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Windows 7 mapped drive latency with slow green progress bar and red X in Explorer

Q: Windows 7 mapped drive latency with slow green progress bar and red X in Explorer

First and foremost: We did NOT have these issues with Windows XP, and still run over 60 XP machines that have NONE of these problems.
We are having ongoing problems with Windows 7 and mapped drive latency on our network. Our environment is as follows:
Multiple servers running Windows 2008 & 2008 R2, some VMware servers (including our file server).
Windows 7 x64 came preloaded on a brand new Lenovo thinkpad, 4gb memory. This occurs on 4 different laptops. This problem ALSO occurs in exactly the same way on an HP Compaq x64 desktop running Windows 7 32. All systems are
fully patched & up to date on SP's.
Running IP 4 & 6 on all servers & Win7 machines
Connected to GB Cisco switch
We run login scripts via GPOs that map drives (with net use commands) to 3 shares on our fileserver, drives G, H and S. A fourth mapped drive to an IBM Iseries does NOT experience these issues.
In Windows Explorer, mapped drives may or may not appear with red X's, but when clicked on they hang with a spinner and the green bar at the top of Explorer begins to run. This occurs randomly, but usually not right after boot up. It can take
over a minute to complete. Also, in Word, which has references to these drives in file locations, file opening and saves can be very slow as it attempts to access these shares.
This issue has delayed our roll out of Windows 7. Its unacceptably slow and cannot be used in a production environment.
We have tried every suggestion we can find on the Internet:
Turned off autotuning, indexing, thumbnails, set autodisconnect to the max (both 99999 and ffffffff). Server & clients. No luck.
Changed properties on the mapped drives to optimize for documents...no change.
Changes setting on the network cards to disable flow control, set static link speed & duplex. Network drivers have been updated. Even tried using our wireless network and disabling wired connection...no change.
All bios and hardware updates are completed...no change.
Turned on and off network discovery..no change.
Disabled SMB2 on servers & clients...no change.
Disabled firewalls, and unloaded antivirus (Trend)...no change.
There has GOT to be a solution to this problems or Windows 7 is dead in the water for us. I have 10 laptops in boxes that we can't roll out. Please post ANY ideas!!

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Preferred Solution: Windows 7 mapped drive latency with slow green progress bar and red X in Explorer

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)


First and foremost: We did NOT have these issues with Windows XP, and still run over 60 XP machines that have NONE of these problems.

We are having ongoing problems with Windows 7 and mapped drive latency on our network. Our environment is as follows:
Multiple servers running Windows 2008 & 2008 R2, some VMware servers (including our file server).
Windows 7 x64 came preloaded on a brand new Lenovo thinkpad, 4gb memory. This occurs on 4 different laptops. This problem ALSO occurs in exactly the same way on an HP Compaq x64 desktop running Windows 7 32. All systems are fully patched & up to date on SP's.
Running IP 4 & 6 on all servers & Win7 machines
Connected to GB Cisco switch

We run login scripts via GPOs that map drives (with net use commands) to 3 shares on our fileserver, drives G, H and S. A fourth mapped drive to an IBM Iseries does NOT experience these issues.

In Windows Explorer, mapped drives may or may not appear with red X's, but when clicked on they hang with a spinner and the green bar at the top of Explorer begins to run. This occurs randomly, but usually not right after boot up. It can take over a minute to complete. Also, in Word, which has references to these drives in file locations, file opening and saves can be very slow as it attempts to access these shares.
This issue has delayed our roll out of Windows 7. Its unacceptably slow and cannot be used in a production environment.

We have tried every suggestion we can find ... Read more

A:Windows 7 mapped drive latency with slow green progress bar and red X

Have you tried adjusting the MTU settings? The link below explains the problems with MTU settings and how it can effect both wired and wireless connections to NAS drives.

Wireless Performance Issues with Vista/Windows7 and the ReadyNAS | Bott's Thoughts

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I have a 1TB USB3 drive plugged into my router and it's shared NAS style to all machines on the network. On one machine I copy mostly large-ish video files (100MB -> 1GB) to the NAS drive (via regular explorer copy/move operations). Then on other machines I'll read those files.

What is happening is that I'll open an explorer window to my Z: drive which is permanently mapped to the NAS drive, and I'll see almost instantly the contents of the folder I've navigated to. Then, I'll see the green bar of doom scan, and it'll take about 5 seconds to complete. Then I might open a video file and play it in VLC and as I look back I see the green bar doing another scan. It seems to keep re-scanning for no apparent reason. The view mode of the explorer is set to "Details", so it shouldn't be trying to make any thumbnails.

The worst situation is if another machine is trying to copy files to the NAS drive when I happen to have left an explorer window open to that same folder on my main machine. The green progress bar/scan goes over and over and over, and if I look on the "copier" machine, I might see 40 minutes remaining to copy a simple 500MB of files. But if I close that open explorer on the main machine (that was doing the green bar scans), then I see that the copier machine is now showing 5 minutes remaining. The green bar is slowing down everything.

Is there a way I can disable that re-scanning? I've searched and can't find anything. I'm happy to have to... Read more

A:Win7's Explorer Green progress bar is affecting my drive performance

Can't believe that this has bugged me for a long time, and just posting this question here made me find the solution. Although I was in details mode, to avoid my codecs having to generate thumbnails, I actually had added the "Length" column to that detail mode. So the codecs were being called upon to find the length instead. It's still annoying that it would refresh so often, but now it's so quick that I don't even see it happening, now that it doesn't need to calculate lengths.

