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Windows media player and DVD player wont play gives me this message

Q: Windows media player and DVD player wont play gives me this message

Hi i just had to reinstall windows xp and everything works fine except the Windows media player and Real player i cant play DVD's. I get this message: Windows Media Player cannot play this DVD because there is a problem with digital copy protection between your DVD drive, decoder, and video card. Try installing an updated driver for your video card

Not sure what to do, i put in what i thought were the necessary drivers but maybe i missed something.Any help would be much appreicated.


Preferred Solution: Windows media player and DVD player wont play gives me this message

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: Windows media player and DVD player wont play gives me this message

Grab this XP Codec Pack 2.4.8

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when i try to play a video in windows media player i get this.

Windows Media Player cannot play DVD video. You might need to adjust your Windows display settings. Open display settings in Control Panel, and then try lowering your screen resolution and color quality settings.

i did everything it said but i still get the error.

A:DVD wont play in Windows media player

try this ..XP codecs...it has a AC3Filter that you need...


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My problem is that I cant play dvd's on wmp 10.It uses 100% cpu and stutters and slows.This also happens on real player...and I tried vlc as well.In task manager the cpu is high 70/80' for wmp .On the bottom the cpu sticks at 100%.if I am lucky I can just about play one song before it stalls.Any help would be welcome.Thanks.JimmyBobby

A:Windows Media Player wont play dvd's

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hi im trying to play a movie that is avi, windows media player says missing one or more codecs, so then i tried with VLC media player and it played, i tried reseting windows media center, but that didnt help, i got the same screen telling me 1 or more codec were missing, then the screen went black i waited for a few min then i manualy rebooted. any help would be greatly apprcted

A:windows media player wont play avi

Hello Jason,

Windows Media Player can play some AVI files and not others because they can be encoded with different codecs (WMV8, WMV9 etc.). If you install the K-Lite Codec Pack then you'll be able to play 99.9% of video formats in Windows Media Player.

K-Lite Codec Pack

1. Go to: Free-Codecs.com :: Download K-Lite Mega Codec Pack 7.2.0 : The K-Lite Mega Codec Pack includes the K-Lite Codec Pack Full, QuickTime Alternative, Real Alternative support and Monkey's Audio DirectShow decoder.
2. Scroll down to find the link that will "Download [ K-Lite Mega Codec Pack X.X.X ]" where the X.X.X will be the version number
***If the link doesn't work then choose one of the links with "MIRROR" written next to it***
3. Click on it and save the file to your documents
4. When it finishes downloading, find the file and run it

Now we have to install the program:

1. Click Next
2. Check "Advanced Install" and click Next
3. Click Next
4. On the drop down menu, select "Profile 8: Lots of stuff (without player)" and click Next
5. Click Next
6. Click Next
7. Check the "Windows Media Player" box and click Next
8. Check both of the boxes:
-"Video file extensions:"
-"Audio file extensions:"
and click Next
9. Click "Select All" and click Next
10. Click Next
11. Click Install


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Windows media player says no dvd decoder, HELP!

For some obscure reason windows media says there is no dvd decoder installed on my computer when I try to play dvd's. Does anyone know what to do?

A:Windows media player wont let me play dvd's!

Free and good, eh? well I use VLC media player which is free and works reasonably well. It plays DVDs, DIVX movies, as well as MPG-1,2,3
check it out videolan<dot>org sorry I guess URLs aren't allowed

also if you know anything about DVI reception problems on a LCD, please check out my recent post! thanks.

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My windows media player 9 won't play wma or asx or asf files.
It will play music on my pc but wont play any video from from links on a web site and wont connect to any radio stations.
I've updated and told it to detect proxy settings. I'm on cable.

A:Windows Media Player wont play

Hiya and welcome

Are you using a firewall, and also which version of Windows are you running?

Can you play those types of clips from the pc? For example, rightclick on these files, choose Save target As, and save to your pc. Then, doubleclick to play them.


