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How do I copy/move/backup Onedrive to iCloud from my Win PC

Q: How do I copy/move/backup Onedrive to iCloud from my Win PC

I'm beaten guys! Somehow all my iCloud photos (5744) are no longer on the Cloud BUT they are all happily living on One Drive but no way I can get them into the Cloud!

I have Googled the world and whilst it seems pretty easy if you own an Apple Mac, I just can't find the way to do it from Windows 10.

I have tried all the suggestions but none of them work for me!

Off topic I know but I have the same identical photos on my Apple 4 Min iPad but with a similar situation, no can do!

Any help appreciated!

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Preferred Solution: How do I copy/move/backup Onedrive to iCloud from my Win PC

I recommend trying the free service from Zip Cloud. It's currently our users' favorite backup and storage solution and will save you headaches down the line.

You can get it direct from this link http://goo.gl/rFYDxc. (This link will open the Zip Cloud homepage.)


I have a W7 laptop, an iPad & a MacBook Air and I am thinking of storing photos on one on the above mentioned as a safe guard. I have absolutely no idea at all how this iCloud etc stuff works as it is beyond me in my old age. So what I am looking for is advice on which one I should use and how to go about it. From what I have read One Drive gets the best write up but I would rather take opinions here from members who have had experience & know what they are talking about. Thanks for any help here.

A:OneDrive or iCloud

I use and like DropBox.  They have a free version with no limitations except amount of storage.  I pay $9.99 per month for the basic since I have a lot of photos and some videos.  I back up almost all files I create. And you can share files with others. Without them having access to your folders by a simple right click to create a link like this one:  https://www.dropbox.com/s/ev6a7mgbohlh2o1/2015-07-11%2018.54.52.mp4?dl=0 

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I created the system backup (bit copy) in my Win 8.1 Pro and saved it to my internal HDD.
It is possible to move it now to another drive (e.g. to NAS)?
I try to do this manually, but even though I can open the folder "WindowsImageBackup" and I see several saved files in included folders I cannot manipulate with them.

A:Move system backup (bit copy) to another drive?

Control Panel > System and Maintenance> Backup and Restore. In the left pane, click on "Turn Off Schedule".
From there you can delete or move the file.
Ideally you should create a new backup file to another location or create an image backup file with something like Macrium Reflect(Free). This would be more secure.

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Is it possible with de standard Windows Backup to backup directly to OneDrive; e.g. not via the local synchronized directory of Ondrive.

A:OneDrive backup

As to the OneDrive specs, you can use it as an additional local drive.

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Windows 10 OneDrive seems to only want to operate as your primary file storage repository with your PC being a potential backup for OneDrive. I do not want to use it in that manner. How do I use OneDrive to simply copy selected files and folders from my PC to OneDrive without any Syncing enabled? If I deselect 'Sync files and folders' in OneDrive settings, it seems to disable the OneDrive link in File Explorer. Ideally I would like to have a backup setup to sync OneDrive with my PC so that OneDrive mirrors my PC...not the other way around. However, I would be happy with just figuring out how to copy files from PC to OneDrive using File Explorer.

Your help is greatly appreciated.
Best Regards,

A:How to copy files from PC to OneDrive with no syncing enabled

Copy files to C:\Users\yourusername\OneDrive.

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I keep getting error 0x80070780 when trying to migrate files from the "Documents" folder in OneDrive on an external HDD, to OneDrive on the C:\\ Drive. How can I alleviate it without these lengthy workarounds?

Willie "DJBillyD" Rogers

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I am no longer using the office, this was one of the principal reasons for me to use onedrive now use Google Docs which serves me very well, however I have many files saved in onedrive, documents, music, videos and pictures, I want to spend all to Google Drive, as it will now be my favorite cloud, I am having many problems with sinconização onedrive and has failed much time to upload, something that does not happen with Google Drive, at least in my case ...
I wish I could copy everything a faster process, have almost 35GB of files in onedrive and if I download will be long ... I intend to buy more space in Google Drive to pass all the onedrive.
Is there any program that does it or an online tool?
Thank you

A:Is there any way to copy the files that are in onedrive to Google Drive?

