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Cygwin OpenSSH doesn't listen on actual IP, only on

Q: Cygwin OpenSSH doesn't listen on actual IP, only on

Hi folks,

today I setup Cygwin and OpenSSH on my rented server. I following the usual direction and everything seemed to be fine.

I tested locally using ssh localhost und voila - connection, login, everything fine.

Then I tried to login from my laptop and got no connection. I checked the firewall - and it was off. Both the server provider's firewall and the local windows firewall were off (I turned them on afterwards, however).

Ok, I thought, let's connect locally, so I tried ssh <hostname> and ssh <server-ip> (On the server itself!). Could not connect.

I tried a lot of combinations, changed the port, used ListenAddress to explicitly bind to the local ip, looked at hosts.allow and hosts.deny etc. Actually one can see slight differences with netstat -a, but the effect remains the same: Using localhost and I can connect, but not using the IP.

Server OS is Windows Web Server 2008.

Any ideas?

Thanks for hints or any idea how I can debug this. SSH debug mode shows no output, so it really seems no connection gets established.



Preferred Solution: Cygwin OpenSSH doesn't listen on actual IP, only on

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Cygwin OpenSSH doesn't listen on actual IP, only on

Does the software have an option to change what ports it is listening on? Is their a check mark that you could of over looked that would cause it it only be listening on the loop back address?

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After scanning a document and try printing it, the copy always comes out smaller than actual size. I have "no scaling" selected on the printer (HP Photosmart C4680) and paper size is defaulted to 8-1/2 x 11.

A:Printer doesn't print actual size

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New here, but have been solving my Windows 7 problems by landing here from google for some time. Anyway, having a problem using windows update. I've been troubleshooting for awhile so I may be fuzzy on the chain of events... got a code 643 in windows update, ran a .Net Framework Windows Help Utility, got a 0x80070490 error and problem with BITS, reset Windows Update Components, ran SUR, got an 0x80240009, retried the install after a reboot, got a prompt that SUR wasn't able to install KB947821, looked at CheckSUR.log and saw the 2 expected file name errors. Also another 16 errors in the persist log. My CBS log file is 35mb and the website is prompting me about an incorrect security token when I try and upload the 5 split zip files at 5mb each. So I uploaded it to my dropbox. Advice? Thanks for reading.

A:CheckSUR error, expected file name doesn't match actual

Hello mattross and welcome to the forums

Your CheckSUR log is incorrectly reporting two files as having the wrong name which I can assure you is nothing to worry about, it is a bug in the SURT that is known to Microsoft.

You do have a few missing deployments keys though, which I will have to add.

Checking System Update Readiness.
Binary Version 6.1.7601.21645
Package Version 18.0
2013-04-25 12:55

Checking Windows Servicing Packages

Checking Package Manifests and Catalogs
(f) CBS MUM Corrupt 0x00000000 servicing\Packages\Microsoft-Windows-IE-Hyphenation-Parent-Package-English~31bf3856ad364e35~~~10.2.9200.16437.mum Expected file name Microsoft-Windows-IE-Hyphenation-Parent-Package-English~31bf3856ad364e35~neutral~~10.2.9200.16437.mum does not match the actual file name
(f) CBS MUM Corrupt 0x00000000 servicing\Packages\Microsoft-Windows-IE-Spelling-Parent-Package-English~31bf3856ad364e35~~~10.2.9200.16437.mum Expected file name Microsoft-Windows-IE-Spelling-Parent-Package-English~31bf3856ad364e35~neutral~~10.2.9200.16437.mum does not match the actual file name

Checking Package Watchlist

Checking Component Watchlist

Checking Packages

Checking Component Store
(f) CSI Missing Deployment Key 0x00000000 microsoft.vc90.openmp_1fc8b3b9a1e18e3b_9.0.30729.4148_390a91d20a21a864 HKLM\Components\CanonicalData\Deployments
(f) CSI Missing Deployment Key 0x00000000 microsoft.vc80.ope... Read more

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I need IE to open IE PDFs that contain school files so I can print them for class, but it won't open them and I cannot open any new IE tabs. It doesn't close but nothing is actually open. 

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I am trying to setup OpenSSH on XP and near the end I am getting kind of lost. I will post the tutorial and what I need help with below.
Tutorial: http://pigtail.net/LRP/printsrv/cygwin-sshd.html
8) important Pop a cygwin gwindow, harmonize Windows user information with cygwin, otherwise they cannot login
mkpasswd -cl > /etc/passwd
mkgroup --local > /etc/group

If your XP logs on to a domain, you most likely have to manually edit /etc/group. See this page.

