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I need help dividing a drive on two partitions

Q: I need help dividing a drive on two partitions

My laptop has two drives - C and D. I want to divide C drive where the Windows XP is installed on two partitons. I never did something like that so far so i am not sure how to do it. Do i have to delete the whole C drive and divide it on two partitions using the Windows installation CD? And will my PC will become slower if i have more than two drives?

Preferred Solution: I need help dividing a drive on two partitions

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: I need help dividing a drive on two partitions

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Can one disk drive have MBR partitions followed by GPT partitions ? Or of the reverse order?
the illustration (kind of mini tool partition layout) :
Disk 1:

Volume   drive    Partition    Part. style   Status
1                            primary      MBR          system active
2           C                primary     MBR          boot
3           D                primary      MBR        none
4           E                 primary     MBR         none
5            J                primary      GPT         none
6            K                 primary     GPT        none
7            L      ...                  &n... Read more

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Can one disk drive have mbr partitions followed by GPT partitions ?
for illustration (kind of using mini tool partition) :
Disk 1:

Volume   drive    Partition    Part. style   Status
1                            primary      MBR          system active
2           C                primary     MBR          boot
3           D                primary      MBR        none
4           E                 primary     MBR         none
5            J                primary      GPT         none
6            K                 primary     GPT        none
7            L      ...
8            M     ...
9  ...
10 ... ... Read more

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Hey guys is there a way to divide a DVD into 2 discs? I have a dual layer DVD's but i only have single layer discs. Is there a program that can divide a DVD? Please help, thanks in advance

A:Dividing a DVD

there's a number of dvd copying methods (ie backing up your dvds to avoid the toothpaste scratch repair alternative)

start here:

and see what works best for your budget and needs
dvd decrypter (to copy the files) and dvd shrink (to reduce the size to 4gb for single layer media) are 2 of the most common - and free, lots of others too

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I have a simple setup like this:

[-- PC 1
Internet------------Cable Moem---------Router--- |
[-- PC2

My Router lets me manage bandwidth by subnet so I changed the subnet on PC1 but after setting the router it still applies the same rule to both PC's

Am I doing something wrong?

Coputers are running WinXP
Router is a Zyxel P-334W


A:Can I have some help dividing my network please?

The diagram makes no sense, I presume those machines are really connected to the router as below?
/-- PC 1
|--Router------------Cable Modem---------Internet ISP
\-- PC2

I haven't used that router, but changing the subnet seems to be an odd way to accomplish the goal. Can you do the following on each of the machines?

For 98 or ME, Start, Run, COMMAND to open a DOS window:
--- or ---
For 2K or XP, Start, Run, CMD to open a DOS window:

Type the following command:


Right click in the command window and choose Select All, then hit Enter.
Paste the results in a message here.

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Can you divide your HD into 2 partitions instead of 1 without 3rd party software? I have XP Home. Does it require Partition Magic or something like that?

A:Dividing a Partition into 2

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you know how there is a feature in w7 by pressing the windows key and either left or right button you can assign the window to the left or right half of the screen.

Is is possible to assign program up and down since one of my screen in always in portrait mode.

A:dividing windows up and down possible?

Not sure if this is what you want but..
Right click the task bar and select show windows stacked.

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Not exactly a Network & Sharing question, but this is as close to topic as I could find. I have noticed that while I normally can get ~400kb/s while downloading files with any given program, whether downloading a single file or multiple ones, if I split the downloading tasks between two different programs, the downloading speed is often significantly greater than 400kb/s.

I once thought that the speeds were simply the result of my internet connection (3.3mbps), but if that were true, it would seem that the total speeds of all downloads would be ~400kb/s, whether using one program or two.

Is there something else involved in regulating speed, that doesn't involve the ISP? I know that in XP, that there was a tweak that I did, with a DOS command at boot, that improved download speeds, but if I understand, that was an intentional "feature" that was supposed to reduce some kind of malware issue possibility.

A:Dividing Downloads

Have you waded through these FAQs and tweaks?

Tweaking FAQ | DSLReports.com, ISP Information

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hi everybody,

Is it any way that we can divide snort rules between different connected computer in order to use parallelism?


