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File folder is not showing in my pen drive, showing it is empty.

Q: File folder is not showing in my pen drive, showing it is empty.

I have a game in my pen drive that is splits second, my friend had given this pen drive to me, but windows explorer is showing that this drive is empty, i have checked it if it is hidden but still it's not showing after i had changed settings for hidden files, and i had checked the drive properties, it is showing that 3.07 GB free of 7.44 GB, please help me...

Preferred Solution: File folder is not showing in my pen drive, showing it is empty.

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: File folder is not showing in my pen drive, showing it is empty.


The problem could be because all the data that was present inside the pen drive now have become system files by the virus. This is the reason why they are not visible even with the option “Show Hidden files and folders”.
To remove the problem this is what you need to do.
1. Go to Folder Options -> View tab
2. Make sure that your Show Hidden files and folders option is enabled.
3. Uncheck the option that reads “Hide protected operating system files (recommended)”

Now when you see your pen drive, you will find that your data is present there but in hidden form. There are 2 ways to unhide the data, either right click and uncheck the Hidden box or type in the following command in the command prompt
attrib filename –h –r –s
where filename is the complete location of the file.

Let me know if it solved your problem.

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I am trying to remove empty folders using Remove Empty Directories. I know of a few that are empty, and just ran a test to see if RED would detect they were empty. Well, to my surprise, I am finding that RED shows 1 (or more) file in these folders (a JPG at 0.00 MB), but it's not showing up in the folder. Is there any way I can have these show up in folders so I can search for all JPG's and delete them? Example:

I do have "Show hidden files, folders and drives" checked under folder options as well.

A:File not showing up in folder,but showing up in Remove Empty Directori


You could try running JPG Cleaner v2.6

I use this software on a regular basis. I'd suggest limiting it's use to only one problem folder on your machine as a test run.

Run the program with admin rights then from the GUI choose Add Folder then browse to your test folder. Additionally choose the option to delete Unknown Files and also untick the option to Create Backup Files.

Then choose Start and when the cleanup is completed there is an option to save a log file. Save the log file somewhere and have a look at it to view the results.

Additionally you could run the program again choosing the Delete Corrupt Files option.

If you're happy with the results - go ahead and add the other remaining folders or directories to be cleaned.

I've never encountered any problems using this software but as always before running any sort of cleaning product it's best to at least create a system restore point to fall back on and ideally have a system image backup handy.

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i just re-installed my Windows 7 Ultimate, some folders in my D drive are showing folder is empty but when i checked the properties of the folder showing original size of data that folder contain 2GB.

How to resolve this issue.

A:D/ drive Folder properties showing data but folders are empty

Welcome to the forum.
Maybe those files are hidden, Open windows explorer then select organize from there go to Folder and search options, in the view tab select show hidden files, folders and drives That will anveil the files.

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If I create a new folder on the desktop and add contents, the icon does not change right away from looking empty to showing mini-icons of the files inside.

I have to click refresh TWICE (for some reason) to make the icon update.

A:Occupied desktop folder showing as empty

But it does ultimately show correctly, correct?

I'm not so sure this is an issue. Many items need a refresh to show updated status.

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My PC showing some wierd error "this folder is empty" for C , D and F drives. My PC ran into this problem when the OS was Windows 8.1 and I recently updated to windows 10 still the issue is haunting . Please help me out , below I have attached screen shots of the issue.

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Hello Everyone,

There is a folder on my data key that was created at the same time as 18 others in February that will not delete!

The key is 1.8 GB in size; however, the folder in question is showing in the properties window as 135GB with 129 files? The folder is absolutely empty and it has never been populated.

I have tried changing the name to delete it with no joy!

When I try and delete the file windows 7 states that the file is too big (135 GB) to delete and has system files in it - it's empty?

When I click skip in the delete folder window, the file name (which shows in the delete window wrongly as oriental letters and numbers) changes every time delete is clicked?