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Hi all, I read an older post (no solution), where people experienced problems with the explorer listing the contents of a folder on the network very slow. I had the same problem. I tried to open a folder with about 1500 subfolders and 200 files inside. The explorer showed me the content in the tree view in about 2 seconds, but in the details view it took up to 1 minute to get all folders listed. The whole time the explorer showed the green searching bar and listed one folder after the other, but very slow. Explorer added about 10-20 files per second to the list. Does anyone know, why the explorer is so slow in listing these files and what the ____ does he do all the time? Does explorer look inside every folder? Or does he some analysis with my files?

A:Explorer very slow while browsing a mapped network drive

Haha, I just stumbled upon the solution!! Jeah :-D You have to disable the grouping! Right Click in the Explorer Details View --> Select Grouping --> Disable After that my explorer listed all files immediately!

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Asus Eee Netbook PC "Shell" design (Ill look up the model number if needed): Windows 7 Starter Edition

Hey TSF.

Recently, I installed ManyCam on my PC, only to find out that it started making my computer run very slowly. I uninstalled it and even used System Restore but it didn't help. I decided it was time to format my HDD.

So I copied everything I needed onto an external hard drive, inserted the Win7 disc, restarted the computer, changed the BIOS settings to launch from disc and restarted. And now....

Every time I turn on the computer, I get to the black screen with the words "Microsoft Corporation" at the bottom, and a green progress bar that keeps going and going and going. It "loads" windows forever. I tried changing back the bios settings to launch from the HDD, and even removed the disc drive physically, but no matter what I do, the computer stops at that Microsoft Corperation screen.

I did a few hard shut-downs on it, and it even asks if I want to "repair problems causing Windows to not load" or something like that, but I still get that green progress bar.

I'm just about ready to get the whole computer replaced, since its under warrenty, but if there is a way to fix it, I don't want them to figure it out and charge me for an unnecessary inspection.

Please help me TSF. Either to...
1. Get passed this green progress bar and start windows.
2. F... Read more

A:Windows 7 will not boot; green progress bar never stops

Hi -

I deleted your last post stating "shameless bump" as it was made just 2.9 hours after your initial post. We are all volunteers here and are not compensated in any manner. Please allow an appropriate amount of time to pass in the future before "bumping" - 24 hours minimum. Thank you.

Your system trouble sounds to me like it may be HDD related.

Wipe the entire HDD with KillDisk, then try Windows 7 installation again.


If no-go, run HDD diagnostics --> http://www.tacktech.com/display.cfm?ttid=287

Regards. . .



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Hi All

I am on a Work Network at work, windows 7 PC on a windows domain

I have a mapped network drive called \\persr11. Now it is mapped to the drive letter F:. Now the problem is that when I try to access the drive from Windows Explorer(Computer), it says: "F:\ is not accessible. Device is not ready."

However, when I access it from the search bar like this: \\persr11, it goes into the drive, all fine.

How do I remap the network drive to the letter F to access it? Prefereble Command Prompt please. I tried the following command but it did not work, not for F: and not for any other letter:

net use f: /persistent:yes \persr11

A:Mapped Network Drive accessible, just not from Windows Explorer

If you go to command prompt, or make a batch file this will work. Make sure right after the \\SERVERNAME\Directory
net use f: \\persr11\DIRECTORY /user:LOGIN_NAME PASSWORD

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Hi All

I am on a Work Network at work, windows 7 PC on a windows domain

I have a mapped network drive called \\persr11. Now it is mapped to the drive letter F:. Now the problem is that when I try to access the drive from Windows Explorer(Computer), it says: "F:\ is not accessible. Device is not ready."

However, when I access it from the search bar like this: \\persr11, it goes into the drive, all fine.

How do I remap the network drive to the letter F to access it? Prefereble Command Prompt please. I tried the following command but it did not work, not for F: and not for any other letter:

net use f: /persistent:yes \persr11

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when I try to open Office document from Libraries, it opens slowly. There is a a slowly-moving green progress bar. Only after this bar comes to another side the doc will open. It used to be OK but then I changed something and it started. I'm not sure what I changed, perhaps something after use of CC cleaner

Please see attached file.

A:Slow Explorer progress bar

Hello and welcome bracus just an obvious ask but why are you opening from Libraries why not just open 2010 and Open files?

Having said that mine works fine and it could be Windows update related so do you know when this started to happen?

You might do a couple of scans too mate with these if you haven't already



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Clicking on a large folder in Explorer can cause a slowly-moving green progress bar. In some cases this can take several minutes to complete.

A common cause is thumbnail caching of image and video files, resulting from having properties | customize | "optimize this folder for:" set to pictures, vs documents or General items.

The most likely solution: in Explorer, right click on folder, select properties, customize, under "optimize this folder for:", select either General items, or documents. Set check box "Also apply this template to all subfolders", then click apply.

The slow progress bar is apparently caused by Explorer scanning the folder and all subfolders to pre-render thumbnail images for image and video files. This happens if the "optimize this folder" setting is pictures or videos. This happens when merely clicking on the top-level folder.

If "optimize this folder" is set to documents or General, the thumnails are not rendered until you actually click on the folder or sub-folder containing those.

