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Finding a program's IP address to block

Q: Finding a program's IP address to block

Can someone tell me how to find a programs IP address so it cannot "call home". I tried blocking it with a firewall, but it still manages to "call home". For example, when using TuneUP Utilities 2010.

Thanks guys!

Preferred Solution: Finding a program's IP address to block

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Finding a program's IP address to block

Use a firewall like Comodo or whatever you like. When a program tries to call home, firewall should detect the outbound connection and notify you if you want to allow or block it.

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Good morning, On the very infrequent occasion when MBAM Pro happens to display an OUTGOING block message, I will try and ascertain which program on my computer is making the call using the TcpView program. Unfortunately, it seems I can never get TcpView going fast enough to catch the program responsible. (Being I use an XP Pro machine, the block message only displays the IP address).Question: Is there some other method I can use to see which application on my machine is making these infrequent outgoing calls? (HpHosts shows the IP address to be malicious and located in Germany).Thanks for any info.

A:MBAM outgoing block; Any program besides TcpView to find originating program on computer?

Yes, use procmon. Start procmon before you get the warning, and filter on "Operation is TCP Connect".

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I use YAHOO as my web-based email program and I keep getting bombed by spam from this email address....

[email protected] .SYNTAX-ERROR

When I try and use YAHOOS' email filtering to BLOCK this address.... it tells me that I am using an incorrect address... and it won't accept it so that I can block it.

Any hints as to how I can block this address? or..... if the mail is not from here, how can I fing the exact actual address.... so I CAN block it? Any clues as to what may be happening here?

Thanks in advance


A:How can I block this address???

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I am using "STATIC" ip addresses of class C in my LAN . Running a domain controller on MS Server2012 R2 without DHCP config. After some days on a specific system ip address stop the working for example , I change the ip address like to then system start working on LAN. I give this ip address to another system then no response after some hours 24 to 48 Hours the ip address can work like the others ip addresses, any one can help regarding this.


Asif Saleem

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Eh, may sound kind of strange but I think I have a stalker. Over the last few months I have been getting odd e-mails from this one person who I do not know (supposedly), now I have been getting messages left on my AIM by the same person. I set up a "spy link" in my profile and I now have that persons IP address. Is there anything I can do to somehow block that address and make myself invisible to this person?


A:XP: how to block an ip address

With most email clients you can just setup a rule to delete emails from a specified domain. You can set your AIM preferences to block certain users or only allow people in your buddy list to contact you.

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When I got home from work I looked at the log from norton anti-virus and about 15 people tried to connect to my computer more than once today. is there a way to block them from ever trying to connect to my computer. I can track their IP (they are all from south korea and france), but I was wondering if there is a way to block them.

This happens all the time and it is usually the same people (IP addresses).

A:How do I block an IP address


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Surely someone out there has some link or suggestion to prevent others from seeing your IP address. I go to a site and they tell me way too much information about where I live, software I'm using, my mother's maiden name, how many dog I have and on and on....should be some way to block an IP....anyone have any feed back other than just live with it?

A:How to block an IP address

What site were you going to?

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I'm under attack from a specific IP address. Can Windows Firewall block it? I can't find information on this anywhere.


A:Block IP Address

See this: Windows 7 : Working with the Windows Firewall (part 3) - Configuring Advanced Firewall Security & Troubleshooting Advanced Firewall Problems - Tutorials,Articles,Algorithms,Tips,Examples about Desktop

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i have a problem with my Benq, everytime i burn a dvd or cd it gets about half through and says "invalid block address" anyne got any ideas why, i just keep wasting cd

please help

A:Invalid Block address

give us some more info like the burn speed what you are burning and is it a copy

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I need to know if theres a way to block someone from gettin into my computer directly via wifi- not thru a router but directly into my computer- I know the mac address cause i can see the router using inssider and I see that the signal is weak, but I can see their ubee router in my network window. Can i use the tcpip stack to block it or can i configure zonealarm or some program. Thanks a lot

A:Can Win7 block a mac address

Unless you use an ad-hoc network of some kind, I'm pretty sure they would need to go through a router that you are both connected to. You can employ MAC filters on a router pretty easily, on your computer it may be more difficult.

