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Channel selection for wifi repeater

Q: Channel selection for wifi repeater

I have a Linksys wifi router but it is over on one side of the house. So I also have a d-link repeater nearer the living room. There are two desktop PC, two iPhones, and iPad and a smart tv using the wifi. Most of the time all is well but once every week or two the TV will stop streaming (Netflix or Pandora) and claim it is not connected to the internet. Last evening when that happened I had an iPhone and an iPad in the same room with the TV. The iPad and iPhone also could not connect to the wifi although they saw the SSID.

I unplugged the repeater and left it unplugged and everything got normal again.

The Linksys router and the d-link repeater are using the same SSID and both are on channel 6. Is that an OK setup or should the channels be different?

-- Larry

Preferred Solution: Channel selection for wifi repeater

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A: Channel selection for wifi repeater

You can use the same ssid so you can connect to the same name everywhere or you can have a second ssid that way you know which router your connected to. Being on the same channel they can interfere with each other better to have them poles apart

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Out of the 3 non-overlapping channels (1, 6, 11) of the 2.4Ghz frequency on my wireless access point, I have a choice of selecting channel 1 which is the least used channel but it has 1 or 2 Wi-Fi hotspots with strong signals or I have the choice of selecting channel 6 which has more Wi-Fi hotspots than channel 1 but are all weak signals. 11 isn't an option at all because it has much more Wi-Fi hotspots than 6. So it is a choice between either channel 1 or channel 6.

So what is the best channel to select on my wireless access point? A channel with weak signals but much more Wi-Fi hotspots on it? Or a channel that has much less Wi-Fi hotspots on it but has 1 or 2 Wi-Fi hotspots with strong signals on it? Will 1 or 2 stronger signals interfere much more with my Wi-Fi than a channel with weak signals but much more users on it?

A:Wifi Channel Selection

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Based on an article on the 'Lifehacker' website I noticed an article on how to use an old router as a repeater. I was looking at eBay and noticed something called, "Wireless-N WiFi Repeater Router Signal Range Extender Amplifier 300Mbps" which appears very small, and is just inserted in your USB port of your laptop.
This begged the question: At US$ 13 with shipping included perhaps it is better to buy this as opposed to converting my old ''D-link DIR-300" in a repeater, especially if doing so is a real hassle.
Hence trusting you guys here I thought I'd ask you if you think there are advantages and disadvantages with one or the other.
For ex. a disdvantage to using my old router as a repeater is that it's not portable
an advantage (sort of) is it's free
the eBay one at this price range seems to have 2 different models of brands unknown to me--China
-1- VOnets and -2- LB-Liink (seems to be imitating the 'D-Link' logo)
[This 2nd 1 seems to come in 2 slightly different definitions 'USB Wifi Router AP Wireless N repeater Adapter WLAN Range Extender F' or 'USB Wireless WLAN WiFi Router AP Client Repeater Adapter SY']
You opinion is valued. Thanks :-)

A:Using a Wireless-N WiFi Repeater vs turning an old router as repeater

Wow 129 people viewed this but no one had an answer. Could this mean other people are possibly interested by having the same question; thus they too are looking for an answer?

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hey people

i live in uk and have BT broadband. I have the home hub which is currently very new product from BT.

I would like to know the best channel selection to use so i can get maximum performance. just so you people know, i am using my desktop wireless with a netgear usb adapter.

hope you can help


A:Wireless Channel Selection

The channel will depend on your environment, and there's no way to know without trial and error. I normally start at one end of the range, then the middle, then the other end to start. If none of those channels work, it's pot-luck after that.

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I am having a problem setting up my speakers to 5.1 option in the control panel in windows vista 32- bit. There is only the (stereo) option in the control panel sound settings ,there are no 5.1 ,7.1 etc. options in the configure option in sound option of control panel . i'm going mad with this problem without my speakers set to 5.1 i get bloody crackling music. plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz someone help me .im sick of searching out for the solution coz many people are having the same problem.

A:problem with 5.1 channel audio selection in vista

k_akhil47 said:


I am having a problem setting up my speakers to 5.1 option in the control panel in windows vista 32- bit. There is only the (stereo) option in the control panel sound settings ,there are no 5.1 ,7.1 etc. options in the configure option in sound option of control panel . i'm going mad with this problem without my speakers set to 5.1 i get bloody crackling music. plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz someone help me .im sick of searching out for the solution coz many people are having the same problem.Click to expand...

