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X230t LCD Panel issue, backlight and maybe fuses too

Q: X230t LCD Panel issue, backlight and maybe fuses too

Keeping it short and simple:I own an X230t with pen and 2-finger touch display.About 2 months ago a sixth of the screen on the left starts turning rainbow colours as seen below.Sometimes it'll fix itself.Or by pressing on the bottom left corner just under the problem section relieves it as can be seen in the video below. Attempted solutions:The problem became quite annoying so I read around. Some said LCD cable some said internal panel separation.Hoping it was cable I opened. No visible damage on cable and LCD was fine. Closed the enclosure.Problem back. Opened with power on so that I could see if I fixed it. One corner of the LCD cable did look like it was not seated on the panel connector by a hair's width. Made sure it was definitely seated properly. I lose display.Panic, check it out with a torch. Display still works but no backlight. And the left side still has issues. What works:External video output. Monitor via DP works perfectly fineTouchscreen still worksPen still works What can be done?:I need help figuring out what to do next or what to replace first.Is the backlight issue due to the cable or blown fuses?Do I replace the cable?If the fuses are blown do I short or replace them?Should I and is it worth replacing the motherboard?Panel definitely needs replacing but last maybe? Why did work on it while powered?:I know it's practically a taboo but there was A LOT OF STRESS eslewhere in my life.Will I make the same mistake under the same or higher level of stress? Definitely learnt a lesson I should have already known. Thanks for reading and hope you can help Image: Video:

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Preferred Solution: X230t LCD Panel issue, backlight and maybe fuses too

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


My X230 table fell on it side while a wireless mouse receiver was installed and damaged the usb port and knocked the chip behind  it out of place on the main board, I have attached a picture. Does anyone have a picture of the chip or know the name? I am trying to locate it to fix my machine.

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Hello all. My X230T screen had dead pixels, and laptop was under warranty, lenovo came and changed it.but only a few months after my screen started doing that depending of the inclination. if I move it, it change the "band" color, and on some position, it works OK.  I found on aliexpress replacement panels for 50$. Before buying it, I have few questions. 1) My screen has scratches. Is the panel I will buy will directly replace the one that is there, or is there a "glass" in front that I should replace at the same time, or is it the touchscreen ?I imagine there is a protective glass in front because there is the "lenovo" sign showed for instance and it's not present on the panel, and it seems to be same part. To said it other way (sorry for my english), when I put my finger on the screen, do I touch directly the panel (that will be replaced) or is there any sort of covering glass in front? 2) I think some screen problem like this can be due to a faulty cable, but from what I read the problem would be on whole screen, not only on a line like it is now. Can anyone confirm this ? 3) If indeed it's the panel that is defective, in this kind of situation is it possible to "fix" the panel, like I don't know, putting something to "push" on the false contact so the contact stays ?  4) My panel is LP125WH2-SLB3. I'll replace it with LP125WH2-SLT2. Seems the same to me. Or any other model to recommend that would be still IPS (I found lot of "c... Read more

A:screen issue X230T

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Hi, I recently purchased an X230T with an UltraBase and installed Ubuntu on the machine. My system freezes at the Ubuntu login screen when docked or when docking at the login screen. Otherwise if I am logged in it docks great and I love it  I have tried to circle around the Ubuntu community to see if anyone else had the same issue but it appears I have a very unique setup here. Are there any drivers I am missing perhaps?

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I'm considering to purchase the black/copper Spectre x360 with QHD LCD display.I was not able to find information about how the display panel backlight works, does it use PWM/backlight flickering for brightness adjustment? I'm quite sensitive to low frequency PWM in displays and TV's and wanted to know this before purchase.

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Hi, I have cracked panel. Sister felt on cauch and sit on screen while computer laying on couch fully opened lid and machine was working. Cristal leaked under the glas layer. His soul left to heaven. Sister is OK.

Brief inspection found that NB is still alive (not a screen) , connected to external vga panel everything was working OK.
New panel was ordered. After reinstalation got no backlite. Screen is dark, but it is posible to see the content on screen if backlighted with torch or lamp. It is working, just all is on "dark side".

First , I can't get POST while external screen is connected. It shows the picture when windows already starting.
For this reason I dare not to upgrade BIOS which is asked by Toshiba control center or what else is called that thing running on system. It also asked for video driver update as well what I did , but no difference.
At the Computer- Hardware list, at the Display, I can see two devices. Both are recognised as Generic Display. Other one should be external screen.
Is this normal? I mean, does at least LCd panell should be recognised as something else then "generic"?