If your XP logs on to a domain, you may want to edit /etc/passwd to replace /home/username by //unc_server/path_to_home
(thanks to Geoff Thomas)

mkpasswd creates a password file from Windows' user list, click here for more details.
mkgroup creates a group file from Windows' user list, click here for more details.
Thanks to John Skiggn of Cingular Wireless in Redmond, Washington for his tweak on domain user /etc/group


What was the last step on the tutorial that you did? Also, is the PC you're using in a domain?

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ok Ive been studying this ssh service. Im running Fedora Core 3 and it is active on my machine...........or at least a "pgrep ssh and pgrep sshd" command show it running and the ssh daemon is listed as active in my list of active services.

My question is........if it is running on my linux box does the other windows boxes within my network have to be running it to connect to me?

If so or if not....how do I configure this thing? The information that I have found about it so far reads like stereo instructions in another language. I really need some help here!

A:openssh question?

If you post this in the Linux forum, you stand a better chance for an answer.

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There are two related vulnerabilities in the challenge response handling code in OpenSSH versions 2.3.1p1 through 3.3. They may allow a remote intruder to execute arbitrary code as the user running sshd (often root). The first vulnerability affects OpenSSH versions 2.9.9 through 3.3 that have the challenge response option enabled and that use SKEY or BSD_AUTH authentication. The second vulnerability affects PAM modules using interactive keyboard authentication in OpenSSH versions 2.3.1p1 through 3.3, regardless of the challenge response option setting. Additionally, a number of other possible security problems have been corrected in OpenSSH version 3.4.

Systems Affected

OpenSSH versions 2.3.1p1 through 3.3




A:OpenSSH Vulnerabilities: June 27

July 02, 2002: Added Juniper Networks vendor statement.
July 02, 2002: Added Unisphere vendor statement.
July 02, 2002: Added Sun Microsystems vendor statement.
July 02, 2002: Added FreeBSD vendor statement.
July 02, 2002: Added Apple Computer Inc statement.




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Running Win XP MCE SP2
Cable connection
motorola surboard modem
linksys router

A few weeks ago I installed openssh on my computer using http://sshwindows.sourceforge.net/download/. I set up the group and passwd files, followed the instructions etc. Forwarded port 22 from my router to my computer and configured my firewall (zonealarm) to let traffic through. Everything worked fine until I screwed something up and had to format my hard drive. I've been trying to setup openssh the same way I did when it worked and I just can't get it to work. I've tried turning off the firewall and also connecting the modem directly to the computer, it just won't work. I have the user accounts setup with passwords. When i use putty to connect to my computer from that computer things work out but outside computers can't connect to it. I open putty, tell it to connect to my ip at port 22 using ssh and it brings up the connection window and asks me for a username, which I type in, and then it immiately asks for a password without showing the welcome/warning message it's supposed to show. When I type in the password, it tries to connect for a few seconds and then simply tells me "Access Denied".

Any suggestions? Any diagnostic tools or anything of that sort I can use to figure out what the problem is?

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The CERT/CC has received confirmation that some copies of the source code for the OpenSSH package were modified by an intruder and contain a Trojan horse.

We strongly encourage sites which employ, redistribute, or mirror the OpenSSH package to immediately verify the integrity of their distribution.

An intruder operating from (or able to impersonate) the remote address specified in the malicious code can gain unauthorized remote access to any host which compiled a version of OpenSSH from this Trojan horse version of the source code. The level of access would be that of the user who compiled the source code.




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I did a search, but didn't quite see anything posted that might relate to my problem.

At one point early last year I installed OpenSSH on an xp business box I have at home. I set it up so that it was an automatic server that would start when the box turned on. I used Putty on my laptop, and through port forwarding on my WRT54G v8 router, I had it all working perfectly and could connect using Putty on my laptop to have a tunnel to my home comp. Last week the hard drive died and I just bought a new one to put in it, and went through the process of re-installing XP. I then reinstalled OpenSSH, put in all the same settings as it had before (detailed notes from when I did it the first time) and fired up Putty and it wouldn't connect. I thought maybe it was the box, so I tinkered and tweeked to no avail. The only firewall I have running is the XP, and I added OpenSSH and it's ports to the firewall exceptions. The ports are forwarded correctly on my router, and everything in Putty looks ok. After still more timed out connections I opened the routers incoming log and noticed that there were no requests to the port I have OpenSSH set to. I thought that this was odd, as I also have PCAnyWhere installed, and it works perfectly, and I can see in the log the incoming requests for that. So now I am stumped. I have tried Putty on 3 different computers, using three different connections, and still nothing. Any ideas?

A:Solved: Windows OpenSSH Problems

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Hi all 
I have one question regarding the distribution of updates for open SSH server feature. 
How the Microsoft is distributing the update for this feature ? In the microsoft windows there is still older version when I'm compare the current distributed open SSH server version.
Thank you for any info. 