What brand is your motherboard? Are you using onboard audio or a PCI audio card?
How old is the pc?

Have you updated your audio drivers?

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I'm having problems with my wifi repeater (I think)..
I have a laptop downstairs that is plugged into the router and then upstairs I have a wifi repeater and a laptop that is working off that signal.. My problem is that the internet doesn't seem to work on my tablet or iPhone unless my laptop upstairs is turned on. It will connect no problem but it won't actually work. Also if I have other people here they cannot connect to the wifi unless my laptop upstairs is turned on (sometimes not even then) .. If I am connected and then turn off my laptop then the internet on my mobile devices stop working. I have no idea what is going on and neither does anyone else so would appreciate any help.
I am using Windows 8 and a Huawei WS320 wireless repeater. I have a BT home hub 3 and a BT Infinity openreach modem

A:Wifi Repeater

Does the repeater has its own WIFI SSID name?
This to distinguish if devices connect to the WIFI repeater signal or root signal.

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i am trying to find a wifi repeater that will work with a aircube. Any suggestions?

A:wifi repeater



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how to extend wifi range from one house to another almost 100 meter away?

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Hey everyone.

I used to have an old wifi but it's that old the software I used to use to set it up doesn't even run under 7. This isn't really my problem though since I was pretty sure I'd have to update anyway. It's unlikely it would be able to repeat a signal from an N router let alone use anything better then WEP.

Anyway. I was looking for suggestions on getting a good repeater. I saw this one: Best Wireless Repeater | Wifi Repeaters Boosters and Range Extenders which looks pretty good. I've never used anything from Amped before though so I'm kind of tempted to go for a Netgear or something instead.

I was also considering buying a router and setting DD-WRT up but I don't know how they compare?

Cheers for any advice.

A:Suggested WiFi Repeater?

I can't say I have heard of Amped before (besides the drink...), but at work we have had good success with Hawking range extenders.

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Hey all,

Can someone school me please? I have a switch box upstairs with my cable modem and a wifi router. Downstairs I have a PC that is hardwired to the wifi router. My PC has a WIFI N PCI card installed into it (was forced to use wireless connection until I had a cat 5 jack dropped). My question is, can I make the WIFI card in my PC act as a repeater to the WIFI router upstairs? Reason I ask, the WIFI router upstairs doesn't get great coverage all over my house and if possible, I would like to make my PC repeat the WIFI signal.

Can that be done easily?

A:PCI WIFI card as repeater?

On paper, it can be done with some heavy modification. The wireless card would need two create two independent connections (one from the router to the pc, and a second from the pc to the next device). Since 99% of cards do not do that out of the box (and I am not certain any can be made to do that), I don't think it's possible.

I promise you it is much easier to buy a wireless ap/bridge for around $50-100 US. I have the D-Link DAP-1522 and it works like a beastly charm as both a repeater or a bridge. I currently use it in bridge mode for my Sony BD player and DiSH Network HD box (to pull guide info faster, etc). I can manage its settings via its ip (mine is

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i have a netgear router which doesn't cover, wirelessly, well my house. I've just added a d-link DAP-1360 AP as a repeater. Since I've added it, the coverge problems are history, all the computers, wired and wireless, are able to connect to the internet. However, homegroup doesn't work any more. I can't share files between the computers. How can I fix it?

A:Homegroup and a wifi repeater

It may be that you will need to recreate your homegroup from scratch. Give it a go and see if solves the issue.
Windows 7 HomeGroup: Walkthrough

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I have a TrendNet TEW-639GR wireless router working with a EnGenius ERB9250 Wireless repeater. They seem to be working together but I have some questions regarding the setup.

1) Both are using the same channel, is this correct? They show up as two separate signals on a WiFi scanner with the same name, on the same channel, with two separate mac addresses.

2) How do I force my portable devices to connect to the repeater rather than the router? When I go to the Windows 7 "connect" page I see only one network choice (because they are sharing the same name). Sometimes the portable devices will connect to the router other times they will connect to the repeater.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide

A:Configuring a WiFi repeater

Sometimes the portable devices will connect to the router other times they will connect to the repeater.Click to expand...

Isn't that the point of having a Repeater? To connect to the stronger signal?

