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XP Installation, Missing files, possible drive issue?

Q: XP Installation, Missing files, possible drive issue?

I first posted this in the Windows XP forum before realizing that it may be more appropriate for this forum....

I have been drafted to trouble shoot my in-laws computer. The system is an AMD 700 Mhz (K62 i think) with a 40 gig HD, 256 mb ram. They started experiencing problems after loading SP2. The system eventually would not get past the splash screen when it started up. After several attempts at loading safe mode I decided to cut our losses and do a clean install. Curiously, the system they purchased with XP was formatted for FAT32 and not NTFS. It appears the box was built pre-XP availability and was upgraded when it was sold in January '02.

The problem now is that after formatting the HD it has problems copying files over from the Windows XP disk. No apparent physical problems with the disk but I went and grabbed an extra XP disk from home. Same problem. So now the OS will not install.

My guess is that there's either a problem with the CD-rom, the HD or the IDE controller. Does anybody know what would be the most likely issue? I may be able to find a CD rom to swap in and try.. not so sure about the HD. CHKDSK was run and appeared fine. Any ideas to help me get back on my in-laws good side would be appreciated!


Preferred Solution: XP Installation, Missing files, possible drive issue?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: XP Installation, Missing files, possible drive issue?

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Hey all, I briefly searched the boards before creating this post, but was unable to find a solution to my problems.

I am trying to do a fresh install of Windows 7 on my new SATA hard drive, but when I get into the Windows 7 installer, it gives me the error "A required CD/DVD drive device diver is missing. If you have a driver floppy disk, DC, DVD, or USB flash drive, please insert it now."

This seems to be a rather common issue across the internet, but I have tried several possible solutions, but to no avail.

Here is my computer setup:

Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-K8N Pro-SLI
Processor: AMD Athalon 3500+
Hard drives: (2x) PATA drives (1x) SATA drive
Optical Drive: Lite-On SHW-160H6S DVD dual layer drive

Currently, I have Windows XP installed on one of the PATA drives, and am trying to get Windows 7 on the SATA drive (ideally I want to be able to have dual operating systems).

Any ideas on how I can go about solving this issue?

Thank you,


A:Windows 7 Installation Issue: CD/DVD Drive Device Missing

Set up and format your sata in XP, just install it and reboot, once in XP you can install sata drivers.

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I've got a situation here whereby .TMP files are appearing in network directories, and the files are going missing. The size of the TMP file matches the original file.
I'm trying to narrow down the issue, because I think there may be two problems here.  
1. Offline Files are enabled, to allow profile redirection.    It seems that this is also by default, is allowing Clinet Side Caching when there are network issues.  Does the original file (.doc for example)  get renamed
as a HR234.TMP for example when the Slow link detection sees slow performance? 
2.  If the above TMP file is created when there are network issues, should this resolve itself (sync itself back to the network) when performance improves?
Currently we are in a situation where we have a department that have files missing from many network shares, all the missing files seemlingly replaced with a .TMP file, so do we have to go round to every machine in the department, and manually
sync them to resolve this?  

A:TMP files created, files missing Offline files issue?

After checking the Hotfixes and Security Updates included in Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 Service Pack 1 in the

Documentation for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 Service Pack 1 (KB976932), I found the following hotfix is available:
Temporary files do not synchronize correctly to a non-DFS share on a server from a client computer
that is running Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 R2

TechNet Subscriber Support
in forum.

If you have any feedback on our support, please contact
[email protected] posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties or guarantees, and confers no rights. |Please remember to click ?Mark as Answer? on the post that helps you, and to click ?Unmark as Answer? if a marked post does not actually answer your question.
This can be beneficial to other community members reading the thread.

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i always integrated all the latest updates into my windows xp with nlite, but this time (december updates) the installation is missing these two files "ieframe.dll.mui" and "msfeedsbs.mui", i checked the i386 directory though and the files are there!!! (ieframe.dll.mu_ & msfeedsb.mu_" so what went wrong? thanks..

A:missing files during installation!!!!!!

Could be they are not where the installer expects them to be or they are not the expected version.

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two weeks ago i was bought a Fujitsu B series lifebook computer.About 5 days ago I had got that virus stating I had a "processor running at 83 degrees", "hard drive clusters are partly damaged", "must scan to fix this issue", yatta yatta yatta and some other classic virus jive talk i cant remember at this moment. At first it kept bothering me about the scan, then it started popping up 57 windows in short succesion, then i couldnt access my other files, then my desk top went black and was reduced to 4 icons, start menu was obliterated.try combo fix, trend micro, some other reliable programs but i would either down load them and they'd disappear or in the case of combofix it would load then exit out quickly. It reached a point were i just couldn't boot my computer up anymore.NTLDR was missing it said. I am not sure if that virus deleted it or if the computer and its hd were just old and wore out. It was from the flea market.. I cant get past that error msg, there is no flash drive boot up option on this old thing, i have no floppy drive with it, it has no cd rom drive, ive heard the external usb cd rom drive cant be used to boot it up but im not 100 percent sure.Someone else with the same notebook reported that it would not allow usb cd rom drive boot up. I have been told network boot is an option but i was told thats just to access it after its turned on and its not what i think its for. I was told an hd switch was a good option but i dont... Read more

A:"NTLDR is missing" issue with computer featuring no cd rom drive, floppy drive, or flash drive support..

i think im past infected moderator. saying im still in the infection stage is like telling someone with cervical cancer to take the HPV vaccine..

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Hi there!