A:dividing snort rules

Did you read this Writing rules and understanding alerts for Snort

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hello everyone
is there a way to divide internet bandwidth over LAN

here is the complete scenario
We have a single internet DSL connection shared by 3 people thru a switch
now what we want is a way to divide our bandwidth (2mbps) equally so that everyone uses his share

so my question is what would be the procedure to divide it ??


A:dividing bandwidth over lan thru modem

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When my wife got a wireless, we had to get a router. Having had various modems in the last 10 years, and all causing problems at one time or another, I decided on a Netgear DGN 1000, since it was one of the few that had a built-in modem. My thinking was that just maybe it would work correctly being built as one unit.
After numerous problems,it works ok. The new wireless is a Sony Vaio, about midway in the model list.She watches a lot of old tv reruns. When she uses the laptop, my online stuff slows to a crawl. Her programs run fine, with very few jerks, or pauses, as the download plays.
Is there a way to give each 50% when both being used ?
My computer:
IE 8
Directx 10.0
Free Physical 1716 MB
Free page 3927 MB
Free virtual 5765 MB
AMD Athlon II x2 260 processor
Max clock speed 3200 Mhhz
Motherboard Foxconn model A74ML 3.0/A74ML-K3.0
Mem total 3071 MB Data width 64 bits
Cache mem #0 2047KB; Cache mem #1 2048 KB
Usage 43%
Phys. Mem. 2 banks
Speed 607 Mhz
Hard disc WDC 320 GB heads 18
I took these figures from various programs that gather such info. and don't know what most of it means.
Help much appreciated.
Thank you.

A:"Dividing the connection fairly"

I have no idea if this works ... http://www.ehow.com/how_6641388_use-computer-make-internet-faster.html

Or, more links to look through http://www.google.com/webhp?rls=ig#hl=en&rls=ig&site=webhp&&sa=X&ei=u1NgTfTqD4PAsAOD2_C6CA&ved=0CBIQBSgA&q=how+to+give+two+computers+equal+bandwidth+using+one+modem&spell=1&bav=on.1,or.&fp=eebb40ab4c289d6b

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In an excel macro, i was wondering how to do it:

You have names of sheets in one of your worksheets per person. It is every name in every cell. Example:

Name of Person Sheet 1 Sheet2 Sheet3 Sheet4
Anna USRT President_Boar President Board
Joe President_Boar President Board
Peter OPP
Wallis Systems
Marts Administration
Nara Revenue_Process
Carn HR
Towe Market_Dev_Total SVP_MkDev General_Contr SE_National
I want the macro to take that name (above) and look in another file for the exactly name of sheet and create a new file for every person. So every person received a special pages which he/she exactly needs.

Thank you

A:Dividing the Excel file

Can you clarify what is required, you wish to use a name from your worksheet, open another workbook and name a Worksheet with that person's name?
Then repeat this for other people's names?

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hi, i have a problem where my screen will suddenly and randomly go black, i cant see anything, but i can still hear and the computer is still on. i manually turn the computer off, but when it turns back on it is divided into 6 screens. and it wont start up properly, stopping and remaining black with white lines before the sign in screen. this is the third time it has happened, usually I would continue turning it on and off or leaving it off for a long time and then when i turn it on it will work again. but i dont want the screen to go black again and have to relive this situation. SO if anyone out there has seen this before i would greatly appreciate your help. also, right before the screen would go black and not come back, i would see little blue squares.

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I have been searching high and low to figure out if you can divide the screen into four quarters if you are running Windows XP. I swear I have seen it before. I don't think you can work in each screen, instead, when you click on one, it maximizes and then you can work in it.


A:Dividing screen into four sections????

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Hello Everyone,

I'm using Windows XP Home Edition running at the latest patch level. I'm looking for a way to seperate program installations between user accounts. For example, when I install a new program in my account it is added to the desktop and start->all programs menu for ALL users on the computer. Is there a way to prevent this?


A:Dividing User Programs

Probably not at install time. You CAN move the entries to specific user's Start Menu afterwards.

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hi guys,
I bought a new laptop which came with installed Vista.
I want to divide my 140G C (system) partition into 2 partitions as follows:
C - 40G
D - 100G
two problems
1. I could only shrink C to be 100G despite the fact that only 35G are used
2. After shrinking C to 100G i am trying to format the un allocated 40GB. i get an error message:

There is not enough space available on the disk(s) to complete this operation

can help?