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Hi Everyone,
I'm trying to help a friend implement some technology for a working apple farm. They are using a linksys WRT54G router with a cable modem, the wifi in the main building works great. We want to extend the wireless signal to a warehouse about 1/4 mile away, we have line of sight. We've been referring to a book; "Wi-Fi Toys" by Mike Outmesguine. The book refers to both bridging and repeating, but the configuration of each is not clear to me. They've purchased long range directional antenna's and two linksys WAP54G's to be used as the downlink and access point. I've tried to configure them (referring to the book and the linksys website) as wireless repeaters and wireless bridges but I've had no luck. Has anyone set this up before (?), I'd really appreciate any coaching you can provide.
Thank you,

A:wifi repeater or bridge

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I have a Wifi router and a Win7 desktop with USB Wifi and Virtual Wifi adapter running.

My question is: how to create a meshed Wifi network with one single ssid/key?

see you Xyne

A:Virtual WiFi Repeater

Something like this perhaps: How to Bridge Wireless Routers | eHow.com

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does anyone make a wifi repeater that has a "remote antenna"?

im wanting to extend my wifi signal so I can have internet in my garage. right now I can get a signal if the door is open, but its a metal building so if I shut the door theres no signal. not to mention the signal isnt that great when its there anyways.

I would like to have the repeater itself in the garage, and have the pickup antenna for it right outside of the building if possible?

can this be done? thanks

A:outdoor wifi repeater?

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I was thinking about this the other night. If it's dumb question I'm sure that everyone will rush to helpfully point this out, but can't you make a repeater out of two WiFi routers?

If a distant wireless Internet AP is out of range of part of your network and you can't move the access point, can't you take a router located just within range, configure it to client mode on the AP's channel (say 11), then run an ethernet cable from its output to the "Internet in" port (or perhaps one of the switched ports, I'm not sure) of a _second_ router configured as an AP on a different channel (say 6) and then have that router be the Internet access point serving your more remote wireless computers?

Just asking here; as a thought problem, it's been nagging at me so badly I was preparing to go buy more routers simply to test it out, but I thought I'd save some money and ask here first. Thanks for any clarification and help.

Fire away!

A:WiFi Router X 2 = Repeater?

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So I bought a wifi repeater to use in my upstairs for my tablet (Amazon Fire). I hoped it would be an easy setup, and surprisingly it was. The problem is that a set amount of time after initial setup (difficult to know how long since I only use it at night) I am unable to connect my tablet to the repeater. It automatically disconnects and when I try to reconnect I get the message "connection failed" over and over again. I have tried a few manual setups on my tablet, not having the slightest idea what I was doing, and naturally that didn't work. The only way to get it to work again is to go through the setup again, but inevitably my tablet disconnects and cannot reconnect.

I am using a CenturyLink router/wifi combo thing for my internet. The wifi booster is just an off-brand thing I got off Amazon.

What other information can I provide that would be helpful? I tried to look up solutions, but though this seems a common problem there doesn't seem to be a common solution. At least not one written in English for someone like myself with no computer savvy at all.

Thanks in advance for your assistance!

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I have 2 routers
wifi-router1 ( its a wifi router with adsl2+ modem)
wifi-router2 (its working in repeater mode)
SSID: Tenda

I configured wifi-router2's repeater mode via site-scan and then selected my wifi-router1. It did not gave me any error.

Now I can connect to both wifi-router1 and wifi-router2 but internet is only working on wifi-router1. What specifict settings I need to get internet from wifi-router2 also.

LongLive JohnWill

A:Wifi Repeater correct settings

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Amcrest 2.4 mhz Wi-Fi IP cameras - 2
Netgear wnr 2000 v5 Wi-Fi router
Intel quad core desktop/Win XP pro sp3
Amcrest Surveillance Pro software

I have 2 cameras mounted outdoors and connected wirelessly to my wireless router. Because of obstructions (brick walls), I'm having trouble getting video signals without significant latency issues. Additionally, I am having trouble connecting to the cameras through the software to make changes in configuration.

I thought my router had a repeater function, but it does not. I was about to purchase a Netgear extender that is advertised as having a repeater function, but apparently it does not.

I cannot move my "main router" because I cannot relocate my internet connection/modem.

I "think" my only option is to locate a repeater at a midpoint between the cameras and the existing router, thereby creating a stronger signal to the main router.

