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HP policy on Unit replacement?

Q: HP policy on Unit replacement?

I brought a brand new HP envy unit for my son's school last July 30 2016 from authorized retailer here in the Philippines and after only 2 months ( 1st week of October) of minimal usage ranging from typing, surfing and playing casual steam games it suddenly stopped working unable to turn on. I brought the unit to the authorized retailer where i bought it who in turn asked me to bring it to a HP authorized repair center where diagnosis of defective motherboard was made. We decided then to bring the unit to HP repair center directly on October 14 and up to now it isn't fixed yet. In fairness HP repair center is constantly updating me with emails telling me that the defective parts is being imported from other countries and so on and so forth. I am totally peeve as the unit costs 60,000 pesos (1,200 US$) and yet the motherboard become defective at so short a time. It has been three weeks, almost a month now and yet it isnt fixed yet. My son depends a lot on this laptop for his studies and he agonizes a lot as he hasnt any laptop to do his school works. I think i got a lemon product and i would like HP Philippines to give me a brand new replacement as this cause enough pain already. Please help me to forward this sentiment to the proper authority who would help me with this issue.

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Preferred Solution: HP policy on Unit replacement?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


Hello all,I recently bought a Thinkpad T460s with no LCD Unit off of eBay. I've been looking around and there are no complete LCD Unit assemblies under the compatible parts page. Is there another model (t450s, t470s) that I can buy an LCD Unit for, and put it on this laptop myself?Thank you in advance

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What type of PSU i need to replace the 240w PSU in the Rp5700 please help me.

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HiI got this  yoga series laptop on 1st April 2016,and  on the first day itself i figured out that it had 2 problems, first the laptop use to not start when it use to go in sleep mode.. i needed to do force start and second problem was that the wifi connection use to drop after every 5 minutes. I gave it to the retailer on 4 April and they changed the motherboard of a brand new laptop!! and gave it back to me telling that problems are solved.. But the second problem of wifi still exists!!! Now they have taken the laptop back.. Now i requested them to give me replacement as i don't want a second time repaired unit.. They were asking me for the box of the unit which I don't have .. They are saying that some unit number which is written on the box is required. This was brough from Sharaf DG, Dubai .. Sharaf DG again asked me for second time for the box, I DONT have it... They can get that number from their database.. What should I do in this case? I will not accept a faulty product especially after paying a huge amount for it.. I cannot contact lenovo team as they dont have a call center in UAE (jumbo handles the service center here) ThanksSonal Thanks

A:Yoga series laptop replacement problem as unit box...

I got this  yoga series laptop on 1st April 2016,and  on the first day itself i figured out that it had 2 problems, first the laptop use to not start when it use to go in sleep mode.. i needed to do force start and second problem was that the wifi connection use to drop after every 5 minutes. I gave it to the retailer on 4 April and they changed the motherboard of a brand new laptop!! and gave it back to me telling that problems are solved.. But the second problem of wifi still exists!!! Now they have taken the laptop back.. Now i requested them to give me replacement as i don't want a second time repaired unit.. They were asking me for the box of the unit which I don't have .. They are saying that some unit number which is written on the box is required. This was brough from Sharaf DG, Dubai .. Sharaf DG again asked me for second time for the box, I DONT have it... They can get that number from their database.. What should I do in this case? I will not accept a faulty product especially after paying a huge amount for it.. I cannot contact lenovo team as they dont have a call center in UAE (jumbo handles the service center here) ThanksSonal Thanks

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I had a Surface Pro 3 running Windows 10 Pro that started giving very poor battery performance and the case was getting very hot.

MS agreed to either repair/replace under warranty but I needed to ship it back.

Before I shipped it back I did a Windows 10 System Image Backup to a USB drive hopeing that if MS replaced with a new Surface pro 3 I would be able to restore the Image to the new unit.

MS has as I thought replaced the Surface Pro 3 with a new one but I am struggling to restore the image to this new one.

It is asking for a recovery Key ?

Am I right in thinking that you can restore the Image to a replacement unit ?

Many thanks for your help

A:Windows 10 System Image Recovery On Replacement Unit

No. The system image you have done on the old Surface Pro cannot be applied to another Surface Pro.

If you go to the folder that contains the system image backup, you will see that the folder has a name. That name is in reference to the machine it took the backup from.
Your new surface pro has a different computer name. Do a new system image with that new surface and you'll see it has a different name.