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I have a problems with Win 7 Pro x86 where the Openssh SSD service is playing up


Task Manager:
Services Tab:

GGSMGR is running
MySQL is stopped (Right click | start - give access denied), need to start this

Openssh ssd status is blank, and right click is grey out

I need to get these running any ideas please?

I have restarted the PC and cold booted already, no changes same situation as above

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OpenSSH chink bares encrypted data packets.

One in 262,144 chance = good odds

Important Note: If your system uses OpenSSH, make sure you are running the latest version (5.2) of it!

-- Tom

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A security vulnerability found in a widely-used open-source software has been described as "the most serious bug."
A major vulnerability has been found and fixed in OpenSSH, an open-source remote connectivity tool using the Secure Shell protocol. The flaw was the result of an "experimental" feature that allows users to resume connections
According to a mailing list disclosing the flaw, a malicious server can trick an affected client to leak client memory, including a client's private user keys.
The affected code is enabled by default in OpenSSH client versions 5.4 to 7.1. The matching server code was never shipped, the mailing list said.
The flaw doesn't have a catchy name like some other previous flaws, but disabling client-side roaming support fixes the issue.
The flaw, which is said to be years old, was found by Qualys' security advisory team.
Wolfgang Kandek, chief technology officer at Qualys, confirmed in an email that the company disclosed the bugs to the OpenSSH team on January 11, and commended the team for working "incredibly fast" to get a patch out three days later.

"Developers and admins are advised to regenerate and rotate keys to systems they touch, whether for hobby [or] weekend projects, or more sensitive servers -- including Github," he added.
Bottom line? Patch now, and patch fast.



A:'Serious' security flaw in OpenSSH puts private keys at risk:ZDnet

HeartBleed 2.0?
*Frantically checks all administered servers*

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I need to compile my Java files using GNU Make in some sort of unix-environment in windows. At first I was using mingw with its own unix environment for windows, but I got some errors when dealing with one of the files. I'm assuming there was something wrong with their version of gmake. So I installed cygwin, but it doesn't seem to have a gmake command! Not even make. Help?! Thanks in advance.

A:Gmake for cygwin??

I'm no wiz on the unixy ports -- maybe someone who knows more will come along.

I found this little note on the net.

You can find make at http://www.cygwin.com/packages/make/
I think there may be some bugs in gmake for cygwin and you could try building the beta version from source using the above make?

Another possible thought, is that it is objecting to 'lengthy names with blanks' from $PATH ?

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I've recently installed Cygwin and it worked correctly till today. I didn't make any wanted changes other than install tracegraph.
Now the tcl scripts i try to run don't work and the following error appears:

1 [main] ns 4352 fork: child -1 - died waiting for longjmp before initialization, retry 10, exit code 0xC0000135, errno 11
ns: finish: couldn't fork child process: resource temporarily unavailable
while executing
"exec nam test18.nam &"
(procedure "finish" line 5)
invoked from within

After browsing for a solution, i tried Rebaseall; it shows "gzip stdin unexpected end of file cgwin" and that's it. I'm new at this so any help would be appreciated.

Thank you in advance,

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I just completed an avast! bootscan and I got a message from Action Center about Cygwin. I don't remember ever installing Cygwin (unless it has something to do with Exact Audio Copy, which I installed earlier today).

I was wondering what is Cygwin, is it dangerous, and should I try to remove it?


A:What is Cygwin, how do I get if off my computer

Cygwin - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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Hi, hoping you guys could help me out here

basically i'm trying to compile c++ programs.

I downloaded cygwin and gcc works fine for simple .c programs. I then write a .cpp file and try to compile it, again using gcc and I get an error which says "gcc.exe: installation problem, cannot exec 'cc1plus': No such file or directory"

I kind of was aware that g++ would have been a compiler to use however I've also been told gcc should be able to cope with both?

Any help will be gratefully recieved.



A:cygwin gcc compiler help

Read Compiling "C" And "C++" Programs On Unix Systems - gcc/g++.

-- Tom

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Introduction to Cygwin

Cygwin is a UNIX-compatible environment that runs on Windows systems. It consists of cygwin1.dll, a library that takes POSIX calls and translates them into Win32 calls (kind of like winelib in reverse); a shell (GNU BASH, the shell used on most Linux systems, is the default); an implementation of the X Window System and, of course, GCC.

There are many reasons why you'd want to use Cygwin:

You are used to UNIX-like systems, but are forced to use Windows for some reason.

You want to compile and run *NIX software on Windows.

You are thinking of switching from Windows to a UNIX-like OS, and want to learn more about the environment you will be working in, before you actually do it.

You need an X server on Windows, and don't want to pay upwards of US$600 for one.
This FAQ will tell you how to set up Cygwin, and some of the cool things you can do with it. Please note that these instructions assume you are using Windows NT/2000/XP. The procedures are similar for Win9x, use common sense.