This was discussed in another thread on this forum, but it was full of speculative remedies, and the actual cause and remedy was not posted until the last thread (and one year after the thread was started): Accessing drives in Windows Explorer takes a long time

I'm creating this thread with a more exact title and concise description, to aid in finding the solution based on a symptom search.

While the above is the most... Read more

A:Slow Explorer progress bar on large folder

My "Slow" folder was set up for Videos. Optimizing it for General solved the problem.


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sometimes, when i open Win Explorer, there is green progress bar starting from left corner and ending in right side of address bar, what does this bar mean?

the bar shows up for folders with only 2 files even

A:green progress bar in Exp

Hi kf10,

The green bar is often caused by the OS loading and preparing thumbnails. It can also be caused by slow network connection. You can take care of the first issue by changing the following setting:

Explorer> Organize> Folder and Search Options> View> Always show icons, never thumbnails

This will tell the computer to open your folders with icons for each file instead of thumbnails which is the problem that causes the slowness.

Note, if your Explorer crashes, you won't be able to open another instance of it until you kill the explorer process. So, it is a good idea to run every Explorer in its own process, you might want to set the following.

Explorer> Organize> Folder and Search Options> View> Launch folder windows in a separate process

Hope this helps and regards

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A laptop has 5 mapped drives which are only used on the office. Offline files is not an option. When a user on the road clicks on a mapped drive by mistake, the explorer window locks up while it tries to find it.

OK, but what is infuriating is what it does when it can't fid it.
Instead of doing something sensible like taking the explorer window to C: drive or desktop, it goes to the next drive letter. Of course this is also unavailable. So the machine is essentially unusable for about 5 minutes if the user mis-clicks once.

Any way to change this behaviour ?
XP Home and Pro.

A:When mapped drive not found, explorer goes to next drive letter. Delays.

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Is there someplace in Vista that you can change the color of the GREEN progress bar? It sucks when you get a nice feel together and then you have the hideous green progress bar.

Please tell me yes!!!


A:The ugly green progress bar ...


The only way that I know of is to use a 3rd party program like Stardock WindowBlinds. It'll let you pretty much change Vista's skin to what you want. You can try the free trial of it to see if you like it or not.

Stardock WindowBlinds


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Vista says 'Startup failed. Try Startup Recovery or Normal Startup?'

Both options yield the green progress bar. After some disk activity and about ten seconds, the bar freezes and the PC requires a hard reset.

I try booting from the recovery DVD. It says, 'Windows is preparing files'. It then presents the green bar once more, freezing in the same manner

Short of wiping this drive clean and losing the data I am out of ideas.

Any suggestions would be greatly welcomed. I have tried booting with the bare minimum amount of peripherals attached.

A:Vista Hanging at Green Progress Bar- Please Help.

Hi try using a Linux live CD to get the data off the drive,then run a hdd diagnostic available from the hdd makers site,but first try re-seating the ram and checking the cables and connections (if a desktop)does it actually boot from the disc

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I had a share mapped, it got the little red X on it so I said unmap this drive, it did, but Explorer still shows it there, when I right click on it to remove it tells me it is not there.
I know it is not there, but it still shows that it is.

It is a PITA, but not a real serious issue, however I would like to know how to rid myself of it.

Windoze Professional 7 64 bit. 8 GB

A:Mapped Drive UPmapped , still showing in Explorer

Hello Danny, and welcome to Seven Forums.

You might see if refreshing (F5) the window may help. If not, then you might see if logging out/in or restarting the computer may.

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So, my computer broke down a couple months back. I took it into compusa and they told me the mobo was bad so to expidite things I purchased one from them, they installed it and I got the computer back and installed my other two SATA harddrives. Shortly after, I started getting short Green horizontal lines across my screen during bootup and then freezing at the Windows logo.

After returning it to compusa (minus my SATA hardrives) (and where they told me nothing was wrong) I recieved it back, booted it up to see everything working fine. Reinstalled my two SATA's and shortly after saw the same problem come back up again. I tried changing monitors and a couple other things with no sucess

I then decided to try running it without the two SATA hardrives and just the IDE drive with XP on it. So I unplugged the SATA drives and got no change in the problem after several reboots; it was still there. THEN I unplugged the red SATA cables from the motherboard and on the next bootup the computer was back to normal. AHA! I said. So I went about trying to recreate the problem to double check everything. I plugged JUST the red SATA cables back into the mobo and sure enough on the next reboot the computer came up with green lines and froze at the windows logo again. Although now I've unplugged the red SATA cables again and the computer is still coming up with green lines and freezing, so I'm not exactly sure what needs to be reset or whatever.

But this is definite progress an... Read more

A:My Green lines/Freezing problem...some progress...still need help...

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Hello all,

I have 2 mapped network drives to my local server, they are letters H & K. H is in \\server\data\users\name and K is \\server\data.

Here is where my issue is, the K drive is very slow and times out most of my programs when working in there, H is very fast almost instantaneous. I mapped a network drive L to \\server\data and it is also very fast. So they only thing I can think of is my computer doesn't like the drive K for some reason.

Do you have any ideas? Also, forgot to mention this is only happening for me, the other computers on the network all are working perfectly.



A:Slow Response From Mapped Network Drive

Welcome to SF. I have a similar issue with three connected external drive, both esata's are blazing fast but the usb attached has a delay as it responds to a request to spin up. Please provide the details on both of these drives and likely the answer is there in rpm speeds, green power settings and the like?