Before replacement panel was ordered it happens to have another broken L750 (this one was washed with water while ON) . Repair service send it back as "total damaged".

I tried to put panel from this one in hope that will work and it did.
Panels were perfect matched (type and model). And it did worked. Brightness was not the be... Read more

A:Satellite L850-P13 - no backlight after replacing panel

Ok I got external screen to start with bios. I need to disconnect local LCD only.
Bios is up to date. Cannot see anything clever there I may set. Still don't have backlight .
Need advice here.

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Hi guys, I have just received a new pc from ACMW, the website links here for free support? I plugged it in using the power lead supplied and it immidiately blew the fuse in the lead and tripped the main fuse switch in my hall. Any ideas what I should do next? I have tried to contact the company but there not there on a weekend (sensible people!!) I have searched the forums using the word 'fuse', so forgive me if this is answered elsewere. Thanks in advance for any replies!

A:New pc blowing fuses

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Good Morning!
I have a HP laserjet 2200 here at work. Been printing out manuals (duplex) and the thing just stopped and seems to be electrically dead. I know it's not a heavy duty printer and it seemed to be pretty warm. There is no paper jam. My question is do these things have fuses and if so, can I get to it? I will research myself, but in the meantime I was hoping one of you might know. I'm not a printer person. Thanks very much!!

A:Fuses and printers?

There are no fuses in the printers but it might have gotten too hot and shut itself off. After cooling down does it start up again? Check the power cables too for hot spots and maybe change it. Just some ideas to kick around for now.

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Dear Forum members, I'm dealing with a Lenovo L430 that doesn't work properly. It gives a fan error and then does not boot. The fan does run for a little bit, but stops after the fan error. The fan has been replaced, but the problem persists. From other thinkpad fan error topics (I read many), I concluded that the fuse of the fan could be the cause. Therefore, I want to measure the fuse and see if it's working correctly. However, I cannot locate the fuse. Does anybody have the fuse schematic of the L430 (or L530 which has the same motherboard)? Or does anybody know the right number of the fuse?  I tried looking for 2A/32V fuses (these were the specs of the fuse on most other thinkpads) on the board, but there don't seem to be any. Does the L430 even have this fan fuse? Is there another workaround to this problem? I took the motherboard out of the laptop, in case this helps someone identify the location of the fuse, here are the pictures: ???? If anything is unclear please let me know, I'll try and update my post as good as possible. Thanks in advance for any help.  

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I think I blew a fuse on the motherboard of my T400. The on board camera stopped working when the ribbon cable disconnected from the screen and camera while I was replacing the screen hinges. That's what I get for not cutting the power prior to the repair. My problem is I can not find anything that will tell me where the fuse is that powers the camera and the specs of the fuse. Everythig else is working fine. I even replaced the on board camera first thinking that was the prob.

A:T400 Motherboard Fuses

 First, questions:  Do the status LEDs on the LCD bezel work?  Do all the USB ports work?  If the status LEDs are out, there is a 0.5-amp fuse near the LCD cable connection.  However, my guess is that the LEDs will still work.  I haven't worked on a T400 for a while, so this is from memory.  The camera, I believe, is actually a USB device, which is why I am asking about the ports.  Do you have Bluetooth?  Does that still work?

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Hello Everyone,

I have an odd problem with my Toshiba laptop. The Laptop starts, fans turn on hard drive is running but there is no screen and no HDD light blinking. I first though it was a backlight issue but when I shine a bright flashlight on the screen I see nothing. I also plugged in an external monitor and had no results. The only light that lights up is the power on indicator. The LED for the HDD doesn't turn on. the caps lock key doesnt turn on when pressed but the FN indicator turns on when FN is pressed. I get no POST beeps or anything else. I tried to boot up the machine with no RAM and no HDD with the same results. I took the laptop apart and found no water damage or any damage of any kind. Any one have any ideas before I call it quits?


A:Possible Backlight Issue?

I get no POST beeps or anything else. I tried to boot up the machine with no RAM and no HDD with the same results.I'd suggest downloading the instructions for your model from the mytoshiba support website, and using the specified procedure (varies between models) to clear the CMOS data in case it has become corrupted and is causing the BIOS to set an unbootable condition for the CPU. Beyond that, unless anyone else has another idea, service might be the only option.

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My computer decided it would surprise me by suddenly turning itself off earlier and refusing to turn on when asked. Nothing happening when power button pressed: no fans whirring or POST beeps.

I figured a power problem at first, having had a few issues last year that cost me a new PSU and a graphics card. I swapped power lead A for a second one from my guitar amp, B, and that failed to initilise the computer either. "[email protected]", I thought, "PSU gone again." However I then plugged power lead B back into my amp and that would now not turn on either.