Installing Cygwin

Login as Administrator, or some user with Administrator privileges.

Go to Cygwin.com

Click Install Cygwin Now to download setup.exe. Make a directory "cygwin" and put setup.exe there.

Run setup.exe

Choose "Install from Internet". You will get a dialog asking where you want to install Cygwin, who to install it for, and the default text file mode. Accept the defaults. You will then be asked abo... Read more

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Not entirely sure the best place for this, so its here for now.
I have two questions...

Firstly, I currently have two systems running XP - the first is a tower that's had it for quite a while, and cygwin installs and runs perfectly.
The second (a laptop) has only been installed with XP recently, and while cygwin installs fine, it refuses to run because:


'bash' is not recognised asan internal or external command, operable program or batch file.

The second question: is there a repository of functions that I can add to clisp? I've been using allegro clisp at uni, and I've found that the "dribble" function is unavailable on GNU clisp, and I'd like to make sure anything I write can be used on both versions.

Any help would be great, or even an idea as to whether this is the right forum for this.
thanks ;)

A:GNU clisp on cygwin

*bump* ;)

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In the emacs editor, some commands won't work like C - Space for set mark (also C - @).. My professor said that cygwin was probably intercepting the commands to emacs but I didn't ask him about that because I was there for another reason. anway, does anyone know how I can fix that?

Also, how can I set the keybinding for the emacs meta key to Alt?

Edit: when I do C - space all that happens is a space is put at the cursor, but nothing happens at C - @.

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I'm looking to download Cygwin, but I can't seem to get to their home page. It won't even load. Is anyone else having this problem? Can you get to http://cygwin.com ? Did anyone hear anything as to why they are down? ARGH!!!


A:Cygwin server down?

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Hello! I'm new to this forum and need some help.

I'm totally new to SSH, never ever used it. And i'm trying to create a tunnel on our network so that i can connect to my work computer via Remote Desktop (WinXP).
What i have done so far is forwarded port 54444 to the Win2003 server running Cygwin and installed OpenSSH on the Cygwin (followed this http://chinese-water...cygwin-ssh.html tutorial).
And this seem to work.

The problem appears when i connect using PuTTY, it connects fine (i checked the PuTTY log) but 1 second after connection the connection closes and PuTTY quits.
Do i have to do something more on the SSH server? Right now i have just installed and started it.
Do i have to add tunnels on the server as well as on puTTy?
I have no idea as i have never used SSH before. Is it so that if i don't tell the server to do something spesific it will just close the connection after connection success?

Thanks alot!


A:SSH Cygwin and PuTTY problem

See if this tutorial helps


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I'm very frustrated right now because I've spent the last hour trying to get GCC 4.3.2 to run. It was installed with Cygwin. If I use the Cygwin Bash Shell and type gcc it says command not found. I used this site: http://cygwin.wikia.com/wiki/How_to_install_GCC_4.3.0 to pick any other files I would need to install. The site also says that the path to GCC is /usr/local/bin, but the bin directory, and the lib and etc directory also in the local folder, are empty. Can someone please help me?

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I entered the following command Wave -r mitdb/200 ?a atr got the following error:

assertion "ret != inval_id" failed: file "/usr/src/ports/libX11/libX11-1.5.0-1/src/libX11-1.5.0/src/xcb_io.c", line 528, function: _XAllocID

I installed CYGWIN, XVIEW, WFDB, all as per the physionet.org site instructions.
Some WAVE commands work as expected, but the one above does not. Please can someone help. There was a thread in which this same problem was raised, but the thread was closed.

I installed xview from this tar: http://www.physionet.org/physiotools...cygwin.tar.bz2
I installed wfdb from :http://www.physionet.org/physiotools/wfdb.tar.gz
I installed CYGWIN from their website.
All stages of install completed without errors.

A:Wave error in Cygwin

I am having the exact same problem

I entered the following command
Wave -r mitdb/200 ?a atr
got the following error:
assertion ?ret != inval_id? failed ?/usr/scr/ports/libX11/libX11-1.5.0-1/src/libX11-1.5.0/src/xcb_io.c?, line 528, function: _XAllocID Aborted (core dumped)



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On XP/Pro, \cygwin\bin\sed.exe gets Access Denied; Why?

what am I missing?