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I'm having a Windows 7 x64 boot problem that has me stumped. My system is per my profile. I have a dual boot (Windows 7 64 bit and XP 32 bit) system that has been working flawlessly for about 3 months but now, after rebooting into Windows 7 for the first time in a couple weeks, I can't get past the green progress bar loading screen. Nothing else has changed. At first I would have thought it was a run of the mill driver issue but it goes beyond that.

This is from an initial build a couple of years ago (cpu, mobo, etc) but rebuilt with new ram, hdds and OS install week of 1/18/10.

I found a thread here [http://www.sevenforums.com/crashes-d...u-failure.html] with a similar problem but my problem is a little different (dual boot, no BSOD) so I'm starting a new thread.

Here's what I have done:

1) XP (32 bit) boots fine
2) Windows 7 x64 hangs at green progress bar screen
3) W7 safe mode (F8) hangs while loading drivers
4) W7 boot from original DVD hangs at green progress bar screen
5) XP (32 bit) still boots fine

I also noticed bootup through POST seems slower than before but that could be my imagination.

No BSOD for me. My first thought was that since it will not boot from either the installed W7 OS nor the DVD then the problem wasn't the installation but instead hardware or a driver.

Since XP is only accessing the first 4GB or so of my 8GB of ram I thought it might be a bad chip, but running Memtest86+ showed the ram was fine (similar to the other thread). Running i... Read more

A:Boot Problem - W7x64 Stuck At Green Progress Bar, XP OK

Disconnect all USB devices and try again.

You might want to pull most of your RAM if that doesn't work.

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Client is laptop running on Vista Business. Server is Windows 2000. File is on Host running on XP SP2. I can map the drive on laptop to Host but when I try to run an application I get message:

You must run APPLICTATION_NAME from a mapped drive.

I am running application from mapped drive so why do I get this message?

Only weird thing I can mention is that I have to specify domain name and user name to connect to the mapped drive. But once I am connected I can open all files. But the application I need to run gives me the error message.

Help anyone?

A:message to connect through mapped drive while connected through mapped drive

Is the application on the host or just the data?

Does another machine connect correctly?

If the app. is on a host along w/ the data, have you tried installing the application on your machine and accessing the data over the lan.

Other thoughts:
sometimes applications require an exact data path. For example, f:\app
this info is stored on the host. When you map your local drive, you choose m:\app

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I mapped 5~6 network drive which make my Win7 boot time slow when come to welcome screen around taking 1~2 min to load the desktop. (Ctrl+Alt+Del cannot interrupt the loading progress..)

Is there any way to increase loading time but at the same time I also wanna to retain my mapped drive there without disconnect them even I'm offline or not using it?

Thank you.

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I have 4 computers and 2 printers connected to a linksys workgroup switch and a linksys router. All 4 of these computers use a mapped drive to access a program from a server specifically for sharing this program. Another computer from a different state connects to the server remotely to run the program and it is blazing fast. The other four computers lock up when trying to print and perform other basic functions. I have tried connecting to the server remotely from the local computers and it works perfectly. Obviously it is the mapped drive that is bogging down the computer. At most only 3 of the computers run the program. The terminal server is a dual 2.8 ghz xeon, it's perfectly capable. Would it be possible for three users to run the program at the same time from the server while connected via the RDP? Could I create a link to start a remote desktop connection to the terminal server and load the program without the users having to make more than one click?

A:Slow program usage over mapped network drive

Yes, this should be entirely possible, i run something similar to this set up with my game servers

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My desktop PC and HTPC have both been running Windows 10 32-bit without a problem for atleast two weeks now. Today I started having problems. I have media drive that's stored on my desktop PC that is being shared over the network so I can view my movies and TV shows on my HTPC. Today, the files stopped opening. If I double-click the videos, it takes an unusually 10-15 seconds for the file to open in VLC but then VLC doesn't play it. When I click "Play" nothing happens. The odd thing is that all the movies and tv shows from the mapped network drive play fine when I'm accessing them from the computer that the drive is directly connected to. I tried copying some photos to the mapped network drive to see if those will be able to be opened on the HTPC but it takes a very long time to open a photo and it freezes up when I'm moving back and forth between photos in the folder. Something here is making my files very slow to access. The HTPC is connected via an Ethernet cable to my router. Has been that way for ages, never had any issues. The mapped HD always connected on startup upon turning on the HTPC. Now, 50% of the time, it doesn't manage to automatically connect on startup.

A:Mapped Network Drive slow/not automatically connecting

I would also like to add that I have no issues browsing videos, photos and documents from other mapped network drives such as those from my family members' laptops.

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Ok here is the issue one of my friend's is having. They have a small network of 6 XP machines. One machine is designated the "server" even though they are all just on a workgroup. Anyways, they just upgraded from 98 to XP on this accounting software they have. The way the software works is that the software is installed on each computer individually but the database is on the "server." The problem they are having now is that to open, close, and to changes between companies (they have two separate companies in this software that they do the accounting for) it takes alot longer than it should on the workstations but on the "server" it runs smoothly. Somewhere the connection between the two is slow or something. It worked fine with 98 though. Any ideas as to what is wrong or how to fix this? Thanks guys.

A:Database on mapped drive, upgrade to XP, slow program

Ok I just tested copying a 70MB file from the "server" to a PC and it took only 7 seconds about. So that is 10 Mb/s. This program should be running alot faster than that. Any clue what this may be caused by? One thing is that IPX/SPX NetBEUI was on the 98 machine and not on XP. Does this matter? Help!!