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I could really use help on the following-- I have huge excel files that need to be rearranged into proper format. Currently they are in this format (using a very simplified example):

Column 1 Column 2 Column 3
Person1 socks 3
Person1 pants 4
Person1 ties 10
Person1 hats 6
Person2 socks 2
Person2 pants 3
Person2 ties 1
Person2 hats 7
The format I would like to have is as follows:
Column 1 Column 2 Column 3 Column 4 Column 5....
Person1 Person2 Person3 Person4
socks 3 2
pants 4 3
ties 10 1
hats 6 7

... and so forth.

I'm not very handy with Excel and am wondering is there anyway I can automate this task to save myself a lot of cutting and pasting? I have huge amounts of data, it's akin to processing 500 people with over 10,000 clothing items.
Thank you so much in advance.... this would really save me weeks and weeks of time.

A:Dividing a huge Excel row into columns- pls help!

The thing to do would be to write a macro in VBA, I might be able to make one for you but I'll need to know all the different categories of thing (hats, ties etc.) and whether each person comes up the same number of times, one after another, or whether its random, because it could get too complicated and time consuming to be able to help.

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Does anyone know how to divide a Podcast into individual songs to be later saved independently... for FREE?


A:Dividing Podcasts Into Individual Songs


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I have an Excel file of names (like John Smith) where the first and last name are entered in a single cell. Unforturnately, the names should have been entered in two cells - one for first name and one for last name. Can anyone think of a way to break the data apart perhaps by detecting the space between the names and putting the characters before it in one column and the characters after it in another?



A:Solved: Dividing First and Last Names in Excel

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I am using Adobe Elements 3
I wish to make a wall hanging.
I found a picture that will print
8 1/2 x 11

The wall hanging size I want is around
lets say
3 times as large.
I would like to take that image
Supersize it
Print it in sections
Then take them together and use carbon paper under it to make a pattern
Then paint on the fabric.

How I get the image to print in perhaps 4 sections?
Is there a command or will I have to divide the image manually?

A:dividing huge image into 4 quarters?

There's no "command" in Elements that I know of .. I'd do it manually.
I'd resize the picture first .. As I wanted the final .. Then divide it.

This might be a little "tricky" if you're not familiar with the resizing and cropping commands in Elements.
If you can get me the picture and instructions .. I can help.
I do this all the time for my Wife's quilting habit ... Let me know.

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I have a column that contains the full name of a client, eg. Mr B Cooney and I want to divide this into three columns (Title, Firstname and Surname). Can anyone help?

A:Access 2000 - Dividing data into several columns

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Ive until tomorrow eve to scan about two hundred photos. For the lat three hours Ive been trying to get a batch scanner to work in gimp 2 by following this directions here

At best, on a scan of six 2x2 pictures, two of them will get divided into their own jpegs.

Can anyone tell me why? I don't know what other info I can provide other than they are getting scanned into the computer with a hp photosmart 7510 with that computers default scanning software then I try to divide the pics with gimp.

Any recommendations on other software for dividing batch scanned pictures, or even recommendatinos on other scanners?

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when I open explorer the vertical bar between file name area and preview pane sits partly over file name, I drag it to right, revealing also then size amd date columns , only to find when i next open explorer its back there again.

In win XP it would stay where I left it.


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I have attached a sheet with some figures.
Each financial year, I have figures showing Opening and Closing balances and the 'total value of the transactions that took place between the closing and opening balance' that when sumed with the opening balance gets the closing balance. I hope you follow me so far.
Now what I was hoping someone could me help with is breaking it down so that the Opening balance at the beginning of the financial year only sums up for the next month (not the whole year) to get a new closing balance and continues to do so until it reaches the new opening balance of the next financial year. You will now its right as the previous months closing balance will equal the next months opening balance. The trick is to do a calc that knows how many months are in between. Most of the time its 12, but at the beginning it depends on the start month, so it could be only 5 as in the attached example.
Note: The totals for the transactions between Opening and Closing balances in the attached example are total for the future months.

A:Solved: Excel 2003 - VB Help dividing yearly totals into monthly amounts

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have my C drive partitioned with a S & I drives as well as a external hard drive partitioned with two extra drives that i done need any more.

How do i get rid of these partitioned drives.