My questions:
1. By utilizing a repeater, will I eliminate my latency issue.
2. Improve connectivity between software/cameras.

I'm having trouble finding a Netgear Wi-Fi router that has a repeater function at a reasonable price. Can you recommend an affordable router with repeater function or a standalone repeater.

Sorry for the long post...I've been fighting this issue for weeks.

A:Repeater for Wifi IP cameras to Router

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After trawling various help sites and reading pages of forum answers I realise that this is a very common problem. Nevertheless everything I try just doesn't seem to work so I'm hoping somebody may have the answer for me.
I have recently purchased a Wireless-N repeater which is now up and running and connects with both Ipad, iPhone and other laptops with ease. The problem is that I can't connect using my own PC. I'm using Windows Vista and the connection to the repeater seems fine, it just can't connect to the Internet. Every time I try and open a web page I receive the following message.
Error 105 (net:ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED) Unable to resolve the servers DNS address.

I've tried various solution but to no avail. I'd be very grateful if anybody has any suggestions and can talk me through it as its driving me bonkers!!

Many thanks

A:Wireless-N wifi repeater connection failure

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I would like to know the step by step to :

1) set up a repeater using an another router.

2) set up an alternate access point (with out Ethernet connection to it if possible using the routerlogin.net)

What are the major advantages and disadvantages of both.

My router is a Netgear N750 Dual Band Gigabit Router and the router I would like to use to boost the signal is the same model.

The problem is that the signal is not strong enough sometimes to use my Galaxy S4 on the other side of the house away from the router. And sometimes the signal does loose strength to my desktop using an internal wireless adapter for WiFi .

The desktop is not so much the issue but the phone is.

So, I thought I would try to increase the range of the router to cover the areas of the house that are receiving a week signal from the router.

Thanks for all your help.

A:Setting up a WiFi repeater or Access point

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Guys got a problem. Hopefully one of you can point me in the right direction for a solution.

The problem is Mom's house and her Charter Internet, and the House layout. The cable TV/Internet comes into her house on the south side of the house, into the Sun Room.Which is to the right of the garage. So the Connection is smack dab in the middle of the end of the house.

To the north of moms desk, where the internet/cable tv comes in is the next room over is the Utility room with the Hot water heater, furnace and W/D for clothes. To the east of this and still north of the sun room is the kitchen and to the north of those, the bedrooms and back yard.

Now, Her Charter modem has wifi. It works great for the south end of the house. Deck, garage, yard, driveway. But anything past the Kitchen, is almost dead.

Is there something we can do to get a WIFI signal at the NW corner of the house which is the guest bedroom? Do I need a repeater or something? will I need to run any wiring, or anything like that? She wants wifi signal there to cover that part of the house and the back yard.

Any help appreciated..

A:Solved: Help, House needs a WIFI Extension or repeater?

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Hi, pls. help me to make dlink dsl router 2640T to be working as repeater which will be able to receive wifi signals. I've seen one guy using the same dlink dsl-2640T as wifi signal repeater where he was successfully able to receive wifi signals.

My PC's configuration is as follows:

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5 CPU M 430 @ 2.27GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 37 Stepping 2
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 1974 Mb
Graphics Card: ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5000 Series, 1024 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 39997 MB, Free - 10423 MB; D: Total - 74465 MB, Free - 17354 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Inc., 03C6YH
Antivirus: AntiVir Desktop, Updated and Enabled

A:to make dlink dsl-2640T router as wifi repeater

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hello everyone

i have a weak wifi signal all around the house and i was wondering what is the best repeater that would work with virgin media's superhub

thank you

A:Best repeater to improve Virgin media Superhub Wifi

Hi there ... Have you always had a weak signal .. What sort of speeds are you getting .. I had the same problem with the same company you are using .. I called them up and now i am getting great signal all over even in the rear garden .. So i suggest you try that before being out any expense

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We have a Belkin N router upstairs in the house....I have never had good reception downstairs in the basement, almost non-existent. I ended up buying a Diamond WiFi Repeater, and at first we had no troubles....computers downstairs and my iPhone were able to finally get strong signals down in the basement. Then something happened, and I'm not sure if it's due to two of the 4 computers getting Windows 7 or not. But now the two computers with Windows 7 constantly give IP Address Conflict errors and/or won't connect to the internet. The two Windows XP computers downstairs connected via WiFi have no issues, and my iphone has no issues. I know it's the Diamond Repeater because if I fire up the Windows 7 desktop (connected to the router via cable), it won't connect....as soon as I unplug the repeater, I am able to connect again. Now if I plug the repeater back in after the Windows 7 computers are connected to the internet, then it doesn't seem to have an issue, until the next time I try to start the computer fresh with the repeater already plugged in.