Guessing this meant a fuse issue, I nicked one from a perfectly good lamp and swapped it for the fuse in power lead B, proved it still worked in the amp, then connected it up to the computer. As soon as it was in the fuse popped (I heard it this time) and nothing worked.

Short of tearing apart all my household appliances, I'm out of fuses to keep testing this problem, but any ideas on the cause of the issue would be a great help. As far as I see the possibilities are:

Bad PSU - needing replacing
Parts grounding inside the case
Dodgy motherboard
Static build-up

I was going to take the PSU and mobo out of the case and test it in a safe environment to see if it could boot with as little in as possible. What else will I need to test this, and would it be possible to test the PSU on its own, completely without the motherboard.

My system:
3.2GHz Pentium 4 Prescott
512MB Geforce 7600GS
1GB DDR R... Read more

A:PSU Has Started Killing Fuses Suddenly

First of all I have no idea what power lead A or power lead B is! Are you speaking of some type of inline fuse? None of the desktop power supply cords I have seen have an inline fuse. The male end of the cord plugs into the source of power, and the female end plugs into the power supply. Overcurrent protection should be located internally in the power supply.

Do the fuses you are changing have the same amperage rating as the original?

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Hi everyone! I have a ThinkPad L440. Just out of the box the lcd was very very dark (can see image with a flashlight) no backlight was on. I got a genuine replacement lcd, replaced and still same issue, no change. After that I have upgraded the BIOS to newest - didint help. This is not a driver issue as problem is presistant from start of the pc. External monitor works fine. Any ideas?

A:L440 LCD backlight issue

Hi Shlapenka,
Welcome to Lenovo Community!
We are sorry to hear that LCD backlight is not working in L440 laptop.
Usually, these symptoms indicate a blown fuse on the motherboard.  The issue comes up frequently when LED-backlight screens are broken.  Lenovo does not do this type of repair (other than motherboard replacement).It can be done, but most places do not have the specialized equipment to diagnose and repair.
I would like to suggest you to visit the authorised Lenovo service centre for the hardware assistance.
Hope this helps. Do post back if issue persists!
Best Regards,
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I am experiencing issues with keyboard backlight on my laptop Vostro 5468 running Ubuntu 17.04. On battery it works normally (waits 1 minute to turn it off). On AC keyboard backlight turns off automatically after 1 second or less if I didn't touch the touchpad or keyboard. The same issue was on Ubuntu 16.04 and 16.10.

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I've read on other forums that the DreamColor z24X monitor had a backlight issue that resulted in poor screen unifority. Some say that this problem was exclusive to earlier versions of the monitor, and it has since been fixed. Others disagree I'm considering purchasing a z24x, but I would like to hear about the backlight issue first. Can anyone comment? Has this problem been addressed?

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 Registered: ?03-17-2017   ?04-11-2017 12:07 PM I'm on my third exchange due to backlight bleed right out of the box. I purchased at a major retailer (BB) so after two at one store I decided to go to another to get the third in case a bad batch was sent to the original store I purchased. Anyone else had this issue? Model is 80VF007TUS.   Add tag...  

A:Yoga 910 backlight bleed issue.

I'm on my third exchange due to backlight bleed right out of the box. I purchased at a major retailer (BB) so after two at one store I decided to go to another to get the third in case a bad batch was sent to the original store I purchased. Anyone else had this issue? Model is 80VF007TUS. 

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Hi group,
It's a Dell Inspiron 5559, Windows 10. Can adjust keyboard backlight using f10, but it can't be turned off completely. Also, backlight stays on for just 5 seconds and can't be changed. Have spent more than 2 hours on the phone with tech support in India and accomplished nothing but burning up cell phone minutes. Can anybody offer a suggestion?

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I have a T440p which came with a non backlit keyboard, which I wanted to replace it with a backlit one. After installing the new keyboard the backlight wouldn't come on (i'm using Fn + spacebar, the keyboard has the light icon on the spacebar and the OS shows an icon for the backlight).I tried swapping it out with a friend's keyboard (from a t450s which was replaced due to a damaged key) but without any luck. Could this be an issue with the motherboard or controller? What are my options?Thanks! I appologise if I have overlooked a topic describing this issue, but all of the topics related to the keyboard backlight were related to the fact that the keyboard wasn't backlit while the user was expecting it to be.