A:How to get rid of drive partitions

Right click My Computer, click Manage
Click on Disk Management
Right click the partition you want to delete in the lower right pane, Click Delete Partition

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Hello there fellow nerds,

It baffled me for a long time why does my primary drive have so many recovery and "others" partitions.
When im working with my partitions on the primary drive it is quite difficult to navigate trough as you can see.
My question is do I really need all of those partitions ( I doubt I have ever used most of them ), ofc I need EFI partition and the primary one but the rest, I just don't know.

With regards,


( what a mess )

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I am not sure how or when this occurred but I somehow seem to have ended up with 2 Healthy (recovery partition) both of which are different sizes.

I assume I don't need both, but how do I determine which is being used?



A:Partitions on C Drive

From an elevated ("run as administrator") command prompt run:

reagentc /info

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I have 3 Partitions on Hard Drive in the Windows/Linux machine. # One is 76.77 GB, # two is 70.29 GB and #3 is 1.99 GB.  I would like to take, using Disk Management, and move #3 into #2, but is see no way to do that.  I can delete the Partition,
but then then 1.99 Gb is gone, unusable anymore.
Any Ideas on how I can do this?

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I just wiped out my drive. I used Partition Magic and deleted all partitions. Then I created 3 partitions. One FAT32 and two NTFS. Then I installed Win98 and it was running fine. But:

1. I have another HDD installed on the PC and I couldnt access it. When installing it says the drive is unformatted or damaged but I havent touched the other drive.

2. After installing Win98, I could not find my other partitons to install Win2k and WinXP. I have started over again. I am now formatting the entire drive as NTFS. I just want to have the entire drive accessible and partitioned, formatted.

3. When installing Win98, shodl I choose support lareg disk? It says if I do I wont be able to install other OS.

4. If I format my entire drive at NTFS right now, can quite the win2k setup and then install Win98 and partition the disk aand format the amount of space I want to FAT32?

A:cant see partitions on drive

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Hey. I am installing windows 10 pro right now. for two days actually. First time I was setting it up, I ran into the "language Select Loop". And because I did not create a user yet, I could do nothing. Not even acess safe mode(defaultuser0). I made a Win10 pro ISO and booted a flash. at first my pc couldnt see the flash. but after I booted it again with different settings, It worked.

But now I am in Windows setup and it asks me where do I want to install windows. I cannot instal it on none of the listed drives. It says:

How do I change the style if I cant even acess the windows itself?? this is different pc.
I would love if I could get a reply in less than 2 hours for that I have a lot of things to do with that pc.

Btw I dont have uefi. just bios. my pc is laptop asus A55A


A:Drive 0 Partitions

Nevermind I just found out the combination to open CMD during instalation. even without helping me, thank you. 10/10 will post here again.

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Ok someone has made a mistake in installing windows in our department.

They have installed win xp, all works fine. The OS is installed on drive D but there is also a drive C.

Drive C is only 45MB in size, Drive D is 130GB.

Now the problem is that when we install certain software it wants to automatically default to C:\, which obviously wont work due to the limited disk space.

How do i go about swapping the drive letters around or the partitions? I tried disk management and it didnt let me do anything error "cannot change boot partition" this was on C.

I realy dont want to install windows xp again by deleting/formatting each partition. Any quick way around it? I know partition might have helped but i want to be sure before doing anything.


A:Drive Partitions

Drive Management won't let you do it because it sees the letter as being "in use". Have you tried changing the "C:" partition to another letter...say drive N: (just for an example ) and then changing your primary partition with your OS on it to "C:".

If that doesn't work, a program like Partition Magic might be able to fix it.

Good Luck

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I am running a 2TB drive on my Lenovo desktop. As it happens, it's my office machine and therefore I use very little of the space - around 60GB. I decided to speed it up by adding a 128GB SSD drive for the system, while keeping the old drive as a backup location. I am trying to work out how to efficiently clone the drive. I currently have 5 partitions listed in Windows 10, in order:1. 1000MB Recovery Partition2. 260MB EFI System Partition3. 500MB OEM Partition4. 1.8TB Boot/Page File/Crash Dump/Primary Partition (my C: drive)5. 24.41GB Recovery Partition My intention was to shrink 4 (my C: drive) to 128GB and clone it onto the SSD. I am hoping that:a) I will be able to boot my Windows 10 from the SSD as my primaryb) I will use the remaining 1.676TB of 4. to create another partition, call it D: drive, that I will use as a backup destination for my SSD.c) If anything goes wrong with the SSD, I simply skip it in the boot sequence and boot from 4. on the old drive - and use the archive on D: to recover data.d) Should it happen that I need to access any of the recovery partitions, I boot from the old drive as they are still there. Will this work as intended, or am I missing something here? Thank you!