I have emailed Diamond about this, and my response back was as follows, and of course they didn't tell me how to do any of this:
"If your repeater is causing that kind of error, it's because the router is trying to give the same address to the computer and the repeater. If you give either the computer or the repeater a static IP address, your issue should be alleviated."

Ok, ... Read more

A:Diamond WiFi Repeater issues...driving me insane! Please help

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My WLAN, through which all my devices are connected, is too far from my non-wifi enabled CCTV DVR, which requires a wired connection.

I have hooked up a repeater to my DVR, which works fine. The only problem is, devices closer to the repeater than to the main wifi router, although showing a full signal from the repeater, have no internet connectivity. I cannot force the devices to connect to the main wifi router because it shares the same access point name with the repeater.

Unless there is a way to 1) override the access point name of either and still maintain the connection, or 2) fix the internet connectivity for the repeater's wifi signal (which may still be problematic if it keeps switching between the two), how can I disable the repeater's outgoing wifi signal while maintaining its connection to the main wifi router to ensure connectivity is achieved via the wired connection between DVR and repeater?

A:How can I limit repeater to wired connections (and disable outgoing wifi)?

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I used a repeater to increase my signal in my garden on the other end of my house, that works perfect. But the signal strengt of the WiFi connection on my PC is lower and also my internet speed. Removeing the repeater gives a internet connetion loss (for a shrot time) so it seems like my PC's preferred connection is to the repeater (witch is further away then my router).

I can choose to give my repeater a different SIDD name so i can choose manually but i prefer the same name.
Is there any way to force my PC to connect to my router with the same SIDD? ( i have a DLink dir 655)

A:WiFi repeater, weaker signal. Can i force Win7 to connect to router?

Repeaters are the same as a network bridge, they cut the bandwidth in half which is why I don't like them. This is why the connection seems slower to you.

Much better off with a wireless access point connected to a wired connection.

With the same SSID it's usually going to pick the connection with the better signal strength. You can choose to forget the other network which would force Windows to choose the 655.

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Please see attached screen shot

I reckon the first thing I can do is set the routers channel to something less congested. Please take a look at the inSSIDer readout and let me know what ya think. Basically, im trying to get my mother the best reception she can have in the other room. Any help is greatly appreciated by me and my momma

p.s. my network is at the top, joyces wifi

currently its set to channel 6, would something else be better?

A:Which Wifi channel is best, 6 or 4?

What you should look at is a graph of all the channels+Signal strength overlapping each other, then the best position (for now) would be instantly obvious...

Don't know the name of the graph but it looks like a bunch of little arches, showing each routers signal strength centered on it's selected channel and shows how it uses up two channels on either side. You;ll be able to see the best "hole" using that graph.

OR you can probably put the router into "automatic" mode and it may do well finding it;s own holes...

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Here's the problem, I'm building my new PC as we speak and I bought this mammoth cpu cooler (which while I knew it would be big I didn't read any reviews stating it covers a memory slot) which fully covers up my first ram slot and the heat spreader is too tall on the memory to try and weasel it in there. The Gigabyte's instructions tell me that there are two "dual channels" one using 1 and 3 and the other using 2 and 4. I installed the RAM into 2 and 4 because there is no other way for it to work. Is there any reason I wouldn't get the same performance out of slots 2 and 4 as opposed to 1 and 3?

A:Solved: Can dual channel memory be installed in channel 1 rather than channel 0?

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I have the exact same problem on another 2.4+5GHz wifi card - the Qualcomm Atheros AR5009 a/g/n card. However, I cannot seem to locate in regedit neither CountryRegion nor ChanSpec ... there are ofc other controls, but i'm not sure what to change to have the desired effect of being able to see channels 12 and 13. See the screenshot pls and if anyone knows, pls do share which setting I should toggle. Here's the full screenshot of what I see. Don't mind the bar on the side of the window. That's the full length of the page and all the items I see.