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Dear Forum Users,

The original HDD in my notebook has reached its life cycle so I have to replace it.

I would like to know which purchasable HDD units are available for this particular notebook model?

Could I use any SATA 2.5'' notebook HDD as a replacement drive or the Toshiba branded ones are suitable exclusively?

A:HDDs suitable as a replacement unit for Satellite Pro L300-1B9?

> Could I use any SATA 2.5'' notebook HDD as a replacement drive or the Toshiba branded ones are suitable exclusively?

Yes, usually all SATA 2.5? HDDs should be compatible since the SATA controller is downwards compatible and even if you would use an SATA II or SATA III HDD, the notebook should be able to handle such device.
But of course the performance would be limited to SATA I

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Hello,I want to know the warrant policy regarding the following issues:I have a Lenovo Flex 2-14 laptop.Will my warranty be void, if:1. I upgrade my RAM to 12GB by making use of the two provided slots. 4 Gb Ram the implicit one and adding another 8 Gb Ram.2. If I dual boot my laptop with Ubuntu Os.Kindly let me know the warranty status in both the cases.

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Hey guys, Short version: Battery is broken. Need a new one. Will not give away access to my notebook in any way. What to do? Long version: A few days ago, the 6-cell battery (model: 45N1023) of my ThinkPad X230 (model: 2325CN3) dropped to a capacity of about 50%. Today, it's at about 45% (which means if the battery is charged 100%, it will only last 45% of the time it did when it was new). The device is from November 2012, so I am still within the 1 year battery warranty and I would like to get a replacement. I called technical support this morning and (after spending 15 minutes in the queue) they told me that the only way to get a replacement battery is if I allow them to remotely access my system to troubleshoot the problem. The only other option would be to bring in the device to a warranty partner and give them all my passwords so that they can troubleshoot it. I think that this policy is very unprofessional, unnecessarily lengthy and not acceptable at all for the following reasons. I don't use Windows, but Linux as an operating system. I told that to the support technician on the phone. She told me that battery replacements can only be done if the "original image" is used (not sure what she ment by that, I guess with image she means the operating system -- a ridiculous statement anyways). I told her that I bought the Laptop without a pre-installed sytem, which confused her quite a lot.I am very sensitive about my data and I am... Read more

A:Warranty: Replacement policy

By the way, I am of course willing to provide support with all information (logs, screenshots, whatever) which they need, as long as someone tells me what they need to know. I am just not willing to give away control over the machine.

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I want to know the warrant policy regarding the following issues:
I have a Lenovo Flex 2-14 laptop.
Will my warranty be void, if:
1. I upgrade my RAM to 12GB by making use of the two provided slots. 4 Gb Ram the implicit one and adding another 8 Gb Ram.
2. If I dual boot my laptop with Ubuntu Os.
Kindly let me know the warranty status in both the cases.
Mod's Edit: System model added to front of Subject line to improve visibility / clarity.

Go to Solution.

A:Flex 2-14 - Warranty: Replacement policy

Hi wavare_ajinkya ,
Welcome to the Community Forums. 
As a general rule, CRU (customer replaceable parts ) will not void the warranty as listed from the hardware manual . However most upgrades on this model shows that such are considered FRU (field replaceable unit) , meaning you would have to open up additional parts and might require skill and specific tools thus CRU ID is N. (item6 page 72 ).
1. Upgrading your RAM however would not void any warranty.
We had same issue discussed on this thread . 
On quotes: " Similar to this query is this case  for the Z500 replacement of optical drive which is also a CRU Id - N and this thread. 
Warranty agreement :
What this Warranty Does not Cover 
- failure or damage resulting from misuse, abuse, accident, modification, unsuitable physical or operating environment, natural disasters, power surges, improper maintenance, or use not in accordance with product information materials 
-damage caused by a non-authorized service provider
-failure of, or damage caused by, any third party products, including those that Lenovo may provide or integrate into the Lenovo product at your request
Warranty is not covered if during the process of modification , damage or accidents may incur both on the replaced parts and the original devices ." 
The answer would be no , upgrading  the harddrive ,RAM will not void your warranty... Read more

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i just started working with a company as a field tech and on the work order in the description it says "whole unit replacement" .... i know this might be a dumb question but does that mean that they basically want the tech to unbox the new unit (Install/customize Dell OptiPlex 9020 desktop) , install and activate the operating system and maybe a data transfer?? .. i just want to make sure I'm not missing anything before I accept the assignment.