For reference: I had to do a restore the other day after the Microsoft updates below were followed by the blue screen of death and a PC shut down - for the 1st time ever:


That said, the date of folder in question is 22/2/2010, 4.54pm. This will not change although I have modified the name tonight.

Can anyone please help me delete this and tell me what it is? This PC is three months old and it was purchased as I down loaded a virus to my laptop.

Hopefully, this is not another!


A:Undeletable 'empty' folder showing as 135GB!

What was the name of the folder? If you go into safe mode, does it still say empty?

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I need to review the contents and security attributes of some network drives. I'd like to list folders and subfolders, and potentially the files within the folders, and see who has what permissions to the folders and subfolders.

I know how to display this information onscreen using Windows Explorer. But is there any way to extract this information into an Excel file, or possibly a text file, or even to print it? I'll be working with the owners of the folders to make sure that we have
the proper security settings for the various folders and subfolders, and it would make the review process a lot easier if we could get the information into a spreadsheet.


A:Create directory listing of netwok drive, showing file/folder permissions


You can use the dir command to display a list of a directory's files and subdirectories.

/q : Displays file ownership information.
/s : Lists every occurrence, in the specified directory and all subdirectories, of the specified file name.

dir [Drive:][Path][FileName] /s /q > [Drive:][Path][FileName.txt]

For example: dir e:\ /s /q > e:\dir.txt
It will display the files and subdirectories in drive E, and export the display result from Command Prompt to a txt file which located in e:\dir.txt.

For you reference:
http://www.microsoft.com/resources/documentation/windows/xp/all/proddocs/en-us/dir.mspx?mfr=trueTracy Cai
TechNet Community Support

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We have just bought new PC with Windows 7 after old PC died. Have tried to transfer files from a memory stick (mainly word / excel) onto new pc but Windows exploer says memory stick folder is empty. When put stick into laptop (running I think on XP) it clearly shows files are present. Have tried copying files onto different stick but get the same problem.

New PC has Kapersky and it scanned the stick when 1st put it in and found no problems with it.

Would appreciate any help as I am not very proficient and don't want to loose the files.


A:Memory stick showing folder empty in Windows 7 explorer

Not sure what could be causing that but why not transfer the files to a DVD and then use that to transfer it to the new PC. Then reformat the mem stick on the Windows 7 machine and it should then function ok for furture use.

Alternatively save the files off the mem stick into a new folder on the XP machine. Format the mem stick on the Windows 7 machine, move it back and copy the folder onto the stick and then see if the Windows 7 machine will read it.

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I just put the 1511 upgrade on (for the third time, but that's another story). I've noticed that when I open File Explorer I have a WHOLE BUNCH of USB ports that have nothing plugged into them... I have no idea what the upgrade did, but these weren't visible previously. How do I turn them off?

And yes, I've gone into the File explorer options in the control panel and UNCHECKED "Hide empty drives". Didn't appear to make any difference...

A:Empty USB ports showing in file explorer

If you have a card reader, that's what those ports are for.

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Hello everyone,
I joined this forum few minutes ago.
I got a free LG pen drive 254mb along with my laptop around less than a year back.it was working fine when i last used it 3-4 months back.but last night,when i plued in,it showed empty(i dont store any data in the pen drive) but i couldn't transfer a 100mb file into it.when i checked properties,it showed 158mb used and 95.9 mb free.How do i recover the space?
i read throught the syicky thread but didn't help me as i am using a Win XP.

Any help appreciated.
Thank you.

A:Empty Pen drive showing 150MB used.

Right click the drive and format it, hmm im guessing to FAT.

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Hey , i have SAMSUNG SV4012H disk drive . I have a problem that some days before the disk drive was not reading a disk and a message pops up and say that ''E:\ is not accessible incorrect function" it reads only few C.D. i have .Yesterday i installed a new windows 2000 xp and now i try to insert a disk , the computer accepts it but it shows that my full data c.d. is empty . Please Help me i want to install freedom fighters game in my p.c. From a c.d.