I recently installed Itunes on my Laptop. After downloading it went through some actions including playlists. Afterwards all my music which was in MP3 format was missing. This particular folder is still there: just no files in it. When calculating the used sectors on the drive it's also clear that there is more info stored than what is accessible. I have looked for the info as hidden, but to no avail. Does anyone know why this has happened and whether Itunes had anything to do with it? Or should I use some kind of recovery tool and look for the files? (I had purposely not used this drive since the dissapearance)Any suggestions welcome and thanks in advance!

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Alright so I got an installation disk that actually has files on it and show up on my computer but I have a new problem now in which an error shows up saying that some of the neccesary files are not being found which is really unfortunate. The error code I am getting is: Ox80070017
Any help would be appreciated.

A:Missing or corrupt installation files?

What files are not being found?

Did you try getting the hashes for the .iso you downloaded?

7100 x64 should give these results:

CRC32: 58FB2BE0
MD5: 98341AF35655137966E382C4FEAA282D
SHA-1: FC867FE1AB2E0A9796F9E4D155B44EA6998F4874

HashTab... is the coolest thing ever!

Hope it helps

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I have been drafted to trouble shoot my in-laws computer. The system is an AMD 700 Mhz (K62 i think) with a 40 gig HD, 256 mb ram. They started experiencing problems after loading SP2. The system eventually would not get past the splash screen when it started up. After several attempts at loading safe mode I decided to cut our losses and do a clean install. Curiously, the system they purchased with XP was formatted for FAT32 and not NTFS. It appears the box was built pre-XP availability and was upgraded when it was sold in January '02.

The problem now is that after formatting the HD it has problems copying files over from the Windows XP disk. No apparent physical problems with the disk but I went and grabbed an extra XP disk from home. Same problem. So now the OS will not install.

My guess is that there's either a problem with the CD-rom, the HD or the IDE controller. Does anybody know what would be the most likely issue? I may be able to find a CD rom to swap in and try.. not so sure about the HD. CHKDSK was run and appeared fine. Any ideas to help me get back on my in-laws good side would be appreciated!


A:Windows XP Installation Missing files?

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Dell Inspiron 1721; 3 GB RAM; 250 GB HDD; Athlon 64 x2 Dual Core 1.9 GHz processor; just upgraded to a clean install of Windows 7. After installing WordSearch Bible 5 Software (which is my favorite, much better than the later versions!), the program won't open. The error message says, "The program can't start because ILI32.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem."

Tried reinstalling and got the same message. Tried locating a copy of the .dll file on the web with no success.

Is there going to be any way to use WordSearch with Windows 7? If not, what a bummer! It's the easiest, most user friendly Bible software I own.

Thanks for any advice forthcoming,

A:WordSearch .dll files missing on installation to Windows 7

Did it work with your computer when Vista was installed?

System Requirements
Windows 2000/95/98/ME/NT/XP

I would call or email them and ask if version 5 is compatible with Windows 7

Sales/Customer Service:

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 800.888.9898 or 512.832.2125

Hours: Mon.- Fri. 9am - 10pm (CST), Sat. 10am - 5pm (CST)

Tech Support:

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 512.835.6900

Hours: Mon.- Fri. 9am - 5:30pm (CST)

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I'm not sure if this should be in hardware or software, as both are involved. If I'm in the wrong area, please let me know and I'll ask that it be moved.
I've been having major issues trying to get a new printer installed. (Actually, ANY new printer installed!) I've tried 2 different HP printers and 1 Brother, all multifunction all-in-one machines. The software installs smoothly up to the point of plugging in the USB cable. At that point, the installation fails due to 'driver not found' errors. When I dig a little deeper, it is because two system files are missing: usbprint.inf and usbstor.inf. My question is, can these files be located online, downloaded and installed? It suggests to use my OS installation disk(s), but I don't have an actual installation CD. I have the recovery CDs that were burned from my laptop when it was brand new, but I don't know if that's the same thing as the actual installation disk. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

My system info is:
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2430M CPU @ 2.40GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 42 Stepping 7
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 3947 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics Family, 1845 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 458405 MB, Free - 225044 MB;
Motherboard: Acer, JE50_HR
Antivirus: AVG AntiVirus Free Edition 2014, Updated and Enabled
Thanks for the help.
&nbs... Read more

A:Printer installation failure, missing inf files

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I have a computer running Windows XP home edition that i have reinstalled windows on it about 10 times. I keep getting error messages within 2-7 days after i reinstall of windows. I have tried 3 different editions of windows XP installations (Home, Professional, & Media Center). I have changed the hard drive and it still keeps doing the same thing. I have done memtest86 and the memory is passing the scans.
I have gotten two error messages:
1. NTLDR is missing
Press any key to restart

2. Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt
You can attempt to repair this file by starting windows setup using the original setup CD-Rom. Select "r" at the first screen to start repair.

This is driving me crazy. Does anyone have any suggestions what it can be?

A:Windows XP installation keeps missing system files

Usually this problem occurs when the ram is malfunctioning or Processor is heating up. Check the Processor fan if it is seated properly or not and then check the memory module if required.

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I noticed, after installing a new hard drive to replace an older one, that the DVD drive was missing from "my computer".

I do, however, think I know what caused it.

I left the old dying SATA HD (E hooked up, and hooked up the new SATA HD as well (so I could transfer data).
To get the new HD in working order, I had to partition it, so i did so with partition magic. Unfortunately when it asked me to choose a drive letter, I picked F:, which I forgot was assigned to my IDE DVD drive at the time.

So, it happily gave me a new HD partition labeled F:. I transfered files, then removed the old E: drive. I then used partition magic to change the F: drive to E:.
The DVD drive has power, and will open and close, but WIN XP (and the bios) don't detect it. I have ensured the IDE cable is well connected, and I have tried both the non-MB connections of the IDE cable to connect to the DVD. I've tried the jumper in all 3 positions.

