workgroup temp)

Upon reboot I cannot logon to the machine locally or via domain,
I receive message
" . . . systems computer account in its primary domain is missing, check password ect"

However I cann see this pc as formerhostname.domain.local from the server but cannot connect to manage it or access files.

I cannot logon to this machine locally(HOSTTEMP) or via domain(domain.local) authorization,
What can I do?

I have added the former name, and current name to domain computers list in the Active Directory with no success

I need to gain access to these files, and get this computer on the network!
Thank you

A:Locked out of PC (during domain change)

If you changed the computer to be in a workgroup, you need a local account that has admin rights to change it back again.

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I just brought my computer (running xp pro) home from college, where it has been connected to a domain for the past 4 years. Now I have it connected to my cable modem and I'd like to remove my user account from the domain so I no longer need to type in my password when the computer is booting up. The computer is functioning just fine, but I'd prefer not to be bothered with typing in my password every time I turn my computer on. I've tried a few different methods of changing the domain setting on my account, but I've had no luck.

Thanks for your help!


A:Change from Domain to Workgroup

You will need to create a new user under the group name and I recommend you enable the Welcome screen.

To turn the Welcome screen on or off
You must have a computer administrator account on a computer that is a member of a workgroup or is a stand-alone computer to turn on or turn off the Use the Welcome screen feature. Logging on at the Welcome screen is not available on computers that are members of a network domain.

Open User Accounts in Control Panel.
Click Change the way users log on or off.
Do one of the following:
To specify that users log on to the computer using the Welcome screen, select the Use the Welcome screen check box.
A user logs on to the computer by clicking his or her user account name on the Welcome screen. If a password is assigned to the account, the user is prompted to type it.

To specify that users log on to the computer without using the Welcome screen, clear the Use the Welcome screen check box.
The Welcome screen will no longer appear when you start the computer. To log on to the computer, type your user name (and password, if you have one) in the standard Log On to Windows dialog box.

To open User Accounts, click Start, click Control Panel, and then click User Accounts.
Fast User Switching is available only when the Welcome screen is turned on. For more information, click Related Topics.

Happy Holidays.

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how do i go about changing the name of my domain? win2k server, AD installed, obviously. Any help quick would be greatly appreciated.

one domain, thats all.

A:win2k domain name change

Has anyone come across this problem, as yet. Please respond.

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I'm new here and had a (hopefully) simple question.

I log on to my companies domain through Cisco's VPN. Our policy requires I change my domain password every 90 days. How do I do this?

If I log on to VPN, then CNTL/ALT/DEL, then "Change Password", it doesn't seem to work.

My PC is not on the company's domain when I boot, it's a stand alone PC.

Any thoughts welcome!


A:Change password in another domain

you should have your own technical support team at the company you work for. They will be able to advise you. Im not giving out any free hacking advice even if you pay me. The rules on this site are clear http://www.techsupportforum.com/foru...ork&page=rules
see section 3 paragraph 2

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The situation that I'm facing is purely economical, to the tune of an extra $2,500 a year in support fees. Were an NPO that supports a particular city agency, so we do have a few perks.

HISTORY: We have a desktop computer that is tied into the municipal net. Tho we own the computer, city decided that they had to bring it up to their standards (or lower it as the case appears) since they would be providing support. The system was bought about 1-1/2 yrs ago, nothing fancy, Dell, Win XP (city's still on XP), Office 2007 Standard. The city took the machine to update it and what we got back was a system with Win XP and Office XP (2002). That's right, the one that's obsolete. For this we pay $2,500/yr which gets a backup server and access to a color laser printer. OK...that's not the complaint.

Last September, we purchased a laptop so we could expand our volunteer help. We figured if we could get the volunteers doing input on the laptop (wireless) then that would free up the desktop for other functions. Not to mention the fact that our closet of an office can't fit more than 2 people comfortably.