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I have a 20 gg harddrive that is in 2 partitions, I would like to make it into one, butttttt, one of the partitions is fat and the other is fat 32. and not at all sure what to do with them. I bought the pc from a friend, along with it came a program called partition magic.

A:hd drive partitions

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I have a Lenovo Yoga 3 14 laptop with a 256GB SSD. The system has seeveral partitions, including the Windows partition and Lenovo parition (which appears to just contain drivers), and the LENOVO_PART parition (which I assume to be the recovery partition. All the others are relatively small in size, but I cannot  find a description of what they are and if they are used. I would like to recover the space by the unused partitions if possible. I have attached a screen shot of the partion list. Any assistance would be appreciated.

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i live in india.
i have celron 2.4 wih 256 ram
i m now learning graphic designing and the the virtual memory is too low for it.
i have installed adobe photoshop and illistrator (cs) in my pc with 256 ram and i also have other common programmes installed on my pc.
now i am installing a new 512mb ram for the heavy softwares to install.
tell me is it ok and will it work if i use 512mb ram in celron 2.4 and with the softrwares like adobe photoshop, illustrator, corel draw, indesign, flash etc.......
and i have very less memory in c drive, i want to add some space from d drive to c drive, how can i do it?
thanks in advance.

A:drive partitions

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hi i have 2 partitions on my pc C: OS D: DATA
however it used to have a recovery partition (as far as im aware hidden on c)
for system restore (acer system restore)
which leads me to my query as i have recently performed a format and clean install of vista from retail media and have no need for acer system restore would it be ok to delete this partition/hidden partition and reclaim the HDD space.. and how best to proceed to safely do so..

any help would be much appreciated.


A:partitions hidden partitions recovery partitions

i just found this

Delete and Remove to Unlock EISA Hidden Recovery or Diagnostic Partition in Vista ? My Digital Life

does anyone have any experience with this method or can anyone reccomend this method

or would you advise against using this method.


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Have XP. Drive split evenly between C and D. C has 35.4GB Total Size and 544MB Free Space. D has 39.0GM Total Space and 39.0GB Free Space. I would like to create one drive or at least transfer some of space from D drive to C drive. Would appreciate some help in "how to". Thanks

A:How to Merge Partitions to Extend C Partition merge partitions to extend C drive

Windows Vista and newer have built-in tools that can resize volumes. See our tutorial for that here.Windows XP and earlier don't have the tools built-in, so you have to use a third party partitioning tool. We have a tutorial for that, too. This tutorial covers shrinking an existing volume to make space for a new second volume, but resizing two existing volumes is substantially similar.

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Can someone explain why the storage capacity of my C drive is one tenth of the total storage capacity of the entire hard drive.  I bought this computer about 3 weeks ago with specs as follows: 6th generation Intel Core i7-6700 processor24GB DDR4 system memory2TB hard drive128GB SATA Solid State Drive Now when I go to "Settings", click on "Systems" and then on "Storage", it shows the following: This PC ( C: )61.3 GB used out of 119 DATADRIVE1 ( D: )306.7 MB used out of 1.81 TB I have downloaded less than 1 GB of programs. This seems rediculous to have the C drive with such little storage space. Is this right or is there something wrong. This is how it came out of the box. 

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The attachment below shows a screen shot of my win 7 x64 home premium HP dm4-1160us laptop's hard drive partitions. I would like to divide the C: drive into 2 drives, one for OS and one for data. Is this possible using minitools partition wizard or another partitioning software?? On Gizmo's 3 part instructions on how to partition the drive to allow separation of OS and data, so that a drive image can be made of the OS partition for disaster recovery, he states that if the only hard drive already has been partitioned, "abandon any attempts to further partition the drive". Thanks

A:How to Add partitions to a drive that's already partitioned

here is a larger screen shot

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I'm new on this forum and this question has probably been asked before, but...