Not brilliant clips, but just see if they can be played.



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Hi everyone

Ok WMP wont play any .wma files. when I try to open one I get WMP has encountered an error and has to close. I get the same error when I try to sync both of my mp3 players (they play wma files) and any program that checks WMP. I can play all other formats (mp3 mpg avi wav jpg), but if I try to play any .wma file i get the same crash error no matter what program it is. Can't pinpoint when this happened because I only found it out after I tryed to sync my juke phone (was fine first time but dosen't work any more). I've added a few programs since then but uninstalled all of them and same problem. Only thing thats still there that is updated is SP3. Reverted back to WMP 9 but still same problem. Ok I think thats all

P.S. Thanks for any help in advance

A:windows media player wont play wma

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My windows media player wont play videos on the net....when I try to download one, I just hear a "ding", and nothing happens. When I try to play a video that Ive already saved, same thing, just a "ding". When I go to start/programs, and try to open windows media player from there, ...."DING".

What is going on???? Please post if you have any idea what is up with my media player.

(Windows XP)

A:Solved: Windows Media Player wont play

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its just a black screen, however i have the audio. this happens with all files opened up in windows media. i've downloaded the setup and reinstalled it with all the codecs twice and it still didnt fix it.

it used to work fine but then one day i noticed it wouldnt play streaming videos off the net, so i saved the file on my comp and it still wont play the video. any help would be much appreciated.

A:video wont play on Windows Media Player 10


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It Windows media player 7, and my computer is a windows ME.
not a very good one either!

How do I get it to play wma files? Its done it before, I think.

And I got a library from the library, tried to play it and the play bar just keeps going with no volumne... No error messages or anything...

HELP! please

A:Windows media player wont play WMA files!

Okay updated to windows media player 9 thinking it would help....

But it didnt, just thought you should know that I dont have 7 anymore...

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Hi guys, im using windows media player 10 and i have the K-Lite Codec Pack installed. but i can't play flv files with windows media player anymore, it used to work with wm10 before but not anymore.

When i try to play a flv with wm10 i get a message "Windows Media Player encountered an unknown error. This can occur when another program or operating system component encounters a problem but does not communicate the nature of the problem to Windows Media Player."

here's a screenshot:

additional information:
i recently recovered from a wm10 error "An internal application error has occurred." which would popup whenever i open file with wm10

any help would be appreciatted.

A:Windows Media player wont play flv files

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My problem started happening about 2 or 3 weeks ago. I went into windows media player, and I get the error message : Invalid Acces to memory location. I clicked on web help and Microsoft, suprisingly, has no answer. What is wrong with my media player?

Also I tried to download Real Player, and Musicmatch but they wont play the songs OR import them into the library. I tried to import them into the library, but it says : The File format is not supported. I dont ge tthat either because the Musicmacth help says it can play .wma files, same error messages with real player. What is wrong with ALL of these programs?

P.S. Its the free version of Real Player and Musicmatch.

A:Windows Media Player wont play WMA Files!

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OK guys...here is the situation.

I have just reinstalled windows 7 64bit on my computer. Along with that I also installed Winamp, div x and real player. I shot some video with my HP Photosmart M627 digital camera. When I downloaded the movie clips(.AVI) to my computer all I get is an error saying "Windows Media Player encountered a problem while playing the file". Now I click "Web Help" and there is no answer to the problem. Now I can play the .AVI in Winamp, Real, and Div x but I only get sound. I then installed VLC Plaver and it works in there. My REAL biggest issue is that I can't use the file in Adobe After Effects as I am trying to manipulate the .AVI file and insert a special effect to the movie clip. When I use the movie clip in Adobe AE I get an error saying "After Effect warning: A problem occurred when processing OpenGL commands.". Now I turned off the Enable OpenGL in After Effect and that removed the error but I still cannot see the images in AF. How can I get the .AVI file to play correctly?