My initial thoughts were to setup a VPN and use the city's WIFI, at the location, to allow the desktop and laptop to communicate from anywhere in the building. Well they poo-pood that. Mostly I think they didn't understand it. Anyways, they suggested that we put in an A/B box and a wireless router (see image below). Their were concerned that when... Read more

A:Communicating between a domain and non-domain computer

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I have a non-domain computer (win 10 basic).
Can it connect to a Aerohive wireless domain network?
Any links to a tutorial on the net?


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This is my first post so please excuse any poor spelling explantion etc.or my major lack of knowledge.
In our office we have
1x Dell poweredge server 450 Small Biz 2003 and exhange
2 x desktops XP pro
2X laptops
Desktops wireless conected with Linksys WRT54GS.

My bosses previous company has ceased trading,and he has since purchased the previous I.T equipment and downsized the office, unfortunatley the part-time I.T man has also been downsized leaving me by default to fix our systems when they go defunct.
I am on a steep learning curve and I am delighted to have found this sight which may well be a life saver.

My problems are,

Boss wants remote access to desktops...where do I start?

Secondly my boss wants the previous company name removed from the domain which is currently

.....SRS.local does .local stop remote access?

The pounds signs and stuff are just to hide the actual name, he wants the previous companies name removed entirely from the server with minium disruption..is this possible, and more importantly can a keen beginner do it?

Hope this makes sense and I thank you for help in advance.

A:Change Domain name Small Biz 2003

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I have a W2K server that is setup as a Domain Controller with active directory. I want to get rid of the domain and simply join a workgroup and share some folders off of it drive. What is the best way of doing this? do I need to run dcpromo?


A:W2K Server Help (change from domain to workgroup)

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Is is possible to change the domain name of a hotmail account?
I lived in the UK when I registered and got the [email protected] address but, as I have now moved, I would like to keep my address, just change it to .com.
Cheers and thanks!

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Hi, I am trying to change the order of Domain Name Resolution on a Windows XP SP2 computer. The default order for Domain Name Resolution within XP is:1.Hosts File 2.Domain Name System 3.Netbios However I would like to change the order to:1.Domain Name System 2.Hosts File 3.Netbios I have tried changing this order by editing the registry keys that are described in this tutorial:http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/tutorials/what-is-domain-name-resolution/. This is what I did: I changed the values of the following registry keys:DnsPriority = 30HostsPriority = 75NetbtPriority = 100LocalPriority = 200These subkeys can be found under this registry key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Tcpip\ServiceProvider to.However this did not work, and I tried this on a number of different computers. Am I doing something wrong? Or is there another way to change the domain name resolution order?Any help would be really appreciated.

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I've got to set up a new domain controller for a remote site here and was wondering if anybody knows of any pitfalls of setting it up here as another domain controller and then later just changing it's ip to the subnet of the remote site and moving it in site configuration?

It's a 2003 Active Directory.

A:Domain Controller change of ip and site?

I have heard (but not seen, admittedly...) that you can change domains, sites and probably trees (can anyone confirm this?).

The best bet (that I know does work) is to demote your DC to a member server, then re-promote it to a DC through dcpromo.exe on your Windows Server CD. I don't know if it has a copy on your hard drive or not.

This is MCSE territory. It'd probably be best to wait for more knowledgable folk to respond.

In the meantime, a handy little website I know of is this: http://www.petri.co.il/. It was a handy resource to have during my studies at TAFE here in Oz (I suppose it would be the equivalent of a community college) doing Network Management. Hope it helps.

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For a while now ive had a mini network, 1 machine running NT server and 2 using xp pro.

The xp machines have files stored on the server but loads of their own personal shortcuts, email preferences, etc etc. Everythings been great, but the server was getting old in the tooth

I finally got a new pc with server 2003 on it, set it up easily enough, copied files onto a mini disk and moved, and if i enter a username/password i can access it fine from both xp pro machines.

The problem is, when i change the login domain on the xp pro machines i lose all the local settings (i think a new profile is created). Is there a painless way to keep the old settings and just change the domain?. Ive read most the microsoft articles, and it is kind of confusing.


A:Change domain but keep profile settings?

If they are roaming profiles a copy is also stored on the workstation so when they are authenticated on the new server the profiles will sync up to the new server. You do need to specify a profile location for the new user accounts. Be safe and back them up to disk from the old server in case the profiles do not transfer.