A:question about lingo "whole unit replacement"

Just curious what company?

And I personally would think so.

You could always ask the hiring department of the company or whomever interviewed you.

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Hi all
For the past 6 months we have received reports of PC's taking up to an hour to get to the login prompt.
All our PC's are running Windows 7 32/64 Bit.
The message is always "Applying Group Policy Local Users and Groups policy"
Once it gets to the login prompt they will login with no problem.
I have enabled GPO logging on 1 PC and the results show as below (sorry for the wall of text) Boot time was 15:16.
I was hoping someone else had come across this issue and maybe has some insight
Network team say "its not the network"!!
Server Team say "Its not DNS or Group Policy" !! 
So its been left with me on the desktop team to diagnose the fault
Paul Griffiths - NHS Trust in Bristol

GPSVC(534.75c) 15:17:14:459 ProcessGPOs: -----------------------
GPSVC(534.75c) 15:17:14:459 ProcessGPOs: Processing extension Group Policy Local Users and Groups
GPSVC(534.75c) 15:17:14:459 ReadStatus: Read Extension's Previous status successfully.
GPSVC(534.75c) 15:17:14:459 CompareGPOLists:  The lists are the same.
GPSVC(534.75c) 15:17:14:459 GPLockPolicySection: Sid = (null), dwTimeout = 30000, dwFlags = 0
GPSVC(534.75c) 15:17:14:459 LockPolicySection called for user <Machine>
GPSVC(534.75c) 15:17:14:459 Sync Lock Called
GPSVC(534.75c) 15:17:14:459 Writer Lock got immediately.
GPSVC(534.75c) 15:17:14:459 Lock taken successfully
GPSVC(534.75c) 15:17:14:459 ProcessGPOList: Entering for extension Group Policy ... Read more

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Hi Team,
Please let me know what is the standard Setting for below Security Setting ( Audit Policy ), which are followed in most of the Company.

For Eg:- Should i set ' Success & Failure ' for ' Audit account logon events ' & for ' Audit account management' etc...

Thanks & Regards,

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I have an SCCM Client deployed to several test PC. The client configures LGPO directing the PC to receive Windows Update from our SCCM server.  However, it fails. WUAHANDLER.LOG shows the following errors:
Enabling WUA Managed server policy to use server:http://xxxxx.xxx.net:8530
Waiting for 2 mins for Group Policy to notify of WUA polucy chnage...
Unable to read existing WUA resultant policy. Error = 0x80070002.
Group Policy settings were overwritten by a higher authority (domain controller) to: Server and Policy NOT CONFIGURED
Failed to Add Update Source for WUAgent of type (2) and id{{.......}}. Error=0x80040692.
I checked domain GPOs and there is no GPO that would cause this conflict.  I ran RSOP to verify.  What I noticed is that gpresult did not show LGPO as being applied. But when I unlinked all the domain GPOs (linked to the PC OU), gpresult showed
LGPO as being applied.
Any ideas or suggestions welcome.

A:Group Policy settings were overwritten by a higher authority (domain controller) to: Server and Policy NOT CONFIGURED

For this issue, please try to refer to the following article;
Troubleshooting Group Policy Configuration for Software Updates
If this issue persists, for a better support service, please kindly post at the SCCM forum for further help:
System Center Configuration Manager Category
Alex ZhaoPlease remember to click ?Mark as Answer? on the post that helps you, and to click ?Unmark as Answer? if a marked post does not actually answer your question. This can be beneficial to other community members reading the thread.

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Will either of these allow me to restrict drive access to a single user only? I've tried to restrict drive access with Group Policy Editor but it applies the restriction globally--even to me the administrator.

Could anyone let me know if this is possible and how to do it?

Much thanks.

A:Group Policy Editor or Local Security Policy

I take it that you want to restrict access to this drive to everyone but yourself. Which drive are you referring to, is it locally connected or via a network?

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hi all - i get the following message after i untick the option to "prompt for password"
Power Policy Manager unable to set global policy
Access is denied.

i get the message after hitting okay to apply the change.
i was able to apply it without getting the message in the administrator account but not mine (limited acc.)
for a better explanation and more details as to what im trying to accomplish you see this thread here: http://forums.techguy.org/windows-xp/969019-how-do-i-make-xp.html

( since this was about the error message i thought i should start separate thread)

A:Power Policy Manager unable to set global policy

Please stick with the original thread.