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I am putting together an old system to use. I reformatted the 2.65 gig hard drive that I was given for free. Told it works though noisy. Ran into some problems getting win98 se installed but finally ok. Tried to install a free 3 month internet prog (bell sympatico) and when i was asked to reboot i got error msgs.

so i reformatted again thinking that maybe the internet disc was corrupted but now i have scandisk telling me that the lba MAY be incorrect.

i accepted the large disc formating (+512mb) it forced me to make a second drive. so i have c (formatted) and extended drive d (also formatted) which is active as a logical drive (or some such, the exact wording escapes me right now) what would be the best steps for me to take right now should i delete the partitions and start over and if so what exact steps should i take to partition? thanx berthasbutt

A:Logical Block Address

maybe this microsoft article on using fdisk will help you out

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How do I block emails

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SYSTEM: P3 - clone Win2K O/S SP2 on system.
ROUTER: Linksys BEFSX41 v3

My issue:I have to block two ip addresses 1 XP PC and 1 WIN2K PC from the internet. It use to work until one day the WIN2K pc stopped working. For some reason it just doesn't block it anymore !! What is even crazier is the fact if I log in as ADMINISTRATOR on that pc I still can not access the internet, but if I go in as a normal user... I can go on the net.

I'm on a network with SERVER 2000 and 6 PC's
The DNS range (from the router) is from to 150...

The IP address of the XP machine that still remains blocked is:
WIN2K pc was and change it to just to make it within the range. Didn't work.

Can I block the WIN2K pc from accessing the net with the admin tools from the server 2000 ? or do you have any tips that I can try from the router side. Please remember it did work. All I do is windows update and norton update. Just one day it stoped working.

Thanks for your time

A:Solved: Can't block IP address

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I have 2 computers connected to a router connected to DSL modem. Both computers have Kerio Personal Firewall. The logs keep showing that address sends out UDP through port 138. I read somewhere that this is a broadcast address. What is that?

Is it ok to block it? Will it affect file transfers between my 2 coms or the internet connection or something else?

A:Is it ok to block broadcast address?

It's a NETBIOS port for mapping a drive on the network. If you block it, it will probably affect drive mapping between the two computers. If you put your local LAN in the trusted zone for the firewall, this problem should not exist.

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hi folks just new to this . Hope i havent pasted to much of this info.
This is doing my head in.
New DVD burner but using it to burn cdsis giving me problems
looking forward to some help.tried 2 different kind of disk with same issue.


Windows 98 4.10
WinAspi: File 'Wnaspi32.dll': Ver=1, 0, 0, 0, size=36864 bytes, created 23/04/99 22:22:00
ahead WinASPI: File 'C:\PROGRAM FILES\AHEAD\NERO\Wnaspi32.dll': Ver=, size=160016 bytes, created 11/11/03 14:49:52
Nero version: (Nero Express)
Recorder: <PHILIPS PBDV1640P> Version: B3.4 - HA 1 TA 0 -
Adapter driver: <ESDI_506> HA 1
Drive buffer : 2048kB
Bus Type : via Inquiry data (1) -> ATAPI, detected: ATAPI
Connected to MMC as unknown drive with class-nr : 1
Drive is autodetected - recorder class: Std. MMC recorder
CD-ROM: <HITACHI DVD-ROM GD-8000 >Version: 0005 - HA 0 TA 1 -
Adapter driver: <ESDI_506> HA 0
HITACHI DVD-ROM GD-8000 (Target 1, D: Autoinsert On, DMA On, Disconnect On, SyncDataXfer Off
PHILIPS PBDV1640P (Target 0, E: Autoinsert On, DMA On, Disconnect ?, SyncDataXfer ?
Excluded drive IDs:
CmdQueuing : 1
CmdNotification: 2
WriteBufferSize: 40894464 (0) Byte
ShowDrvBufStat : 0
EraseSpeed : 0
BUFE : 0
Physical memory : 254MB (260480kB)
Free physical memory: 7MB (7324kB)
Memory in use : 71 %
Uncached PFiles: 0x0
Use Static Write Speed Table: 0
Use Inquiry : 1
Global Bus Type: default (0)
Check supported media : Disabled (0)

26... Read more

A:invalid block address

a few things: the cmc media discs you are using are pretty bad according to this:

update nero - it's at version 6.6 now

try burning at a lower speed
may want to figure out why you have so little free memory-

"Physical memory : 254MB (260480kB)
Free physical memory: 7MB (7324kB)"

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I've recently reconnected my HL-DT-ST DVDRAM Drive and now when i burn i keep getting an error 'invalid block address' but it does not write any data too the disk.
I was thinking about upgrading the firmware but i am not sure if its worth it
- See attachment for log file


A:Invalid block address

Does the issue occurs if you use different type of media and speed?

Is DMA enabled
- Turn DMA on. http://www.onthegosoft.com/dma_setting_nt.htm

How much disk space do you have available?

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I constantly get this email (VIAGRA ? Official Site) and I am unable to send it to the spam section and I can’t block it as it is not a proper email address I just don’t know what to do with it and would like suggestions.

