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System Repair has locked up on Dell laptop

Q: System Repair has locked up on Dell laptop

My Dell XPS 15z wouldn't boot this weekend. After a few failed attempts I got the screen to start in safe mode. A screen with options popped up with the first option being to do a System Repair so I decided to try that. It went through a few steps and seemed to be progressing. However, it now appears to be frozen on a screen that says it is attempting to perform system repairs and that the process could take over an hour. This was basically 48 hours ago. If I hit the cancel button a screen pops up telling me the process cannot be stopped. My husband even turned the computer off but when it starts up again it automatically returns to the frozen screen.


Preferred Solution: System Repair has locked up on Dell laptop

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: System Repair has locked up on Dell laptop

F8 at power on should give you some recovery options. Have you tried that?

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My son just gave me his laptop and I want to reset it to factory settings because he has a ton of bad files on it and it does not work well. I have tried hitting F8 when it boots. I can get into the Advanced Boot Options Menu and I can select Repair Your Computer. After I select this, it says Windows is loading Files and then it either gives me the option to do a system repair or start windows normally. When I select system repair it just starts windows anyway. I just rebooted now and it didn't even give me the option to repair my system and instead only gave me the options of entering safe mode or starting windows normally. So Repair Your Computer is not working. I have gone into bcdedit several times and tried to make changes according to recommendations that were made on these forums but they have not helped. I also did the agentc /disable and enable thing and that didn't work either. No matter what I do, it just won't reset the computer. My husband swears he made backup bootable CDs when my son got the computer but as luck would have it, they are nowhere to be found. I looked at the hidden files and I do have a c:\Recovery directory. Please help.

A:System Repair Not Working on Dell Windows 7 Laptop

Press F8 click on Repair Your Computer . Do you see Factory restore ?

What is the model of the Dell laptop ?

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Hello everyone,

(I'm really sorry but this is lengthy, because I've tried so much and I'm really stymied. I hope you can bear with me.)

I picked up a Dell Latitude e4310 from a client about 10 days ago. Hard disk failed diagnostics, so I bought a new one, stuck it in and loaded Windows 7 HP 64-bit. Loaded device drivers - no yellow flags. Ran Windows Update ad nauseam until there were no more. Loaded my standard suite of software (AVG, MBAM, Adobe Flash/SWF/Reader, Skype, iTunes, 7-zip, etc.) and the created User Accounts and copied the data over.

Took an afternoon, ready to return computer to client, but there was a blinking battery issue ("not recognized.") Turns out it was the power supply.

Turned it on one last time, logged in, saw another Windows Update available, so I agreed to download/install them. WU said it was fine, "Restart Now," so I did.

System cannot start. Went to System Repair. Could not repair Windows. Went into System Restore. I tried the last snapshot. No luck. I tried the one prior. No luck. I tried the first one available. No luck.

I researched the problem both for Dell Latitude e4310, Windows in general, and any other wild ideas. Nothing.

So, I started from scratch, being a bit more deliberate this time. Delete partitions, erase, format, install Windows, loaded only Ethernet driver, did updates - several rounds. No third party software, no user accounts, no user data.

Same result. Thrown into System Repair, wh... Read more

A:Dell laptop, Win-7-HP, new HDD - System Repair/Restore fail

You may have gotten in trouble by loading a bunch of drivers into a driver-complete OS. After install, get online to do all rounds of Important and Optional Updates after enabling Automatically deliver drivers via Windows Update (Step 3).

Only then should you import any drivers that are missing.

I would start over, run the Dell Diagnostics first to know the hardware is all sound now: Dell PC Diagnostics | Dell US, then follow these steps to get a perfect Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7
which have never had a reported problem on a Dell whose hardware checks out first.

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my dell inspiron is locked.I bought it from a x-friend and she failed to tell me what the pass word is.could you please help me get into my laptop????

A:my dell laptop is locked

It's in the FAQs.


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I was loading a game, and it had to restart the computer to finish. When it did it became locked on the welcome screen and said it switched to Dell user, and is asking for a password. I have tried to shut down, it won't I have tried a cold boot, it won't. I have tried to get to Safe Mode, it won't. I have no idea what to do at this point. I have no idea what the password is or if there is a default password that I can use. I need help. Thanks. I forgot to add that I tried to put in the Dell disk and it does not do anything even though I can hear it run.

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Cannot get into computer it just says Locked when I try to put my password in I cannot get any further it does not allow the mouse to work either can anyone suggest how I can unlock it so that I can put my password in please.

A:Locked out on Dell laptop Windows 8.1

You have no restorable OS image backups, correct?  I was going to ask about the usb password reset [that I can make with Win7Pro], however, I do not know if your OS has that feature.