I am thankful to the person which help me (in advance)

A:C.D. Drive E:\ Showing a Full Data C.D. empty

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Hi, My DVD drive ( D ) shows the inserted disk is empty when it is almost full. I replaced this drive with a new one because it wouldn't burn with ' Super dvd creator ' ( this software showed DVD wrong ......? ) whatever that means. But I still have the same problem. Drive ' E ' works fine. I also have cd drive ' f ' showing which I have not got, ( it doesn't show in the device manager ). Anyone know what might be the problem ?. Thanks.

A:Solved: DVD Drive showing empty disk when full.

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Today when I connected my Buffalo USB 1 and clicked on the Icon from My Computer it opened but showed empty. Though if I click its Icon it shows used and empty space. I wonder why I am unable to view the external drive contents?
As I do got its utility CD I was thinking what if I re-install but I am afraid doing so will delete data on External Hard drive. I am also attaching screen shot.

So far I faced no problem using any external hard drive could it be due to new 2 TB Transcend External drive?

Please advice and oblige.

Thank you.

Additional information:
1. 2 TB Transcend USB 2 External hard drive recently bought.
2. Two USB 2 Buffalo External Hard drives
3. One (300 GB may be)USB 1 Buffalo External Hard drive

I got all utility CDs for above Drives.

A:Urgent help!Windows Vista Home Premium showing external drive empty

If you go to Control Panel, Administrative Tools, Computer Management, Disk Management, is the drive shown? Is it online? if you right click on it and select Explore, does it show the files?

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Hi everyone. I have no idea what I did but for some reason, the folder and file names in my My Music folder are not showing up. I tried reseting folder settings to default but to no avail. Please help!

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I have just built a new computer, using Windows 7 Pro 64 bit, however, I've noticed when I open Windows explorer, 3 out of 4 times it will continuously search for drives when opening up explorer and not show any drives that are installed. I've tried reformatting, using different hard drives, but the problem persists no matter what I do. I've reinstalled Windows 7 with only a single drive plugged in, tried different SATA ports, but this problem keeps coming back. The only thing I can think of is that the Windows 7 install disk is corrupted and not installing properly.

I've also noticed that once it starts searching like this, the icons wont display in any folder, although the file names will. Likewise, when trying to sort files by date, type, etc, they will not sort.

When this happens, I can easily type in C:\ to get to the drive without problem to access the drive but above problems with icons not showing, sorting, etc still is a problem.

Has anyone had this problem? Know of a way to fix this? I'm not looking forward to having to reformat again as I don't have the time to sit through and reinstall everything again after.

A:Drives not showing, folders/file icons/thumbnails not showing

Hey Man.

When Im having problems with the system i do this:

Open cmd as administrator and then type "sfc/scannow" press enter

I will check your system for missing systemfiles and problems.

Give it a try and let me hear from you

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I'm infected and I'm able to disable it to not run as system start up and now it's ok except that it is showing an exe file as file folder when you use Listing as Details.SO any Ideas right now??

A:exe file showing as folder

Please download Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and save it to your desktop.Make sure you are connected to the Internet.Double-click on mbam-setup.exe to install the application.When the installation begins, follow the prompts and do not make any changes to default settings.When installation has finished, make sure you leave both of these checked:Update Malwarebytes' Anti-MalwareLaunch Malwarebytes' Anti-MalwareThen click Finish.MBAM will automatically start and you will be asked to update the program before performing a scan. If an update is found, the program will automatically update itself. Press the OK button to close that box and continue. If you encounter any problems while downloading the updates, manually download them from here and just double-click on mbam-rules.exe to install.On the Scanner tab:Make sure the "Perform Quick Scan" option is selected.Then click on the Scan button.If asked to select the drives to scan, leave all the drives selected and click on the Start Scan button. The scan will begin and "Scan in progress" will show at the top. It may take some time to complete so please be patient.When the scan is finished, a message box will say "The scan completed successfully. Click 'Show Results' to display all objects found".Click OK to close the message box and continue with the removal process.Back at the main Scanner screen, click on the Show Results button to see a list of any malware that was found.Make sure that e... Read more

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This is the kind of thing that makes Windows a pain.