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I bought a secondhand hp compaq nx9030 Laptop. I change from domain to work group then I must restart my laptop now I can not log in. ( Logon message) the system could not log you on. Make sure your User name and domain are correct, then type your password again. Letters in password must be typed using the correct case. Please help.

A:change from domain to work group

Before you left the domain you should have changed the local Built in Administrators password. Maybe you're lucky and there is no password
At the login screen for the user type Administrator. and leave the password blank. The Domain should be listed as (this computer)
If that fails, due to forum rules we cannot help you with passwords, you will need to go back to where you bought the laptop and ask for the Local Built In Administrators Password. Once logged in, you can change the Administrators password, and create your own user account with admin privileges.

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W98 Remote Access User:
Authinticates on domain A and Email resides on Domain B. Network Neighborhood shows domain as being A. Both domain passwords expired on the same day.

The user went into control panel and changed his password for Microsoft Networking. The password was changed for domain B and not domain A. I always understood that the domainthat is listed in Network Neighboorhood properties was the domain password that will be changed in the control panel. Therefore the password that should have been cchanged is domain A not B.

How can i tell which password will be changed for microsoft networking if the user users multiple domains?

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I changed my domain from an old work one to a personal one. This I thought would make it meaningful to my newly established wireless network.um!Grhh. First i noticed my old work laptop would not network with my old pc desktop since the laptop was still in a work domain (properties had all the detail) Anyway I changed the domain to workgroup as it said on another site for a guy who also got a hand me down from his old work When i logged in to my laptop I got asked username and password, I used what i had before, error, wrong something about not correct for domain or not having access This means I can't even use XP functions. There must be some way of re-setting or establishing a new domain from scratch. I do not have the option of going back to my old work place. Its miles away Thanks in hope that someone knows how to get around this

A:unable to logon after domain change


Before you log in does your domain name show under the Password?


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I need help, Im a Helpdesk Analyst for a company of roughly about 150 computers all running Windows 7. They are all in our active directory domain and all running TightVNC . Problem is that most of the newer PC's are on one Admin password and the older ones on a different Admin password. We need to place all the PC's under 1 Admin password for VNC. Note I am not talking about local Admin passwords I am talking specifically about VNC Admin passwords on those PC's. Can anyone give me an idea of how to deploy this change to all the computers in the domain without having to go each individual PC? Appreciate any help you can give me.

A:How To Change VNC Admin Password For All PC's In AD Domain

You can set the default password in TightVNC as part of the package deployment. Therefore, have you considered doing this and then pushing out the updated version via a GPO? That's one way to do it in a domain environment. Within our organisation, we use PDQ Deploy. While we use the Enterprise version, the Free version will, I believe, integrate with Active Directory (AD) for pushing out packages. That way, you can create a package for distribution, set the password, and then push out the updates via AD.

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computer - property -change setting -domain (domain icon not highlight)

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I am logged into a domain "ABC". I open the browser and navigate to an HTTPS site that requires a login. That site is using AD to validate logins and passwords. Problem is, when the browser prompts for username/password it does not accept a domain name. It keeps the ABC domain. Any ideas here?

A:Cant' change domain on https site

Usually, you specify it as domain\logon for the userid if you are switching to a different domain.

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I received my computer recently from someone who registered it on a domain server out of my access. Every time I try to change a setting where I need to give my password, the computer says "there are currently no logon servers available to service the logon request" i also cannot change user accounts.

i would appreciate any help.

A:How do i change user accounts outside their domain?

Quote: Originally Posted by Thielen

I received my computer recently from someone who registered it on a domain server out of my access. Every time I try to change a setting where I need to give my password, the computer says "there are currently no logon servers available to service the logon request" i also cannot change user accounts.

i would appreciate any help.

Welcome to the windows 7 forums Thielen.

Can it be assumed that you received the original disk from whoever you received the computer from?

My suggestion is to do a complete re-install unless you can give the machine back to whoever you got it from and have them unjoin the computer from their domain and set it back to a local workgroup. They should be able to do this fairly easy.