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I am having the following system configuration

XPS L401X Base
Genuine Windows(R) 7 Home Premium 64bit (English)
Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-740QM Processor
6GB 1333MHz DDR3 SDRAM (1 x 2GB + 1 x 4GB)
640GB 7200RPM Hard Drive

Lately whenever i try to start my computer it pass the Dell Bios and then directly goes to the screen which states
Repair your system or
Start windows normally

When i chose repair system , it start downloading windows files and then launch the windows , but hung up at the sky blue login window with only movable cusor . When i choose to start windows normally it gives me BSOD momentarly ( hard to see the message) and then restarts again .

I tried with the advanced boot up options like
repair my computer , all safe modes , restore to last good configuration but it does the same and hangs at windows loging sky blue window .
I Tried to run the Dell PSA+ Diagnostic and it returns with 2000-0146 error . As per the Dell online solutions for this type of error ,I tried to reinstall the Hard disk but the problem still exist.

My Hard disk has 2 partitions C and D and all my data resides on D drive and Windows installed on C drive.

Please help me in making my computer working , without losing data .

Currently i am away from my home country and have no OS or recovery disk with me .

Sunny .

A:Dell XPS Crashes .System repair,system restore ,safe mode don't work

Welcome to Windows Seven Forums.

If you have access to another computer I'd suggest you create a system repaiir disc.

System Repair Disc - Create

It won't re-install Windows, but it will get you into the advanced recovery environment, from where you can run chkdsk.

It does seem highly likely there is a major problem with your hard drive.

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I have a Dell Inspiron laptop that became infected and locked by a trojan virus which purports to be issued by the Metropolitan Police (UK) and that I should pay a fine to remove it, etc. etc.

It has now got to the point where the laptop will not boot past the first start up screen, it just goes round in a loop and so I cannot access the computer at all. For this reason I have not been able to run the sysinfo scan as required - apologies. If anyone can help me to even start up the computer properly using the F keys or something then I will be able to run the sysinfo and investigate further.

I know there is not much to work with here but as always I'm grateful for any help that can be provided.


A:Dell Laptop Locked by 'Trojan Urausy'

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I have not used my Dell Inspiron Mini Duo lap top in many months and now it will not let me sign in. 
As far as I recall, I never set an access password as I am the only one who uses a computer. The message says:  The user profile Service service failed the logon.  User profile can not be loaded. 
Any ideas how to break in to my own computer?

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I have a Dell XPS 13 running Windows 10.
I have been unable to install updates. 
After several sessions with Microsoft support, I spoke with a Level 2 technician who emailed me the following diagnosis:
This is XXXXX from Microsoft escalation team. We had a conversation regarding the case number: XXXXX,
and we tried to Upgrade to the Anniversary update using the ISO, but unfortunately it failed with the error
 "We could'nt update the system reserved partition" .
 So we would not be able to Extend the system reserved partion as we do not have the access and it needs to be done by Computer manufacturer.
So please conatct Dell and ask them to Extend the system reserved partion.
Has anyone else had this issue? When I contact Dell support they blame me (because I upgraded the computer from Windows 8 to Windows 10) or Microsoft.
Any advice is appreciated. 

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SO i asked a friend to help me open up my laptop and clean the fans, when i got it back when ever i would switch it on i get it goes straight to a screen telling me my computer has been disabled.

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hi i have an Hp pavilion laptop and after not using it for quite sometime i stupidly forgot the password..after failing at entering the correct password i am now locked out completly and on start up im taken straight to a black screen with a blue box asking for the administrator password or the power on password.. which i have no clue of ..ive spent hours rumaging the internet trying various codes posted by others so i figure i should post my halt code error that comes up when i enter the incorrect password 3 times ..it says system disabled with the code CODE: 66119636 PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME!!! IM LITERALLY PULLING MY HAIR OUT OVER THIS DAM LOCK OUT CODE.PLEASE HELPWHATS THE POWER ON PASSWORD OR THE ADMINISTRATOR PASSWORD??

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thank you so much i actually just found a generator that gave me that code only minuts ago but thats bloody great that you replied so promptly.. much apreciated

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My daughter dropped or stepped on my laptop, can this be fixed? What would I need and is it worth the cost?
attached photo, thanks

A:Dell Laptop Screen Repair?

a new screen - which is reasonably straight forward to replace

have a look on youtube - there are lots of examples of replacing a screen

you just need to decide if its worth replacing the screen or replacing the PC

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OK so, a little backstory here: I work retail and we sold a display laptop to a regular customer/friend of the store manager. We did a factory refresh on it before handing it off to them and it worked perfectly fine then. They come back in a couple days later and there's a BIOS password on it. After 3 attempts to login to it, it says System Disabled [  I    70021227]  Is there any simple way to fix this? We don't have any more of the laptop in stock so we can't just swap it out.  Thank you!  P.S. If any more info is needed please let me know


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A:Locked out of HP laptop with System Disabled code

@habitzero Please try         65989809 Regards.

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I'm working my sister's Dell Inspiron n5010 running Windows 7 Enterprise. It has been fine until this week when it became slow to the point of unusable. I had installed Microsoft Security Essentials on it for her, and she said one night when she shut it down, it installed updates. It finished and shut down. Next morning, she opened the lid and the screen was on saying "installing update 1 of 12, 0%" as if it had never finished and froze up from the night before. It finally finished and when it booted into Windows, I tried to run a virus scan, but it said Security Essentials was out of date and failed to start. I tried unsuccessfully to update it, and I couldn't get much of anything else to run either, it was so slow.