As I mentioned there, domain policy may prevent you from making those changes since you are on a work computer. We cannot assist you to bypass your company's security.

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Hi all!

Windows 7 Pro 32 bit on a domain

I've NEVER seen this before and I cant figure it out.

I have a group policy set on an OU named LAPTOPS. The policy gets applied, however the User Config\Windows Setting\Scripts\Logon DOES NOT. When you run the GPRESULTS on the laptop, I see the policy settings being applied EXCEPT for the LOGON script. Its not there. I dont see any errors and cant figure out why Windows would ignore this one setting in the policy but apply the rest. I've tried deleting and recreating the policy but that does not work. Also made sure I did a GPUPDATE /FORCE

Thanks in advance!

A:Group Policy Applies Policy EXCEPT for 1 Setting!

Is a policy enforced on a domain or site level?

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Hello everyone,
This topic is concerning Group Policy and RDP and the workstations are VMware machines and or Physical running Windows 7 Professional with SP1.
The goal here is that we created a VMware windows 7 machine that we want to RDP into and therefore rather than going to the VMware console we can Reboot, Shutdown, etc as it is needed from the Start Menu.
In our environment there is one policy that does change the  Start menu and Taskbar.  Any workstation that a user profile logs into from these two selected OU will have only LOGOFF from the start menu and the under logoff the under that Disconnect
or Lock are your only two options.  Defined here in Group Policy.
I have created a brand new OU and then blocked domain inheritance, and also the user profile does not have any policies applied to it.  I also added the advanced feature of Deny to this user ID so that it will not be affected by the Start Menu that
only gives Logoff only when you click on the start menu.
As a test I went to the VMware console and also Dameware and then tested going to this machine, and wala! there are no restrictions to the start menu - It has Shutdown, Restart, Logoff, etc.  However when we use RDP then it will go back to reverting
the start menu back to Logoff only.  Based on this we can clearly see it is RDP but I am uncertain why.
Can anyone shed some light on why RDP would produce such a result?

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I'm running Windows 7 Home Edition. I ave a HP Pavillion g 7 1222 nr Notebook PC. The other night my dog knocked the power cord out of the wall when I got up and turned on my computer l got the following error

Failed to connect to a Windows service. Windows could not connect to the Group Policy Client Service. The problem prevents standard users from logging into the system. As an administrative user you can review the system event log for details about why the system didn't respond.

Had a X on the Speaker and Internet icon in my system tray. Can play movies no sound. As to Internet it said no Internet available which is not true.Then went I try to get into my computer, control panel,and most any other programs I get another error {Z6EE0668A00A-4407-9371-BEB064C98683\0\{05D7B0F4-2121-4EFF-BF68-ED3F69B894D9}The server process could not be started because the configured identity is incorrect check the user name and password.

When I try an open some of my files or programs I get a popup window that wants to know if I want the program to make changes to my hard drive I can't get one to come up at the moment to give more detail. Probably because I have click on most of them at first I clicked yes then I decided that was probably not a good idea. Either way programs still didn't open.

I also had been getting a blank screen popping up every once in a while before all this other happened and on the top it said C:\Program Files (x86)Driver Pack Notifier\bin\Too... Read more

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Hi all,
I received this message when i tried to look at the local group policy setting on one of my machines (Windows XP SP3), which is joined in my domain.
"Failed to open group policy object on this computer. You may not have appropriate rights.
Unspecified error."
note that I am local admin.
It's all started when I was troublshooting WSUS connectivity and i looked at the WinsdowsUpdate.log, the WSUS server was <Null> & WSUS status server <Null>, I tried to force the domain GP by using GPupdate /force, it went fine and asked to
log off, but nothing changed in the WindowsUpdate.log still <Null>. Then i tried to look at the local policy setting.
I searched the internet nothing related to my case.
Thanks in advance for advising.
Mohammed Adel

A:Group policy error: Failed to open group policy object on this computer.

I guess reinstall windows is the solution, I also found one log "event id 1096", related to "registry.pol" it was corrupted.
Mohammed Adel

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I have a network of 38 computers that all run Windows 95 with a Windows NT 4 server with the most recent service pack. I recently reformated all of them and installed Windows 95 fresh. They're all connected to the network and can share resources. They all log on to the network using the same user name and password under the same domain. I want to be able to restrict their ability to enter the control panel and change desktop settings and other things. I tried using the System Policy Editor to create a policy. I added the user name everyone uses to log on by using the browse button and finding the username on the server, then I edited the user and restricted access to various things, but after creating the policy it asked me to save it.