I'm in a folder, where I know a file should be, yet I don't see it.
I refresh, by going back and forth in diff. folders and yet when I go back to the original I still don't see it.

I do a search and it shows me that it is in fact where I thought it should be.
Yet when I go there, it doesn't appear in the list.....

Back and forth several times........

Finally, by luck, I click on the "name" button at the top of folder view, then apparently it refreshes and appears.

Any ideas on why this is ? or what happened, and how to fix or resolve this ?

A:Folder view , file not showing ??


Try this, open the folder & right mouse on any blank space in the folder (Not on an item) & then set the viewing mode as per the picture.

Once you have done it, play with the settings until they suit your needs after that, OK?

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Just this morning the My Documents folder on employees computer will only show the file names of documents in the folder up to documents starting with the ltter "D" all documents after that are not listed in teh folder, however the documents are on the drive becase I can access them with a "recent documents" or through the programs such as Excel in the recently used docs area. If I save a document that starts with say and "O" or "M" it does not show in the folder but the file is there as I can reopen as above.

Show Hidden files is checked and I have done a chkdsk /f as I figure is is some kind of corrupt index or file that is stopping things to be show after it, but I cannot figure out how to find the culprit.

A:My Documents Folder Only Showing Some File Names

Are you logging on as an Admin?
Try CHKDSK again.

Start | Run | CMD

cd "C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\My Documents"
md C:\Backup
xcopy *.* C:\Backup /s /h

Hope this works. I really suspect its a corrupt filesystem though.

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I have Windows XP Pro, SP2.

Is there a way to stop the files Thumbs.db from showing up in folders?



A:How to stop the file Thumbs.db from showing up in a folder

The thumbs file is placed by the system to help access photos/graphics. To make it "disappear" recheck the "Do not show hidden files and folders" option. Thumbs files are harmless and small. Think of them as photo faries and let them do their work. Ditto for "desktop.ini" files in folders on the desktop.

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On my Windows 10 Home Edition I am showing 3 emails on the mail badge on the taskbar when the folders are all empty. I also emptied the parent Comcast folders. Can find no answer to this problem.

A:Mail Folder Showing Mail When Empty

Went into the settings on Taskbar and turned off "Show badges on taskbar" then went back in and turned it on and the false number is gone.

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So I click on my hd and instead of showing and open to folders,..I get a dos box...please help
Thanks up front!

A:I click on hard drive and instead of showing folder,it goes to dos box

I think you should follow you topic here http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/t/620746/in-my-computerwhen-i-click-on/ instead of starting a new one with the same problem.

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So I click on my hd and instead of showing and open to folders,..I get a dos box...please help
Thanks up front!

A:I click on hard drive and instead of showing folder,it goes to dos box

I think you should follow you topic here http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/t/620746/in-my-computerwhen-i-click-on/ instead of starting a new one with the same problem.

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I had a problem where my system32 folder was not showing in windows epxplorer. I could not figure out why. I could access it directly by typing in c:\windows\system32 and I could acces it through my command promt, but it simply was not showing in explorer under my windows folder nor was my search function finding it. But my computer was working just fine as far as I could see.

I could not find the solution here on the forums so I checked elsewhere and found the solution to having it display again. So, if you are having this same problem, here is the solution...

Simple, just go to your command promt and type in...

attrib -a -h -r -s c:\windows\system32 (and of course hit enter)

The problem should be solved and your system32 folder should now be showing up once again. Worked for me!

However, I cannot say why this even happened in the first place or how the above command fixes the problem. Perhaps someone else can clarify all this.

And BTW, I was not hiding system hidden folders and files so that was not the reason.

Anyway, I love this forum and I thought it would be a good idea to post this here in hopes that it might help someone else with the same problem.

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My computer folder shows nothing, no HDDs or DVD drives. I checked disk manager everything is properly assigned. I can still open everything via typing C or D in the adress bar, but it's quite annoying.
If I plug in my iPod it does show up in the computer folder.