[email protected] /usr/bin
$ sed.exe -h
bash: /usr/bin/sed.exe: Permission denied

yet cygwin perms are correct
$ ls -l sed.exe
-rwxrwxr-x 1 nMaster Users 97280 Aug 2 2006 sed.exe

and XP ACLs look good (to me at least)
C:\cygwin\bin>cacls ..
C:\cygwin BUILTIN\Administrators:(OI)(CI)F
<Account Domain not found>F
BUILTIN\Users:(CI)(special access:)

BUILTIN\Users:(CI)(special access:)

C:\cygwin\bin>cacls .
C:\cygwin\bin BUILTIN\Administrators:(OI)(CI)(NP)F
BUILTIN\Users:(CI)(special access:)

BUILTIN\Users:(CI)(special access:)

C:\cygwin\bin>cacls sed.exe
C:\cygwin\bin\sed.exe LTBEARD\nMaster:(special access:)
... Read more

A:Cygwin access denied

It could be any of the DLLs or data files that sed is trying to access. Maybe run the file monitor from sysinternals and see which file access is denied.

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I was trying to run a small program compiled with gcc 3.4.4 on cygwin. The program deals with floating point representation of numbers. I get wrong results when I try to print the long double variable: l_d_var.
I have pasted the code here:
#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#define BOILING 212
float f_var;
double d_var;
long double l_d_var = 0;

int i;
i = 0;
printf("Fahrenheit to Centigrade\n");
while(i <= BOILING)
l_d_var = 5*(i-32);
printf("Value of long double first is: %lf\n",l_d_var);
l_d_var = l_d_var/9;
printf("Value of long double second is: %lf\n",l_d_var);
d_var = l_d_var;
printf("Value of d_var is: %f\n",d_var);

f_var = l_d_var;
printf("Value of f_var is: %f\n",f_var);
printf("%d %f %f %lf\n", i, f_var, d_var, l_d_var);
i = i+1;

When I run the program after building it with gcc 3.4.4, I get the following result for i = 0:
Value of long double first is: -0.000000
Value of long double second is: -0.000000
Value of d_var is: -17.777778
Value of f_var is: -17.777779
0 -17.777779 -17.777778 -0.000000

The long double value is printed wrong for all values of i.
The calculation happens properly but when the long double value is printed, it is printed wrong. Why could this be happening?

Thanks and regards,

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i'm on vista if that helps... I've just started PSP Programming and i'm using an IDE to coe my programs, but everytime I try to compile the program using make.exe I get an error:

*** couldn't allocate cygwin heap win32 error 0 base 0x7D0000, top 0x7D3000, reserve_size 12288, allocsize 12288, page_const 4096

i've tried doing the mem increase thing but that makes no diff.

A:cygwin couldn't allocate...

hum; I use Cygwin regularly on XP/Pro without problems.

Suggest running Cygwin update and if it still fails, looks like you need the
cygwin support forum

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I am having problem while using the Cygwin X on Win 7. The font size of the data is showing as Large; however on Win XP it is working fine with correct font.

I have attached the screenshot and circle out the font having problem.

Thanks in advance

A:Cygwin X Font issue on Win 7

See if changing it from here works:

Control Panel\Appearance and Personalization\Display

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I'm located in a urban area with many wifi ssid available from my main location spot and I don't feel secure at all connecting in wireless mode to my own router. Those man-in-the-middle attacks do make me reluctant.

For this reason, from searching for tools to encrypt network data on the internet, I found cygwin ssh module. It first said it is used to connect to another computer using a tunnel or something like that.

As for now, I only have 1 computer. However, I wanted to give it a try as I know ssh makes connection more secured.

I installed the related module for cygwin, went through a configuration process and now I end up with a new login "user" in the name of privilege server. I remember having entered a few passwords (actually 2) in the cygwin ssh configuration process. So I use the first password from the process and I can log in on the Windows 7 desktop with default settings but I can access most applications from my main account.

Now I'd like to understand if this new privilege server makes my Windows session more secured and if it has an impact on the data I transmit on the Internet. If yes, please help me understand or explain me if there is something I can do from there to make my session more secured mainly using encryption.


A:Network security using cygwin

Windows 7 has a built in wireless security system known as WPA2-Enterprize which is even more secure than WPA-2. I haven't had to use WPA-E myself because WPA-2 is fairly secure as is but if you need another level of security then WPA-E is a good choice. They use this type of wireless network security on college campuses. The links below show you how to set it up.

Configuring Windows 7 to Use Encrypted (WPA-E) Wireless Services at UCSD


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Ok so I am having some difficulties here.

Okay so the problem I am having is basically that when I create a new C++ project in eclipse, the folder "includes" is not there which I think is the reason for the warnings I am getting.

Error launching external scanner info generator (g++ -E -P -v -dD C:/Users/Lindsay/workspace/.metadata/.plugins/org.eclipse.cdt.make.core/specs.cpp)
and the other is similar, just specs.c not cpp.

If I have to change any paths or anything, specific instructions are best because I'm not the most knowledgable in this area.

Also I am working on Vista.


