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y50-70 CPU frequency scaling on battery and Turbo-...

Q: y50-70 CPU frequency scaling on battery and Turbo-...

Hello everybody,I'm an "not so happy" owner of a ideapad y50-70 with this configuration:-Intel i7 4720HQ-NVIDIA geforce GTX 960M-Samsung SSD and 8GB ram so...coming to my problem:since I bought it, i have strong CPU frequency scaling issues. it means that:-ON BATTERY, CPU frequency NEVER exceeds 800MHz, making my lenovo almost a paperweight. I have always to keep it plugged in.-even WHEN PLUGGED, just 1-2 MINUTES after boot, it remains stucked at 800MHz, then the problem seems to disappear.-but WHEN CPU LOAD exceeds ~25%, Intel turbo boost gets disabled, and my cpu instead of running at 3.6 GHz, runs at 2.6.-WHEN i close the screen, CPU slower at 1.8 GHz I've downloaded Intel(R) Extreme Tuning Utility, and I discovered that for the first two cases seems that intervene a sort of thermal throttling, and the cpu scales as it is overheated (obviously is not real occurence, as temperatures never rise above 55-60C).for the last two cases, NO kind of evidences of the frequency scaling appears (i.e.: not, as above, a thermal throttling feature "activation"), but only a system slowing and the frequency value that drops. now, all that happend even under Windows 10 pro. In Ubuntu 14.04 the problem is just related to the frequency scaling on battery. what I have done:-downgraded the BIOS version to an older one (3.03-->2.02) with no success-NO energy-saving profiles activated, obviously-disabled the video card, the wireless card directly from the BIOS to see if there are incompatibilities-surfed the web for months to find a solution. I tried to look for the intel DPTF driver (Windows), but it seems not existing for y50-70...possible?? what I think:-can be something related (for any strange reason) to the boot mode? When i bought my laptop, it was without OS. I installed Win10 with my licence and it was installed in Legacy mode, and not UEFI. When i installed Ubuntu, it was installed as legacy too. But as told, the problem is only the one "battery" one. It can be possible that this can generate any kind of incompatibility?-Can be something dependent on Windows missing drivers? And this can be reflected on Ubuntu? (it seems to be a non sense consideration, but if i think at the Lenovo Setting application, if IN WINDOWS I select for the "conservation" mode" of the battery (never charging over 60% even if plugged), this modality remains active even in UBUNTU) what can i do?For now, I cannot return my pc to Lenovo asking for a repair (for the next months i absolutelly need for my pc), but i will do it before warrant voids, if i do not solve. many thanks for your time

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Preferred Solution: y50-70 CPU frequency scaling on battery and Turbo-...

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)


No matter what setting I use, it seems the 5th generation X1 Carbon cannot boost above its 2.8GHz base frequency while on battery power. I've set all Windows 10 and BIOS power profiles to max performance. I'm using the latest BIOS as of the time of this post. Temperature while using Cinebench R15 multi-CPU benchmark doesn't exceed 55C so it's not being temperature throttled. Is this something Lenovo can resolve in a future update? I'd like to be utilise this processors max performance while away from AC power.

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Hi. After upgrading BIOS to 2.12 the CPU frequency is locked to the lowest possible (disregarding BIOS settings). Plugging in the battery makes it work again.For the sake of prolonging my battery life I ususally run without it when safely docked at home.Anyone else experiencing this? I assume it's a bug?

A:Bios upgrade to 2.12 on T460p locks cpu frequency to lowest when running without battery

It sounds like a bug might have been fixed.  I would expect it to slow down if you had just a battery (no A/C) or just A/C (no battery).  The charhing circuity won't "cook" the battery.  It will stop charging when it is fully charged.

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I have a list of terms like:

Phrase Frequency
Hello Mother 5
Hello Brother 2
Hello Jackal 1

Is there a way I can get the cumulative frequency of each word in the list?

From the above example, the answer would be:
Hello 8
Mother 5
Brother 2
Jackal 1

Any help would be most appreciated.



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I was at Goodwill yesterday and I found an ECS K7SEM v1.0 motherboard for $6. Assuming that it works, I wouldn't mind getting an AMD cpu and some RAM to get this going as a multi-purpose additional computer for my apartment.

The original intent of this board was for AMD processor running at either 100Mhz or 133Mhz FSB. The manual for the motherboard says that the RAM speed cannot be less than the processor FSB. For example: according to the manual, if the CPU has a FSB of 133Mhz, then PC133 RAM must be used and PC100 RAM cannot be used. If a CPU has a FSB of 100Mhz, then either PC100 or PC133 RAM can be used, but not PC66.