Although FWIW, Home versions of Windows 7 won't allow you to join to a server domain.

If the person you received the computer from is not available then about the only solution would be to completely re-install windows 7 from the disks you received from them.


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I changed my computer from a domain to a workgroup. It warned me that I had to have administrator proveleges and logon password. before proceeding I verified that and when i made the change it inquired for username and password and accepted it. It welcomed me to the workgroup and said the computer had to be restarted. I restarted and now can not logon!!

A:Cant logon after change Domain to Workgroup

You'll probably have to ask your IT department to rejoin the computer to the domain. And they should know the proper way to change from domain to workgroup.

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I need help, Im a Helpdesk Analyst for a company of roughly about 150 computers all running Windows 7. They are all in our active directory domain and all running TightVNC . Problem is that most of the newer PC's are on one Admin password and the older ones on a different Admin password. We need to place all the PC's under 1 Admin password for VNC. Note I am not talking about local Admin passwords I am talking specifically about VNC Admin passwords on those PC's. Can anyone give me an idea of how to deploy this change to all the computers in the domain without having to go each individual PC? Appreciate any help you can give me. 

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My friend has a laptop that runs Microsoft XP Professional. I was helping a friend set up his wireless network. I got it to work fine with encryption - he then wanted to be able to use his shared network printer. He uses a domain at work, so i changed him over to the home workgroup and restarted the computer as advised. Now, he cannot log in as his typical user name. His password has become invalid for some reason. Any advice would be wonderful! (Note, this name was the Local Administrator on the computer, so it was not a name that he had to be connected to his work domain to use.)


A:Domain Change Password Problem

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I have 2 sites both belonging to the same domain. However the domain controller in the second site needs to be completely replaced from windows 2000 to 2003 on a new server. There are about 25 users and i would like to know the best way in doing this change over. Please can anyone advise me.

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I just set up a Server 2008 machine, which was accidentally given the wrong domain name. Its picked up the correct domain IP, but it won't let me change the domain name, stating that the Certification Authority Service is running. I don't see that in my list of services. A web search for solutions doesn't turn up equivalent problems.

As it was querying me for the server name and domain during setup, it told me they would not be changeable. I'm hoping that despite that message, I can change them without wiping it out and starting over.

Any help is appreciated.


A:Server 2008 change domain trouble

Is it an SBS 2008 server? This is the only type I know that sets up a CA on install. Normal 2008 you have to install the CA and configure yourself later?
It depends how far you are down the installation as to whether it is worth changing the domain name. Basically if you have only just installed it there isn't a lot needed to change the domain AND if it is not an SBS server.
If you have done a lot of config then you will have to reverse most of that. if it is an SBS = NO CHANCE! Just re-install it...or keep the domain name.

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I have just installed a new PC running Windows 7 Professional for an existing user on our Windows 2003 domain. When she tries to change her domain password, she gets an "access denied" error message. I am able to change her password on the server, and the new
password works fine. I have added her to the local administrator group. But no success. As a test, I added a 2nd user from the same domain to the users on the PC. The 2nd user is able to login and successfully change her password. Not sure where
to go from here except to create a new account on the Domain for the 1st user. Any help would be appreciated.
This is a single forest, Windows 2003 domain, with no other trusts.
This is the 1st Wiondows 7 PC added to the domain. All other workstations are Windows XP.

A:User cannot change their Domain password on new Windows 7 PC

Check her account in AD, is it set to require logon to change password in the "Users must log on in order to change password" check box in the Account Policy ?

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On my computer I am connected to a domain but I prefer to use my normal login as It means when I move my laptop all my files are where I expect them to be. My problem is at the login screen Vista wants to log me into the domain by default and I have to specifiy that I want to log in locally by typing "ComputerName\User". It's easy to misspell and just a hassle. Is it possible to change the default login to local as opposed to domain?

A:Change default domain for Vista logon

The default is determined by the computer's membership. If it's a member of a Domain, the default is to log into a Domain, if a Workgroup, then it logs into local accounts.