I have 1 IDE cable for 1 IDE HD, 1 SATA HD, and the second IDE cable for the DVD drive.

I have tried deleting the upper and lower filters from the registry, (though the upper wasn't there in the first place).

How do I get my DVD drive back?

A:Missing DVD drive, due to new HD installation

I tried connecting the DVD as a slave to the HD on IDE1, and everything detected fine...

Perhaps IDE2, or its cable, or something is messed up? I'm gonna try to get it working on IDE2 some more, just cause the cable won't reach very well when I put the DVD back in the case.....

Still would love any ideas or explinations others have.

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PC, AMD 1 GHz, Win 98 SE, Windows Installer (Msi.dll) version is 2.0.2600.2, ...

I have both Office 97 Professional and Office XP Small Business installed because they both have different programs (e.g. one has Powerpoint & Access, the other has Publisher). For programs in common (Word, Excel, etc.) the later version was installed (XP I assume).

I recently tried to import an XLS file into Word, but the error came up "Windows Installer error 1635". Then I try to do a Detect & Repair. Then another error message comes up, using both methods I do the Detect & Repair:

Method 1
1. On the Help menu in Word, clicked Detect and Repair. 2. Clicked Start.
Method 2
1. Double-clicked Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel. 2. Double-clicked the Office XP Small Business entry.

This second error that appears is the following:
Windows Installer: This patch package could not be opened. Verify that the patch package exists and that you can access it, or contact the application vendor to verify that this is a valid Windows Installer patch package.

Please help

A:MS Office Registry / missing installation files problem

The only thing I have found is this from Google groups

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I have Nero Ultra 7 edition. I installed the update on their site. I just installed a new writer with lightscribe and wasn't able to see the lightscribe icon on the program. Anyway, when I went to uninstall Nero, I keep getting installation errors. I tried reinstalling the program...I even did a system restore...still getting errors. Here is my log file...any suggestions??

Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 11:19:46 PM, on 2/28/2006
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\ccProxy.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\ccSetMgr.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\VS7Debug\mdm.exe
C:\Program Files\Norton AntiVirus\navapsvc.exe
C:\Program Files\Norton AntiVirus\IWP\NPFMntor.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\SNDSrvc.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\SPBBC\SPBBCSvc.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\CCPD-LC\symlcsvc.ex... Read more

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Hey everyone!
Just a few details:
Laptop: HP dv2050us
OS: Windows XP Home SP3

So I was downloading a trial version of nero and my entire computer decided to hate me. I'm pretty sure it was a virus. It changed my registry somehow and has deleted important files to ensure that the computer works.
I'm running XP home and the cute little log-in window doesn't come up anymore (it's just the boring username: password:). Also, I wasn't able to access any of the files in the control panel -- it said I was missing rundll32.exe (I downloaded that and put it in C:/WINDOWS/system32) -- so it works now.

I want to just stick my recovery cds into my computer, but when I do, my computer doesn't read them. I've checked the device manager, and CD-ROM is not there, but I have the option to boot from my CD-Rom drive when I look at my BIOS.

I don't know what to do :(

A:CD/DVD-Rom Drive missing and System Recovery files missing

First thing you're going to want to do is back up any files that you want to keep. Since you can't use your cd drive in windows, you'll have to use a flash drive or an external hard drive. Just copy and paste the files you want to keep onto the storage device (I suggest you do this in safe mode if possible and that you don't copy any (large) folders as there might be hidden files within them that are infected).

Once you've gotten all your files backed up, you have two choices:

1) Follow the steps here and start a new thread in the Virus/Trojan/Spyware Help forum (be patient as the analysts are very busy and it can take a while for them to get to you).

2) Wipe the hard drive with a program like dban and reinstall Windows (this is a good guide on how to reinstall windows; if you don't have the disk with all your hardware drivers that came with the computer, then you should also download all the drivers from the manufacturer's website and save them to a cd/flash drive/external hard drive to help speed up the process; if you go this route, you will also have to reinstall any programs that you currently have on your computer).

You could also try to run a repair install of Windows, but, if it really is a virus, then that probably won't help all that much in the long term

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Hey if anyone can help me out with this it would be hugely appreciated.

Basically i put a new hard drive into my laptop and tried to install windows 7.
It keeps saying bootmgr is missing, press ctrl + alt + del to restart.

The OEM windows 7 disk is inside my cd-rom drive and i went to the bios and put the cd/dvd as first, and the hdd as second, pressed f10 (save and exit.) and still no luck.

A:BOOTMGR is missing?? new hard drive installation

Make and model number of computer please?

Does it provide the chance to press a Fn key (usually F12) at boot to get to the Boot menu? If so use that then select the DVD drive.

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I have a 16 gb USB drive and the Win 7 64-bit ISO is about 3 GB. There as a 13 GB wastage there. What else can I put on the USB drive to maximise the space used?

I have 2 computers, one using a W7 HP, and the other using W7 Pro. Can I place both W7 bootable drives on the same USB stick? So, with 3GB each iso file, that is still 10 GB free. Do I need to make a partition with that? Is it possible to put the SP1 or other Windows update on the USB? Faster than downloading the whole think.

Take Office 2010 installation file (purchased in downloadable form) and that is about 700 mb, my photoshop iso file is about 5.85 gb. So there is still another 3 GB+ not in used. I don't need these to be in bootable form, so I can use some mount tool to just install it like previously. It would be great if there was a software which could auto compile all the iso and installation files and install it immediately. Something like ninite but for offline files.

A:Can I put other installation files in the Win 7 USB boot drive?