I am migrating from an old computer with Windows XP to a new computer with Windows 7. My old XP has 2 physical hard drives, each with a partition, essentially giving me 4 drives. My new computer with Windows 7 has a HUGE 1.5 Terabyte hard drive. My question is: should I partition my new hard drive to create (mostly) the old configuration?

On the old machine I used Norton Partition Magic to do the job, but my understanding is that Windows 7 has a utility to do that. Another questions is: what is the best way to go (if at all).

Jerry Hickman

A:Hard drive partitions

Hello Jerry and welcome.

If you have 2 Hds in your XP machine you have "2" partitions. 1 on each drive unless you created more. That seems unclear.

And I have always used multiple drives instead of multi partitions. Its safer. If the drive dies all your partitions go with it.

Since you have 3 drives there just use them all and use a single partition on each.

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I am not sure of the best way to handle this, could use some advice and input. I have an Acer 5290 Laptop with approx 130 G harddrive. It is divided into 2 parts( 3 really, one being the boot area) C: and D: c is the area for programs etc... and D: shows up as a data drive(partition) I have nothing of value in D: and would like to move the unused space to C: or expand C: into a chunk of D: (C: is almost full). The both have about 66 Gig. Acer offers no help ecept saying to get a 3rd party software (partition Magic), and leaves the issue at that. I have bought Partition Commander..but am wondering how best to handle the operation. Any help appreciated...

A:Hard drive partitions

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I have a Tyan Titan III MB with hard drive capacity limit of 8.4 gb. Would it work to partition a 30 gb HD into 4 all under the 8.4 gb limit instead of using the overlay software. Also if it would work in that configuration is there any reasons that it should not be done.

Thanks much,

A:Hard Drive Partitions

It would work fine.

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Hello, i need help with hard drive partitions. So now i want make them both same. I mean now i got in one partition 320GB in other 50GB, but now i want that they both be same, 370GB. But i cant to do this, i cant delete other partition. Some screen shots http://img21.imageshack.us/img21/9470/42974220.png, and i cant delete my first hard drive http://img34.imageshack.us/img34/8654/50316221.png. And look i have 50GB hard drive partition but they dont show them in computer http://img163.imageshack.us/img163/6524/84679007.png, only local disk

Omg my english is very bad, sorry, i think you guys understand what problem i have/

A:hard drive partitions.

If you want to make them both into one, you would delete the 50GB one (make sure you have any data backed up)
Partition or Volume - Delete

Then extend the first one (to the left) into the free space. (to the right)

Partition or Volume - Extend

The reason "my computer" shows only the 320GB is the other has no letter assigned.

I hope this helps.

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I am setting up a new PC this morning and see that the manufacturer has created 5 partitions on the HDD, but only the Windows partition has a drive letter - C: - assigned to it. The other partitions are without drive letters.

The DVD drive is designated as D: and if I attach an external drive Windows assigns E: to it.

I assume that there must be some benefit to the manufacturer to create partitions without drive letters, but after scratching my head for 5 minutes, it beats me as to why they do this. And 4 partitions assigned to Recovery..... seems a little "over-the-top"....



A:Partitions without Drive Designations

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I have three partitions on my hard drive. At boot up I used to be given a choice of partitions. This no longer happens for some reason. Is there any way switch partitions now?

A:switching partitions on one drive

So you had three seperate partitions, with three seperate OS's? You were given the option to choose which OS you wanted to load and now it doesnt allow you too? Sorry i just want to make sure im understanding your situation clearly.


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Hey. I am installing windows 10 pro right now. for two days actually. First time I was setting it up, I ran into the "language Select Loop". And because I did not create a user yet, I could do nothing. Not even acess safe mode(defaultuser0). I made a Win10 pro ISO and booted a flash. at first my pc couldnt see the flash. but after I booted it again with different settings, It worked.

But now I am in Windows setup and it asks me where do I want to install windows. I cannot instal it on none of the listed drives. It says:

How do I change the style if I cant even acess the windows itself?? this is different pc.
I would love if I could get a reply in less than 2 hours for that I have a lot of things to do with that pc.

Btw I dont have uefi. just bios. my pc is laptop asus A55A


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