I used my install disc to start fresh with a new install of Windows, and it seemed to fix it, until I got to installing drivers. before beginning on the drivers, I installed Security Essentials and MalwareBytes, ran scans, and they came up clean. As soon as I started installing drivers, though, it became slow, froze up, and I was back to square one. Now when it tries to boot to Windows, it gives two options: launch startup repair (which freezes) or start Windows normally (which also freezes). Booting from the install disc to start again with a Windows install won't even work now. As soon as it boots from the cd, it freezes.

My sister needs this laptop, but we can't afford to buy a new one now. Anybody know what's causing this... Read more

A:slow Dell laptop, now won't boot or repair

UPDATE: after sitting seemingly frozen for 30 minutes, startup repair just launched. Not sure how much further it will go, though.

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I am new to this site and desperately need advice. I have a 3 year old Dell running Vista Home Edition. For the past two days I had noticed issues with Outlook. It would hang and go unresponsive. The solution was to use Task Manager and shut it down. This happened again last night but when I went to shut it down it wouldn't. So after a few minutes I powered down using the on/off button; waited a few seconds and powered up again using the on/off button.

The system appeared to be loading. I had the horizontal small sliver box at the bottom and watched for about 10 minutes as the green trail moved across the slot. After that I powered down again.

On the next start attempt I got the "System Repair" screen. I followed the instructions and after quite some time I got the screen that said it couldn't repair the problem. When I checked the log all tests ran successfully. There was a message that read"Root cause found: Unspecified changes to system configuration might have caused the problem."

But when I try to reboot again the same screen appears.

Any suggestions are welcomed.


A:Vista 64 OS on 3 year Old Dell STS - Can't Run System Repair Successfully. Help!

Have you tried the Last Known Good Configuration boot option?

Or safe mode?

If either works, I suggest running the chkdsk /r command...hard shutdowns may scramble boot/system files and chkdsk /r will attempt to straighten things out.


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Error 0x4001100200001012 attempting to boot from the System Repair CD created on a Dell.

Apparently, this is specific to Dell and their Hack with DataSafe. You can use any System Repair CD generated on some other platform and it will give you access to restore your System Image. Google using that error code and you'll find lots of info. A Windows Install disk will work too.

I have a SR cd from another system and it works just fine :whew:

Don't get caught up a creek w/o a paddle - - if you plan on using a System Image to recover a system,
make sure you have the tools which will allow that image to be restored - - DON'T ASSUME!

background: I'm seeing SMART data that corroborates my laptop HD is degrading and I wanted to prove I could restore when the replacement arrives. As this Dell laptop is a pain to open up, I didn't want to go down in flames due to procedural errors or lack of familiarity. ( I'll never by another Dell )

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Dell Latitude D520 Laptop keyboard repair is one of the more common jobs performed on laptops, it's also one of the easier repairs to carry out providing the following hasn't happened.
A spill of anything but water on a keyboard will 9 times out of 10 leave you in a situation that involves replacing the keyboard all together.
Keyboards are manufactured in such a way that leaves little to no room to clean out messy spills.
Basically any liquid containing sugar (soft drinks, beer, wine, coffee or tea) are bad news...
A couple of laptop keyboard repair do?s and don?ts in the event of a spill..
DON?T panic. Panic makes us do stupid things, think before you react.
DON?T use a hairdryer to dry out a spill...melted keys are hard to type with.
DON?T tilt the machine upside down or on its side (if you do feel the need it's better to tilt it to the side that houses the CDROM as the CDROM area inside the machine has less components on it than the mainboard).
DO switch the machine off immediately and resist switching it back on until you're certain the spill has dried. Survey the damage after you've dried it out. At this point you could remove the keyboard and try the machine using an external keyboard to see if anything else has been affected.
The ribbon cable can also be located on the front edge of the keyboard depending on the age and model of the laptop you have.
Note the keyboard holder (thin strip of plastic) that sits on the top e... Read more

A:Dell Latitude D520 Laptop Keyboard Repair

i once spilt a glass of baileys onto th keyboard of an inspiron 1300, i took the KB off and soaked it in hot soapy water then rinsed it out and left it to dry, worked fine when it was put back on....

I often scrub dirty keyboards in a bath of hot soapy water and leave to dry, makes em nice and clean and they always work.

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A caution to anyone sending machine in for warranty repair.I sent my machine in over 3 weeks ago. After over 10 hours during several sessions with tech support, I cannot get a status on my computer.I have demanded a replacement or my money back.Tech support is useless, and they lie over and over about returning phone calls or email.Escalation merely gets more lies and disinformation from Indians. There is no way to contact an American to escalate an issue.CONSIDER CAREFULLY BEFORE PURCHASING A DELL SYSTEM!!!THEY ARE NOT THE SAME COMPANY THEY USED TO BE!!!!