How to Move Files From One Cloud Storage Service to Another

read that

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I have a laptop with Windows 8.1 installed. A lot of my files are synchronized to OneDrive. I want to reformat and reinstall Windows but I want to restore all the OneDrive files from a local backup instead of redownloading them all from the OneDrive files on the Internet. Does anyone know if there would be an issue with copying all the files back into the OneDrive folder after reformatting but before resynchronizing the files with OneDrive online? I was hoping OneDrive would notice that the files are the same as the ones online and would not try to upload them again. However, I ran into an issue with the past where I tried to manually copy files back to the OneDrive folder and then it started uploading them all to the cloud again but this time with the PC name in the folder name. Apparently it thought the files were modified both online and on the PC. It was a mess. Has anyone else tried this before?

A:reinstalling Win 8.1 and OneDrive data from local backup

I've been wondering the same recently. I have 300GB or so in OneDrive that I don't want to have to download every time i reformat. Hopefully someone has something on this.

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I just got Windows 10. I've been using the cloud backup/folder syncing service Jungle Disk on Windows 7 for a while. I'm not very happy with Jungle Disk... no end of bugs and problems. Because Microsoft is pushing OneDrive so hard with Windows 10, I thought I would ask a question about it.

Here are three features I like about Jungle Disk, and I would like to know if OneDrive provides them. Also, if you know of other cloud backup/syncing services that might be a little more stable than Jungle Disk, let me know.

(1) A lot of control and options about what files to backup/sync, how many versions to keep, etc. I don't want a "push one button" solution.

(2) Syncing with local storage. I can work locally if I want to, and then when I next connect to the internet my folder is merged with the network storage. Syncing happens practically in real time, so you always have several not very old versions available immediately after a mistake.

(3) Traditional daily backups that give a form of protection from cryptolocker. My large files are vulnerable to cryptolocker... I don't sync those because I can't afford to pay for the storage of many versions, plus the bandwidth to sync them in real time would be prohibitive. I do automated daily backups to local drives, but those are connected 24/7 so if cryptolocker strikes, it will lock those too. The solution is a form of daily backup with Jungle Disk that stores just a few old versions of every file and can't be accessed by cryp... Read more

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Keep your files backed-up and synching together across all of your devices using OneDrive Desktop App for Windows which offers 15gb free cloud storage for each Windows Live/Hotmail/Outlook ID and sells more for cheap.

It can be as easy as dragging anything you want backed up into OneDrive (formerly SkyDrive) folder which lives both on your HD and in the Cloud, which is the gauzy name for MS Servers. But with a few more minutes configuration you'll have your User folders stored in the cloud ready to access on the internet and sync'd to any of your devices.

After trying several methods for over a year I've settled on physically moving the active User folders to the OneDrive folder with the steps in User Folders - Change Default Location.

You can also place the OneDrive folder on any other HD, but be aware that if it is moved from C and you use Win7 Backup Imaging it will force the inclusion of the data drive to which Onedrive and/or User folders are moved since they are System folders.

You can do the same on all your PC's and have one master set of files hosted and kept Sync'd this way by Onedrive, even access them from any device anywhere via the internet, share them publicly, by invitation, or link.

In using this method the only risk is if you'd delete a file or folder and have it sync on other devices before you realize you still need it. In this case the file/folder will be in each Recycle Bin. For this reason I'd uncheck Recycle Bin in CCleaner so... Read more

A:Sync, Backup and Store your Files to the Cloud with OneDrive

Hi Greg,

Sounds like a pretty nifty idea. I've got a similar idea and I'm sure there is a downside to it that escapes me at the moment, but instead of copying why not just change the location of your user's document folder from its default location, i.e. via right clicking on the folder, then properties, and then the location tab and choosing change location, and moving it to within your SkyDrive folder on your hard drive? I guess the down side would be every document you saved, unless you made a conscious effort to "Save As" in an alternative location, it would naturally if a document, be automatically saved in the "Default" user's documents folder, which now after the change in locations would happen to be the newly relocated user's "Documents" folder now inside the SkyDrive folder which gets synced to the cloud and you might not want it in the cloud. That's the only downside I can see. Can you think of others? I'm sure I got to be missing something...