Windows 7 HP, and the other using Windows 7 Pro. Are they bot same language and both 64 bits (or both 32 bits). If so they are 99.9% the same! Just delete file ei.cfg from usb stick and you install HP,PRO, ULTIMATE (if you have a valid license). How to Select Any Edition or Version (SKU) of Windows 7 to Install From Single Edition DVD Disc Media or ISO ? My Digital Life

just put the office2010.iso and photoshop.iso on usb stick as well. Or shrink the win7 usb partition and create a new partition and put the iso files in new partition. ISO's can be mounted using daemon tools for example.

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unable to open MS Office 2013 files or install  malwarebytes or click on certain linkes in internet....unsure what the full problem is.
After the first time I recieved the error when attempting to open a MS word doc, I uninstalled MS Office and reinstalled it....this did not fix anything...
errors include:
winword.exe-system error - d2d1.dll missing
there was a problem sending command to the program
run-time error "53", file not found: advpack
I have run virus scan - nothing detected (save for something found days earlier which it said was taken care of...)
Please let me know what else to provide.  All I know is "something isn't right"
also still having mcafee pop up and say that it has handled a trojan infection...yet the original problems continue.  And I am discovering other things the computer will not do that it used to do....certian links on the internet also result in a d2d1.dll file missing...
In the past I had a fully working office 2013, now I can not use it or install malwearbytes.  I'm sure there are other issues too...
can not open the saved dds.txt file. the error reads winword.exe -... Read more

A:*.dll files are "missing" from computer - unsure what the real issue is

Hello, Welcome to BleepingComputer.I'm nasdaq and will be helping you.If you can please print this topic it will make it easier for you to follow the instructions and complete all of the necessary steps in the order listed.===Search and delete the AdWare, PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program) installed on your computer.Please download AdwCleaner by Xplode onto your Desktop.Close all open programs and internet browsers.Double click on AdwCleaner.exe to run the tool.Click on Delete tab follow the prompts.A log file will automatically open after the scan has finished.Please post the content of that log file with your next answer.You can find the log file at C:\AdwCleaner[Rn].txt (n is a number).=== Please downloadJunkware Removal Tool to your Desktop.Please close your security software to avoid potential conflicts.Run the tool by double-clicking it. If you are using Windows Vista or 7, right-mouse click it and select Run as administrator.The tool will open and start scanning your system.Please be patient as this can take a while to complete, depending on your system's specifications.On completion, a log (JRT.txt) is saved to your Desktop and will automatically open.Please post the contents of JRT.txt into your reply.===Please download ComboFix from any of the links below, and save it to your desktop. For information regarding this download, please visit this web page: http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/combofix/how-to-use-combofixLink 1Link 2IMPORTANT !!! Save ComboFix.exe to your Des... Read more

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Hello to all!

I'm new to this forum and obviously i'm not sure if this is the right place for starting and posting this thread.

Since i'm pritty desperate i'm going to explain the best i can what is really happening and how it all started:

since a few days ago i was noticing that a few files, specifically mp3 files are missing from my music collection. I managed to recover the missing ones and transfer the whole collection to a new drive without issues. Today i've found that some recently downloaded files, including several mp3's where missing again from the new HDD. I started to look around the internet abut the problem and what could be the reasons that causes my files to "vanish" from my HDD. As i was reading, i stoped at one thread in other's site forums that related to some "security" and "user privileges" issues in Win 7. I then tried to "fix" the problem but noticed that the files where still missing.

Next thing i tried was looking for the missing files in some AppData subfolder named something like "virtual backup" or something. That was the last time i saw the "user" folder and the last time y accessed my local drive. Turned out the folder just dissapeared from the screen after a short "access denied" dialog box (error). After that, all of my desktop icons dissapeared and my c: drive went like it's empty and can't be accessed, still i can see the drive lying there and every time i run a virus ... Read more

A:Missing files, missing "user" folder, can't access local drive

Viruses do things like that. The scenario sounds familiar. Scan with Malwarebytes. The free version is good enough.


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Alright, so here's the deal. I let my little brother use my computer for a few hours and when I got back on it, my cd/dvd drive was no longer recognized by Windows. I asked my brother what he did, and he told me that he only installed itunes and was using it. So I searched the issue on google and indeed, found the original solution of "Deleting the Upper and lower filters". Unfortunately, when I look in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Class\{4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}, there is no Upperfilter or Lowerfilter to be found. Every now and then, I'm lucky and I'll have the Cd Drive for a couple of hours. But even without restarting the computer, I'll check My Computer and it'll be gone. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. My laptop is only a little over a year old, and I'd like to keep it in great condition.

-Toxic Tension

A:The Classic CD/DVD Drive Missing Issue

Hello Toxic Tension,
Try here, there's an auto fix feature which might do the job. Post your result's, i will be interested to see if this work's.

Your CD drive or DVD drive is missing or is not recognized by Windows or other programs

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My XP installation disks are very scratched up and I got the message "Setup cannot copy the file[...]" several times on what I recall being "CDMEDIA.HL_" and "CDMEDIA.CH_" and MAYBE one other that I can't remember (believe it was two or three files) during setup, so I skipped the files. I figured that would screw with my CD drive, and sure enough, when I got Windows running it wouldn't even recognize my CD drive. The funny thing is, my CD drive still functions as far as opening and closing and even blinking lights, so this is clearly a software problem caused by the lack of those critical system files. Knowing that, I downloaded an XP installation disc online and took the file I suspected were missing and put them into the proper directory (C:\WINDOWS\system32), but to no avail. I rebooted and the CD drive is still not working. I was reading online and tried to use the "sfc /scannow" command to scan for missing files. It said there were some missing, but I had to insert an XP disc to fix it! Talk about a catch-22.