A:Repair dept lost my laptop! Do not buy DELL anymore!!

I am having a similar problem.
I sent my dell in for tech support, and was informed that they could not fix it because the repairs (water damage, which I expected, and a battery issue which they refused to fix because it had a third party adaptor even though that probably wasn't the issue) and when they went to send it back, they sent it to the wrong address and I never got it back. I'm currently battling with them to get me my device back and seeing if they'll replace it if they can't.

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Hi, im new on here but have used the site many times when looking for solutions to my problems.
I have a Dell Inspiron 1545 (win 7) which ran out of battery and shut down as normal. When i went to restart it it said that it could not restore the session so i could try again or delete the data and start again. I initially went for the restore (twice) but it failed to load up, causing the machine to abruptly shut down. I the decided to use the delete session and start again option which again, did not work and led to the machine abruptly shutting down.
I started the machine up again and was prompted to runthe startup repair software which again caused an abrupt shutdown. I managed to start in safe mode which lasted for 5 mins but again shut down abruptly.
On the last start up i got a blue screen saying something about a serious error, it only stayed on screen for 20 secs or so so i couldnt write it down.
I cant do anything as the machine shuts down anytime up to 5 mins after powering on - never getting windows 7 running.
The fan is also running constantly and appears to be working very hard.
I have not installed any new software (to the best of my knowledge)
Is it a HDD problem? or something else?
Can anyone please shed some light as to why this is happening and suggest a fix if possible. I need my computer back!!!
Thanks in advance,

A:Dell Inspiron1545 wont start up - system shuts down using startup repair

Hello! One small thought! Is your fan running and when is the last time you cleaned your vents??

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Hey Guys

I am attempting to repair a Dell Inspiron 5520 Laptop for a friend of mine.

He's been having issues updating it for sometime and when he called me he was having a "Windows update needs your help. Windows update hasn't been able to check for new updates for 30 days" pop-up appearing every few seconds that was rendering the laptop almost unusable.

I managed to stop that by disabling automatic updates.

When I attempted a manual update I got the message

Windows could not search for new updates: Error Found Code 80070BC9

Other times it would say it needed to be restarted and would go into a restart loop that was generally
Restart one - no message
Restart two - configuring updates - 33%, 67%, 100%
Restart three - failed to configure updates - reverting - restarting
Then would go to the normal login screen

I tried SFC /Scannow which seemed to work and say a restart is needed to implement changes but then fails on restart

DISM didn't work when attempting to run it from the machine but got to 100% when I ran it from my own Win8 install disk but then failed and needed a restart to undo the changes.

I also tried a repair and a restore of the current Windows installation but got:
Error Code: 80070490 both times

I'm really not sure what to try next, the laptop didn't come with an install disk or serial so it seems restoring it from external media may be out of the question?

Any help is much appreciated!


A:Windows 8 on Dell Laptop fails to update,repair or restore

Try this Failed Update Error Code 80070bc9 - Microsoft Community

Fix It here from that article http://support.microsoft.com/kb/971058

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Hi there. I bought a Dell Inspiron 17R-5720 back in September 2012, and have been having this issue pretty much since I bought it from Amazon. The computer is running Windows 7 64 Bit, 6 GB RAM, Intel Core i5-3210M @ 2.50 GHz. I have Microsoft Security Essentials installed and run scans regularly.

Pretty much what happens is that the screen will turn to colored static, and the computer will be unresponsive. In order to make the machine usable again the power button must be held down and the computer restarted. The odd thing about it is that it almost always happens when I am in the process of moving the laptop from one place to another. For example moving the computer from my lap to the table next to me. It has happened once or twice when I just touched the computer while it was on the table next to me. A few times the screen just turned black.

Since it is still under warranty, I called Dell support and they sent out a technician, who didn't seem to do any sort of troubleshooting. He replaced the motherboard and the LCD display. This of course did not fix the problem, so I called Dell again. This time, they had me send the computer to them. They received and sent it out the very same day, again, it doesn't seem that they did any real troubleshooting. When the same malfunction cropped up again, I of course called Dell and they said that when they received the laptop there was some sort of cable inside that was "loose", so the connected this cable and sen... Read more

A:Dell Laptop, Display Turns to Static/System Freezes, Dell Can't Fix

The technician Dell sent came to my house today. He replaced the motherboard (again), the LCD screen (again), and the hard drive. Fast forward five hours later, and guess what? The problem still hasn't been fixed. I just got off the phone with Dell support, of course their first suggestion was to send the computer in again and have them "fix" it. It took about an hour of going back and forth being on hold/arguing before they finally said they would "elevate" my case and and have someone call me on Monday to discuss it. I think I've given them plenty of chances to solve this, now I just want a replacement computer. Though with their track record, I'm not holding my breath. I'm even doubting that I'll get a phone call.

Does anyone think that this is power supply related? Not the power cord itself (I've used two different cords), but whatever is inside that powers the system. Sorry, I'm not that computer savvy.

