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What's the BEST way to install video drivers , new Direct X,and remove older drivers?

Q: What's the BEST way to install video drivers , new Direct X,and remove older drivers?

First off, I have Windows XP.

For example, I have an older video card in my system now because I have to send my better card in for warranty repair.

I had upgraded to Direct x 9 and now I want to go back to 8.1. How do I revert or remove Direct x 9?

Also, what is the best way to install video drivers? I heard awhile back you should boot into safe mode or something?


Preferred Solution: What's the BEST way to install video drivers , new Direct X,and remove older drivers?

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: What's the BEST way to install video drivers , new Direct X,and remove older drivers?

This method works best for me. First off, I use Norton Ghost 2003 to make an image of my Windows drive. When I make this image, I have already installed WinXP SP1 plus all the latest Windows updates I can get. Also, I have already installed useful and necessary programs like Norton Antivirus 2002, ZoneAlarm Firewall, NoAds, Analog X Cookiewall. I make sure that I don't have any videocard drivers installed. As for Direct X, it's the default one installed when you first install WinXP.

Now that I have the image, I go on and try installing new Direct X versions or new videocard drivers. If something goes wrong and messes up my system or I'm not happy with the performance of the new drivers or Direct X, I use Norton Ghost 2003 to restore my image. By restoring the image, I have everything back--WinXP SP1 + all updates, programs I've installed, etc. The process only takes about 4 minutes compared to reinstalling Windows + all the programs manually (3-5 hours).

With the image backed up to that original point, I try alternative drivers or Direct X files until I find a setting I like.

This is the way I test new Detonator drivers and Direct X files. It's fool-proof and makes me more bold in trying out new stuff.

If you need more background on the benefits of Ghost 2003 and its usage, check out this guide at Radified.com:


Hope that helped.

BTW, if you remember the date that you installed Direct X9.0, you might be able to go back to your 8.1 setting by restoring your system to that point using System Restore found under Start Menu and System Accessories.

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First off, I have Windows XP.

For example, I have an older video card in my system now because I have to send my better card in for warranty repair.

I had upgraded to Direct x 9 and now I want to go back to 8.1. How do I revert or remove Direct x 9?

Also, what is the best way to install video drivers? I heard awhile back you should boot into safe mode or something?


A:What's the BEST way to install video drivers, new Direct X, and remove older drivers?

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I have a radeon 4350 in my current system, and a 4850 is coming in the mail soon this week. Before I put the card in, she I go through device manager and remove the drivers for the 4350, or just let windows figure it out?


A:Is it necessary to remove older drivers

Quote: Originally Posted by Zach1928

I have a radeon 4350 in my current system, and a 4850 is coming in the mail soon this week. Before I put the card in, she I go through device manager and remove the drivers for the 4350, or just let windows figure it out?


Yes, you should, but be sure to do this in Safe Mode. Then, install the new drivers in normal mode.

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On my parents' laptop. Toshiba Satellite A105-S4384.

Last time I was here, we had to reformat the hard drive, re-install Windows XP and the like.

Now that I'm here and want to play a game, I can't.
I got the driver off of Toshiba's website. nVidia Display Driver v83.02.

I extract and run the thing... But then I get: "The NVIDIA Setup program could not locate any drivers that are compatible with your current hardware. Setup will now exit."

Also ran DXDIAG because the games I'm trying to play say Direct3D is the problem... The DirectX features (Direct3D, DirectDraw, and AGP Texture accelerations) are all off.

Dunno what other info you'd need (what you might need, tell me how to get the info just in case)... I'm kind of bad at this. Hence, I need you guys.

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I have a S3 Graphics ProsavageDDR Video Card Driver (though on my HP Pavilion 543X PC made in 2002 it is called a "display adapter" and I'm assuming that is equal to a video card driver. I downloaded from the S3 website the latest update for this driver, which I believe is dated 2005 and they say on the website that they will not create another update.

First - is my assumption correct and this product is in fact a video card driver? If not, do you know what other name a video card driver might go by?

If it is, here's the issue: I just purchased a new monitor with a 16:9 aspect ratio and my S3 Graphics will only give me options on the settings board of 4:3 aspect ratio. The monitor has no way to be changed to 4:3 (I checked with the manufacturer) so I wonder if there is any way to change the S3 driver, which I updated, to a 16:9 aspect ratio.

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Good day all .

I read various posts on different area's regarding chipset installation and drivers.