This manual was printed in 2001. However, in 2002/2003, a new BIOS upgrade was created for this board to allow support for Athalon XP 2100 and 2200 processors.

I was looking at an AMD XP processor at newegg and realized that the FSB is 266Mhz, according to the specs. I always get confused about FSB ratings. Are you supposed to divide this number by 2 with AMD chips? Like if the FSB is 266Mhz, should I use PC133 RAM to be compliant with the statement in the manual about using RAM that matches or exceeds the CPU FSB?

Another question I had is related to the new BIOS update that supports the newer processors. Would I need to use an old processor in order to update the BIOS before I can use the XP processor? Or will I be able to update to the XP supporting BIOS with the XP processor already in the socket?

If everything goes smooth... Read more

A:CPU FSB frequency and RAM frequency agreement, and BIOS CPU support.

When an AthlonXP is advertised with a 266mhz FSB, it is actually running at 133mhz but its DDR nature makes it run as fast as a 266mhz FSB. Any 266mhz AthlonXP should work on that board provided it isn't above the 2200+ ( 1800mhz ).

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After my friend's laptop wouldn't run on battery power OR charge the battery I tried many "fixes."
Shockingly none worked that I found.
Only one thing worked for me to my surprise.
A last ditch effort was to open up the laptop (sony pcg-81114L) and disconnect the cmos battery for a few minutes to reset the CMOS.
To my surprise, when powered on, the battery instantly showed it was charging AND when removing the power plug the battery POWERS the laptop now! (and I'd thought I was wasting my time.)
Worked with an off brand battery also.
Many times this has saved many computers that have odd "unsolvable" things wrong with them.
Surely someone else has done this also but I haven't seen it posted anywhere to my knowledge.
Thank GOD for bringing the idea to remembrance!

A:sony vaio won't charge battery or run on battery power (CMOS BATTERY FIX!)

Hi askfault,
Do you have any information on how this fixes the battery problem? would be interested to know.

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Everything is so small, icons, text, firefox menus, firefox webpages, windows ui elements... So I set scaling to 125% and these problems get fixed. However, unlike in windows 8.1, now steam among a few other things is completely messed up. Their interface get huge and buggy. Is there any way to fix this?
My resolution is 1920x1080, 24inch screen.

A:Any way to get better ui scaling?

I have the same problems, Since setting scaling UI to 125% whenever I open Baldurs gate in full screen mode it expands off the screen. Tried to reset to 100% and Baldurs gate stayed huge cant reset that now.

This is such retarded stuff, dumbasses at Microsoft can screw up a wet dream.

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hi my computer is showing text in a blurry manner updating the display driver is not helping please help my driver id for display adapter is (just in case) PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_1916&SUBSYS_80E0103C&REV_07PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_1916&SUBSYS_80E0103CPCI\VEN_8086&DEV_1916&CC_030000PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_1916&CC_0300 

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Hi there all.

I've recently got an electronic ebook. However there is some difficulty, as pdf pages are shown so tiny that I cannot read the script. The screen is 9X12cm. So I was wondering if there is any software that you know of which can reduce or scale the pages of a pdf file.
I'll be deeply obliged.

A:Scaling pdf pages

Should have a - and + for any .pdf file.

I use PDF-XCHANGE VIEWER that is free and works great.

I can view things from 1% to 6400%.

Yes that says 6400%

If you go down the page your see a Portable version you can get also.
No install is needed so you could try it out.
It opens really fast and is a very nice program.

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Windows 10 Anniversary... I can go to 150% scaling in PRIMARY and MIRROR but when I use only the secondary screen (it's a TV) the DPI scaling is disabled... why?

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Just found this article (paste the blue text in a browser, BC can't show it rightly, windows10_dpi_blurry_fix.xpexplorer.com/ ) on how to fix DPI fuzziness problems on widescreen monitors, when reading PC World's latest article on Windows 10 headaches, comment by Darren Fajcz. 
I have the problem described, and it's very annoying how all the dialog boxes in Win10, look like bad photos of previous dialog boxes in Win7 and 8.
I couldn't find a prior BC article on the topic, though I did search.  So if this issue is already in some other topic, I apologize!
I've not tried to use it yet, because I'm not sure I want to run Win10 anymore.  Meanwhile, someone else might benefit.  Since the solution is in two parts, the second of which involves some software download, I don't know how members will feel about that.  On the other hand, maybe it's a good idea, at least the first part, which is a Win10 settings change.
Hope this helps.