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I just purchased a pre-owned Lenovo T420 laptop with Windows 7, but amazingly, over these many years, I've never had to back up my OS before because someone (my tech guy mostly) had always done it for me. Anyhow, while I do intend to make a full system backup copy, which I have no doubt will include the Windows 7 OS, I would also like to create a backup (disk) copy of my OS only since no install disks came with the computer. I can load the Windows 7 OS onto an 80Mb CD, but the entire hard disk backup will take many gigabytes and I intend to use a 32 Gb flash drive for that purpose.

My first and essential question is, can I create a Windows 7 Pro "restore" disk by just copying and pasting the entire "Windows" file on my hard drive to a CD or Flash drive...or is there more to it than that?

When I started to create a backup copy of the entire disk using the Windows backup program, I took particular notice to the
fact that (after I selected the custom selection option rather than the automatic selection for which files to copy) that the Windows file was no longer listed on the "C" drive menu provided in the backup program. It is certainly listed on my "C" drive when I bring it up directly, so can anyone explain to me quickly what that's all about?

A:Solved: Can I make a backup copy of my Windows 7 OS using copy/paste?

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Windows 8.1.
If I move my "OneDrive" folder from my hard drive to my SD storage card in File Explorer, will the contents still be shown in my "OneDrive" app on my Start screen.?

A:Can I move "OneDrive" from (c:) to SD storage card?

hello ,iam gonna guess No, and it will not know where to find the folder ,now you might be able to move it and direct it to the storage card .

I actually just tried doing it and it will not move the folder because its in use by windows ,it will remove some files nut not all ,likely hidden system files in it, just guessing

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when i was backing up...manually. i saw that move was slower than copy. it sound funny but yes,, that true.
is it normal.
can u tell me ur ideas? on why

A:copy or move

I don't understand what you're saying.. You mean instead of dragging files verse copy and pasting?

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hi, i bought a new HD and i'm about to move my files using move instead of copying and deleting.

my question is simple, is move safe?
like when the system failure or power failure occur, is there any probability that my on-going file become corrupted or lost?

A:Move vs Copy

Generally, 99.9% of the time, it's safe. If you want to be real sure about it, download and install the software TeraCopy and copy or cut your files over. The software will check every files it transfers for errors, if there is, the transfer is not interrupted and there's actually a log you can look at and see what files failed.

Really useful software!

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Not sure if this is security related or not... (it says it is "write-protected" *shrugs*)

I have been trying to compile a complete archive of a TV show and have been downloading the episodes onto my 'D:' drive. Of 111 Gigabytes I've only used up about 30.

I'm about finished downloading all the episodes so i decided to begin organizing the avi files into folders so that when i started burning them onto DVDs they would be easy to find rather than all mixed up in one folder.

I moved about 3/4ths of the episodes into folders before i noticed that the files that i moved into folders are now not accessible. I can't watch them, or move them, or delete them. The files that i have not organized still work perfectly.

The message i get if i try to move the file back into its old folder...

"Cannot move File: Access is denied.

Make sure the disk is not full or write-protected
and that the file is not currently in use."

---I really dont want to re-download like 200 episodes again :'(

A:Cannot copy/move/delete

Also, if i try to watch any of these files then Windows Media Player gives me this notice:

"Windows Media Player cannot access the file. The file might be
in use, you might not have access to the computer where the
file is stored, or your proxy settings might not be correct."

Any help would be greatly appreciated---if i posted this thread in the wrong section please tell me where i should move it to.

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hi, im trying to move or copy 5 family videos from one external hdd to another, sizes range from 160 mb to 820 mb, but am getting a 'cannot read from the source file or disk error' on all files , i can move them from one folder to another on the same hdd without any problems, but not to any other hdd connected to my computer. i even created a new folder on the hdd and moved the files to it then tried copy/move to another hdd but didnt work! also renaming the files didnt work! I can watch the videos without any issues

I tried to copy them from the command prompt but came up with 'data error (cyclic redundancy check) so i done a chkdsk and it didnt come up with any bad sectors! i also did the 'copy to nul' command and that worked with no problems

any help wud b mosted appreciated as they are videos of my children when they were younger!

many thanx in advance


A:cannot copy or move file from one hdd to another

Hello DOM,
Try this, make a new folder on your desktop and copy all the files from the external HDD to there, then try and transfer them to the other external HDD by copy and paste.