I recently reinstalled windows on a new HDD everything worked normally until yesterday and I can't find anything on google.

any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance.


A:[SOLVED] Computer folder not showing HDDs and DVD Drive

Hello Glad to see you here. Hope you have a fruitful stay.

Many people have had this particular problem. I found a really easy way to solve this. This has been posted here.

I hope this fixes your problem. Please stay with us and give us an update.


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I want to keep the Windows 7 start menu search feature. But I want to prevent files in certain drives/folders from showing in search results. Anyone know how to do this?

A:How to prevent showing of search results from drive/folder?


Well, it should be done in "indexing options" (found by typing it without quotes into the start menu search). Click "Modify", and you will have to browse for it. If you have the file that you do not want indexed open, read its location in the bar at the top. It may provide a good sence of where it is.
For example, if you are looking for the downloads folder, it is located at **Username**>downloads. It is the same in the index: Local Disk ( C: )>Users>**Username**>Downloads. you may have to search. Ask where something is and I will see if I am able to help you. But make sure the program is unchecked, and click "OK" at the end.

Additionally, You should be able to right-click the folder/drive, and under the general tab, to the right of the word "Attributes:", click "Advanced...". Uncheck "Allow files in this folder to have contents indexed in addition to file properties". Click "OK".

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I have a western Digtail Drive till earlier tonight the Files on the drive were showing up, Now there no When i check the prorpties the Drive is full But it's only showing one file up when i click on the hard drive.

Is there anyway at all to recover this as it's a huge amount of files

A:File not Showing up on Hard Drive

Do you have your folder options set to show hidden and system files? The best data recovery program I've ever used is [email protected] Recovery, I had a Western Digital that was absolutely trashed, and in the process of the recovery the program actually fixed the S.M.A.R.T status from Bad up to Good. I got all my files back, too.

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Home, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-5015U CPU @ 2.10GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 61 Stepping 4
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 8101 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics 5500, 1024 Mb
Hard Drives: C: 918 GB (576 GB Free);
Motherboard: Dell Inc., 0WPFMD
Antivirus: Kaspersky Total Security, Enabled and Updated

My external hard drive is no longer appearing in file explorer when plugged in. I do hear a tone when it is plugged in and the external hard drive has a light showing power. I looked at my hardware and ran troubleshooting and it didn't find any problem. I then went to my devices and uninstalled the USB components and then restarted the laptop (twice). The ext. hard drive still did not appear in file explorer.

I did look at my devices and printers and see "Ext HDD 1021." When I right click under the hardware tap it shows "WD Ext HDD 1021 USB Device" type of "Disk drives" and it states i is working properly. If I click on Properties, Events, I see the last activity:

11/8/2017 at 12:45:07 PM (Device started (disk); Device configured (disk.inf); and Device migrated
11/12/2017 8:43:48 AM Device deleted
11/12/2017 9:41:06 AM Device not migrated
11/12/2017 9:41:06 AM Device configured (disk.inf)
11/12/2017 9:41:06 AM Device started (disk)
11/12/2017 10:50:08 AM Device deleted
11/12/2017 10:58:53 AM Device not migrated
11/12/2017 10:58:53 AM Device configur... Read more

A:WD Ext Hard Drive Not Showing up in File Explorer

Do you have another computer - if so is it showing on that
Is the WD one with a separate power supply or does it takes its power from the usb
if the latter is it ONE usb or the type with a twin usb so that oen supplies power and the other the read write

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I have a new hand built computer with Vista Ultimate. My Computer shows all 3 of my DVD/CD drives, but when I put a disc into my DVD rom and click open I am asked to put a disc in the drive. Device Manager shows the drive as working, can anyone help?, the DVD Rom is a Pioneer DVR-111D,
I have the same setup on my second computer, but running XP Pro.