A:Windows 10 DPI scaling fix

Your "this article" URL returns to BleepingComputer.com just so you know!

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Hello everyone

I spent all day to figure out how to enable Gpu scaling but no way.
It was working a couple of days ago untill I didn't mess around and now I'm not able to fit the image in the full panel.

I tried to lower the screen resolution as I did a search and apparently once that is done it should work but not in my case.

Please help me out if you have a solution

Thank you in advance

A:How to enable Gpu scaling???

I don't use ATI cards, but there will be an option in Catalyst Control Centre to set the monitor scaling. Update your graphic drivers to the latest version and have a look.

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Hello peeps,

Im new here and this is my first post,

I just bought the New Dell XPS 17 i7 2720 laptop with the 1600 x 900 screen with the GT555m card.

In the Nvidia Preferences / control panel there is no option for image scaling or strech to fit none native resolutions.

I have updated the drivers and tried researching the issue yet to no avail, just pages and pages of Dell crap!!!

Just wondering if anyone has any idea on what i can do, or any suggestions??

(ps, just tried Hdmi to my TV and the "adjust desktop size and position" option shows up for that screen only)

A:Image scaling on NEW XPS 17

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Hey guys.

I always have a Border when I try to play in the 1280x720 resolution on my 23" LG monitor, whhich native res is 1920x1080.

How do I enable scaling so that the picture stretches like it should?? So I can get rid of the border.

I have an ATI HD4890, and can't find any setting in the CCC.



A:Enable Scaling? ATI - LG

Just realized. But I don't have "Digital Panel" in my CCC. That's where the scaling options are. How do i fix this?

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My desktop over scales the actual size of my monitor. I used to have a phone number for a computer guy and he told me one time a certain key stroke braught up a window i honeslty have never seen before and i was able to basicly custom fit my desktop to my monitor kinda like when u first set up a game via console on a big screen tv, i did an update via windows + a restart and now its back to default again. Anyways its driving me crazy i have tried everything i know plus some googling to try and fix this problem. So to cover what i have done first and for most i have Windows 7 64 bit im using a r7 360 as a gpu and the rest is not to important i am using a lame monitor HF199H HannSpree but to be noted nothing has changed or been updated other then this recent update via windows. The default screen res is 1440x900 witch its currently set on and was set on prior update also if i open my radeon settings for my gpu under scaling and over scaling is greyed out so im not able to change that and was same way prior update so nothing new there, my drivers are all up to date via checking AMD gaming evolved. If i have missed any important info please feel free to ask ill be watching for any responses thank you guys for any time you take reading this and trying to help me. Also when i take like a print screen of my desktop it shows what it SHOULD look like and not what i see witch is super odd.

A:Desktop scaling is Off

Right click anywhere on the desktop (not an icon), then go to personalize then screen resolution and adjust it accordingly.

Tutorial on Microsoft's Website here:
Change your screen resolution

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I am a student using photoshop 6.0 for a project on fisheries. I take pictures of the table full of fish and use photoshop to measure the fish for analysis (with a 10-cm triangle ruler present in the photo). Currently I am using a trail-and-error method to scale the photo to the triangle, which is pretty time consuming. I am first rotating the photo so the triangle is parallel with the bottom, then transforming the photo perspective (to square the picture according to the triangle), then transforming it first vertically then horizontally, using the rulers until the triangle corresponds 10cm with 10cm on the rulers. Everytime i transform the picture it moves and I just have to estimate how far to transform it, then remeasure, then transform it again...gr! I found a free software, Vislog, which has a calibration tool so I can set a scale which based on the number of pixels equal to 10cm. Can anyone help me with a similar method of calibration (or some other simpler method) to scale the photo to this triangle? perhaps something with setting grid lines of 10cm distance...idk...

Thanks a lot for your help! I reallllly appreciate anything you can suggest!

A:Photoshop 6.0 Scaling

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Anyone seen or had there text size all of a sudden become huge in various programs? For example see screen shots, i have tried making DPI scale 100% but its already this low. Only in windows and java based programs is the text affected.

I am administrator, and have rebooted several times.

Any other options i have no idea about?


A:DPI Scaling not working?

Have you tried resolution?
Screen Resolution

If that does not work, run a full and updated malwarebytes and anti virus scan.

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How can I print an image at say 75% of an image displayed on 8.5" x 11" paper? Using zoom does not work, it still prints at 100%. Explanation: I have a model building which measures in plan view 8" x 6"; I want to print this so it prints at 6" x 4".