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I received a vga/usb device today, was trying to hook up 2 monitors. I plug in the usb device and it loads it's software on the computer and says it needs to restart. I restart and now it says it cannot boot properly and needs to reset to an earlier time. I click reset and it goes to the dell logo with the spinning circle. It's been like this for over an hour. I'm not sure if it's stuck or actually still restoring, my guess it it's stuck since my previous restores have never taken this long. I ran a diagnostics test and everything checks out so it's definitely software related, it won't even boot up in safe mode. Kind of stuck on what to do next. Any information would really help me out, thanks!

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A:call @ dell laptop support 877-773-3202 toll free , hp laptop support, dell laptop service, hp laptop customer service, hp laptop service centre, dell laptop help, dell laptop customer service, dell laptop helpline, hp laptop helpline, dell support


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I had this laptop for about 3 years now and im so used to it that my day wouldn't be complete without using it. a week ago it said that ,I needed to backup my files because the computer was at risks
I did ignore it and went using it even after the warning
now I cant access to anything . the  laptop said that media test failure check for cables etc.
I have no money to purchase another laptop or another hdd.
can someone help me ? if formatting is an option I will do it despite all of my files will be deleted
it will be okay if that means my dearly laptop will get wellthanks

A:Dell inspiron 15 3537 black screen after logo and cant access to recovery / repair system

Thanks for writing to us. 
Please load bios by tapping on f2 during bootup and check if the HD is detected. 
If possible you can try this HD on another machine or another HD on this machine. Also please run diagnostics from f12 menu and if the test passes, then consider formatting the system first. 
Do provide us your system tag#, email address and name via private message.


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Been getting blue screen for the past 4 days... now I switched laptop on its says startup system repair tried doing this but nothing happened after 3 hours just grey screen.

A:laptop won't system repair or restore.

Hi there
I'd either re-install fresh or recover from a backup image.

First though see if Windows boots in SAFE mode. (Press and Hold F8 key on Windows Boot). If it does then just shut down again and try and boot normally.

If you haven't got a backup / restore program it's ALWAYS worth spending a little money on buying one. You can also make bootable media so you can restore via booting from a DVD or USB device.
Backup shouldn't take you more than 30 mins to an hour and really will get you out of a hole many many times.

In a way this is a good experience to understand why a backup program is necessary -- computers DO go wrong for all sorts of reasons --a decent backup gets you out of all sorts of messes.


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Okay so yesterday I was trying to uninstall Internet Download Manager, which required me to reboot the system. I said ok and the system started to reboot. But then System Repair started up, so I let it run and it rebooted again, getting to the windows glowy icon. But instead of fully loading, it just stopped at a blank black screen. I had my stepfather take a look, an he managed to get it into safe mode and mussed around. But it still won't properly start, and I NEED my laptop back, I can't afford to lose it. I don't have a backup made, but I should be able to, right? I've tried the Startup Repair, and then it went into restoring a previous version or something, but that didn't work. Is this a virus? If I make a copy of all my files, then the virus will just be copied too right? Please help, I've been stressed for days and its giving me anxiety.

A:My laptop won't boot up, System Repair does nothing, please help

Can you boot into safe mode? (F8)

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I attempted to enter my password. Then, realized the prompt changed... Prompt now reads "Enter System Password ".

I'm stumped and now my laptop is useless. I'll probably replace it soon. But, would love to have access to my Dell XPS 12, again.

Thank you for all of your help!

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I start up my laptop and the Dell logo appears and under it it says "preparing automatic repair" then it goes straight to a black screen. Please help

A:Dell Insprion 15 core i3 Laptop Starts Up Then Says Preparing Automatic Repair Then Goes To A Black Screen

Hi BETH1445,
What is the exact system model? What is the current OS installed on the system?
Restart the system and press f12 key on startup - choose diagnostics. Let it run the diags and if you encounter any errors - make a note of the complete error and report the same to us. These are onboard diagnostics and they might possible pick some error if the hardware is not functional. Also, run an extended / thorough tests on the HDD and memory to check for any possible errors. 
If you encounter any HDD related errors, then you the HDD needs to be replaced.
Also, please click my DELL-username and write me a private conversation with the service tag and your contact details(Name and Email) for case records.
Let us know if you have any other queries.

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Earlier this morning I restarted my laptop to the desktop and left it running. After coming back to my room a couple hours later, I noticed that there was a System Repair window on the screen. And whenever you see this there is always a state of being very concerned.

I restarted my laptop only to be directed to the BSOD. I restarted the laptop, only to be presented with the same screen. I immediately took a picture with my cell phone to make sure I could read anything that could give me a clue as to what the error could be. Below are the error codes:

***STOP: 0x000000F4 (0x0000000000000003, 0xFFFFFA800CBABB30, 0xFFFFFA800CBABE10, 0xFFFFF80003B8B510)
I started up the laptop and was prompted with options to either start Windows as it usually would or to try and go through the system repair. I tried system repair again. I was brought to a screen to try and do a system restore to an earlier point. The closest restore point was earlier today and that was due to some critical updates that windows had automatically had downloaded and installed. So, I tried hitting that restore point only to be shown a window that stated that system restore was unsuccessful with the restore. I tried again with a restore point from a week ago and was again shown the same unsuccessful window.