Some info : motherboard is Microstar p45 platinum gamer series.

it comes with 2 sets of cd's #1 for win xp intel chipset drivers&utilities disk.
#2 chipset disk for vista.

question #1 does windows 7 64bit (pro) contain the sata drivers and all the utilities for install ? or do i need to utilize the preinstall of the f6 and make a install floppy? msi has a section for downloads .

I have searched for the uptodate drivers listed in the arcive section where my board is now listed.

I have downloaded all the drivers and a floppy f6 creater to install these files

I am a bit confused as to how i am going to install win 7 on this system .

I may go with a xp/7 duel boot .

I want to add raid 5 after 7 install and i know xp could not see anything beyond raid 0 or 1.
looking for some advice before i start the process.

I hope the thread title is better this time.
if the install sequence works the way i want it to go ; perhaps i can create a tuit.
thanks for everyone's help .
its always appreciated


A:Intel chipset and drivers install on win7 64bit os on older mb

F6 drivers not need to install Windows 7.
Do download all the Windows 7 drivers from MSI website, & install after Windows 7 is installed.

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Hi, we're going to be installing a new video card. We went into the control panel and deleted the drivers but when we rebooted they were still working

What is the best way to remove them

A:What's the best way to remove video card drivers?

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Hello everyone. Currently this is how I update my ATI drivers when there is an update. Is this still in today's day and age, still necessary?

1) Remove driver using add/remove programs
2) Reboot into safe mode
3) Use driver sweeper to remove left over ATI driver files
4) Reboot into regular mode
5) Install updated driver

A:Proper way to remove/update video drivers

Hello Lery,

I have had no problems with just running the new driver installation file to automatically install over and update the older version without having to uninstall the older version.

Either way works, but if one is having any problems installing the driver or prefers a clean slate, then doing what you posted would be a good way to do so.

Hope this helps,

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First I have a Acer desktop , Windows 7 (64bit), and AMD Radeon HD 6320 graphics (built in).

Yesterday I was watching a video and my system Blue screened. PAGE_FAULT_IN NONPAGED_AREA.....atikmdag.sys.

I assumed it was a video crash but just ignored it. Today it didn't crash but I noticed that graphics seem to be getting stuck. Hard to explain: The system wasn't freezing up but parts of open programs would remain onscreen or the background wallpaper would show through a part of the program where it shouldn't. Anyway, I decided to use a program named "Display Driver Uninstaller" from Guru3D.com to uninstall my drivers to do a fresh install.

It was recommended to boot into safe mode to do this so I did. Ran the program and when finished, rebooted my system.

I expected the add new hardware utility to pop up but it didn't. Windows only installed a basic "Standard VGA Graphics Adapter". If I try to update it, it claims to be already up to date. I downloaded the latest drivers from AMD but they will not install.

Any suggestions on how to fix this issue?

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Well I decided to make a leap into the future and went out and got Win 7. I didn’t have a whole lot of money So I picked up a cheaper video card “Readeon HD 4650 1GB AGP” Got it all installed, and went to install the video drivers for Win 7 which I downloaded from ATI and...Nothing! The drivers won’t install. It does start and go through install process but I always end up with the standard VGA setup, Odd... I then downloaded the Catalyst and Display drivers separately. I then installed the Catalyst drivers first, and then extracted the display driver and attempted to install through device manager and point to the .INF file. Still nothing! What’s up with this? I got the drivers from ATI for Win 7. Any thoughts where to go from here.

A:Video drivers won't install.

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Hi guys. Good to be back here after a long time, but bad news is that am having a problem and this time it's with video driver installation. I just re-installed WinXP SP3 the display was set of lowest after installation. I have a DELL monitor with Intel Pentium IV processor. I put in the DELL CD in the drive for installing the driver files and then went to device manager->Other devices->Monitors. Right click->Update driver and selected the location as CD and tried install the driver.

At this time I got a message "The hardware cannot be installed because the wizard cannot find the necessary software". over and over again.

Note that when I right clicked on the desktop and Properties->Settings->Advanced->Monitor, the Properties button was greyed out. Moreover in the device manager and in the Other devices panel, all the three, (Monitor, Multimedia audio controller, and Printer) had an yellow exclamation mark?

What's going wrong here? I also didn't install any other drivers after re-install, as I thought I wanted to install the video driver first and get the screen right at the beginning. Moreover only these 3 devices had a warning sign.