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Greetings everyone! I have recently upgraded my Windows 10 OS to the anniversary update recently and shortly after the update, my laptop's LCD backlight randomly went off and wouldn't go on. At first I thought it could be the drivers update that messed up the backlight but I knew it doesn't work that way. Here are the list of things I've tried: - Rebooting (obviously)- Reinstalled the Intel HD graphics card with the latest version from Lenovo's support- Reinstalled the Nvidia graphics card with the latest version from Lenovo's support- Also tried previous Intel & Nvidia graphics card driver versions- Keyboard's built-in backlight controller doesn't do anything I'm starting to think it's hardware related issue and if that's the case, where's the trusted website to obtain a LCD screen replacement to fix it myself (I've already found tutorials on how to replace it, because warranty expired literally last week...) Thanks!!!

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Hello,I'm having the same issue I had in 2012 with my W520 laptop. Back then, it was still under warranty so I sent the laptop back for repair. This time I'm trying to fix the issue myself. I have no backlight, I can see a faint image at boot but when the graphic card take over the onboard graphics, the screen is all black. I tried to plug it to an external display and there's an image but Windows doesn't detect my main monitor. I thought it may be a driver issue so I tried to update my drivers but with no luck. When I tried to disable the graphic card (thinking it would revert to on board graphics) I lost all display.  Also, the keyboard stopped working at the same time I lost backlight (I had the same issue in 2012, screen backlight and keyboard failed at the same time) After dismanteling the laptop and testing fuses, I've found out that the fuse F24 has gone bad. I'd like to replace it and I think it's a 500mA, 32V fuse. I don't know where I can buy one. I saw a bunch on Digi-Key but there are so much to choose from.I know the part size , current and voltage rating but I don't know what melting I^2t I should go for.The part on the schematic I found online is FUSE-500MA32V-GP,  Thanks for your help 

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looking for a little help
i have an Advent 4211-b and the backlight seems to have failed on the lcd,

i have replaced the screen and connection cable, i have also run the latest bios updates but still the backlight does not seem to be working and the you can only just see what is showing on the screen

i have a feeling it might be a fault on the main board it self but i was just wondering if anyone else had any other idea to what might be causing the the fault.


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Now, I suspect that the inverters are fine and I'm wondering about the LCD switch or LCD cable. I suppose I could just buy a cable, but before that, I wanted to take a step back and try to figure out if I'm overlooking anything. I've not been able to find a picture or location of the t400 lcd switch in either the lenovo hardware manual for the t400 or elsewhere online.Hi,I've got a thinkpad t400 with CCFL backlight. I recently replaced a bad LCD (the backlight was working at the time) with a new one. However, while the new screen works, it's backlight did not. I ordered a new inverter and plugged that in - still didn't work. I grabbed the old screen's backlight and tried it with both inverters - did not come on. I then grabbed another laptop I have and plugged in the old screen's backlight - it came on. Plugged in the new screen's backlight (while lcd was still plugged into the thinkpad), it's backlight came on.So, I know both backlights are fine, and suspected I just had a crappy inverter. I got a replacement new inverter and it still doesn't work. Tried new lcd and old backlight with all three again, no dice. Backlights still turn on when connected to spare laptop. So I now suspect the inverters are fine. I noticed that the laptop no longer goes to sleep or hibernation when the lid is closed. I changed the power settings so that it should sleep or hibernate, tried each power mode and it still refuses to do so. So I think the issue is with the switch that detects when t... Read more

A:Thinkpad T400 Backlight Issue

Did you ever figure your problem out.  I have the exact same issue...  Thank!

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So I recently upgraded my late 2015 imac's processor from an i5 to an i7, and when i put it all back together, the screen would not turn on. Well technically it turns on but the backlight does not work. (I can see everything if i shine a strong light on the screen) I've reopened it a few times to try and see what the problem is, but I cannot find anything. The connections are good, the cables are good, nothing appears to be broken or out of the ordinary. Does anyone have a clue on what is messed up and what I would need to fix/replace? I don't want to go to the apple guys....

I believe there are 4 possibilities for the issue:
The power supply, the 2 display connections on the logic board, a fuse somewhere, or the GPU.

iMac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, Late 2015)
4 GHz Intel Core i7 6700k
16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3
AMD Radeon R9 M390 2048 MB
Crucial mx300 750gb 2.5'' SSD

A:iMac 5k backlight dead issue

So i just looked at the diagnostic leds on the logic board and when i turn it on, the first 3 light up and the 4th doesnt. i read that indicates communication between the board and the display. so i think the backlight board is the issue. any thoughts on this?