Can anyone help? I really don't want to have to reinstall windows (and can't if this isn't fixed anyways as I'll just have the same problem). I have no access to any other copies of XP in disk form nor any writable disks to burn the existing copy I do have so yeah.

A:Skipped copying of files during XP installation; CD drive not functioning

Try and clean them with a baby wipe.

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Hi Guys,
Earlier today upon turning on my PC I descovered I could not open any Executable files. Everytime I clicked a file it popped up asking what I should open it with. I eventually got round the problem using A file association fix. At first thinking I had a virus, I ran some scans and used a norton SirCon remover, as it showed the same symptoms. I am not sure if any of this is related to my current problem as which I have just noticed due to running out of space on my C Drive, I attempted to open my D to find nothing but this. (See Link Below):

I am not sure if this is normal, but previously when I have checked I saw all kind of user catagories and program files etc, help me out, sorry this may be quite hard to follow, I am no whiz on the PC!!

Thanks in advance.

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 I am using a samsung tablet .
it has a hard drive capacity of 51 gig.
it has programs installed of approx 1.5 gig.
most of my stuff is held on a separate hd.
Windows control panel tells me I have i have 12 gig available space on the drive.
I can only account for about 2 gig of other files on the pc through the control panel access to my files of all type.
My question is how can I be missing  30 + gig of space ? what can be filling it and can I delete it somehow?

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Ok so my brother and I share a computer and he uses his own drive on my computer and decided to delete everything on that drive file by file. I use the main drive on the computer but he must of deleted something very important on that drive because now every time I try to install certain programs just doesn't work.
For example when I try to download Steam it says another installation is running.
Also "Error1336 there was an error creating a temporary file that is needed to complete this installation"
I have been googling this problem for months but I couldn't find a good solution. any help is greatly appreciated.

A:Some Important files were deleted on my Disc Drive, Now Installation Problems

Go to Start/Search and type CMD Right click the CMD icon in the search results and Run As Administrator. In Elevated Command Prompt type SFC/ scannow and press enter. This will replace any missing files.

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Hey guys I seriously need help with my pc. My hard drive has 2 partition drive c and d. D partition is where i keep all my music files at.
One fine day, I wanted to listen to some music and i clicked on my computer then clicked on D drive. To my suprise, there is only one folder. KDB folder.
When i opened the folder, there are a list of weird files in the folder. All my songs are no where to be seen.

My question.. Is this KDB folder thing a virus???

How do i get back my files???

If i format my C drive,will d drive files magically reappear.??

Any advise is much appreciated.......Thanks in advance.......

A:D Drive Partition Files Missing!


Have you looked at the size of the drive? when you right click and select properties, does the pie chart say the drive is full or empty?

The KDB folder has something to do with a soccer game so may not be a virus. have you looked under the disk management section to analyze the partitions of the drive. (Start>run>compmgmt.msc)

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I installed a new hard drive, and used Norton Ghost (from SystemWorks 2003) to clone the old drive to the new. The new drive has been initialized with the drive letter F. (This is the third drive in the machine.) I can access the new drive after a normal startup, booting from the old drive. However, when the old drive is unplugged and startup is attempted, the following messages appear:

Windows has detected a registry/configuration error.
Choose Command Prompt Only, and run SCANREG
Missing or corrupted files: C:\windows\himem.sys
Missing or corrupted files: C:\windows\dblbuff.sys
Missing or corrupted files: C:\windows\ifshlp.sys
C:\>set path=c:\windows;c:\windows\command;c:\progra~1\atitec~1\aticon~1
Cannot find win.com, unable to continue loading windows

When I entered SCANREG at the C prompt, it said Bad command or file name

I'm wondering if the assigned drive letter for the new drive is the problem.

The system is Windows XP, SP3
New drive is a Seagate SATA Barracuda, 250gb

Any help would be appreciated.

I did attempt changing the drive letters, but of course the C drive cannot change while it's the booted drive, and the new drive (F) can't be accessed unless it's able to boot, I think. Also, when trying to boot from the new drive and hitting the error messages, I tried to change to the F drive from the C: prompt, but F wasn't available.

The original drive (source) is a Western Digital Caviar SE 200GB EIDE.

And I've set the BIOS to... Read more

A:new cloned drive missing files?

set the drive to be seen as ide in the bios


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I have an HP, Vectra VL, Pentium 4, Intel inside computer 1.8 gighz, that started with WIN 98, 40 EIDE gig hard drive (partitioned in two parts) a c' (12+ gig), and d' (20+ gig) hard drives. Upgraded last year to win xp pro, with links to c and d hard drives, computer working fine. Just recently was installing a Lexmark x73 all in one printer. Would not properly install, computer stated that there was no Microsoft signature. The printer worked anyway, but the computer would not shut down properly. Tried uninstalling the printer, worked somewhat, use the system restore program (went back to about a week earlier) something was still hanging computer up. Popped the system recovery cd in, (forgot that it was for win 98 not win xp pro), shortly after it started formatting c drive, popped the cd out and reloaded win xp pro. I knew c drive was probably reformmated, but now there is no link showing d' drive, and c drive is 6 gigs now. My problem is trying to get d drive back online and hopefully retrieve some of the files that were there.

A:Missing D drive, trying to retreive files

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Hi there,

I am currently running Win XP and I have two drives installed in my desktop, one for windows and another for data files. For programs, I usually install in the C: drive so it should have no conflict with the D:, which is the secondary drive.