A:print scaling

Your printer may have this option (Scaled Print size).
Note that your ratio of 8 x 6 will give you a 6 x 4.5 print.
Irfanview will allow you to change the print size also.

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I am new here so I will try hard not to be a n00b, although I believe I may have made an all n00b mistake. Anywho, in the personalization options for Vista Home 64 bit, I was adjusting the font size to make the fonts bigger on my 56 inch TV/ Monitor. On the DPI Scaling tab I choose a custom setting of around 285 DPI(not exactly sure what size I used). After restarting the computer (needed for changes), and navigating to a couple different options , I realized that I could no longer use the dialog boxes because they were now to big to see the options at the bottom of the various dialog boxes(including the DPI Scaling Dialog box). The dialog boxes appear when you need to make changes and at the bottom they have options including OK, Cancel ,and Apply. Since I can't see the bottom of the boxes to click the apply button I can't resize the DPI Scaling to an usable size. GRRRRR...!!!!!!
I tried to drag the DPI Scaling box to the very top of my desktop, but it topped out long before I could ever see the Custom tab, much less the Apply tab.
I am new to Vista, this computer, and using the TV as a computer monitor, so I was just trying to get the user settings adjusted when I made this bonehead mistake. Any help or suggestions will be much appreciated.

A:Vista DPI Scaling

Hi ,
Thank you to anyone that used any of thier time or effort on this one.Fortunately, I have fixed this one myself. I booted up in safe mode(F8) and the fonts were at a size that made using all the tabs ( Smaller,Larger, and Custom) possible, as well as the buttons at the bottom of the Dialog Box(OK, cancel, and Apply). From there it was easy to set a font size that both worked for my monitor size and was not too big or too small (around 185 DPI).
P.S. Note to self...use caution and proceed slowly when making setting adjustments that your not familiar with.

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is there a way to turn this off? i want it to stay at the fastest it can go at all times, i looked in the bios settings and it said u can turn it off in there, but them its always at the minimum settings... is there a way to make it so its at top speed no matter what?

A:speed scaling...

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Hello, I have a 4K TV as a monitor connected via DVI-HDMI. I have 3840*2160 and scaling 100% (because I want all pixels when viewing photos Today for the second time I noticed that all desktop icons are spread out in crazy distance like around 200px but they are small, not enlarged. I do right click - display settings and it says in red "Some apps won't respond to scaling changes until you sign out". I did not do any scaling changes! It is still 100%, but since recently I saw twice this icon mess and this message. Fonts in apps look a bit weird too I think. Last time it happened, I signed out and icons were fixed, but today after powering on the system it is back. Anybody noticed this as well? Maybe it is happening after my GPU upgrade...

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What can you expect when you get your new Windows 7 install working with those crisp new solid state hard drives? SSD drives are not what they used to be already. And just how is that Intel ICH10R chipset serving you?


A:SSD RAID scaling under Windows 7

I wonder if they disabled staggered spin-up on the drives, at least in the Highpoint controller - you have no control on the ICH10R and I have no idea if they do or not do a staggered spin-up. I'm assuming SSDs don't have that initial power suck from getting their motor up-&-running and heading out on the data highway, looking for adventure ...

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Internet Explorer seems to be scaling all of my images, but then again ALL of my images are very pixelated. My Pictures folder is filled with pixelated pictures. I have a laptop running IE6. My DPI is set to 90 (default). I've unchecked the 'Enable Automatic Image Resizing' in the Internet Options. I have no clue what to try next. If all my images are that way is it more than IE? Can someone help me? I need clear pictures! PLEASE. Thanks in advance!

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My "Change the size of all items" is set to smaller. This makes everything appear fine. However whenever I restart the PC, or turn on the PC, all of the desktop programs and cursor are incorrect (ie. everything bigger than it should be) on my left hand monitor. Changing the main display, or changing the resolution back and fro fixes the problem, but gets annoying after a while. Any ideas?



A:Scaling (DPI) of Windows 8 Desktop changes

What if you switched the Monitors, what do you have in the other Monitor, the Start Screen? Can you switch positions?

How are they plugged in, is this SLI or connections on the same Video card... HDMI. SVGA or Component?