The Save box opened at the C: hard drive level. I saved it on the C: drive, but the policy didn't go into effect. Is there somewhere special where this policy file has to be saved in order for it to take effect? Do I have to be logged of of the server in order to create a policy? Do I have to reboot the server before the changes take effect? Or, instead of adding the username to the System Policy Editor, should I instead add the Group that the user is a part of?

I would appreciate you help greatly!


A:{Advice Given} - System Policy Editor [or] "Anyone know the Win 95 System Policy file name

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Windows Vista Home Premium, How can I turn off group policy, If I try to run defender or change startup programs, it will not allow me. Message to contact your system administrator to turn off group policy.  Please help

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Hi community, I want to order a replacement FRU Keyboard for my Thinkpad T460P. Lenovo's support website (https://support.lenovo.com/nl/en/partsorder) directs people to the following website: https://www.lenovopartsales.com/LenovoEsales/ccrz__HomePage Besides looking very sketchy, non of the products have any pictures. Firefox puts up a warning when attempting to follow the link. It seems the original website has also changed the domain name. Can somebody confirm this is a legit company and vendor of parts? Thank you. H.

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(Just posting this here so people in the future can find it.) I replaced my motherboard and just wanted to leave this here for future reference to some poor soul who has to do the same.
If you replace the motherboard on your Dell Studio XPS 8000, (service tag 3L8DHK1) and you need a new motherboard you can use an INTEL DQ57TM, it's compatible and I did a successful transplant. Your processor is an INTEL Core-i5 750 CPU 2.67GHZ it uses a SOCKET LGA1156. It uses DDR3 memory.
Once you take out your old motherboard and disconnect all those usb and audio wires and the power button wires. To hook up your USB front jacks, audio jacks etc.... here's which blocks go where:
Wires from the audio jacks and usb ports go into these colored block connectors, and those connectors get plugged into those little rows of pins/jumpers called Internal Headers. Every motherboard manual tells you about them. Grab the manual for your new motherboard and it'll tell you where your audio1, usb1, usb2, usb3, usb4 Header connectors are they look like 2 rows and 5 collumns of short little pins. (They almost always have 1 or 2 pins missing on purpose.)
the wires leading to a YELLOW BLOCK gets plugged into the audio1 header on your new motherboard, it's for audio jacks on top of the computer
wires with the WHITE BLOCK gets plugged into the usb3 headers on your motherboard (they are for the usb jacks on the very top of the computer tower)
wires with the GREEN BLOCK gets plugged into ... Read more

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I have a packard bell club 75 system and the power has failed. I know it is definetly the PSU as I have another sys with the same PSU unit and I swapped them round to check first.
My question is this, I have a 230v PSU with output of 145w. They are difficult to get a hold of but would I need to get a PSU of this spec or can I upgrade to 250V without frying any components?

Thanx in advance


Can anyone recommend a good DVD burner?

At the moment I've got an NEC ND-3550A and while it was very good when it worked, now I've got a new setup it doesn't like me.

Is anyone able to recommend a good drive? My mobo has 6 SATA ports (two will each contain a 320GB Maxtor drive) and the IDE port will only have the burner. If I end up with a SATA burner then the IDE ports won't be used.

Many thanks in advance.

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I have been steered to the HP Envy W2K89UA that comes with a 512GB M.2 SSD and from what i see there is another internal drive bay for an additional full size SSD drive can anyone verify.  Or direct me to a unit that has this capabilities.

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i was having trouble with a computer not booting up straight away when i press the power button and rebooting when i shut it down i fitted a new psu unit the computer booted straight away i rebooted to the XP disc and started to reinstal XP when i got to the option to repair or reinstal i chose to repair it started to reinstal all the files rebooted then froze i couldn't shut the computer down other than turn the power off when i tried to reboot nothing happens the bios doesn't even start.
The only information i have about the computer is that it is a packard bell.
help please haddo


My sound in warcraft 3 is having some problems. the music is fine. its just the responses from units and the fighting sounds that dont work. the "Unit Response" button in the Sounds option is on, as is sound effects and everything else. I have a soundblaster audigy 2 if it helps.

A:WC3 unit sounds

Make sure you get the latest drivers for your sound card, and the latest patch for WC3. If you've installed any custom mod's or anything, then reinstall WC3. Also, close any unnecessary background applications, and do a virus check, as well as a spyware check.