Hope this helps, good luck and post your results.

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I ran a virus scan, (Housecall), the other day and deleted a couple of files that it highlighted, (mainly cookies and stuff, or so I thought). Now I have the unfortunate inability to move any files from one folder to another, delete any files or copy/paste any files. I also can't get files on or off external devices such as hard drives or usb keys.

I am under the impression that a format is going to be needed but obviously, as I am unable to save anything, I would prefer to try any possibility first. I have tried sfc/ but it asks for the windows disc that I don't actually have, (computer never came with one, just a restore partition).

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


[ I am Running XP ]

A:Cannot move/copy or delete anything.

Hello & welcome to TSF,

does it give you any errors when you try to do anything ?

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Does anyone here know of a copy/move utility that can be set to copy or move files and replace older ones with newer versions without having to click "OK" on every one or most of them?

A:Copy/Move Utilities?

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Every time I copy/move files to USB sticks it run like it should but when the bar fills up completely it stays there for quite some time before if actually finished... It says Time Remaining: About 5 seconds and 0 bytes left but it stays like this for like a minute or so but it wasn't allays like this... This started happening a month ago... I did't change anything it just started happening.

If I stop the process (click the x) it stops but the file is already copied/moved and if I stop it at that stage it doesn't get corrupted, it is just annoying.

A:Copy/Move stops at 100%

Have you tried formatting the USB stick?

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Is there a way I can change the Capitalization on that? I'm very anal about it and I don't like that it says Copy to folder, I'd like it to say Copy to Folder

A:Copy/Move to Folder

I'm confused. What exactly are you talking about? There are all kinds of things that can be changed in 7. Might want to look in the customization part of the site.

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I am trying to make a shortcut in the SendTo folder perform a MOVE RATHER THAN a COPY, with ONE CLICK, and WITHOUT using the SHIFT/CTRL/ANY keys. Essentially, the same way SendTo works by default but a MOVE operation. I believe Win98 did this by default.

I tried a Batch file but it lags the SendTo context menu by about ten seconds, not saving me any time. (Menu speed is set to 200ms)
I tried Win95 Powertoys but those have a dialog to select the destination folder each time. (I want to send to the same place every time, although it does give me the move option so I know what I am asking is possible)
All the 3rd party progs I have tried also have dialogs (no time saved there either.)
I know how to drag-drop.
I know how to Copy/Paste using the mouse/keyboard(shift/Ctrl).

The copy behavior of SendTo seems to be same no matter if I am SendingTo the same drive or a different one.

Does anyone have any clue how to do this?

A:SendTo: MOVE instead of COPY

Add a Menu Option to Move or Copy to a Folder (All Windows) at Registry Guide for Windows

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In the Windows7 Explorer, when I move a file it makes a copy with - Copy.jpg (or whatever extension) appended to the filename. How can I make Move actually move from the source directory and overwrite the file in the target directory like you would expect it to?

To further explain:left click and drag to select files at source directory
right click and drag selected files to destination directory
let go of right click and menu presented offers choice of move or copy
selecting move makes copies of files instead of overwriting
ie: if file.jpg exists in destination, the new file.jpg would be copied as file-Copy.jpg instead of overwriting original.

A:copy and move are both copy?

Works fine when I tried it on x64 build 7068, what build are you using?

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Is there an automated way to move files from one drive to another so that it can be put on a scheduler to run at predetermined intervals. To be clear, this is a move, not a copy. The files must be removed entirely from the source drive after they are placed on the destination drive.

A:An automated way to Move files (not copy)?

Use the Move command. At a command prompt, type:

move /?

and you'll see the syntax and command line switches.

Then write the proper command for your files and save it as a .bat file (a "batch" file), something like movemyfiles.bat.