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Hi, I have a Pavilion 15 n420tx, with WiFi adapter Ralink RT3290.I am not able to detect any WiFi with channel 13 (not sure about 12, 14), and I'm not in US region, there's no restriction on those channels in my country. The said OS is Win 8.1, with latest driver downloaded from HP website. I have tried Ubuntu on another partition of my system and it's able to detect these problematic channels. Please enlighten me with a solution.Please do not ask me to change the router settings, it's public WiFi.Please do not tell me to just use Ubuntu, I have my own reason. Thanks.

A:Not detecting WiFi channel beyond 13

Hi alvinthen, I understand that you are having an issue with the WiFi detecting channel 13. I will try my best to help you with this issue.  You can try to change this, but you may need to purchase a router from the area you are in as Here are some steps you can try.  Open 'Control Panel' and go to the 'Networking and Sharing Center' select 'Manage wireless networks' and  click on 'Adapter properties', click on 'Configure' and then click on 'Advanced' then select 'Country Region (2.4GHz)' and in the Value Box Select  '#1(1-13)'. I hope this works for you, let me know how it goes.  

I worked on behalf of HP.

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I want to discover wifi channels in my immediate neighbourhood in order to select the best channel for my wifi.
I read that inSSider software for Windows would do the job but my computer doesn't have a wifi adapter fitted.
Apparently Apple has got rid of all the apps that did the job on IOS so I'm stumped for a solution.
I have several devices connected to my wifi but quite often have difficulty connecting.
Is there any way around this problem other than trial and error by changing settings in my router?

A:Wifi channel finder

Hello, and welcome to the Forum! !

You can Download and run this Xirrus WiFi Inspector, click the Networks link on the upper left and paste a screen shot of that screen here. Note that this application requires NET Framework to run. If you get an error about a missing function, download and install NET Framework.

But you will need a Windows PC with a wireless network adaptor

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At my school we have one network for students. There are lots of access points across campus and they all work on different channels. However I can usually pick up several at any one locations (see picture).

The issue is that in at least 1 location my computer selects a weak signal. I cant't make is associate to the stronger.
Sometimes it will pick a better one, but it always returns to the weak one.

I've tried forgetting the network, and reconnecting, no change.
I've also installed the latest drivers.


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We moved to a new place in December and my atheros ar5005gs WiFi adapter and WRT54GP2 don't seem to like each other any more. Everything in our new home is positioned the same as it was in the old place. I think I may have figured out that the problem might be that there are (according to Network Stumbler) at least 5 other WiFi routers on channel 6 in this neighborhood.

I need to find out how to change the channel number on my atheros ar5005gs adapter. Changing it on my router is no problem, I know how to do that.

Thanks, in advance for your help.

A:I can't figure out how to change the channel on my WiFi adapter


you only change the channel on the router, not on the NIC.

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I am planning to deploy some APs in a building. There will be 4 APs on each floor, and there are 3 floors. These APs will be managed by a controller with RADIUS for wifi authentication.

I am going to use 2.4G WIFI and set up roaming. In this case, should the APs in different channels (1, 6, or 11) or should they be in one same channel? I know that in general, they should be in different channels to avoid interference, but i am not sure if they should be in a same or different channels while all managed by a controller. Again, roaming will be needed.

Thanks for any advise!

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Is there a good way to see which channel I should set my Router on for Wifi?

I noticed my max speed has been 1.7mb/sec.. but lately It's only been 1.2-1.4mb/s and I think it's the interference of the TV and etc..

is there a way to determine the best channel?


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Is there a good way to see which channel I should set my Router on for Wifi?

I noticed my max speed has been 1.7mb/sec.. but lately It's only been 1.2-1.4mb/s and I think it's the interference of the TV and etc..

is there a way to determine the best channel?


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Every time I connect to a wireless network I get a popup to ask me what type of Network the network that I have connected to is. It creates mutliple copies of the same network inthe network location manager each one with a different number after it, for example if I connect to network with SSID "MyNetwork", the second time I connect, it will ask me what network type is "MyNetwork 2". If I reconnect after that it will ask me about "MyNetwork 3" and so on each time I connect.