A:Cannot install video drivers

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I just installed the office AMD VGA Driver jan 17 2017 16.40.2701.1. once through amds regular install and then a second time after using DDU in safe mode.  I can now access radeon addition settings display color setting all drivers since 16.9 drivers.  I use a tv as a display and need that function greatly.  I havent been able to get it to show that tab with AMDs newest drivers at all.  My new problem is with Lenovos drivers my apu is max 800mghz constantly when plugged in. I attached a pic so you can see.  The APU going from 800 to 300 was me plugging and unplugging it.  This is an issue for me now because I down clocked my CPU to play some games and now im crashing constantly from what my guess is the APU at 800 mghz constant even with little no no load.  THis is so frustrating Lenovo and AMD.  THis is the flagship laptop for AMD right now and Its terrible with drivers.  So any help or explanation would be greatly appreciated. I just want to use the newest drivers with display color settings.  Its not that hard to ask. EDIT in radeon additional settings I always have used maximum performance when plugged in and now when I switch it to optimize battery my APU for down to 300 when in idle or light load like it should and used to with all the other drivers ive used and left it on Maximum Performance.  This sucks if that settings on optimize battery the cpu runs at 2.5ghz on high performace. &... Read more

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I hope someone here can help me resolve this problem because its really driving me crazy.

I had ATI TV wonder VE installed on my computer. It was not working okay and I was told the software was the problem. I tried upgrading but that didn't work cause my computer is old and it did not meet the requirements. I found some alternative tv tuner software and tried installing it. Along the way I did something to the capture driver and every time I reboot the computer I now get a blue screen of death that says 'fatal exception error in ntkern vxd...'

I uninstalled the ATI software and the tv tuner card and tried installing another tv tuner card that I had in another computer of mine. Well that didn't make a difference either. I installed the drivers and then I rebooted the computer as instructed. Up loading up after the re-boot, I get a 'new hardware found' box and the computer then proceeds to install the drivers for the hardware which is the TV tuner card. It says installing software- video capture card then the blue screen comes up.

Does anyone know what is going on and how I can correct this problem. I know there is a solution and I don't believe re-formatting the hard drive to be the solution. I erased all ATI files from the registry and the files from the video capture software that I found on the net but still nothing. I also tried re-installing the ntkern.vxd file and found out the windows doesn't work without it

Here is so... Read more

A:Video Capture Drivers won't install!?

Is there no one out there who has any clue whatsoever about what the problem may be??? Come on!

Can someone direct me to somewhere where I may be able to find the answer, then. Help would be greatly appreciated.

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I just bought an MSI NVIDIA GeForce N9800GT Video Card, and I'm having problems with the installation...
My computer auto-recognizes the card and installs some driver of its own(??), but it doesn't actually let me use it. So I've tried drivers from three different places (NVIDIA site, MSI site, CD that came in-box) and none of them have worked. Every time it says incompatible display drivers, and something about the driver being incompatible with the VGA driver, or some such thing.
I'm really stuck, and I've never had video card problems before, so this is really frustrating.. Please help me!

A:Help! Video Card won't install! Drivers?

The error message I'm getting is:
Incompatible display adapter has been disabled.
At least one display adapter on the system has been disabled because its driver is not compatible with the driver for the VGA adapter.

Please tell me that helps?

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Whenever i try to install my video card drivers from www.nvidia.com , and yes i disable antivirus, when i restart my comp after the install, when the windows boot up screen, my screen just goes black. And i just did a system restore to April 5th 2 days ago becasue my comp was messed up and now i get some NvQTwk error message after i logon. Any help would be much appreciated.

A:Can't install video card drivers!!!!

Ah, the notorious "some" error message. These are nasty..

It would be nice if you made sure the error message isn't something more detailed than the "some". What Windows? What computer? What video card?

NvQTwk is the nVidia tray application. Just ignore it and even better, disable it in msconfig.

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Ever since I received this computer I've had nothing but problems. The current issue I'm having is being unable to install video card drivers onto my Vista box. I double-click or right-click->run as admin. and nothing happens. No errors or installation prompt. I've reinstalled Windows Vista several times now and nothing works. What do i do?

Trying to install 353.62-desktop-win8-win7-winvista-32bit-international-whql for nVidia Geforce 900 series off a 32-bit version of windows vista.

Thanks for any help!

A:Unable to install video drivers

We could help you better if we had a description of that computer.

If it's a factory-brand one, advise us what brand name and model name and model number it is.

If it's a custom/home-made one, advise us the brand name and model number of its motherboard.


Also do the following in that computer:

Download and save the TSG System Information Utility (SysInfo.exe) to the desktop.

After it's been downloaded and saved, double-click it to run it.