The next thing I did was scour the internet for recent BSOD listings. Everything told me to get into Safe Mode by hitting the F8 button after restarting the computer. The first time I tried it, I hit Safe Mod... Read more

A:BSOD after finding laptop at System Repair

The crash report yields little new information. It tells me that Windows or its registry was corrupted. The disk check probably resolved the problem, but good steps to run Norton. Let us know if problems persist. My hypothesis is that your hard disk was corrupted and needed to be cleaned up for Windows to run properly.

My hypothesis is further substantiated by:
Log Name: System
Source: Microsoft-Windows-StartupRepair
Date: 2012-07-13T00:45:58.993
Event ID: 1213
Task: N/A
Level: Information
Opcode: Info
Keyword: N/A
User: S-1-5-18
Computer: Beast
Repaired the corrupted files from backup.
Startup Repair was able to repair some corrupted files from backup. That may not have helped if the file system itself was corrupted, though. Repairing/replacing the corrupted files with files from backup into a corrupted file system will just cause the files to be corrupted again.
It appears Norton was hanging prior to this happening, as well. That may indicate Norton is corrupted or a malicious item is on the system. I would be inclined to think it is corrupted, but let us know what Norton finds.
Log Name: System
Source: Service Control Manager
Date: 2012-07-09T18:29:11.629
Event ID: 7011
Task: N/A
Level: Error
Opcode: N/A
Keyword: Classic
User: N/A
User Name: N/A
Computer: Beast
A timeout (30000 milliseconds) was reached while waiting for ... Read more

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I've been unable to access my custom build computer since around 5:00 yesterday. I chose to restart my computer at around that time just because it was slowing up a little and I usually do that to help, I had not installed any updates or new programs since 2 days ago when there had been a few windows updates.

Upon returning to my computer I noticed that it had been unable to startup and had gone straight into system repair with it being 'unable to repair this computer automatically.' I rebooted several times and noticed that it was not a visible BSOD but as soon as the 'starting windows' icon began to appear it went straight into startup repair. I tried to boot into safe mode, tried to load previous good configuration and all of the other advanced recovery options (including system restore/image and many command prompts).

This is what it shows after being unable to repair automatically:

Problem signature name:Startup repair offline
Problem signature 1: 6.1.7600.16385
Problem signature 2: 6.1.7600.16385
Problem signature 3: unknown
Problem signature 4: 21200552
Problem signature 5: Autofailover
Problem signature 6: 11
Problem signature 7: Corrupt file
(then my O.S. version)
Locale ID: 1033

This diagnostic occurs every single time I run the startup repair. Also, command prompts I have tried using the WindowsRE command prompt and the one found on the 'repair your PC' option on the windows 7 installation disk are:

-All bootrec.exe ( /fixmbr /rebu... Read more

A:Startup repair loop - Can't repair with system restore/repair/commands

Have you tried copying over the backed up reg hives from the regback folder? Follow steps 8 onwards in this tut.

Startup Repair Infinite Loop Recovery

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I have accidentally broken the laptop screen on my relatively new Windows 8 Gateway NE51B05H, and am thankfully covered by the store product protection plan we purchased (Walmart). I have the go ahead to ship it off for repair. As per the written insert that came with their shipping box, they ask for all original system things (memory, hard drives, batteries, wireless cards, AC adapter/cords and restore discs).

I'd been delinquent in creating recovery discs, as I am so tech challenged and thought I'd face it another time when I had more time. Lesson learned!

I've managed to hook the laptop up to the TV with HDMI cable and complete the following:

- 'My Gateway Backup' of personal files (photos, documents, etc.) on USB 16GB flash drive
- 'Create Drivers and Applications Backup' on DVD (had a DVD + or - R option)
- 'Create Factory Default Backup' on a 16 GB USB Flash Drive

They are also asking for 'All passwords - Windows and Bios'

When I first got the beast, I followed the set up prompts and created a new Windows Live account and password, which I enter every time I fire it up. Is this 'windows live' password that allows me to get in at the beginning also a Bios password? I'm not sure what a Bios password is or where to find it in windows 8.

Would a Windows 8 Factory Restore be recommended before sending it off (security reasons) and if so, will that get rid of my passwords so they don't require them?

How can I be assured the 'Create Drivers & Apps' DVD -R and the '... Read more

A:Laptop Repair - Tech Challenged/System Restore and more...

I wouldn't worry to much about drivers. You can download them in the future if they get lost in shipping The're outdated anyways already probably.

You might want to save your Favorites or Bookmarks from your browsers. IE is pess the Alt key, then you will see import / export. Others about the same.