Did the sound effects ever work before?

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I have recently built a pc...funniest thing ever...IT DONT TURN ON?! All ires areplugged in and all things are matching(all things compatible with my motherboard). Well my power supply is 420 watts and when i plug it into the motherrboard...its 4 prongs short....should this affect anything? Also i had the pc working but its like as soon as i turn it on...it goes to power up and turns off...tthe fuse is good and everything....im just running in circles like a dog chasing his tail....any help/suggestions?

A:Power Unit ?

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Can you use Win 7 upgrade on another computer on the same In Home network or do I have to buy another box?

A:Win 7 upgrade on another unit

As use the same disc and activation code?
If so no,you would need another activation code,but you could use the same disc.

Hope that helps

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After upgrading to Windows 8, my CD/DVD unit (a Samsung - TSST corp CDDVDW Sh-S223L) will not be recognized unless a disc is inserted before boot. Then disc can be removed and new one inserted later.
Any assistance appreciated. Stephen

A:CD/DVD unit not recognized

Sounds like driver issue. Suggest that you check out your dvd manufacturer's support site and see driver for windows 8.

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I am pretty certain that the power unit has failed to my PC. However I cannot remove the old one as it is too big to remove out of the case. I have taken the sides of the PC but cannot establish how to get any better access. Is there a way? Thanks for any help

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I've been looking at GPS devices that are mounted in cars and give directions. Are there any of these devices one can get at lower cost that can interface with a laptop and do the same job just as well?

If so, where can I find them? All I see so far are stand-alone devices.

A:Can you help me find this GPS unit?

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I have a Netgear Duo RND200 NAS drive that has died after five years. It stopped becoming accessible suddenly, I'm unable to browse or access it's control panel. Additionally it won't shutdown when I hold down the power button for a few seconds, it remains on. It contains 2 x 1.5GB SATA hard drives that are RAID1. I'm assuming/hoping that the data is intact on one or more of the drives and want to take those into a new NAS, a D-link which is on order.

I've had a look at the user guide for the D-Link DNS-320L, it doesn't cover how to introduce drives with existing data onto a new NAS. Should this / is this possible?

Thanks very much.

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So I just got an xps 15 9550 last week and I'm not sure if i got a lemon or not.
1. The laptop is not flush on a flat surface. The bottom right corner of the base is lifted slightly and wobbles if i put my hand on that corner. I had this problem with my MBA and i just sort of bent the shape back with force, but eventually it just goes back to being wobbly.
2.I don't know if it was the settings (I didn't touch anything) but i left it closed in sleep mode unplugged over night and the battery drained from 100 - 0% overnight. I have the 56W battery so maybe thats why?
3.This is a small problem but really annoying. I can't wake the laptop up from sleep mode pressing any keys on the keyboard. Same with the touchpad. No swiping will wake it up. BUT if i click the left click it will wake up or if i click the power button it will wake up. It is like the keyboard just dies when it is in sleep mode.
For problem #2 i just keep it plugged in 24/7 now.
For problem #3 I tried everything i could think of. Updating Bios, drivers. Going into device manager and enabling "allow this device to wake". However there are like 4 different keyboard devices under the keyboard dropdown list and i could only check that setting for the 3rd one in the list. I think its called HID keyboard device (003).
I really don't think anyone else has these problems because google doesn't really bring up similar results for the xps15. I really  like this laptop and want to keep... Read more

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Good afternoon,
I can?t use this device. Doesn't recognize any disk.
What can I do to solve it?

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I just loaded windows 7 on my new computer with the 32 bit disk. The computer is 64 and i have the 64 disk. It seems to work fine.
If i go back and reload with the 64 disk will i lose the software already loaded and will I have to contact MS to re activate?

A:loaded 32 bit on a 64 unit in error

You will definitely lose the software you installed (clean install only, no in-place upgrade).

You should have no trouble activating, but in the event you do, a call to Microsoft takes care of it.

The 32-bit version will work just fine; however, if you have 4GB or more of RAM, it will not recognize it all.

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I just rearranged my office and reconnected my computer and my computer won't boot up. I get the following error. 304 KB System unit error. What do I do? If I press F10 nothing happens. I didn't install any new programs. I just moved it and reconnected. I am using XP. Any help will be greatly appreciated. God bless!