Information about your computer will appear.

Return here to your thread, then copy-and-paste the ENTIRE text here.


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Hello,I'm very confused ...I am an owner of the HP ProBook 470 G3 (P4P71EA).To properly using the AMD graphic card, I will need to install the both drivers package:AMD Hybrid Graphics (HG) Video DriverAMD Video Drivers and Control Panelor simply theAMD Hybrid Graphics (HG) Video Driver?Thank you!Regards,Sandi

Sandi Sosic

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i have a geforce fx go5700 and when i go to install the drivers it says ," the nvidia setip could not locate any drivers that are compatible with your current hardware." thats the error and i know i have the right driver, the computer is a area 51 m alienware laptop 1 gig meghurtz 1 gig ram , 60 gig harddrive can anyone help me

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In the last few days I have added a larger Hard Drive (3TB) to my system to be the main drive of the system, and all went well untill I tried to install the Graphics Drivers of my existing AMD Radeon HD 6700 series Card which installed OK on my other Drive (I don't know why) at this time.

What I did and what happened:
First I restarted the system after I had installed all the mother-board drivers, and replaced the mother-board DVD with the AMD driver disc and executed the installer from the disc.
BTW the system had been running in 640 x 480 resolution since starting the installation of the new drive.
The first 2 screens worked fine in this resolution, the the next screen was displayed which is where everything came apart, because the size of the next screen was too large to fit on the screen so the bottom of the screen was cut off the bottom, which of course is where the buttons were that needed to be pressed to continue the installation.
I have tried eveything to be able to press the required buttons, but to NO avail, so at this time everything is running except the Graphics Card and Driver.

I would appreciate any help. I think I managed it once before but I have forgoton how I did it (unfortunatly I am now Old as my daughter told me today, and my memory is on it's way for a holiday) so I just hope it comes back soon.

Thanks in advance

A:Unable to install video drivers

I'd just use one monitor until you have the AMD drivers and Catalyst Control Center installed. Then go about sorting out your multi monitor setup.

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I have an older Windows XP computer with a newer AGP graphics card (Radeon HD 4650). I can play Half-Life 2 with good frame rates, but the game likes to stutter then lock up a lot. So, I downloaded the newest video drivers for my card and tried to install them.

I was unsuccessful for a while. After installation, the video was always stuck at 640x480, 4-bit color. I tried all kinds of suggestions I found in the internet. I tried reinstalling the drivers from the CD that came with the card, which worked before, but it didn't work this time.

Here's what I found that did work, and I'm posting the gist of it here in case someone else has problems installing or reinstalling video drivers, regardless of the kind of card.

When installing new drivers, the old drivers need to be uninstalled. After this, run Driver Sweeper to remove the remnants. After rebooting, then the new drivers can be installed.

That is the basic procedure that I found online. The only problem I had was that this did not removed all of the old driver remnants. After running Driver Sweeper and rebooting, I ran it again and found that some of the old driver files were still there. They were not deleted because they were still in use by the system.

I had to delete the in-use driver files manually. I used a live-boot Ubuntu disk to do this, but there are Windows utilities to delete in-use files.

Once those files were deleted, I also went into the windows\system32\inf folder and deleted all .inf fi... Read more

A:[SOLVED] Video drivers will not install

The correct procedure is to start Windows in Safe Mode which prevents any third-party video driver files being loaded, so they will all be "unlocked" and can be removed.

Then restart in normal mode (Windows will automatically load it's own basic VGA driver at this point), then you can install the new driver.

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Hello,I'm very confused ...I am an owner of the HP ProBook 470 G3 (P4P71EA).To properly using the AMD graphic card, I will need to install the both drivers package:AMD Hybrid Graphics (HG) Video DriverAMD Video Drivers and Control Panelor simply theAMD Hybrid Graphics (HG) Video Driver?Thank you!Regards,Sandi

Sandi Sosic

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 I need to download and install drivers to a Latitude E6430 Windows 7 64-bit laptop without anykind of network/modem/wireless drivers. To be clear, I actually don't want wireless/network/modem drivers on the machine, but I'd like to update the video drivers, bios drivers, etc etc (everything but internet drivers basically). (I want this to be my offline laptop to avoid internet distractions)

However, when I go to download drivers from the website, it basically says the drivers will (A) automatically install and (B) when I tried to download anyway hoping I could just move them with my external hard drive it basically downloaded a Dell System Detect Launcher. How do I get the drivers piecemeal, put them on my external hard drive, and then install them on my offline Dell Laptop?