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I have a 7450 which suffered some liquid damage. The good thing is it still works and when plugged into an external monitor everything is hunky dory.
However, without an external screen the picture is barely visible. I thought the backlight had blown so I changed the screen however the replacement screen had the same issue?
I've read it is something to do with a fuse on the motherboard, is this correct? The replacement screen had the electronics bar (invertor?) as part of the screen but I did not change anything else.
Any help/advise would be much appreciated!

A:Dell 7450 Backlight Issue

Hi Windowscrashedagain
Thanks for writing to us. 
Do provide us your system tag#, email address and name via private message,by clicking on my name in blue and then select send a private message

Please provide us the LCD part# you replaced? 
If the issue is still the same with new LCD, probably the LCD connector on the motherboard is gone. In which case we have to replace the motherboard.


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Hi everyone,
I have an Inspiron 15-5559 laptop and I've been trying to turn OFF the backlight on the keyboard but none of the methods were successful.
Here are all the things that I tried:
1. Pressing Fn+10, as well as just F10 while the Fn key is locked. Keyboard backlight stays on. 
2. Installed Quickset, same as above.
3. Installed DFEP 2.2 Utility (after uninstalling Quickset), same as above again. 
4. Changing the settings in BIOS in the Keyboard Illumination section.
All of the above will allow me to change the settings on the software side, whether it's selecting OFF/50%/100% brightness, or ON/OFF, or on-screen slider. None of them actually changes the keyboard backlight brightness.
Please give me a hand on how to turn off the keyboard backlight. Thanks.

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I recently got this amazing 1080p monitor for my custom rig and I love it! Well... most of it.
There is this problem with the backlight, where when the monitor turns on after a while of inactivity, the backlight turns on for a split second, then suddenly goes very dim. The brightness setting is unchanged; kept at a solid 70, yet it's a quarter as bright as it should be. I can go into the menu and change the brightness, and I can tell, faintly, that it does adjust, but never up to the proper level.

To remedy the issue, I repeatedly turn the monitor off and on until the display finally lights up properly, and it stays that way for the entire time I am using it. At the start of the session in which I write this post, I had to do this at least 20 times before it worked, so I finally decided to really look into this problem.

It seems this is a unique issue, as I found absolutely no matching posts on the interwebs by searching with the all-mighty Google Search. Is there anyone that can provide some insight as to why this occurs, and/or how to fix it?

Thanks for your time.

A:Issue with an ASUS VK-248h Monitor Backlight

New theory: Bad capacitors... somewhere. Possibly power supply

After a day at work, observing some coworkers working on used LCD TVs (and working on one myself), I now understand quite a bit more about such things.

I had removed the display from my setup and left it on the floor for a few days. Today, I decided to try it again. The backlight started up perfectly fine, surprisingly. The ASUS screen showed for a couple seconds, then went off, as normal. Then, when it's supposed to activate the selected display input, it shows the screen for just long enough to get half a frame drawn, then goes completely black. Turning monitor off and on repeatedly, and trying different input methods, gave same result. I got it to work once, but at that time the backlight had gone too dim again.

I think now I might know how to fix it, but I can't for the life of me figure out how to take the dang thing apart! Lol.

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Hey Guys,
Had a broken screen on my 15 7548.  Worked ok, just cracked.  Replaced the screen, new screen didnt work.  Put the old screen in, now it doesnt work. :(
Look closer and the screens (both) are working but no backlight.  Replaced LCD cable, still no backlight.
Reading up on other folks having backlight issues and i guess there is a fuse that can be blown?  I looked around on my board for a fuse, cant find it.  Any help locating this tiny thing?

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Running latest build of Windows 10 on a Samsung NP900X3A-B03UK. The Keyboard Backlight does not work and I don't know how or even if any of the Samsung Windows 8 apps/drivers will fix this.

Does anyone know if there is a way I can get this working. Everything else works fine.

Thanks in advance!

A:Samsung 9 Series Keyboard Backlight Issue

Originally Posted by ddevil77


Running latest build of Windows 10 on a Samsung NP900X3A-B03UK. The Keyboard Backlight does not work and I don't know how or even if any of the Samsung Windows 8 apps/drivers will fix this.

Does anyone know if there is a way I can get this working. Everything else works fine.

Thanks in advance!

I had this same problem going from Win7 to Win8 and now again to Win10 Pro. It did not occur when I upgraded from 8.1 to 10 InsiderPreview. No matter, just go to the Samsung support site and reinstall the Windows 7/8 drivers and Easy Settings Setup (Samsung proprietary software) http://www.samsung.com/us/support/ow...NP900X4C-A01US.