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Hi, I am running on Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit and my file explorer would be like this:
and it will take a long time to load.

I have reinstalled my windows already and replaced all my hard drives since this problem exists.


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One of our clients has had problems recently on some of their workstations. Further to the domain password policy being adjusted from 180 days to 30 days, four workstations (so far) have exhibited the following problems on an intermittent basis:
- Very slow to log on/get to desktop after entering domain user account credentials.
- Outlook 2010 showing as disconnected.
- Mapped network drive has a red cross over it within Computer and cannot be accessed.
In terms of the setup, the client has an SBS 2011 server with approximately 15 Windows 7 Professional workstations - they are all domain joined and are using Exchange as the mail server.
We think we may have fixed the problem now, but I would be grateful for any comments/input on what might have caused the problem.
When the problems were occuring we performed a ping to the server from the workstations that were exhibiting the problems.

We noticed that the replies came back with the IPv6 address of the server - not the usual IPv4 address. Additionally if we pinged other (working) workstations, the replies from those also came back with IPv6 addresses.
Repairing the TCP/IP stack didn't make any difference, nor did removing the AV/security software.
We then disabled IPv6 on the workstations having the problems and immediately the problems rectified themselves. Logon speed returned to normal as did access to Outlook and the mapped network drive.
Pings to the server and other workstations also replied with the usual IPv... Read more

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Windows 7 ultimate.
Intel i7 PC.

Suddenly after startup folders load very slowly (or not, blank) green progress bar loads.
Simultaneously the (template) thumbnails in the aero theme selection window goes blank too (they do work just after login).
I have noticed that when I wanted to change the theme, thinking that, that would be the issue.
Even changing it to the classical theme makes no difference.

- The problem starts after a few seconds after logging in.
- The Music and library folders open fine.
- I have set the folder properties to 'general' but that did not help.
- Folder 'Computer' and 'Control Panel' has the same problem .
- Some thumbnails do not work in folders they do on the desktop.

- When I log off or restart then everything works for some seconds.
- I can browse all folders, but soon after the prbolem occurs.
- And sometimes when I wait a while I can access the folder's then the problem starts again.
- In safe mode there is no problem.
- Sometimes when I type a path in the music folder then I can get to the other folders.

- Indexing is disabled on both HD.
- I've done system restore but no effect .
- Disabled services in msconfig in and also set to diagnostic setting and booted, but same result.
- Hardisc checked for errors, also there is enough free space.
- My Pc is quite new, this happened all of a sudden.

An update windows did recently was the .Net framework updates.

Will it have anything to do with that?

I hope you can help me.

A:Suddenly folders load very slowly (blank) green progress bar loads.

Because it does not happen in safe mode it seems something is not right. Try enabling indexing, and if the problem remains, do this. Click the Windows Start button and type “index” in the Search box. Indexing Options should appear under programs. Click Indexing Options to bring up the Indexing Options screen. Click the Advanced button on the Indexing Option screen. Click the Rebuild button. Your current Search Indexes will be deleted and rebuilt.

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A few days ago, I started running into a problem with Explorer. After Windows had been up for a while, viewing a folder would bog down. I'd get the green bar crawling across the top of the window, gradually grinding to a halt.

The cause was hard to nail down. I'd just installed a whole bunch of stuff. Avid Studio, VLC, 7zip, Dropbox, DIVX codec pack, Intel video driver. The culprit could've been any one of them. Or it could've been an update to any of the existing apps on the machine.

I started by using msconfig to disable all startup apps and non-MS services. For a while, I thought that helped but the problem was still there. It seemed to show up after I'd been browsing through folders in Explorer for a while but there didn't seem to be any consistency in when it came up.

This morning, I rebooted, started up task manager and watched the processes while I was navigating through Explorer. At one point, wmprph.exe showed up on the process list. Almost immediately, Explorer bogged down. After a bit of experimenting, I figured out that wmprph.exe was kicked off when I clicked on a large mp4 file I'd been working with in Avid. Turns out wmprph.exe is "Windows Media Player Rich Preview Handler". So, something about the way Explorer was previewing video files was bogging it down.

That narrowed things down a bit. My last try was to uninstall the DIVX codec pack. It looks like that helped. My guess is that wmprph.exe was calling a DIVX codec to preview the mp4 file and ... Read more

A:Slow Sorting in Explorer / Green Bar Of Doom, plus Possible Solution

Welcome to Sevenforums!

I'd say the first place to start would be a System Restore.

Make sure you go back before the problem started.

System Restore

Update your Anit-Virus protection, then run a scan, fix anything it finds.

Download Malwarebytes, update, scan and fix anything it finds.

Download CCleaner, keep running the registry cleaner until it doesn't find any more.

Let me know how your computer is running.

Afterwards, we can start installing one program at a time and test behavior.


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Hi all,

So as the title says, for the past month I've had a problem where my system would randomly freeze and the mouse cursor would not move nor would the system respond. A clean install (format all drives) and installing a new HDD did fix this, eventually.
Since then I've had 3 days of no issues. I have done a full cycle of Windows Updates (SP2 installed etc), installed my programs (office, firefox, anti-virus software etc etc) and thought the problem was solved... until this next problem occured:

I have a problem where on booting up, the system will hang on the Vista loading screen. What is more weird is the way it hangs: the green vertical bars don't move smoothly along; in fact, one green bar at a time slowly and jerkily 'fill up' and then 'unfill' when they reach the end - it's hard to describe but I hope you understand what I mean!! Also the HDD activity LED is no longer flashing at this point.