The classic logon box where you had the 3rd box to choose Domain/Local Computer is gone. If you want to log in locally, you have to type it in the ComputerName\Username format.

Would be nice if you could have Local tiles as well as tiles for domain accounts that have logged in, but guess Microsoft thought that wouldn't be secure enough.



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hi, when i log on to a employes PC, and run an elevated CMD(admin) and type my admin logons. on the same doamin we both are belong to.

then i dont get allow to change from disk C: to disk V:.

but if i rin a normal CMD then i can change disk. but then i dont get the rights to install a script. i change disk by typing V: dont work

i have seen that some type cd /D V:\ - <-- what does the /D stands for?

A:cannot change disk from C: to V: with admin right on a domain network

Quote: Originally Posted by Lehani

i have seen that some type cd /D V:\ - <-- what does the /D stands for?

Not sure about the main issue, but the /D means "change drive". You should use it when changing to a path on another drive.

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I have only Windows 7 machines in Server 2012 domain (Server 2008 R2 functional level). Everything is working fine except when a user changes his/her domain password from Windows 7 machine- it takes a long time ~5 minutes or more to successfully change the
password but changing a users domain password from the DC (2012) works instantly.

I hope I posted this in the right forum category.
Thanks in advance.

A:Windows 7 slow domain user password change.

Please check if there are some related errors in your Event Viewer. Also, check the error on your DC side.
Tracy Cai
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I recently upgraded a laptop to Windows 8 Pro from Windows 8 Standard.  The sole reason I upgraded to Pro was to be able to join to my companies domain, but when I go to switch from the default workgroup to the domain in System Properties, the entire
domain box is completely grayed out and inaccessible.  I am running the command from a local administrator account on the computer with the appropriate permissions, not from a Live ID.  I can access everything on the network just fine (aside from
the network drives, obviously,) and I can ping to the DNS server and get to the Internet.  There are no connectivity problems.
The upgrade was successful the first attempt, and as far as I know there were no files corrupted in the process. My guess is that there is some configuration file that the upgrade failed to change somewhere, but I'm really not sure what exactly the issue


A:Windows 8 Pro - Domain change option greyed out in System Properties

... but when I go to switch from the default workgroup to the domain in System Properties, the entire domain box is completely grayed out and inaccessible.  I am running the command
from a local administrator account on the computer with the <strike>appropriate permissions</strike>, not from a Live ID. 

Try using a domain administrator account (regarding appropriate permissions for network administration).
The local administrator account only has administrative access to local resources on the PC - i.e. does not have administrative privileges on the network
Regarding access and use of a domain administrator
I.e. you're a user at your company - so you should contact your companys system administrator regarding company policy.

I.e. if this is BYOD (your own device) it will probably not be joined to the domain.
If its a company workstation (laptop) - he will rejoin it to the domain.

As a rule of thumb - and may be confusing you here, do not expect yourself - even though a superuser with local administrative privileges - to finalize redeployment of windows, apps and data in a company domain. I.e. in a company you usually don't control
access to payrolls etc. (you should not have that kind of administrative configuration access - even if a company owner you could mess things up giving "unauthorized" access. Even a domain administrative account is not used as a "user" account - only configuration).
I.e... Read more

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The domain user is not able to change the password using Ctrl+Alt+Del OS WIN8, 8.1 and Windows 10.

The security database on the server does not have a computer account for this workstation trust relationship.

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We have a win 7 PC that has the password set to expire every 42 days (be design set in gpedit.msc). The user logs in and is presented with the "you must change password" screen. They enter a password and get this.  "configuration
information could not be read from the domain controller, either because the machine is unavailable, or because access is denied" 
  It is a WORKGROUP pc not a member of a domain but unsure if it every was. I changed the password using the administrator account and set the password that way without issue but the user stated that this was not the first time they had this issue.
I deleted the GPO settings (https://www.404techsupport.com/2014/04/script-clear-cached-group-policies/) and changed it to WORKGROUP1 in an attempt to reinforce the
non-domain status and no change. User is not restricted from changing their own password. User is not the admin.

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