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My company purchased the ThinkPad Helix for business use.  Nearly 100% of my use of the computer is proxy'ing into a remote server.  I have been using Microsoft .rdp for years on both desktops and laptops. Problem is, this is very,very difficult with the Helix.  When I log into my office server, the desktop icons and everything else is very small !!!  So hard to see, hurts my eyes.  As it is, the computer is useless for me. Here is what I have done to try to remedy this: If you right click on the title bar, there is an option for "Zoom".  But if I make it bigger, say 150% so I can see it, it just zooms.  The resolution decays, and you can't see the whole desktop of the rdp screen.  So you have to use the vertical and horizontal scrool bars to work.  This is not a tenable solution.You can "edit" the settings for the rdp by right clicking on the icon.  Then you go to the tab "display" and this only allows you to change the size of the remote disktop.  You can;t make it bigger. There are other remote desktop apps, and I would purchase them if I has some confidence they would work. Does anyone know of a solution?  Sadly, this is otherwise an excellent computer.

RDP Screen.jpg ?92 KB

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I have an LCD monitor with native resolution 1280x1024, and it's connected via a regular analog cable. I usually played only one game, Counter Strike 1.6. I used to play is at 1024x768. A few months back, (I don't remember what I was doing, I faintly remember (maybe)it was a CPU overheating issue) I had my computer case opened up. So, the computer rebooted a few times, and I remember, that the text (about my Nvidia gpu) that is displayed at the started of each bootup, appeared a bit stretchy(just like you take an 800x600 pic, resize it to 1280x1024). Same with the splash screen. But the Windows GUI (which was set at my native resolution) appeared normal. Then I started CS1.6, and even it appeared stretchy. Not knowing the cause of this, I switched the resolution of the game to 1280x1024. Since CS1.6 is not graphic intensive, I had no problem running the game at that resolution. So I ignored the problem.

Yesterday I bought L4D. Again, it had the same stretchiness at lower resolutions. But, I cannot manage good FPS at higher resolutions, so I have to play play at 800x600, with the stretchy graphics that look like crap.

I get the same problem even in Windows 7.

I have NO idea what caused this. Any solution to this? If my monitor was connected via DVI, then solving this would be easy, but it doesn't have a DVI port.

Windows XP MCE2005 SP3
Intel Pentium D 2.8GHz
nVidia Geforce 7300LE

A:Strange scaling problem

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Hi, I had a question regarding Windows 7 and Nvidia Scaling. I just finished installing Windows 7 and I went into my Nvidia Driver Settings under Adjust Desktop Size and Position and by default my monitor is set to Use my display's built-in scaling, but I whenever I try to change it to use NVIDIA Scaling or fixed aspect ratio and press ok to keep the changes, it keeps reverting back to the default. I am using the most recent drivers for video card. What is the problem here?
Thank you

A:Problems with trying to use NVIDIA Scaling



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I am running Win 8.1 on a Yoga 2 Pro convertible laptop with a 3200 x 1800 res screen. Although my DPI scaling is set to 250%, the Modern UI tiles and text (Start screen) are still too small. In addition, many of the apps show text that is too small, as well.

This Eightforums article showed a terrific registry hack to adjust this in Windows 8. Unfortunately, the article warns that it does not work in Windows 8.1.

Can any suggest a way to increase the text size of the Modern UI? As it is right now, it's unusable.

A:Custom Scaling of DPI of Modern UI in 8.1?

Hello. Welcome to 8 Forums.

Have you tried to make an adjustment using the metro tools.

When looking at the Start Screen:
Charms > Settings > Change PC Settings > PC and devices > Display

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I use Windows 8 on a rMBP, but frequently use an external monitor that's 1080p. Since it scales 200% for the HiDPI of the rMBP, it's way too big on the external. Is there a way I can have it scale only the internal monitor, and leave the external one at 100%?

A:Separate Scaling for Each Display

Hello Lloyd,

You would be able to in Windows 8.1, but not Windows 8.


DPI Scaling Size - Change for Displays in Windows 8.1

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My main monitor is 2560x1440 and my 2nd monitor is 1920x1080. When I set both to 100% or 125% scaling they both look fine. If I set my main monitor to 125% and my 2nd monitor to 100% the 2nd monitor is blurry.

Is anyone else having this problem? Is there a way to fix it?


A:Blurry 2nd Monitor when using different DPI scaling

Hello Ryz,
I just happen to have the exact same problem. Did you find a solution??