OK after hours of trying to figure this damn thing out, I haven't made much progress. But I think the problem is it's not reading the compiler. WHen I open the windows comman prompt and type in g++ -version or gcc -version it can't find it. But I have edited the PATH to contain C:\cygwin\bin. What the heck is going on here? Help is appreciated.

Thanks! If you need any more info, just ask.

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Hey guys sorry to bother you all but I can't find the answer to this on google and any help you can offer would be so much appreciated.

So I'm trying to install Cygwin using this tutorial:

Geek to Live: Set up a personal, home SSH server

I installed Cygwin from their website and started installing.. this is a quick gallery I made of the steps I took. I uploaded one of the steps twice by accident but I actually made the local package directory F:\ which is my USB device.

Anyway I can't check off openssh which it shows in the diagram on lifehacker.com's guide shown here:


This is the gallery of the steps I've taken. Note F:\ is my USB device.. I accidentally uploaded two pics with one of them saying I was installing to C:\users\ryan\downloads or something but that was just a mistake.


At the end of the installation I try to complete the final step and open the command menu for cygwin, enter "ssh-host-config" but it doesn't recognise the command and I know it's because I can't tick off that box.

Does anyone know a work around?

Any advice appreciated. Might be something to do with me trying to run it off the USB too?

A:Setting up Cygwin on Windows 7

You might have better luck if you ask the moderator to move your post to networking and sharing forum. More net savvy members will be likely to read it there.

edit: I haven't dealt with Cygwin in some time. But my impression is, if the set up Gui won't let you check a package or option, then it does not detect some requirement. You may need to install in a different order or download more components.


Welcome to Windows Seven Forums.

To avoid a lot of Q & A about your hardware and OS configuration, please click on this link to
Edit System Specs

Filling this out, at least partially, will save a lot of time. Another advantage is when posting a new problem, the person answering can just click the My System Specs link in the bottom of your post. No need to search for the information.

If you have multiple systems just indicate that in the System Specs so that we know why many of the fields are blank.

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I just installed Cywin, and whenever I click on the Cywin icon at the desktop, the bash window pops up entitled '/usr/bin'

[: /home/yusuf: binary operator expected
BASH.EXE: cd: /home/yusuf: No such file or directory

yusuf [email protected] /usr/bin
All I need cywin for is C/C++ development. How can I fix this problem

By the way, my name is Yusuf Womiloju.

Thanks in advance.

A:Solved: installing Cygwin

It sounds like some type of script is running when you start Cygwin. Do you know of any script? What is in your Cygnus.bat file? Do you get the same error if you run Cygnus.bat without the shortcut?

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For the past 8 years i've had c:\CYGWIN\BIN specified in my system PATH so that i can run Linux commands in CMD window

Recently i've discovered that multiple linux commands entered using copy and pasted aren't accepted. Only the first command is run..

Simple Example:
cat *.txt
cat *.log
cat *.cfg

Only the first command cat *.txt is run in the CMD window and the others never run. Same result for any CYGWIN commands.

CYGWIN.DLL version 1.7.14

I can open the CYGWIN shell to run the commands, but that requires extra steps that i'd prefer not to do since this has been working in the past.

Thank you

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I am running Cygwin under Windows 7 64-bit on a new machine. That's fine, except that when I try to run a2ps, it does nothing visible. This is the case even for something as innocuous as a2ps --version. When I echo $? after this exciting inactivity, I get 127. Huh? In errno.h, error 127 refers to a socket already selected.

So finally I tried running strace on the command:

strace -n --mask all a2ps --version

I got two error boxes in succession:

| There is no disk in the drive. Please insert a disk into drive
| \Device\Harddisk4\DR4
| [Cancel] [Try again] [Continue]

When I click any of these buttons, I get another box that tells me The application was unable to start correctly (oxc00000013).

I tried bluffing the program by creating the directory C:\Device\Harddisk4\DR4 but that did not resolve the problem.

By the way, I get the same boxes if I run strace with no options. Also, I just ran strace against bash so I can tell it's not a problem with strace.

Any clue out there as to what a2ps wants? I kinda depend on it from a previous XP environment. Any ideas about this?

Thanks much!

A:a2ps under Cygwin dies at the gate

Is this Cygwin --> http://cygwin.com/faq.html

Are you running in at elevated admin level? RIGHT-click on the app, select "Run as Administrator"

Regards. . .



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I had a popup notification saying that a problem needs to be solved with Cygwin.

Cygwin seems to useful for developers - I only use my laptop for the most simple of uses.

I have found that it is difficult to uninstall.

One question I have, is is there a security risk with Cygwin?

Can I remove the main part of Cygwin using the simplest way, or is it best to keep it and keep it updated?

Why has Dell put this program (which can not be easily uninstalled) on my laptop and looks so complicated?