ASUS M4A78-MN Motherboard
AMD Phemon II X4 945 processor 3.00 GHz
8.00 GB Dual Channel DDR2 RAM
ADT Radeon HD4300
Windows 7 64Bit
3 Dell E151FPb monitors

PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!

A:Windows Media Player wont play files

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Hey i just tried to listen to a song in windows media and it got the red x and said windows media has encountered a problem while trying to play the following file, it was working fine a couple of days ago. Now it doesnt play any files. I dont know whats wrong.

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Hi there, I am having great difficulty playing DVD's via windows media Player 11

Strange thing is I can play CD's but when I try to play a DVD I get this message: Windows Media Player cannot find the file. If you are trying to play, burn, or sync an item that is in your library, the item might point to a file that has been moved, renamed, or deleted.

It's a working DVD it plays in my other DVD Player.


A:Solved: Windows media player Wont play DVD's

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ok. heres whats wrong.

I Created a video using Fraps and Cyberlink Power director 3

this video can be found here on youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fttxBIWstFg

the problem is. that for some unknown reason i cant hear the sound when it plays on my computer. it works fine on youtube though.

the settings i used to save it are XviD compressor (video and audio) and MPEG Layer-3

i have the Combined Community Codec Pack installed along with the divx codecs.

heres the video for download if it will help you find out whats going wrong.

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I have the newest version of wmp installed ver 10 and when i try and view videos in firefox on the net i get this

We have detected your browser does not have the required Windows Media 9 plug-in to play this video.

Click here to download the plug-in.Click to expand...

it tells me i need to download version 9 but it wont let me because i alread yheave version 10

any help?

A:Firefox wont play Windows Media Player

try here:

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Ok heres my problem. My music was working fine last week, and i decided to turn on some music, and it didn't work. None of my music did. It is even affecting some of my games such as Oblivion, it's music files are .mp3 and wont play. I hope there is a solution which does not require reinstalling win xp, as i do not have a disc. (When i bought my pc it came pre-installed with no installer disc)

My dxdiag is too big to post.. Sorry about it, but will try again on request.

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I have windows 7 Starter on my acer aspire one and i got a movie from a friend of mine and the audio wont play in wmp. it played fine on my friends computer. only the video plays for me. I have tried checking the volume of everything and my wmp is up to date. this is an avi file. help?!

A:why wont the audio play for a movie in Windows Media Player

You might not have the proper codecs. Try the K-Lite Codec Pack.

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I am trying to play streaming videos, but the Windows Media player videos dont play.

It plays fine with all the other players (quicktime, realone and youtube) but when I try to play a video that uses Windows Media Player nothing happens.

I tryed downloading WMP 11 and still no luck.

Anyone got any ideas??

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hello everyone
I know this is not a vista problem, but i am hoping that someone can help.
My daughter has windows XP on her computer and she has a camcorder with a hard drive that runs on MPEG files. I have downloaded them on to her computer, but when
she tries to play them on her media player nothing plays and an error comes up and says cannot play these files look at web help.
Is this because her windows media player is to old and can it be updated to play MPEG
files, or is their a free download programme that she can use to play these videos on.

regards calmat

A:mpeg files wont play on windows media player

Originally Posted by calmat

hello everyone
I know this is not a vista problem, but i am hoping that someone can help.
My daughter has windows XP on her computer and she has a camcorder with a hard drive that runs on MPEG files. I have downloaded them on to her computer, but when
she tries to play them on her media player nothing plays and an error comes up and says cannot play these files look at web help.
Is this because her windows media player is to old and can it be updated to play MPEG
files, or is their a free download programme that she can use to play these videos on.

regards calmat

Suggestion :

Google for a FREE video converter and change your mpeg files to WMV file formats.

WMV files are the most reliable and fool-proof formats for windows media player.

I use Prism as my video converter. It is free.
Prism download link :
Prism Video File Converter - Free software downloads and software reviews - CNET Downloads

You can go to the web and pick- choose. No need to buy one. A free converter will do the job.