I had WinFax 10.0 installed on the computer and I wanted to reinstall so I decided to remove it and install it again. When I was in the Control Panel, Add and Remove, it wouldn't let me uninstall it, so I downloaded a SYmantec Cleanup Ultilty to help me get rid of the program. The program got rid of it successfully and I continued onto installing the WinFax 10.0 that I have on the CD. After installing and setting up, I accessed my D: drive and find that all of my invoices and such all gone! This also includes a wide range of mp3 songs, excel files, and word files! The folders are all there, but none of my files within the folders are there. When checking the secondary harddrive, it says it's 55.6 GB free of 56.8, which is nearly empty. The harddrive should be around half used and such.

I tested the WinFax CD for viruses and I don't believe it was the cause of the problem. All the installation files are C: drive, separated from the D: drive, where all my data files are at. Also, none of the data files, such as invoices are ever uploaded onto WinFax for faxing. So I don't believe that it has anything to do with it.

It just seems really strange because all of the folders and subfolders are still there but all the fil... Read more

A:Missing All Files in Secondary Drive


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I know this might sound silly, but I have a usb 256mb pen drive and I accidently deleted a file which I then couldnt find anywhere. Not in the recycle bin (win xp pro). I thought there may be a hidden recycle bin on the pen drive so I selected the show all files option in explorer which did not help at all.

Hoping that someone else has an idea

Thanks in advance

A:USB pen drive missing deleted files

You have to use some file recovery software. Your USB drive is probably in FAT32 format so undeletion should be easy. Just make sure you don't write anything on the stick - better use the write protection switch right now.

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I have "lost" a great deal data on my old Hard Drive and am wondering if there is anything I can do myself before taking it to the professionals? I have tried software like Recuva to no avail, and am worried I might actually damage the drive further with my efforts.

Judging by the info outlined below, could you tell me:
-if I can acess the missing folders on the G drive myself/anything else I can do
-what could have caused the problem and its severity
-possibility of a FULL recovery?
I attempted to transfer the 250GB Hard Drive (F & G) from my old Sony Vaio desktop PC via a Hard Drive enclosure (model: MaxValue USB2.0 HD IDE/SATA) to my new Dell Vostro desktop PC (both Windows XP).

The enclosure installed correctly and I transfered a few folders I needed at the time. Sadly, I let the rest sit in there; planning to either store them in the enclosure or transfer later.

A few days later, I booted the PC with the enclousre connected and noticed the PC was apparently deleting files from the enclosure systematically. I turned off the enclosure to avoid deletions. When I tried to access the F part of the drive, I was told that the drive was corrupted and could not be read. I tried running "Check disk for errors" as instructed to no avail. I noticed a few files from the G drive were missing also, but a very minor amount.

However, while the Enclosure was plugged in (after booting) a few days later I was told by my Sophos Antivirus that sp... Read more

A:Corrupted drive/missing files

If you "check it for errors" it runs chkdsk. If the files are corrupted chkdsk will move them to another folder. That is why the disk size is not going down and the files are disappearing.

Realize that the more you do to it now, the less likely it is to recover. I would turn it off and unhook it until you get it to a professional.

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i am running windows xp pro, i ran into the blue screen of death 3 days ago,i fix it but when i turn on the computer everything was like it was brand new.all of my folders n files were gone off my desktop.all of my music n videos r gone. and the crazy thing about all this is,when i click on my c drive its showin the same gigs that was being use before the blue screen.its like everything is there but invincible. can somebody please assist me on this? i cant run in safe mode either. what all info do yall need to help me?

A:missing files off my hard drive

Open My Computer and under the Tools menu, select Folder Options and then View. Scroll down to the line "Show hidden files and folders" and tick it. Further down is "Hide protected system files" which you need to untick. Apply and OK your way out.

Then click your C drive and go to Documents and Settings. Each user will have their own area and there may be one you don't recognise. My money's on that being the one hiding your files. This can happen depending on how you fixed your system failure.

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Here's what happened. I decide to have a fresh install of windows, so I backed everything up in my slave drive. After I install windows into the master drive, when reboot, window reconize my ntsf slave drive and started doing some cleaning, and I noticed that a bunch of line item deleting index and files. Didn't thought much of it at first, until I recognized some of the file as pictures, so I panic and shut off my computer. When I reboot, it started to do the same thing, scan my slave drive, but w/ "if you dont' want window to scan your drive, press any button now" which I did. I went into window explor to check my slave drive and behold, all my music, pictures, and some backup all gone!!!!

Anyone know what happened here? and how do I, or can I even recover my files?


A:Window Delete files off Slave drive automatically after clean OS installation

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Here is the problem (system specs at end): on a few occasions I boot up my Windows 7 system and the "BTMgr is missing" error message. When I disconnect all drives except for C: system boots up fine. When I put back in all 'extra' drives, error message comes back. Putting them back in one at a time gives me only one drive that seems to be bringing about the error. Is this a Windows 7 issue or a hard drive one? System has an AMD Phenom 9850 QuadCore processor, 8GB mem, two ATI Radeon HD 4800 graphics cards, C drive is 1TB Hitachi, the other six internal drives are Hitachis also and go between 500gb and 1tb. There are also three hot-swap drives in the unit and they have never been an issue...in fact just used one of those to do a complete image of the original C drive and that imaged drive is the one that just booted up for me and is running the machine right now.

If the drive that seems to be "causing" BTMgr message to issue is bad, how is it that a bad secondary drive can by causing the sort of error message that pops up before Windows starts? This is new to me.....

Thanks in advance for any and all suggestions...

A:BTRmgr is missing: operating system or hard drive issue?