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I just did a clean install of windows 10 on an hp Pavilion dv6000 rg274ua#aba (amd turion 64 x2, 4gb ram) had a complete hard drive failure so installed a new drive. No recovery media avalible. I need drivers for the graphics card and wireless device. The info from the details tap for the graphics card isPCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_0244&SUBSYS_30B7103C&REV_A2PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_0244&SUBSYS_30B7103CPCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_0244&CC_030000PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_0244&CC_0300 any help would be greatly appriciated. 

A:doing a clean install of windows 10, need drivers for video ...

Hi: For the graphics, download and run this driver.  You will most likely get an unsupported operating system error. Close out of any error windows. This package contains the NIVDIA VGA display driver for the NVIDIA GeForce Go Graphics in the supported notebook models and operating system. http://ftp.hp.com/pub/softpaq/sp35501-36000/sp35686.exe Then go to the device manager, click to expand the display adapters device manager category. Click on the Microsoft Basic Display Adapter. Click on the driver tab.  Click on Update Driver.  Select the Browse my computer for driver software option and browse to the driver folder that was created when you ran the file. That folder will be located in C:\SWSetup\sp35686. Make sure the Include Subfolders box is checked and the driver should install. Then restart the PC. Wireless: There is no W10 driver for the model wlan card your notebook has. The only suggestion I can offer would be to try the W7 driver... This package contains the Broadcom Wireless LAN Drivers that are required to enable the integrated Broadcom Wireless LAN Adapter in supported notebook models that are running a supported operating system. http://ftp.hp.com/pub/softpaq/sp49501-50000/sp49541.exe  

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I am having A "HUGE" Issue I just installed Windows 7 Ultimate. It installed the window VGA drivers and seems to not even see my Nvidia 9400GT 1GIG card. I have tried installing with the card in then reinstalled windows without the card in and restarted put the card in and the drivers bump'd right in and hide my card? Any help?????

A:Windows 7 will not install Nvidia video drivers

Quote: Originally Posted by Dyce

I am having A "HUGE" Issue I just installed Windows 7 Ultimate. It installed the window VGA drivers and seems to not even see my Nvidia 9400GT 1GIG card. I have tried installing with the card in then reinstalled windows without the card in and restarted put the card in and the drivers bump'd right in and hide my card? Any help?????


huge issue? you need to download a video driver for your card. the nvidea top page is here. You eed to pick the correct one 32bit or 64, download it and install it


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Hey All,

I have an xps 1710 and recently had issues with my video card and nvidia geforce go 7950 gtx. Dell came out with a new card. But no matter what they did and Im now waiting for them to get back to me we couldnt install the drivers. The following msg kept on coming up

"There was a problem with the device, An error occured during the installation of the device"

This morning when I turned on my laptop I got a blue screen with the following statement:

"Driver unloaded without cancelling pending operation, your system has been shut down.

I was able to restart my system.

Any ideas???

A:Cant install nvidia drivers on new video card

I would suggest you run DriverCleaner Pro ( http://downloads.guru3d.com/download.php?det=745 ) and remove all traces of the bad NVidia installs and then defragment and then reboot and then run sfc /scannow.

After that, you can try a fresh NVidia install.

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Hey guys-
Last school year I installed a new 512mb video card on my computer. I followed the instructions on how to install, and they were completely wrong. What happened was it tole me to uninstall all video drivers, reboot, and then install the new ones. I uninstalled all the video drivers that were on the system, rebooted, and now nothing appears on the display. You can still hear the windows login chime thing, too, so i know that its working, just not outputting to the monitor. I took the video card out, no luck, put it back in, no luck. What i ended up doing was installing another fresh copy of windows on a new hard drive, and made the old hard drive a slave.

I now have time and would like to go back and install video drivers on the old hard drive, so i cna continue using it and all my files and programs that are on it. I havent used it in its current state very much, just enough to get by in school, but would really like some help installing video drivers on the other hard drive so i can use it as the primary once again.

Thank you in advance.

A:How to install video drivers on alternate drive HELP!!!

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This past tuesday i downloaded a new patch for WoW. I was all excited to play and found that my computer was freezing a minute after a logged in EVERY time. So I looked online and everyone says that you should update video drivers as the first step. I went to the Nvidia website, clicked to have them read my system hardware to determine what driver i should update to, saw that my current driver was version "0.0" and downloaded the suggested driver. I'm running windows 2000, so i had to unzip it on my xp computer and send it back to this one. I opened the program to install the drivers, went through all the steps, and finally restarted my computer. When I went to get on WoW it froze immediately just like before. So i went back to the Nvidia site and clicked again to have it scan for what driver i needed, and again it told me that my current version was version "0.0". Is the Nvidia site wrong in reading my video driver or did the new driver not install for some reason? please help!