AMD PHENOM™ X3 8650 (2.3GHz)
2GB CORSAIR XMS2 800MHz (2x 1Gb)
Nvidia 8600GT
2x HDD - 500Gb Samsung and 120Gb WD HDD
500W Cosair PSU
Windows Vista Home Premium (64bit)

I don't know if it is a software or hardware issue :/ But having done a clean install prior to this problem, I lean towards hardware - but then why does it POST and then get stuck on the Vista loading screen??
If it is hardware, which part will it be? I have ran Memtest86 for 24hrs and no issues, so I'd say the RAM is fine. Hard drive... Read more

A:Vista randomly hangs on loading screen on bootup - green progress bars act weird!!

Have you tried system restore?

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I have one problem,I connected skydrive to my Windows Explorer following this instructions How-to: Connect Your SkyDrive In Windows Explorer | mynetx
And I did it,but it shows me wrong information.
It says 136gb free of 277gb but it should be 24.99 gb free of 25 gb.
Here is a Screenshot.

My question is how do I solve this?

A:SkyDrive mapped to Windows Explorer

Not sure you can. Mine says I have 106Gb free of 155Gb total.

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Hi all, I've recently tried to upgrade to windows 7 home premium 64bit from windows 7 ultimate 64bit (licencing issues). It's a bit strange, but it does seem to work for people. Anyway, I progressed to the 'upgrading windows' section of the upgrade without any problems, until I hit 'transferring files, settings, and programs' on which it has been dwelling and there has been no change in the progress bar for about 48 hours. The hard drive does seem to be doing stuff, but I can't see why it would ever take this long and why the progress bar wouldn't move.

So, my questions are, should I be worried? Is this normal? What should I do?


A:Windows 7 upgrade taking over 48 hours, no progress in progress bar

I've recently tried to upgrade to windows 7 home premium 64bit from windows 7 ultimate 64bit (licencing issues).

Do a clean install.

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I am a new member. Here is my first XP issue. I have been running XP Pro now for a year with no issues. This week I decide to purchase and install a new hot game Half-Life 2. I seemed to have no problems installing the game (all 5 CDs worth). I shut down my PC. The next day when I turned my PC on I got about 30 seconds of blank screen followed by a white progress bar accross the lower portion of my screen.

My PC is a Dell Inspiron 5150. It takes about 120 seconds before the
progress bar moves across from left to right then windows starts OK.

I decided to reinstall windows XP pro yesterday as an update. This done
I rebooted but the problem is still there.

Prior to this problem, my PC booted completely in about 15 or 20 seconds.

A:Windows XP Pro slow boot with blank screen and white progress bar

have you tried booting in safemode hit F8 while booting
then have a look see if there are any yellow triangels in device manager
maybe de-install the game

see what happens

have you searched the game forum - sometimes theres some q&A on that site with game problems

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I have a couple of users that when they logon, the logon scrip runs, but the shared drives are not displaying.  If they open a program and browse for files, they will see all the mapped drives.  When I try to remap the drives, I get a message that
the drive is already used and ask to remap.  This also make it display when you remap.  There are no error messages in the event log.
Also, if you restart the computer 2 or 3 times, it will display the drives.  IF I logon with the users account on a different Windows 7 Computer, it will display the drives the first time logon.
Computers are windows 7 Pro with all the updates.  Windows 2008 R2 Domain Controllers (2).
Please let me know if you have any questions.  Your help is greatly appreciated.

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I have a XP Pro SP2 workstation that runs a login script that maps a few drives.
When I look in my computer or in explorer they do no show up. If I go to disconnect a network drive they are all listed as connected. all shortcut's that use these mapped drives work.
Any ideas

A:Solved: Mapped drives hidden in Windows XP Explorer

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I have several domain computers across two locations that have started displaying strange behavior in Windows Explorer.  The computers in question are Windows 7 computers that were recently added to the domain.  Usrs are now complaining that when
they click on their mapped user drives or their department group drive and try to navigate to a folder or file, the view suddenly bounces back to either the My Documents folder or the My Computer view.  The user drives and group network drives
are located on different servers, so I'm pretty sure that the issue is not a server problem. 

To solve the problem, the users generally reboot the computer and Windows Explorer will behave fine at least until a later point in the day or the following day when the problem starts all over.
I have checked for IP address and DNS conflicts, but have not seen anything so far.
Thank you in advance for your assistance.

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I just recently installed windows 7 x64 professional edition. Love it! Minus one thing. My wireless network adapter is crapping out from it. It appears Windows 7 doesn't like any other previous wireless network adapters that much. I am only getting 36Mb/s and I have HUGE latency when playing games online. I am running Linksys WMP300n. I just bought this thing last year when I got Visa. It worked amazing for Vista, but as as soon as I install 7 it hates me. I looked at the drivers and It wont even recognize a Linksys. The ones listed in the device manager are just generic drivers vista provides the Broadcom 802.11n drivers.

Anybody know of an adapter that works with 7 and or a remedy to this. It seems with the small amount of research I have done so far. LOTS of people are having troubles with wireless network adapters for windows 7.