Welcome to TSF

Check you BIOS setting making sure the correct drive is set for first boot device.
You can also place the drive that gives you the issue as the main drive and run their Hard Drive Diagnostics Utility. to test the drives integrity

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I have a weird problem. Here are the specs:
Computer A - Intel Quad Core 2.4GHz - Win 7 64bit
Computer B - Intel Pentium 4 3.2GHz - Win 7 32bit - Shared drive - no password.
Network - gigabit wired
Same workgroup on both computers.

Mapped the drive from computer B on computer A as Z:drive
When transfering let's say 20 files (let's say mp3's) from computer A to Z:drive (computer B) it only transfers about 4-5 files. At this time if I refresh the folder containing the 4-5 files on the mapped drive it will eventually show two more files.
If I select all 20 files again and try to transfer them to the same location, it will prompt my that some files are already there. After clicking on "do not copy", it will copy another 6-7 files to the shared drive. after a refresh to the folder (on shared drive) there are 2-3 more files.

I can't seem to figure out why this is happening. I tried from another computer (win 7 64bit) via wireless and it never does that (to the same mapped drive).

Any suggestions?

A:Missing files after a transfer to a mapped drive

No ideas? Am I the only one with this issue?

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Hello all,

I'm running a genuine copy of Windows 7 Ultimate. I just completed a fresh install (with MS's help) and now I'm reinstalling all my files and programs. I have copied the "My Documents" folder from a backup drive to another drive. However, I noticed that in the source drive there are "214 items" but in the destination drive there are only "144 items". This is my second attempt at trying to move the files from one drive to another. The first time I copied the times, only 114 items copied over.

This doesn't make sense. Maybe because there are too many files or it's too large of data for the clipboard? What am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance!

A:Missing files after copying folder to another drive

Copy the data in smaller chunks, if you try to copy something that`s already been copied it will let you know.

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Computer won't boot missing files from my op , and reset & recovery partitions

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I am using windows 7 ultimate.
Today I booted the computer and it went to a message that said preparing desktop. After windows loaded the normal software was present, but my customized links were gone and the default background was present. My files that were in my normal user folders were not present, but were later located in the users/username folder. I moved some of these folders to the desktop as that is where they had previously done. In the users folder there were 3 folders (public, my username and whatever the new default user was called). When I restarted the computer everything came back to normal, except the folders of files I had placed on the new desktop. I went into the user folder, but it only had my current user and the public folders.

How do I recover the files from the desktop from the random corrupted profile that windows created which I can not manually log into? I searched for the files and the last record of them is linked to my user and says the shortcut is not valid. I tried a system restore and that did not help at all.



A:Help! Recover missing files from the hard drive.

Welcome to SevenForums NickMc46, give us your system specs and how long has this ultimate version been installed, any hard drive reconfiguration recently?

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my program files folder is totally missing... i dont know what happened if it deleted it self or what....

A:2nd hard drive program files missing...

Quote: Originally Posted by sotorious

my program files folder is totally missing... i dont know what happened if it deleted it self or what....

No one, here, can answer what happened. But, whether you did it manually or it was by default, once a week. You should have everything on "backup and restore". Set it to a date prior to your problem and eveything will be restored.

Does not work? Use system restore. Back up and restore will restore your personal data. System resore returns the OS to the restore point date.

I am not sure as to what you actually lost, but I have given you the answer for either situation.

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I will cut it out short, I have around 3 flash drives. On, one of them, I have stored around 20 mp3's. Today, when I went out to a cyber cafe, I asked them to add 3 scanned images (jpeg's) on my flash drive into a new folder, which they did. (JFYI, They had XP while I have W7).

When I reached home, all I could find on the drive are the 3 images, all the other 20 mp3's were missing. I thought may be they accidentally deleted files, so just wanted to be sure about that & when I scanned my drive, it showed me 23 files in total, along with 1 directory. Space shows up used too, around 250MB space is shown used up (its a 4GB Flash Drive) but I can't find these files.

I tested this drive on my Audio Box Amplifier (external not connected to laptop in anyway), it started playing songs with out any issue.

So songs are inside the drive but I can't find them ? Is there a way I can view the files again as I need to remove few mp3's & add few new ones in there.

Some help would be really appreciated, I don't want to keep scratching my brain about this. If this is not possible is there a way, through which at least I could delete all the files in the flash drive & start fresh ?

A:Flash Drive missing files after adding new ones ?

Hi goodlad,

The problem could be because all the data that was present inside the pen drive now have become system files by the virus. This is the reason why they are not visible even with the option “Show Hidden files and folders”.
To remove the problem this is what you need to do.
1. Go to Folder Options -> View tab
2. Make sure that your Show Hidden files and folders option is enabled.
3. Uncheck the option that reads “Hide protected operating system files (recommended)”

Now when you see your pen drive, you will find that your data is present there but in hidden form. There are 2 ways to unhide the data, either right click and uncheck the Hidden box or type in the following command in the command prompt
attrib filename –h –r –s
where filename is the complete location of the file.

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hi there, i had the geek squad at best buy back up my files onto an external hard drive before they performed their diagnostic on my laptop which had crashed at the time, anyway, now that i've got my laptop back, i've connected my external hard drive to find that all my old FOLDERS are present on the external hard drive, but none of the FILES, i.e. my folders are all empty! even though when i look at the properties of a folder, it says it has all the files in them?!?!?! this seems very strange to me, have i lost my files forever? and why would my external hard drive's properties show that memory has been used, and files are present, when in fact i don't see any? please help

A:external hard drive files missing!!!

How to take ownership of a file or folder in Windows XP (Or Vista, 7)

If you have Home Edition of XP, use this to make the Security tab appear: XP Security Tab Home Edition. You will not need Safe Mode as in the MS directions.