Why does Windows keep thinking its connecting to new networks when really its connecting to the same one again and again. I don't know if this is a problem also with wired networks as I very rarely use them on this computer.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

A:Vista network location type selection each time wifi is connected

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We have a network of WiFi access points and a lot of them are on Channel 13 ( we are located in Europe so these channels are allowed to use ). 
Recently, we started getting complaints from different users that they are not able to connect to our access points. The users use different brand computers ( HP, Asus ) and different brand of WiFi adapters ( realtek, atheros) and are using either
Windows 7 or Windows 8. The only thing in common is that they recently installed Microsoft Windows updates. 

The SSID is public (not hidden), they all were able to connect to the SSID before the updates. Currently, they can't even see the SSID in the network list. If we install some 3rd party tool to scan the networks on the computer - it does see the
ssid. If we boot up from a livecd - it also does see the network. If we put the WiFi on channel 6 or some other lower channel - they are able to see the network, but not on channel 12-13. So this is definitely something related to windows update. Are there
any known issues with this? How can this be fixed? Any workarounds available? 

Unfortunately, these notebooks belong to our clients and we can't replicate the issue on a few of our own notebooks we tried. I would try to deinstall each update until i find out which one makes the wifi broken, but still waiting for a customer
to sacrifice his notebook to me for a day or two to find this out.

P.S. Changing the wifi channel to something other than 13 is _n... Read more

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My spec is in my profile, but I will also list it here.... I just noticed today that my RAM was running Single Channel mode, so I thought I would change it to Dual Channel mode... so I did.

It completes the Windows XP loading screen, then reboots... constantly, until I change it back to Single Channel mode.

Is there something wrong with my RAM? or is it the motherboard? or my PSU not giving the mobo enough power? I dont have every power cable plugged in, I have a 20 pin ATX power in the 24 pin plug, and the 4 pin ATX power plug and a 4 pin molex cable plugged into the motherboard. Could this not be giving it enough power?
Many thanks, system spec =

AMD Athlon 64 4000+
DFI Lanparty UT nF4 Ultra-D
2 x 512mb Crucial Ballistix PC3200 DDR400
Connect 3D X1800XT 256Mb
2 HDD's etc.
Antec TrueBlue 480W PSU.

A:System reboots constantly, when I change my RAM from Single Channel to Dual Channel

Check your mobo manual, to see in which slots you need to put memory sticks to make it work in Dual Channel mode.
AFAIK you need 1 each of the same size/type in slots 1 and 3 (yellow) for DC.

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Hey everyone

I got a bit of a problem here, and I'm at a loss on what to do to fix it.

Some background about the situation would be a good place to start. A few days ago I came home from work and found my PC in a "lights are on, but no one's home" state. The power button was lit up and the fans were in motion, but the monitors were in power saver mode, not the normal on state with the blank screen saver. I tried moving the mouse, mashing on the keyboard but nothing happened. So I reset the machine and it just went to a blank screen, no beeps, or messages, just the same ole lights on no ones home deal again.

Now before this I had been having memory problems, with blue screens saying "memory management" and "IRQL not less than or equal". So I thought it might be a bad strip of ram, and even bought two more strips to replace the ones I had removed. In the process of testing each strip I discovered that one was bad. (That was not the fix by the way)

After putting in the new ram in for a total of 8GB's of ram (figured if I'm gonna buy new ram might as well increase the total amount) it booted up and no more blue screens after loading into windows, YaY it was fixed or so I thought. A few weeks later the above incident occurred and the only way to get the PC to boot up was to pull two strips of the ram and insert the remaining strips into slots 1 and 3 for a single channel configuration. Didn't matter which set of ram I used, ju... Read more

A:Dual Channel Suddenly Stopped Working, Only Single Channel Remains

Britton, go to the asus site for your motherboard. Download and install the latest drivers. Download a copy of your manual and review the bios settings. If need be manually input the correct timings for your ram. Also make sure to follow the ram installation documentation for which slots to use to enable dual channel.

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Hello everyone,

WSYX in Columbus, OH changed it's digital channel on August 30. I went to TV under settings and ran a scan so that Media Center would find the relocated channel. It does not find the new channel. I have even reset all the options and had Media Center start
from scratch, but it always finds the old, now non-working channel. How do I get Media Center to add the new channel? I have also tried adding the channel manually (under Guide). I know the new channel is UHF 48-1, but then Media Center asks for a two-digit
"assigned frequency" and I have no idea what that is. Googling hasn't helped either. I had my TV do a channel scan, and it had no problem finding the relocated channel. No such luck with Media Center. Any ideas?