A:Cant block email address

You can create a rule in Outlook, based on the Subject in the email.

Open the message you want to base a rule on.
On the toolbar, click Create Rule.
In the Create Rule dialog box, select the conditions and actions you want to apply.
To add more conditions, actions, or exceptions to the rule, click Advanced Options, and then follow the rest of the instructions in the Rules Wizard.

Hope this helps.

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I need a little help, i have the registered version of malwarebytes on my laptop and i keep getting notified of it "successfully blocking access to a potentially malicious website". this is going on constantly and the notification hardly goes away. i have run many scans with malwarebytes, only to find nothing at all. i have also scanned with my registered version of nod32 antivirus with the same results. i'm puzzled with what it could be, and i need a solution before it possibly gets worse.

here is the log:
00:09:51 tom IP-BLOCK
00:09:59 tom IP-BLOCK
00:39:30 tom IP-BLOCK
00:53:24 tom IP-BLOCK
00:53:24 tom IP-BLOCK
00:53:24 tom IP-BLOCK
00:54:28 tom IP-BLOCK
00:54:44 tom IP-BLOCK
01:07:27 tom IP-BLOCK
01:07:43 tom IP-BLOCK
01:07:51 tom IP-BLOCK
01:08:32 tom IP-BLOCK
01:13:29 tom IP-BLOCK
01:16:34 tom IP-BLOCK
01:20:04 tom IP-BLOCK
01:39:54 tom IP-BLOCK
01:40:10 tom IP-BLOCK
01:40:18 tom IP-BLOCK
09:59:58 tom IP-BLOCK
10:00:06 tom IP-BLOCK
10:15:51 tom IP-BLOCK
10:31:53 tom IP-BLOCK
10:47:12 tom IP-BLOCK
10:48:09 tom IP-BLOCK
10:52:09 tom IP-BLOCK
11:02:20 tom IP-BLOCK
11:03:08 tom IP-BLOCK
11:03:1... Read more

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hi!im in need of immediate help as to how i can hide my friend's ip address from hackers. i have a friend who was betrayed by her co-worker and has submitted her email address to some computer company to track her ip address and hack her computer to know my friend's location.my friend has deleted that email add account already, can her ip address still be traced?help pls. thanks so much. she just wants her ip add hidden..hoping for immediate responses. thanks!

A:Help Me Hide/block Ip Address

Just curious: What "computer company" offers the service of finding and revealing physical addresses from e-mail addresses?

If your friend has high-speed internet, the IP address can be easily changed by simply unplugging the modem for a while, and then plugging it back in. I do this to change mine 2 or 3 times a week, just for the sake of privacy.

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Is it possible to block emails from everyone else, except the ones listed in your addesss book? I couldn't find an option to do that. Hotmail has a feature to block mail except those on your contact list.
YOu'd figure OE has something as well.

I use OE 6.00.29 WinXP

I am tired of receiving those spam mails advertising some kind of stupid stock alert.
I also use Norton anti spam,. It used to block these, but it seems like they are now coming to my regular Inbox, instead of Norton's anti spam bnox.

The mails contain an image, along with regular text to fool the filters.
Thanks in advance,

A:Block all but your address book entries.

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I have Vista now, and want to block my network from accessing specific IP addresses. When I had Windows XP, I used to use Sygate Personal Firewall to make advanced rules to do this. However, SPF does not work on Vista. What resource-lightweight solution can I use to block specific IPs? Thanks!

A:How to block a specific IP address in Vista

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i get crazy junk mail how do i block it. if i do block it it still keeps sending me more

A:How do you block address's on yahoo mail?

You can't...not possible in yahoo to really truly BLOCK an address. I've tried and even tho they SAY you can, it doesn't work. Liz

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How can I find the I.P. address of a website that I'm visiting or of one that I want to visit?


A:Finding I.P. address

You can go to the link below and do a search; a great deal of other information that you might want is also provided:http://www.networksolutions.com/whois/index.jspRegards,John

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How do I find out my IP address?

A:Finding IP address

Do this, Start>Run, key in winipcfg and press enter. Depending on your setup you may need to run that command after your connected to the net to get your IP address. It also may change from session to session if your set to acquire an IP address from the server at connection time.
[This message has been edited by bhesson (edited 12-23-2000).]

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I used to have Windows 98 and i'd find my IP by start > run > WINIPCFG but in XP Pro there's no such program. Could someone help me out and tell me how I would find my IP? Thanks.