For example, to moves the files in C:\Temp to D:\Destination, the line would look like this:
move /y c:\Temp\*.* d:\Destination
The /y suppresses prompting and automatically overwrites existing files with the same name.

If you need to move file from more than one folder, just add additional lines.

Then you can create a Scheduled Task that automatically runs the .bat file whenever you wish, assuming your PC is turned on. Or, you can place a shortcut on you desktop to the .bat file and double-click it run it whenever you wish. Or both!

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I have a Elements 400GB external hard drive and I can't copy/move movie files (like: .avi, .mpg, & .wmv) from it and put them anywhere else. My OS is: win xp home edit. I also have another external hard drive, It is a 1TB iomega prestige desktop hard drive. I have no problem copying or moving movie (or any other) files too and from the 1TB drive and my pc. I can even copy/move movies files from the 1TB one to the 400GB one, But I can't copy or move them from the 400 GB one. Also, I can copy/move files to the 400GB one from my pc.

Does anyone have any idea what is wrong and how I can fix it.

A:Can't copy/move movies files from ex. hdd

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On a remote storage drive - my old PC hard drive - I can play/move/copy some of the files, but, cannot p/m/c others. Please, assist this newbie.
Error Message: "Windows Media Player cannot access the file. The file might be in use, you might not have access to the computer where the file is stored, or your proxy settings might not be correct." (the file is not in use.)

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quick question.

whenever I use a POP email account(yahoo, or hotmail), and have the mail forwarded to my outlook express mail, does it actually move the whole email, or does it just make a copy of the mail and send it to OE?

I"m asking this is because I can only check outlook on *my* computer, so what if I have to use a different computer, and go to yahoomail.com, will I still be getting new mail to that website?

A:does it move the mail, or make a copy?

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Anytime I attempt to open, rename, move, click on, or in any way manipulate an .avi file, windows explorer encounters an error. I am prompted: Data Execution PreventionTo Help protect your computer, Windows has closed this program.Name: Windows ExplorerIf I tried opening with a media player, it closes as well. I receive the following error:Access violation at address 00000000. Read of address 00000000 AVG reported a shell32 change and windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts change, citing no specific file. After accepting the changes, AVG no longer displays these files as expected. Troubleshooting includes removing Zplayer, leaving only windows media player and previously installed codecs. I have never had a problem opening any of these avis before. I can open mpgs without any problems. Adaware and Spybot found only tracking cookies. Nothing from stinger. These errors began occurring after installing a few trial Zune Video Converter programs, all of which have been removed. Subsequently, I transported the PC in my car, as securely as possible so that it did not bounce around. After plugging in my system and all and setting up, my computer was no longer able to open .avis.I am going to try reinstalling codecs, but hopefully you see something I failed to find.HJT log: C:\Program Files\CDBurnerXP\NMSAccessU.exeC:\Program Files\NVIDIA Corporation\nTune\nTuneService.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\nvsvc32.exeC:\WI... Read more

A:Unable To Open, Move, Copy/cut .avi

Avis behave the same way in safe mode (minimal).

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Hello, I have a Vista laptop that can no longer copy or move files to any XP or Samba network shares. This was working at one time, but has since stopped. I receive the following error when trying to copy a file from my local drive. There is a problem accessing (path to local file) Please check your network connection etc..etc.. I have turned off the firewall and windows defender, network discovery in on and file sharing enabled(with password auth disabled). the workgroup is set correctly... I've tried disabling UAC to no avail......Like I said this just stopped working...(maybe after a windows update)?? Any help would be greatly appreciated...Thanks

I'm running Vista home premium 32-bit
What I can do on the same network shares.
1.Create a new file/folder
2.Copy/move a file from the network share to my Vista machine.

A:Can't copy/move to network shares

I presume the same local path can be accessed without issue when you're merely doing local work without attempting to copy across the network?

What if you boot to [safe mode + net]? Do you experience the same network copy problem?

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A long time ago, in an app, far, far away, there was an app called XTree(Gold) that would let you copy/move -only- newer files, globally so you wouldnt have to constantly answer Yes.