A:Digital Channel Changed -- Media Center does not find new channel

Thanks for the post!
I recommend you remove the old Channel firstly, and then adding the new Channel again. Please refer to “To remove channels from the Guide” and “To
add a missing broadcast TV channel” here:
Hope it helps!
Best Regards,
Miya Yao
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your question. This can be beneficial to other community members reading the thread.

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I'm trying to decide what would give better performance, Dual Channeled 2x256 DDR400...or Single Channeled 2x256 DDR400 and 512 DDR2100 totalling 1gb RAM. I don't seem to notice much of a difference so far, but I haven't tried much. I figured I'd ask the pros at techspot for advice. :grinthumb

A:Dual Channel 2x256 DDR400 or Single Channel 1gb Mixed DDR RAM

& we are supposed to get your system specs how ? You could be using that Ram on a 600mhz Celeron for all we know.

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Single channel Nforce2 400 dethrones its dual channel stablemate

" ... ENTHUSIAST SITE amdmb.com discovered this unexpected anomaly, which could have far reaching Socket-A repercussions.

Soltek's bottom dollar SL-NV400-64 motherboard, which is based on the single channel nForce2 400 chipset, is the cause of all this news. What is amazing is that it beat Asus' dual channel flagship product - the A7N8X Deluxe, in the majority of benchmarks. Ryan Shrout, the amdmb.com reviewer, who put Soltek's motherboard through its paces, suggests that its performance lead in UT 2K3 is down to the additional overhead that a dual channel system board has to deal with. Looking at the rest of the results, I would apply that comment as a general across the board statement.

Soltek's motherboard retails at a new egg price of $76 - the version without LAN will apparently be sold for under $70. Asustek's $130 flagship adds an additional $54, which would buy you a Thoroughbred 1700+ and its cooling kit. Will this more for less attribute drive more enthusiasts to buy Soltek's better performing solution?

Soltek's overall performance lead is not earth shattering, but like everything else in this industry, perception is everything. Of the 14 benchmarks that were run, Soltek's board won 11 of them, drew 2, and lost only one. For the record:

Quake 3: Evenly matched results
UT 2K3: 5.5 to 11.1% lead
3D Mark 2K1: Wins by a nose
PC Mark... Read more

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I have been using Outpost Firewall Pro v2.1.303.4009 for a while now, but when I try to use an up-to-date firewall (outppost or sygate) I always have the same problems.

When I try to load or save anything (after installing the newer versions) using any program (even basic ones like notepad) I can't access the selection bar at the top of the file selection dialog. The menu is there but when I click on the button the load/save box freezes.

I know it's Outpost because when I shut it down the problem stays but when I uninstall it the problem goes, I use 2.1 and everything works fine.

I'm not very cluey with the Outpost settings so I don't know if it's a simple setting I have turn of.

I don't know it's a conflict or not, but I have noticed it seems to start when I have both new firewalls and Alcohol installed

Anyway, anyhelp would be greatfully appreciated as I gather that I should upgrade for computer security reasons lol

Have a nice Easter

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I have a HUGE problem.
I have an access 2007 database. I have used it im my VB 2008 project. I have a table called Reps (where the reps ID's are stored), and I have a table for each rep with their corrosponding customer's names.
Table: Reps(1)
Field: Reps (2)

Table: Spencer Customers (3)
Field: SpencerCustomers(4)

Then in my VB form, i have dragged the entire database to my form. I have created a combobox where you can select the reps name, from the Reps Table (2).
NOW this is where it is becoming tricky.
In the "Customer" textbox, This is what i want:
When you have selected RepsCombobox's selected rep name, i want only spencer's customers to appear in the "customer textobx". As a Combobox. Make sense to anyone? It would be easy to populate just one record, but i want to populate it with the corrosponding rep's customer list.

I have gotton this far:
Prvate Sub CustomerTextBox_TextChanged(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles CustomerTextBox.TextChanged
If RepComboBox.SelectedIndex = "Spencer" Then
RawMaterialsDataSet.Spencer_Customers.SpencerCustomersColumn = CustomerNameString. (I dont think this is right or what i should be doing further)

End If

and also tried this:
Private Sub RepComboBox_SelectedIndexChanged(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles RepComboBox.SelectedIndexChanged
If RepComboBox.SelectedIndex = 1 Then
(Now how do i tell VB to go look fo... Read more

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