A:Don't know how to install updated video card drivers :(

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I am currently building a new computer and everything has gone fine up to the installation of my video card drivers. (heres what i have so far)

Mother board - A-bit fatal1ty AN8 FLI (PCI)
Proc - AMD 3500 939
Mem - Corsair TwinX 1024 - 3200XL
Power Supply - Antec 500 watt
Hard Drive - Cgate 160 gig serial ATA
Geforce 6800 (Leadtek)

When i try to install the drivers (off of the CD) the computer simply crashes midway through the installation. What am i doing wrong, please help!

A:New Leadtek Video card drivers won't install!

Did you install the drivers for the motherboard that came with the MB?

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I am re formatting my mom's computer again and due to unforeseen circumstances i have lost my back-up hard drive with all my drivers on it and i am having issues finding what i need. I have ran cpu-z to find out all the information about her computer. It's an IBM intel p4 with windows xp pro on it. i can gather whatever other information is needed to assist me in finding the drivers i am just unsure exactly what i need to provide so if u ask me i shall be able to provide. Thank you

i went into the device manager and under my ethernet driver this is what it says:

A:Need Ethernet drivers, audio and video drivers

easiest thing is to google any numbers you can find on your motherboard, this will identify the make and model and will (well should unless its an obscure cheap make) provide a link to the drivers on the makers website.

Once you find the drivers remember to back them up to a dvd or a CD and label them up.

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I recently tried to install a wireless network at work due to tech guys playing games after being hired. SO i install on PC, it locks up and crashes, causing me 2 days of headaches tracking down and installing/repairing windows. I get it going and the tech guys come and install the wireless cards around office.
Then they get to this PC, and does same thing did with me locks up but doesnt crash for them. Its a custom built PC by the way, they play with it a good hour and a half,
then say that I have to deal with it and suggested I first reinstall windows with the PCI reciever thing in, and then try and track down drivers for the mobo.

Anyone ever had an issue like this?its running XP Pro,

A:Drivers wont install, tech guy says MOBO drivers bad

Can you get it going any way at all - preferably in Safe Mode? If it fires up, hit Fuinction 8 and select the option to disable automatic restart on system failure. That should leave a blue screen error message on for long enough to read it. If you can go all the way to Safe Mode or Safe Mode with Networking, see what the Event Viewer has to say in Control Panel>Administrative Tools.

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I am trying to install some widcomm bluetooth drivers but everytime I plug in the usb adapter windows install it's own drivers. I tried manually updating the drivers from device manager but it doesn't allow it.
Is ther a way to stop windows from installing the drivers to begin with?

A:Trying to install widcomm drivers. Getting overrun by windows drivers

First. Do not connect the usb device.

Install the drivers for the device, and only connect the device when either prompted to do so, or after the installation is complete.

Regards Howard

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Sorry if I'm posting this in the wrong place, but any pointers would be hugely appreciated! I'm running an ACER Aspire 5920G laptop, which comes with Vista 32-bit installed. I'd really like to give the Windows 7 RC candidate a try, but don't want to screw anything up!

I'm going to add a new partition so I can dual-boot the existing OS with the new one, but my major concerns come from ensuring the hardware works acceptably. The graphics chipset in the 5920G is a Radeon 3470 HD Mobility, and I keep it up to date under Vista using the Mobility Modifier software. Will the same modified drivers work fine with Windows 7 RC? (I'm hoping that there might be someone on this board who's been in a similar position).

Also (and this isn't quite on the topic of drivers), the laptop has 4gb of RAM installed - is it worth using a 64-bit version of Windows 7 RC, or does that complicate matters unnecessarily?

Many thanks for any advice you can offer.

A:Preparing laptop for Windows 7 install - video drivers?

hi mate,

i was in the exact same position as you are are lol. I have a vaio though. It has 4 gig ram, the same card as yours. I had windows vista 32 bit too. So i ended up installing windows 7 64 bit on a separate partition and so far no problems!! I also used to use the mobility modder in vista but in windows 7 it hasnt worked for me yet. However in their forums some people report success with those drivers in win7 so i must be doing something wrong. But i dont think there is the need for modifiying the drivers just yet because the ones that install automatically when u install win7 are relitively new as well.