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I am running Vista and recently my WMP 11 quit working with any videos, even ones it used to play before. It's been a whlie since I tried to watch videos so I don't know the moment it happened.

I have tried to install and uninstall many codec packs (K-lite, divx, xvid, ace, etc). The videos play fine in the Divx player, but when they play in WMP11 I get only audio, no video.

I have even tried to play older videos that I know worked previously with WMP 11. These videos also play OK on my desktop running Vista.

Thanks in advance...


A:Windows Media Player 11 wont play ANY movies anymore

I've had a very similar problem recently, still not managed to resolve it, even though i did once a while ago, but i have no idea how!!!
except the problem is playing DVD's I get an error about digital copy protection and graphics drivers need updating (according to wmp)

I know its codec problems, because I can play it in VLC.

Are you using x64 vista?

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i once downloaded a trailer mpeg (no sin) file using a downloading software, ares, my problem is, it can only play in the media player of the downloading software, it wont play in windows media player or real player. i have downloaded and installed DivXPro still it wont play.
plz share the logic or technology behind.

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Hello, I've been having a problem with Windows Media Player 11 on Vista for the past few months now. For some reason it has stopped playing internet radio broadcasts. I have tried the solution posted on the windows help guide but none of them works. As I have a computer that came with Vista already installed I am unable to uninstall the player and then reinstall it.
The most common response I get is to register the Wmnetmgr.dll and/or change the file name or delete the file so that windows media player is forced to create a new file. However, my computer will not let me do this, even though I am the Administrator on the computer.
Any new ideas or suggestions would be welcome.
Thank you.

A:Windows Media Player Wont Play Internet Radio

After moving to Windows Media Player 11 version I had this problem too. Now I use winamp for it and I more like it, coz I added my favorite radio broadcasts to my playlist and I can play it when I want.

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Man. I've been having this problem for the entire summer.

Heres what happens when I open WMA..
I get a screen that says "WELCOME TO WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER 9. Thanks for choosing WMA 9 the all in one media player", etc. I click next. Next screen says "Select Your Privacy Options". I select next. I get a screen called "Custom Installation Options". Here I can choose what files I want to open with WMA. I click FINISH.. and I get the "WELCOME TO WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER 9" window all over again. I can do this 100 times and never get anywhere.

OK.. So I figured, "Ill just uninstall it and reinstall it". When I go to Control Panel > Add/Remove Files.. WMA uninstalls but leaves the shortcuts but if I click them I get the "WELCOME TO WMA" screen again.

So I tried to just install a new version. It makes a back up point and such, and then I hit finish.. and it says that "Installation could not be completed".

This is seriously making me mad. Any ideas? I ran spyware programs and AV programs and nothing. Please help.

A:Windows Media Player wont play/uninstall/install

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Iv built a enw system, loaded up windows fine when i go to play a dvd it says "window meadia player cannot play this dvd because a compatible dvd decoder is not installed on your computer. "

Have i installed the ide cable in the wrong order or jumpers on wrong settings?? i have it as hard drive master and dvd rom slave.

maybe i need codecs??

what do you guys reckon thanks

GFX Computers

A:dvd drive wont play dvd on media player but loaded up windows

Download and install the K-lite codec pack from HERE. That should do it, if it`s a missing codec problem.

Regards Howard

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Windows 98SE
Windows Media Player 9
Hi everybody. I have been messing around with the settings in WMP and now when I pick tracks from All Music in the "Now Playing" mode some of the tracks turn red and will not play. About 50% of the tracks are affected. Can anyone tell me how to put this right? Thanx Ted.

A:(Solved) Windows Media Player wont play some tracks


I too had the same problem - it was the Beta Version of WMP9. In my case it was because WMP kept trying to access the internet and I blocked it with my Firewall. Sure enough each time the tracklist turned red and refused to play. It happened every time. Are you using the Beta or the Final Release ?