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I had a USB stick sent to me by a friend, which according to my friend, has family videos and photo's on it...I insert the stick and get a message telling me it is empty, yet when I right click on it and select Properties, it tells me there is 600mbs on it. I am running Windows 7.
Any help you can give, would be very much appreciated.
Regards jud

A:USB stick showing empty but isn't???

To insure it’s nothing simple as a hidden file/folder try the following:
Close out any open windows from the USB.
Click the Start button and in the search field type: Folder Options (press enter)
Click on the View tab, under Advanced settings > Hidden files and folders > click next to “Show hidden files, folders. drives” Click OK and check the USB again.

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i am having problems with my transcend 500gb external hard disk drive.

First, it's not showing in My Computer. i tried to uninstall the device, but when i plug it in, it still recognize as an old device and it doesn't install as a new device.

Secondly, when i open up the disk management, the hard disk is showing as unallocated. and then a pop up message came up saying that i need to initialize the disk (MBR or GPT) thingy but i didnt do it, afraid that i might lose everything in the hard disk.

Thirdly, I tried one solution using the Minitool Partition Wizard. (followed the steps here: disk 1 is unknown, not initialized, unallocated - Windows 7 Help Forums) and i found out that, i don't have any partition for my hard disk and it's empty. its impossible though for it to be empty since i know the last time i checked, its almost full.

need a huge help for this problem! Thanks!

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I keep getting this file showing up on my C: drive and it only shows up after I have been online. I delete it but it keeps coming back and if I leave it I get a warning message about the name of it and wants me to rename so it doesnt conflict with other programs. It is just called 'program' and says it is just a file. Not an .exe or anything. My Microsoft works and AOL (I know) and a few other programs wont start with it on the c: drive but as soon as I delete it everything works fine. Just started this about 2 weeks ago. I ran SBS&D and AdAware and doenst find anything. Any ideas??

Here is my HiJack This log if anyone wants to take a stab at it. Thanks a ton.

Logfile of HijackThis v1.97.7
Scan saved at 1:10:18 PM, on 7/18/2004
Platform: Windows XP SP1 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP1 (6.00.2800.1106)

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\TGTSoft\StyleXP\StyleXPService.exe
C:\Program Files\HPQ\Notebook Utilities\HPWirelessMgr.exe
C:\Program Files\ATI Technologies\ATI Control Panel\atiptaxx.exe
C:\Progr... Read more

A:Mystery program file showing up on my drive. Need Hijack This help

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After a system cleanup on Windows 7 due to a SMART HDD Virus......I was able to restore all the hidden docs, pictures, icons, etc (using unhide.exe). Unfortunately, everything in my start up program list is showing as "empty."


Thank you in advance!

A:Program files still showing up as Empty

Right click on your startmenu-propertiesCheck markstore and display recently opened programsstore and display recently itemsClick on customizeClick on Use default settings at the bottomNow go toc:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windowsright click on startmenu folder,click on restore previous versionsNow select a snapshot before you were infected by the rogue,click on restoreYou should get back the startmenu programsIt may also restore SMART HDD folder.You can manually delete itgood luck

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My D: disk disconnected and when I rebooted it showed up as two empty partitions. One of them I can't do anything with, the other I can't access without formatting, which I want to avoid if possible. No clue how this happened since it was working literally minutes ago, but hey that's computers for ya. Should I just format it and use a recovery tool or is there a solution?

A:HDD disappeared showing two empty partitions

Originally Posted by Psychosmiley999

My D: disk disconnected and when I rebooted it showed up as two empty partitions. One of them I can't do anything with, the other I can't access without formatting, which I want to avoid if possible. No clue how this happened since it was working literally minutes ago, but hey that's computers for ya. Should I just format it and use a recovery tool or is there a solution?

Have you tried running CHKDSK on it?

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Sometimes an email arrives that is supposed to contain pictures (in-line, not attachments) and they show up as empty boxes with a little square in the upper left corner. Neither the sended nor I have any idea why this happens or how to correct it.
I'm using Thunderbird (WinXP) and my email address is provided by Hover.com. The main sender that this happens with has an email address of citilink.net.