So i would suggest u go for win7 64 bit if u can, but make sure u have the other drivers available for your ACER, like motherboard, audio, etc.. Should be available on their website..

hope this helps

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I am pulling my hair out here.

I want to update my video card drivers because my video card is acting up and I want to see if new drivers will fix it.

I printed out the instructions from ATI's site and followed it exactly. I used Add/Remove Programs and clicked on the ATI Software Uninstall Utility. I rebooted the computer. I went into Safe Mode. I tried to install the drivers.

Upon doing this, every time I run the setup to install the new drivers, I get this error message:

"INF Error: Video Driver Not Found"Click to expand...

This happens if I try to install the latest Catalyst version. This happens if I try to install an older Catalyst version.

This even happens if I try to reinstall the drivers that I just had (it installed fine before so why is the 5.11s giving me that error now)!

I don't know why it's doing this. Like I said, I still get the error trying to reinstall something that installed fine in the past.

I had to do a System Restore to the restore point I made before I tried to update, and now I can use my computer somewhat.

What is wrong?!?

A:Solved: Video card drivers won't install- I can't even reinstall the old ones!

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Everything was fine. I bought Battlefield 3, Premium online. It seems to have installed okay, but throws up a warning box when I try to start it up that my video drivers need to be updated from Ver. 11.5 to 11.7 or later. (Radeon HD6870)

I went to AMD and downloaded their 'automatic detector' for needed driver updates. This did nothing that I could tell. I then downloaded the current release of the Catalyst Software Suite and now I can't do anything with opening the Control Center or updating drivers.

Below is my inquiry to them and their response. I don't pretend to be a tech guy, so the water is getting really deep. I don't want things to go from bad to worse or worst. Is it safe for me to follow their instructions? Are there any steps where I could blow something up? I really don't know how to do this stuff. Except for not being able to use Battlefield 3, and not being able to get into the Control Center, the computer is otherwise functioning normally. (Dell Studio XPS 9100)

Advise would surely be appreciated. I have a couple of problems, but don't want to create more problems while trying fix them.

My inquiry to AMD:

I installed Battlefield 3 and was prompted that the video drivers were not up to date. I came to your website and downloaded amddriverdownloader.exe for autodetecting needed drivers. This did not do anything. It 'apparently' installed, but was of no help.? I then down... Read more

A:Battlefield 3 install said that I needed to update video drivers.

Hi D_Blackwell

The information from AMD is mostly straightforward and not likely to worsen your situation, with one possible exception ! Item 5 :-"Latest BIOS and Chipset". This is correct advice, but you might want to get help from someone with more experience than yourself.

The nice thing is you say your computer is a Dell. Somewhere on the casing you will find a bar-code - copy the number, it is really useful ! I will come back to it.

The first thing I would do is download and install a small utility called 'Speccy' ( www.piriform.com/speccy ). If you run it, it will tell you what BIOS and chipset versions you have both for your motherboard and your graphics card. Make a note of these, and now we come back to that Dell number.

If you go onto the Dell web-site and go to support, you will find a space to enter that number which will take you directly to the page for your computer. Here they list, among other things, the up to date driver set for your computer and you can check these against the versions 'Speccy' says you have installed. If the numbers from 'Speccy' match the version numbers on the Dell site, your BIOS and chipset are up to date, no further action necessary. If they don't, you have the option to update them.

Start by downloading the updated drivers and save them into some convenient folder, preferably by themselves - they are easier to find. Then turn your computer off.

Re-boot, and at the first start-up s... Read more

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Like the title said Is there any known fix for this?
it was working fine the last few weeks and all of a sudden it stopped working this morning. Help please?

A:Everytime i install my video cards drivers i keep getting bluescreens

Need more info
1) Computer model # ? or motherboard model #
2) On board video?
3) Video Card - ATI or Nvidea/Gforce?
4) Operating System

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Ok here is my question,
I have several older cd rom's and they will not read disc's from a burner, only oem disc's

I was told that there is software drivers out there for older cd driver that you can install so that they will read disc's made in a burner, can anyone tell where I can get this?

A:older cd drivers

you can go to the producers support page and search for firmware. what brand and models are your drives?

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I have an JVC DVF31U camcorder I have long since lost the driver disc. Does anyone know where I can get them back without paying millions of $ to JVC for.