A:Finding my IP address


Try here :


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I have an IP addressable web cam that I haven't used for a while. Now I want to use it again, but cannot remember the IP address...I want to go in and make some changes. I also changed the router (the new router IP is different from the orignal). Is there some easy way to find the IP while inside my home network? I wonder if I can plug it into the new router and do some ping of some sort.
Thanks in advance!

A:Finding IP Address

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Can anyone tell me how to get an IP address on an XP machine?
I've tried the command ipconfig which gave a fail message.

A:Finding an IP address

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is it possible to see the ip address who viewed your friendster account or multiply account? can anyone tell me...

thanks a lot..

A:Finding IP Address

nope. that information is private. and friendster admins won't tell you because it will violate the privacy policy.

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I've heard that someone can find out your ip address if they monitor a website they know you go to often.

Example...... Let's say i have a website online that they are aware of, and i visit it daily. I've heard they can set something up whereby they can record all the ip addresses that visit this site.

Is this true? Is this a man-in-the-middle attack?


A:finding ip address

Yes, Apache web server has logs which show what ip addresses are connecting to it. If the attacker can view the logs then they would know which ip's visited the site. I think IIS web server has similar logs. But they wouldn't know which ip is yours though, if they don't know what time you visited.

No, this is not called man-in-the-middle, m-i-t-m is when attackers places himself between your ip and the destination ip and relays traffic both ways, to and from. And you won't notice that some one is eaves dropping.

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I am trying to block SMB 445 incoming requests using Windows Firewall. I have configured Inbound rule to allow only specific IP address to connect through SMB and access shared folder but the rule is not working. It allows other computers to connect and
access the shared folder.
For example:
There are 3 computers: Win7-01; Win7-02; Win7-03
Win7-01 has shared folder that should be accessible only by Win7-02 and not by Win7-03
Steps carried out:
1. Created inbound firewall rule on Win7-01 to allow SMB port TCP 445 to be accessed by IP address of Win7-02 (Under Scope tab of firewall rule)
2. Configured rule to Block (Default) connections - (this allows only rules with exceptions) 
3. Allowed only Win7-02 hostname to access Win7-01 (Under Computer tab 
4. Configured same settings for default rule - 'File and Printer Sharing (SMB-In)
But the shared folder is accessible from both machines Win7-02 and Win7-03
Please suggest if any other configuration is required to be done
Even if I reverse the above configuration to allow or block any of the other PC the firewall rule doesnt work at all. It allows any computer to access shared folder on Win7-01
Appreciate your help to resolve this issue.

Ashvin T

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I am trying to block all e-mail comming into my computer, except from those people who are in my address book...I am using outlook express and have been trying to set my message rules to do the block but I can't seem to get it right.......Can anyone give me the steps to accomplish this block? Any help will be appreciated......thanks herbie

A:Outlook Express block all except Address Book

This thread should provide everything:



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I am trying to set up an address block in the mail merge and when I place the address block on the image of the envelope and preview it, it does not keep the address in block form. It places the name where the block should start, the address line is placed on the beginning of the line under it. The third line is somewhere else. I have tried to set the style following the directions, but there is no choice for address block on my style selections. Any suggestions? WFD

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how do i block certain email address in outlook express because of all junk mail?

A:Outlook Express - Block Email Address'?

Have a read of this page

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I've searched all over the internet for a program that can block another program from running. I've been looking for one so I can block FireFox and MSN from running while I'm playing games. It's really annoying when I'm rendering a map in SimCity4 and MSN decides to log in, or a pop-up comes up in the middle of rendering. If you play SimCity4, then you know why I'm so annoyed about it.

I've tried WinTasks 5, but it only blocks the program if a user initiates program. Because a pop-up isn't intiated by a user, WinTasks does not block it.

Does anyone else know of a program that will completely block Firefox and MSN, but also have the option of un-blocking them after I'm done playing a game?

PS: I know I really should find a way to get rid of the pop-ups, but all my Anti-Virus/Spam/Malware/Adware programs freeze up when it tries to fix all the infected fiiles.

A:Program that can block another program from running.

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I'm connecting a wireless router to MY DSL internet connection. I phoned the isp and they detailed some instructions, but it requires me to know my WAN MAC address of the router. How do I find that? Is there a way to detect it? I dont see it printer on the router. I emailed SMC, and they dont seem to want to respond, and yes I did a search here first but never found anyone else with this problem.

A:Finding my Router's WAN MAC address

When you go into the router's configuration menus, there will be one page that has the external IP address of the router along with the LAN and WAN MAC addresses.