Any idea how to fix this?

A:Pictures showing up as empty boxes

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Hi guys,
I got a new external hard disk (M:) to keep all my backups on. Last night I transferred (by cut and paste) all my files from my internal backup drive (F:) to the new one. The cut and paste went fine and all the data were moved.

But my internal drive still shows 500 GB of data, which is not really there. There are no hidden/system files except Recycle bin and System Volume Info, as usual. The recycle bin is empty. See the screen cap below (drive F:).

When I look at it with WinDirStat it also shows nothing present. I ran CHKDSK - no problems. Disc manager also shows no problems and nothing out of the ordinary. A reboot didn't help.

I should mention, I formerly used this internal disk for my system backups with Windows Backup. They were also moved to the new disk (I know, they may not be reliable after being manually moved, but I'll make a new system backup to the new HD ASAP).

Should I just reformat the disk and be done with it?

Thanks for any help.


A:Empty HDD showing 500 GB of data in Explorer

Yes, format it.

An 8 TB drive, wow

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Hi there

Build 1607 (with latest updates) throwing up all sorts of rubbish in File explorer.

Empty (newly re-formatted) HDD -- showing 4GB used even though it's EMPTY - no hidden files etc.

No Recycle Bin files etc.

Linux shows HDD correctly a few MB for the system info - the HDD is the 232 GB drive shown in the list

Any ideas.

If File explorer is unreliable then that's going to be a HIDEOUS problem.


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I have a 32 GB flash, which I have used it a few times to save data and I?ve had no trouble accessing the files. I recently saved all my files and folders from the last 5 years up to the end of 2011 but although I?ve done a scan and everything is still there, but when I insert the flash it is blank. I don?t have any hidden files so that is not the problem.

I'm retired and not technical minded so have no idea what to do now so I would appreciate some help. Thanks

A:Flash is full but showing empty

Have you tried to mount it in a linux-system?

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I'm running Windows XP, Home Edition.

Every time I put a blank DVD in the drawer, it shows up as being full even though it's a brand-new empty disc. when I go to My Computer, and right-click on the CD Drive(E icon with a TDK DVD-R or a Philips DVD+RW disc in the drive and choose Properties, the whole disc shows up Blue and says there's 0 bytes free.

A:Empty DVD disc showing as full.

You need to format it. Right click on the CD and press format if it isn't prompting you to

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I have programs in the start menu that show up as empty in Windows XP. Microsoft Office, Startup,McAffe are some examples. Any help?

A:Programs In Start Menu Showing: Empty

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OS - Windows 7

I have a folder in my "My Pictures" folder that I have just for images off of my Digital Camera and my phones camera, its is named accordingly as "Digital Camera"

Today I went to add a couple pictures in it. When I tried to access the folder it was slow and almost unresponsive, finally it "loaded". However, what it loaded was an empty folder. I have many different subfolders in that folder and an actual total of over 100gb of data in there. Now when I was finally able to access the properties of the folder it only shows around 6gb of data.

When in "My Pictures" the folder also does not show a file preview on it like normal. All other folders seem to work, this seems to be the only one that does not.

Also I should probably add that the "My Pictures" folder is pretty slow in loading too. I know it is because there is a lot of stuff in there so I'm guessing that is no too big of an issue.

I hope someone can help me solve this problem.

EDIT- I just went into the "Digital Camera" folder properties under attributes I checked the box marked "Hidden" and applied it. The data shown jumped from 6gb to 19gb. I then unchecked "Hidden" and it jumped again to 22gb. Did that same process again and then 0's across the board. Tried one more time and now its back to that 6gb. i'm so confused.

A:My Pictures subfolder showing as empty when its full.

Do you have a current backup of that hard drive or your photos? It's possible it is symptom of a drive failing. Can you boot into safe mode and see if the issue is present in that mode as well:
Start your computer in safe mode

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I have the setting as shown in the tutorial:

Drives - Hide or Show Empty Drives in Computer Folder

To not show empty removable drives.