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Alright here's my story:
A friend of mine during the week bought everything she needed to make her own computer. She set it all up with a friend and computer worked fine. She installed Windows 7, installed all the drivers for the motherboard (an Asus P8Z77 VLE PLUS), and when we got to the video card driver the computer would install it, but upon reboot it would not continue on to the main Start Screen. It would become stuck and would either stay blank or would be stuck at the Windows startup screen. The computer kept running but the picture wouldn't show up on the monitor. She was then told that perhaps it was a problem with the graphic card. It was a EVGA GeForce GTX 650 2GB graphic card. So she returned it and got an XFX Radeon HD 7750 2GB card which was a bit unusual since it is compatible with PCI ports. But even then the same problem would persist. If anyone has had this problem before and can answer it please help if you can.

Full information:
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium (without updates), 64 bit
Processor: Intel Core i7-3770 Quad-Core Processor 3.4
Graphics Card: XFX Radeon HD 7750 2GB
Hard Drive: Seagate Barracuda 2 TB
Motherboard: ASUS P8Z77-VLE PLUS

A:New built computer runs fine...until we install the video drivers...

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Under Device Manager there are 2 display adapters listed (1) AMD Radeon HD 6300M Series & (2) Intel(r) HD Graphics.  I'm experiencing very slow wake up times since Win10 install and I suspect these drivers are fighting with each other.  Which one should I disable, if any?  Thanks.

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Hi all.
I'm trying to reinstall Intel MB drivers on my HTPC computer, after a power breakdown at home:
The computer shutdown abruptly of course, and when I reopened it, I noticed that I can't use my USB keyboard or any other USb devices.

By checking Device Manager I saw that all USB devices had the yellow exclamation mark on them. Snapshot:
Tried to reinstall my mb's chipset drivers but it wouldn't install. I get an error when it wants to install USB drivers. Weird stuff:

What would you suggest me to do before I waste two hours of my life to reinstall windows?

A:Can't install chipset drivers to update USB drivers

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I have upgraded to Windows 10. But I need drivers for graphics, audio and etc. When I visit it's site, I see a number of drivers listed. How should I select appropriate drivers to install in my notebook.Hp15-ac042tu Intel core i3 windows10 64bit

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Hello Experts,

I lost drivers CD, and now I need to Install Audio drivers, I have pentium 4 mother board, and below is the device instance ID of my machine.


Please suggest to find the right audio drivers for my desktop.

Best Regards,

A:I lost drivers CD, and now I need to Install Audio drivers

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Hey guys Its InferneX, I've recently changed one of my PC to Windows 8 and I'm already having a huge issue installing a printer I bought a new printer

Cannon Pixma MG3100 though whenever I try to install the drivers and all the other program from the disk I get this problem that shows?

Now I've already restarted the PC and I still get the same problem.
I tried installing it without the printer on the PC, now also there's another thing I don't get, which is when i plug in the printer to the USB the computer does recognizes it.
Now please could someone help me solve this issue please thank you for your time.

A:My printer Drivers wont install: MP Drivers?? please help

Did you check printer site for updated drivers?

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I am having a hell of a time finding drivers for an older web cam, the veo 642vs3cx0, I have searched everywhere I can think of, bought driver finding utilities, and nothing, I mean nothing, can find it D: Does anyone know where I can find these? The Veo website no longer exists or I cannot find it so I am at a real loss here. Any help here would be very very appreciated.

I have used 9meta.com Google.com bing.com and ask.com but have no luck as of yet

A:Elusive Older Drivers

You can search www.driverguide.com for "Veo 642v" there are two, one for W98 and one for XP

You will need to register for a free membership first.


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I went to my OEM site to download an older driver for my Geforce 9600M GT but it was only for a 32 bit system and I am 64 bit. Is that really strange that they didn't even offer it in 64 bit?

Anyway, there was less icon lagg and window lagg using no Nvidia driver so I guess the newest one is causing some slow down in how windows manifest and icon manifest. Does that make sense?

Can you tell me where I can get an older and better nvidia driver than the current one?

A:Where can I get older Nvidia drivers?

Hi Rolo,

Have you let Windows update install one for you? It will usually be a bit older than the ones from the manufacturer's site, and Windows should install the x64 version.


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i have a radeon x1600xt video card, the new display drivers ive installed seem to be messing up my directx so i want to roll back to an older version of the drivers but im not very good with this kinda stuff and cant find them anywhere on-line.... if someone could please post a link or maybe somewhere i could find them at id greatly appreciate it

A:cant find older drivers please help


From there you can navigate to older drivers. Hope this helps!

And you are using XP Pro or Home, right? Otherwise you should go here and navigate through: http://ati.amd.com/support/driver.html

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