A:Why is Cygwin on my personal Dell laptop

I wouldn't remove it until you know why it is there. If it is just to support a couple of unix/linux type utilities, most can be found as stand alone exe files, such as on GnuWin. If it comes preinstalled I would ask on Dell forum. Otherwise you probably installed a utility that requires it.

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I have Cygwin for WinXP installed, and I have RXVT installed also.
I thought it'd be the perfect setup, but apparently it isn't. =P
Basically, if I use the standard cmd.exe, I can open X windows from it using the ampersand, and it uses whatever x server is a part of Cygwin. That X server is much more compatible/user-friendly than the xterm I was using, which is why I like it so much. Unfortunately, of course, cmd.exe provides a very small, non-resizable interface, which is worse than my xterm window.
So, I decided to switch to rxvt. It is wonderful, and makes things much easier, except for the main reason I have it: It refuses to open up other windows, so I cannot run xemacs. When I try, it sits there for about 20 seconds, and finally gives the error message
[email protected] ~
$ X server not responding
: ":0.0"
If I have xterm running, along with its x window server, then one of those windows will pop up just fine, but those are the windows I don't want to use anymore.
At the moment, I am reduced to using the standard cmd.exe to launch the nice xemacs windows, while I browse, compile, and run programs in the rxvt window. Not a very nice setup. =P
I've searched all over the internet, and nothing has solved my problem. Hopefully there will be someone here that can. =)
Thanks in advance for any help!

Peter Gaultney

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I need to add a header file I've taken from windows server 2003 driver development kit been winioctl.h. I've never used none standard headers before so I'm unsure where to locate it in the cygwin folder.

I'm assuming once added I use #include <winioctl.h> and not "winioctl.h".

Thanks for any replies.

A:Adding header files to cygwin

I'd guess that this is unwise in most cases -- the ddk uses ms-specific constructs and is designed to work with the compiler it comes with.

If you are going to try this, and it might work if you don't need much of the header for your code -- I would be inclined to put it in the folder which contains the source for the project (ie. copy it there) and use #include "winioctl.h"
but if you want it in the default include path you could place it in cygwin/include/
I'd use the first option (ie. the "") because my guess is that you will end up modifying it?

Another, perhaps better, thought would be to compile the bit of code which requires that header with the ms compiler to an object file (.obj) and link with that from cygwin?

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I am trying to get cygwin to work in command prompt on Vista. Specifically I want gnu for program compilation. I place this into my path in my system variables "C:\cygwin\bin". This works for XP, but maybe I'm just missing something. I have installed cygwin and no visible problems occurred during install. The main problem is that if I try to use the g++ or gcc commands in command prompt, it says "'g++' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file". I have also created a PATH in my user variables with the "C:\cygwin\bin", but it still does not work.

A:[SOLVED] Cygwin in command prompt.

Hi -

Are you executing the program from an elevated admin cmd/DOS prompt?

Since using a directory created in the c: root, file permission settings may be interfering. I'd like to see the SET command output and 2 directory listings. Please run the following from an elevated admin cmd/ DOS screen -
START | type cmd.exe | right-click on cmd.exe above under programs - select run as admin. Then paste each line 1 at a time into DOS screen - hit enter if necessary -


SET > "%temp%\1.txt" & dir c:\cyg /a /r /q /s >> "%temp%\1.txt" & dir c:\*.* /a /r /q >> "%temp%\1.txt" & start notepad "%temp%\1.txt"

A notepad will open with results. Save text file & attach to next post.

Regards. . .



dir c:\ /a /r /q

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Cygwin (pronounced \s??w?n/) is a Unix-like environment for Microsoft Windows originally developed by Cygnus Solutions. It consists of two parts: a DLL (cygwin1.dll) which acts as the Linux API emulation layer which provides a substantial part of the Linux API functionality, and a collection of tools which provide a Linux look and feel.

Cygwin is released under the GNU General Public License; it is free software. It is maintained by employees of Red Hat, NetApp and many other volunteers. Corinna Vinschen and Christopher Faylor are currently the managers of the Cygwin development team.

(please see the original WiKi)

The really cool part of Cygwin is the availability of Linux command tools without requiring a dual boot!
Launch the emulated login (\cygwin\bin\bash --login) {notice the windows \}and you have immediate access to
tools such as
egrep -i 'name="keywords"' *.html
find ./local -name \*.html -print
but once within the emulator, the Unix style separator '/' is used and the '\' reverts to
the meta-escape character.

Cygwin provides scripting tools for those familiar with Unix/Linux. If that's not you, then
you might be better off with Windows VB.