In My Computer the empty removable drives are visible but grayed out. I'd rather not see them at all if they are empty. The only empty drive I want visible in the DVD drive.

Is there a way to fix it? In Vista it works correctly but W7 it wants to show them grayed.

A:Empty Removable Drives showing grayed out

Hmm, grayed out would seem to indicated that it is showing the empty drive letters for a memory card reader instead of hiding them. You might try one of the other options in the tutorial to hide them to see if it may work better.

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I would be grateful if anyone can help me out.After my Windows 8 Asus n56vj 750gb hard drive failed I replaced it with a 1tb hdd. After carrying out a system image restoration using EaseUs To-do the new hard drive shows in File Explorer as a 750gb capacity. How can I get the increased HDD capacity to register.

A:Replacement hard drive showing wrong capacity in File Explorer

This is normal after a cloning. The partition needs to be expanded. If you look in disk management is there a partition after your Windows C: partition? If there is then you will need to use a third party partition manager to first move the partition after C: and then expand C:. 
Partition Wizard can do the job. All steps are virtual and will not complete until Apply is clicked. This lets you back out of any steps if a mistake is made.
If there is no partition after C: you can expand it in Disk Management by right clicking C: and selecting Extend Volume.
Can you post a screenshot of Disk Management?

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I would be grateful if anyone can help me out.After my Windows 8 Asus n56vj 750gb hard drive failed I replaced it with a 1tb hdd. After carrying out a system image restoration using EaseUs To-do the new hard drive shows in File Explorer as a 750gb capacity. How can I get the increased HDD capacity to register.

A:Replacement hard drive showing wrong capacity in File Explorer

This is normal after a cloning. The partition needs to be expanded. If you look in disk management is there a partition after your Windows C: partition? If there is then you will need to use a third party partition manager to first move the partition after C: and then expand C:. 
Partition Wizard can do the job. All steps are virtual and will not complete until Apply is clicked. This lets you back out of any steps if a mistake is made.
If there is no partition after C: you can expand it in Disk Management by right clicking C: and selecting Extend Volume.
Can you post a screenshot of Disk Management?

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Lost the functionality of the control panel and windows update...not sure why ..cannot think of any addition to machine for this change. In the windows search box when selected in search box on start no update or control functions. In all file I see it but clicking on it does nothing. SFC shows nor problems- check disk also shows not probs. I guess I could do a restore but it may come back again. would rather get a windows fix or a reg entry.. Any?.

A:Help please: Windows 7 control panel not showing icons (empty)

Please Run sfc /scan now using option 2 in this tutorial: SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker

Please post back the results.
Please indicate what message was displayed at the end:

Windows found no integrity violations


Corrupt files were found, and windows was unable to fix them.


Corrupt files were found, and windows successfully repaired them

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Hi Techies,
We had faced were strange issue related proxy.  Which I want to share all.
In orgationasaion proxy settings are implemented registry group policy.
1) Proxy Enable
2) ProxyOverride
3) Proxy Server.

Today, when we made the changes as required by client in multiple location.  
All the users were not able to access tinternet allowed sites trough proxy.  When we check proxy settings ang proxy exception was empty.

Please see the above screenshot, when we checked what proxy is getting applied.

Later we analised that in proxy exception list *.google.com; https://blogs.technet.microsoft.com/grouppolicy/2008/
As a example i have bolded "/" which was added after the URL. ie. microsofot.com/
which was causing the proxy group policy was getting disappeared.  

After removing slash givng access to only microsoft.com instead "/" solved my problem.
Hope this will help in future someone.

With Regards, Raviraj Nagenhatti - System Administrator

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I have a simple query that pulls information from a table. The query works and shows the correct 1 to 20 items. I have used the form wizard to create a form off this query, but the form shows blank spaces instead of the data shown in the query. the number of blank fields matches the number of results in the query.

I'm using Access 2003 on Windows 7.

any help will be appreciated

A:Solved: Access 2003 form showing empty fields

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