(Memory is not used by files on drives. They use disk space. The memory is built into the machine and is always the same.)

You can also simply use the attached to add "Take Ownership" to your context menu and then just right-click files/folders that you do not own.

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Hi all,

I am new to this site and this is the main reason that draws me here... I am having a problem with my XP install. I originally had Windows XP installed but had to reinstall due to a corrupt file. After re-installing the computer refused to boot so i deleted the original windows file and made a fresh install of the Windows XP OS. Now my problem is I , being the moron i am, stored all my music in the my music folder in my documents. The drive still registers that information is in there because i have only 40GB left on my 250GB drive. I have checked C:/Documents and Settings but the user i was previously under is no longer there. Is there any way to retrieve my files from the My Documents folders and the Desktop in this situation?

Thanks for all the help in advance



A:Recent Xp Re-install missing files still on drive. All help welcome

If the files are there (But not recognized by Windows), you can get it off the disk through
a hardware device. Either a direct rip or ghost of the files. This can be expensive.

You can also try Winternals ERD Commander:

Winternals download

I personally used both methods (I never ripped specific files though. My shop has a device to ghost HDDs)

You can also try using the drive as an external drive and connect it through another computer. This might not work though.

I assume you did not reformat the drive when reinstalling Windows?
Or, is it on a different partition?

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The thought that I've lost a a good 75% of my files in my flash drive is a little too much to bear right now, and lest I have a complete nervous breakdown, I think I'm going to say that they're there, but I don't know how to get them.

I was told by an incompetant sack of **** at Best Buy -- when reflecting on the imperative need to buy a new PC in order to transfer my files before a deadline -- that a flash drive will keep my files safe until I'm ready to buy a new PC. "They're not going anywhere, right?" I say. "They're not going to just disappear, are they? They're staying in there." He agreed with me, and assured me that they'd be there for a long time.

Well, I finally bring the two flash drives out this morning after 6 months of looking forward to the time I get to see my files again, and I find that a lot of my files (ALL of my pictures) are now nowwhere to be seen; even though I filled a 16GB (which I precisely paid no small sum of money in order to use every KB of it) to max capacity, and then the rest on another. One of the flash drives appears to have NOTHING on it, and the other that was filled has all my pictures lost.

But, of course, they're not really gone, right? They're still there! From what I've been told, there's nothing that can cause data loss, right? Right?

A:Missing Files on My Portable Flash Drive

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something is wrong with my d drive. so i went to dell for the drivers, but i cannot extract the file i downloaded.

A:d drive missing and can't extract files from computer

A little more information would be useful - make and model of computer; your d:\ drive - a second partition on one hard drive or a separate disk ?; what drivers did you go to Dell for ?; what sort of file is the file you downloaded ?
Come back with this and we will have a go at solving your problem.
Chris Cosgrove

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Sorry if this is the wrong forum.

Yesterday my external hard drive was working fine. Today I open it and there's a new folder called Pfiles...I am not running linux...and a tmp file. I delete the tmp file and try to delete Pfiles but it won't delete. Weird. So I open one of the folders and see that it's now empty, as are almost all of my other folders and subfolders. My daughter's folder however has her movies on the main subfolder, but subfolders in this folder are also empty.

The hard drive is showing half full...exactly what it should assuming I could access all the files. So what can I do? I've enclosed a screenshot of the Disk Management screen for this drive. Thoughts?

Thanks in advance.

A:Help with external hard drive. Files "missing" but still taking up space on the drive

Hi djfl,

External Hard-drives come in different types, some of them are, External storage devices and Automatic back-up devices.

If it is an automatic back-up device then data might be backed-up on the External Hard?drive without user intervention.

If it is an External storage device the files might be hidden. This could be the reason why the external Harddrive is showing half full. We can check if the files are hidden, please use the following link for detailed instructions to unhide folders: Hidden Files and Folders Option - Add or Remove

Please revert back for clarification.

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I don't know if I'm going crazy or something, this is not the first time happened to me. For transferring large amount of data from a desktop to a laptop. (80GB - 100GB). I would usually pulled out the internal 2.5 HDD thru USB to the desktop and transfer the files directly. This is like the third times happening. I created a backup folder on the root of the external HDD and copied the files over. I took about an hour to do it. I didn't get an error messages of any kind for the whole process and safely removed the HDD after. As soon as I connected the HDD back to the laptop internally. All the files just disappeared. It happened twice on a Windows 8 HDD, and today I was a Windows 7 HDD. Anyone has the same experience, or have I gone cuckoo.

A:Missing files from external (internal) Hard Drive

Can you elaborate please? The partition and folder is there but files missing, or no partition either?

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Bit of a strange issue here - someone got fired from work and changed the password on the Windows 8 computer before they left. I just managed to reset the password yesterday but now the Outlook account has none of their previous emails and the One Drive account files seem to have all gone missing and many files and folders that were on the C: Drive are all gone and not in recycle bin either.

When I reset the password I noticed there were three accounts on the computer - USER (which is the one I reset since it was the default when starting up computer), ADMINISTRATOR (didn't touch this one) and GUEST (didn't touch this either).

AfterI reset the password, I'm pretty sure it was the right one as there were still a few relevant files still on the desktop. It's just everything else seems to have vanished.

When I search for certain files in the Explorer, file names come up but it says that "the file location has now been changed" so the shortcut doesn't work.

Did the person who got fired delete the files and One Drive data, is there a way to find out and to retrieve files? Or did the password reset somehow alter things with the account and remove the information, or am I somehow on the wrong account?

A:Files+Emails+One Drive MISSING after Password Reset

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