I hoped MS would've made this a copy/move option for only newer files/same name with 7 (or with any other OS). The "use this option for the next xx files" copies/moves even if they arent newer..

Is there's a hack to make Explorer copy/move only newer files? I, and my countless mouse/keyboard clicks, thank you

A:Explorer copy/move option

This might be a solution - the follow-on to XTree Gold

"ZTreeWin is a fast and flexible text-mode file/directory manager for all versions of Windows. It has been developed as the successor to the legendary DOS file-manager XTreeGold."

Home site is ZTreeWin

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I can not move, copy and paste OR cut and past files from folder to folder anywhere (desktop -> folder on desktop, my docs -> random folder, etc).

I am the sole user of this machine and my account is in the administrators group. I have tried taking ownership of the files and folders and it still does not work.

I have searched and searched and can not find a working solution to this problem.

I an running Vista Ultimate 32 Bit SP1 and have not installed any new applications that would cause this type of issue.

please let me know if you need any other information to help in solving this issue

A:Cannot Move or copy/cut and past files

Hello PGU5802, and welcome to Vista Forums.

This tutorial may be able to help you.

Cannot Rename or Move a File or Folder in Vista Fix

Hope this helps,

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Hi everyone..

I am in a bit of trouble here. I have 1000+ collection of movies. All these movies are mixed, some are in SD format avi, and some in full HD mp4 format. All these movies are located under one folder, My Movies Collection. Underneath it, all the movies have their own respective folder for example Movie Title 1, Movie Title 2, and so on. Under all this Movie Title X, there are the files (Movie title.avi/mp4,movie title.srt,etc). I am using Media Center Master software to automatically create the folder and rename all the movies accordingly.

Now I am planning to separate these movies to 2 SD and HD folders. Therefore under the My Movies Collection folder, there are 2 folders My Movies SD and My Movies HD. Since the files/folders are more than 1000+. it is quite hard for me to differentiate between which folders having the avi, or which one having the mp4.

Could you guys suggest is there any 3rd party tool to help me on this matter? Or built in Windows apps? Just now I tried using Windows 7 search function *.avi, but when I move the files onto the My Movies SD folder, only the file is being moved, not the whole folder.

I would be very grateful if you guys can help me on this.

Pardon me for my English since I am from Malaysia.

Cheers guys!!!

A:How to move/copy files together with it's folder

TSR Copy Changed Files

This software will copy the files and re-create the folders. You can filter by file type too.

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I'm experiencing a problem that I cannot solve even though some people have proposed solutions to it.
When I try to copy files from my NAS (Synology DS207+) to my hard drive over the network, this is what I have to answer to first:

I've tried all the suggested solutions by changing the intranet settings in internet options, done some registry hacks, but I can't get rid of this dialogue.

I'm running Vista Ultimate SP1 X64 and I'm beginning to believe that the issue has come after SP1.

Anyone? Help is really appreciated, 'cause I'm going mad!

A:Do you want to move or copy files from this zone?

Bump! I so desperately need help...

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I have a networked folder at work. It is our scan folder, so if we scan something on one of our multiuse printers, the file is sent to this folder and then anyone on the network can access it from their PC.
When I go into this folder to retrieve a file, I click and drag it from the network folder to the area on my computer where it will remain, but the original file stays in the network folder. I'd really like to configure the settings so that the file will move, not copy, but I don't know how to do this. Any help is appreciated.
Hope this makes sense...it's 4 PM on a Friday so my brain isn't working at its peak

A:Need files in folder to move, not copy...

Does your user have permissions to delete/write on the shared folder?
Where is the shared folder created (windows server, Linux server, NAS, etc.)?

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OK guys - My next annoyance with Windows 8/8.1.

When moving items with the same name from one folder to the next, older versions of Windows had an option to Keep Both Items and to do the same for how many other instances there are.

Now though you have to go through to another window and tick two boxes. Now 8 has been out a while, has someone found a way to go back to the quicker, easier system? I'm sure I read somewhere a work-around is available.