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Awhile back Action Center was reporting that there was a problem with Cygwin, then that disappeared. I'm not remembering if that was only before 8.1, which I updated to from 8 in late October. In any case, the past couple of days I've been getting the same Action Center message in the Sys Tray soon after reboot. Since it has to do with Red Hat, I'm not sure what to make of it. A screenshot from a search for all mentions with my file manager is attached. Any ideas? Thanks,

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I recentely decided to go from the x64 version of cygwin to the x86 version (because the x64 version doesn't support unison), and I can't get rid of the shortcut in Start; Clicking uninstall takes me to 'uninstall a program', but there is now cygwin uninstaller, it needs to be done manually. While installing cygwin, I checked the box that said 'Add to Start'. Any ideas?

All help appreciated!

A:Remove Cygwin Console from Start

Hello Sandr, and welcome to Eight Forums.

While on your Start screen, you should be able to right click on the shortcut's tile that you want to remove, and click on "Unpin from Start" to remove it from Start without uninstalling the program.
Start Screen - Pin or Unpin App, Folder, or Drive in Windows 8
If you uninstall the program, it will also remove it from Start along with from the PC.

Hope this helps,

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I have Firefox on my work laptop(Win XP Pro) and I set up CYGWIN on my home PC(Win XP Home) to establish an SSH tunnel.
I had set up the Manual proxy setting on Firefox to use my proxy settings for a socks host on "localhost:8080"
I was also told to put in t e No Proxy for "localhost,"

I am able to intiate the Putty session and log into that client.
When I launch Firefox it is telling me:
Firefox is configured to use a proxy server that is refusing connections.

Does anyone have any experience with such a setup?

In a completely unrelated issue:
I also set up a RealVNC on my home PC. Others are able to connect to my Home PC, but when I try to connect from my work I get Connection Refused. I was hoping to use this to help troubleshoot my issues with the CYGWIN.

I am wondering if the network guys at my work are onto me, and are trying to shut me down

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i'm mike. so,, i've built a new pc. not entirely new, it's two months old i guess. on the action center, there's a notification saying to solve a problem with cygwin.

what's cygwin? i don't remember installing any program that has cygwin on it. i can SS my list of installed programs or anything you guys need. being ocd doesn't help with this cygwin problem.

that's all, fairly minor really.

oh im using windows 8.1 with i5-4570 and r9 270x. the r9 270x artifact-ed, i took it off and now im using the intel driver vga from the motherboard. i can't rmmbr since when the cygwin noty has been there though?

probably after i took my r9-270x but still keeping AMD CCC. is that the source of the problem?
anyway kindly appreciate any help.


rovopio... / mike

A:[help request] action center cygwin question


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I have an application in Linux (Suse) to be ported in to Windows. Since the application is considerable big, instead of preferring to rewrite the code replacing Unix API calls to Windows calls, we opted for using CYGWIN.

We are able to compile simple program with Cygwin and the exe thus created runs effectively. But our application uses sybase library (.so files in Linux). We tried to compile our application with sybase .so file in CYGWIN but we have not succeeded. We tried to compile/link with sybase .dll (windows equivalent) and we are able to create the exe. but when running the exe, we are getting "STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION".

We tried to use a sample from sybase (EAServer) called arith.cpp. We are able to compile the code with Windows based VS IDE. but the same when compiled with CYGWIN, gives same "STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION" problem.

Please clarify if we can
1) link .so (sybase easerver) in CYGWIN. if so how?
2) link .dll in CYGWIN.

A:Problem in compiling C++ with Sybase library in Cygwin

I would search for: porting C++ Sybase applications
to find information, FAQs, etc. about doing what you are trying to do.

It sounds to me like you may need to port the database first, then the runtime libraries, then the application from Linux to Windows - but, I could be wrong about this.

Alternatively, I would think that the database could reside on a network node, and with proper networking support, the system libraries and networking calls could be done heterogeneously from one network node to another where each node may be running a different OS, e.g. Linux vs Windows.

-- Tom

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I installed cygwin in C:\cygwin\... Unfortunately, for one reason or another, my whole cygwin install became horribly buggered up (my home directory was not recognized and I could not access many of my commands/applications that I had installed/built). Now, I figured that I'm going to nuke everything from orbit (just delete the cygwin directory in my C drive) and start from scratch (besides, I would have loved to make an update or two to some of the apps). This became painfully difficult, as some directories and files could not be deleted. I'm running Win 7 and I am an admin.

This is the error that I get (with an exclamation point) when I try to delete a file:

Invalid MS-DOS function.

Type: File
Size: 3.77 KB
Date modified: 10/30/2012 1:01 PM

Buttons: "Try Again" "Cancel"

If you need more information, please let me know and I'll try to provide it as best as I can. But I'd love to delete this directory and re-install, if you could help me, I'd greatly appreciate it.

A:Unable to delete file after installing Cygwin

Restore your system to a date before you installed the software!
System Restore

Just out of interest why do you want Window 7 to "look" like Linux? Just curious!

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