Even after the updates and software installs it will crap out at random. Run the Settings program and the keyboard backlight magically comes back to life.

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Hi all I have 2016 thinkpad yoga 12 still under warrenty, I barely used it. Suddenly, the trackpad stopped working. Its even not recognized by the windows 10. Also, I noticed that the keyboard back light is not working and the cpu fan is not blowing at all anymore. I tried a linux usb boot stick to make sure that it is a HW problem. Still not qorking under linux too ( obviously a HW probelm). I like this device alot but I think it wont be able to perform in summer because of the fan issue. Currently, I am out of country and I have no access to lenovo support. Can any one help me please?

A:[Thinkpad yoga 12] trackpad, keyboard backlight and cpu fan issue

Don't have the issues with the trackpad, but my fan too does not start at all.Everything updated, the freshest BIOS 1.30. Lenovo support unhelpful.

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Hi again,I have a question to Lenovo V310-15 owners. I am using Windows 10 and Intel HD Graphics 520 variant (i3). When i set brightness to 0%, the backlight is flickering. Am I the only one with this issue? Please check that.

bl.jpg ?17 KB

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I have a Dell Inspiron 17RSE laptop (the SE = special edition of the 17R (7720)). Lightning stroke the router which was connected to my laptop through an Ethernet cable. The laptop was off during the strike, but afterwards the router was fried and the laptop screen did not power on (or so I thought) when the laptop was powered on. I then connected an external monitor to the VGA out, and this works. The graphics card also seems to be picked up correctly inside speccy/HWMonitor/Everest and CUDA acceleration works inside Adobe Premiere Pro, so I guess I can rule out a fried GPU. The monitor Part Number is N173HGE L-11 rev.2 (ChiMei) --- and in Everest it says Manufacturer: HDKPV173HGE --- http://www.laptopscreen.com/English/screen-part-number/N173HGE-L11/. As I said initially I thought the screen was completely blank, but upon shining a light on the screen I can see an image on the screen, just very faint (btw the display brightness is set to max). I then looked for the LCD power inverter, but realised the screen is a LED screen so there is no inverter. So I'm thinking it could be a burned out fuse near the LCD connector cable on the motherboard itself, or the LED backlight is burned out.
What do you think?
Other changes in my laptop state since the lightning strike:

1) the laptop seems to overheat when running Adobe Premiere Pro -- which is set to use GPU acceleration. Using HWMonitor it seems to be the CPU, not the GPU, that overheats and all 8 threads of the CPU... Read more

A:Laptop LED screen only very faintly lit. LED backlight problem or other issue?

A fuse would make sense. Seems like you know what you're doing, so take the thing apart locate said fuse and put a multimeter across it, see the resistance.

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Hi Team,

I bought a new Dell Inspiron 5558 laptop. From the initial stage itself keyboard backlight is not working. I cant find any symbol for backlight in Fn keys. Below option have tried,
BIOS - Turned on the backlight
Mobility center - No keyboard backlight option
Control panel - In keyboard properties no backlight tab o modify.
I am feeling very difficulty in working in dark places. Please anyone help me to fix this issue in my laptop.
My laptop model is
<ADMIN NOTE: Service tag removed per privacy policy>
Let me know incase of any further details required.
Thanks in Advance

A:Dell Inspiron 5558 - Keyboard Backlight Issue

Dell 5558 comes with an optional keyboard. Apparently, the bios is tweaked for machines that come with a backlit keyboard while your machine doesn't. The only option is to purchase and replace a new backlit keyboard from EBAY or AmaZon and install it. That will work, do check out instructions before replacing keyboards.

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I had a customer dropp off an Inspiron 1525 laptop due to the "not charging issue". Therefore, the dc jack power board was replaced. However, when the laptop was put back together and turned on, we noticed that the LCD was extremely dark as though the backlight was shot.
When we hooked up the 1525 to an external monitor, it worked great. We thought it was the inverter so we replaced it and still "no backlight"! We changed the lcd cable and still "no backlight". I even swapped out the LCD screen and still "no backlight". I tried the original LCD screen on an inspiron E1505 and it worked great. What the heck is going on? I even tried connecting the LCD screen to another 1525 motherboard that we had around collecting dust and still no backlight. I'm extremely upset at this point. This problem seems to defy all logic to me. Obviously the LCD Screen and inverter are fully working.. Any thoughts? Is there somekind of weird issue that only dell knows how to fix. I'm thinking of getting another 1525 motherboard but fearful it will not fix the problem. What am I missing?

A:Inspiron 1525 Backlight issue but inverter and screen are good!?!?