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I am receiving unwanted popups from www.byebyeads.com via messenger. To be removed, they require me to send my IP address.
My system is winxp and I have tried using ipconfig to locate the address however it is only displayed for a millisecond.
Any ideas on how to slow it down or is there another way to locate the address?
Also am I doing the right thing by sending my address?

A:[Resolved] finding my IP address?

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Is there a way to get someones name and address ( no critical info such as ssn ) from their email address? I've "Googled" a few things with no success. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks - Keith

A:Finding Address From Email

if you are looking for some program, then i guess it wouldn't be legal. but if the email address is kind of "oficial" one then, if you google right way you may find some of personal info. i mean most of universities or enterprises give their students/employees email address which end like [email protected] or [email protected] in this case you can find a person by googling for university/enterprise.

good luck

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How do I open this stream in VLC media player?

All I need is the network protocol and address. I ran the 'netstat -b -v' command in the command prompt and found an address, namely, If you can offer any help or insights on how to open this stream in VLC player (or find the network address, if you are unfamiliar with VLC player), thanks.

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I have a Gnet IP0006 router and i need to find its mac address, i can't find the manual or anything that came with it and i cant find anything on the internet for it. I don't really know much about using and configuring routers. Can anyone help?

A:Finding the Mac address of a router

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I have a laptop that somehow got disconnected from my wireless network. I have 1 laptop, 1 desktop, playstation 3, 2 tivo wireless adapters on my network. All of my other connections are working fine. I realized that the antenna was turned off so I turned it on and got connected to my network... but it says re-newing / serching for ip address and nothing I have done seems to work... I reset winsock and a couple other things but nothing seems to work

Has anyone had this happen... My cable modem (comcast)and wireless router (wrt54g) work fine I don't know what happened... help!!!

A:XP not finding ip address after disconnect

If you are using WEP security you most likely need to re-enter your WEP key.

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Hi Guys!! I have a Geocities Website and how do I find the IP addresses of who visit my site?? Where is the Log Files of the information of where the info is Stored??


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Hi, How Can I find out a IP address from a email someone sent me??

I know if you send someone a Picture from a Joke Website, your IP address is on the bottom of the email..

Thank you very much!

A:Finding IP Address From Email

I'm not too sure, to be honest.

I know that a lot of people do not have a static IP address, meaning every time they connect to the Internet, they are dynamically allocated one. That means their IP address is different everytime.

The joke website probably includes the IP address of the user at the time they were logged on to the site - just like this forum does. It is fairly easy to do with javascript.

Assuming a person owns and operates their own domain - you could visit something like http://www.network.tools.com and do a lookup on the domain part of their email address (i.e. the info after the @). But chances are that would not be them.

Above and beyond that - I don't have a clue - I hope someone can let us know as its an interesting question.



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We built and maintain our website via Microsoft frontpage 5.0
We would like to find out the ip address of the people that visit our website. We have found programs to do this but none of them have been compatible with frontpage 5.0 only ftp transfer.
Does anyone know how to or a program we can use to find out the ip address of the people that visit our website that will work with frontpage 5.0?

thank you

A:Finding IP Address via Frontpage

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Please excuse me if this is in the wrong forum, wasn't too sure where to post, here or the Network board.

In short, how can a website user acquire an IP address without having access to the database that logs it or admin access to view it? There is also no email that can be researched into. The user is that is tracing the IP addresses is blatantly an average computer user. If you want the full gist read on.

A particular group of users are using an account to troll around and make jokes (not to the annoyance of anyone worry not) but of course everyone else is trying to figure it out who the regular user is, I am well aware of who is responsible. Someone who fancies himself as a whizkid somehow managed to get hold of the IP address of this mock account. He traced the address posted where it led to (with a look-up/who-is etc), then did another but got somewhere else and yet again did another to get another place (different people using the account) then he claims each time the trace was pending. We do know the addresses are correct because of where they were ending up.

The mock account has no email address that be looked into or anything of that sort and only the site owner has access to user IP addresses, so basically in short we're wondering how he is acquiring the address to trace.

Please excuse me if you think this is childish, it's just a bit of fun in a close knit community trying to better each other daily with friendly banter.

A:Finding out an IP address / tracing

Hi and welcome. The owner of the website needs to get you this info

He should just ban the IP address that the problem user is using.

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One hp notebook 15-ac647tu has stolen kindly give me the mac address

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Finding the MAC address in BeOS and browse local network

I am curious as to where the MAC address is located in BeOS 5.
I would like to get that box up on the net. Thanks all.

A:Finding the MAC address in BeOS

There's GetMACAddress, or you can enable debugging during boot (hit space when booting and select it) and check from /var/log/syslog, or use ifconfig if your system has that command. Maybe netstat displays it, too?

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