I believe its a consequence of the new Digital Rights Management project that MS conceived to try and stem use of pirated music.

Each WMP has a 'Unique Identifier Number' - Uncle Bill needs it to 'help maximize your internet experience'. :-(

While waiting for more replies you might care to check out this site as there are steps on troubleshooting / tweaking WMP.


See menu on left - particularly 'DRM'.

Not sure this is the cause of your problem so of course keep posting back.

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When I try to play music in either windows media player or winamp, computer only plays couple seconds and then wont play anymore. Ive tried to uninstall and reinstall and same thing happens. Can someone help me figure out what the problem is. Thanks

A:Music wont play in Windows Media Player and Winamp

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I created a dvd with sony vegas & dvd arcitect. it plays in perfect in win dvd & other dvd apps but it wont play the audio in windows media player.

Im Thinking I need to load some codec like the ac3 codec for wmp to be able to play the audio in wmp. can I also work around this by encoding the audio part in another format like mp3 are do I have to except the ac3 because its part of the mpeg2 standard?
Why do all other blockbuster video dvds play audio in wmp perfect with no extra codecs needed but if I ceate a dvd it needs a special codec. Do they include all the codecs on the dvd itself?

My goal is to create a dvd that plays in anything without needing special this or that because most of my end users wont know what to do & my created dvds will be useless.

This is freakin confusing. please help

A:Why wont windows media player play any audio from my created dvds

It depends what codec created the files. The same codec is needed to play as to create .

These apps will tell you what codec a particle media file needs to be played:


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I do not want to use the pre-installed Toshiba Media Player to play DVD's, I want to use the installed Windows Media Player. I cannot change the default DVD player to WMP in Control Panel as the only options are either Toshiba's or Nero's player.

WMP can play CD's, MP3's etc but cannot even read any DVD in the drive. Anyone got any advice on how to do change this?
It;s a Toshiba Satellite Pro C850 with Windows 8 installed

A:Advice on how to make Windows Media Player play DVD's not the Tosh player

> WMP can play CD's, MP3's etc but cannot even read any DVD in the drive
That?s very interesting. It cannot play DVDs but you want to use it s default player. ;)
You know what, forget WMP and use something else. I recommend you to test ?VLC player?. It can read all video formats and you don?t need to install some codecs. It is for free.

If you will be happy with it you can set it as default player for video format files.

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My windows media player 9 series wont play yahoo music videos it says I need windows media player 9 series final witch I have. I am running windows 98 SE with all the updates.

A:Solved: Windows media player 9 wont play yahoo music videos

lol, I had to turn off my debugger.

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I have Windows Media Player 10 and Total Video Player. I use Total Video layer to watch some movies. Anyway the default program to open audio/video files with keeps switching to Total Video Player. I want the default player for all media types to be WMP. I went into the options menu in WMP and checked all the boxes on all formats for WMP to be the default player, but every time I restart the computer the default player to open half of the media files reverts back to Total Video Player.

How do I fix this.

A:Windows Media Player wont stay remain as the default media player?!?!

try going into the Total Video Player options an unticking all the file formats in it. an if you want to play any thing with it just rite click an pick it as the player. if that dont work. just uninstall it

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I captured an AVI file from my DVD player using my video card. My Real Player and Windows Media Player won't place this DVD clip. Someone said I need codecs.
1. what are they?
2. where to get them?
3. how to use that to convert the file to some other format?
4. what formats do Real Player and Windows Media Player support?
4a. Is there another downloadable DVD player that will play the AVI file as is?
5. I also tried to burn this AVI file using Nero but when I tried to drag the file to the proper place, I encountered problems. What could be the issue here?
6. I have been told in another forum that my CD burner can burn a DVD file on DVD media if the format is proper. What format is needed? Is this another codec issue? (Nero says it needs AVI and that is what my file is).