We are having the same issue.  Checked the inverter, screen, and cables... beginning to suspect the lid switch.  Has anyone else had this issue for know where the lid switch is? 

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On my new Latitude E7470, I have noticed a slight variation in colour temperature or tint on the left and right sides of the screen, more so on the left. It is not severe by any means, but definitely noticeable when, for example, editing two word documents side by side. See pic below:

I guess what I'm asking is: is this normal? If not, can I expect it to be fixed with a screen replacement?

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My Dell Inspiron 15 i5548-1670SLV Signature Edition has Keyboard Backlight issue. Backlight is not glowing now. Keyboard is working as expected.
BTW, recently there was a power issue in my laptop and my battery is dead. Laptop is working only on AC power now. Checked the keyboard and both the wires from the keyboard are intact and does not have any problem.
All keys are working, and Caps Lock light is glowing when it is on. Just that the backlight is not glowing. Any suggestions on why its not working ?

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My sister dropped her T410 and cracked the LCD screen, which clearly was not covered under the basic warranty.  The $950 quote for repair was a little steep (basically the cost of the laptop) so we decided to try a repair ourselves.  I replaced the LCD screen with a model suggested by the Lenovo rep.  With the new screen in place, the backlight doesn't function at all (can see information on the screen with a flashlight but otherwise nothing).  I also put the old screen back in (which previously was backlit despite being cracked) and observed the same problem.  I made sure the LCD cable was seated firmly at both ends. Considering things as they stand now, my question is about the best route to take from here.  As I understand it, since the LED backlight is powered by the system board, we either buy a new system board or use this laptop as a "desktop" attached to a standalone monitor.  Replacing the LED sub card seems questionable for this particular problem (saw another post here with that conclusion).  We could replace the LCD cable, but it seems to me more likely that the fuse on the motherboard is blown.  If it comes down to motherboard vs. desktop use, we'll probably avoid the motherboard replacement since it is somewhat expensive. Am I missing any obvious ideas?  Should I consider replacing the LCD cable more seriously?  Is the LED sub card more relevant to the LCD/backlight than I think?  I'm hoping t... Read more

A:T410 LED-backlight LCD screen: suggestions for no backlight

spencerkellis wrote:Is the LED sub card more relevant to the LCD/backlight than I think?Yes, the backlight is LED. What else would that card be for? You should also make sure that the cable to that card is seated all the way, from what you describe it sounds like it came loose. http://www-307.ibm.com/pc/support/site.wss/MIGR-72786.html

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New to the forum so Hello everyone.

I understand how to turn down the level of brightness through backlight control but how do I decrease the level even further? The slider in the brightness bar is all the way down (left) yet at nights the light from backlights are too bright!

Couldn't someone please help me out?

Dimming is an option but it still doesn't decrease backlight.

A:Backlight - Decreasing backlight Level more

let's see: there should be backlight and brightness adjustments on the monitor, plus contrast which does affect final light output somehow, plus all those except backlight should be duplicated inside video drivers on your computer and gamma on top of that. If it's a laptop then there should be some combination of Function key and arrows to adjust backlight directly. If you can't get the screen dark enough with all those controls, could be something wrong. If controls are too limited and your environment is totally dark then buy anti glare screen protector, that usually cuts the light coming out probably at least by half.

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Does anybody else here have a weird issue with the Auto setting on the keyboard backlight where it only works when the auto-SCREEN brightness is disabled?  If both are enabled, the screen will auto change correctly, but the keyboard stays off all the time. It still works with Fn-Space for off-low-high, but no auto enable. If I disable the Auto-Screen Brightness in Windows, the keyboard auto will start working correctly. Enable both, shine a flashlight at the top left of the screen and watch the brightness go up/keyboard turn off. Turn off flashlight and screen goes down, but keyboard backlight doesn't turn back on. Then, turn off the screen auto-brightness and shine a flashlight. The screen will (obviously) stay the same, keyboard backlight turns off. Turn off the flashlight and the keyboard will fade back on within a few seconds. Doesn't matter what version of the Intel UHD driver is installed (23.20, 24.20.100, etc), it does the same. Newest Intel sensor drivers, newest PM driver, etc all installed. SIF has been reinstalled multiple times. Does it in both Win10 Pro/Ent 17134 and 16299. Reflashing the BIOS and ME has no effect, full CMOS clear has no effect, hooking a debugger to the light sensor data stream shows it's changing accordingly to brightness.  

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My indexing options icon has gone missing from my control panel, does anyway know how to get it back or access it? I'm using Windows XP, btw.