A:304 KB System unit error

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I have a gateway computer with a 200 watt psu and I need to upgrade to A 300 watt psu for A new video card. I need help so I know exactly the right psu I need. I will try and give all the info I know.
My psu is-
Newton power ltd
model number-nps-200pb-119c
Output 200 watts max
20 pin
I dont know much about the rest heres all i know about my pc.
Intel Celron 1.30 ghz
512 mb ram
Gateway ship date-5/1/2002
Model-300s ltd
st. Louis micro atx tower case.
Thats all I know about them, so plz give me any help!

A:Power Supply Unit

Here is a good one, with 18a on the 12v rail. Should be more than enough for your needs.


The only part I am unsure of, is the fact that you are sticking it into a gateway. Wait for someone else to confirm that you'll be able to use it with your system, but the PSU linked above is amazing for the price.

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i would like to get sound from my keyboard in to the laptop so i can edit sounds etc... What solution would you recommend?
The keyboard has line out and midi out/in
and the s 50 has usb and hdmi. How do i match this?
greetings Isback, confused.

A:Sound in from external unit

It is not easy to help you with this. Your keyboard must be installed and recognized properly. I presume you need to install some additional software.
Of course I presume you need some application for music import and editing.

Believe me it is not easy to help you with your problem.

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i try to find my laptop in google but i cant find it. here's my laptop Aspire E 15 Start (ES1-512-C3W3) i just want to find out if my laptop can upgrade the 2GB ram to higher number.

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I'm clueless on what this does - what are the benefits of using one and why is there a fan? Where do you put it? Do you need it? Sorry if this is a primary question I just need to know if I want to build my own gaming computer.

A:Power Supply Unit

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Could somebody advise me: do I need a new power supply unit?
Occasionally the PC screen goes black, then returns, then goes black and returns. Becomes very slow and then completely freezes. The PC is very noisy at times and has restarted randomly although this does not happen very often.

Following one of the common crashes: when I turn the PC on again it will often do the same thing again ( go black, and then return, black and then return: possibly at the login screen!)

Also in the past the screen has just gone off (the screen says NO SIGNAL) and when I restart the boot screen appears scrambled and its all "messed up". I fix this by turning the power off at the wall for some time and then turning the power back on at the wall.

With most of these problems, when I leave the PC turned off it works fine later in the day or the next day but this is not really ideal.

Also: I am considering upgrading my graphics from 128MB PCI to 512MB AGP in the future, so would I need a higher voltage? (400w FROM 330W)

Thanks for your advice

A:Do I need a new Power Supply Unit??

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Hi, I have a major problem...

It started when I had several programs running and then I tried to start winamp with several mp3:s.. it crashed.

When it started again the discscan stucked at 85% and had to restart and cancel the discscan.

I tried the disctool and first I did the basic test. It told me to do the complementary test. I did so and it went on for hours. Suddenly I got no picture anymore on the computer and i turned the computer off.

Ok.. I start the computer and it tells med it has no operative system. I boot up with the start floppy disc. When I do c: it says it is only about 8MB on C!!!

Ok. I try to format C to get a better result. It start to format but when it comes to about 70% it says.. trying to recover allocation unit and then it works for about 2-3 kb per 5 minutes. It went on several hours so I turned it off. Should I have waited?

What's wrong??

The CMOS is in automatic.
I do not know if I should change it to get a better result (and what should I change it to?).

I have a fuitsju-siemens computer called xpert 8622 C.

Please help.

Best regards

A:recover allocation unit

Betting scandisk created one huge .chk file on your disk.

To confirm this, boot with the floppy and type "dir *.chk".

If this is the case, it is perfectly safe to delete all the .chk files you find to free up space.

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When I start my computer I get a couple of quite irritating beeps coming from the tower unit, not the speakers. Is there a way to silence them? I can't see anything about it in the motherboard manual (I assume that's where they're coming from)

A:Beeps from tower unit

if im not mistaken,that beep comes from your vga card or maybe from the motherboared(i forgot which one it is) to let you know that, either one of them is booting up or working !

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There're several approaches to the implementation of the control unit.I just know one of them - the microprogrammed implementation.
And I search the net, I cannot find other approaches.
Can someone tell me about them ? Just the name will be OK. I can search on the net by myselft for details.


A:about implementation of the control unit

The alternative to a microcoded processor is a hard-wired one where the control signals are generated directly from the bits of the machine code instruction. This is more common in modern RISC architectures because it is faster.

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