A:how to play AVI file on Real Player/Windows Media Player?

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I downloaded the SAC Desktop Alert from www.steepandcheap.com today on my work computer. (It works fine on my personal computer.) However, when the alert attempts to pop up & play the alert sound, which is a WAV file, the following message pops up:

"Sonic CinePlayer Decoder Pack - Please wait while Windows configures Sonic CinePlayer Decoder Pack"

The following message pops up on top of the one above:

"Sonic CinePlayer Decoder Pack - An installation package for the product Sonic CinePlayer Decoder Pack cannot be found. Try the installation again using a valid copy of the installation package 'CPDP.msi'."

After clicking "OK" several times (the error messages repeat 3 times), then those pop ups will go away & the SAC alert box will go ahead & pop up. However, it is suppose to pop up w/o the errors & play the alert (as it does on my home computer).

I looked in my Program Files & there is a "Sonic" file that includes a "CinePlayer Decoder Pack" file w/ a "cmdvdpakENU.dll CinePlayer DVD Decoder Pack Resources" file w/in it.

I'm not sure if this version is what I need to avoid these errors & if it was just a matter of allowing something to point to this Sonic file?

Also, if I go into the "SteepAndCheap" program file, then "Desktop Alert", then "Resources", then "SAC", there is the "alert" WAV file. When I click o... Read more

A:Solved: Attempt to play WAV file in Windows Media Player 11 creates error message

sounds like Sonic CinePlayer is missing files just reinstall the program should fix the issue for you.

Also depending on where you work check with your IT guy if you have to cuz he/she may get grumpy if your trying to install stuff like this on your work computer, I know I hate when my employees install personal stuff on their computer, but then again thats just me.

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I recently reformatted my computer, and since the reformat, whenever I try to play a CD in Windows Media Player, I get the following message: "Windows Media Player cannot play the file because there is a problem with your sound device. There may not be a sound device installed on your computer. It may be in use by another program or it may not be functioning properly."

A:I'm unable to play a CD player in Windows Media Player

You may need to re-install your sound driver.
Look in Device Manager to see if it's missing.

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I have an IIS 6.1 website on a local Windows 7 32-bit machine that serves HTML and MP4 videos through Internet Explorer all on the local machine.  An internet connection is not required as this is all local storage and local hosting via IIS.
 IIS is configured to serve the MP4 videos as downloadable files, not streaming in any way.  I do have the proper MIME type ".mp4" with "video/mp4" setup in the IIS server, so I do not believe that is the problem.

When the machine is connected to the internet, clicking an MP4 video link in any HTML page served by the local IIS server results in Windows Media Player opening up and playing the video in its own window.  However, when the Ethernet cable
is unplugged, clicking the same MP4 video link results in Windows Media Player opening its own window, then displaying this error message:

Windows Media Player cannot play the file.  If the file is located on the Internet, connect to the Internet.  If the file is located on a removable storage card, insert the storage card.

It is almost as if Windows Media Player has a bug and since it is accessing this media file via a URL but the machine is not connected to a network, it thinks this file is unplayable.

When the Ethernet cable is disconnected, the local IIS server still serves all the HTML and ActiveX content except for media files.  I also tried to access MP3 and WMV files through the IIS server to see if Windows Media Pl... Read more

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it's not just mediaplayer, Realplayer wont play them either. Or any other movie playing thing. when I try it comes up with this message:

Windows Media Player cannot play this DVD because there is a problem with digital copy protection between your DVD drive, decoder, and video card. Try installing an updated driver for your video card.

Or an error message. I'm not sure where to look for these things or even if it needs it. My computer never had a problem with playing DVD's before everything on it got wiped and reinstalled.

A:media player wont play DVD's

See if you have any better luck with VLC media player.

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I always have media player and winamp installed, but since a reformat a few months back, media player wont play anything yet winamp will! Ive changed the files types it can play and so on. It wont even play WMA files!