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I have a Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro which has a resolution of 3200 x 1800 which I run at 200% scaling.
I have just bought an Asus PB278Q which has a resolution of 2560 x 1440 which I run at 100% scaling, and which I want to use for development.
However, all content on the external display is blurry.
So I tried the option for setting one scaling of 100% for all displays and now the external display is sharp as it should be, but the internal display is obviously useless in desktop mode because everything is too small. I verified that the external
display is being driven at the correct resolution via the monitor's own information option which says 2560 x 1440 at 60Hz (I was at least pleased that the Intel HD 4400 graphics were able to drive both displays at their proper resolution with 32-bit
colour and at 60Hz). I have a fully updated version of Windows 8.1 Pro Update 1.
So my guess is that Windows is rendering my external display off-screen at 200% and then crunching it down to 100% via bitmap processing.
Is this how Microsoft have implemented per-display scaling? There is no way I can tolerate such blurriness on the external display especially as I intend to use it mainly for development so clarity of text is important.
I've posted to this forum in the hope there will be other people with a similar setup. Is anyone able to help resolve this or is it simply a bad implementation of per-display scaling?
Here are a cou... Read more

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Thinking of buying either a 1280x800 or a high res 1680x1050 15.4" screen on a Lenovo T500 laptop (feels like this is a common problem since all laptops are getting higher and higher resolutions). When I'm at home I need 1280x800 since I'm a bit away from the screen but for example on a train 1680x1050 would be better since I then would be closer to the screen.

So my question, how good is the DPI scaling in Windows 7? Can I by using the scaling function (not XP style scaling) be able to make the 1680x1050 screen look like a 1280x800 screen just when needed?


A:Windows 7 DPI scaling, how good is it?

In a sense, yes, but practically no. LCD's display best when they are set to native resolution, and the DPI will increase the font size, so try it and see.

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I got this little problem i can seem to fix. I use a 32" LCD television as a monitor, via RGB (vga) and i'm getting a really weird problem in windows vista.

This screen has very few supported resolutions modes and among them all, the one that works/looks best using the RGB cable is 1600:900. Alright, after i installed all the drivers for my computer, that resolution showed fine. BUT my television, instead of the usual 1600x900 mode, went right to 1600x1200 mode. That makes the image really blurry, not pratical at all. So i thoght maybe the desktop resolution didn't really change to 1600x900, and i took a screenshot to check the file size. it was indeed 1600x900.

Long story short: desktop is really at 1600x900, but my TV seems to think its 1600x1200 so it switches to this mode instead, making everything blurry. Only happens on windows seven, works fine on windows xp.

I tested it with other 16:9 screen resolutions and they all got the same problem: they set my television to the 4:3 or 5:4 mode counterpart (for example, 1280x720 sets it to 1280x1024)

As for my video card, it's a nvidia geforce 8800GT.

I have absolutely NO idea how am i going to fix this, since this did not happend on windows XP. I sure hope i don't have to roll back to xp just because of this.

Can anyone lend a helping hand?

ps: unfortunately the suport for PCs via hdmi on this television sucks and the only port is being used by my xbox360, so i can't use dvi/hdmi instead of RGB.

A:Problem with LCD television scaling

alright, i figured the cause of the problem.

seems newer nvidia drivers for windows seven have some issues with scaling. so i dropped back to forceware 182,50 and 16:9 worked (mostly).

thing is now i can't set the screen to 1600x900 anymore, and when i try to add it as a custom resolution using nvidia control panel, it fails the test.
also when i check "show resolutions not suported by this screen", 1600x900 shows up but windows fails to switch to it. that's basically the same problem i had initially with windows XP (which i fixed by installing the "Compaq p1610 color monitor" driver instead of generic pnp device).

didn't work out so well on windows 7, still can't do 1600x900 or 1920x1080

at least i got some 16:9 resolutions to work, and they're not nearly as blurry as anything i was getting before.

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I've never had this problem with my monitor before, but I have recently made some changes.

I have a Dell 22in monitor and a nVidia GT 220 gfx card windows 7 Home Premium

I used to use the analog cable for my monitor until it started giving me all sorts of problems. So, when I went fishing for another cord I found, what i've ralized later, was a digital monitor cable. I've had no problems thus far with it until now.

I don't usually change the resolution of my monitor as i'm quite happy with the large resolution, but playing a game at a smaller resolution, as i found out today, leaves me with aggrivating black bars on either side of my monitor.

It looks terrible and I can't help but stare at them.

So what I'm wondering, is why this happens, and is there a way to fix it to where scaling doesn't make my screen so blurry that it hurts my eyes.

Also does having a larger resolution in games bog it down? If not then this will be the easiest solution.

I dunno if you need any more information than what I posted. If you do I'll be more than happy to post it.


A:Monitor scaling problems...