A:Control Panel issue

sparkeyn13, I've never seen a Indexing Option in the Control Panel on Windows XP.

Is this what you mean?

To turn off indexing:

Open up "My Computer."
Right-click on your hard drive (usually "C:") and choose "Properties."
Uncheck the box at the bottom that reads "Allow Indexing Service to..."
Click OK, and files will be removed from memory. This removal may take a few minutes to complete.
To disable the indexing service:

In the "Start" menu, choose "Run."
Type "services.msc" and press Enter.
Scroll-down to "Indexing Service" and double-click it.
If the service status is "Running", then stop it by pressing the "Stop" button.
To make sure this service doesn't run again, under "Startup Type:", choose "Disabled."
Windows search will still work if you perform these steps, but it will work more slowly than if indexing was enabled.



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Whenever I try to access Control Panel, I get a popup that shows CA400RES.DLL, Then in the meesage shows
CWBNL0202-(a few wingding looking characters in the middle) \CA400RES.DLL I have to click the OK box before the Control Panel will appear.

I have Googled this several times and found others with same problem but no solution or even what is causing it.
It started when my old 40g HDD started acting up and I removed it and replaced it with a 300g Seagate that I was using as a secondary. The 300g had been my primary before when it was new and didn't have this problem then.

I'm using XP sp2

Thanks for any help!


A:Control Panel Issue

If I had error messages concerning a file which produced negative results when trying to find out what that file is/does, etc...I would assume that it's probably malware and act accordingly.

I can't see any references indicating what your error message means.


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Every time I try to open it the window for the control panel pops up then just goes away like I closed it. Anyone know whats up with it?

A:Control Panel Issue

sfc /scannow

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Hi, on hindsight I should have asked this question at this forum first. But I was tired from doing all the researching and bit on an old x230 convertible laptop off ebay that supposedly has core i7 3520M, 4gb of ram, and 160gb ssd. It has been upgraded to windows 10. It has not arrived yet. At around $200, it seemed to me like a steal for the specs. I do think that these specs were user-upgraded and not factory-made so I cannot speak for the quality.I read rave reviews about this device, however, most were from several years ago. I never owed a device with this specs or a touchscreen laptop for that matter so I do not really know what to expect.I guess I will start out to see if anyone still second this as a solid convertible laptop in today's standard. Does windows 10 run well on it? Seem like a lot of people run into problems when upgrading to windows 10? Is there anything special about the touchscreen or is it just obsolete technology nowadays? I mean the most resource intensive thing I will do on this laptop is just playing some online flash games so I think it is way less than what it is capable of. I was just looking for a laptop that is upgradable and can stay relevant for a long time so did I make the right call? Any feedbacks are appreciated!

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I have an nVidia Nforce 680i LT SLI motherboard and i dont know how the front panel control wires go in. I have tried different ways and so far only the power light turns on green but nothing happens when i hit the power button.

It doesnt say whats what on the board just a 1 2 9 and 10.

A:Front panel control issue


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Hi everyone! I have had my xps m1530 laptop for several months now (Vista Ultimate) and suddenly this morning it decided to give me trouble. Whenever I start my pc one or more of the icons on my desktop shows up only as a "white sheet of paper" icon (the default icon I'm guessing). Which icons are affected seems to be random each time I start my pc. Also, in my control panel (the "control panel home" to be specific, the "classic view" is unaffected) all the icons are the default generic icons. More annoyingly, however, I am unable to access some of the pages in my control panel such as "Appearances and Personalization/Personalizaton", or "Windows update". I just get a white window with "The page failed to load" in the centre. I have done quite a bit of research on this, and have tried such things as disabling Windows Update, adjusting settings in services.msc, and even system restore, but without any luck. I'm out of ideas here and would appreciate any help.

A:Icon and Control Panel Issue

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I built a new computer a while back, but never used the front panel audio until today so it had gone untested. I've checked the connections and the front audio cables are one large connector that fits into the HD audio pins on the motherboard. I've installed the latest drivers and still get nothing on either my headphones or microphones. My main speakers are connected through the sound card.

The case is a generic one I bought from my local computer store, but the mother board is a MSI K9N4 SLI-F Motherboard.

A:Front panel audio issue

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Hello all, Am running a HP Pavilion 15 Notebook PC. There is a color issue with my display panel. The color appears faded and lighter colors are not visible on screen. If I twist the screen slightly the colors revert back to original but once I leave the screen the colors go off again. External monitor works fine. So there is shouldn't be any problem with the board. If anybody could suggest some solution for this I would be really greatful. Thanks,Nabajyoti

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