Any Ideas?

A:Media Player Wont Play Anything....

You could try uninstalling both programs and then re-install windows media player.
Go to the add/remove programs in control panel. Select windows components and remove windows media player. Then go back to add/remove programs and remove winamp.

Then either download a new copy of windows media player from the microsoft site or go back to add/remove windows components and choose to add it again, you will be prompted for the install cd.
Try to play a file with only windows media player installed and see what happens.
If it works then try installing winamp again and see if there are any issues.

When you've tried this post back and tell us whats happening!!!!!

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Help! My Windows Media Player(latest version) will not play my audio CDs. I can still hear music, like when I play back their sample list, but when I insert a CD, the error message " Cannot play back file. Format is not supported". What can I do so that the format is supported? I have tried re-installing Windows Media Player, talking to Microsoft and the computer manufacturer, and everyone has lots of ideas but no answers. Help! The problem started when I installed a Disney Tarzan game for my kid, and they want to play!!!

A:Media Player wont play CDs

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Hi im haven problems with windows media player working it dont seem to want to play cd,here is the error its saying."windows media player encountered an error when reading the cd-rom drive in digital mode.Click ok to switch to analog mode.Click cancel to retry playing in digital mode."I am running M.E.iI tryed the help part in media player where it tells you to go to devices and then click cd-rom to change it but it wont open to change it but it does opens on xp and you can see where to change it,I unstalled media player reinstalled but still the same.thnaks

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VLC media player will play the audio to DVDs but the video will be a bunch of horizontal lines, the last DVD i tried showed this error
Playback failure:
VLC cannot set the DVD's title. It possibly cannot decrypt the entire disc.
Also can it play region 2 DVDs if I am in region 4, and if not how can i get it to do that.
Thanks in advance!

A:VLC Media Player wont play dvds

In theory Your DVD drive should need to be set to the region of the DVD. The drives have a limited amount of region changes too.
I have always used DVD playing software to play a DVD on the computer. I use VLC for everything else of course.
Generally speaking I use a region free stand alone DVD Player connected to the TV to play DVDs.
Good Luck

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HAlf Of The Screan Is White And The Play Button Is At Of The TOP Video Window And Wont Load Anything Pleas Pleas Help

A:Media Player Wont Play Streams

it happened after i updated zone alarm removed zone alarm but still have same problem

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Hi ,
Can anyone advise , i have d/l the channel 4 on demand service . But when
i try and play anything it says cant play dmr files .
plz help ...........

A:Media Player 11 Wont Play Drm Files

Have you tried using a different player, such as Media Player Classic?

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Hey I,ve got a problem with media player in that it will only play out of one speaker, they are both definatly working as media player classic for example works fine

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Hi, need some help with a small problem on my windows media player, for some reason when I play avi files it doesn't show the video, but I will hear the audio, I thought it was a codec problem, so I downloaded a bunch of avi codecs, but they didn't fix the problem, maybe I don't have the right ones or something, anyway if you could help me fix this problem it would be really appreciated, because I'm annoyed with it, and also by the way, for windows movie maker it does the same thing, I tried a different media player: Divx, and it worked fine, but it would be great though if I could make it work for both windows media player and windows movie maker.

A:Media player wont play avi files

It's very likely a codec issue. You have a couple of options. The minimalist option would be to download the gspot codec tool, it's freeware and easy to find via google. It will tell you the specific audio and video codecs necessary for the file you want to play. You can then simply install just the necessary codec.

If you want a codec pack that will cover all your bases, I recommend the Shark007 packs Shark007's FREE Codec solutions. There is a Vista pack, as well as an x64 add on pack. They are updated frequently, completely configurable, and malware free.

If you chose to install the packs, uninstall all the individual codecs you installed previously, or you may end up getting nasty conflicts.

In addition, you may want to try the VideoLan player from VideoLAN, Free streaming and multimedia solutions for all OS! instead of WMP.

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