When playing a game, you need to chose a resolution that has a widescreen aspect ratio. If the game doesn't give you that option, then you are a bit out of luck. In some games though, I think they may stretch the screen to make up for the difference, but it doesn't sound like yours does that. Give it a try with another trial version of a more recent game available on the Internet. That will help you understand what I mean.
As for the blurring, it sounds as if you are talking about quite an old game. You see, you can only do with so little vertical and horizontal pixels on your monitor before your monitor is not good at displaying it. That is why it is best to stick with the native resolution supported by your monitor as best you can, which your game will have control over once you start it up. If you have the option, you should play it in a window instead. That will make it smaller, but at least then you won't be complaining about it being blurry.
Increasing a resolution in a game will indeed increase the demand on your computer, because it is handling more pixels. In my game of Crysis, I like to not pick the highest resolutions for fear everything will slow down, but not the smallest either because that will give me less screen space what with all the HUD and stuff. In my older games like C&C: Red Alert 3 / Generals, or Age of Empires, you may as well make it as high as you can go. Not that they ever can go high enough though.

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When using DPI scaling in Windows 8.1, I've noticed that different programs are scaled in different ways:

Scaling fully supported: This results in the best experience by far, but it seems only a handful of Windows components (e.g. Windows Explorer and Control Panel) as well as Office 2013 have this...Magnification: Everything is blurry (much like zooming in on a JPEG), but aspect ratio is maintained. Virtually all Windows components that don't have full support for scaling use this mode, for example Event Viewer and Task Scheduler.Text is enlarged, but spacing and icons are not: This scaling mode leads to all sorts of clipping and overflow issues. Unfortunately, most 3rd party programs use this method

My question is, how does Windows decide how to scale any given program? And is there any way for end users to change it? I'd love to be able to avoid scaling method #3...

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I have a Acer H257HU 1440P Monitor and at 2560X1400 the gadgets don't look right, they look weird. The cpu ram gadget specifically. Whenever I set text at 125% the gadgets look weird and no it's not a IE 11 issue, it's a scaling issue with windows 7. So I don't know how to fix this weird issue.

A:Gadget Scaling issue

Unfortunately , it is an IE 11 issue. Microsoft changed something in IE 11 that effects scaling in Windows 7 and the gadgets are effected as well. There is no "fix" that I am aware of other than to leave text at 100% or install IE 10. I chose IE 10. Someone published a work-around that involved making a change to each gadget but it left them at a smaller size.

Fix: Gadgets displaying broken in Windows 8.1 or Windows 7 with IE11

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I am running Visio Standard 2016. I have a dimensioned architectural drawing that was created at 3/4"=1 ft. for 8-1/2 x 11 paper and I want to scale this drawing to 1/4"=1 ft and have it on 24"x 36" paper.

I have tried several ways of rescaling and changing the paper size, but Visio won't seem to fill the entire 24 x 36 page, but leaves the drawing small down in one corner like it is trying to keep it to the original 8-1/2 x 11 size.

I have tried to group the drawing and then grab a corner to drag it larger with the mouse, but then the dimensioning all gets whacked.

What am I doing wrong? I just want my drawing to fill the entire 24 x 26 paper.


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In ATI catalyst control panal 8.4, the used centered timings option doesn't work. I have some old games that can only run at lower resoulutions, but it's all blurrY. How do I make it so it doesn't scale the image?

A:Stop ATI from scaling screen

Is this a question? Does your card have a dip switch on it that needs to be changed?

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I use a S140u portable monitor with my Elitebook 840 G3.  The scaling is different between the screens such that icons, windows, etc. on the S140u appear larger than on the main display.  I've tried adjusting the resolution and scaling in the properties menu.  Does anyone know how to fix this?  Any help you could offer would be greatly appreciated!Thanks in advance.-Josh 

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Hi there,

I've got a 15 inch Dell laptop with 4K screen. Using the Dell docking station, I'm running 2 external monitors connected over DP ports (LG's 2560*1080 and Dell's 1920*1080) - both external screens run at their respective native resolutions in the extended desktop regime.

Obviously, the 4K on 15 inch is a no-go so I use scaling to 200% on the laptop screen only to emulate 1920*1080. The screen is sharp. So far so good.


Some applications are distinctively blurry or rasterized when displayed on ANY of the external monitors.

For example, Word and Notepad are unusable as they are plain blurry to be used as text editors. Chrome and MSIE have distorted/blurred menu texts and rendering of pages is really poor and blurry. Same goes for Total Commander. ALL these applications display correctly on the native screen.