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I have 3 Sata hdd's; two 160gb and one 1.5TB. Windows 7 is on one of the 160gb, 1.5TB is used purely for games storage anf the other 160gb is used for file storage.

After starting up, whenever I click on Games it takes a while to show all the icons; once it has done it once then it will show the icons immediately every time.

Is there a way of getting it to show the icons immediately first time around? It is not a major problem, more of an irritation, but I would like to know if it can be fixed.

I have no problems with my other hdd's and antivirus and malware all updated and checked for virus's and spyware.

Any help is much appreciated

My Pc is...
Asus P5P41D
Quadcore running at 3.06
4gb of ram
Radeon 5800 2gb
Audigy 4
Corsair 850watt PSU

A:Windows Explorer is slow on D: drive

disciple said:

After starting up, whenever I click on Games it takes a while to show all the icons; once it has done it once then it will show the icons immediately every time.Click to expand...

It seems it slows down while querying the filesystem to create a database of icons of files in the path.
It may be an heavy task if there are large images, video, or executables that must be queried for creating icons.
IMHO you could try changing the icon mode of the file explorer, or trying to create subfolders in order to identify if there are troublesome files that slow down the icon rendering more than others.

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Hi All:

Using Group Policy to map drives on a windows 2003 Server set as a domain controller. on some windows 8.1 pro machines I never get the drive mappings and on others I get the mappings but it take 5 minutes or so before they show up. No issues with windows 7 pro however. Any thoughts?


A:No Mapped drive showing in Windows 8.1 Pro

Windows 8 has always had an issue when loading up file shares. It gets even worse with Windows 10.

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I have read a lot of posts on this, but here is my problem.I am using Windows 7.  I have a Western Digital My Book World, 1 TB NAS.   The drive is mapped correctly.  I have added credentials through the credentials manager in the Control Panel.  The credentials are being remembered after logoff, shut-down and re-boot.  If I shut-down and re-boot immediately, or, perhaps, within a 12 hour period, the machine will reconnect to the mapped drive at logon.  However, if more than 12 hours elapses between shut-down and re-boot, I get the now-very-familiar "could not connect to all network drives" message and both folders of the NAS are shown to be disconnected in Computer.  Of course, a click on the correct folder will connect.  That is a pain, and the rest of my family that uses this computer will not remember to do this every time.  It becomes quite a mess if iTunes is loaded with the NAS disconnected, since the music library obviously will not load and will then need to be re-selected the next time the program is started.  I do not expect the other family members to be able to remember each of these steps.  Thus, does anyone know each and every thing that must be done in Windows 7 to ensure that the mapped network drive will perpetually reconnect at logon?  I say "each and every thing" because I have found that this is a highly iterative... Read more

A:Windows 7 Still Not (Always) Reconnecting to Mapped Drive

If WD cannot help on it, there is a workaround we can try. You may open Notepad and paste the following commands into Notepad.
net use [driveletter]: /delete net use [driveletter]: \\server\share /user:[username] password /persistent:yes
Please save this Notepad to a location with a name reconnect.bat.
Then, launch Task Scheduler, you may create scheduled task to run this *.bat file. Probably you can set it to run after several hours.
For more information regarding the “net use” command, please refer:
Technet Library - Net useArthur Xie - MSFT

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I upgraded to Windows 8.1 a little while ago and have run Windows Update recently.  For the most part, things seem to be working fine. 

One issue that I have noticed is that one of my mapped drives keeps duplicating.  This seems to happen after every restart, or shutdown.
I have Hyper-V set up and I mapped drive T:\ to a folder on that drive.  It has been working fine for a year.
After getting the latest update for Windows 8.1, when I go into File Explorer, I will see that drive listed as all other available drive letters as well as drive T:\.

I can disconnect them, but it is a pain to have to do that over and over - I cannot map other drive letters to other folders if they are in use.  I need to do that periodically for testing client issues.
I have searched the forums and did not find any open threads for this.
It is a standalone workstation that is networked with other computers but it is not on a domain.  This is the only other computer I use all the time that has Windows 8.1 installed.
Please help.

A:mapped drive duplicating in windows 8.1

It seems that the issue has resolved itself with the latest updates on Windows 8.1.  That tells me it was an issue with the OS and not my computer.  Hopefully, they won't revert the "fix".mjmart61

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Hi everyone,

I have a two computer network and computer 1 acts as the server so I have created sharing for a certain location. from computer 2 I mapped the network drve z:\ and I can get into the folder but if I try to save anything I get a permission error. Any thoughts how to fix this?

I am running Vista home Premium.


A:Mapped Drive on Windows Vista

Goto this link: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/...ver-the-network-from-windows-vista-inside-out and scroll down to advanced sharing, the folder you have as a network share needs the 'write' permission to add to a file/folder to the folder.

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Recently I seem to have seen a change in the way Windows Explorer reacts when I insert a 'drive' into a USB port. By drive I mean a physical hard drive (SATA) or a flash drive (a Sandisk Cruzer Blade device).

What happens is the following - I put the drive in the slot and Explorer will get launched after a few seconds - I don't get the "What do you want to do window".