Be a good idea to reset it to factory new out of the box software setup with the Factory Restore. It should ask for new user name and password......... this time don't give it the windows live login,, look at the bottom of that screen for Local account then just give it a login and no password. Nothing worth stealing on a fresh install.

Too bad you don't have a spare display.

Unless you have set the bios password, there is none. Kind of dangerous thing to set that password for most people. They so seldom enter bios they forget the password then one day they find out they are screwed big time... end up with a trip to walmart to buy a whole new computer. Too bad they didn't include when you bought the warrantee some of the magic invisible display fixing tape. Look in the box for it, that invisible tape is real hard to see.

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My wife has a DELL XPS 13 laptop, with all of the Cryptolocker attacks going on, I'm increasingly concerned and want to create a System Image of her drive. That's easy enough to do, but if her laptop was attacked, how can I get the point of asking the computer to use a system image if I can't start from a system repair disk?
It has to be possible to make a bootable USB flash drive that would work as if it was a repair disk, but I have not found a good step by step solution. Any guidance?

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I turned my laptop on this morning and all of a sudden my laptop won't start properly. I tried the two menus when you boot, the 'Launch System Repair (recommended)' and the 'Start Windows Normally'. Both menus won't work, as they both just freezes for a few seconds, then goes on to try and load Windows files, which it can't. Then it gives me the 0xc00000e9 screen and there is nothing to do.

I tried to boot in Safe Mode, etc., but it is still the same. I also tried with the System Repair Disk, which couldn't solve the problem either. It did find the problems but it couldn't fix them. I looked at the log file where it at the bottom said this:

Does this mean that my harddisk is completely dead? There is some very important files I need for my studying and I would really like to keep them.

A:Laptop can't boot, 0xc00000e9 error, System Repair says bad harddisk.

Hi BornholmerDK,

Welcome to SevenForums.

Boot from a Live Linux CD /pen drive and see whether you can recover. You have three workouts here in this forum using Mint Mate, Peppermint and Lucid Puppy.

In all cases you may use Rufus - Rufus - Create bootable USB drives the easy way - to create a bootable Linux pen drive with the downloaded Linux ISOs , boot your lappy with it and try recovery onto an external HDD.

Emergency Kit - save your files from a dead OS by whs - Mint Mate

Peppermint3 - Create Live CD/DVD/USB To Use For Emergency Backup by Golden - Peppermint

Lucid Puppy way to recover files from a non-bootable computer by one jumanji - Lucid Puppy

Take your pick. Personal preferences can vary.

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please help i just crashed som1 64 bit lennovo laptop while i opperate a 32 bit pc dont have any windows system with me,it wont start on safe mode,and system repair has failed many times.the laptop was running on low battry and it shut itself,when i tryed to reboot it,it automaticly went to system repair which failed,please help desparate ooh and please use simple english.

A:64bit laptop crashed and wont start on safe mode,system repair failed

Perform a startup repair. It finds the problem", click on something like "view disgnostics results". Status 0x0 means success. Give details of the error please.

Startup Repair

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My Lenovo B4130 running Windows 10 is three months old. Yesterday it started what I've come to know is an automatic repair mode. It never stopped 'repairing' the drive... after running all night. It will not boot under any circumstances. I've tried the recovery usb with no result at all. I've read all of the ideas on the tech forums. All of them required being able to access command prompt. I've tried f11, f8, you name it... nothing. It isn't a loop because it never finishes.

I would be happy to reinstall Windows, if that's what it takes. But even the recovery disk does nothing. Yes, it is under warranty. But this doesn't seem like it should be terribly complicated. I would appreciate any feedback on this. Thanks folks!

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-Windows XP Home Edition running on a Sony Vaio laptop:
-It had been running slower and slower to the point where scvhost.exe was pulling 99% of resources and the task manager couldn't load any applications.
-I eventually gave up and ran XP off of the CDROM and chose Repair
-When repair hit a program for loading the Cisco VPN applet it stopped and issued a warning that this was not supported, did I want to go ahead with it or without it.
-Whichever option I choose the program runs for another 30 seconds, flashes a death screen and crashes and reboots. I can find no way out of that loop.
-I went in and deleted any files I could find related to the VPN program, but couldn't uninstall it since I can't get the system up and running.

-I am locked out of my computer and don't see how to get back in and recover the OS and my applications.

HELP Please.



A:XP Repair crashes-can't complete-locked out!

Well it's bit late now but you probably where infected, that should have been your first course of action... a few AV scans, as a repair would not remove infections.

You also should have searched for some 'XP repair installation' instructions and followed them:


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I have a Windows 7 / Windows 8 dual boot setup that was initially working fine. When attempting to update the graphics drivers in Windows 8 last week, something went wrong and the system crashed. Now when I attempt to boot into Windows 8, it goes into the Attempting Automated Repairs loop which never finishes, even when left running for several hours. I attempted to boot off of the Windows 8 installation CD and do a Refresh but it just errors out saying Windows could not be refreshed. Any other suggestions?