A:Quicker Way to Copy/Move but Keep Both Files

I don't know about 8.1. On 8.0 I found Explorer file move/copy sluggish so I set up TeraCopy as optional copy move handler. It gives several options as buttons in the case of a name collision. Seems only one click is required. But I don't save both copies. You'd have to try it for yourself to be certain. The free version works fine for my needs.

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I'm running windows 7 Ultimate (up-to-date) and certain folders (mostly folders in my box sync map and program files) are treated as if they are in use by a program but process explorer tell's me that only system and explorer.exe use them. I don't know if system should be using folders or if explorer should do so even when I am not viewing the folder. I can?t overwrite the files inside but I can move or delete them and copy the file in after. I can also not rename the folders.
Any idea's of how to solve this?

Thanks in advance,

A:Can't move folders but can copy and delete them

It's not a good idea to mess with files and folders in the Program Files folder. The Program Files folder is a system folder and the location for your installed programs. Mess things up in there are some of your installed programs may not work correctly or not work at all. You could also mess Windows up. What is it exactly that you are trying to do?

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First post here, not sure if this is the right subforum. I've searched for similar threads but didn't find any - please let me know if I missed them.

I just bought a new computer with Windows 8. It's fully updated, but I'm having a problem with the copy function. When I copy a folder with files in it, sometimes the files all show up in the destination folder without the source folder. For example, I copy folder "A" and paste it into destination folder "B." What happens is that all the files from folder "A" show up in folder "B" but without folder "A." Please let me know if this doesn't make sense.

This is frustrating especially for the complex array of folders and subfolders I am trying to copy, which would take hours to manually arrange.

More background: This hasn't happened every time. I'm copying folders and files from an external hard drive to the internal hard drive (with the OS) on my new computer. I've successfully copied a folder with not much in it to the desktop, and also one to another location. It has never worked when I've tried to copy all of my documents from the other computer - many gigabytes, thousands of files, many videos and pictures as well as MS Office files.

Is it the volume (number, size) or variety of things I'm trying to copy that's messing up? That seems like it shouldn't be a problem. It worked in Windows XP.... (my old computer).

The only next step I can think of is to be more systematic in ... Read more

A:Copy function does not always move folders

Yes, I found the same problem. Chronological files from 2002 to 2012 copied to Windows 8 resulted in many errors. An entire year was 'missed'. Many had incomplete days, where only half of the month was copied. I had to manually double-check the entire 30,000 files.
I have also found that the new 'delete' without the 'are you sure' option is not to be trusted, and may delete 3 to 4 consecutive files.
The system is inherently unstable for power users.

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In Vista one could move files within a folder to whatever location manually simply by dragging the file to the desired location within the folder. In WIN7 everything seems to be locked and moving a file (for example image file) to the end of a row of other files within a folder won't work. How to solve this. Any setting I overlooked?

A:Cannot move/copy files within folder

They don't give you that option in Windows 7 yet and not sure if they will in latter builds either.

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I have recently been having problems copying or moving files to my CD-RW drive. It either doesn't work or tells me that there isn't a disc it the drive, even though I know there is. The Wizard is no help. The drive reads fine from CD-ROM and CD-RW discs. Could this be a problem with CD-RW drive itself, or the driver software, or another problem. Any help or suggestions would be much apriciated. Many thanks.

A:Can't copy or move files to CD-RW drive.

Hello Hairymartin1966

What software are you using to write the files to the CD?

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Hello, I have a Vista laptop that can no longer copy or move files to any XP or Samba network shares. This was working at one time, but has since stopped. I receive the following error when trying to copy a file from my local drive. There is a problem accessing (path to local file) Please check your network connection etc..etc.. I have turned off the firewall and windows defender, network discovery in on and file sharing enabled(with password auth disabled). the workgroup is set correctly... I've tried disabling UAC to no avail......Like I said this just stopped working...(maybe after a windows update)?? Any help would be greatly appreciated...Thanks

I'm running Vista home premium 32-bit
What I can do on the same network shares.
1.Create a new file/folder
2.Copy/move a file from the network share to my Vista machine.

A:Can't copy/move to network shares

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Hi all,

I have a few PST files in a folder on my C drive. I cannot copy or move my files on a D drive or an external hard disk.