Now, Firefox and items such as windows settings are sharp on all three screens.

I already tried using the per-application setting to stop DPI scaling, but it did not help with Chrome and with Total Commander I ended up with a ridiculously oversized app

To add insult to the injury, the Skype's main window (with contacts) is OK on the laptop's screen - individual conversation windows on external monitors are grotesquely huge.

I resorted to using 1920*1080 resolution on the laptop's screen and no scaling - this rectified apps blurriness issue on external screens. Also, the laptop screen is set to 48Hz which to some extent which helped with inevit... Read more

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I'm using W7 x64, 9.5 Ati drivers... the flat panel scaling option is greyed out, why?

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I have a Acer H257HU 1440P Monitor and at 2560X1400 the gadgets don't look right, they look weird. The cpu ram gadget specifically. Whenever I set text at 125% the gadgets look weird and no it's not a IE 11 issue, it's a scaling issue with windows 7. So I don't know how to fix this weird issue.

A:Gadget Scaling issue

Unfortunately , it is an IE 11 issue. Microsoft changed something in IE 11 that effects scaling in Windows 7 and the gadgets are effected as well. There is no "fix" that I am aware of other than to leave text at 100% or install IE 10. I chose IE 10. Someone published a work-around that involved making a change to each gadget but it left them at a smaller size.

Fix: Gadgets displaying broken in Windows 8.1 or Windows 7 with IE11

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So I just got a 4k monitor to add to my two 1080p monitors. I set everything up and it was all fine and good for an hour or so. Basically what's happening is the scale option is locked to the primary display. If I increase the scale of one, the rest follow suit. I've been trying to fix this for hours and need to get this in order so I can work, so please help!

If it helps, I have an Nvidia GTX 970 and the monitors are two HP 2511's (1DVi/1 HDMI) and a Samsung U28E590D 4k monitor, running through a DisplayPort.

The goal here is to have the 4k at 150% scale and the other two at 100%.


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Hi everyone, I just installed build 7100 of Windows 7 (first time trying the OS) and am having an annoying issue. I have a widescreen monitor but play a lot of old games, so I rely on GPU scaling to properly use 4:3 resolutions. This works fine in Vista but in my new Win7 installation the option isnt even available in CCC.

So, what the hell? This is pretty much a deal breaker for me. Back to Vista for now

A:Catalyst 9.4 + HD4870 = no GPU scaling

At least you get the CCC to load.!
It will not open for me (no errors in event viewer etc). Even though it is installed and I can select it by right clicking on the desktop it simply fails to work. I'm using x64 7100.

I have read of another person who can't load CCC and I would imagine that there are still issues with the ATI drivers and W7 - you can fill out a bug report, if you can't get it resolved...


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I recently jumped the 4K Bandwagon with the purchase of a new TV I mounted to the Wall and while I managed to get most of the stuff running at 4096 x 2160 and still being readable some stuff just doesn't scale well despite my best efforts.

Maybe I'm just missing something but is there an option to have programs like the Battle.net Launcher, which appears to be totally unaffected by the Windows Scaling Scaling settings, appear to be bigger/more readable? On the same PC I also use an older version of PhotoShop ( Pre CC ) which does not come with the experimental 200% UI feature making it practically unusable since my migration from 1080p to 2160p.

Thanks in Advance =)

A:UI Scaling for UHD not being applied to all Programs

I'm going to guess and answer "no".

Programmers for Piriform's CCleaner were able to write their program that scales well upward. They did have a problem scaling downward, now supposedly corrected. Programmers for Auslogics' Disk Defragmenter have not done so, yet? Its UI font is quite tiny on UHD. One small component of LibreOffice didn't scale up.

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Hi. In Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Display I've turned scaling down to "smaller - 100% default", and also tried the "smaller" option on the slider bar with "let me choose one scaling level for all my displays" not ticked, but every time I restart my machine, my monitor 2 has scaling. I have windows 8.1, and I'm resesrved for windows 10. This didn't start happening until I chose to reserve windows 10, but that may be a coincidence. I have two monitors, set up vertically (one monitor on top of the other) with the monitor 1 set at 1366x768 and monitor 2 to 1600x900. It only scales once I've dragged a window onto the monitor 2, and does not scale at all on monitor 1. If I go to screen resolution and disable and re-enable one of the monitors it will stop the scaling, but this is irritating as I have to do it every time I restart. Is there any way I can disable this scaling thing altogether? It's not honoring my choices in the control panel.

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