With flash drives I used to see the couple of directories on the drive (there were only 3 or so and I saw them all). Then before I could do anything I would see a green bar start to move across the 'address or path' bar at the top of Explorer - this could take some minutes to get to the far end (this is a Win 7 64 bit Home Premium system with quad core processor and 6 GB of memory, so no slouch). When the bar finally got to the end and whatever task it was stopped the directories would disapear from view, I would still see the drive letter and the volume name, but any attempt to access any data on the drive failed (it said there was none!). In addition when I looked at 'properties' it would tell me there was 0 space on the drive (not 4GB) and 0 space used!! I could access the drive and the data perfectly well on an XP system and on another Win 7 64 bit system. Also following advice from Sandisk I was able to access the drive on this system after reformatting it as a FAT drive (previously it had been NTFS). I threw away the flash drive because it wasn't worth the hassle and potential unreliability ... Read more

A:What does the green bar at the top of the Windows Explorer mean?

The green bar indicates that Windows is gathering information.

For example, if I run CCleaner and let it delete my thumbnail cache, the next time I try to access a picture folder, Windows recreates the thumbnail cache and the green bar appears.

In your case, I suggest that it is trying to locate files/folders.

Have you tried running "Error checking" on the HDD?

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I've posted a similar question under Windows Server forum but was advised to post it here instead.  The original topic is:  http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/winserverNIS/thread/62d29efd-cb08-495f-aedc-c88959ebecde
To summarize the issue, I mapped to a shared folder on our Win2K3 file server with my Win7 workstation. As soon as I open the specific folder using Window Explorer, the network utilization shot up from 0-5% to 30-40%. And if I opened several Window Explorer
to that particular folder,  the network utilization on the file server shot up to 90-100%. 
As far as I know, this issue only happens to ONE shared folder in the entire file server and affects Win7 machine (WinXP isn't affected).
I did a network scan using Windows Network Monitor and below are the sample packets captured and using Process Explorer, I noticed that the source is from 'System'.
826 5:12:34 PM 8/9/2012
21.2155459 System
Edwin'sPC<00> Fileserver01
SMB SMB:C; Transact2, Query Path Info, Query File Basic Info, Pattern = \stemi
{SMB:310, SMBOverTCP:309, TCP:308, IPv4:307}
827 5:12:34 PM 8/9/2012
21.2162204 System
Fileserver01 Edwin'sPC<00>
SMB SMB:R; Transact2, Query Path Info, Query File Basic Info
{SMB:310, SMBOverTCP:309, TCP:308, IPv4:307}
828 5:12:34 PM 8/9/2012
21.2197723 System
Edwin'sPC<00> Fileserver01
SMB SMB:C; Transact2, Query Path Info, Query File Standard Info, Pattern = \stemi
{SMB:311, SMBOverTCP:309, TC... Read more

A:Unusual Network Spike observed when browsing a mapped folder with Windows Explorer


I have did some further research, however, sorry to say that I have not found any other workaround yet.

In addition, please check if NoRemoteChangeNotify is enabled in your Windows XP machine.

Also, please check if the article can help you.

Windows Explorer and SMB Traffic

Hope this helps.

Jeremy Wu
TechNet Community Support

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Does anyome else find that that win7 continually prompts for username and password of mapped drives - apparently ignoring the "remember my..." check box?

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I know this might sound stupid..... mostly because to a certain extent, it is...

I mapped my google drive to my HDDs list using CMD. Worked great (short of the locked permissions logo in the bottom left of all the folders despite having ownership of the folder but thats O.K. for now!). The problem is that because its not really its own drive and is part of my C:\ drive, it thinks that it is almost a Tb large. I don't suppose there is a way to fake the actual drive size in windows, at all? I don't like memory patchers for these sorts of things... just one more service to deal with. Perhaps, is there a way to adjust it in the registry? or something? I don't exactly want the bar gone all together, because it is useful, I am just too OC to look at it and see the wrong denominator value...

Thanks for the help

A:Is there a way to make windows believe that a mapped drive is smaller

I highly doubt such a facility exists.
What legitimate reason could there be why such should be provided? I can think of several why it shouldn't.

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Recently upgraded from Windows 8 to Windows 8.1

I have a Synology NAS, Mapped as P: on my computer.

I can see the P: in Windows Explorer. However, in several applications. Most notably Photoshop CC, After Effects CC and 3ds Max 2013. The P: is not accessible from the open dialogue box. Nor can i enter the path manually.

Windows Explorer:
Photoshop CC:
3ds Max 2013:
Any idea why this is happening and how i can fix it?


A:Windows 8.1 - Mapped drive not showing up in Applications

From what I have read it's required to update the Synology in order for the mapping to work.

Download Center - Synology Inc. Network Attached Storage - NEW NAS Experience

Source: Windows 8 - I installed windows 8 and cannot access/map to my - Microsoft Community

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About a month ago the users at my company has lost the ability to search the mapped network drive. I have tested with a user by making offline files and adding to library but no luck. Anyone know why this would happen across the company or how to

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I've been managing a group of stores running peer-to-peer NT 4.0 Workstations for a few years now. In each location, we have two pc's, but no dedicated server or NT Server OS. We have seen problems with NT's re-establishing mapped network drives upon startup from the very beginning. Our machines will at times boot up and successfully appear to make reconnections to mapped drives, giving no errors. However, when programs open that require the use of data on the mapped drives, we find that the mappings have not truly been restored. In Explorer, the drive mappings show the red mark over them, but you can immediately expand the folders and view files over the wire. Is there a tried-and-true way to re-establish the network mappings through some sort of batch file in Startup? Also, is this a bug?

Thanks in advance for help!

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