I tried to use several user accounts which are all of them members of Admin group but unfortunately special permissions are still required.

By reading a few posts on this site, I used takeown -f and icalcs.exe c:\ /grant Administrator:F commands with no success. (The commands are processed successfully).

I booted under Linux and tried to move the files with no success again.

What's wrong?

i don't know what could do now?

Thanks for your help,


A:impossible to copy or move files

Hello Olivier, and welcome to Seven Forums.

You might see if this may be able to help.

Outlook PST Data File - Move

Hope this helps,

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Possible to clear the COPY TO or MOVE history list in Explorer please?
Also, the peculiar numbered folders that keep appearing eg. 00000081, prevent those from appearing somehow?


A:Clear COPY TO or MOVE history?

Hello Hugoboss,

Could you post a screenshot showing this just for us to be sure of what you mean?

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I hope I can explain this properly.

In Windows 7 Professional x64, I have specified the size of icons appearing on my desktop (about half way between 'small' and 'medium'). This works very well and consistently.

However, when I move or copy a file to the desktop via right-click, or when I create a shortcut on the desktop via right-click, Windows creates a large size image of the file icon for me to drag and drop. Not only is the icon itself large, but it includes a substantial amount of space on all four sides of the icon. My file and folder icons in Windows Explorer are not even close to that size.

This causes a problem when I have several Windows open, because in that case I may be moving/copying/shortcut-ting to a relatively small area on my desktop, and the icon I am moving/copying/shortcut-ting doesn't fit into that small space because the icon, including the area around it, is so large. Consequently, Windows moves it to some other place on my desktop, where it finds enough space, and then I have to go looking for the icon.

This problem is particularly annoying when I have several files to move or copy, in which case Windows may scatter the moved/copied icons all over my desktop.

How can I reduce the size of the icon that appears for drag-and-drop, as well as the selected space around it?

A:Copy/Move Uses Large Icons

Quote: Originally Posted by Daddyman

This causes a problem when I have several Windows open, because in that case I may be moving/copying/shortcut-ting to a relatively small area on my desktop, and the icon I am moving/copying/shortcut-ting doesn't fit into that small space because the icon, including the area around it, is so large. Consequently, Windows moves it to some other place on my desktop, where it finds enough space, and then I have to go looking for the icon.

I suggest you turn off the "align icons to grid" and "auto arrange icons" options, to give you complete 100% control over where you want your desktop icons to live. Windows will not interfere at all.

Right-click on desktop, move the mouse over View to get the flyout, and uncheck these two options.

Note that this won't solve your "large icons" issue when you perhaps would want them to be somewhat smaller. But it will give you 100% control over icon placement and will never see Windows move it somewhere you don't want it to go. Wherever you put it... that's where it will stay, unless YOU drag it somewhere else.

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Does anyone know of a free program that can move or copy files, but has a feature that skips over files it can't copy/move? I do a lot of copy/move operations and it takes way too much time to find and unselect the one file thats holding everything up. Thanks

A:File Copy/Move Program

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I am just wondering if there is a way to edit the list of items that appear on the drop down menu of "move to" and "copy to" on the explorer ribbon?

Some items seem to appear themselves but I do not know how they got there, how I could remove them and add others?

Does windows learn what folders you use most and decide for itself what to add to the list?

A:Move to and copy to on explorer ribbon.

Hello Burtie,

I'm not sure you can, but you might see if using this below to have "Move to folder" and "Copy to folder" in the context menu may work better for you.

Context Menu - Add Copy To Folder and Move To Folder - Windows 7 Forums

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What i want to do is set the default action when i click and drag a file to a different location to be to copy not to move it.

Any ideas on how i would do this?

A:Set drag and drop to copy not move

Hello Imanewbie,

Sorry, but there is no way to do that I'm aware of.

However, you could add "Copy to Folder" and "Move to Folder" to the context menu to make copying files to another location easier to.

Hope this helps,

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Is there a way to move/copy a Userform from one workbook to another. I'm making a new workbook and want to use a userform that I already formatted that's in a different workbook. I don't want to have to redo the formatting if I don't have to.

A:move/copy a userform from one workbook to another

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