A:Locked In Automatic Repair / Can't Refresh

I see lots of Google hits for this problem but no fixes other than to do a reinstall.

One post indicated a Windows Update was the cause of the problem, but the fix was still to reinstall.

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My Lenovo B4130 running Windows 10 is three months old. Yesterday it started what I've come to know is an automatic repair mode. It never stopped 'repairing' the drive... after running all night. It will not boot under any circumstances. I've tried the recovery usb with no result at all. I've read all of the ideas on the tech forums. All of them required being able to access command prompt. I've tried f11, f8, you name it... nothing. It isn't a loop because it never finishes.

I would be happy to reinstall Windows, if that's what it takes. But even the recovery disk does nothing. Yes, it is under warranty. But this doesn't seem like it should be terribly complicated. I would appreciate any feedback on this. Thanks folks!

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I have an ASUS laptop which came with Win 8, upgraded to Win 8.1 then upgraded to Win 10. Had a problem of rebooting unexpectedly. Restore did not help. Having problems getting a rescue disk to boot up ( ASUS bios is a bit odd to set up for CD/DVD boot ) so decided to do a repair as I have an original Win 10 usb installation stick and when it booted up I tried to do a repair. But it came back as unable to do a repair as hard drive is locked! what does this mean.

I have run a program that has given me my activation code and was wondering if I reinstalled Win 10 do I use this activation code or just reinstall and bypass activation code!

Thanks Bob

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Hi,Apologies if this has been answered already, but I couldn't find anything on the boards. My ideapad is showing error saying PC needs to be repaired. error code 0xc0000098. I thought I could use my Windows 8 disc to recover/repair, but when using the Repair facility (Repair > Troubleshoot > Refresh your PC) I get the message "drive is locked". Microsoft tell me this is something only Lenovo can help with... Does anyone have an idea what I might need to do? I can't pull the drive out or send the pc away - it's my Mum's; she's visiting and lives on another continent... Many thanks for your help!!Marc

A:Trying to repair Window8 but "drive is locked"

Is it possible you have bitlocker turned on?

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My laptop is messed up beyond belief, possibly a bad hard drive.. Before I take it to a shop and throw hundreds of dollars away, I'd like to try and restore the computer to the factory state.. I am putting all my files on a flash drive today either way, but I would really like to do a full system restore.. However, my CD rom drive is broken so I can't use the Dell supplied reinstall software. Is there a way to do a full system restore taking the laptop back to the state it was in when it came out of the box without using a CD? Thanks for the help.

A:Dell laptop system restore WITHOUT CD..?

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I had W10 in another partition, it updated and my laptop got on fire at very high temperature.

I went to W8.1 and it also updated and also started to overheat.

I removed all updates installations and still was very hot.

So I decided to format W10 and with EasyBCD to fix the boot, but it didn't work. On reboot, it failed and remained totally black without any message or nothing. Just black.

So I tried to repair, recover and reinstall from my W8.1 and my W10 USB sticks, but nothing worked saying that the drive is locked.

I tried to follow a YouTube tutorial to solve it but failed on the MS-DOS at the very last instruction.

Does anyone know what I can do? I think that the laptop is broken again and needs to be sent again to Asus for the overheating, but I can't send it without the boot, they will say I caused the damage.


A:Can't boot, can't reinstall, can't repair (locked drive)

I would say that is a hardware problem. Your cooling does not seem to work to specifications. I would send it in and explain what happened.

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Hey all... a friend of mine has an Hp All in one desktop running windows 8. Or 8. something. I'm not sure when she last did system updates. (full computer specs here) From what she was able to tell me, her computer was running slow so she did a system restore. (not sure if that's what she actually did or not). The system restore was taking too long for her liking so she turned the computer off before it was complete. (I assume she just turned the power off). When she turned the computer on again later, it cycled between diagnosing computer and computer repair messages at the bottom of a logo screen. As far as I know there are no recovery/system discs. The various "F" keys... escape key... delete... etc got me no where. Is there a way to fix this computer or should I tell her she needs to go back to a manual typewriter and call it a day?

Thanks for your time,

A:Solved: computer locked in repair cycle

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Running W8 on a machine with motherboard RAID 5 (five drives, Intel z68 SATA controllers) with an SSD cache. Machine has run fine for about 6 months. While running, froze up. Rebooted but got Automatic Repair, which did not work. Neither Reset nor Refresh
will work, as they report drive is locked. BIOS shows RAID array is functioning; did a sync of SSD with the array, no help. Comand line shows an X drive that appears to be my C drive. DiSKPART shows no disks at all. CHKDSK will not work, reports drives locked.
Tried Win8 install disk, it reports no drives.
I have check cables and power. I am not convinced this is a hardware issue since the command line shows my boot drive files.
Any recommendations about what to do?

A:Windows 8 will not boot or repair: drive locked

Here is a similar post for your reference.
http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_8-system/windows-crash-refresh-hard-drive-locked-unlock/a6bb04ff-5dba-4e10-a849-644cd0851bc6 Juke Chou
TechNet Community Support

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